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  1. You obviously have some deeper issues at hand here. NFL fans are not sick of the Patriots. They want to be there when they fall. Just like they were for the 49ers, Cowboys, Steelers and Phins before them. 18 of the 32 teams have been to the Superbowl since 2000. Want to guess one of the 14? I Agree with your point that the rules have become so convoluted that refs are struggling with ever change that is implemented. Does anyone know what a catch is anymore?
  2. You answered your own question. If Bowles thought either Geno or Petty were ready, then there would not have been a need to bring back Fitz to start or draft Hackenberg to be compete or be a back-up next year.
  3. For such a smart guy, you think you would be smart enough to follow better football teams. Rough year.
  4. I think your original point is more of a factor than this. 17 million people saw an NFL game last year out of a country of 320 million. That is less than 1% of the population and that is not even factoring in season ticket holders. People's first experience is more likely from playing it or watching it and becoming a fan. The NFL probably has a similar chart showing the decline in people watching TV. How many different platforms can you now watch a game on? Yes, the old farts can watch it on TV still. Although I like the Red Zone more than any game not involving the Patriots. You can watch it online or buy NFL Game Pass and watch the game at your convenience. Plus, with the availability of knowing what the score is so long as I have cell service, I do not feel the need to be wearing our my couch watching a game. I do not think it is so much a decline in popularity, but more of a fundamental change in societal viewing habits combined with technological advancements.
  5. 4 days until some bodies hit the floor...err ground.
  6. It is pretty good. I like the theme music (off topic).
  7. I agree.
  8. Sad, but true.
  9. Yankee fans waving the roid outrage flag is funny.
  10. I know right.
  11. I am not saying he didn't. I am saying attributing his bump in numbers to it has holes in the argument. He went to a better, team, better hitters park and he hit his prime.
  12. Que es
  13. Brady is a painkiller. I think it is a push. Butler has regressed. Jones is a dual threat. He cannot cover and he is great at dropping the ball.
  14. And Butler on some weeks.