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  1. Just To Show My Face

    That is truth, Moore looked mostly terrible. Good job showing up around here, you're a class fan.
  2. Jets Workout Former Dolphin's FB Polite

    Can Polite play tight end at all - like an H-Back maybe?
  3. Al Davis dead at 82 Davis Raiders owner Al Davis, whose legend began 60 years ago as an assistant coach with the Chargers and included a 1992 Hall of Fame induction in Canton, has died at 82. The team's website released the news Saturday morning, posting a simple tribute with his name in large silver letters above "July 4, 1929-October 8, 2011." The Raiders said the team will issue a statement later Saturday. No cause of death was released.
  4. More to come...
  5. Ground & Pound is BACK!

    My guess is that would be the fault of the guy that designed the offense and the guy(s) that created the offensive game plan. Most is on Schotty, but not all - Sanchez plays love, like, hate with plays every week, right? And Rex has a headset and can say "stop this" at any point in a game.
  6. Ground & Pound is BACK!

    Except that the routes that are called are not ones that develop in time for a three step drop to be effective.
  7. Move the Pocket

    Thought I posted a reply, must have forgot to hit "Post". I'm not talking about hurry-up, two minute no huddle. I'm talking about the more controlled, don't allow defensive substitution no huddle. Get to the line and take your time - or not - and run plays that the offense and Sanchez are confident in. Kelly, Henderson, and especially Semour might kill #6 if they are allowed to stay fresh all day.
  8. Move the Pocket

    Not saying the Jets run to the line and go, but using the no huddle to limit defensive substitutions. I would rather Baxter face Semour/Henderson/Kelly without a rest during drives. This would also give Sanchez a little freedom to get into plays that he sees from a limited set of plays. Not a bad thing in this case, I think.
  9. Move the Pocket

    Rolling out Sanchez is a great idea, mostly because he has proven to be effective on the run. In addition to this, I'd love to see the Jets go no huddle a bunch this week to really gas the Raiders front four. It's a growing trend in the NFL that makes a lot of sense for the Jets to use, especially with the offensive line not being quite right yet.
  10. You know who really sucks? Kenrick Ellis.

    Kendrick Ellis will be fine. Who, on game day, would he replace at this point? Pouha and Dixon (although he moves out, too) are playing well inside, and Wilkerson, Devito (although he moves inside a lot, too), and Pitoitua have been solid at DE. Ellis is just the odd man out in the rotation at the moment.
  11. Cowboys Website - Excellent Breakdown of Jets Defense

    Good read and good articles in general on that site. Thanks for the link!
  12. Jets Signings - 9/4/2011

    If Gilyard works hard and learns from the old guys in the WR room, he will contribute next year. He's still a kid and has the potential to be a solid player.
  13. Let's trade for Vince Young

    This is true - I like that kid as well.
  14. Let's trade for Vince Young

    Vince Young WAS a dope in Tenn, that's why he is now #3 in Philadelphia.
  15. Hurricane Irene

    good dwal - y'all ok?