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    16 year old Girls
  1. That's because all fans think they are the only smart make believe GM's on the planet.. I remember in 1965 some fans were pissed at taking Namath with the 1st pick because his knee's were shot and he wouldn't last 3 years not being able to run like he did in college.. Four of our 1st 7 picks that year were QB's including the Heisman winner John Huarte with the 2nd rd pick..
  2. In 2009 he had the number 1 D.. And the 17th ranked O thanks mainly to the rushing game..
  3. Soothsayer Maximus
  4. BP changes jobs more often then a Hunts point hooker..
  5. BP is doing Tampa instead of Miami so I guess I'm going to Tampa this year it's around the same miles from Naples that Miami is..
  6. Yes but ASJ could outdrink all of them..
  7. Biggest Liar in the 2017 Draft....Maxman..
  8. No but you could make a monkey out of him..
  9. Maybe the OJ means Only Jets would draft him at 6??
  10. Hell a gay women wouldn't even need any armor whose going to try and hurt her?? Unless of course he's a radical you know what..
  11. Maybe they are letting women in combat now because they feel no real man would shoot back at them..
  12. That would be the Falcons..
  13. Come on Jiff that's your reaction to whoever punches you..
  14. In true Patriot fashion he cheated the state out of serving a life sentence..