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  1. Most of those guys were mediocre and had career years with Chan as their coach. Its not like Fiedler went on to win super bowls and league MVP's once Chan left. lol So probably a better way to look at it is that he got the most out of his players.
  2. Darron Lee- Scouting Report

    I love the pick. I thought before the draft that the Jets would take a safety and use him in this way - but instead they got Lee who is faster than most safeties and can rush the passer. With the Pats adding a second TE and with all teams spreading defenses out it makes sense to value a player like Lee very high. He will be used in nickel like Bowles said - but the Jets and most teams are in nickel a lot to counter these spread attacks like NE's. So it makes the position as important as any starter.
  3. Hackenberg kind of reminds me of Testeverde. He needs a clean pocket to pass in and he will need to be in the right system. I like him because has a huge arm and has all the natural abilities you look for in a QB - but he is not going to win the game by himself at this point. Vinny struggled in the west coast offense and struggled when rushers where at his feet very much the same way. Andrew Luck does too as a matter of fact. I am not saying Hackenberg will be great and its a guarantee- but he does have all the unteachabletools to be a very good NFL QB. It's much easier to teach footwork than it is arm strength and size.
  4. Karl Joseph

    It hasn't been talked about a lot - but safety makes a lot of sense.Bowles liked to use three, even four safeties on the field at the same time with the Cardinals. The Jets have twogood one ones (I expect Pryor to be even better this year)- but if they were to pick up another stud like this kid it would make sense and be huge for the defense. Bowles three safety look slowed the Pats offense last year. The Pats added another TE. Makes perfect sense.
  5. Extremely early look at the 2017 Draft

    I really like Chad Kelly. He has a cannon and seems to have matured since his incident. The test will be this year after losing some big weapons. If he still does well I think he is my favorite QB in a while.
  6. How far could Laremy Tunsil drop?

    This draft is shaping up similar to last years. Its possible a top 15 player slips to 20. That would be a great scenario for the Jets.
  7. Josh Norman is a FA

    Makes no sense at all. I would figure someone would have given up a 2 at the very least.
  8. Totally agree. If he was that good, he would be the Bucs franchise QB. I would like to see the Jets draft someone, preferably Hackenberg.
  9. I totally agree with you. I actually think it would be a good move at the right price.
  10. Good coaching can do amazing things.
  11. Quincy Enunwa

    I agree. It is really awesome to see all of these guys contributing and developing. Enunwa is a little different than most WR's because he is kind of a hybrid TE due to his blocking. He causes major match up problems and like you said, if his hands get better (which they should) he is going to be a real nightmare for defenses.
  12. Bobby April needs to go

    You get your special teamers from late round picks and free agency. Jets have a few positions that are deep - but overall the last few drafts have killed the depth of this team.
  13. Bobby April needs to go

    I think it's a testament to the lack of depth on the roster right now. It's going to take another offseason to build it up.
  14. We missed Powell & Enunwa

    Thats why I have tried to be patient with this years team. Any team can go out and spend money - but it takes a good coach, front office and time to build the necessary depth to win consistently. Powell and Enunwa are two of many guys that are getting better and adding depth to the team.