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  1. Finally a reasonable pass by Fitz....
  2. Fitzpatrick looks like a QB who has missed the majority of the off-season.......just terrible.....
  3. Fitzpatrick is absolutely stinking it up right now...this is tough to watch......
  4. Fitzpatrick looks pretty bad I have to say....he's missed a couple of easy throws which isn't good at this point in the pre-season.
  5. Just reported on NFL MRI revealed a fractured vertebrae in his back after taking a big hit during Dallas's pre-season game vs the Seahawks. I think it's time for Romo to hang up his cleets before the guy winds up paralyzed for life.
  6. I remember when we claimed Ijalana off of waivers from the Colts a few seasons ago. I thought he was a young up and coming O-Line talent at the time. Now, I find my self sitting here, scratching my head, wondering why the hell we did that and kept this guy on our salary cap all this time if he can't even be a viable starter at RT which is one of the easier O-Line positions to play. He's 27 years old now, at this point, I'd say it's sink or swim for Ijalana.
  7. That's kind of what I was hoping.
  8. The Texans will go as far as Brock Osweiler can take them. He is the X-Factor and while he has had some success as a starting QB, his body of work is pretty small.
  9. I'm not a fan of this....I don't like bringing in a division rival's cast-offs, this feels like a "Rex" move IMO. However, I'll digress to the front office & coaching staff....whatever they decide, I'm good with it either way. I do know that we are really tight up against the CAP at this moment and RB is by no means a necessity right now.
  10. Who is that and what has he accomplished in the NFL for you to be singing his praises? Just curious because I have never heard this guys name before. As far as Tyrod Taylor goes, he just signed a pretty large "Franchise QB" type of contract. That's a pretty big roll of the dice for a QB that has exactly 1 season of starting experience and has never sniffed the play-offs. Lets see how he carries the weight of that contract on his shoulders this year. If he falters, not only will you be looking for another franchise QB, you'll probably be looking for another GM too.
  11. That would be such a Rex move. At this point, I don't think we really have the CAP space.
  12. This is almost hard to say, but, I completely agree with you Fish.
  13. Indeed old friend.
  14. Yea.....old stone-hands....LOL.
  15. Enunwa is already banged up, I'd like to see Anderson & Marshall both make it. They are both capable WR's.