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  1. That's not true. Woody has been successful in his own right and he wasn't paid by his grandfather to stay away.
  2. Mac isn't even close to the problem. The idiot DC who cant seem to hold onto playcalling duties along with our HC that spends all his time with a defense that still can't remember it's assignments is a much bigger problem. The other problem is our OC who still thinks he is coaching the 1995 Steelers. Finally the ST is still mostly a joke. Even Rex would have taken Marshall off the field after his first fumble for 6.
  3. Lets hope he turns it around. This guy has done next to nothing since entering the league. Just another "athlete" that a team drafts and holds onto for 3-5 years hoping he shows up.
  4. Even the win against Buffalo was ugly. When the Jets put together a single complete performance, I will become optimistic again. Its been really bad so far though.
  5. I am not disagreeing that they have played poorly. But is it the players or the coaches? Because everyone on the team seems inconsistent at this point. Every single player.
  6. You left out "Best talent evaluation and maybe the best coach since Parcells." He was certainly the best drafter in forever, no debating that. Got a raw deal on coaching. Should have gotten another year. Went to the Brown and then 49ers. Two places no one else wanted to be.
  7. Its a fair point. I dont think you make that call quite yet though as I think it is still too early. I think you have to see what happens this weekend. If Fitz comes out and plays bad in the first half, you make the change.
  8. lol. I know man. It was brutal and I was wondering why Geno wasnt in the game after #4. But Geno wasn't fixing all the problems from today. They are just a bad team. Coaching and playing.
  9. I think its time for you to put down your beer, kiss your Geno Smith poster on the lips and go to bed.
  10. I just think most Jets fans need to come to the reality that this team and its coaching as a whole just isnt very good right now. Not just the quarterback.
  11. Since you obviously just started watching football a few days ago, you might be interested to know that Vinny was once an 11 year journeyman too. So yeah, its not really that bad.
  12. Yeah thats what I meant. Good reading comprehension on your part.
  13. You know who else threw 6 picks in a game once? Vinny Testeverde.
  14. No you didn't. The Pats win games with virtually no one at QB. While its unrealistic to think the Jets should too - I think it is pretty reasonable to think the Jets could have been competitive with Fitz at QB. Fitz wasnt the only problem today. Decker couldnt get open. J Marshall returns kicks like he plays for Dillon Panthers, B Marshall is playing on one leg. Travis Kelce is apparently the second coming of Ozzie Newsome, our fearsome pass rush got no pressure, our GM thought it would be a good idea to sign a RB that needs to be on a pitch count, Pryor still cant hit or cover. The game plan once again made everyone look horrible. When you get beat this bad its never on one player.