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  1. I am as well It might take a few years to develop but what I saw against Alabama this year and from some of the stuff I have read about him and his work with Habitat for Humanity and his upbringing makes me feel alot better about drafting him at 6 with the hopes that he can develop into a QB like Russell Wilson. Not saying he is gonna be Russell Wilson mind you but if he is there at 6 I would seriously take a long hard look at him.
  2. I have accepted it that I will most likely never see the Jets in the Super Bowl
  3. Yankees Rangers Jets I guess I am still a Knicks fan even though I probably haven't watched a full game in over 10 years. NBA as a whole has become unwatchable to me. Didn't even watch the NBA finals
  4. For the life of me I don't remember that ? Maybe there are some clips of the game in 1977 Jets or Colts highlight film ?
  5. This team is sooooooooo far away right now it isn't even funny. In over 40 years of being a fan I don't think I have ever been so down on this team. It just flat out sucks right now.
  6. 3RD AND 1 and you try to throw the football ? Guess that is today's NFL and it cost the Falcons a Super Bowl
  7. All time gag job
  8. Ok so if the jets are able draft Watson somehow, how long do you give him to develop ?
  9. I soooooo disagree with this. Ryan would have been run out of town for not winning any playoff games on the road. There were alot folks here laughing at Matt Ryan when the Jets went down there with Geno Smith and beat the Falcons. He finally had his break through this year and will most llikely be the MVP of the league in what his 7th, 8th year in the league ? I don't think Jets fans would have put up with waiting that long.
  10. Yup. They were saying on the broadcast that it took Ryan just about all of 2015 just to get comfortable with the terminology of the playbook and that he worrying more about getting the call right then making the throw. (Now you know that wouldn't play here. LOL I think somone in this thread stated that the Atlanta defense was a bad defense. Well if they are then I sure as would like to see what a good defense is. They shutdown the hottest QB in the game and tore apart another in Russell Wilson. Now comes probably the ultimate test. It is going to be interesting to see what they come up with for the Super Bowl.
  11. What they have like 4 rookies starting on Defense along with 3 second year players ? That my friends is doing a great job drafting and scouting.
  12. Yup For as good as the baseball playoffs were this past year and how good the Stanley Cup playoffs usually are, the NFL playoffs and basically the entire season has been a snoozefest.
  13. Jim Kelly, Steve Young, Walker, Doug Flutie, Reggie White...a lot of guys got their start in the USFL
  14. I was a season ticket holder in 1985. I will always believe that if they had stayed in the Spring they would have lasted a lot longer than they did.