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    16 year old Girls
  1. Game Observations (DET)

    Aaron Rodgers didn't look like himself immediately he didn't start till his 4th year.. I agree very few look great at first although Marino was dam good as soon as they let him start in his first year..
  2. Game Observations (DET)

    Monkey say monkey true..
  3. NJ named a town after him Hackensack..
  4. Happy birthday, Maxman

    I have Jet jerseys older then you..
  5. Happy birthday, Maxman

    Happy Birthday Phil
  6. Raiders have used a 1st on both a kicker and punter..
  7. You would have been a great inquisitor..
  8. This is 1977

    With all that masturbation at least you know what's cumming..
  9. Quincy enunwa out for season with neck injury

    If they follow the alphabet R..
  10. How many years did Gale Sayers play at a high level?? 5 and only 2 1,000 yd + seasons but if you saw him play you knew he was great...
  11. On the bright side your still pretty explosive..
  12. +1 it should go away like the college all stars against the Pro Champions team (1934-1976) and your right the Pro Bowl is a waste of time..
  13. KRL Camp Notes (8/3/17)

    True but in Spanish it means with..