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  1. Do you think he really cares what the consensus opinion of non-Patriots fans are? Seriously. He is not losing any sleep over your opinion. Or the definition of transgender rights? And give the team more ammunition that this was to right a wrong. Yeah, that would work well. Ding ding ding. Winner winner chicken dinner. If it was 4-0 or even 3-1, then this would be a waste of time. Yet, 50%, 50% of the judges, see a problem with how Goodell handled things. He won in a court where management won 96% of the time. And the judge did not even slam for some of his worst judgement.
  2. Another witty response.
  3. Trout Sweepstakes (Let the Speculation Begin)

    They do not need him, but do they want him...or more importantly does Dombrowski? If the Angels starts any discussion with Bogaerts...Dombrowowski should shut him down and end the conversation. I am good with there current starters, but we have Bientendi now at AA and Castillo. Plus, Swihart who is not supplanting Vazquez and cannot seem himn bumping an OF. Use some of the pieces they have that are blocked at the major league level and try to get Trout who has power and is not even 25. His lowest OPS against the AL East is .875 at Toronto.
  4. The Globe had an article speculating on what 10 teams could afford a trade for Trout if the Angels elected to go that route. There are not any rumors the Angels are inclined to trade Trout (yet). The article speculates the Angels farm system is so bare that trading Trout for several prospects will help kick start their rebuild. Of course, they still owe Albert Pujols 140 million from 2017-2020 which is not helping a rebuild. The typical names were mentioned, Yankees, Dodgers, Cubs, Mets and Sox. As far as the Sox, it would be nice to have Trout, but I do not want them to gut their young corps they have now.
  5. Last to post in this thread wins

    It does.
  6. When the oncologist - EDITED

    That goes without saying. Thoughts an prayers to you and your family!
  7. I do not disagree with that. His best days were behind him and his cap number was too much.
  8. I know right. How precarious is the Sox position when they are relying on a knuckleballer and Rick Porcello? Yikes.
  9. Stephen Strasburg Extension

    That is the going length. King Felix, Kershaw, Price, Verlander and Scherzzer all signed for 7. Hamels, Grienke and Lester signed for 6. While he does not have the pedigree of any of them, he has always been good (season totals). The only concern is his health. I would rather have him for seven years, then Price or Porcello for over 20+ million a pop. Go look at his numbers. He has been good. While health is a concern, I would rather gamble he will have more of his 2014 season over the next 7 years than go with a JAG like Porcello.
  10. Mayo retired so it is what it is. Easley hurts, but more for the waste of a pick.
  11. NE doesn't need Brady to play all 16

    For who? Brady? He had one of his best seasons despite missing Edelman for 7 games, losing Lewis for 9 games, losing Gronk and Amendola for a couple of games, ineffective LaFell and Chandler, no runing game and an OL that was missing its top two tackles among many assorted injuries. Brady is obviously closer to the end than the beginning of his career, but he did not show any signs he is regressing yet.
  12. NE doesn't need Brady to play all 16

    Compared to all the members of JN who are certified therapist, counselors and lawyers.
  13. NE doesn't need Brady to play all 16

    Really? The only place $hit like this lives is on talk shows and message boards. No one cares because in the next decade Brady and Belichick will be gone, the Patriots will be an average team and a new team will step to the front to be hated on. Circle of life. Ok Dr. Phil. So the $hit storm that they dealt with last year, rash of injuries and defending their title did not cause them to crumble as they were a mere missed XP or 2PT conversion from a second straight Superbowl. However, whatever comes of it, Deflategate will be behind them and they are going to crumble. MMMoookkkaaayyy!!!! The hard part is behind them. By the way go look at the opening schedule for the East. Miami's game against Cleveland is the only relatively easy game. All those hard games you gave the Patriots, the Bills, Jets and Phins play early.