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  1. Sounds to me like your more concerned with being on Gronk's jock then remembering what actually occurred during the game. Allen did a pretty good job against Gronk in that game and as another poster said, most of Gronk's catches and yardage came against our LB'ers in that game. Lupz27 is dead on about Allen's pick 6 - that was a game-changing impact play.
  2. Deshaun Watson reminded me alot of Vince Young. I was intrigued by him, especially after watching how he performed vs Alabama - but I wasn't sure how he would pan out in the NFL. I was a little surprised when the Jets didn't pick him in the first round - but not shocked based on the chatter from the draft gurus, most of whom said he would be a project. Hindsight is always 20/20.
  3. WTF Happened to Nick Folk?

    This may be true, but at least Catanzaro can kick-off 4 yds deep into the end zone with regularity - something Folk could never do. I'm glad Macc finally pulled the plug on Folk - if it was my decision, Folk would have been gone 2 seasons ago. But hey, better late than never.
  4. Jets built to move the ball on Pats

    I noticed this as well watching their game vs the Bucs.
  5. I totally agree. Petty should be starting from here on out as long as he is healthy. This is the perfect time to let him take the reigns - when the season is not completely lost and he has veteran players around him that have had some time to play together and gel.
  6. Smash's Positive's/Negative's Week 4

    McCown got sacked 5 times last Sunday. I'm sorry but I don't see Petty or Hack taking 10 sacks.
  7. Smash's Positive's/Negative's Week 4

    Yeah, let's just ignore the fact that you couldn't even come up with a legitimate response, when I pointed out all of McCown's piss-poor statistics from last week vs the JAGS - not to mention his statistics for the season which are also mediocre at best. What little credibility you might have had, went straight down the toilet when you made the absurd statement that Josh McCown was the best QB the Jets have had in a long time. How do you even show your face around here again, after making such a ridiculous, uninformed statement like that?
  8. Deep thoughts

    No worries Tinstar, I wasn't uncomfortable, I was just trying to understand where you were coming from.
  9. Smash's Positive's/Negative's Week 4

    So you are giving him a pass on his INT, what about his 5 sacks, 3 fumbles and 1 fumble lost? QB fundamentals 101; Take care of the football - and know when to throw the ball away - as opposed to taking a sack.
  10. Deep thoughts

    My post about Ealy was in no way derogatory toward Mo Wilkerson - or anybody else on the defense, so, not really sure where this is coming from Tinstar. I just think Ealy was a hell of a find.
  11. Smash's Positive's/Negative's Week 4

    My bad, saw the replay on Sports Center - it hit Powell in the shoulder - not in the hands as you said - and not in the back as I said. That's the best response you have? Point, set, match - thanks for playing.
  12. Smash's Positive's/Negative's Week 4

    You must mean the ridiculous backward pass that hit Powell in the back. We can discuss that - or the sack he took where he fumbled the ball away at a critical point in the game? Or the interception he threw when Powell fell down? Or the unnecessary sack he took because he was holding onto the ball too long in another critical situation? Three turnovers - 2 that McCown was directly responsible for due to poor decision making. Not to mention that he did not account for a single TD. What game did you watch - because it sure wasn't McCown vs the Jaguars yesterday, because he was awful - short of one pass to Robby Anderson that he had to slow down to catch because it was under-thrown and another nice catch that ASJ leaped up to snatch in traffic. McCown's official game stats were 22 for 31 for 224 yds 0 TD's & 1 INT. He was sacked 5 times and fumbled 3 times - losing one of them, at a pivotal point in the game. His QBR was 20.9 and he had a 77.9 passer rating. Essentially, McCown was directly responsible for giving the Jaguars 10 points in the 4th quarter and sending the game to overtime. For the season thus far, McCown has thrown as many INT's as he has TD's; 3 & 3. http://www.nfl.com/player/joshmccown/2505076/gamelogs The Jets won this game - despite having McCown at QB - not because of him. The best QB the Jets have had in along time? Get a clue.....then come back and talk football when you have a leg to stand on.
  13. Deep thoughts

    I will say props to whoever's decision it was to pick up Kony Ealy. This kid is a player, he has heart, determination and grit. A 2014 2nd round draft pick of the Panthers - and still only 25 yrs old. In my opinion, this guy is the find of the off-season, especially considering he was claimed off waivers. Here is a little more info on an off-season pick-up that has largely flown under the radar; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kony_Ealy
  14. Smash's Positive's/Negative's Week 4

    What game were you watching? McCown did everything in his power to lose that game for us today.