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  1. I'm curious as to why the Eagles let Darell Greene go so quickly after they made such an effort to sign him.
  2. At some point, you have to show some faith in the coaching staff and their ability to develop players. When you are heading into the regular season only a couple of million under the CAP - 5.5 million makes a difference.
  3. I've been saying all along, they should have cut Giacomini at final cuts and re-couped that 5.5 million CAP hit. He's not worth that salary.
  4. Spygate II
  5. I think most people would agree, how well the O-line can hold up is our biggest concern.
  6. As long as the O-line can give him some reasonable protection and Fitz can take care of the football, I think Jets have a real good chance. Andy Dalton & the Bengals offense doesn't scare me with our defense on our home field. I'd really like to see the Jets have an opening drive TD on offense, we have to start fast.
  7. Yes sir. Buffalo Wild Wings has a seat with my name on it tomorrow.
  8. After eight months of simmering, Jets are ready to bring the fire 11:49 AM ET Rich CiminiESPN Staff Writer Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email print comment Same team, new attitude. Unlike last year, when there was an air of uncertainty because everything from the coach to the starting quarterback was new, the 2016 New York Jets are confident and comfortable with each other. You can hear it in their voices and see it in the locker room, the way the players interact. The old gang is back and hungry. Seventeen of the projected opening-day starters were in uniform last Jan. 3 in Buffalo, where they suffered one of the worst losses in franchise history. They haven't forgotten. Maybe they don't want to. Darrelle Revis said the bitter disappointment provides fuel for 2016. "You'll see some fire," Revis vowed. "You'll see some fire." The Cincinnati Bengals should feel the same way because their season ended with one of the worst playoff meltdowns in history. It's a terrific Week 1 matchup on Sunday at MetLife Stadium (1 p.m. ET). Five thoughts as we approach kickoff: Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Jets could have an even more pass-happy offense this season. AP Photo/Seth Wenig A new approach on offense: Coordinator Chan Gailey is known for adapting his scheme to the personnel, which leads me to believe the Jets could be more pass-reliant than last season. They replaced a between-the-tackles thumper (Chris Ivory) with a versatile, silky-smooth pass catcher (Matt Forte). You could see more spread formations than last year, which is hard to believe because they used a four-receiver package on 37 percent of their offensive plays, more than twice the next-highest team. They emptied the backfield on 13 percent of their plays, a fraction behind the league-leading New England Patriots. The concern is they'll become too pass-happy, putting too much pressure on Ryan Fitzpatrick. Right side, wrong side: The biggest personnel question surrounding the Jets is at right tackle. Whether it's Ben Ijalana or Brent Qvale -- no one is saying -- the Jets will have a first-time starter blocking Carlos Dunlap (13.5 sacks), a rather scary proposition. Line coach Steve Marshall is leaning toward Qvale, from what I've heard, but we'll see how it plays out. Coach Todd Bowles has said both players could see time. Either way, it's going to be a struggle for the offensive line. Geno Atkins (11 sacks) is one of the best defensive tackles in the league, and he will line up in the guard/tackle gap, sometimes alongside Dunlap. Better eat your Wheaties, Brian Winters Group pass to Revis Island: Darrelle Revis won't shadow star receiver A.J. Green on every play, according to the Jets. In other words, they're tweaking Revis' role this week. If I were the defensive coordinator, I'd put Revis in single coverage on the No. 2 receiver, Brandon LaFell, doubling Green with Buster Skrine or Marcus Williams and a safety over the top. This isn't to suggest Revis is a diminished player at 31, no longer capable of matching up with a No. 1 receiver. Actually, people who have studied him on tape say he looks quicker than a year ago. What I'm saying is, in this particular game, it makes sense to alter the old approach. One variable: New Bengals offensive coordinator Ken Zampese added a wrinkle to Green's role in the preseason, moving him around the formation. Previously, he lined up in the same spot. This could make it tougher for the Jets to get their preferred match up. Welcome to the show, kid: Rookie linebacker Darron Lee could play a huge role in his first game. The Jets drafted him in the first round, in part, because of his coverage ability. Well, he figures to see a lot of pass-catching back Giovani Bernard, the type of player who killed the Jets in past years. His partner, Jeremy Hill, is a load, but the Jets are strong enough up front (even without the suspended Sheldon Richardson) to handle him. The concern is containing Bernard in space. The Beard vs. the Red Rifle: This game will be dominated by the defensive lines, so don't look for much of a ground attack for either side. Ultimately, it'll come down to Fitzpatrick and Andy Dalton. The quarterback that protects the ball and makes more plays on third down will win the game. I like the Jets because Fitzpatrick has more weapons than Dalton.
  9. I am hoping to see Forte and Powell in the huddle together with regularity. You put those two on the field at the same time, with what I am assuming is going to be an improved receiving corps and you have an absolute match-up nightmare for opposing teams LB corps. As long as Fitz can take care of the football and the O-Line can give him some reasonable protection and Forte and Powell can stay reasonably healthy, this offense should be very productive.
  10. Didn't see the question - but in any case, I'm not going to spoon feed you. You're a grown man I'm assuming, so, figure it out.
  11. It went right over your head. You assume right away that when I'm talking about those less fortunate and giving back to your community that this was about finances - I wasn't talking about charitable donations. No worries, I don't have the time or the patience to explain it to you any further, enjoy the rest of your day.
  12. It's really simple Larz, but perhaps I should elaborate - so let me clarify. When I say life experience, I am talking about life experience as an adult. So, I'll ask you - what have the majority of these kids done outside of football? I say majority, to acknowledge the handful of players (the minority) that do go out of their way to give back to their communities and help those less fortunate. But they are few and far between.