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  1. Great Job NFL Network/Direct TV rant

    There was a replay at 11 pm Saturday night. I watched it here in Chicago.
  2. He's young. Thinks he's going to live forever. I promise you a 30 year old Adams will look back at that comment and cringe. Nothing to look at here.
  3. Positive Report on Christian Hackenberg

    He was the starter and played really well. They just kept benching him for Drew Hensen who was a highly touted recurit that they promised playing time to.
  4. July 4th - what is everyone doing?

    Had an early morning tee time, spent afternoon out on the boat with the family, and we're packing up my truck to go to the 50's style drive in tonight. Double feature of Despicable Me 3 and Cars 3. Tomorrow it's another am round of golf followed by some yard work and the bbq. We set off our fireworks Saturday night.
  5. Good enough for me. #5 jersey is geting ordered!
  6. One mini camp and Mahomes is already getting people fired.
  7. The Hack fan bus is fueling up....

    I've been onboard since they drafted him.
  8. He had 4 sacks in 15 games his rookie year which comes to a 0.266 sack per game average. He had 2.5 sacks in 11 games his second season which comes to 0.227 sack per game average. Is that 8 pounds really that big of a deal? We're talking about a difference of 0.039 sack per game 3.632 vs 4.256 over a 16 game stretch or basically HALF a sack. Eat the lasagna Lorenzo.
  9. Jets add Safety Shamarko Thomas

    Shamarko? Was that name a result of drunken Scrabble?
  10. Christian Hackenberg- Foot Mechanics

    You wanted to know how a line can improve dramatically in a year. Those inexperienced underclassmen became experienced upperclassmen.
  11. Christian Hackenberg- Foot Mechanics

    In 2014 Penn St had FOUR (3 when Dieffenbach returned from injury later in the year) first year starters on the O-line including converted defensive players. In 2015 Penn St lost it's top two linemen, Dieffenbach and Smith, and had a couple red shirt players getting their feet wet with playing time. In 2016 Penn St hired a new o-line coach and ALL those first year starters have now been together for a few seasons and were poised to breakout as upperclassmen. It's kind of crazy how much a kid can improve from freshman to junior/senior years. So the growing pains suffered through the Hack years led to the Rose Bowl year.
  12. If my boss says "irregardless" again....

    Do you know what I mean?
  13. Chad Pennington Question

    Josh McCown has a weaker arm. He can't push the ball 25 yards down field. Penny's arm was strong enough before the shoulder injuries.