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  1. Our GM has no idea how supply/demand works.
  2. The Eagles were talented but disillusioned about their place in rock and roll. They were a soft rock band that was inoffensive to the ears of the masses, hence their popularity. They're the vanilla ice cream/white bread of rock. They thought they were Led Zepplin when in reality they were closer to Rod Stewart or Fleetwood Mac. Sure, their greatest hits album is the highest-selling record of all-time, but McDonald's has sold more cheeseburgers than anyone else and I don't think anyone would argue that their burgers are great. The Eagles' best true "rock" songs weren't even written by them. Take It Easy was almost entirely written by Jackson Browne, and Rocky Mountain Way was a Joe Walsh tune. They had a few others songs that rocked (Life In The Fast Lane (overrated), Heartache Tonight, The Long Run) but most of their collection is soft stuff that is more country, easy-listening than rock and roll.
  3. On paper, as is, this could potentially be a zero win team.
  4. The signings of Ijalana at $5.5mm/per and Beachum at $8mm/per, coupled with the pursuit of Hightower at $12mm/year make me question the sanity of Maccagnan. Ijalana is a fringe-starter/backup type but we're giving him starter money. Every contract he's given out have left the team with almost no upside based on the # of years in the contract. For instance, Beachum's contract pays him well for a player who wasn't good last year, but the third year of the deal voids if he makes the pro-bowl in 2017 or 2018. So if he's good while he's here he can leave after two years, but if he sucks then we're on the hook for the third year? How is that a good deal for the Jets? Also, to the Hightower deal - is he $5.5mm/year better than David Harris? What about the #1 draft pick from last year that you're paying $6mm/year to? Is he unable to play MLB? If Hightower did sign, is $18mm/year between him and Lee really a wise investment given that MLB is a non-premium position? Maccagnan looks rather clueless in 2017...
  5. This is all well and great, except that Davis Webb sucks.
  6. The Jets are obsessed with run-stopping middle linebackers who can't cover in a league that requires a dominant, pass-rushing OLB.
  7. This post reminds me of the time Martin Shkreli went on CBS to discuss the death of Harambe and trolled the hosts endlessly, but the true beauty of it was that Shkreli never once broke character and the hosts had no clue they were being trolled. That's what I think SAR, who is an expert-master in trolling, is doing here. For your viewing pleasure.
  8. Also, most rookie QB's aren't playing behind the best offensive line in football with the best running back in football while throwing to 3x Pro Bowler at WR and a Hall of Famer at tight end. As far as NFL QB's are concerned, Dak was born on third base and everyone is acting like he hit a triple to get there.
  9. Knowing the Jets, they draft him and ask him to bulk up to play RT.
  10. It's helpful that the Jets really don't have any option but to tank. They have no QB and don't have enough ammunition to go on a shopping spree in FA that would somehow turn this into a 10 win team. So yeah, sometimes things work out.
  11. There isn't one player I want in free agency. Honestly. I'd be perfectly content with fielding a roster of draft picks and undrafted free agents next year.
  12. Welcome back, Geno!