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    2001 and 02 vs Oakland
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  1. MVP and defensive player of the year
  2. we need to tank for Lamar Jackson in 2018
  3. we need to tank this year and next year for Lamar Jackson in 2018 and then we'll go on a 10 year superbowl run
  4. not as hurtful as losing to Buffalo last year because of what was on the line but still, a very tough loss
  5. the Chiefs kicked their asses a few years ago. Southpark even ripped on Brady for being out of steroids after that game.
  6. Geno has experience and has shown he can dominate - just look at his last start in 2014 against the Dolfags where he had a 158.3 passer rating. Fitzpatrick with another pick. This time a pick 6. wow.
  7. at least that inception pinned the Chiefs back a good 15 yards from where they would be if he dropped it
  8. Fitz is obviously not an all pro caliber guy or even close but who else is out there?? these tipped picks are brutal. we need to tank for the Louisville kid but I think he's only 19
  9. well the schedule sure doesn't help out. the defense is getting eaten alive by a pretty crappy Chiefs offense.
  10. Coughlin is the only guy in the league who isn't Belichick's bitch. He's probably bored on the couch in retirement knowing he can coach again.
  11. Chad because he isn't a system QB