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  1. Still here in cayman. My son bought us tickets to the jets/miami game nov 6th. You guys should think about a road trip. It seems irish jet thinks yer #1 faba.
  2. Hey Faba how ya been? Hope all is well. 1st thread I've clicked on in a while.
  3. Just checked.......I am not bout southernjet & green DNA..........are they banned?
  4. 1,000 posts...........are we there yet? buck fifty for \ivory today
  5. the brady camp decided from day 1 to deny what they did, for the sole purpose of protecting Brady's legacy. They do not want "cheater" associated with his legacy. This proved to be a mistake. They have now dug themselves a huge hole and have to continue down the path of vehement denial. The appeal will not produce diddley squat from Brady's phone. It will be a super expensive team of lawyers whose sole purpose will be to find faults in the report to protect Brady's legacy.The main focus of the appeal will be the pressure guages.
  6. Eddie fell out with David Spader & Lorne Michaels when they bashed all is lousy movies in a skit. It seems Eddies still pissed. I fell asleep & missed most of it. It was ok but the 25 year will always be tough to beat
  7. Hey BP i'm fine man. Boats great! Been gettin pretty serious about fishin the last 2 years. So when ya comin to cayman??????? great to see a buncha familiar posters still here. I'll say it again.....the pics posted are amazing and i've no doubt the food tastes awesome.
  8. amazing looking photography & food Joe. When you have a passion for something you giveit a 120% effort and it looks to pay off. hope you been keepin well
  9. Yeah agreed the refs didn't lose the game. Hey if you see Alk around be sure to congratulate him for me as I know he's not a bandwagon fan like yourself.
  10. Most people who have come into contact with Sapp say he's a horrible human being: Tipped a waitress $2.00 on a 160.00 tab denied a 10 yr old boy an autograph which isn't bad but he was rude to him took back his tip from another waitress for referring to them as boys cut a guy off on dale mabury drive & flipped him the bird went into a bank & tried to go to front of line and after being confronted said"do you know who I am?" charity golf tournament and he was acting like an ass to other golfers & didn't interact with guests a bunch more stuff but I think you get the jist of what an ass this guy is
  11. Lets assume this went on all season. could it have affected the outcome of a game or 2 or 5? If so maybe they would not have home field during playoffs? just sayin Lets also assume Patsfantx is still a ya been TX? 13 pages of discussion and no one laffed at the Brady yearning for 11 deflated balls = oline & lance armstrong in a hotub? c'mon guys step up your games here
  12. and there you have it folks. Sherman has been cleared to play!!!
  13. my 2 least favorite teams in the far. When camera's pan to sidelines I am actually less irritable staring at Belichek in his hoody than Carroll chomping gum. The only upside this year is that one of these teams will lose.
  14. See my last post. Max is now paid in full. He promised to wear soft buttery gloves. I feel dirty
  15. those are actually his hands? It was real dark out. I thought sure he had on gloves or mittens