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  1. MNF

    Idk, but it would be pretty sweet if the Jets could get Bill O'Brien as their OC.
  2. MNF

    Yeah, it was a big surprise that he got a contract extension because he has had many questionable moves and its even been reported him and O'Brien dont see eye to eye.
  3. MNF

    Yeah, O'Brien didn't even meet with Brock if I remember correctly. Also after selecting Hack, Mac was asked about O'Brien not picking him and Mac said something like he respects Bill and wants to "keep it professional" I kind of read it as O'Brien would have loved to have him - but Rick Smith is an idiot.
  4. MNF

    We will see - but I don't think Bill O'Brien wanted Brock. The GM did.
  5. I would only start Petty if he was ready to start. Only the coaches know the answer to that question at this point.
  6. They also think Sperm Edwards should be be made to keep his posts under 140 characters at all times?
  7. I would hope December. Unless Petty is playing lights out.
  8. What else did you want Mac to do in that situation? You wanted him to hit on all 7 of his draft picks instead? That 2014 roster was horrible. 2/3 of those guys arent even in the NFL anymore. By getting contracts he can get out of in two years alone tells me he knew these were band aids to cover up a bad roster until he can catch up with drafting and signing UDFA's. Hey, I am not even asking that Petty or Hack are pro bowlers. Solid QB's that dont turn it over a million times would go a long way for me too.
  9. Ron Rivera, Bill Parcells, Tom Coughlin, Bill Belicheck (Cleveland), all started slow. It's actually harder to find a good head coach that was winning Super Bowls in his second year in his first job, And yes I dont count college. If Saban came back and won in the NFL, I would not consider his time at Alabama the reason. Brandon Marshall drops some key balls and his ability to improve a locker room or huddle is questionable at best. Its no coincidence that he has never been to the playoffs, even on a younger and better version of the Jets offense just a few short years ago. Decker was good in the slot for sure. He was bad outside, which is why I don't consider them a great "duo" They had great numbers - but they both don't play opposite outside from each other. Look, I am all on your side next year this time if Bowles is having the same problems. But I highly doubt it will be the case. Mac has been smarter than credited. There are lots of solid vets on this roster that can be renegotiated or let go. Clady can probably be renegotiate and put at RT or Guard. Then they can draft a G or LT. Marshall can be let go for Enunwa. Revis can be renegotiated and moved to FS or used as a #2 CB while they draft or sign another. Those moves plus others like them, another solid draft and finding a solid QB that doesnt turn the ball over and the team should be headed in the right direction.
  10. First off I am talking NFL experience as a HC, not overall experience. I wouldn't count college experience since it's a different kind of coach that generally succeeds there. So you really want me to list all the Super Bowl winning coaches that struggled their first 2-4 years as a NFL HEAD COACH or are you going to look some up and realize that just about all of them have? Who on this team do you think is so good? Brandon Marshal may be the best player on offense and he has never been to the playoffs. Decker was considered a product of Payton Manning and I kind of feel like its true. Forte is like 100 years old. Carpenter was a disappointment on Seattle. Clady is older and solid - but not great. Enunwa may be the best prospect on the offense along with the rookie WR's that are all UDFA's and developing nicely. On Defense, they are an older or unrpoven group. Pryor has yet to be consistent in this league - but still is playing better than he had under Rex. The defense is also a weird mix of talent and not one scheme fit. I think that this has been part of the problem. Trying to find the right scheme for this group. This is why the GM gave them all contracts he can get out of this season. Free agency isn't how you build a Super Bowl winner. That's what happens when you draft as poorly as the Jets have. It's great to think Denver is trading us a 26 year old Ryan Clady for a 5th round pick - but the reality is he isn't 26 and that's not how it works. Teams dont let go of great free agents or trade them away. The best you can hope for is solid veterans and the occasional hit on a contributor. As far as when you can start talking about it goes, you can obviously talk about it all you want - but I think it's silly at this point. It won't make sense until the beginning of next season. By then the draft picks should be developing. Some sort of QB who is at the least solid should emerge, and some of these Vet free agents should be moved to less critical positions or ct all together. The team should start taking the image of the new regime.
  11. Carroll coached terrible that year and lost the team after being out coached. He then spent 3 years in NE before he went to Seattle. Carroll isn't the only example I pointed out if you read my post there have been many, many examples of coaches starting out slow or needing some time to figure things out. No one said 10-15 years - that's ridiculous. Bowles took over a bad team with Ryan Fitzpatrick as his best quarterback option. He deserves a little time. The rest of this year and next year is the least he deserves. Lets see if one of these QB's shows that they can play and have another good draft. Fill in some new free agents and I think we should see an improvement next year. If its the same nonsense then I agree, he should go - but until then its silly to talk about letting him go right now.
  12. What are you even talking about? lol Many, many, many great coaches struggled until they got it together. Including, a few that had their first crack with the Jets and then went on to win Super Bowls. Were you too you to remember the fake spike game and the losing streak that followed? You are rushing to judgment. This teams roster still sucks.
  13. Do you really think it's fair to grade a coach after 21 games? Do you really think the Jets are a talented and deep team?
  14. Thats a great post Sperm. I never thought about the treatment after the injury. Great point and it makes a lot of sense.
  15. I agree. 2-3 weeks is all I give Geno. Hope I am wrong - but I doubt that I am.