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  1. Good coaching can do amazing things.
  2. Quincy Enunwa

    I agree. It is really awesome to see all of these guys contributing and developing. Enunwa is a little different than most WR's because he is kind of a hybrid TE due to his blocking. He causes major match up problems and like you said, if his hands get better (which they should) he is going to be a real nightmare for defenses.
  3. Bobby April needs to go

    You get your special teamers from late round picks and free agency. Jets have a few positions that are deep - but overall the last few drafts have killed the depth of this team.
  4. Bobby April needs to go

    I think it's a testament to the lack of depth on the roster right now. It's going to take another offseason to build it up. 
  5. We missed Powell & Enunwa

    Thats why I have tried to be patient with this years team. Any team can go out and spend money - but it takes a good coach, front office and time to build the necessary depth to win consistently. Powell and Enunwa are two of many guys that are getting better and adding depth to the team.
  6. Warfish likes quotable coaches like Herm and Rex. He would have fired BB after the 2000 season.
  7. Remember when you wrote threads like this about keeping Herm around? I like my judgement on coaches better than yours.
  8. ^This   Jets were beat by an average of 26 point the last three times they played the Bills. If they dont make mistakes the Jets win easily. I think that is decent progress.
  9. I really cant believe the reaction. Maybe they need to pop in some tapes of what Calvin Pryor and other Jets looked like last year.
  10. I know the Jets signed a lot of free agents in the offseason - but it is still going to take some time. There is no depth on this roster and it will take some time to build it. Add to that most of the young players on this roster are just now getting coaching. I am happy for Rex and dont want to take anything away from him - but the Bills were 9-7 last season. No coach in the league was turning this thing around in one season. The 97 Jets had a lot of talent too - but it takes some time to get everything right.
  11. Jared Goff

    That's what I meant by needing a deeper WR corp for it to work in the NFL. The spread works in college for a few different reasons. First, it spreads the field creating lots of passing lanes (thats basic football). Second, like you said, it finds the sh*thead on defense (or mismatch) to exploit. The third thing is that there are no limits on reps you can take in shorts and a t-shirt in college or in the NFL. Teams like the 60's Packers, 70's Steelers won because they had talent - but they also ran tough, long, hard hitting practices where everyone took a ton or reps. Reps used to mean running a sweep right 1000 times in practice until it was perfect. You can't do that today in the NFL or NCAA with the hitting rules. I encourage everyone to watch E:60 with Edelman if they want to know how he went from college QB to NFL star WR. He had so many reps with Brady, he could run a hitch in his sleep, step for step. Thats why he is so effective. He runs his routes perfect, and knows how to run them perfect against different overages. Thats why the spread works in college. NFL rosters are smaller. In college you can have 15 WR's getting reps with the QB's 6 hours a day. Then just play the mismatches every week.
  12. Jared Goff

    This is a very good question. I think it's because those teams dont exclusively run the spread. They also mix in other offensive sets. I would love to see an OC in the NFL only run the spread. I am betting with a deep and good enough WR corp it could definitely work.
  13. 2 seconds too long?

    Lewis definitely scares me if he gets on a LB. I think the Jets will try to play a lot of dime tomorrow when he is in the game and depend on the four down lineman and Harris to stop the run in that situation. Maybe even a dime with 3 safeties, and 3 CB's. I think that might me their best strategy when Lewis is in the game.
  14. Pryor - BUST!?

    He has been playing better. Will be interested to see what his ceiling is. Still pretty high for a safety on a team with so many other needs at the time. Rex and his coaching staff are horrible - but so was Idzik.
  15. Let's be realistic...

    Last season was a long time ago.