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  1. I dont like the idea of a team tanking in the NFL. It doesnt make a whole lot of sense.
  2. Good depth and competition. Played well with Pitt.
  3. Mangold saying it holds more weight. I still believe Hack can be a starter and a good one - but it may not be this season. And I think there lies the Jets problem.
  4. Kelly seems a little immature - but he can play. I would love the Jets to pick him because you could stick him on IR for a year. If he was healthy the whole year and didn't have a thing for whores, he would probably be a top 5 pick.
  5. Yeah its really stunning. I think Tennessee is maybe the only stadium cheaper. Every other one is much, much higher.
  6. Everyone is talking about Fournette - but Cook is the better fit in the new OC's system and just as talented, if not more than Fournette imo. Its still early - but the Jets need an explosive RB like Cook and not a I Formation type RB like Fournette.
  7. In addition to all the other reasons, Harrison did not want to play in a 3-4. NT's get beat up more in a 3-4 and it shortens their career.
  8. I feel the same way. Interested to see what moves they make this offseason - but I like giving Bowles another year. He will be a good coach in time. I also like the coaching hires.
  9. Brady couldnt climb up the depth chart his rookie year either. It doesn't say much about a career trajectory one way or another.
  10. The reason I hope we draft Switzer this year and keep Decker. You can never have enough good slot players. Last year the Jets had none, including at the TE position.
  11. Weren't the Jets giving PSL owners the opportunity to buy more seats last year? Idc, I am pretty psyched and I feel like I just stole these seats.
  12. Thanks for pointing these out. I jumped right on it and he accepted my offer. So excited to get back to some games again!
  13. Maybe McDaniels is waiting for BB to retire? Seems like he is definitely looking for something that doesnt come around often since this is the second year in a row he had multiple offers and said no thanks. There are multiple articles out there this season that Daboll was being groomed and McDaniels had three offers and still didnt leave.
  14. Fair point. I feel the comfortableness with Bowles is a plus. Also, despite those rankings he must be a pretty good coach for BB to take him back after the Jets. Idk if anyone has ever been hired back from that Mangini staff? OC rankings, in fairness can be a mix of outside issues. Just like defensive rankings.
  15. Since this is probably the right place for my uneducated guess on the next Jets OC. I am going to go ahead and say the next Jets OC will be Pats TE coach Brian Daboll. Why do I think this? Because Daboll coached with Bowles in Mia in 2011. He has coached with the Jets before under Mangini. And finally he was groomed to take over as Pats OC this year - but then McDaniels decided to stay. Daboll is not getting any younger, has lots of experience and is a good enough coach for BB to take him back after leaving for the Jets. I think it makes a lot of sense from both sides.