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  1. So the next Jets Superbowl win is > than a trillon years?
  2. Even the biggest Jets apologist cannot say with a straight face Deflategate was 'proven' and/or 'undeniable'.
  3. Or the next Jets Superbowl win...whichever is longer.
  4. Maybe, with the exception of Taylor, none of these QBs are definitely better than Fitz.. Glennon and McCarron have potential to be better. Or they might be the next Osweiler. More so with Glennon. Will Kizer be there at 5/6? Is he getting by the Browns, 49ers or Bears? Regardless, like with McCarron/Glennon/Grappolo, a college QB only has potential. THere are nodifintive Luck's out there were the consensus is "kid is going to be good".
  5. Hardly. Who is out there? There are no Luck's in the draft. Get in line for Romo? Hope Beli trades Jimmy G? There is not reason to trade Jimmy, but is they were to, it would be an expansive trade for the Jets. And DD, yes of course we would. The Phins look like they might be legit with Gase.
  6. You know what though? Fitz is still your best option next year unless you trade for an established QB.
  7. That can be said for most if not all shows. There is only a finite amount of original ideas/plots that a show can come up with. Eventually, a show will have to dust off an old plot line and use it again with changes. The Walking Dead is no different. It might even have a narrower line to navigate as it is about a zombie apocalypse. It is either about people or zombies. The comic goes well beyond Negan. It shifts in a slightly different direction as it goes from feral pacts of humans wandering the countryside. To one were communities are established (Alexandria, Hilltop, Kingdom, Woman Island). As with any show, people are going to tune out. People into zombie apocalypse might not like the humanizing of the show.
  8. I don't know about that. Maybe, if they tried to dump him after 2015 when he was coming off an okay season. Now, he is 32 with a 23-28 record and an ERA well over 4 his last three years. If he was someone you could pencil in for 32 starts and 200 innings I would be in complete agreement. He has never done that.
  9. I liked Clay. I hope he fully realizes his potential even if it is for one season.
  10. We have different definitions of dominate. Getting the drop on them (Daryl and killing everyone in the outpost) and escaping from a woman dying from cancer, a guy bleeding out, is hardly what I call dominating. The had a tactical advantage and exploited it. The Carol/Maggie escape was a tad lame (too easy) IMHO, but I digress. The Saviors use some tactical sense. They use LMRs to communicate between groups. The Saviors had a coordinated effort to deny Rick's group access to the Hilltop and funneled them to a certain point. Where are you going to ambush them? They just learned where the sanctuary is. In order to execute an ambush, you need to know when and where they are going to be. Otherwise, you are just wasting time. Plus, you need to overwhelm them with numbers or fire superiority. They are not going to out gun them so unless they have a bomb maker it is going to be hard to disable/blow up their vehicles with Morgan's staff. Leaving dead bodies in the road was lame last week. I am saying they need to unite. Hilltop, Kingdom and Alexandria at the very least. If the woman island want to join in or at the very least arm the other groups, even better. Attack the sanctuary at night/before dawn. Again, try to get the jump on them. Jesus was able to get inside the compound. Use this route to get in as quick and as quietly as possible. Grab weapons if you can and/or start killing people like they did at the outpost. In theory, they need to either continue playing along for another week or two so they can get organized or they hit them now when they least expect it. An ambush, especially after what Rick's group did, will set off alarm bells and have them raise their alert level. I do not think it is a viable means right now. Not if that is the only thing they are going to do.
  11. Not really. They never really stood toe-to-toe with the Saviors. Sneaking into one of their outposts and killing them while they sleep is hardly dominating. The other stand-off was not going well until the Saviors were flanked. I would not waste time with attacking a supply run. The amount of weapons you are likely to get are minimal. Plus, unless they go straight to the Sanctuary after the ambush, the attack on the supply run will only raise the Saviors alert level. Overwhelm the Saviors at the Sanctuary, like they did with the Outpost, in the hopes you can acquire more weapons and maybe run into more people like the woman Michonne came across.