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  1. If Ryan was Winston's coach, Winston would not be the QB he is right now
  2. Game Observations (DET)

    I am finding it very possible that this offense does not score 150 points. It is that bad. The O-Line looks like crap right now. The WR's are brutal. The QB's stink, The only even average players this offense has is Forte and Powell.
  3. Mahomes also has Andy Reid as a coach. He knows a little bit about the QB position. Hack and Petty have Bowles.
  4. We can't be worse than the Jags, can we?

    The Jags with Coughlin and Marrone are in alot better shape than the Jets are with Bowles and Mikey. Heck they might even be able to fix Bortles.
  5. The NFLPA has ALWAYS caved and will again.
  6. i am sure they will be scouting the waiver wires to see if anyone shakes loose. There is always the CFL.
  7. Who did less with more-Joe Walton or Herm?

    I don't know if this still holds true but at the time no one had made a field goal from that distance at the side of the field where Brien was kicking from so yeah Herm should have pushed them closer.
  8. Easley absolutely belongs. Next to Ronnie Lott he was one of the dominant safeties of his era. (Steve Atwater being the other) I was happy to see him get the call. There are quite a number of guys (Ken Riley of the Bengals, Randy Gradishar of the Broncos, Klecko and Winston Hill who always get overlooked. As far Jayson Taylor is concerned. I thought it was a great speech. I put it up there along with Michael Irvin's speech. Then I remembered I was Jets fan and got over it.
  9. Michaels should be #2 or #3 behind Weeb and Parcells. He basically did the same thing Parcells did. Took over a disgrace of a football team and got them to within a game of the Super Bowl. Now while Parcells brought in alot "His guys", Michaels helped build his teams through the draft. (Klecko, Gastineau, Lyons, McNeil, Walker, etc) If he had been able to lay off the booze maybe the Jets never see a "Joe Walton era".
  10. A Franchise Qb to me is a QB that can get the crap beat out of him for 55 minutes on a cold December/January day, and with everything on the line in those last 5 minutes gets his teammates to believe in him as he marches them down the field for a game winner.
  11. When you add TE's and WR's to that list...probably about 50 years
  12. Probably for the next 2. I can't see this team being any good this year but if the they show promise and progress maybe in 2018 the can be mediocre. 2019, 2020 we will know if this rebuild will work. Fans are gonna have to be patient on this one
  13. You can also throw in the fact the WR's are running across with the middle with absolutely no fear anymore because DB's cannot launch themselves into these guys anymore. Guys like Ronnie Lott, John Lynch, Brian Dawkins would just waste guys who would venture over the middle of the field. If they did that now they would get fined and probably suspended.
  14. No Pain no Gain

    The problem with the AFC is that it is/was dominated by 3 first ballot HOF QB's (Manning, Roethlisberger, Brady). There have been alot of QB's that have never even had a shot in that time span that are pretty damn good. (Rivers, Dalton, Luck, etc). With Brady and Roethlisberger getting towards the end of their careers, the door may open for the next generation of QB's (Carr, Mariota, Luck) to take over the reigns. This year is already a lost cause. The Jets need to see if they have anything at all in Petty or Hackenberg and if not go out next year with the first pick and get the guy who hopefully will be good in 2020.