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  1. ..and the Pats lost to the Jets and Miami when they were playing for home field throughout.  How's that excuse theory of yours stating BB lost to the Jets on purpose looking now? This was the year to make the post season for the Jets because as we've seen....every AFC participant was/is severely flawed. The Jets may not have been better than every team involved but there was no team that they could not have beat.
  2. 2016 Mets Thread!

    I think Conforto sits against lefties until he proves otherwise and that he also gets removed late in games when we have the lead. Cespedes who is not a true CF slides over to LF in those situations.  I eventually feel Conforto makes it impossible to sit him against lefties (at least I hope so) but he likely will always be part of a late inning defensive double switch type of move.   Nice line-up compared to the first half of last season.  Duda gets a lot of questionable comments but honestly, how many other 1st Baseman had better power numbers last season? I think he ranks right around the top 12-15 in that department.
  3. 2016 Mets Thread!

    Still don't understand what happened with him.  He was money and then just lost it to the point he could not be trusted.  
  4. Wade Phillips.... Terrible Head Coach

    This is just silly and belongs in a separate forum for fans who NEED to endlessly argue/discuss Rex or Geno.  That loss was doomsday to 99.9% of the fanbase regardless of the buffoon on the opposing sideline.
  5. Patriots @ Broncos Game Thread

    oh please.  You guys are pathetic.
  6. Patriots @ Broncos Game Thread

    No more "Brady is on a mission" talk.
  7. Patriots @ Broncos Game Thread

    Horrible challenge.....if anything, I think that gets ruled a catch and knee down.
  8. 2016 Mets Thread!

    Duda put the team on his back three for different stretches last season and looked good in the post season. Seriously dude...the minute we signed Cespedes you shifted your complaining to D'Arnaud and now Duda.  
  9. 2016 Yankees Thread

    I think he was discussed originally in the Castro deal.  I don't see how the Yanks can move him even if there is a market for him. The injury history of the rest of the outfield along with the unknown of what Hicks will do would lead me to believe that they would want to hang onto him. I think his current contract runs through his age 35 season of 2018 and is not too expensive so who knows.  He was off to a big start of the season last year before he apparently hurt his wrist and played through the injury the 2nd half.  I think the Rockies outfielders would be still at the top of the board attraction wise to teams looking to deal.
  10. 2016 Mets Thread!

    I think we'll see Flores spend some time at 1B.....also think we signed Cantra who used to be w/the Angels to a Minor League deal. Nice to see another promising bat in the system though.
  11. 2016 Mets Thread!

    Even better per Ken Rosenthal. Cespedes eligible for qualifying offer if he opts out after one year. #Mets will get compensation pick if they make him QO and he departs.  
  12. 2016 Mets Thread!

    LOL...I'm waiting for Durden to pop in and show us how this is not a good day for the kings of NY. 
  13. 2016 Mets Thread!

    Excellent post. Yeah we have to temper our expectations a little as you note. The guy never had a season like his last one during his 4 years in the majors and we could very well get the 22HR- 85 RBI guy who misses 15 or so games due to injury which is good enough BTW.  That's partly why Sandy's deal is so impressive right now. Cespedes Has every reason to be motivated and if he is a bust due to injury, performance or whatever..... we're done with him in 3 years.   I heard Terry say that there are zero restrictions on the SP's this coming season although I imagine that Wheeler if/when he returns would have some.   Should be a fun season.
  14. 2016 Mets Thread!

    Not sure if you watch SNY but I feel bad for I think it's Sal Licata who was screaming for weeks that Mets fans needed to move on as there was zero chance of a deal happening.  The 27.5 is insane but it's better than complaining about some of the foolish long term contracts we see in place over in the Bronx.  I think Sandy's approach is he'll address the big bat a season at a time if need be unless someone from the system emerges to fill that roll.  
  15. 2016 Mets Thread!

    He can opt out after next season and appears to have a no trade clause. Still, it's a win for Sandy and the team as it gives them their big bat for at least next season and also allows them to see what they have in Conforto and Lagares. The sweet thing with the Mets is that they always have the ability to trade one of their stud SP's for a huge bat should Cespedes walk after just one season.  It would have been perfect if they had got the deal done without the no trade clause just in case they don't do as well as most think next season but can't complain.   The line-up approaches AL like one through 8 in the order and we have a talented super utility guy in Flores. The SP is elite and the pen has been firmed up nicely this off season while the middle infield also vastly improved. Puts us right back as the favorites along with the Cubs to return to the WS.