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  1. Todd Bowles is going to find a way to get Tanner Glass on this roster.
  2. If only David Harris was on the team on April 2nd to provide the guidance & leadership this linebacking corp needs to stay on the straight and narrow, this never would have happened.
  3. I'm convinced that any fan not named Bitonti could draft better than the NYJ. I'm also convinced that there's no need for this team to have a scouting department. Simply picking up a copy of the Sporting News Draft edition the morning of the draft would be far more qualitative than any reports our scouts could whip up. Just auto draft from the Draft Guide and we're well on our way to being where we all want: 8-8.
  4. You know we've hit rock bottom when Jets fans are writing their own articles from the future about how bright our future is.
  5. Me thinks Maccagnan saw Hackenberg in the first 8 practices and decided that he needed a QB from this year's draft class.
  6. I have no idea what Mike Maccagnan is thinking. This organization is f*cked.
  7. Brandon Marshal, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Darrell Revis, Antonio Cromartie, Buster Skrine, Mo Wilkerson, and Matt Forte not being benched for poor performance over the past two years.
  8. This is true, but don't be surprised when Darron Lee/Lorenzo Mauldin are parked on the bench next year and replaced by whatever slug veteran linebackers we have on the roster (DeMario Davis, Bruce Carter, etc). Bowles will play whoever is oldest.
  9. I have no problem with releasing David Harris, but this should have happened three months ago. It's more evidence that this organization has zero plan for the road ahead. How someone as sh*tty as DeMario Davis makes David Harris suddenly expendable is beyond me. If you wanted a "leader" in the linebacking corps so badly, they would have been better off signing Anthony Schlegel back onto the roster for nothing. Also, it wasn't a veteran linebacker that stopped Darron Lee from hitting a woman last week, it was a 21 year old defensive tackle, so this "veteran leadership" bullsh*t is just that.
  10. For the first time in years we have a talented tight end. My guess is Todd Bowles will ask him to gain the 30lbs back and move him to LT.
  11. i haven't witnessed them coach a single game? Please remind me what I've been doing on Sundays for the past two years, because all I can remember is watching Jets football. "Reflecting on 2016, defensive coordinator Kacy Rodgers admitted he underutilized cornerbacks Darryl Roberts (275 snaps) and Juston Burris(178). We all know the reason why: The Jets refused to sit Darrelle Revis even though he performed at a substandard level. That was a tough call for the coaches, who didn't want to embarrass the former great. They could've scaled back his playing time gradually, making it less obvious, but they opted to keep him on the field for every down. In fact, Revis led the team with 889 defensive snaps." Cowardly. They did the same thing with Cromartie back in 2015. This coaching staff is more worried about upsetting overpaid veterans than playing the best player.
  12. This coaching staff is spineless and incompetent.
  13. Every year we think we'll have a top 5 defense until we see Sheldon Richardson trudging around at 300lbs pretending to be a linebacker.
  14. Our GM has no idea how supply/demand works.
  15. The Eagles were talented but disillusioned about their place in rock and roll. They were a soft rock band that was inoffensive to the ears of the masses, hence their popularity. They're the vanilla ice cream/white bread of rock. They thought they were Led Zepplin when in reality they were closer to Rod Stewart or Fleetwood Mac. Sure, their greatest hits album is the highest-selling record of all-time, but McDonald's has sold more cheeseburgers than anyone else and I don't think anyone would argue that their burgers are great. The Eagles' best true "rock" songs weren't even written by them. Take It Easy was almost entirely written by Jackson Browne, and Rocky Mountain Way was a Joe Walsh tune. They had a few others songs that rocked (Life In The Fast Lane (overrated), Heartache Tonight, The Long Run) but most of their collection is soft stuff that is more country, easy-listening than rock and roll.