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  1. Save your breath. Belichick could have a draft were every player becomes a HofFer and JN would be..."He sucks as a GM."
  2. If that is not the pot calling the kettle black. The Patriots OL has nothing on the Jets OL.
  3. I think it is slightly cheaper buying it early. I used parking outside the parking lot (long ass walk) and parked in J another time. Whether Royals or Chiefs, getting out of there is a pain unless inclement weather or blow-out.
  4. The Vollmer injury provides a benefit as well. This pushes the versatile Marcus Cannon into the starting role, He sucks at both guard and tackle, but is worse at tackle. Whomever lines up across from him will have a monster game.
  5. Plus, he missed part of two other seasons (played 43 games) due to the Korean War. He had a great career, but he can be looked as a "what might have been" with 4+ more season of numbers. He would likely have been Top 10 (maybe Top 5) in hits and HRs and probably the all-time leader in RBIs. In the year Joe D hit in 56 straight, Ted Williams' average for the whole season was the same as Joe D's during the streak (.406). And Joe D won the MVP.
  6. He is a beast. Starting QB of the NYJ next year. I would remove fans from both sides of the matter from this equation, but I digress. You can you honestly say with a straight face that the league acted in a fair and impartial manner> You do comprehend the Ideal Gas Law right? The Patriots balls were measured first by the refs. So 22 ball measurements were made before the Colts balls. Then the refs measured the Colts balls and only managed to do four before running out of time. The Colts balls were able to warm for what..about 8-10 minutes before being measured. So due to the Ideal Gas Law....the Colts balls should not have been in the same range. Again, I am not saying the Patriots are innocent, but I am saying the NFL did not have any concrete evidence.
  7. There were some good replies to this post, but this would be Post of The Week worthy.
  8. Do you know how stupid you sound? If the Ideal Gas Law was the cause of the deflation, then the team was not caught doing anything illegal.
  9. You mean the incorrect numbers they leaked or the million dollar 'independent' investigation which despite the ref saying he used the air gauge which fell inline with the ideal gas law was said to have mis-remembered? Again, as I stated previously, something happened, but they had no definitive proof of it. I find that funny. Incognito cooperated and was suspended. Ray Rice cooperated and was suspended..twice. Brady cooperated to an extent and was suspended. WTF would an NFL player want to cooperate when the ginger hammer has never shown any capability of being fair and impartial. It is funny how Roger wants to punish players for conduct detrimental to the league when his actions since Ray Rice have probably down more damage to the reputation of the league than any PED could.
  10. I know most of JN will never admit, but what definitive proof did Goodell have against Brady? Deflator? McNally in the bathroom for 90 secs? None. He does not need evidence. I think Peyton was let off. The NFL does not want to drag another potential G.O.A.T. QB through the mud. So the most trusted and likable player of the last 20 years was free and clear after 7 months of investigations and the other four are guilty? MMmookkaayyy!!!! He 'cooperated' and the NFL was "nothing to see here". There is an excellent article in the Washington Times how Goodell's power was a mutual agreement meant to turn public perception about the league, but has made the NFL look even worse in the public's eye.
  11. crusher read my reply to you about your analogy and was a out of context.
  12. I think that is why they made a point that Peyton cooperated during the press release.
  13. Only problem, Brady never married Kraft's daughter as they were only dating. You know...that stage before being married,, but whatevs.