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  1. This OC thing is turning out awesome. Good thing they held onto Bowles.
  2. Denver fans seem to love the guy. Surviving three coaches is an accomplishment and he has developed some nice RB's. Try to keep in mind lots of good coordinators started in all different position coach roles.
  3. Some of this I would think would depend on who the Jets picture their QB of the future to be.
  4. Mahomes could be a guy that rises to the top 10. He has serious arm talent.
  5. You won't sit me. You need to play your best 5 and my back up plays like he has two left feet. Take your deal and shove it. lol
  6. If I am Winters there is no way I sign something like that. Not a chance. I know how good I am too. Not just the front office.
  7. I mean you are not totally wrong. I would just point out that the cap room wasnt available last season to do something like that. Lets see if he does some of this stuff moving forward.
  8. If they gave Winter good money and he tore his ACL week one, you would be screaming. Fact is Winters is a JAG who had an above average year.
  9. Congrats! I think it was a good move and may do the same if the prices are reasonable in the Feb-Mar time frame. Buy low/Sell high.
  10. Cam Robinson would fit right in with all these false starts.
  11. That is fine if the Jets pick him - but can they nab Switzer too? Because I love that dude.
  12. I would think Winters injury would hurt his value somewhat at the very least. Also, although Winter had a good year, I hardly think he is worth top OG money. He is a mid tier OG. Mid tier money or I will take a comp pick.
  13. I agree. If the coaches went to a 4-3 he would be a perfect fit.
  14. Yeah I mean thats a great question. He had 7 sacks this year and is still only 28. Its still hard to find players like him. Even with a bad hand.