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  1. Williams can play. Given the knuckleheads Rex refused to cut when he was here has me scared of just what kind of a nutbag this kid is.
  2. The old AOL days were great. It's what got me started with this nonsense.
  3. Geno is the new Herm Edwards. It's unreal that anyone would still want him on the roster.
  4. Anderson looks legit. I dont think he gets to the PS if the Jets cut him and honestly he has looked the best of the young WR's.
  5. I would be a little careful here. Fitz has played well in the regular season. Geno has never. Also, while I like Petty for the number 2 job and Geno getting cut. I still think the best situation is having Petty battle for number one next season.
  6. Thats a great point. It does hurt the development around the league.
  7. Its going to be a crime to lose one of these young guys because the Jets keep Geno on the roster.
  8. LOL! Geno has literally NEVER completed that pass before.
  9. Same. Petty is pretty fun to watch though.
  10. And that's how you play quarterback.
  11. Geno does that all the time.
  12. It feels like it takes Geno forever to set his feet. Then he stares down one WR. Honestly it takes him so long to set up though idk if he would have time to look anyplace else.
  13. Look on the bright side. If Millner didnt get hurt it would be 28-2.
  14. Its at the point that I will wonder if this regime knows what they are doing if Geno is on the roster this season. If Fitz got hurt, they would literally be better off taking a knee than letting Geno play QB.