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  1. Nationals got their elite closer from the Pirates. Nice upgrade.
  2. We are not sellers. Had we won the two games we led in the ninth inning on Thurs-Friday this doom and gloom feeling wouldn't even exist. We do need a bat to breathe some life into the line-up. That or someone currently on the team needs to go off and carry us for a bit.
  3. I have no dog in this race. Fitz is simply the best of marginal QB choices for the Jets. If you've listened to the Jets HC for the past 6 months you'd understand that there was never ever going to be a race, camp QB competition or anything else you want to believe as far as Geno was/is concerned once Fitz signed. The comment was always the same from Geno's HC. To paraphrase...... If/when Fitz signs he is our starting QB. Period. The last thing this coaching staff and FO wanted/wants is Geno Smith as it's 1st string QB.
  4. I always wonder at what point the above fact will sink in with the Geno base.
  5. ESPN's Buster Olney reports that the Mets are among the teams that have expressed interest in Jay Bruce. The feeling had been that the Mets likely were just shopping for a reliever, but that thinking may be shifting with them being connected to Jonathan Lucroy and now Bruce. Bruce wouldn't be a perfect fit, as they could use someone who could play center field, but the Mets appear to be thinking bat first, defense second here.
  6. I agree. At the time it looked like a fairly even deal. He once looked like a can't miss stud in the making which is why labeling prospects as "sure things" is often just wishful thinking. I do think that he is capable of helping the Marlins down the stretch but as you point out, inconsistency is his major flaw. This is a weak market and every team that has dealt can be argued to some degree as having overpaid. This is a meh deal due to the performance of players involved, injury or how far off Naylor is. Marlins have looked to sure up their SP situation so we'll see if it was worth losing Naylor and the possibility of Capps coming back from injury as the dominant reliever that he was.
  7. Marlins obviously felt the need to try and solution their #4 and 5 rotation spots for the stretch drive in a basically weak SP market. I think if teams want a SP this deadline that they will end up overpaying. Good to see TJ surgery is only an issue when discussing Mets pitchers so Capp's is a safe bet to return to dominance. Naylor at 19 is a high draft pick with raw power but one who has not yet hit lefties at the low A level. If Cashner (probably the most sure talent in the deal) pitches well down the stretch (as he has of late) and they make the play-offs I imagine they achieved their goal in the trade. Silly attempting to grade the deal at this point.
  8. Steve Sommers on the FAN put it pretty well when he said Collins effectively took BOTH deGrom AND Cespedes out of the game by sending Yo up to hit for deGrom with 2nd and 3rd and no outs. Cespedes gets the intentional walk and the rest is history. Still, Familia has had a rough two days and the team desperately needs some sort of lift from somewhere as a result.
  9. Nimmo back up w/the big club. Looks like Lagares and the thumb he's been trying to play through are headed to the DL but nothing announced yet. Also, Rosenthal tweeted that the Brewers re-engaged the Mets in Lucroy talks today. No deal close so take it for what it's worth.
  10. That was a terrible emotional swing for the team last night in going from Cespedes huge blast to Familia blowing it in the ninth. Gotta hope that the team has and shows the character to not fall into a rut after that one.
  11. Reyes went to the hospital with a grade 1 intercostal strain .....likely will see Wilmer at 3B for a while as those things rarely are just a few days.
  12. I think he stays put......Yanks are on a little bit of a roll now. Maybe they even become buyers as crazy as that sounded a few days ago.
  13. Another example of how the majority of "non elite" bullpen arms can have such drastic swings from season to season. We saw Clippard who was a pretty solid if not very good reliever fall off the face of the earth down the stretch last season. I think the Chicago pen is set up pretty nicely now. Wood, Nathan, Montgomery and Edwards should be sound at handing off any games in which the SP's don't go deep to the big back end of the pen. Madden also has the arms to play match-ups with his pen. Hopefully you see Chapman's debut at home tomorrow night.
  14. Nats pen with another ninth inning melt down.
  15. We had their SP on the ropes so many times yet came away with only 2 runs. It's getting to be insane. Schedule is soft down the stretch so need to find a way to hang around until the bats heat up. Just get in to the post season and see what our staff can do again.