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  1. Cubs Thread

    Hey Dierk - you don't hear me chirping. Not getting ahead of my ski's now or ever with this club. I have scars dating back to the 25 games attended in 69 and it went downhill, sodomy wise, from there. I am, however, very happy to watch quality baseball games with my team on the winning end close to 70% of the time for the moment. Something I'm not used to - but I'm ok with it
  2. Cubs Thread

    If there was an environment for Chapman to get squared away in it would be with Joe and some strong vet and coaching leadership. That plus we really don't have a sh!thead on the roster. Everybody's a pretty solid citizen. Would love Chapman's arm and we're going to need some changes in that pen to go all the way.
  3. Cubs Thread

    Don't want him to be anyone else He won the hardest fought game the Cubs have had all season today with another component of his game - his arm. His 2 RBI gave us a 1 run lead rather than a 1 run deficit - but it was in the bottom of the 9th leading by a run 9 to 8 after Rondon had already coughed up a single to Piscotty to lead off the inning, Matt Adams hit another single and the relatively speedy Piscotty started for third till he remembered who's arm he was running on and held at 2. It changed everything strategically forcing the Cards to have Molina bunt - something he rarely if ever does and he schwansed 2 try's and struck out. Piscotty never got past 2nd and Cubs win. I'l take him, his arm, his 50+ run saving plays over the last 2 seasons, and his .218/.324 in May
  4. Cubs Thread

    Hayward, his .350 lifetime OBP , and his D are and will be just fine. The next move this club needs to make is Clayton fking Richard - DFA
  5. I know you and Lauren will focus on the fight rather than the fright, my friend. You have beat it before and you will do so again. Prayers and good thoughts your way.
  6. Guess that will ensure they're the former SB Champions ...
  7. Is Folk's job in jeapordy??

    If he's healthy - he's as money of a kicker as we've ever had.
  8. Cubs Thread

    I'm ok with this kind of production thus far ...
  9. Wont happen - you can't raise your hand to vote when you're holding your belly from laughing too hard...
  10. Dee Milliner ~ ~ ~

    worth every penny of .. ..... .... oh .. I thought you said 12 dollars
  11. The upside on this kid made it a "gotta take a shot" pick. To have a potential franchise QB (when you have no semblance of one as you are picking) from a 2ND rounder is a lot less of a gamble when you consider the 1,2, & 3's we have absolutely pissed away since 2010
  12. 2016 Yankees Thread

    I'll keep Warren and have a big smile on my face ... no forked tongue from the Yankee fans here. Warren is money thus far.
  13. Cubs Thread

    I was questioning the move of bringing back Fowler with all the OF talent log jammed in the minors - destiny wasn't. I think you're right.