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  1. They should be dominant up the middle on D now. Last three first round picks.
  2. LOL! It's true, but I wasn't a scout though. Armored Cav, M1 Tanker here. I pushed a broom for eight hours a day in the Ft Hood sun!
  3. 1/8 Cav 1st Calvary Division here.
  4. How can they finish 3-13 when they're going 4-1 to start?
  5. Not a fan of Simms but, why would they bump their number 1 to the studio? Why not just pair him with someone else?
  6. Wait, so these are the good old days???
  7. For some reason it was in my memory. I remember thinking that was the kid from LA Tech I wanted the Jets to draft.
  8. I'm pretty sure this was one of the guys that sat during the anthem with Kaepernick.
  9. This is more probable. If he contacts the Jets for a trade they probably are afraid to give him the draft pick for the player he wants.
  10. MY personal opinion here. He was hired to be our coach, then a few weeks later we hired Tuna pushing him to the background with the promise of head coach once Tuna leaves. That pissed him off, but he stayed on knowing it was his best chance at success in the short term. Once he got the first opportunity to bolt as a head coach he took it. That forced Tuna into "retiring" so we wouldn't lose him to a division rival. He had the contract that said he was the next head coach after Parcells. That REALLY pissed him off since I'm sure Tuna talked it over with Woody before proceeding and almost cost him the Pats job. they were forced to send us a number 1 pick for his services. This whole series of events cost us the greatest coach ever and probably ended Tuna's time with us sooner than expected. Leaving Mumbles feeling jolted/disrespected/angry with the Jets. And like a bitch (or a irishman) he can't get over it!
  11. I just did a quick google search and a game vs Northern Iowa popped up. This cat gets stuck on Tackles like he's covered in valcro. I shut it off after three minutes and he still hadn't gotten off a block. The No Iowa tackle wore him like a fanny pack.
  12. They won more preseason games than regular that year. It was when I realized that preseason meant nothing. *edit- They settled on Nagle when they couldn't trade up for Favre who went like one pick before.
  13. Fournette ran quite a bit slower than I thought he would at the combine.
  14. Haha check out this Fan speak mock: I want a nasty player like Boulware to bring some attitude to the d. 6: R1P6 TE O.J. HOWARD ALABAMA 39: R2P7 CB SIDNEY JONES WASHINGTON 70: R3P6 EDGE RYAN ANDERSON ALABAMA 107: R3P43 RB JOE MIXON OKLAHOMA 150: R5P6 LB BEN BOULWARE CLEMSON 191: R6P7 S TEDRIC THOMPSON COLORADO 224: R7P6 WR CHRIS GODWIN PENN STATE
  15. I think you're actually over rating the RB. Downgrade that to a C.