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  1. Where's Geno's BallWasher (there's a few - so the #1 ichiban) in all this discussion?
  2. Thanks for the props, my friend. Just finished up my 45th season of competitive softball and I'll keep going as long as I'm contributing enough to be a solid starter. We will have to hook up at a game before long.
  3. Dude - i was just asking you to come in and throw out some optimism. 11 game streak and you're no where around. I very much appreciate how good this team is and this last streak was some solid proof. Best era by starters in MLB - and 3rd in runs scored. That's a pretty formidable combination. Now incorporate a reorganized pen that's certainly top 5 in the game - there's no arguing how very good this team is. The only reservation I have on them smashing the Curse Of The Billy Goat in 2016 is the fact that 5 of the 9 at bats in NL post season play are going to be guys that haven't even played a full season in The Bigs yet and the 6th out of 9 will be coming often (hopefully) from a pitcher. The aforementioned rooks have ALL made tremendous strides - but post season pitching is usually the best around at the time and these guys still chase a lot of stuff. Thats all - not concerned going forward - the abilities of this team will only get better - probably much better. I've waited a long time for this. If it's another year before I'm sobbing like a 5 year old at whatever park they clinch the WS at - so be it. I know it will come - this year would be great - but if it isn't I can finally say with FULL confidence, wait till next year.
  4. I don't understand all the expectation that he should be a good NFL corner when he's never been one. Yeah yeah yeah ... "the last 4 games" of 14 ... baloney .. a couple of ok games and a couple of total crap teams Not even considering the tissue paper endurance .. he's not good at a lot of the fundementals that would make him a serviceable Corner. I hold not much hope that he's not a highlight on the 2nd Edition of Jets Draft Blunders
  5. CatMan - where are you? Get in here and give us some reason to be optimistic
  6. How true ... sad doesn't cover it ... it should contain reference of something like - sickness to the point of disgorging the contents of ones stomach
  7. I'd almost forgot the name Justin Miller ... but I'm going to try again ... real hard
  8. That's not hard to do Larz - Buddy's usually sporting some wild brim these days. You can still like the blues if you don't recognize him -
  9. yeah .. the BB gun stuff was spellbinding ..
  10. Dude - I don't know if you saw the 2 plays he made in the 9th yesterday - but Chapman should have transferred the save over to him. His defense is already jaw dropping, but his batting eye is really starting to mature. I think as long as Madden's around he's untouchable.
  11. All I gotta say is we'll take it. All pens are capable of that on a given day, but the likelihood of our pen doing it with any regularity went down appreciably within the last 10 days. Now its about further development of young batting eyes and getting as many quality starts as we can.
  12. I think the "moving the good jock pitcher to an outfield slot" on righty/lefty or certain spots in the order trick can be very effective. It's worked for us every time he's done it thus far. Saving a bench bat for later when you're chasing 6 after 2 and a half and the top coming up after aint smart ball in my book.
  13. - after the win - ok Joe. I'll shut up. Do whatever you want.
  14. So ... I realize Madden is a genius and all things Zen and wonderful. WTF is he doing when we're chasing 6, batting Hammel for the pitcher to lead off an inning with no intention of throwing him and Fowler up next? Smarty threw a party and nobody came ....
  15. Hadn't though much on this subject for a while but with camp coming on I did today .. At one this afternoon I was asking myself what Geno would have to do to raise himself up from the dickhead is is deservedly perceived as ... At three this afternoon it occurred to me that if Fitz didn't take the money offered he could actually take over the role of dickhead for over valuing himself and take the heat off of Geno... Now this news comes ... I'm glad Fitz is back and Geno is still a dickhead