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  1. The same old merry go round. This is where the GM fires the HC and Woody and Mac sit in front of the cameras right after the new year and explain that they will be doing a search, which will turn into who WANTS to even work for Johnson or even want to start off their NFL HC'ing career with the Jets. Woody Johnson should take the political appointment and sell the team to people who know what they are doing. I swear I wish Maxman could afford to buy this team. he runs JN better than Johnson runs the Jets and cares a whole hell of a lot more ABOUT the team.
  2. The team has just gone right back to where it was in 2005, same DB guy for a HC, a team that is obviously doggin' it and mired right back down there in the cellar again. The one common thread is we still have the same owner, making the same stupid hirings rec'd to him by the league office because he's too incompetent to make his own choices and also the fact that no one wants to work for him except desperate never-been-head coaches before guys.
  3. It clearly shows an owner who is more concerned with elections and politics than he is with or about the NFL team that he owns and is SUPPOSED to care about at least as much as we, the fans do. Woody needs to sell this team to people who frigging care about the game.
  4. Short but very sweet hall of fame career numbers, he's pretty much done and he has also not spent a dime of the money that he has made playing football, so he should consider it time to go.
  5. Two things: 1- It has been an absolute pleasure to watch DR, a future hall of famer play at the level that he has played at for his whole career (minus this season and his one up in New England of course). It sort of reminds me of watching Mickey Mantle play those last two seasons at 1st base for the Yankees in 1967 and '68. Mickey always regretted playing those 2 seasons because it dropped his lifetime BA under .300 which he said he was the one stat that he was the most proud about. But you have to figure that a hundred grand in 1967 and 68's was equivalent to making $697,713.86 per year in today's money-hard to say no to. 2- and the second thing is Revis has never been afraid to get his knee pads dirty or his nose bloodied, why wouldn't he at least consider giving the free safety position a try for a pre-season and if he and the CS thinks he can do it, why not play the 2017 season out in center field?
  6. I have apologized to my wife my son and my daughter and to her kids for infecting them all with this green virus
  7. It looked all good on that day Phil, great winter, great spring The Joe Namath Show Bachelor After Dark, Rozelle screwing with joe made him cry but still it really looked promising, until that Kansas City game and it's pretty much been downhill ever since.
  8. Question For The Board: (Since we here at JetNation have figured out AND PROVED the time/space continuum, thus allowing us the usage of time travel) Knowing what you know now would you still be a Jets fan or would you have chosen a REAL NFL football team?
  9. this has been the strangest and worst Jets team/season since the mid-70's. Sundays now come and go and I am no longer watching this team. I am no longer watching NFL football, I have been the loudest voice screaming for Woody Johnson to sell this team for years now, 2012 is when he clinched it for me when he proclaimed that politics were THE most important thing in his life-DURING FOOTBALL SEASON!. He will never sell this team, why would he? It's a big money maker. On another subject, I just watched the video and to actually SEE this team give up on the chance to hurt Brady after all the years of Patriots linemen diving into our QBs knees is amazing to me. The game was on across the pool as I was doing an outdoor gig and on my break I saw the score and after I went back on, I saw them go ahead and knew-I KNEW they would still lose. You know and it's even gone past the "well if they DO lose at least they'll get a high draft pick" but we already know that whoever they pick will still be a Jet, and probably play on the defensive line or be a hybrid DL-LBer because this ownership, and this front office and ANY of the front office people over the past 16-17 years have still not gotten the message that "It's a QB-driven league" now and NOT "Defense wins championships" It's always the same thing ever since this guy bought the team; Woody Johnson he is the ONE COMMON DENOMINATOR. Sadly, there is no more football in this house on Sunday afternoons because I am not able to even watch this team anymore I'm just not built being able to simply root for another team. I hate the game now-thank you Woody Johnson for all of your ineptitude, you've turned this diehard lifelong Jets fan into, well a better guitar player anyway, since that's what I do instead of watching or reading about and posting about the Jets. In the words of one Phil Collins; I DON'T CARE ANYMORE. The last thing I'll say is I feel sorry for all of you under 60 year old Jets fans because until and UNLESS The Johnson Family Trust decides to see the team, you will NEVER see the Jets win a Super Bowl or even participate in one, not with this owner, not with this coaching staff not without a mindset with balls enough to let a young QB develop. We all know that Tony Romo in green and white will be just like every other band aid project they try at the position. No guts no glory and this owner is 100% milktoast .
  10. Sadly, EY this is true. I wish that I had a team that was worthy of spending money on. Buying jerseys and WEARING them gets silly when a person is in their 60's, but it's not out of the question to spend dough on a season ticket for DTV but these last few years it's not even worth the expenditure to put oneself through the terrible coaching and the getting worse every year; play by these millionaire goldbrickers. Then there is the owner who I view as THE number one problem with the New York Jets football team. He is the one common denominator, making the same mistakes year after year, regime after regime. It amazes me to see the Jets have rewound back a decade to the exact same type of team situation that they had in Herman Edwards' last years. After Bowles gets fired after NEXT season, does anyone think that there may someday eventually be an offensive mind leading this team, someone who has a clue on how to develop young quarterbacks? How about in May 2017, when with a top 5 pick does anyone here think they will pick an offensive player who will NOT be a bust or will it be another DLman, LBer or (most likely) a can't miss CB?
  11. I quit see you guys, maybe if I'm still upright next spring I'll give this franchise another chance....maybe
  12. The best defensive lineman out there at the time they're up...or it'll most likely be a CB who is a "can't miss" prospect who will tear his leg apart on a skateboard accident after hearing he was picked by the Jets as their 1st round draft pick to never play the game again. It'll probably be the DLman
  13. How bout if with Petty and The Hacker we have a Drew Brees-Philip Rivers conundrum?
  14. Hey one thing to be grateful for this Sunday is we now have a REASON to watch this crappy team, who knows maybe Snell is right, maybe it's OUR turn. God knows we sure could use it to be. Every other AFCE team (I'll include the Colts) has had their Franchise QB's Miami Marino, The Colts Manning, Buffalo Jim Kelly, New England Steve Grogan...