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  1. The Jets next 3 picks are141, 150, 160, Right????
  2. Adam Bisnowaty- OT PItt!!!! , Jordan Leggett- TE Clemson!!!
  3. Go back 16 picks(!25 to 141) for a 6th rounder? WHY???
  4. Draft this beast!! Round 3. His ACL/knee is healing well. Should have been a 1st round pick.
  5. The Kid is super smart, athletic and has big arm. He put up some nice stats with no weapons on offense to work with and had to over come dealing with a psychotic coach. Yup, pass on the kid. ONLY THE JETS.
  6. NONE. A waste of money. 2-14 is on the horizon.
  7. He cant read a defense. A Dumb Dumb like Geno.
  8. Suck For Sam going full steam ahead!
  9. Just out of habit from the season, did Bowles say, it was another bust and that he will have to look at the film?
  10. MAJOR UPGRADE. Suck for Sam marches on!!!
  11. And it took SIX months for the actual suspension to be handed out???