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  1. Thanks bro - the youngsters are still going to be streaky till there's some additional seasoning - but I'm beginning to think for the first time we may have enough maturation to get it done this year. Baez, Russell, and Contreras have grown up in a hurry and can cover the slack of Heyward and Zobrist.
  2. 5 to go
  3. Hey - GTF outta here and go make some tee times for your ballplayers. They have nothing to do.
  4. 1 down 10 to go
  5. No jinx - no billy goat - no none of that BS this year. Only the reality. We have 5 guys (kids) in that line up don't have a full year in the bigs under their belts. Throw in a pitcher and that's 6 out of nine AB's that don't have as much of the seasoning or plate savvy (as they will have) to hold back and not bite on wicked pitching like we saw from Bum last night. That said - we have some first rate SP of our own and the ability to score some runs. Throw in what is now a pretty good pen and I like our chances for a ring better than anyone's.
  6. His bat need only be better than Heyward's was this year and that's not a lot of hitting. His D will firm up CF and he can cheat a bit into left on occasion to cover a little turf for Schwarber. I too would love to see him on base more.
  7. Maybe he can be the table setter we're bound to lose sooner of later in Fowler and a hedge for Heyward in right if his bat doesn't come back. Potential 2018 - Schwarber LF - Almora CF - Jimenez RF
  8. Do we get to play 4 teams that don't have Wide Receivers? Wow - I didn't know there was such a thing.
  9. Dumb penalties, wasted timeouts, a stupid challenge, an unprepared team, AGAIN, yeah, that's a bad coach.
  10. Todd should have been pretty confident he would stare 85% his intended receivers down before he threw to them. He probably saw him doing that in practice and was justifiably confident he'd continue to do that in the game.
  11. Jim - you're not understanding the true genius that goes on in Woodrow's head. If you draft 2 complete strings of potential all-pro D Linemen (so that one can be resting while the others on the field) you obviously don't need to have an edge rusher or anything more than a couple of mediocre veterans and a totally washed up Canton wannabe in the defensive backfield. Your line will carry you and stop all the scoring. The other benefit of keeping the other team from scoring is you don't need to score that much yourself. This allows you to have a real smart but not effective QB with no arm and other assorted vets on the downside of their career to assist him in the practice of not scoring the points that you don't need to win football games. Sheesh ,,, is that really that hard to understand?
  12. Absolutely Frank - you guys have been decimated by injury and kept getting up after the knock down. Way to fight. p.s. - you can lay back down again now
  13. I'm with you Vill - no need for "I tole you so" or other BS. This team sucks moose cock and it's something we're not foreign to. I'm all about discussing if Bowles is worth salvaging or if he has to learn how to coach in another town - but this mess needs to be accepted and put behind us as sad as that is to say 4 games into the season.
  14. I knew coverage and the secondary was going to be the worst part of 2016 Jets. i wasn't counting on it being as laughably bad as it - but it's weapons grade garbage. Mevis sucks worse than anticipated but the backfield problems are now clearly exacerbated by the absence of good scheming and coaching. Fitz is not a good quarterback and when your receivers cant catch footballs it creates a deadly double negative which unlike math doesn't yield a positive. Into week four and it's obvious - the only potential good thing to come out of the Jets 2016 season is the possible emergence of Petty or the even more unlikely reasonable play of Hack. The rest of this season will suck and probably suck to last year of Herm levels. I'm lucky - for once - to have a some additional meaningful baseball to watch.
  15. RIP Jose. Terrible tragedy.