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  1. Probably trade the pick to New England for Garopolo
  2. McCarthy needs to get on the phone with Capers and tell him to cut out the soft zone crap
  3. Wait you gave yourself rep ? Boooooooooo
  4. There you go. As soon as I compliment the QB he goes and throws a pick. I really am the kiss of death
  5. I don't think I have seen a QB get on a roll like Rodgers is on right now. Everything pass he throws right now is getting caught. This Dallas defense is not a bad defense and Rodgers is tearing it to shreds.
  6. Hey in 13 years Petty might be able to run an offense like Rodgers is right now
  7. I have been saying that for at least three years.
  8. So I guess Petty is not going to work out here ?
  9. I would try to trade down a few spots and start rebuilding the OL.
  10. Easily their best win of the year and a great way to go into their break. Love this team.
  11. Pretty much all four games were brutal to watch. Hopefully the divisional round is better.
  12. As only Steve Smith can do
  13. I think the marketing and media thing is way overblown these days. (See Peyton, Brees, Aaron Rodgers) I don't see Romo as a guy who wants to be a "brand" He has made his money, I would think at this point in his career he would want a ring. I could be wrong. I am not totally ready to go and toss Petty and or Hackenberg to the curb just yet. I would though like to see a vet in here. Just don't know if it is in the cards for the Jets in 2017.
  14. Why would Romo want to go to the Jets when he could go to Denver and compete for a Super Bowl ?