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  1. Here's where we disagree

    NFL players have to pay taxes to each state they play in. So the home state is important - but it's more complicated than that. Each road game they need to file a separate return for. Playing in an income tax free state like Texas or Florida is obviously the best way to go. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  2. Would be pretty fitting if the Giants get the first pick instead of the Jets because the Pats bench everyone and Bowles is still playing his vets. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  3. Darron Lee

    He also just plain takes bad angles. There was a play near the sidelines where I couldn't tell if the angle was bad or he was afraid to hit. It was already a big play - but those extra yards on the end of runs add up. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  4. This is a really good point. If there was one positive today, it's that I was impressed with the offensive scheme. The offense was definitely not the reason we lost. Of the three units it has the least talent and performed pretty well. Firing Bowles and replacing him with Morton during this season would be a smart move. We already know Bowles is horrible.
  5. It wasnt even the date I requested. I have three tickets so it wouldnt work this week. I am sure there will be other chances this year. lol
  6. Was thinking the same thing. I actually like MetLife - but it can use a lot more.
  7. Is this an actual rebuild?

    It's pretty funny that the coach Woody was the quickest to fire during his 20 years of owning the team (Mangini), may have built the best team Woody will ever see. Says a lot about what a moron he is.
  8. Is this an actual rebuild?

    Wait, there's a good player on this roster?
  9. I will be going and I am still working out the tailgating. Not even sure where I will be doing it yet. I agree though that this will be the best part of the season. I got invited to the breakfast thing this week and decided that less interaction with employees of the Jets would probably be best so I ignored it.
  10. Can someone get Mangini back in the building btw? Does anyone at 1 Jets Dr know his phone number?
  11. Jeez I seriously dont know. I can't remember a team being so helpless. At least the mid 90's team with Kotite had kids who showed some flashes like Keyshawn, Chrebet, Aaron Glenn, Victor Green, etc. I seriously dont even think all that cap room and a early QB is going to make a difference. This team literally has nothing.
  12. Yeah Naples looks like its going to get it really bad. Stay safe down there!
  13. Stay safe buddy. My parents evacuated today. They went to my uncles house in Pembrook Pines. Now if they only listened to me last Monday and came to Connecticut like I told them to. The one time I was right and look what happened.
  14. My parents are in Naples, Florida. They spend most of the year down there. Hoping and praying everyone is safe down there.
  15. Jets fans when observing Wesley Johnson blocking and WRs who couldn't start at UCLA for a struggling Hack: Man Hack sucks!!! F this guy!!! We are tanking like we play in the NBA Jets fans when Rosen has top recruits surrounding him and struggles: Man this kid is HOF ready, if he just had better players around him. Here's the deal guys: Bowles gives the media nothing to write about. They are building this "tank" mantra on their own. It gives them an article to write on a no football news weekend. Don't buy into it. It's 100% fake news. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app