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  1. I think that Mac has drafted like a scout. Scouts picks are for the long term and may take a little longer to develop.
  2. Why do people read, let alone post Mehta or Costello. I would rather read my cats opinion on the Jets.
  3. I agree. I could even see B Marsh trying to recruit Cutler. Which at this point if they could get Cutler it would probably be easier to compete the next two years.
  4. If you don't think Belichick is one of the greatest coaches of this generation, I can't help you.
  5. I believe his son Taylor just signed to play college football at the Univ of Cincinnati. He plays RB. These should be the best day of Dorian's life. Terribly sad.
  6. Keep telling yourself it's Brady and not BB. Make sure you come back when Brady leaves and BB is still going to super bowls. Like he did with the Giant, Patriots the first time and would have with the Brown if they didnt announce the move. BB is a winner and the Jets never should have let him leave the building.
  7. He went 11-5 without Brady too. Maybe the whole team began peaking the year Brady took over? Also in Cleveland he was on the verge of success when they announced the team was moving.
  8. Yeah I am pretty sure I would look decent in that system and I probably can't throw a football 30 yards anymore.
  9. I have read a lot of your post lately. I think you are a great poster and you know a lot about the Jets. I hope you see that they try to keep this forum only about the Jets and not other outside issues. Plenty of time and plenty of stuff Jets related to hate each other about this season.
  10. Yeah I just read that too. I agree, sad either way - but this may have been McKnights fault.
  11. Great article. Still not sure why the NFL doesn't toss guys from games like college does for targeting.
  12. Based on what? Mehta is a joke and so is this article.
  13. Terrible news. RIP Joe McKnight.