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  1. shawn306 added a post in a topic Who will our REAL Qb be and where will we find him???   

    Wait for Brady, Manning and Roethlisberger to retire.
    Really that is what it comes down to. Since 2001 only Rich Gannon and Joe Flacco have been able to break this holy trinity of QB's. I don't think alot of people realize that some really good QB like Phillip Rivers, Andy Dalton, Andrew Luck, Steve McNair and probably a couple others have not been able to break through because of them.
    The odds of getting a QB like those three is pretty rare. You draft a QB, hope he becomes one of them but build a team around him so that if your QB turns out to be a Flacco, or a Rivers you have shot.
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  2. shawn306 added a post in a topic The Meltdown of '15   

    How bout letting the season play out before we go and start ranking meltdowns
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  3. shawn306 added a post in a topic Sam Bradford   

    Look i don't think Fitz has had a great stretch but to think that someone like Bradford, or Geno are going to make a diffrence is just foolish. Right now guys like Rivers, Eli, Flacco, Dalton or Romo would have a tough time QB backing with the way this team is playing.
    If this team played with the guts and determination that Fitz plays with they would be alot better than 5-5.
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  4. shawn306 added a post in a topic Start Geno   

    Can we also get some tackles that can block ?
    WR's that can catch the ball ?
    A defensive line that can get to the QB ?
    A linebacker that can acutally do something other that have his thumb up @ss everytime a RB blows by him ?
    A TE period ?
    CB's that aren't sitting on their laurels and counting their money. ?
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  5. shawn306 added a post in a topic Sam Bradford   

    This might very well be the greatest post ever.
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  6. shawn306 added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    Here is the upcoming week for you
    The coach isn't getting fired
    The QB isn't going to changed
    The only person who will be benched is Devin Smith
    There it need to argue or complain. Go enjoy Thanksgiving and see you Sunday for Miami
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  7. shawn306 added a post in a topic Colin Kaepernick to IR, ends his season, likely time with 49ers   

    I would absolutely take a flier on him.
    Here is the thing though. With all these read option, spread offense type QB's You have to be willing to take the time to develop him into a QB where his first instinct is not to take off and run.
    It took guys like Randall Cunningham and Michael Vick quite awhile to make the conversion, I think the same thing could happen with a guy like Kapernick. 
    I just don't know if a team or a fanbase would have that kind of patience.
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  8. shawn306 added a post in a topic Next up? The Houston Texans   

    I have no idea what we are going to get from the Jets defensively.
    Two weeks ago I would have bet the ranch that they would smack Jacksonville around silly. Didn't turn out that way.
    Everything on this team is up and down. Good for periods, bad for others and in the case of the Oakalnd game REALLY, REALLY BAD.
    Most games are won or lost on the LOS...the Jets have lost that battle the last couple of weeks (although I do believe they won it against Buffalo)
    The NFL is very strange this year. A couple of weeks ago the Chiefs were dead and buried after losing Charles. They go out and win three in a row and they are right back in the hunt. The Texans are in it. Buffalo, Miami...all considered dead a few weeks ago, now back it in it.
    The Jets need a good performance in all areas this weekend just to get out of this funk. 
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  9. shawn306 added a post in a topic Gary Meyers Daily News says 1 NY team will make the playoffs   

    Redskins, Jets, Dolphins, Panthers Vikings, Eagles to finish the year for Giants.
    Giants don't win a game the rest of the year.
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  10. shawn306 added a post in a topic ### Jets \ Bills --- The Official Game Thread ###   

    That's my defense !!!!
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  11. shawn306 added a post in a topic ### Jets \ Bills --- The Official Game Thread ###   

    Bang now it's a game
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  12. shawn306 added a post in a topic We Have Not Beaten a Winning or .500 team   

    Nobody was feeling sorry for us last year when we had to play Rogers, Cutler, Stafford, Rivers, Manning and Brady on successive weeks. When I checked after that stretch the Jets were 1-7. There was no special bonuses for who you played.
    Are we a Super Bowl contender ? No way
    Are we a playoff team ? Maybe
    Are we better than last year ? Absolutely !!!!
    I am enjoying this season so far. The last four years have been very tough to watch at times.
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  13. shawn306 added a post in a topic the Vegas line on the Jags game   

    When was the last time the Jets were -7.5 on anybody ?
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  14. shawn306 added a post in a topic BREAKING: NFL Releases Mandatory Post-Game Complaint Form for Patriots Opponents   

    I always thought Dolphins fans and Giants fans were the worst. The Pats fans this year have completely blown them out of the water.
    I really REAAAAALLLLLLY this quote Tom Brady FU tour unquote ends with a complete thud
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  15. shawn306 added a post in a topic New York Rangers 2015-2016 Season.   

    When did Vigneault start going Mike Keenan on everybody ? Boy this guy is reallly pushing them and calling them out early.
    Nice win over the Caps last night, Still dont think they played a complete game yet this year though
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