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  1. I have no doubt he will resurface as a very good WR. Terrible coaching and QB play while he was here with the Jets.
  2. The next player I hear say "I want to play with Geno", will be the first, college or pro.
  3. I am glad people brought up Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson threw for 54%, 59%, and 58% at NC State, then went to Wisconsin and threw for 72% - but the team and coaching staff had nothing to do with it. Maybe it would have been better if Hack transferred to Alabama and threw for 80% - but then you dont get him in the second round. Also keep in mind Wilson red shirted at NC State and was two years older than Hack coming out. Scouting players isn't about what they did in college, its about what they project to do in the NFL. Sometimes players reach their full potential and sometimes they don't. Hopefully Hack does.
  4. Just like with Hackenberg, the things Geno did wrong are correctable. Geno also never played in an NFL system and had to learn two different systems over his first two seasons. I will be interested to see how he does in OTA's and training camp - but I am willing to bet that with a year on the sidelines he will show vast improvement. Same with Hack. He needs a little time to sit and work on his short game - but man does he ever have a strong arm and quick release. I mean top shelf arm.
  5. Hackenberg's stats were definitely pretty bad in his last season - but he did have a winning record all three years. He did this with a very bad team his last two season, in a pretty tough conference. Nice article btw.
  6. It's totally ridiculous that Mo isn't signed long term. If they worked out the right long term deal it wouldnt start weighing heavy on the cap for three years or so. Even hiding behind the Richardson situation doesnt make sense. There are other areas on the team that could be trimmed next year to make room for a new Richardson's deal. Even though Richardson is a better player, the Jets should be the one they try to get at a discount and play hard ball with him. I would think it would be easier considering his off field issues. Its almost as if Jets fans and the front office forget what it's like to have a defense where no one player can obtain 12 sacks in a year.
  7. Nice! This kid kind of plays a little bit like Victor Greene did. I'll be excited to see what he does in training camp.
  8. Interesting. Great post. It was different back then. I'm sure Montana played in some BS college offense too. And as you pointed out he came out after senior year, not junior year.
  9. Yeah you are probably in the concussion protocol together.
  10. Jeez, I didn't know I was chatting with Ron Wolf. lol Every year there are about 15 players with first round grades on them. Just because there are 32 teams in the doesn't mean there are 32 first round prospects. Montana had very unimpressive numbers in college. Not sure how you predicted Montana when his college production was pretty average. I mean you can't possibly become a franchise QB if you have bad college numbers, right? Wasn't that your point? Now go give Ray Lucas a call and see what he thinks.
  11. 4 first round QB's this year? Are you serious? lol There are other QB's who had sub par college careers and were productive in the NFL. I brought up Warren Moon and you said it was because of his 8 years in the CFL. Warren Moon only played 6 years in the CFL. Why should I keep bringing up others for someone who cant get his facts straight on the first one I brought up? He was undrafted and not even offered a tryout so it's kinda hard to say how he would have done in an NFL camp. Who is to say Moon wouldnt have had the same success in the NFL that he had in the CFL? Want some others? Elway was 15-18 as a starter. This years #1 pick was 14-23 as a starter. How about Joe Montana? His stats were horrible. Never above 54% and never more than 11 tds. None of this really matters. Because scouting and drafting is a projection. It's not like other things. I'm not going to get into the Texans decision making and rumors on whats going on there. I'll just say that I dont really care what O'Brien or Rick Smith think of our choice. They barely made the playoff for the first time in forever in the AFC South. Not a franchise I want to model after. Its been pretty evident that Rick Smith listens to no one and has a lot of pull there. Which is why he is still there and Kubiak is gone.
  12. Yeah so there have been other besides Moon. I am not going to look them all up. As far as Houston is concerned. Rick Smith makes the call there. O'Brien never even talked to Osweiler before he was signed. He has no input on the draft or free agency. I dont think anyone on the board feels a second round pick is automatically a franchise QB. No more than they felt Devin Smith was a franchise WR last year. I think a lot of people like the pick and are hopeful he turns out to be good. There are only 15 players in the draft with first round grades. After that everyone has some flaws.
  13. Off the top of my head I would say Warren Moon had a horrible college career and turned out to be a decent QB. Brady wasn't even the starter at Michigan, Drew Henson was. He also couldnt beat out Brian Griese. But I don't think any QB was in a situation quite like Hackenberg was at Penn State either. It's not often that the top rated HS prospect sticks it out in that program, with those sanctions. They had one scholarship athlete on the OL and he was hurt. The rest were converted DL's. I also wouldnt call Hackenberg a franchise QB. He was a second round pick, I dont think its fair to use the word franchise at this point. He is a second round pick just like Devin Smith was. But I dont think it would be shocking if Hackenberg turned out to be one either. Not being able to win your starting job in college and then having a HOF career like Brady did is more impressive I think.
  14. On a side note, it was well publicized that Bill O'Brien never spoke to Osweiler prior to his big signing with the Texans. It is also pretty well known that Houston GM Rick Smith makes all the personnel decisions during free agency and the draft. I wonder how much information on Hackenberg Mac gained from that one year in Houston with O'Brien.
  15. I totally agree with you. I think this years schedule sets up perfectly to start out with Geno. If he plays great, then awesome. If he doesn't then Hack or Petty will be in there at some point. If you sign Fitz and he struggles, it will cause a problem the whole year. Fans, the media and players in the locker room will be blaming it on the tough schedule. It will be at least week 8 before the coaching staff can even put in Geno to evaluate him. Ok, sorry. I am done hijacking your thread now.