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  1. It looks like we can take one name off the Jets’ coaching radar. The Philadelphia Eagles denied the Jets permission to interview current quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo for their vacant offensive coordinator job, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. DeFilippo’s name has been in the running for a series of positions in recent weeks after helping rookie passer Carson Wentz to a respectable first season showing. Wentz completed 62.4 percent of his pass attempts this season for 16 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. The 38 year old has experience at the coordinator position, for one season coaching Cleveland’s offense, a unit that finished with the NFL’s No. 30 overall ranking under head coach Mike Pettine. The Jets’ search continues ... Why would you want this guy anyway?
  2. U r all right Max, I don't care what Levy says about you.
  3. in
  4. Sorry, Winters sucks, he is just the best option at this time.
  5. What about a pay cut and moving him to a guard position? Would extend his playing days, its not as physical and he is a good down-field, pulling blocker, just a thought.
  6. Something like, Yes I'm angry but I won't throw the podium or anything because there could be a lawsuit. SERIOUSLY? Is this the mentality from Woody? I hate Donald Trump but if he makes Woody ambassador to the U.K. and takes him away, he will have gained a new friend. F'ING PATHETIC
  7. ******* guns, unreal.
  9. Ask Chan Gailey that question.
  10. Does he play db also? If not, I don't get it.
  11. Gronkowski not expected to play against Jets Nov 23 11/23/2016 9:47:54 AM New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is not expected to play this Sunday against the New York Jets according to Dianna Russini of ESPN. Gronk suffered a perforated lung in Week 10 and did not travel with the team last week when they flew to the West Coast to take on the the San Francisco 49ers. According to Russini, the Patriots are "prepping the offense without him." Matellus Bennett, who was underwhelming in a prime spot without Gronk in the field against ther 49ers and caught only two passes for 14 yards, will once again be asked to carry the load against the Jets.
  12. Glad I have no more road trips this season, what is wrong with Bowles? He wants one more win that badly?
  13. Its called CYA. If he has no input on game day decisions, why should he trash any players? Woody put this system into operation, he has to take full blame when it backfires.
  14. 1) Wear it all the time, anyone can wear Squealer and (er's crap, try being a Jetfan in S. Fla. 2) Fin fans, 4 in a row and everyone has that puky sh*t on now. And Cub fans, all the teens crying about how long they have waited.
  15. Then you say Im sorry and massage it for them right?