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    16 year old Girls
  1. Finally you said something funny...
  2. Williams Released

    He had 2 picks last year 2015 was his big year he had 6..
  3. But Grampa was..
  4. PFF on Mo Wilk vs Jax...yikes

    I wonder where Gato is he had him on the fast track to the HOF and a better career then Klecko??
  5. Pats had three 6th rd picks that year Brady was the 2nd 6th rd pick the first was Antwan Harris a DB..
  6. I remember years ago when went went to a relatives house for thanksgiving.. There were 2 simple rules no political or religious discussions just eat drink and enjoy the games.. I wish that was still the case..
  7. There's a HUGE difference...

    For grins I went on Fin haven after the game and except for the teal and blue it sounded just like here..
  8. Jet Coaches and their QB's

    I was talking the whole season however since your talking post season in the bowl he did have 43 yds on 13 carries which was much better then the 14 yds on 13 carries he had for the Jets in 1998 AFCCG..
  9. Jet Coaches and their QB's

    In 1996 when the Pats made the Bowl Curtis was outrushed by Murrell on the 1-15 Jets.. Martin avg 3.6 ypc a bit better then his 3.5 in 1998..
  10. Not if your Chaddy cakes if the O scores no points you blame the kicker..
  11. Predict our next coach

    The Tuna left the AFC Champion Pats for the 1-15 Jets so yeah it happens..
  12. Hurricane Irma - Part Two

    LOL I'm back home I can't afford to stay with the horses..
  13. Hurricane Irma - Part Two

    Ahh nice to be back Naples took a hard shot trees down.flooding no power etc My nieces horses and other animals all came through safe.. But since all the fences on 6 acres got knocked down we have the horses 2 blocks away at stables that are like the Ritz Hilton, we may have to drug them to bring the back in a month or so after repairs are done.. The massive stable even had a indoor shower if they feel sticky.. So far no massage therapist for them but you cant have everything.. I'm ready for some crap Jet football so lets go Jets..