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  1. And you guys all KNOW what would happen, it would be just like the Browns/Ravens when they left Cleveland in a couple of years they will start winning Championships and the expansion Jets will be a continued laughingstock
  2. you guys already know that it's going to be some out of position DE/LBer hybrid that we all end up complaining about in 2 years (after being hurt and missing his whole rookie season) because he's being played out of position and we'll all watch as guys picked all over the board, (in front and behind) are talked about and it's said here and in the beat reporter press how we shoulda taken so and so instead because he's a on and so forth-same as it ever was SAME as it EVER was
  3. and drilling for oil in the earth's core
  4. I have to say this is a slight bit encouraging for me, maybe this guy will actually care more about the Jets (football) than his brother does (politics)
  5. I've been here since 2005 and don't need some new troll telling me the rules
  6. Because no one cares and no one wants to see the kid's career ended playing behind a n OL made of gooey swiss cheese
  7. Once again this is all about having a nincompoop for an owner who after making a statement about what is most important to him on the last day of September 2012, while being the owner of an NFL team(s) made up of mostly African American players it's no big stretch to understand why this team has gone 30-46 with NO playoff appearances. Now I know that it's a no-no subject on the boards but it has to a factor into the conversation.
  8. Absolutely, no doubt-for the worst football season in Jets history? absolutely. This team was out of it before September was even over, there was no fight in this team no chemistry, no nothin' good. Horrible offense, defense, and special teams. Even the 1-15 team had more fight than this one-just look at the scores between the two teams
  9. You know what, good for them, they are lucky that they have a real owner who knows people who know people and don't have to rely on the league office to find them people who will at least WORK for the Jets under this joke of an owner.
  10. They should draft someone who can play on the D-Line, I mean for a change
  11. The same old merry go round. This is where the GM fires the HC and Woody and Mac sit in front of the cameras right after the new year and explain that they will be doing a search, which will turn into who WANTS to even work for Johnson or even want to start off their NFL HC'ing career with the Jets. Woody Johnson should take the political appointment and sell the team to people who know what they are doing. I swear I wish Maxman could afford to buy this team. he runs JN better than Johnson runs the Jets and cares a whole hell of a lot more ABOUT the team.
  12. The team has just gone right back to where it was in 2005, same DB guy for a HC, a team that is obviously doggin' it and mired right back down there in the cellar again. The one common thread is we still have the same owner, making the same stupid hirings rec'd to him by the league office because he's too incompetent to make his own choices and also the fact that no one wants to work for him except desperate never-been-head coaches before guys.
  13. It clearly shows an owner who is more concerned with elections and politics than he is with or about the NFL team that he owns and is SUPPOSED to care about at least as much as we, the fans do. Woody needs to sell this team to people who frigging care about the game.
  14. Short but very sweet hall of fame career numbers, he's pretty much done and he has also not spent a dime of the money that he has made playing football, so he should consider it time to go.
  15. Two things: 1- It has been an absolute pleasure to watch DR, a future hall of famer play at the level that he has played at for his whole career (minus this season and his one up in New England of course). It sort of reminds me of watching Mickey Mantle play those last two seasons at 1st base for the Yankees in 1967 and '68. Mickey always regretted playing those 2 seasons because it dropped his lifetime BA under .300 which he said he was the one stat that he was the most proud about. But you have to figure that a hundred grand in 1967 and 68's was equivalent to making $697,713.86 per year in today's money-hard to say no to. 2- and the second thing is Revis has never been afraid to get his knee pads dirty or his nose bloodied, why wouldn't he at least consider giving the free safety position a try for a pre-season and if he and the CS thinks he can do it, why not play the 2017 season out in center field?