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  1. Good enough for me. #5 jersey is geting ordered!
  2. One mini camp and Mahomes is already getting people fired.
  3. I've been onboard since they drafted him.
  4. He had 4 sacks in 15 games his rookie year which comes to a 0.266 sack per game average. He had 2.5 sacks in 11 games his second season which comes to 0.227 sack per game average. Is that 8 pounds really that big of a deal? We're talking about a difference of 0.039 sack per game 3.632 vs 4.256 over a 16 game stretch or basically HALF a sack. Eat the lasagna Lorenzo.
  5. Shamarko? Was that name a result of drunken Scrabble?
  6. You wanted to know how a line can improve dramatically in a year. Those inexperienced underclassmen became experienced upperclassmen.
  7. In 2014 Penn St had FOUR (3 when Dieffenbach returned from injury later in the year) first year starters on the O-line including converted defensive players. In 2015 Penn St lost it's top two linemen, Dieffenbach and Smith, and had a couple red shirt players getting their feet wet with playing time. In 2016 Penn St hired a new o-line coach and ALL those first year starters have now been together for a few seasons and were poised to breakout as upperclassmen. It's kind of crazy how much a kid can improve from freshman to junior/senior years. So the growing pains suffered through the Hack years led to the Rose Bowl year.
  8. Do you know what I mean?
  9. Josh McCown has a weaker arm. He can't push the ball 25 yards down field. Penny's arm was strong enough before the shoulder injuries.
  10. I can honestly say that I wanted Carr, but had zero interest in the others... including Geno.
  11. Thanks for doing the work. That was a fun read!
  12. Maybe it's like the 1999 "Lead" Standard: 1-Tim Couch (bust) 2-Don McNabb (good career) 3-Akili Smith (bust) 11-Daunte Culpepper (ok career) 12-=Cade McNown (bust)
  13. Guaranteed audible to run right at him.