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  1. So? You mean to tell me you love 100% of all Mets' players actions? I doubt it. Whether it is a player (Sale, Manny, Big Papi, Gronk) or a Coach (Belichick), fans/management are a lot more tolerant of non-normative behavior. Now, circle back to my comments about star treatment above. Sale can get away with screaming at his boss because he's a superstar. I'm also not going to do that "just imagine if you screamed at your boss" thing because MLB is different. These facts do not mean that Sale is right, though. Far from it. He's totally misguided here. Williams had a situation where there were complaints and he, as the boss, addressed it. He obviously did a terrible job in communicating the situation properly (we're getting to that), but Sale's reaction was over the top. As I said previously, there is no way 100% of the club house wanted his kid there. That is not my point. I think Williams is to Sox Owner(s) what Goodell is to the NFL Owners. He is a shield for them. Using the Yankees as an example, they set a standard that players who sign with them live by (shaving facial hair, etc.). It does not look like the White Sox had any standards. Laroche had his kid in the clubhouse for over a year. Seeing it was well known Laroche's kid was with him everyday when he signed, then that is not a Laroche or Sale problem. It is the manager and executives. When the streak his kid was there reached double digits, someone should have said something to him. Again, Sale went overboard, but the management had a hand in that.
  2. Why Dr. Phil? You deflect from my point because you cannot argue it. You know it is true. I have been critical of the show. Go read. You will not even have to go go far. Your premise is not thought out well. That is a you problem. Stopping watching the show. There will still be 11 million watching it.
  3. And as long as he is performing, then it will not be an issue. All the tantrums Big Papi threw were fine so long as he was hitting 30 HRs a year. Once pain in the assedness out weights performance, then it is a different matter altogether.
  4. 1) Do you have a teenager? Teens do not think things through. They struggle with things right in front of them much less the cause and affect of their actions three or four steps down the line. All of a sudden, it is "oh oh, wtf do I do now". 23) You do understand the concept of time? How emotion might ebb and flow over time. How you might be really angry at someone or thing and then 10 minutes later you are not. However Carl may have felt when he got on the truck, tricked Jesus and thought he could probably kill Negan crashed when stuff happened. People sacrificed themselves to save Negan. He stated I just want to kill Negan and what happened? People still shielded Negan. Well, there goes the parting of the sea plan were I can just walk up to Negan and kill him. Now what? Combine that with the mental games Negan plays. There was a reason he made Rick and Carl carry Lucille. Negan said it, I just put my dick down your throat and you said thank you. Do you think the eye patch scene was a filler? No. It was Negan messing with Carl mind effing him even more. Dictator) You, JIFs and probably others whole point is, "why don't they do something...they have a chance". Yeah, the dictator is on a reviewing stand looking over his army it might be difficult. How many times in the history of this planet was a dictator in a room alone with somebody who could have killed the dictator regardless of the ramifications? Billions of times. Yet, no one martyred themselves for the needs of the many over the needs of the few. Surprising not surprising.
  5. Outside of the two incidents last year, what other incidents are there? He got in to a brawl at a game in KC, but that is hardly unique to him. I think there is an issue between management and the club house. Management overruled the manager on the Laroche thing. Sale then claimed management was more interested in uniform sales then winning when they overruled the the team again what uniform they were going to wear. He sort of threw Ventura under the bus when he alluded to the fact the manager should go to bat for the team when it comes to what uniforms the team will wear. Could he have handled it better? Yes. However, if he feels the executive management do not care and the manager is not going to go for bat for him, maybe he felt that was his only option. Again, I am looking forward to a star pitcher with a pulse.
  6. 1) Or he is a teenager whose brain is like 11% formed. Teens do not think things through rationally. 2) If you sit there and allow yourself to be struck, then the bat can do damage. Do you honestly think Negan did not keep an eye on Carl and just dropped his guard? 3) Have you ever swung a bat? This is not a knife or gun were you can 'deploy' in a blink of an eye. Not that you cannot do something with a bat you are holding at your wside, but the reaction time is in favor of the 'victim' more so than the 'attacker'. 4) I think this point is a little more valid. There is going to be a tipping point for Rick. I think Negan is going to Alexandria to kill someone for Carl's action. It might be that woman that was watching Judith. He might also rape her. I think the last scene will be similar to the last scene before Terminus and that the Ricktator comes back and he says something to the effect of "Negan is fling with the wrong people". Some of it is ridiculous. Rosita. The Michonne thing I think you are making an assumption that she would be on a suicide charge, but my guess is she would kill the woman close the factory or whatever it is. Why didn't someone try to kill any (insert a dictator name here) that lasted for decades? He rules through fear. I am sure whether it is this show or a real life situation someone did think what you speculated. However, there is a difference between thinking and executing. Would you do it if you knew your family might be killed? It is easy to say you will martyr yourself, but it is another thing to do when their are ramifications.
  7. I do not doubt some people were probably tired of it. It is a work environment. It is never going to be 100% popcorn, unicorns and candy. However, enough of them were willing to boycott a game when Williams over ruled the GM and Manager. Sale was not some zealot championing Laroche's plight. As far as the uniform thing, if your star pitcher does not want to wear an ill fitting uniform on the day he pitches, choose another day for it. As Rosenthal said at the time, it is a common courtesy teams afford their aces by letting them dictate what they wear when they pitch. If he does not want to wear and is told he does not have to and then is told he is going to. That is not a Sale issue. There is a disconnect between the teram and front office. The White Sox were justified to suspend him. However, saying he is a locker room cancer is ridiculous. ANd I am going to enjoy him pitching for the Sox. A legit ace at the top of the rotation. Yes, please.
  8. What in the effing hell are you talking about? The team, not just Sale, threatened to boycott a game. He was showing support for Laroche. How exactly is that a locker room cancer
  9. Stanford's David Shaw
  10. Wow. I guess they are replacing Papi's bat with pitching.
  11. I agree and disagree. I agree the execution of the season has been bad. The 7th episode should have been the template as far as length. They could have consolidated the storylines (e.g. The Cell and Go Getters) into a 75-90 minutes episode. They needed to set-up the different plot lines for the war. They could have done it in about 2 episodes instead of 5 (2 thru 6). As far as Negan, I liked the selection of JDM. There are not too many 6'6 actors. None of them probably have the acting chops to pull this off. I think the part is more about acting like a pyscho MFer than being a physical presence.
  12. Damn it! I cannot argue your logic.
  13. In case of a tie, the All Star game decides who has home field. That is the point. You cannot say unequivocally he did not take any when the use was very pervasive during his era. He could have been clean. Or he was the first user of avocado ice cream.