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  1. I once got fired for only showing flashes of capability. I fell asleep & missed the 2nd half but Decker did not exactly offer a glowing review. Aren't flashes usually of brilliance?
  2. Is Revis a lock for first ballot HOF?

    If i'm voting...........Revis get's a no......... I want players in the hall who suited up for the love of the game, not their love of money. his holdout as a rookie. his departure to NE. his decision to mail it in this year was obvious when he chose not to work out in the offseason. These collectively are not hall of fame attributes.
  3. On to Miami

    lookin forward to meetin you guys. I hope Your're bringin that class holder that's in you're profile pic with you.
  4. On to Miami

    Hey BP, I was just goin back thru a bunch a threads and it doesn't appear that I owe you any $$$ and savage no longer wants to kick my a$$ so i'll look for you guys at tailgate. look forward to meeting you guys.
  5. Can't get the game on NFL game pass or dish. Play by play detail much appreciated thanks so far
  6. no problem no problem no problem no problem no problem
  7. Seattle Week

    Hey Warfish there's an invitation to my daughters wedding in the post. Please discard it & don't come. I don't wanna hear..." it'll never last... the guys a banker " you saw what happened to wall st in 08. Their kids will end up looking like her dad & have no chance in life. I like our chances sunday.
  8. Darron Lee's trajectory.

    Lee was completely pushed out of at least 2 running plays. I was not nearly as impressed with him yesterday as you previous posters. What pi$$ed me off more than anything defensively was the lazy arm tackle attempt by Revis in the 4th quarter.
  9. Jacoby Brisset tears thumb ligament

    I understand there is a play designed where he actually throws it to himself across the middle
  10. Congrats TX!!!!!!!!!!!! Pretty much everything leaving your keyboard has proven to be offensive to others making this an easy decision for the committee. Your trophy can be collected in the mod lounge & just disregard the steam coming off it.
  11. I think the Bills are somewhere between 0-9 & 2-7 come the bye week..........Maybe then comes his year or 2 away from coaching.........not just Bills, NFL will part ways with both Ryan's by years end.
  12. Max you should break in the RV with a fall foliage trip in early October. White mountains is awesome. Maybe run over some patriot fans on the way back.
  13. I underlined the anomaly in the above post. Tx can you send me the link where you rent friends for trips. I've got some vacation time accrued. Max that is an awesome rig. Hope you guys have many memorable trips in it.
  14. AFC after 2 weeks

    week 2 summary........Jets are in 2nd place in their division behind a 2-0 pats team.....surprise, surprise.........Bills & fins appear to be nothing more than potential spoilers at this point....... week 3 no significant changes......rinse & repeat for the next 12 weeks ......your welcome