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  1. You are only partially correct. You cannot record the signals using equipment. And please explain how this was used in game?
  2. Will you take Justin Beiber in return?
  3. And a hush falls over the crowd.
  4. It has been a good ride considering how listless they looked at the end of July and were facing a road heavy schedule.
  5. I am utterly shocked the scientists did not trash their report. Shocked!
  6. I think I argued on JI for the Patriots to hire Schottenheimer.
  7. Amateur
  8. Anyone that is under 35 do not know the struggle. For all his faults, Drew was a pretty good QB for the Patriots pre-Belichick/Brady.
  9. It is crazy. If only I had 172 million back in the day.
  10. I doubt they would sell it. They make too much money every year to sell. Although at 3.2 billion and counting it would be a nice profit.
  11. Jimmy is signed through 2017. I do not know if it was calculated move by Brady, but his extension, while softening the blow of the lost wages due to suspension, also made him impossible to cut through 2017. It would hurt to be cut/traded before 2018 season, but they would gain cap space. Next year, the cap hit would go from 13 million to 27 million according to
  12. While I tend to agree with this thought process, I would not totally close the door on Jimmy not being the future. If QB is the most important position, you have a possible successor to Brady in Jimmy and by all (limited) accounts a legitimate successor, then why trade him? Brady will be 40 next year and Jimmy will be 25. If the Patriots are not overwhelmed, then they should keep him. Brady has been motivated (working on his footwork) by Jimmy's presence over the past two years and keeping Jimmy around through 2017 will keep Brady motivated as well. Brady knows it is cost prohibitive to cut him before the 2017 season. 2018 is another story, while it would hurt they save cap space. If father time catches up finally or if he is injured, then it might be time to hand the reigns off to Jimmy.
  13. Close 2008 to 2014.
  14. If je laid off alcohol he might have hit 800.