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  1. Well said. I am not a Geno fan but I do realize that the team knows far more about who best fills our #2 spot. Some fans on message boards cannot help but get caught up in the mindset that they know more than the professionals who make such decisions for a living.
  2. I don't know if the Giants are built so much on young or homegrown pitching. I think their formula for success is built on Bumgarner and Bochy who I think is the best Manager in the game. Mets head to the ninth with a chance to make it 3 straight for the first time in forever. Huge series.
  3. Yeah when Harvey went down I really had hoped that Sandy would have addressed the 5th starter in a better manner than Verrett and Niese....especially when he already knew that Thor and Matz were dinged up and could go down at any time. Maybe he was counting on Wheeler's return.
  4. He's an animal when healthy. Hoping we are about to go on a run led by his bat and some pitching performances like the one Thor is giving us tonight.
  5. That was ugly. Geno always looks awful on straight drop backs.
  6. Mays was Rookie of Year as a 20 year old and then lost part of 2nd season and all of 3rd. Came back at age 23 and won the next two MVP's. K'd 100x once in his career at age 40.
  7. True. He's better than he's shown. I don't think he's a superstar though. A nice piece on a good team.
  8. Actually all the other Cubs fans have no issues talking baseball and responding to the Mets fans you childishly attack because they don't worship your re-blogged info. No one will miss you sport. The one person who inquired about you in a friendly manner was attacked by you despite being a Cubs fan. . You're like Jason Heyward....overrated and not worth the debate.
  9. They won't fire Terry with all these injuries. We're back to a AAA line-up. Let's see if Cespedes comes back this week what the offense looks like with both him and Reyes in it. I am starting to give up on Granderson ever hitting but yeah, that would be nice. Bruce is over due as well.
  10. Needs a 3rd pitch. Fastball is legit but his secondary stuff (slider) is his downfall when he doesn't have it working. I guess they want him to work on developing a ML change-up. I really thought he was going to have a good year based on how he did down the stretch last season.
  11. I know it's not even remotely any kind of sample size and no time to make a call on a player but Judge just looks like a hitter.
  12. Nice day for the Yankee kids, Austin and Judge. It will be interesting to see just how Cash and Hal go about the rebuild. Do they show patience with the abundance of young offensive prospects or do they deal some away looking for the quick fix this winter?
  13. Just in case the painful 2nd half hasn't stung enough: Jonathan Lucroy went 3-for-5 with two homers and five RBI in the Rangers' 8-5 defeat of the Tigers. Lucroy upped his season total to 19 homers, surpassing his career high of 18 from 2013. Six of those have come in the 10 games since he arrived in Texas. The Rangers are 6-2 in his eight starts thus far.
  14. Any link evidence to this claim?
  15. Yep. Travis and Conforto really lengthened the line-up last season down the stretch. Throw in Duda and Curtis actually hitting and that's 4 bats that the team has gotten nothing out of for the most part this year. Never mind Cespedes, Wright, Reyes and Cabrerra being out on top of it. Terry can't fix guys not hitting or being on the DL. The SP's also (due to minor or major injuries) have fell off except for deGrom and Colon. I think the team has one run left in them but they're sure digging a hole for themselves. Good for Terry in calling them out publically.