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  1. Truer words were never spoken. That being said, the Jets going from worst to first this season is quite a stretch.
  2. I'm more optimistic about watching Petty than I am about watching Hack. None of our QB options are very appealing - but I just feel like Petty has the most upside.
  3. Forum Upgrade Complete

    Well done Max, looking good.
  4. I'm onboard with this. This is sound logic.
  5. July 4th - what is everyone doing?

    Sitting in Okinawa, Japan working....wishing I was in CONUS. Such is the life of a U.S.M.M.
  6. I'm wondering if this trade/release of Decker is actually going to happen. The initial report from Schefter on June 6th stated that Decker would be traded or released in the next 72 hrs - which would have been June 9th. It's now June 11th and no trade or release has occurred. Has anybody heard anything imminent?
  7. I like what I'm seeing and hearing from Leonard Williams.
  8. Robby Anderson Arrested

    Miami-Dade County and the city of Miami are probably the most corrupt county and city in all of Florida. This doesn't surprise me at all. In a legitimate, respectable Police Department, this "Lt. Javier Ortiz" would have been fired a long time ago and wouldn't have worked in law enforcement long enough to ever make Lt. Only in Miami.
  9. Passing on a QB in 2017

    This. There was no point in drafting a QB this year when the overwhelming consensus was - that this was a very poor QB crop. Add to that, that we really have no idea what we have in Hackenburg - it would have been foolish to draft a QB without seeing what he has to offer. He sat his entire rookie season (the way it used to be done with rookie QB's back in the day) and hasn't started a regular season game yet. Let him compete this year, if he is any good, he'll find his way to the field - either by beating out McCown - or when McCown gets hurt. If Hack flops then you draft a QB high in the 2018 draft which has been widely reported to have a much more promising crop of QB's coming out. I think you would have seen A LOT more negative reports, if the Jets actually drafted a QB high in this draft.
  10. Happy Birthday JetNation

    That would be very cool.
  11. Well-said Fish and I agree whole-heartedly.
  12. QB Daniels was released and is now available

    If Daniels is willing to take the Vet's minimum, bring him in as a camp body and let him compete. If he wants one penny more than that - PASS.
  13. Happy Birthday JetNation

    I remember that fateful day back in February 2005 when you PM'ed me and asked me to join Jet Nation. Sure doesn't seem like it was 12 years ago..... Happy Birthday JetNation.
  14. Nick Mangold Released: MERGED

    x 2. You are a class act Nick and you were a great team leader and a true N.Y. Jet. Best of luck where ever you may land.