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  1. SoFlaJets added a post in a topic SNF: Patriots @ Broncos   

    The whining over at PFT's Comment section is at an unprecedented level this morning. The poor, poor victimized Tom Terrific and his GTOAT. Crying about the low shots on Gronk and Brady saying it's all the NFL's fault. Whose fault was it when Wilfork was systematically diving through the line at every QB's knees that were in their division? He didn't even get suspended after his wife went in and cried that they can't afford to have him miss games or get fined. I swear I was this close to actually joining that site this morning.
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  2. SoFlaJets added a post in a topic Incident on Jets' team flight sealed Quinton Coples' ouster?   

    I don't know if I did, I'm not the GM-I'm a musician it's not my field of expertise
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  3. SoFlaJets added a post in a topic Incident on Jets' team flight sealed Quinton Coples' ouster?   

    The first thing about this story that jumps out at me is this; There IS no "story" TO the story and had this been under the previous regime, we would have had all the particulars straight away. Seems like the insiders that Cimini and Mehta used to be able to rely upon are either gone or keeping their mouths shut for fear of being the next "example". At the probability of being labeled a racist by the SOJ (same old Jerkawfs) this is starting to feel like deja vu back a decade as it seems like we're doing the Herman Edwards dance all over again. Instead of the no bad guys on my team it's now no talkers on my team.
    This all better result in a winning 3 years stretch or this head coach (who doesn't possess a TV personality like Herm) will be bounced around from team to team as a defensive coach. Why does Woody Johnson continually feel the need to hire guys who have never BEEN head coaches to BE his head coaches?
    Why US? 
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  4. SoFlaJets added a post in a topic To my brother, Robert   

    Oh my God, same day that I lost my big brother in 2007-so sorry I know how you feel bro.
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  5. SoFlaJets added a post in a topic Jets work out RBs   

    How about instead of drafting a defensive lineman, LBer or DB in the first round of every draft since 2005, the Jets, (whose style of play, even through all the different coaching regimes) have pretty much wanted to be a defensive force-run the ball type of team. So....why not every year now draft either the best QB or RB available #'s 1 and 2 come the next five draft days? Don't even bother wasting a pick on a WR because there IS no bigger offensive bust position than trying to draft Diva/receivah. Continue to do what has seemed to work out best; pick up the best and surest handed guys in either FA or via trade. 
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  6. SoFlaJets added a post in a topic Home From Houston with Thoughts   

    Geno Sh!t should be given a start or two for two reasons
    one: Fitz only being able to line up in the shotgun takes away the play action pass and makes the running game a 2 yard a crack affair-maybe with #7 back there Ivory can get back on track and
    two: At this point it really doesn't matter anymore because this team isn't going anywhere anyway even if it wins out-which it has a better chance to do the opposite 
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  7. SoFlaJets added a post in a topic Jets work out RBs   

    Fact of the matter is Rex and Idzik had ended up decimating the roster so badly that I swear some college teams could have beaten them the last 2 seasons. Wait until Buffalo finds out what little he knows about personell decisions. Mac has a long way to go at least one more year to maybe right this sinking ship
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  8. SoFlaJets added a post in a topic Anybody Else Getting Sick Of The NFL?   

    Dude, just put me on focking ignore will you? You can't say one frigging decent thing to me ever and I have no desire to read what you think of me especially after your last blast of ignorance when you decided that because i compared Bowles to Edwards that I'm a racist-put me on ignore and then go fock yourself bro OK?
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  9. SoFlaJets added a post in a topic Anybody Else Getting Sick Of The NFL?   

    But that's the thing Scott, IT DOESN'T! It's perfectly content to have the game be all about the beloved Pats and Brady and GonK!, and Peyton and Eli-those few big names and the same 4-6 teams every year being in the final 4 with one wildcard who will be allowed into the group as long as they don't try to mess the script that's been written all up. Anybody wonder why that for the past decade 80% of the press sportswriters have chosen the Patriots as their pre-season SB pick? Parity USED to be important it's just not anymore.
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  10. SoFlaJets added a post in a topic Jets work out RBs   

    we don't know that yet Doc, he is at least worth a look next spring you know? I mean this guy is a force to be reckoned with when he plays the game of football AND he certainly can catch the ball UNlike our Devin Smith who has NO fight in him. He's caught 7 passes and has been targeted 22 times, so he'll catch 1 out of every 3 balls thrown his way. Cruz OTOH, numbers-wise is at least twice as good as that
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  11. SoFlaJets added a post in a topic Jets work out RBs
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  12. SoFlaJets added a post in a topic Jets work out RBs   

    I want to see the Jets make an all out effort to sign Victor Cruz in the off-season since it now appears that his stint with the Giants is done. I'd take a coming off a season ending injury operation Victor Cruz over any current Jet WR not named Decker or Brandon Marshall
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  13. SoFlaJets added a post in a topic Jets work out RBs   

    I thought I saw Ridley tear off a 7 yard run the other day but his stats say 7 rushes for negative 3 yards. Zac Stacy is done for the year and Ivory is clearly not the same player he was when the Jets were winning-also, say what we will about Willie Colon, Giacomini in there has really hurt the run game more than we ever thought that it would 
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  14. SoFlaJets added a post in a topic Bowles 'went off' in locker room after Houston loss ~ ~ ~   

    I remember in Herm's first spring as Jets HC, there was an article that talked about his "rituals" after he arrived to the practice facility (I guess in Hofstra?) how he would get there at 5:30 every morning and bring in Dunkin Donuts for whoever and then run the stands, and maybe do a little painting while cleaning and setting his office up. So yea, Herm was a (cheapskate) Dunkin Donuts man 
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  15. SoFlaJets added a post in a topic Anybody Else Getting Sick Of The NFL?   

    Regardless of what only 2 posters here think (JIF and meadowlands) there are a lot of really good and insightful thoughts being put out here by JN's smart FOOTBALL (and not just Jets) fans.
    Clearly, the game isn't the same as it was and you'd can't help but notice that our collective dissatisfaction seems to coincide with the start of Roger Goodell's tenure in 2006 as the Commissioner of the NFL and the institution of his "prime directive" for protecting the shield, which has led to the shakiest of all pro sports' protocols, the Players Code of Conduct Policy. Of all the controversial actions that Goodell has taken, the inconsistencies between his and his alone's rulings from player offense to player penalty, seems mostly to depend upon which TEAM that player is from. When Vince Wilfork's wife can plead her husband's case to the Commissioner  and sway his ruling on any suspension, completely discounting the QBs who his low hits ended up costing those teams another season of no playoffs.
    When things like that are allowed to happen (not even MENTIONING Deflategate) it just casts a dark shadow over the one thing that he SAYS is his prime purpose
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