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  1. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    UGA stuffed them pretty good. Other than that, they've been dropping almost 400 rushing yards on everyone.
  2. Offenses Changing Due To The Spread

    I'd rather be ahead of the curve. Let's line up and smash mouth like the 80's baby! You know it's going to revert back to that once all the defenses are tiny and fast to stop the spreads.
  3. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    They're there to see the Irish o-line.
  4. Tankers will love this Mock

    I don't like the Jets drafting Hack's backup with a top ten pick. Keep Petty and draft a pass rusher.
  5. Adams call vs. Gronk

    He doesn't even touch Gronk when the ball is in the air. Meanwhile, Gronk is mugging him.
  6. Blandino and Pereria weigh in

    There’s no video evidence either way so the call stands. End of argument.
  7. Blandino and Pereria weigh in

    It's obvious he lost possession, but kind of cloudy as to if he regained in time. IMO it looks like he regained. Fact is, it has to be undisputed proof to reverse a call. Call on the field should have stood.
  8. The greatest coach ever burned a TO to save a five yard too many men penalty.
  9. Blandino and Pereria weigh in

    That's right. It puts us up three scores. Instead they gift them with a phantom 30 yard pi that puts them on the one with all the momentum.
  10. That and a sneeze can strip the ball from Anderson’s weak hands.
  11. You must really hate Petty to call for him to play. Egg shells break easily on a football field... ask Powell.
  12. True, but they gave them momentum. Jets were about to go up 3 scores, instead they pick up the helmet to helmet flag and give them 30 yards on the bs PI call making it a one score game. You have to see how that changed the game.
  13. Damn Cadet was all alone 20 yards downfield
  14. Evaluating a draft pick is a marathon not a sprint. Watson looks good now, but so did Browning Nagle.