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  1. I don't know dude .. I think he vagina'd on the fumble -  but would love to see him grow up - this game needs good QB's that are leaders in the worst way. 
  2. So you were doing a lot of acid on your time off eh? Window Pane or Blotter?
  3. I don't hate him ...  but not jumping on his strip and walking out of the presser with a mope puss on for it's entirety show me he's more of a punk type than a leader type. He be Dabbin' and smiling all the time when he's winning. Character is better judged in a loss - and he put on a show for that too - just not a favorable one.     
  4.   And as an aside ... so did the Jets ... and the smelly fish
  5. horrible time to do this ...  all the hot news and pics of Cam's Versace pants gets put on hold I suppose
  6. Dan Quinn

    Numbers got shifted a column in the paste - Ivory 8 attempts, 81 yards, 0 TD, 58 long  If Ivory was hurt - which hasn't confirmed in anything I ever heard - then his low involvement in the game plan makes sense. If not - our first year coach would have seemingly made a pretty egregious mistake.
  7. Dan Quinn

    Last Bill's game  TmCmpAttYdsTDIntSkYdsLngRateAttYdsTDLngTgtRecYdsTDLngFmbFLBrandon MarshallNYJ             168126141  Ryan FitzpatrickNYJ163718123134142.721209       Chris IvoryNYJ         681058       Eric DeckerNYJ             9550121  Stevan RidleyNYJ         92901322002  Quincy EnunwaNYJ             41505  Kellen DavisNYJ             10000  Kenbrell ThompkinsNYJ             40000       
  8. Busy ... he's speaking at a Cheating Strategy Conference in Rotterdam this weekend.    
  9. Jones also was involved in a medical situation with the Foxboro police this month and has only addressed the media for 75 seconds during the past two weeks, so he might be just trying to avoid the spotlight.  guess this is already swept so far under the carpet it's never going to be anything more than "just kinda partying"
  10. When the only guy that could do something about it is as filthy as the perps - there's a recipe - for nothing happening.   
  11. What are u listening to right now?

  12. Classic...  maybe first week in business 
  13. Such a historic game from so many perspectives ... Jets blew a 20-7 lead to get behind in the first place.  But the real Hall of Fame moments where when the 2 biggest wasted draft picks of the new millennium, V. Gholston and Kyle Wilson each recorded an assist on a tackle as their only record-able moment in the game .. maybe the season