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  1. I'm wondering if this trade/release of Decker is actually going to happen. The initial report from Schefter on June 6th stated that Decker would be traded or released in the next 72 hrs - which would have been June 9th. It's now June 11th and no trade or release has occurred. Has anybody heard anything imminent?
  2. I like what I'm seeing and hearing from Leonard Williams.
  3. Miami-Dade County and the city of Miami are probably the most corrupt county and city in all of Florida. This doesn't surprise me at all. In a legitimate, respectable Police Department, this "Lt. Javier Ortiz" would have been fired a long time ago and wouldn't have worked in law enforcement long enough to ever make Lt. Only in Miami.
  4. This. There was no point in drafting a QB this year when the overwhelming consensus was - that this was a very poor QB crop. Add to that, that we really have no idea what we have in Hackenburg - it would have been foolish to draft a QB without seeing what he has to offer. He sat his entire rookie season (the way it used to be done with rookie QB's back in the day) and hasn't started a regular season game yet. Let him compete this year, if he is any good, he'll find his way to the field - either by beating out McCown - or when McCown gets hurt. If Hack flops then you draft a QB high in the 2018 draft which has been widely reported to have a much more promising crop of QB's coming out. I think you would have seen A LOT more negative reports, if the Jets actually drafted a QB high in this draft.
  5. That would be very cool.
  6. Well-said Fish and I agree whole-heartedly.
  7. If Daniels is willing to take the Vet's minimum, bring him in as a camp body and let him compete. If he wants one penny more than that - PASS.
  8. I remember that fateful day back in February 2005 when you PM'ed me and asked me to join Jet Nation. Sure doesn't seem like it was 12 years ago..... Happy Birthday JetNation.
  9. x 2. You are a class act Nick and you were a great team leader and a true N.Y. Jet. Best of luck where ever you may land.
  10. Our kickoffs have been weak as long as Folk has been here. Time to move on. Never understood all the Folk love here. Breno should have been cut last off-season which I stated many times.
  11. This is the best news I've heard the whole off-season. Now maybe we can get a kicker that can consistently kick kick-offs 5 yds deep in the end zone.
  12. Your post contains a lot of assumptions Scott. You are quoting "sound bites" and quotes from throughout the year and interpreting them in your own perception of the events - that doesn't make your conclusions fact. Benching Fitzpatrick for one game was a half-hearted attempt at trying to motivate Fitzpatrick which didn't get the job done - he should have stayed benched and when Geno went down, the ball should have been handed to Petty, period. If Petty wasn't ready then you let Hack get some regular season snaps; running right back to Fitzpatrick was a step backward. Petty showed enough in the pre-season to justify a closer look & I would rather let Petty play in a regular season environment with our starters and see for myself what he is - or what he is not. At least going forward, we would have all of the QB questions answered and know for certain what needs to be done going into the off-season. Keeping Fitzpatrick under center is accomplishing nothing and it certainly isn't winning us games. You don't know for certain what a QB is - or is not, until he has some pro-longed exposure to a regular season environment as a starter, playing with the starters. The Jets have the opportunity to do that with Petty and to give Hackenburg some experience preparing weekly as a back-up. This is the perfect scenario to try and develop our young QB's and give them some invaluable regular season experience; to piss that opportunity away for any reason or assumption is inexcusable and not in the team's best interest.
  13. Not arguing with your point about the defense needing to step up Scott, because you are correct. However, we don't have younger players sitting on the sideline that have shown the potential to be better then the starters that are already out there. My point is that Bowles undying loyalty to Fitzpatrick is hurting the team and hindering the development of Petty and Hackenburg. But again, your points about the defense are completely valid.
  14. I think this is what is aggravating most fans - including myself. Coaches aren't going to make great decisions all the time but you HAVE to be able to recognize when & why changes need to be made. Bowles is clearly not seeing that. It's good to stick by your players - but not when it gets to the point where it's detrimental to the team and that's where he's at with his undying support of Fitzpatrick. What makes it worse is it's ruining the perfect opportunity to get Petty some valuable regular season reps and experience with the first team offense against other teams 1st team defenses. The season is already a wash - Bowles has an opportunity to still do something positive with it - and he is pissing that opportunity away and doesn't seem to have the insight to realize it.