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  1. RSJ added a post in a topic Let's be realistic...   

    Last season was a long time ago.
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  2. RSJ added a post in a topic Let's be realistic...   

    I agree. Even though he acts like a knucklehead off the field, Sheldon Richardson is the teams best DL. Wilkerson should be tagged and traded next year if possible. I am not getting too down about this loss since the Jets were missing their most consistent WR, starting RB and arguably their best bass rusher. Normally it's next man up - but it's not fair to expect the coaching staff to have that mentality with only one offseason to develop the roster.
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  3. RSJ added a post in a topic It's only Gary Myers so it shouldn't bother me but it did   

    Gary Myers is a joke. Can't believe he wrote in a book how the Jets missed out on Brady and Manning. Brady was a 6th rounder. 31 other teams missed out on him and I am sure multiple teams talked about drafting him in rounds 5 and 6. As far as Manning goes, who cares? It's not like he came out in the draft and we passed over him. He didn't even declare. Myers is really the ultimate troll and anyone who buys his book is a moron.
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  4. RSJ added a post in a topic Jets should be Super Bowl contenders   

    It's kind of scary when you think of the fact that there is some talent that will be coming back too. It's early - but I really, really like the looks of this years team and coaching staff.
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  5. RSJ added a post in a topic Kristian Dyer on Fitz thus far   

    Was listening to a Bruce Ariens interview on XM last night. Basically he went through the difficulty in his own teams players coming off injury and getting their play time back. Ariens runs a demanding camp and practice making it difficult for a player to come off injury and play at the same speed as guys who have been healthy. In Ariens system even backups get reps during practice so everyone on the team is in top physical condition and the timing is there even with the back ups. If Bowles runs the same type of practice and camp, I can see why he favors guys that have been out there over guys coming off injury,
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  6. RSJ added a post in a topic Trade proposal   

    Do you think he is getting the job when he comes back?
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  7. RSJ added a post in a topic COME ON JAGS!!!!   

    I never really understood the hype with Miami. The DL is great and the QB is good - but the rest of the team is awful. 
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  8. RSJ added a post in a topic Major opportunity early for the Jets.   

    Great point. I personally think Bowles quiet style has the media overlooking the roster and team. Bowles is probably watching film most nights instead of talking to Manish. On paper, literally the only position the Colts are better in is QB and our DL should be able to get pressure on him. 
    Side note: I can't wait for Sheldon to join this group on defense.
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  9. RSJ added a post in a topic Major opportunity early for the Jets.   

    I agree. This game is pretty big considering the results around the league today. Otoh the Jets dont lose much ground if they lose to a Colts team on MNF in their home opener. On paper though the Jets should win this game.
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  10. RSJ added a post in a topic Light a Candle for Leonard Williams   

    That is great news. If the Jets can hang in there record wise and stay healthy. When Richardson comes back this DL is going to be amazing.
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  11. RSJ added a post in a topic Effort tonight   

    I was impressed by a lot of players too.Not only was the effort very good - but the consistency was also encouraging. It was probably the first time in about 5 years that I can say this.
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  12. RSJ added a post in a topic ***** Official NY Jets vs Detroit Lions Game Thread *****   

    I agree. No push, no moves. Jets will cut Richardson and go with Williams next year. Guaranteed.
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  13. RSJ added a post in a topic Any take aways from tonight?   

    Mauldin has a ton of potential. Looked really good.
    Petty also shows potential
    B Marsh looks great.
    Fitz will be good/serviceable/better than Geno.
    Cant take much from starting defense. Vanilla scheme.
    Our back up WR's cant catch.
    Hopefully the Jets switch Prior's position again because he sucks at this one too.
    Anyone associated with Idzik should be punched in the face this week.
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  14. RSJ added a post in a topic Jets Source on Geno: He Deserved It   

    It's a good thing the Jets stopped drafting those high character guys everyone was complaining about.
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  15. RSJ added a post in a topic Geno Smith Punched by IK, out 6-10 weeks. All discussion here (MERGED)   

    This has never happened before. I'm gonna go with my gut and say Geno wasn't innocently standing by his locker when he got punched out of nowhere. Bowles even said the were BOTH arguing. Leaders dont get dragged into stuff like that.
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