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  1. Miami, Notre Dame and FSU to name just a few. How many rings does Palmer have? EXACTLY.
  3. Go Canes. I also live in S. Fla, Boca, where might you be?
  4. Gonna be a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong season.
  5. not my talk to Judy.
  6. Judy and myself took her to New Orleans in 2001, months after 911. Went to the sh*tterdome to see the Jets beat the Aints and the Yankees lose game 7 to Arizona on the same night. My mom at the time was 76 years old, and we had to leave cause Aints fans were pelting her with ice from behind us.
  7. Makes more sense then your scenario. They didn't fire him before the draft so he wouldn't tell others of the Bills inner workings? Really? Who cares about the Jills secrets, they are worse then the Jets.
  8. U do know that Buffalo fired their GM right after the draft right? It wasn't because he got it right.
  9. St Pete has a bunch of small breweries all within walking distance of each other. cool area, and a short Uber ride to the stadium. We usually stay in Madeira Beach in a NO KIDS hotel but that's a bit far to the stadium. St Pete is a fun area.
  10. He told me his plans are on hold, might be changing jobs.
  11. Tampa area is loaded with little breweries, looking forward to another Tampa bar crawl.
  12. Haven't looked at tix yet. Brenda is looking for a house that 10 of us will rent. Should be a good time.
  13. a bunch of people from up there are planning on going so we will be there also. 4 1/2 hour drive for us, but if you r going I will brave it just for you.
  14. hope he was wearing his jersey when he did it
  15. Saw this guy many times as a Hurricane season ticket holder. He has all the skills, size, speed, good hands, decent blocker. If there is a chance I would sign him. About the TE jinx, I get it but this guy is special.