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  1. NL adopting DH is gaining momentum

    Ain't that what I said like 12 times? Leyland, in a pregame talk in his office, said it is “more fun to manage in the National League, and there's more to do,” but said he considers it more difficult to manage in the American League. “The reason I've said that all along is that, in the National League, if you get to the fourth or fifth inning down by three or four runs, you pinch-hit for your pitcher,” Leyland said. “So the decision's kind of made for you. “In the American League, you have to be precise as to when you take him out. He might have given up three (runs) in the first (inning) and really settled down and really is pitching a good game. You get to the sixth inning and maybe he gets in a little trouble – has he lost it, has he not? I think pitching is the most of managing. So I think it's a little more difficult than people understand.”
  2. I think they are close, but were they as shutdown as the others?  The Ravens you could not run against.  The Bears shutdown the passing game, except for Dan Marino in his prime.  Teams moved the ball and did score against the Broncos ' D. I think they are analogous to Greatest Ds as Brady/Montana are to Peyton in the QB Debate.  They are among the very best, but great?  No.
  3. NL adopting DH is gaining momentum

    Exactly. Again, as you clearly want to ignore, this is what Jim Leyland said.  More decisions in the NL, but the score dictates the moves.  Decisions are little harder in the AL.  However, you want to keep your panties in a bunch.
  4. So you are saying you want to know how it ends?  I enjoyed the show.  I think they did it (e.g. series) just right.  The series was a good length.  Not too long or too short.  Compared to Sons of Anarchy which, IMHO, might have been a little too long. FWIW I liked the ending.
  5. refs effed cotchery big time

    You cannot say that. Whether ruled complete or incomplete, that would have been tough to overrule.  The one thing you can say is his hand was under the ball.  
  6. Exactly. He was a good coach.  Remove the one title and he was 5-10 in the playoffs.  He still had a losing record in the playoffs.  The Hall should be for greatness, not goodness.
  7. refs effed cotchery big time

    That only matters when the ground assists in catching the ball. Cotchery had his hand under the ball as the CBS replay showed.  Now, whether the ref saw it is another matter.
  8. NL adopting DH is gaining momentum

    Way to, again, over estimate the decision making process. Here it is in a nutshell. Team ahead:  Leave pitcher in and tell them to bunt. Team behind:  Pinch hitter. Making a pitching change and his spot is due up soon:  Double switch. 
  9. NL adopting DH is gaining momentum

    And NL purists over dramatize the situation. Jim Leyland has long said that while managing in the NL requires more decisions, the game largely dictates what moves you are going to make with your pitcher.    
  10. NL adopting DH is gaining momentum

    I hate it now that PEDs are largely out of the game.  Am I right? And the NL has so many more managerial moves to make is a tad overblown.  You have a decision every 9th at-bat and 90% of the time that is not going to be in effect until the 3rd time through the order.  
  11. When the Patriot Dynasty Ends...

    I thought you were talking about fan bases other than Patriots. Oh yeah, it is Patriots.  I have ATT UVerse and catch COMCAST's Felger and Mazz.  Some of the call-ins are the worst.    
  12. Raiders moving to Las Vegas?

    No idea. Again, it is my SWAG.  Maybe, TV execs look at two teams in a huge market like LA/NY as being better than 1 in LA and another in SD.  No idea.  With that being said, Oakland is usually wrapped up in SF and SJ as one market.
  13. Raiders moving to Las Vegas?

    My SWAG is they want more TV markets.  If Goodell is going to fully realize his goal of generating 25 billion dollars a year in revenue, then it probably helps more that there you can pull in a top 30 market.  Again, only a SWAG.