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  1. If Bowles plays Fitzpatrick the rest of the year of his own free will - he should be fired, period. If Woody Johnson is tying his hands because he wants to see his 12 million dollar investment on the field, well, what can you say to that? I said it 2 weeks ago and I'll continue to say it, Petty should be playing the rest of the year, this season is a wash. Let's get the kid some regular season reps with the starters and see what we really have in him.
  2. Can't argue with you there.
  3. I'd like to see Bryce Petty get the nod when he's healthy. Play him the rest of the year and see what we have when the dust settles.
  4. What happened to the entire defense? Defense was supposed to be the strength of this team. Not this year.
  5. I'd be o.k. with that too as long as we get this QB clusterfuke sorted out. For the record, I have ZERO faith in Fitzpatrick.
  6. I said before the Seattle game - if the Jets are below .500 by game 8 (and it sure looks like they will be) it will be time to hand the reigns over to Petty to see what we really have in him. I say Petty because we already know Geno is not the answer and Petty showed the most upside of all 4 QB's prior to the start of the regular season. Short of the Jets stringing up 9 or 10 straight wins - this season is a wash. Lets at least see if Petty can be the answer at QB - or not, and at least we'll know how to attack the off-season if nothing else.
  7. I found this interesting: NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports Russell Wilson will play Sunday wearing a custom knee brace. Wilson suffered an MCL sprain against the 49ers last Sunday, but he practiced in full all week and has said he is "good to go." The brace is similar to ones worn by players coming off ACL injuries and could limit his already limited mobility. Even in what looks like a good matchup against the Jets, Wilson is a low-end QB1 at best. New York should be able to get plenty of pressure. Source: Oct 2 - 8:39 AM
  8. I'll say this - because I'm realistic. If the Jets are under .500 after 8 games, this might be a good season to let Bryce Petty take over at QB so we can see what we really have in him - Geno Smith can sit there and hold the clipboard, we have already seen 2 seasons of his mediocre play. If we are over .500 after 8 games, I'll be shocked quite honestly, particularly after the egg the Jets laid last week.
  9. I'm curious as to why the Eagles let Darell Greene go so quickly after they made such an effort to sign him.
  10. At some point, you have to show some faith in the coaching staff and their ability to develop players. When you are heading into the regular season only a couple of million under the CAP - 5.5 million makes a difference.
  11. I've been saying all along, they should have cut Giacomini at final cuts and re-couped that 5.5 million CAP hit. He's not worth that salary.
  12. Spygate II
  13. I think most people would agree, how well the O-line can hold up is our biggest concern.
  14. As long as the O-line can give him some reasonable protection and Fitz can take care of the football, I think Jets have a real good chance. Andy Dalton & the Bengals offense doesn't scare me with our defense on our home field. I'd really like to see the Jets have an opening drive TD on offense, we have to start fast.