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  1. Just glad it is finally over. Now go win some football games.
  2. and all is right in Jets land
  3. Nothing more needs to be said. Time to get to work
  4. What is it Pats fans like to say ? if you ain't cheatin you ain't tryin.
  5. Best leader at the QB position we have had since Joe Willie. Not even debatable
  6. The Jets are not gonna crumble. The only way Fitz gets any leverage back is if some QB goes down for season during the pre-season.
  7. Both Pats games and the Colts game. You can probably throw the Ravens in there as well since the Jets never do well against them.
  8. Best news here in over 7 months..... Best part of it. NO LEAKS !!!!!! no nothing !!!! Just get the deal done behind the scenes the way it should be done. Bravo McCaggs
  9. while the Patriots took the top spot Stopped reading at that point
  10. it was great to see one of the smaller conferences win. Every night though is party night down there.
  11. I am soooooo sick of this. Either sign Fitz or let me move on to the hockey season.
  12. Funny I wouldn't give one f*ck about the Pats, Sox or the city of Boston.
  13. You forgot choice number 3 Don't care
  14. Isn't it like that with any Jets QB the past 10 years ?