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  1. The Brady/Manning rule were they petitioned the league to allow road team to provide their own balls? There is this new thing called Google. Or even Gizzogle. You can search for sh*t.
  2. Riddle me this then, if Brady accepted the decision, why would the NFLPA seek Brady's approval to continue the process? Granted, $235K, even for a guy worth over 100 million is chump change, it is still his money and their is his pride, but it has been about the arbitration process. The NFLPA wants to knock Goodell's power down from judge, jury and executioner. Deflategate was platform to do it. They do not control the balls. All teams turn the balls over to the refs, the refs then do their in-depth gauging and record all results. Then you have about a zillion cameras everywhere. And that last point applies to in Foxboro to a point.
  3. The ball "black-ops" theory does not hold water. Look at his career splits between home and road. If your theory was correct, there should be a huge difference in his numbers much like there was with Colorado Rockies before they started to humidor the balls. However, his numbers are similar. The Patriots do not control the ball on the road, yet his numbers are similar. Neither does ignoring the hole in your argument. They did not go to court because of ball deflation. They went to court for the arbitration process. The first step in overcoming your tinfoil addiction is admitting you have a problem.
  4. It would involve the mods and something similar to prison rape.
  5. I am talking about ball pressure. I am assuming you are talking about Spygate.
  6. I tried to get him to start a Patriots Insider website because we all know he is a closet Patriots fan, but he said no.
  7. Some are. Illegal substitution, running into the kicker, encroachment are part of the game. CB/Safeties do not incidentally grab a jersey. They are knowingly doing it to level the field or gain an advantage. Same with the wide receiver and linemen analogies. That is cheating. To try and say that cheating is acceptable is stupidity at its highest level.
  8. Really? Holding, pushing off, grabbing jerseys are done on every play and it is cheating. Pretending otherwise just destroys any credibility you think you have here.
  9. I have provided links to players and/or coaches saying they did the same thing (recording signals or ball tampering), but JN wears their tin foil hats and bury their heads in the sand like an ostrich screaming "nah nah nah nah I hear nothing....not true".
  10. First, I do not give a flying eff about personal attacks. Someone on this board wished me dead, so there is that. Second, you make a general post with no points so....there is that.
  11. I get and fully expect the Patriots hate, but wearing of the blinders is ridiculous.
  12. RSN are making him the second coming of Pedro. Hopefully, Pomeranz is finally figuring things out and can continue to pitch well. I was a lot happier to see he had AL time.
  13. Are we doing a pool? Like a dead pool? I go with Brady driving 143MPHs down 90 with Gronk, Edelman and a Make a Wish kid while high on pot. Not really cheating, but I want this in the pool.