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  1. terrell owens got hosed today

    Agreed      153 tds.lets make him wait another year      Tony dungy?  You made it for riding Peytons coat tails however 
  2. Peyton is a perfect fit with the Rams.   Oh wait, they're not indoors anymore 
  3. Best WR of the 2000s and he can't get in on 1st ballot?????     Glad Favre got in but he's not as great a qb as TO was a wr
  4. Calvin Johnson to retire

    He should play one last year
  5. He has a superbowl ring, quiet you
  6. Congrats to Peyton thread

    Panthers win with 2 cotchery TDs but broncos keep it close for 3 quarters      34 to 17 Panthers.    Cotchery game mvp
  7. Just imagine if he scores the first TD of the game 
  8. 1-MJ 2-Rusell 3-Bird 4-Magic 5-Lebron 6-Duncan 7-Wilt 8-Hakeem 9-shaq 10-Kareem 11 oscar  12 curry 13 Kobe       Curry climbing the latter, is he too late to get to #1??
  9. I wish we had him as our 3rd WR this year    Its a lock he gets a ring in 2weeks, broncos might be lucky to score over 7 points 
  10. Broncos vs. Pats predictions

     you were dead wrong 
  11. Best wide receiver in Jets team history, shame he had to leave us