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  1. if it is - it's another example of data lying to you.
  2. Flat out robbed Rua - Almora robbed him from a double on Friday. That kids going to be happy to leave Chi -
  3. Let him be somebody else's toast
  4. Lauren and the rest of the Sullivan Clan will continue kick cancer in the teeth until all traces of it are gone. Prayers out to y'all for strength to accomplish this - I know you have the courage.
  5. No better tree to follow than the Allman tree .. we currently have pretty weak vocals so we play mostly Muddy, Howling Wolf, and Willie Dixon covers and play them somewhat like the recordings but at a much higher bpm. 1,4,5 stuff that we can jam out to - all the front guy needs to do is sing a few verses and call out the leads. Earlier iterations of this band played a lot of AB Live At The Fillmore cuts which I love to play more than anything but wont violate them with substandard vocals. If you guys would ever consider a road trip - I book the bands (with the exception of a few of the national acts) at www.ribfest.net and could set up some other gigs in the area for you too.
  6. Me too - and if he had stuck his glove up instead of ducking on that shot up the middle, he'd have been out of that inning a lot quicker.
  7. Great jam - you guys are very talented. Do any of your 6 string guys ever play electric in a set? I could see that accenting your stuff with some different tones
  8. Chicago burbs - clubs and summer festivals
  9. thanks for the props dude - I'm the drummer
  10. Good synopsis GS - Harrell threw well last night. Cubs have done a decent job more times than not this year in biding time with an opposing pitcher who's really on and taking them deep in at bats till they get their counts up and a reliever in. Would have worked last night too until Joe put Patton in (see earlier post regarding his ineptitude) and his pus arm gave it away. This team still has many young and relatively inexperienced batting eyes on it. The good news is whats already up is looking like they can and will stay up and play at a very good WAR. I REALLY hope Theo and Joe don't mortgage any part of the future with win now mentality - the future is not bright - it's blinding Schwarber, Bryant, Contreras (signed at 17 but is only 24), Russell, Rizzo, Almora, and Baez are all - hopefully - untouchable. Soler is still a ? in my opinion. Fowler has provided a great punch - and is showing what some of these other bats are capable of with some seasoning. We need relief pitching or we go nowhere great in 2016 - but I wouldn't give up a single untouchable to get any. They can buy some soon enough.
  11. We played at our local 4th of July fundraiser on Monday - tell me what you think
  12. We sorely need good performance out of Edwards as the Stooge Brothers, Grimm and Patton, are incapable of keeping runners off the bases (including Home) and you can't throw Wood and Cahill every day. Not looking looking at a deep post season if they don't acquire an accomplished relief arm or 2 soon.
  13. RIP Buddy
  14. Another "old world" component of his feat came form him playing 3 different positions tonight as well. Really like him cutting the K rate by 25% over last year thus far. If he can get that into double digits a year - he will be working his way toward C-town.
  15. You also might want to focus your energies toward beating the mighty Atlanta Braves first ...