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  1. The NBA as a whole is pretty much unwatchable at this point. Nothing but a 3 fest and you cannot play any kind of physical defense.
  2. Well I don't feel so bad now after watching Washington lose AGAIN in the second round. Talk about torturing a fanbase. The Caps will NEVER get out of the second round. Gonna root for Nashville now. Their fanbase cracks me up with all their chants.
  3. I won't argue it. Hank was not the Lundqvist that we know and love but there is virtually no chance the Rangers will ever move him. This group (Lundqvist, Staal, Girardi, Stepan) will most likely join the great Rangers teams of the early 70's as being a really really good team that just couldn't get over the hump. I can see all of them getting moved (except Lundqvist) next year, along with Nash, and Kevin Klein. It will be interesting to see what happens in the expansion draft. I expect Raanta will be be selected , possibly even Fast. Krieder to me is going to the most interesting. Last night was Kreider's career in a nutshell. He played in a fog for most of the post season but in the 3rd period last night he looked like the best player in the NHL. I don't know if the Rangers should trade him or try and find a center that can get the best out of him. I don't think they would have beaten the Caps or the Pens in the next series but man this is probably the worst playoff series loss that I can remember in a really really long time.
  4. Not looking good right now
  5. I think it has been a bit of both. Lundqvist has not been the Lundqvist that we saw against Montreal.but three times now in the playoffs the Rangers have given up the game tying goal with the goalie pulled and they have lost all three games. So to me something is not getting through to the players in how to defend that and it seem like each time is has happened Staal and Holden have been on the ice. Being down 3-2 doesn't really bother me though. They were down 3-2 against Ottawa in 2012 came back, 3-2 to the Caps in 2013 and came back. 3-1 to the Penguins; came back in 2014, 3-1 to the Caps in 2015 and came back. So this is not uncharted territory for the Rangers. I expect them to win tonight. Now Thursday.....that is a different story. They have had the Senators dead to right in game 2 and game 5 and let them off the mat and basically steal those games. There is no room for error now. EVERYONE needs to step up. As far as Pittsburgh and Washington go. I hope they go about 4 or 5 OT's tommorow night and beat each other to death. Pittsburgh made a big mistake letting the Caps off the mat.
  6. I had that thought too but the played great defensive games in games 3 and 4 that in reality Lundqvist was tested minimally at best. Gotta give AV props for putting Glass not only back in the lineup but puts him out there with Stepan and Nash to start the game. Glass goes out hits the crap out of that little French guy in front of the Ottawa bench and the tone for game 4 was set right there. Boy if the Rangers can ever get Krieder and Miller going. Just up there tommorow, kick Ottawa's ass again and finish this thing off in game 6
  7. That was the Rangers team I know and love. Great Effort tonight. Zibanejad played his best game as a Ranger. They still need to win though on Thursday. Get this thing even and let's go from there.
  8. 4th round they will go.
  9. The Jets are not getting a 2nd round pick for Richardson. If some offers a third they should say thank you and take it
  10. When you are as talent starved as the Jets are you do not reach at 6. You take a guy who you know will contribute and be a foundation guy from day 1. Adams was rated as the second best player on many boards. This was a no brainer
  11. Would that be DNG ?
  12. Game is at 7:00pm so there is a good chance the pick comes in between the second and third period
  13. Not even a Question. Rangers.....I'll jump over to draft during the intermissions.