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  1. shawn306 added a post in a topic The only solution to salvage this season is to trade for a QB.   

    Barkley will cut before Tebow does.
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  2. shawn306 added a post in a topic Tebow still sucks.   

    the only thing more insufferable that the Tebowtwats are about 99 percent of Patriots fans.
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  3. shawn306 added a post in a topic Your First Jets Game   

    1974 as an 8 year old against the Oilers. They lost on their way to a 1-6 start only to somehow turn it around and finish the year 7-7
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  4. shawn306 added a post in a topic Stupid Jet tricks   

    Lupica is a Fuc*tard and should just move to Boston
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  5. shawn306 added a post in a topic Taking My Son To His First Jets Game Is Tonight   

    Are you really SURE you want to do this.
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  6. shawn306 added a post in a topic The courtroom sketch of Tom Brady is hilarious.   

    Pats fans show their true class (Zero) yet again

    Tom Brady sketch artist claims she’s the victim of ‘cyber-bullying’ from Patriots fans BY DANIEL POPPER    NEW YORK DAILY NEWS   Thursday, August 13, 2015, 12:39 PM A   A   A   31       113                   9                     SHARE THIS URL JEFFERSON SIEGEL/NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Courtroom sketch artist Jane Rosenberg says on ‘The Dan Patrick Show’ Thursday that she’s been cyber-bullied by Patriots fans for her sketch of Tom Brady. What started as innocent fun regarding the infamous Tom Brady courtroom sketch has apparently turned ugly.
    Jane Rosenberg, a courtroom artist of 35 years whose less-than-flattering depiction of Brady drew criticism and memes Wednesday on social media, appeared on “The Dan Patrick Show” Thursday morning and claimed to have received "a zillion nasty emails from fans," which she characterized as "hateful" and "cyber-bullying," according to tweets from Paul Pabst, one of the show's executive producers.
    VIEW GALLERYUnflattering or fair? Celebrity courtroom sketches  
    Rosenberg told the Daily News on Wednesday that the sketch was intended to be a "wide shot" of the federal courtroom where Brady and the NFL were facing off in a DeflateGate hearing. Commissioner Roger Goodell was also included in the sketch.
    By Wednesday afternoon, though, Rosenberg was apologizing for her drawing.
    "Tell Tom Brady I'm sorry," Rosenberg said. "He's a very good-looking man. I apologize. If I had more time, I would have made him more handsome."
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  7. shawn306 added a post in a topic The courtroom sketch of Tom Brady is hilarious.   

    Satan's spawn 
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  8. shawn306 added a post in a topic Milliner out 6-8 weeks (MERGED)   

    Milliner apologists ? Is there such a thing ?
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  9. shawn306 added a post in a topic A few positves about our QB (who I hate)   

    I am not a big Geno fan by any means. Missing that Saturday night meeting before the SD was pretty much all I needed to know about Geno's maturity level and his dedication to his craft.
    The great QB's eat, sleep. breathe the position. Right now Geno does not.
    I hope he steps up this year but I am not counting it. Hopefully if he does start going the drain that Bowles will not wait to make a switch over to Fitzpatrick. 
    Petty in 2016
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  10. shawn306 added a post in a topic Happy Birthday Tom Brady!   


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  11. shawn306 added a post in a topic RIP Roddy Piper   

    First the American Dream and now the Hot Rod. Very Sad
    Most folks remember him for the coconut on Jimmy Snuka but his matches with Greg Valentine in the Carolinas were classics.
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  12. shawn306 added a post in a topic EDIT: NO TRADE! says Sandy Alderson.... UPDATE: Gomez traded to Houston   

    I am not a Mets fan but I really just have to shake my head, wonder what the hell the disconnect is with Alderson and Collins in that Collins isn't even in the loop that something like this is potentially going down.
    The Mets have what is probably going to be a very special starting rotation for years to come and the fact that they can't, won't, don't build around the rotation is not only hurting them now but it could in the future.
    If things don't go well this weekend against the Nats it could get real ugly.
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  13. shawn306 added a post in a topic hires another banner plane (MERGED)   

    You know what 
    F New England and their fans
    They got a year's worth of chuckles out of the butt fumble.
    They continue to swear on a stack of bibles that their beloved Pats have never ever done anything against the rules.
    I cannot wait watch the Jets go up to that sh!thole and kick the holy hell out of Pastericks
    ****************************************************************************************** forever 
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  14. shawn306 added a post in a topic It's Here!   

    Yup 2014 is officially behind us now.
    If either Geno or Fitz steps up this could be a playoff team.
    I would not discount Buffalo in any way. They are basically in the same boat that we are. Alot of talent but someone has to step up at QB.
    Miami could be very good as well.
    AFC East could be the most interesting division in the entire NFL this year.
    How will the Pats do with Brady gone for 4 games ? If he gets the injunction how will the Pats handle knowing that he could be gone later in the season if the suspension is still upheld ? 
    Can Rex get the Bills to the post season ? The Bills are a team that has not seen the post season since the Music City Miracle, nearly 16 years ago. Very good defense, Weapons on offense. What does he do with Manuel or Cassel at QB. If the Bills get to the post season will be looked at as a savior.
    The Jets are in the same boat as Buffalo. Improved WR corp, maybe one of the best defenses in the league, and a coach who hopefully will hold the players accountable.
    Can Miami get even more from the QB this year and what impact will Suh have on their defense.
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  15. shawn306 added a post in a topic Breaking: NFL upholds Tom Brady's 4-game suspension.   

    And this surprises you ?
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