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  1. you really think we're getting gamesmanship from a guy that's as sharp as a bowling ball??
  2. bowles of all people, is suddenly shrewd?? yeah, i'm absolutely not buying that one.. not for a nanosecond..
  3. what's his face is soaking up his last few games as an NFL HC.. shaking the hand of a competent NFL HC must be a thrill for a rank amateur, regardless of the circumstances..
  4. When Does Bowles get Fired?

    not saying you're wrong either.. you absolutely can wait as long as you like.. but i'm quite comfortable with my assessment of bowles.. i could pick nits over counterpoints but LOLz i really don't have the energy for it right now.. long work week.. but i will add this.. forte is getting way to many reps at the expense of powell & mcguire.. that, & a leader of men don't get trucked by their locker room..
  5. When Does Bowles get Fired?

    because he hasn't improved on any facet of being an NFL HC since his fortuitous 10- 6 rookie campaign.. frankly, he's arguably gotten worse.. both sides of the ball still play listlessly.. he still makes absolutely baffling in game decisions.. he still plays the oldest guys on the roster at the expense of developing the kids.. his defense's still play like understanding the playbook/assignments is optional.. he still has no idea or inclination of how to develop/put his young QBs in a position to succeed.. he still can't get a still talented DL to play up to their abilities.. he still plays his key defensive players out of position.. his depth charts are still nonsensical.. he still doesn't demand accountability.. he still is not a leader of men..
  6. Start Petty Next Week vs Dolphins

    basically, bowles is pulling a sinatra & doing it "my way.." personally, i think bowles is an incompetent, vindictive, (petty, powell) dope.. but even i believe he's not enough of a dullard to believe his insubordination won't get him fired.. possibly during this season.. so has he come to terms with he will never, ever be an NFL HC again, due to his apparent insubordination?? i would add, his incompetence might not help either but i'm quite sure he doesn't see himself in that light.. or is his ego telling him, "i'm in an absolute no win situation with the jets.. some organization(s) is going to recognize my genius & give me another shot.."
  7. Start Petty Next Week vs Dolphins

    agreed.. mccown's 38 year old *** need not apologize to anyone for what he brought to the table today.. respect given.. but if we as jet fans are to held hostage by bowles refusal to play the kids on offense, is it really to much to ask his side of the ball not to get lit up routinely??
  8. Start Petty Next Week vs Dolphins

    perhaps.. or perhaps you will have a new HC to play devil's advocate for?? BTW, are you really trying to sell a complete garbage time TD that got us from 13 to 20 as progress?? or is that just more devil's advocate??
  9. i hope morton has a puncher's chance to be named the interim HC at some point this season.. much sooner than later.. cause, i think it would be nice to see the kids on offense playing in, you know, a full blown rebuild.....
  10. you might want to listen to bowles' presser.. he seemed stunningly OK with quite a bit of today's *** kicking..
  11. Start Petty Next Week vs Dolphins

    ...so bowles is somehow protecting petty from himself?? history could not be less on your side.....
  12. OK, it' might as well be official now.. bowles is not benching mccown until we are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.. if then.....
  13. Petty Is The # 2 QB Today

    *sigh* so i guess kerley's the backup QB then??
  14. Bryce Petty: This is my second chance

    well, apparently everyone but bowles.....
  15. Bryce Petty: This is my second chance

    so you figured out the rest of petty's career, based on 4 starts.. on what was a bad team, that already quit on bowles?? that's a neat trick.....