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  1. Fitz Grade = H (Hideous) Would you tell Geno Smith to be ready this week? : What you don't think he is ready every week ? He is the backup QB, he can be in the game in a heartbeat. Of course Geno needs to be ready. If Fitz is as careless with the Football in the red zone as we was on Sunday then Bowles would have to consider making a move. I like the setup" Plays just need to be a bit slower. Overal though i love this thead and look forward to it every week.
  2. was 2008 when they had like 4 guys come in the week before. Favre throws ridiculous picks, DL can't get close to QB and the Jets lose in Seattle and basically put an end to the Mangini era.
  3. Maybe it is the old curmudgeon in me but these retirement tours are just a bit too much. I don't care if is the Mets paying tribute to Chipper Jones, The Sox with Jeter and Mo or the Yanks with Ortiz. It shouldn't be done. But if every other team is doing it then they don't want to be the one that doesn't. Could you sit there and honestly watch Billy Martin pay tribute to Yaz ? Or the Sox paying tribute to Munson, Reggie or Bucky Dent ?
  4. We had this discussion the other day and the only time a rebuild has been done right (At least in my eyes) was the late 70's when the Jets drafted guys like Klecko, Marvin Powell, Wesley Walker, Lyons, Buttle and that bunch that got to the AFC Title game in 82. Idzik had the right idea in rebuilding but he was awful with the drafting those guys.
  5. I want to see what Wilson's status is for the game. It is a winnable game if the secondary gets their crap together and we get the Fitz we saw against Buffalo.
  6. The game totally sucked. It was a complete and utter disgrace. How about letting this season play out a bit before making a determination on what this team is ? This fanbase has become totally bi-polar. When they win they are great and when they lose its "Everyone Sucks, this team blows, this team is mediocre, blah blah blah blah blah. See where they are at after 6 weeks and then come back and talk to me.
  7. Why is every game a "State of the Union" address of this team. Jets win = we are great, playoffs here we come, blah blah blah Jets lose = We suck, We are mediocre, QB sucks, Coach Sucks, Everybody Sucks I just find it nuts that here it is Tuesday and people are still jumping off the ledge. Fan base is friggin nuts Does anybody here actually enjoy watching this team anymore ?
  8. Neither do I. Woody and Macc should know which one's are the good one's and which ones are going to be no better that a coordinator. Andy Reid would have been a great choice IMO when he left Philly after 2012 but Woody wanted to keep Rex. Guys like Norv, Lovie, Spagnola, Gailey Josh McDaniels do great jobs as coordinators but just are not HC's. But a guy like Reid who still wanted to coach; I would have been on the phone with a minute after he left Philly.
  9. Some are bad, and some their time in one place has passed and they move on. Unless you are the Steelers who never fire HC's or Bellichick. Andy Reid did a great job in Philly while they didn't win the Super Bowl they got their and hosted a ton of playoff games and he is doing a good job now with the Chiefs. Dungy got the Bucs to a certain level and then had to move on to Indy. Coughlin going for the Jags to the Giants. I am sure there are a few more but sometimes you have to go with an established product. Not the new guy all the time.
  10. Rebuilding for 40 years and we get what. A brief 2 year runs and then rebuild again for the next ten years ? This is why I don't even get upset anymore. I laugh at it now because no matter what this team does it always ends in disaster. HC's seem to always first year guys, QB's no matter where they are drafted with suck, or tease us. I am in full belief that I will never see this team is a Super Bowl in my lifetime. I accept it and it is what it is. Just entertain me now until October when the baseball playoffs start and hockey season begins.
  11. This team has been rebuilding for 40 years. Getting a little tired of it
  12. Still think this team can go 3-3.
  13. As great as Fitz was last week he was even worse this week. QB's are gonna throw int's I don't care how great the QB is they are gonna throw them. What you CANNOT DO UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES is have them happen in the red zone and Ftiz did it not just once but TWICE, totally taking them out of them game and then turning it into a complete sh!tshow. I would have pulled Fitz after int #4 they were not getting back into the game after that. I don't understand how Decker was not targeted once the entire first half. Maybe they had double teams on him, I don't know. On the Defense I don't understand how you continue to play off the receivers and let Alex Smith dink and dunk his was down the field time after time after time. This entire day was sh!tshow from opening kickoff to final gun.