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  1. Gary Myers is a huge douchebag, for what it's worth.
  2. Jets’ Jamal Adams Earning High Marks

    Jamal Adams is going to be a great player for a long time. But when you don't have ANY talent at QB, WR, RB, TE, LT or OLB or CB, drafting safeties with high first rounders is bad business. I guess I'm saying I'd have rather invested in someone like Mahomes rather than Adams because the impact a QB can have on a game is 100x greater than that of a SS. Case in point, Adams has played well and we still gave up 45 points to the Raiders.
  3. Jets’ Jamal Adams Earning High Marks

    Yeah, great to see a top 6 pick performing microscopically better than a guy (Marcus Williams) who was picked in the middle of the second round. I don't think anyone ever doubted that Jamal Adams would be good, but drafting safeties in the top of round one is bad business more times than not.
  4. Here's the Jets Defense

    The irony is that Bowles was hell-bent on running the 4-3 last year with Sheldon, Wilkerson, and Leo and it was a disaster. We really don't have the personnel to effectively run the 4-3 or the 3-4 in an ideal way, which is why we see a dumpster fire week in and week out.
  5. Question about Multiple 0-16 teams

    Agreed. Rosen is the guy I really want - he makes throws that few guys are capable of making.
  6. Question about Multiple 0-16 teams

    Honestly, I don't think it matters whether we're one or two (assuming that both Rosen and Darnold enter the draft). All we need is one of the two to be available and I'll be a happy camper.
  7. I don't have any doubt that Eli Manning will be a Hall of Famer when he hangs up his cleats. The purpose of this thread is to debate if he deserves the honor that will likely be bestowed upon him. Personally, I think the idea of pointing at a QB's Super Bowl rings as the reason for their deservedness is pretty simple-minded and arguably dumb. Using that logic, Trent Dilfer is one Super Bowl away from being a Hall of Famer - see my point? But does a QB whose career QB Rating that is exactly the same as Bryan Hoyer's deserve to wear the yellow jacket? Does a guy with a lower QB rating than Jay Cutler and Mike Glennon deserve the honor? I'm of the belief that the Hall of Fame should be the best of the very best, and Eli Manning has never been a top 5 QB in any season he's ever played in. Eli Manning's average season looks like this "59.8%, 3,744 yards, 25 TDs, 17 INTs"....is that HoF worthy? Eli has zero MVPs but does have four Pro Bowls. Thoughts?
  8. Here's where we disagree

    The Jets GM and HC positions should be a dream for potential candidates. Literally all you need to do is be mediocre and you're essentially guaranteed to stay on as GM and HC for as long as you want. Herm Edwards had to go 4-12 before he was "traded" to KC. Rex Ryan posted the same record before he was fired. Eric Mangini is the only coach who (potentially) got a raw deal, but even he survived a 4-12 season before being given a playoff mandate which he obviously missed. If he wasn't such a secretive psychopath, he likely would have survived well beyond three years. We're probably going to have a top three pick, $80mm in cap space, an idiot owner abroad in England for the next three years (at least), and are in a division that has Tom Brady retiring in the next couple of years. What's not to like?
  9. Darron Lee

    It's on thing to bust on a premium position - QB, DE, LT, CB, pass rushing OLB - it's entirely another thing to bust on a MLB.
  10. Points from Yesterday

    Ira from Staten Island is a fool.
  11. The bitter irony for Maccagnan is that he'll be leaving the next GM exactly what he inherited: A top 5-6 pick in the NFL draft, no talent, and $60mm in cap space. This is karma, baby!
  12. New York Jets Report Card: Week 2

    You can't lose by 25 and not give the coaching staff an F. Of every game played in week 2 of the NFL, no team lost by a greater margin than the Jets. To lose by 25 in the NFL is a rare feat, and one I think the Jets are capable of accomplishing a handful of times this season thanks to Todd Bowles. I don't care how bad the talent is, and I don't care that we had to go cross country to play the Raiders, losing by this margin is inexcusable. The 49ers are every bit as untalented as the Jets and they gave the Seahawks a run for their money today. Cleveland is awful, started a rookie QB, and only lost by 14 to the Ravens. The Colts are on their third string QB who showed up two weeks ago and they took the Cardinals to OT. The Vikings' third string QB started today and they lost by 17 to the Steelers. What was the Jets' excuse? That they're young? Baloney. The Colts, Browns, Texans, Bengals and Rams are all younger than the Jets, and all manage to field more competitive teams than the Jets.
  13. Start Petty Next Week vs Dolphins

    I think part of this is due to Todd Bowles being naturally conservative and part of it being that Todd Bowles is coaching to not get blown out. He doesn't care about winning, he cares about fielding a team that keeps things close enough so that he can sell the fans, media, and Woody the "we're young and we're bad but we're competitive and getting better" story in hopes that it's enough for him to get another year. That's why this fool is kicking field goals when he's down by 40 (last year) and punting when he's down two scores with < 5 minutes left in games.
  14. Nobody should survive this. Macc's drafts have been terrible but Bowles' coaching has been worse. This is his defense through and through. He kept the defensive linemen he wanted (Wilkerson & McClendon) and the one he drafted (Williams) and removed the one he wanted gone (Richardson). The linebackers were all hand-chosen as well (Lee, Jenkins, Davis). Same goes for his corners and his hand picked safeties. The defense is worse than the offense. It's inexcusable and embarrassing.
  15. Start Petty Next Week vs Dolphins

    They should start Petty next week, fire Todd Bowles, and name Josh McCown the interim Head Coach for the rest of the year. And yes, I'm being serious.