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  1. You can also throw in the fact the WR's are running across with the middle with absolutely no fear anymore because DB's cannot launch themselves into these guys anymore. Guys like Ronnie Lott, John Lynch, Brian Dawkins would just waste guys who would venture over the middle of the field. If they did that now they would get fined and probably suspended.
  2. The problem with the AFC is that it is/was dominated by 3 first ballot HOF QB's (Manning, Roethlisberger, Brady). There have been alot of QB's that have never even had a shot in that time span that are pretty damn good. (Rivers, Dalton, Luck, etc). With Brady and Roethlisberger getting towards the end of their careers, the door may open for the next generation of QB's (Carr, Mariota, Luck) to take over the reigns. This year is already a lost cause. The Jets need to see if they have anything at all in Petty or Hackenberg and if not go out next year with the first pick and get the guy who hopefully will be good in 2020.
  3. We don't know if it is going to be built the right way. We went through this in 88 and 89 when the leftovers from the Michaels/ Walton era were cleaned out for the Hasty's, Erik McMillian's, Dennis Byrd, Rob Moore etc. That didn't work. When they left the brought in Kottite/ Parcells. That should have worked but it didn't. Mangini rebuilds again in 2006, Rex takes over, still nothing and now those left from those years are now gone as well. I hope they get it right this time. I really do, but in all honesty I can't blame the dude for giving them up.
  4. This has the potential to be one of the if the THE worst team in the history of the franchise and that is saying alot. If this team scores 150 points this year I would be stunned.
  5. Flexibility ? Mac barely has a team.
  6. Yet despite the purge there will be people here who will tell us that Petty and Hackenberg suck. I would love to know how this QB is gonna have any kind of success without any WR's and a bad O-Line ? In typical Jets fashion you just know that Darnold will blow out a knee this year at USC.
  7. Sheesh. This team may not win a game this year. who the hell is the qb gonna throw to ?
  8. Yup..... I am amazed at how people have already tossed Petty aside based on what, a 5-6 game audition ? That team was such a train wreck last year there was no way alot of good,established QB's would have had alot of issues getting anything out of them. Petty probably had more bad moments than good in 2016 but in no way shape or form should he just be tossed aside. I know this team is not be gonna be good probably for next 2 to 3 years so let the kids play and let the coaching staff figure out who wants to play football and who wants to be a brand.
  9. At this point I would take signs of being adequate.
  10. Doesn't matter even if the Jets "Sucked for Sam" and actually got to draft him, Sam would suck or get hurt.
  11. Pennington had his moments just like just about every other Jets QB, and just like every other Jets QB he could not sustain it. Nothing new here
  12. The NBA as a whole is pretty much unwatchable at this point. Nothing but a 3 fest and you cannot play any kind of physical defense.
  13. Well I don't feel so bad now after watching Washington lose AGAIN in the second round. Talk about torturing a fanbase. The Caps will NEVER get out of the second round. Gonna root for Nashville now. Their fanbase cracks me up with all their chants.
  14. I won't argue it. Hank was not the Lundqvist that we know and love but there is virtually no chance the Rangers will ever move him. This group (Lundqvist, Staal, Girardi, Stepan) will most likely join the great Rangers teams of the early 70's as being a really really good team that just couldn't get over the hump. I can see all of them getting moved (except Lundqvist) next year, along with Nash, and Kevin Klein. It will be interesting to see what happens in the expansion draft. I expect Raanta will be be selected , possibly even Fast. Krieder to me is going to the most interesting. Last night was Kreider's career in a nutshell. He played in a fog for most of the post season but in the 3rd period last night he looked like the best player in the NHL. I don't know if the Rangers should trade him or try and find a center that can get the best out of him. I don't think they would have beaten the Caps or the Pens in the next series but man this is probably the worst playoff series loss that I can remember in a really really long time.
  15. Not looking good right now