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  1. Can't say I blame ya Sent from my iPhone using mobile app
  2. Prices are dropping on vividseats
  3. Damn, need 4 or I would take them
  4. shot in the dark but, looking for 4 for Pats game. Crazy prices everywhere
  5. I would take 4 for the Denver game and 6 for the Steeler game if you have them
  6. before the offseason? He should have been benched before the 4th quarter!!! He is dumb!!
  7. He was playing street basketball, when putting it behind his back. Ran backwards into the endzone twice. Had a first down, albeit the ball in the wrong hand, then had it knocked out for a fumble.. His head was not in the game from the opening kickoff. Play the Simms kid!!!
  8. stupid is an understatement. He did come from WV
  9. anyone have 1 pass for steelers game? Green or yellow
  10. need 4 tickets for this game, Prefer lowers
  11. all the money spent on pink gear would be better used if just donated
  12. I have 2 in section 103,row 25
  13. have 2 in section 103. They are a friends but I think he wants to sell them
  14. sold