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  1. Leonard Williams basically fell into their laps. So unless you trade down you had to take him. The Jets had a need to be quicker at LB. Pace and Davis were not able to cover anyone. Given time Lee should be that kind of guy. They have replenished the WR position for the future. What they really need to start looking at now at is OL. They put a band aid on left tackle with Clady now they have to really start looking at a major overhaul of the entire O-Line. QB ? Well duh of course... TE: Also a must The next 2 years should be spent on getting this offense up to speed. Build your Oline, find a QB, TE and a RB.
  2. I wish Rappaport would make up his damn mind. Either he did or didn't. What the hell ?
  3. Ban it, or at least have just one thread only for this. It is really getting old and is taking the fun away from this board. We don't need 50 threads on why Fitz sucks and 50 threads on why Geno sucks with every other thread on this board turning into a Geno vs Fitz bashing session. We get it. Fitz Sucks, Geno Sucks, everbody sucks. Just don't want the board to suck.
  4. Dumbest fanbase in the NFL strikes again. The Jets actually win a game and the two hottest threads right now are one bashing Geno and one bashing Fitz. Embarassing.
  5. How exactly is Geno going to hit a deep ball when guys like Anderson and Peake can't get open ? Look I am not the biggest Geno Smith fan in the world but I don't see the Oline getting any better and without a running game and a healthy Decker I can't see the Jets winning this Sunday. I just want Geno to go out and play a smart game. If they lose so be it.
  6. This game should have been 5-1 Rangers in the first period. That is how good Jimmy Howard was for the Red Wings in goal.
  7. Pennington, Clemens Sanchez, Tebow, Fitz, Geno The more things change the more they stay the same
  8. 1) The games have been awful. (Sunday, Monday, Thursday Nights) 2) Other places to watch games now other than TV. 3) Bad officiating 4) Presidential Election 5) Too much offense. (The NFL is looking like the Arena League now) 6) Tom Brady
  9. Jets beat browns next week and lose the rest
  10. Flacco won't need to practice. This is basically a bye week for the Ravens
  11. You just hope that he can do that for the entire season. If he plays like that the Rangers become a very dangerous team. It also is good to see Staal playing well. I love the youth of this team. Krieder, Miller, Vesey, Skjei, Zibanejad. If Hayes gets back to his 2015 form and Lindberg steps up. Oh Baby !!!!
  12. Idzik was probably in the midst of doing it in 2013. The only issue was he was absolutely clueless when it came to drafting players. We would probably be in alot better shape had they drafted better in 2014 than they did.
  13. I don't disagree with this. Herm, Mangini, Rex,Bowles are or were first year head coaches, and all hired by Woody. So I can see where this is coming from. I would be making calls to guys like Billick, Shanahan, Coughlin, Gruden, Cowher and see what it would take to get them on board.