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  1. There's one guy and one guy alone that I will be watching tonight; #46 Tanner Purdum You down wit 46TP? yea you know me
  2. Here's my latest .02 cents on what I think that Fitz is thinking. He's in no hurry until around the 2nd week of the regular season. Now we all know that NFL starting QBs go down as fast as cracked out hookers on a south Florida Saturday night, and when that happen, THAT'S when Ryan Fitzpatrick will sign with whoever that desperate team happens to be. Also, that team will be more than happy to pay the bearded wonder 10 million making him 24th on the list. Meanwhile all 3 Jets QBs salaries equal out to be: $3,128,401. You see why nobody really wants to work for Woody Johnson? 53 Geno Smith QUARTERBACK $1,254,901 54 Christian Hackenberg QUARTERBACK $1,165,076 72 Bryce Petty QUARTERBACK $708,424
  3. I sit here scratching my shaved head wondering if maybe I was in another dimension when the guy who is so unfair to the classiness that is Tom Brady and the New England Patriots destroyed all of the Spygate evidence. Now it's all because he worked for the Jets. They act as if the Pats are the only team who has ever had a player suspended. Our best defensive player was suspended for 4 games (equivalent to 40 MLB games) last year.
  4. There are two things going on that Fitz has to be thinking; 1- maybe he's doing the old "I'm a vet and I don't NEED to be busting my tail out in this heat, I KNOW how to play this game. and then there's the Parcells paradigm: If you're THINKING about retiring, you already are. In which case it's going to be the Geno Smith Comedy of Errors Era all over again. Two words seem apropos; Good Grief!
  5. how dare you talk about the Jets starting quarterback that way.
  6. I'm the guy who coined the name The Greenhouse for Matt-still a pretty good name if I do say so myself. Lefty Larry Westside Johnny, The Hermanator, Senior, Jimmy Jet, Bob, Stokes, Big Al, Thor, Caifornia Jet and a whole slew of guys with their state names like VA Jet. That was right after the Championship game against Denver
  7. I used to create football games back in High School in the 70's. I love the idea of a Strat-o-matic type board game with player ratings and play calling-I am going to keep an eye on what you're going to be doing. I'm VERY interested PCP63
  8. Hurt so good, come on baby make it hurt so good
  9. AKA = Snookums
  10. They'll both retire after the 2016 season, both with Super Bowl rings
  11. I copied and pasted that, I don't mean free PORN sites...sheesh, this place sometimes.
  12. I've been trying to find Everybody Wants Some!! Richard Linklater's latest movie either that or Ethan Hawke's portrayal as the trumpet player Chet Baker in Born To Be Blue
  13. That any of you guys are using lately? I use PubFilm and Put Locker, I'm not looking for a bittorrent site something better...
  14. what was your screename back then JetBlue? Jet Blue? You'll NEVER guess what mine was...