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  1. shawn306 added a post in a topic A few things that are really pissing me off....   

    The Jets still have a long way to go. I love the idea of Fitz or Geno being able to throw to Marshall, Decker, Smith, Kerley, Owusu, and Enuwa. Ivory running the ball and a complete defense (DL, LB, Secondary).
    The circus is outta town and has been replaced by a group more interested in winning football games then generating back page headlines.
    For the first time in almost 4 years I am enjoying going out and watching this team play.
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  2. shawn306 added a post in a topic AFC Standings heading into the bye   

    Yup..That Oakland game is not a gimme. The Jets will need to bring their A game for that one and I wouldn't sleep on Washington yet.
    Just keep game at a time.
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  3. shawn306 added a post in a topic QB   

    End of discussion.
    Could not have said it better
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  4. shawn306 added a post in a topic It's time for a change   

    Fitz is what he is. A hold the fort guy until Petty is ready. Unless Fitz gets hurt, Geno Smith has taken his last snap as the QB of the New York Jets
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  5. shawn306 added a post in a topic Cops charge Cromartie's wife.   

    She gets pulled over for being on a cell phone while driving and having tinted windows.
    So how did the cops see her on her cell phone thru the tinted windows ?
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  6. shawn306 added a post in a topic Packers O   

    And to think we traded our 1st round pick that year for Doug Jolley.
    Oh what might have been
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  7. shawn306 added a post in a topic After the dust settled   

    Nothing is a given in this league. Miami appears to be in shambles the same way the Eagles were last week. The Redskins for all their dysfunction can still run the football.
    Just take it a week at a time and let's see where we are at at the end of the year.
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  8. shawn306 added a post in a topic This forum is terrible..   

    This board would find a reason to bench Aaron Rodgers
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  9. shawn306 added a post in a topic Stay Classy Miami.   

    This knucklehead has a show on WQAM in Miami.
    Gonna love hearing her talk here way out of this one
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  10. shawn306 added a post in a topic Most of you guys are blaming the wrong people!   

    Wait didn't you hear. It is all Fitz fault. 
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  11. shawn306 added a post in a topic fitz apologists   

    Well I guess we agree to disagree on this for now.
    Geno showed me all I needed to see when he skipped the Saturday team meeting in San Diego last year.
    He isn't and will never be the answer IMHO.
    Fitz holds the fort this year and maybe we see where Petty is at for 2016.
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  12. shawn306 added a post in a topic fitz apologists   

    Absolutely. Fitz was part of the problem. Doesn't mean you go and throw Geno in there.
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  13. shawn306 added a post in a topic fitz apologists   

    Actually ALOT of QB's down 24 are gonna have a hard time coming back.
    I'm not apologizing for Fitz in any way shape or form. That is just the way I see it.
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  14. shawn306 added a post in a topic It's time for a change   

    I agree. We should go sign Vinny
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  15. shawn306 added a post in a topic Let's be realistic...   

    Great post.....I really am tired of the imbecilic nature that makes this board unreadable after wins and losses.
    I agree with alot of what was written. Couple of thoughts.
    1 ) This was the first time to me this season that the OL did not hold up its end of the bargain. Fitz pretty much the first two games played in a pressure free pocket and Ivory was able to run the ball. Once the Eagles got up 24-0 their D-Line was basically able to pin its ears back and get after him, which they did a big way.
    2) Mistakes, Mistakes, Mistakes. Five missed tackles on the Sproles punt return, Marshall with a brain fart, bad challenge again by Bowles. All contributed to the L
    3) Hey give the Eagles some credit. They were able to seal the Jets DL and LB allowing Matthews to break outside on a number of runs. They kept Bradford protected and they made some plays on defense. Sproles is such a good player. I really was hoping that the Jets would make a push for him when he went on the market a few years ago. The guy flat out makes plays.
    4) Defense. Very spotty in the first half with the missed tackles and lack of pressure on Bradford. They shut them down though in the second half limiting them to I think under a 100 yards to total the second half.
    One more thing for the knucklehads who have polluted this board the last 12 hours with all this Fitz sucks, start Geno crap. I can pretty much guarantee you that no one is going undefeated this season, except maybe New England. The Jets lost. Big deal, they are probably going to lose 5,6 maybe even 7 more times this year. Hopefully the Jets turn the page and go get ready for Miami
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