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  1. He's got the right manager to get that accomplished for him - for certain
  2. Rest in peace sir. Your vocal talents and musicianship brought me and countless others much pleasure. http://ultimateclassicrock.com/greg-lake-songs/
  3. Sale's reaction to the situation shows he's a fool. Everyone gets to have a locker for their 14 year old kid and they get to dress in a Sox uni and practice on the field with them EVERY day - right? Better yet they get to hang in the locker room so everyone can watch everything that comes out of their mouths - there's nothing uncomfortable or unfair about that for your team mates right? Funny - but the other idiot that was vocal about the situation got dealt to the Nationals yesterday. Here's what a beat writer had to say: The utter lack of perspective from Chris Sale. After the White Sox reportedly "almost" boycotted a spring training game, reports surfaced that Sale -- one of the Sox's top two players -- screamed at Williams. He reportedly told Williams to stay out of the clubhouse because that's the players' domain. Um, Chris, Williams is the club president. He's your boss. He can make clubhouse rules if he wants. Here's Yankees boss Brian Cashman on the matter, via Newsday: Now, circle back to my comments about star treatment above. Sale can get away with screaming at his boss because he's a superstar. I'm also not going to do that "just imagine if you screamed at your boss" thing because MLB is different. These facts do not mean that Sale is right, though. Far from it. He's totally misguided here. Williams had a situation where there were complaints and he, as the boss, addressed it. He obviously did a terrible job in communicating the situation properly (we're getting to that), but Sale's reaction was over the top.
  4. you got'em back - 5years/$86mm Thanks Aroldis - we wouldn't have done it without you
  5. Go read about it somewhere - I heard about it every day here. A few of the guys didn't mind it but most of them though it was ridiculous having that kid in the dugout - and it was. And cutting up his throwback jersey because he didn't want to wear it was was showing hi-grade leadership I'm glad you're happy with him - enjoy it
  6. And 2nd only to him crying to anyone that would listen when they finally threw Adam LaRoche's little kid out of the locker room after being there every day with his own locker. "He was like a coach to us" lamented Sale. What a dildo. Not a Sox fan but just glad to have him outta here.
  7. Good - the kid is a jerk-off and locker room cancer.
  8. Relative to the last 86 days - it was a banner day
  9. Hey ... he's injured .. .. well kinda ... a little bit ...maybe ... actually .. his problem is he's too rich .... and a cocksucker
  10. Senseless, ridiculous, tragedy RIP Joe - prayers and good thoughts out to your family and loved ones
  11. Truly? I'd have never guessed. He gets scorched with 10 yd cushions.
  12. The Jay/Almora platoon is in place - good work.
  13. I quit reading when it said that Rondon and Stroup were the most promising to take over for the strong possibility of Chapman's absence. If Chapman's absent and Rondon and Stroup are used to replace him - we're by no means in place for a deep postseason run. Conversely, we're positioned to pull "wait till next year" out of the vocabulary archive.
  14. yeah - you're right again - he means a ton to this team - especially the way he's handcuffing us on the salary cap
  15. Whats the stock price on your boy Darrell Mevis tonight? You were full of full of sh1t on him in September ... so ...looks like ... maybe more full of sh!t? or what?