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  1. That article shows why Myers is a complete hack. Keyshawn basically made his career on one big game (1998 Divisonal against Jax). He was a "Look at me, Look at me" type of guy. Everyone was screaming about Abraham sitting out the 2004 playoffs so he wouldn't put his FA at risk. Revis: That one is one Woody. Complete hack job by a Giants loving Eli Sucking douche
  2. Trout Sweepstakes (Let the Speculation Begin)

    He would be a Dodger.
  3. New York Islanders

    I didnt say that they were absolutely gonna win. I do think they will win today. Game 6 will be the telling game. If the Pens let this get to a game seven then it all favors the Caps.
  4. New York Islanders

    Justin Williams The guy knows how to play from behind and I am sure he will pass on some of that LA experience to the Caps. I can't see the Presidents Trophy winner, a team that pretty much dominated the league from December on bowing out in 5 games. They may not win the series but I do expect them to win today and get this thing back to Pittsburgh. Game 6 will be the key. If the Penguins are gonna win they better take them out today, or game 6.
  5. New York Islanders

    You have to get there first
  6. 2016 Yankees Thread

    And Stump wanted Mattingly to get haircut.
  7. 2016 Yankees Thread

    Yankee Baseball at its finest 10th inning McCann walk (Gardner pinch runs_ Texiera strikeout Beltran strikeout Ackley strikeout
  8. New York Islanders

    This is a great series....heck all the series in the second round have been great Triple OT last night with Nashville evening their series up with San Jose, Pittsburgh looking to put the President's Trophy winner Washington away in what has been a very chippy series. Dallas and St. Louis is getting nasty as well. As far as the Islanders are concerned I can't root for them. Just not in my Ranger blood :). Plus you have former Rangers Ryan Callahan, Brian Boyle and Anton Stralman playing for the Lightning. I have watched maybe one qtr of the NBA Playoffs compared to about 15 games of the Stanley Cup playoffs. P.S. Tavares is the most underrated star in New York right now. One of those rare guys that can put a team on his shoulders and carry them for awhile.
  9. The giant mistake that was signing Jacoby Ellsbury

    Throw Chase Headley in there as well. Man that dude has become the Yankees version of Jayson Bay. He sucks !!!! Do they have Refsnyder playing 3rd at Scranton ?
  10. Thank you for coming folks this discussion is now over.
  11. Hackenberg Is Our Franchise QB

    Does this mean Petty is not the future ? Next year when we take another QB does he become the Franchise ? how bout the year after that ?
  12. Hackenberg Is Our Franchise QB

    Does this mean Petty is not the future ? Next year when we take another QB does he become the Franchise ? how bout the year after that ?
  13. I love this draft A++
  14. Well I am sure you could fill out a job application for the new head of scouting position. Bowles basically laid out the draft plan at the end of the season. They needed to get fast on Defense and they have so far. And if Fitz choked away the playoff spot (which Iagreewith) what did the defense do that day ? I can tell you....the basically let scrubs let Greg Salas beat them all day on 3rd and 4th downs.How boutMarshall dropping a big pass early ? I love how no one goes and trashes the Defense for the that debacle week 17. Buffalo running scrubs left and right and no one making a stop. Revis ? how much did Watkins put on him ?
  15. I would bet the Giants would have taken Tunsil if those picks had not come out.