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  1. Cubs Thread

    Possibly but the Mets young SP's and their closer are much better especially if you are talking about being built for the long haul perspective. They either pay them to stick around long term or get a boat load back in trades. The Cubs young position players are much better but we know that good pitching usually beats good hitting. The Red Sox young kids don't take a back seat to anyone in baseball at the moment. Betts, Bradley , Bogaerts and Shaw are all already more than flourishing at the Major League level and the Sox are typically not shy about being big players in Free Agency or trades as seen with the Price and Kimbrell acquisitions. Just because you say the Cubs are better built for the long haul than any team in baseball doesn't make it true. Enjoy the team but don't be so defensive to others opinions and over the top until you have the actual success to back up your claims.
  2. Cubs Thread

    Which is basically exactly what I said....they went all in this year for perhaps the first time. I think you're just looking for an opportunity to again tell me how wonderful the Cubs are. I agree. The Cubs are very beaters and hopefully we can pick this up in the post season. You're gonna have to get that K rate down a little lower come October though if memory serves me right.
  3. Cubs Thread

    Heyward's career numbers are better than this. The Cubs are all in this year and the Yanks have done the same countless times. Besides your track record on players "being exactly who you said they were" has brought us gems such as Phil Hughes is better than Kershaw, Chase Headley is a good player... and I think you might have even compared Severino to the Mets young stud SP's last September.
  4. 2016 Mets Thread!

    Oh no, not you again:)
  5. 2016 Mets Thread!

    And he's hitting at a level that we never saw before September of last year. I love him but we made the smart move. I'll check back in on his numbers at the end of this season and next.
  6. 2016 Mets Thread!

    Exactly. Perfectly stated. Unfortunately some fans will find fault even after the team taking the series with the Nationals in their house. Sandy had an awesome off season. He'll find a Steve Pearce type of player to tide us over if Flores doesn't hit the way I think/hope he will.
  7. Can't argue with this. Fitz at least gives us a professional presence behind center. I don't need to see what Geno can do with this group when the sun is out or when he has French toast for breakfast on game day or any other scenario that JIF might come up.
  8. Why is David Wright batting 2nd let alone playing?

    Yep. I don't get him at all. He's like a dumber version of Patsfantx.
  9. 2016 Mets Thread!

    I hope we don't go after Loney. I guess he would be serviceable but would rather see a bat with more pop or see Flores get a shot at every day AB's again.... if he can handle the position defensively. Hopefully Duda is back for the stretch run.
  10. 2016 Mets Thread!

    Taking game one in this series was huge. The Captain, Walker, Colon and Cespedes step up. 1/2 game back despite all the BS about how the team was in trouble. Looking forward to Harvey hopefully getting back on track tomorrow night. Will be interesting to see how quickly Sandy makes a move for an outfielder or 1st Baseman.
  11. 2016 Mets Thread!

    Not underrating the player...he's a good player.... A great addition for a team that thinks they have WS aspirations. Is he a huge upgrade over Walker or Castro even? The season will tell. BTW...the Cubs have won 4 more games than the Mets this season. I'll tip my hat to their front office for being all in but until I see otherwise in the post season I will always think of their line-up as "Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Night" when facing a staff like the Mets. P.S. Cub fans should not talk mediocrity as it relates to other teams and fan bases until.... you know.....they win something.
  12. 2016 Mets Thread!

    It's comments about the arms blowing up is why people try and get under your skin. Time usually has a way for answering debates pretty accurately. Last year I think there was the debate on whether to sign Zimmerman or not in Cubs land. Time will also tell if Heyward was a good signing. The part that you are overlooking in attempting to dis the Mets ownership and fan base is that Zobrist (long term) was not a position of need for the Mets. He wasn't for the Cubs either but they off set some cash with the Castro deal so it made sense. The Cubs went all in this year and spent the cash. Mets fans wish they had an owner who did likewise but trust me, Ben Zobrist is not making the fan base lose any sleep.
  13. 2016 Mets Thread!

    Mets ownership has been cheap. There is nothing the fans can do other than boycott the product which will not happen after sweeping the Cubs like they were a single A team in the NLCS and making it to the WS. They did make an offer to Zobrist and again, due to their spending limits and need for a power bat, they were lucky he went elsewhere. Cespedes is a much more important piece for the team than Zobrist ever would have been. The Cubs spent a lot this off season but they also off set some of the Zobrist money with the Castro deal. Again, you can't blame fans over what ownership will or will not spend. Not sure I'd call Zobrist one of the best players in baseball over the past decade. He's a good player.... a nice piece of the pie on a good team.
  14. 2016 Mets Thread!

    Swept the Brew Crew as they should have. Harvey got through a good pen session and will be back on the hill on Tuesday. For all the doom and gloom the team is 1 & 1/2 back.
  15. 2016 Mets Thread!

    Oh I agree with you. Mets got lucky that Zobrist took the Cub offer..