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  1. The Jets are gonna keep all 4 QB's. Geno is gonna be the backup.
  2. His play has regressed so badly since Harbaugh left that you wonder if his career was even salvageable but now throw this on top of it. NO I am not even going to touch the political side of this but I do find it funny that the league will let Kap do this but they go and tell the Dallas Cowboys that they have to remove the sticker on their helmets honoring the slain Dallas Police Officers. Ok so i did. Sorry Max. That is the last I have to say on the subject
  3. Doesn't matter if he passed an eye test or not. Fitz is gonna be the starter. Geno will most likely be the backup unless he is dealt for like a 7th round pick
  4. Great start for both Judge and Austin. Let's not get too crazy though. For all we know they could be the next Kevin Maas, or Shane Spencer. Hopefully not though.
  5. Gary Sanchez showing off his state of the art laser beam of an arm behind the plate
  6. He is another weapon. I don't care where he is just utilize him.
  7. If the Jets go 3-3 the first 6 weeks I like their chances. I don't think anyone (including the Pats) will be better than 4-2 after 6 games. I don't care which three they win. Just win them.
  8. Hopefully the kid pans out. He is probably a 2018, 2019 kid
  9. According to Buster Olney 4 teams are talking to the Yanks about Beltran Houston Boston Cleveland Texas
  10. And if he can move Gardner and Nova as well then he gets an A++ Alot of talk going on that McCann could be headed back to the Braves as well. You can start seeing the replenishing of the the Farm System. Hopefully Bird will be back next year to take Tex's spot, Judge takes Beltran's spot and Sanchez takes McCann's spot.
  11. Just glad it is finally over. Now go win some football games.