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  1. If everything breaks right 9 or 10 games. This team was still in the game at KC after Fitz threw his 5th pick. The defense coming together is not that far fetched, and if that happens they just need to be solid on offense to get to 9 wins.
  2. It takes two sides to renegotiate a contract. I dont think I would be interested in signing an extension at this point if I was Enunwa.
  3. Hack is 22 and will have a below average offense around him. I do not think big stats are necessary for him to be the 2018 starter. I think in order to be the started in 2018 he has to manage the game well and show flashes of ability. Finally he will have to show improvement throughout the season. The 3000 yards and +1 td/int seems reasonable to me.
  4. Ok, but there is no Kmart stock, soooo maybe you want to use a better analogy?
  5. But there is no K-Mart stock? lol Sears/Kmart actually may prove to be a great buy at the moment. Retail is going through a similar transformation that the auto industry went through in 2008. Wish I bought Ford for $1 back then.
  6. Kmart doesnt have stock. It's owned by Sears. Thanks for another intelligent observation though
  7. Every single thing in life that you purchase is an investment, every single thing.
  8. In the late 90's before the NFL got a handle on it, season ticket rights transfers for the Jets were selling on ebay for 3k a seat. This was for upper level seats. Granted, the Jets had Parcells and a good team - but what would your opinion on the value of that seat have been in 1995?
  9. Supply/Demand. Thats really the only thing happening here. With 80M in cap, the development of some players this year and probably a decent draft pick, that can change very quickly.
  10. lol. If you look around the league, you would be hard pressed to find a cheaper PSL right now. The titans I believe are literally the only one that competes on price, and they are in Tennessee. But yes, always buy low and sell high. I wish I took my own advice when I bought apple stock last
  11. Yeah timing is everything man. I forgot to mention that even if we did purchase the PSL in 2009 we would not have been able to attend that many games. We were at the drag a kid to every sport phase. So timing is important, I totally agree. I am not looking for the Jets to win games. I just hope they play hard and get better. I look forward to seeing the young players play. I dont think they are as bad of a team as people are saying - but thats for another thread. lol
  12. I mean this totally honestly. Everyone has a different budget. When the Jets wanted me to cough up 20k for my two seats plus the season ticket cost, the cost/reward changed. This time I got three PSL's for $600 and the season only costs 4k. I spend close to that in cable every year and I watch two channels. This is a fun day with two sons in college, and a daughter in high school, its the most time I will spend with them all fall. Plus a lot of other people that I dont get to see and hang out with very often, let alone for a full day. As far as getting back in is concerned, the time is now. Don't wait until they have a competitive year and add pieces because by then it will be too late. Just my humble opinion.
  13. Like many others who have already said similar things, Going to a game is not all about how the Jets play. Each game I get to spend with different people that I can't get enough time with. My wife, her best friend and I are going to the Pats game. Her best friend is a Pats fan so we always have a fun time. My oldest son is a Jets fan. Him and I will go to a few games. My middle son is attending U Conn in the fall and will go to the Atlanta game with me. My daughter likes any team associated with a cat. So this is a big year for us with the Jags and the Panthers on the schedule. My wifes Uncle is a dolphins fan so we will go to that game with my wifes cousin. My wifes cousin is paying me back by taking me to Alabama vs LSU. And of course my sister who lives in Jersey will be attending a game or two with me. Between work, school, and living in different areas, I can't think of better spent money than spending a day at a Jets game with the above people. I gave up my ticket in 2009 and just got them back this year. Some of the best times I had were during the worst football games you have ever seen this team play. It's really only partially about the Jets play on the field.
  14. Owning a home wasnt for everyone in 2008. These things go in cycles.