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  1. he's also being held and pulled and interfered with on nearly every pass play that a DB is close to him, but the NFL isn't making those calls this year it seems-at least not when it comes to the Jets
  2. Oh goody goody gumdrops they're going to sacrifice another year to the premise of "rebuilding" so they'll be better next year. Who CARES about next year. For all we know the team might end up with oh say, improbable number like 12 say draft picks and those sure things will help this franchise for the next 5 years...oh wait...nevermind.
  3. Herm 2.0 had no idea of what to do. I mean any idiot who knows even a little bit about this game would know that you have to make a change QB at some point-it wasn't the guy's day, sit him down, give the ball to the other idiot. I'll tell you guys, I am so unimpressed with this head coach, I am sick of a lifetime of watching the same crap year after year and in either another year of no playoffs then the rich kid no-nothing owner will once again ask the league to hold his hand and give him one more never-been-before HC, most likely from the defensive side of the game and I'll be dead of old age before this team ever wins another Lombardi. I blame this owner. I wish he would sell the Jets
  4. Very rarely do I get anything worth keeping from Phil Simms but one thing he did say that has had me thinking is that Forte reminded him of Marcus Allen with the way he kind of glided while running the ball also not seeming to take those gigantic hits that Ivory actually TRIED for. Look where he is the past few weeks, in hospital in severe pain from no one knows what.
  5. JiF is right, why is it that they use RB's now like mules and then when they are worn down just send them out to pasture or shoot them. Why aren't they giving Powell at least 10 carries and 3-5 pass attempts a game? Is the plan to use Forte until he breaks down and THEN use Bilal? Running backs used to be treated like thoroughbreds not mules and they paid dividends-for years and years. This era of the passer is ruining this game-plus there are only like two or three passers out there worth anything anymore and 1 of them is suspended :>) <----happy Jimmy
  6. it's an Ibanez Actually you either have a good ear or a good eye and probably both for recognizing the tuning. The way I learned it Saturday was in open E tuning: E B E G# B E and the guy who I learned it from on YouTube was playing a 12 string. I had my 12 tuned down a hole step (too taut otherwise) so what I did was tune MY 12 string down to open D but I used the E tuning structure so the chords would be the same and then I capo'd it up a whole step using two capos. Here Bombdirt this is the guy who I learned it from-he's a really good teacher
  7. Thanks youse guyz
  8. I learned this one yesterday from this excellent musician who is in this AMAZING band that plays like one gig a year called The Lexington Lab Band-look them up on YouTube. Oh yea, and If you DON'T like it please don't be a dick and neg rep it on youtube. like some people did it over on JI a while back.
  9. Notice the demeanor of Belicheat on the sidelines? He kinda looks like he looked before Tom Brady turned him into the Genius. That day is fast approaching Jets fans-the one that we have been waiting for. And all of those jerk off Pats fans will be shut up again, and it couldn't happen to a better group of a-holes-they DESERVE it for the way they have acted too
  10. aw well
  11. I used the announcer trick "He never misses this kick he has NEVER missed a kick this close" and it EFFING worked!
  12. keep hoping it ain't over yet
  13. I was shakin' it too
  14. And here I am doing the "Fins to the left and Fins to the right " dance "Miami has the Dolphins da da da da da da" LOL