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  1. I didn't realize until Gary mentioned - The Mets have the best record in baseball since August 19th. Such a shame Harvey and deGrom are on the shelf.
  2. Not me. Sooner or later guys always play to the back of their baseball card. I think we got lucky though that after a good game or two by Conforto, Bruce hit a homer finally and Terry rolled him out there the next day and the rest is history. Terry was very close to abandoning him. I think this is my favorite line-up potential wise since the Delgado-Beltran days. Next season may be even better if everyone stays healthy and Yo , Bruce and Walker are back.
  3. MLB should be disgraced at how that Cards game was allowed to end last night.
  4. Congrats on division. I am hoping for and looking forward to a RSox - Rangers ALCS.
  5. Power hitters are streaky. Thankfully he started to hit b4 Terry gave up on him completely.
  6. Never assume anything in baseball. Some teams fall just short of a ring and never make good on the dynasty that they envisioned. "There's always next year" is a nice built in crutch or hedging your bets type excuse for post season failures and nothing more. It's a losers mentality so yeah...kinda, sorta appropriate.
  7. Sad part is the line-up has some real potential right now even w/out Walker and Flores. Mets actually have three 30 HR guys in their line-up plus another twenty something from Cabrera. Walker and Duda would have joined the 20 HR club had they been healthy all season. I can't remember the last time a Mets team had 5 or 6 guys with 20 plus HR's. Sandy really did a nice job with this roster. I would love to see what this team could do in the post season with the SP's healthy.
  8. I hate Campbell at 1B as would rather take the chance that Duda runs into one. That said, Terry will likely once again prove me wrong and Campbell will get a big hit. 3B Jose Reyes (S) SS A. Cabrera (S) LF Yoenis Cespedes (R) CF C. Granderson (L) 2B T.J. Rivera (R) RF Jay Bruce (L) C Travis d'Arnaud (R) 1B Eric Campbell (R) P Bartolo Colon (R) NYM: Bartolo Colon (R) (14-7, 3.12) MIA: Adam Conley (L) (8-6, 3.94)
  9. Bowles said so already in post game presser.
  10. Most predicted a .500ish season from the team. That said, both losses so far were better QB play away from being possible wins. The team is what it is....a .500 type team who could do a little better or a little worse depending on what they get out of their average QB.
  11. Ortiz hit 18 and 20 HR's in limited AB's prior to signing as a Free Agent w/Boston in 2003. Minny was still under their misguided Doug Mientkiewicz will be a star years and about to usher in the Morneua, Mauer, Kubel and Cuddyer years so I am not sure if that can be considered as Ortiz "washing out" in Minny. . I don't know what to say about implying that it was a Boston thing or that the Franchise and MLB turns a blind eye to it as there are zero facts to back up that statement.
  12. Last nights' L was strictly due to the devastating losses to our SP staff. Sure the ReplaceMets had a nice game against suspect Philly pitching but we lost that game the moment Terry named his SP.
  13. Shame if accurate. Looks like Marlins cancelling todays game
  14. hahaha....You've had your fair share of misses along with your on point moments. Just go back and look at your posts and you will see your misses. Get over yourself. Seriously.
  15. If we face a lefty, which is very possible in the WC game, then yes, he could be left off the roster for that game but I can't see them not having him on it for a full series. Power hitters are streaky. Juston Upton was written off as a bust signing for Detroit until the middle of August when he basically started homering 2-3 times a week. We need Bruce to hit one of those streaks.