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  1. Best of luck to the Cubbies and their fans. Looking forward to watching the series.
  2. That's what I think happened as well. Every sinker seemed to almost bounce up there. We have to just hope that he grows into calming down in the post season because he's too talented to cast aside. Great game up to that point and an enjoyable season.
  3. 3B Jose Reyes (S) SS A. Cabrera (S) LF Yoenis Cespedes (R) CF C. Granderson (L) 2B T.J. Rivera (R) RF Jay Bruce (L) C Rene Rivera (R) 1B James Loney (L) P N. Syndergaard (L)
  4. I can't stand Campbell either. Hopefully with that said Terry proves us wrong and he gets a big pinch hit tonight.
  5. Wow Flores was only 1 for 11 against him. I wonder if Terry is leaning towards starting KJ at second base tomorrow night.
  6. Yeah- really wish Conforto or Bruce could handle 1B in a pinch as I love having Duda's power potential.
  7. It's a tough call in that Loney hit two huge HR's last week. I think they both make the cut. Flores is a big loss as we could have used his bat in this game based on his numbers against lefties.
  8. Not worth the effort.
  9. I like our line-up at the moment over theirs. Where they kill us is 1 through 3 of their SP's are Aces this year. Our Aces were lost to injury. Still, if we get past the WC game, we have a punchers chance with our bats.
  10. I didn't realize until Gary mentioned - The Mets have the best record in baseball since August 19th. Such a shame Harvey and deGrom are on the shelf.
  11. Not me. Sooner or later guys always play to the back of their baseball card. I think we got lucky though that after a good game or two by Conforto, Bruce hit a homer finally and Terry rolled him out there the next day and the rest is history. Terry was very close to abandoning him. I think this is my favorite line-up potential wise since the Delgado-Beltran days. Next season may be even better if everyone stays healthy and Yo , Bruce and Walker are back.
  12. MLB should be disgraced at how that Cards game was allowed to end last night.
  13. Congrats on division. I am hoping for and looking forward to a RSox - Rangers ALCS.
  14. Power hitters are streaky. Thankfully he started to hit b4 Terry gave up on him completely.
  15. Never assume anything in baseball. Some teams fall just short of a ring and never make good on the dynasty that they envisioned. "There's always next year" is a nice built in crutch or hedging your bets type excuse for post season failures and nothing more. It's a losers mentality so yeah...kinda, sorta appropriate.