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  1. If he looks half as good as Trubisky looked the other night I'll be elated.
  2. How Invested Are You?

    Just like the proverbial train wreck .. I'll be watching. I am interested in seeing who on the team overlooks the accepted lack of talent and steps up. One of the many things that could come out of this situation is the powers in place actually do know what they're doing and the rebuild could yield a post season football team for the future. Note that I'm not predicting that outcome - but it is one of the possibilities.
  3. Caption this photo

    "no ... i never said that ... sure .. this team is very capable of winning a game .. maybe 2"
  4. Cubs Thread

    Jake's replacement is this winter ... also Lackey's
  5. Cubs Thread

    Great! Hopefully he'll ready to be part of the package that brings us Lester's replacement in 3 - 4 years.
  6. Cubs Thread

    Welcome Justin Wilson .94 WHIP - 55 k's 40 innings pitched - Justin Grimm pack your sh*t Welcome switch hitting vet catcher Alex Avila - you are now the 2nd best batting avg on the Cubs If the starting 5 hold together, the Quintana and Wilson additions could be enough for a decent run. For sure it's going to be a much more enjoyable last 8 weeks of the season than the first 8 weeks were. Candelario should be a solid major league player for years to come and Peredes is our best SS in the farm. Thats all wonderful, but there's no place on the parent club for either of these guys for the next half decade. Trading them for useful, needed if not vital pieces in today's line-up is smart management - the kind we've come to expect from Theo E.
  7. Cubs Thread

    You saw it again tonight my friend .. last thing in the world Joe wanted to do was bring in Davis on consecutive days after throwing 25 pitches yesterday - but he had no choice if we wanted the W. They need another reliable arm or 2 in the pen.
  8. Cubs Thread

    We need another starter and at least one GOOD short relief arm, Doug. They may hold off on the starter but hope they don't. Lets get him now and re-gel this thing. Simply not chasing runs early is a great thing for our offense.
  9. With all of the other virtues the 2017 New York Jets have piling up ... this thread holds as much chance of being truly visionary as any we will see this fall .... but if I were betting any cabbage on it ... here's Chrissy in 2020
  10. Cubs Thread

    It's bird in the hand stuff, dude. Cease might be magical and Jimenez might become Clemente - neither of them is within 2 years of even starting that assent. Today - right now - we're facing multiple run deficits in early innings on too many occasions and Q will put a dent in some of that. Now go get him some help Theo.
  11. Cubs Thread

    Hey L - With the acquisition of Quintana we'll have a stronger 2nd half but I put us at no better than 50/50 to take the division and not well poised to make a decent run if we do. Playing catch-up ball and often early catch-up ball too many times with the implosion of our SP's. That's proven not to bode well in the mindsets of this mixture of power bats. The current Cubs pen under play-off pressure would not be a pretty picture either. Hopefully Theo continues to barter well for additional arms and I'm confident he will - so "wait till next year" isn't a painful meaningless thought like it was for so many seasons.
  12. If you like guitar jams ...

    He's amazing dude! I've caught him a couple times. I'm afraid he's a little out of my price range though. RR is enjoying the well deserved status and treatment of an A list star. I'm fortunate that we have many great players in Chicago that I can still get to perform within my budget. All of the proceeds of our event go to fight child abuse and domestic violence so I watch the bottom line very carefully.
  13. Cubs Thread

    Throw in Grimm with those that have to go and put him at the front of the list. His June and early July numbers look great because: a. Joe's not stupid enough to give him the ball in anything approximating a pressure situation. b. Even a blind pig finds an acorn on occasion.
  14. Cubs Thread

    Quintana, Lester, Hendricks, and ? for 2018. Get another starter and a couple relief arms and we're set for next year. Fortunately we have the barter to make all that happen without beginning to dent the core of the team. Great trade for the Cubs as Jimenez is Soler waiting to happen and Cease, although very viable, is still a couple years away.
  15. Gregg Allman , RIP

    Here's "Idlewild North" playing this last weekend. We have a couple of keyboard guys we're auditioning - we've all decided it's a "have to have" I'm pleased with the production for 2nd time playing out - but this bands going to get a lot better going forward