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  1. Lemmy has died.

  2. JetNation \ FanDuel League: Week 15

    If Lamar Miller didn't sh** the bed, I could have done far more damage in another tournament. Still, It was a great day!
  3. Goodbye Sweet baby

    I'm so sorry for you and your family. She will live forever in your heart. 
  4. Win a New York Jets Zippo Lighter

  5. Classic Clips

    Wesley F****** Walker!!!!!
  6. JetNation \ FanDuel League: Week Two

    Yeah, really. It's Thursday. Night.
  7. FanDuel - Week One JetNation League

    Yeah, really. The mods used to be on top of things like this. 
  8. That was a blast! Hoping to do the Jets @ Giants game this year, too. Great to see the JN family 
  9. FanDuel - Week One JetNation League

    The wifey and I thought we would give this a go.
  10. Reputation

    I had 20,000 posts in there. Plus another 10,000 in the tech forum. All deleted so Max could keep the working man down.
  11. Very special thanks to you guys for your generous gift for our daughter. Means a lot. 
  12. Congrats, Phil! Glad that I was a mod here once. Got out before the site jumped the shark. 
  13. Thanks everyone! Mom and baby are doing great! 
  14. No one mentioned a slumber party yet?