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  1. 2016 Yankees Thread

    I'll keepWarren and have a big smile on my face ... no forked tongue from the Yankee fans here. Warren is money thus far.
  2. Cubs Thread

    I wasquestioning the move of bringing back Fowler with all the OF talent log jammed in the minors - destiny wasn't. I think you're right.
  3. Cubs Thread

    good to see you Doug. +68 run differential.. wait till they start hitting
  4. Not fair - they rocked in the 85 SB
  5. You gotta win sometimes ... or it's no fun playin ..
  6. RV Show at PNC

    Yep - don't even think you need the dual wheel bro. Not sure of that but don't care as I'll get whatever it takes. I like it over aClass A because: a.)The extra area that fits up into the bed of the pick-up is the family/entertainment room part of the trailer where the drivers area is wasted space in a Class A. b.)You've got a vehicle with you instead of towing one behind - it is likely a 10 MPG vehicle but you're already towing enough with the trailer in my opinion
  7. RV Show at PNC

    Didn't buy yet bro - maybe this fall but more likely fallof 2017. it will cost a bitto get it back and forth to Azevery year - but Ithink it'll be better than owning a place out there as I'll only be out there for the winter. Love Chicago when its warm and Az is no place to be June - September - the friken streets melt. There's some deluxe,gated, facilitiesto stay at too. Very non trailer park-ish.
  8. RV Show at PNC

    And you can park in nice gated communities with blow awayamenities - for about 1300 a month, Jimmy - utilities included. Only looking to live in it about 3-4 months a year.
  9. RV Show at PNC

    Much sooner than later bro - this is what I'll be laying my head every yearat a park in the Scottsdale area Dec - Mar http://www.granddesignrv.com/solitude379-floor.php
  10. Cubs Thread

    Meh ...didn't have his best control
  11. Good to see you jeto -
  12. Josh Norman is a FA

    Too late - we already have "Cushion" Revis at 17 mil
  13. Cubs Thread

    Never a doubt, dude
  14. Cubs Thread

    Also allows us to keep Szczur - who plays all OFpositions - on the squad and see over time if his bat is for real. Will force a more veteran batting eye into a line up that will already haveSoler, Bryant, Russell, and Baez fine tuning their own eyes to keep their K's down. If Schwarbers surgery goes well and hecan be repaired to like new - rest assured hewill come back ripped from weight training and willbe leaner and quicker. Horrible sophomore start to one of the purest swings I've ever seen, but KS has the make up to come back strong. Might keep him out of the catchers role too which I would prefer for a kid with this kind of bat.