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  1. RIP Jose. Terrible tragedy.
  2. That's gunna happen Catman. Like the guy - but he's a goner.
  3. I think 9-5 is not out of the question though.
  4. We don't really use Tight Ends ... why should we have a FB. Less positions - less complications
  5. Tommy La Stella since coming back to the team on 8/31: 6 for 26 (2 of those 6 were bloops that I saw) - .230 RBI's - 1 Runs Scored - 2 Don't have breakdown of his fielding since the sent down to AAA tantrum - but on the year he's 4 errors on 42 chances. Looks like he'd have been better off playing the game and honing his skills in Iowa than jerking off in his batting cage in North Jersey. Hope they don't bring him into the post season.
  6. The Chicago sports radio contingent is bemoaning the hiring Fox into his 2nd Golden parachute today and are almost all wishing they'd have hired Todd Bowles (Arians as well) Stating Mope Cutler was injured in the Houston Game, re-injured last night (before he was taken out) and should have been taken out before the fumble and pick.
  7. Apparently the Fracking King and his child bride are ruling the roost. Great news for us - long as their calling the shots we can be assured of lousy football in Buffalo.
  8. at least the overstuffed ones ...
  9. Props to The Northsiders for putting together a great regular season. That said - nobody gives a white rats rear end about the Central Division Championship as it means very little other than it's punched ticket to the rest of the dance. The hard work is in front of us - lots of time to celebrate if we win some jewelry - now's not that time.
  10. Hysterical comments. Only when you're on the right side of them though ... wrong side and it's the veil of tears we would have been wearing. Like you say - better them than us.
  11. Truly? Strange because he seemed to blow tonight. But you seem to know a lot so he must not.
  12. Right - just like he did many games toward the end of last season. They are probably going to take away his prerogative and tell him to get up to the line and crack people coming out and then give him help over the top. But you can be right then. He still blows for $17MM
  13. They have to - after watching Sunday's tapes there's not an OC in the league that wont exploit this.
  14. How bout he's playing off because he no longer has the wheels or reactions to avoid getting juked out of his jock and burned.