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  1. Please get rid of this pos - cut him. He threw 16 pitches - 11 of them were balls and walked a run in He was about to walk his 2nd run in and with a 3-2 count, he threw meat which got hit like a laser but stayed in the park for the 3rd out. Shame of it is he didn't even get tagged for an earned run in this latest abomination. Joes happy cause he won - fact is it wouldn't have gone extra innings if he didn't bring this slug in.
  2. You going to cut it into 3 inch or 4 inch squares? I'd go with 3" - you'll want to make sure they flush well if you have to use multiples with a big turd ..
  3. Uehara has been money - til today. No reliever is going to be on every time he's one of the few good ones we have I believe. Grimm sucks donkey balls and has with the exception some rare statistical anomalies. He needs to go away. We'll see how long Jed/Joe/Theo want to keep him and the other 2 dildos around. 3rd week of the season isn't really the time to be making any trade moves but they can put them down and bring some kids up from the minors. It couldn't be worse. PBurgh is a good club and will need to be reckoned with - but the pen giving them every game in the series isn't a sustainable plan to get to the pennant.
  4. I stand by my thoughts on 4/3 Doug - which I've carried the last 2 years. Stroup, Rondon, and Grimm - all have magical stuff - until they can't throw it for strikes. Which is unfortunately most every time they touch the ball. Intercourse all 3 of them. Deunsing is atrocious. The aforementioned ( minus Rondon who didn't get the chance to step on his pickle) have cost the Cubs 2 games in as many days and will cost them many more for as long as they're around. Today's unfortunate circumstance was CJ Edwards going on bereavement leave yesterday which kept him from being available and either day and putting Duensing on the active roster and consequently the mound to give up most of a healthy lead until "Stroupie" came in to put us in the hole to stay. John Jay is a pretty good outfielder/stick and is a very solid clubhouse guy but I think Almora needs to be out in CF most of the time and Joe sticking Ja-Hey in center is largely to get Baez in the game with Zobrist in right. So yes - he kind of is expendable. He's going to be real expendable if Ian Happ's next 80 AB's are anything like his first 40 in AAA ball. Bottom line - we've got the trade bait and the dough to get pen help as we move forward this year We'll have to see when enough is enough for Jed/Joe/Theo - I've had enough of those 3 stooges long ago.
  5. C'mon Yanks - put a whoopin those Birdies
  6. #3 for Happ in 24 AB's
  7. Amen .. the female is exceptionally painful
  8. Want to try and get to South Bend and see a game when Cease is tossing and will check him out.
  9. Relief pitching is going to be an issue. Stroup, Rondon, and Grimm - all have magical stuff - until they can't throw it for strikes. Which is unfortunately most every time they touch the ball. I was happy to see Montgomery get the relief role between he and Anderson - but anyone thinking he's going to morph into Andrew Miller is trippin. He's a good arm that is maybe a 4th or 5th starter on some clubs. Wade Davis is not a guaranteed sure thing stopper in my book - and then there's his arm issues. Brian Deunsing????? Hopefully he's not supposed to be the savior. Koji and CJ should be fine. Good news is we have a surplus of trade bait and there will be plenty of teams selling pitching by July. (listen to me sounding like a Yankee Fan) Martinez was, as expected, killer last night. I'm looking forward to seeing many of these young bats mature even more against that caliber of pitching cause they're damn sure going to see it in LA, SF, Pitt, NY, and WAS
  10. Yes - DE's are baddass athletes. There are good reasons why they're DE's and not WR's. Heyward is an exceptional defensive ball player and I'm still elated to have him in right field even if he stays > a .320 obp - which I don't think he will. The smaller surface area in the Wrigley outfield gets statistically swallowed up quickly by the large parks in the NL the Cubs play the other half of their games in. I know it's fun and witty to be a contrarian, but there's a host of good reasons why Heyward's managers to date have only plunked him in CF for 28 of his 849 complete games in his 7 years in the bigs. (is he getting older or younger as well? .. I'll bet older)
  11. Welcome back dude! Timing is a little curious, with the Vale of Tears Tour in full swing and anything approximating team viability getting more hopeless by the moment. But hopefully the bottom is in sight ... ...had to pause for a moment .. the thought of what a "bottom" could be for the Jets is a little overwhelming .. but one sports miracle happened in 2016 so here's for hope that springs eternal
  12. sorry - missed another one. Heyward is to physically big to cover all the CF turf. Too much wear and tear on that defensive end size body. Almora will hit, stay up, and be a gold glove some day.
  13. I'm not a total dis-believer in any of your prognostications Catman, cept the bolded one. That one seems to be very heavily THC influenced. Unless you're thinking they're going to trade for a proven tablesetter to take Fowler's place.
  14. Theo Epstein happened in 2012. It took 4 seasons but we have the scouting and player development to boast the roster and farm system that won us a championship in 2016 and promises to keep us highly competitive for the near future.
  15. I wouldn't be surprised to see Joe, on many days against righty pitching, lead Schwarbie off. Then let him get 3 AB's and depending on the game situation sit him, move Zobrist to left (or right) and bring in Javey at second to enhance the D. I'm fine with having an embarrassment of riches and look forward to having it as long as we can.