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  1. You might as well bring back Sanchez then I would rather wait, build the O-Line and then get the QB.
  2. Who he basically developed. It is about time that the Jets get an offensive minded guy to be the leader of this franchise. Something that has not happened since Coslet back in 1990. (Kotite does not count). We can't have guys like Bowles or Rex that have basically divorced themselves from the offense. Now that doesn't mean I want Bowles calling offensive plays, but at least have a clue to what they are doing and have a feel for the game.
  3. There is no telling what Bo Jackson could have done in the NFL if he concentrated simply on football. He was unreal.
  4. Well considering the fact that the last offensive minded head coach we hired was Coslet back in friggin 1990. I can see why.
  5. Pray that Green Bay fires Mike McCarthy.
  6. Tackled beter than Revis and Skrine
  7. Bench everybody. Just go out and start the 2nd stringers. At least they will put in an effort
  8. Oh look another pick
  9. Dammit why am I subjecting my self to this sh!t
  10. Holy crap !!!! Revis hit somebody
  11. Cause if you put Skrine on him he would have been 10 yards open instead of 5 ?
  12. Ray Lucas will be must watch tv on the post game
  13. Back in 1988 the Jets are on MNF and are getting killed by Buffalo. They gave away painters hats that night. about midway through the third qtr you started seeing fires in the upper deck as fans were gathering the hats and setting them on fire. This game has that feel