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    2001 and 02 vs Oakland
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  1. which Gary was the better running back???
  2. you are all savages for eating bacon eat ribs instead
  3. if so he's clearly hogging it all for himself this year lol
  4. anyone but this bum
  5. Ortiz* just hit a bomb must've gotten his new shipment....or stolen Alex's and done two cycles lol
  6. this has to be the worst post in the history of just took the record from a number of my old posts. I think you'd do a lot more than mow a guys lawn lol
  7. David West and Zaza Pechulia just took microscopic deals to go to GSW. David West just did this last year with San Antonio. What a fag. As a Celtics fan I was expecting KD to stay in OKC. What a pussy. Could've left for anyone but GSW and I'd still respect him....jnstead I am now rooting against team USA in the Olympics because he'll be their leading scorer.
  8. This is one sided...bad journalism
  9. The team with Von Miller
  10. It's on video? Well if radio guy says it happened then it happened
  11. Still no arrest tho
  12. Maybe we can trade for Calvin Johnson