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  1. You guys are insane man, what is with all of this Fitz lovers Fitz haters Sanchez lovers vs anti Sanchez fans and now Hackenberg lovers vs haters-look, we're EFFING JETS FANS, not Sanchez fans, not Chad fans, not Fitz fans not Petty, Bollinger or Hack fans-any player wearing the green and white and playing for the New York Jets then he is a player that we ALL need to be rooting for. Stop with the stupid high school arguments and grow up boys-either you're a Jets fan or you ain't.
  2. Hackington

    The kid knows how to run a pro style offense, in fact Tom Brady's and the Patriots' offense. If we go into Training Camp with Fitzpatrick still unsigned I wouldlike to see Hackenberg be given every opportunity to win the starting job. If Fitz DOES sign, then I really like Petty and Hack having such a smart mentor to learn from. I think we now finally have our franchise QB of the future and if pushed into duty a player who could be the Jets starting QB for the next decade. As far as the Pennington comparisons go, I see very little in their styles of play, throwing motion, ball velocity or placement, size or strength to justify. Chad is clearly a brainiac and smarter than Hack but as for the type of quarterback that we're looking at, I see more Tom Brady than Chad Pennington in Hackenberg's style. Those Chad Pennington vs Tom Brady threads went on and on for almost a decade, thankfully Brady won't be around much longer.
  3. Classic; Ryan Quigley Sir Shanks Alot The last punter the Jets drafted was 23 years ago and it was also in the 7th round and his name? Craig Hentrich-just another really good player that the Jets drafted and of course gave away only to watch him have a great career, 17 years from 93 to 2009 while the Jets marched out a string of 'meh from Louis AguiarBrian Hansen, John Kidd, Nick Gallery, Tom Tupa, Tommy Parks, Daniel Pope, Matt Turk, Dan Stryzinski, Toby Gowin, Ben Graham, Jeremy Kapinos, Reggie Hodges, and Steve Weatherford I hope this kid can last as long as Hentrich did-except that he do it AS a Jets
  4. 7th round- 2 selections

    the kid looks a lot like Brandon Marshall with the way he is not a player who will catch it and go right down, his mindset seems to be like that of a running back 6'3" 200
  5. I was listening to Mike Westhoff just now in his analysis over on the Jets Blog from SNY and he was saying that the kid played with a horrible O-line and was sacked 82 times over his Junior and Senior years and that the WRs were also terrible. The Man With The Cane said that he wanted him for the Jets on the very day that Geno Smith got punched in the face. Erik Coleman said Geno is odd man out, so if for no other reason we all have to like Hackenberg for the same reason that we liked Favre (who got rid of Chad for us). If he can get us out of the Geno Smith game then he's a plus in my eyes.
  6. Right as soon as someone uses the good old tried and true description about his passes by saying "he has zip"on his ball (stop it), after that TS... the proverbial gloves are OFF....
  7. This is not being optimistic IJ, this is called being humble and being a realist-I'm humble because I am not pretending to know anything about a guy who I never saw play even one game and the being a realist is because I'm sure I know a lot more about music that any of the guys working in Florham Park because that's my JOB. I am a musician not an NFL scout.-that's so funny, both you and Tom Shane said the same thing about had the Bills made the pick-I mean almost EXACTLY...hey has anyone ever SEEN Shane and Irish Jet in the same room together?
  8. Hey TS, last year at this time both you and I had our hopes set on one potential future Jet and that guy's name was Connor Cook. I mean he looked like a sure thing, the real deal and I couldn't believe that he wasn't picked in the 1st round. All I know is this; I am wrong MOST of the time when it comes to rating college prospects-especially Quarterbacks. the reason being that I don't watch much college football at all, Except when it came to Cook it just so happened to be the case that I was playing at a bar that had a TV set right in front of me and I swear every week it seemed like Cook's MSU team was on the tube so I got to see a pretty lot of him.
  9. You saved me a post there BM, while most of the time I tend to agree with Tommy S in this case I have to disagree. How many times have we seen MLB pitchers be able to change their effectiveness by being coached up and watching tape to see what they have been doing wrong and then fixing the problem and becoming one of the better hurlers in the league?
  10. Before reading any of this thread the initial thought that comes to mind is this; Could it be that perhaps the people who DO the job of scouting and assessing talent, brains, character, and growth potential might just know a few things about Christian Hackenberg that we don't?
  11. *players in BOLD are yep, you guessed it Defensive players' names 2016- Darron Lee LB OSU 2015-Leonard Williams DT USC 2014-Calvin Pryor S Louisville 2013-Dee Milner CB Alabama, Sheldon Richardson DT Missouri 2012-Quinton Coples DE North Carolina 2011-Muhammad Wilkerson DL Temple U 2010-Kyle Wilson CB Boise State 2009-Mark Sanchez QB USC 2008-Vernon Gholston DE OSU, Dustin Keller TE Purdue 2007-Darrelle Revis CB Pitt 2006-D'Brickashaw Ferguson T Virginia, Nick Mangold C OSU 2005-NO DRAFT PICK 2004-Jonathan Vilma LB Miami 2003-Dewayne Robertson DT Kentucky 2002-Bryan Thomas DE Alabama-Birmingham 2001-Santana Moss WR Miami **: even though Woody Johnson took over the team ownership in January of the year 2000 I think it's pretty clear that Parcells was essentially running the team until just after the 2000 draft INSANITY: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein PK(and yes he WAS a Jet defender back on the early 1960's) I can see 3 skill position players on this board
  12. Paxton Lynch to Bills rumors

    There is way too much speculation about the Jets and Lynch going on to believe that Mac has any intention of drafting him at #20. I think the Jets are going to hit a grand slam and draft the BPA at a position that nobody even thinks of right now. Everyone knows that it doesn't matter if Rex Ryan gets fired or not, all that DOES matter in his very small brain is doing any and everything possible to try and cause Woody Johnson and us Jets fans pain.
  13. Paxton Lynch to Bills rumors

    Simple: SPITE
  14. Seven Years Ago Today

    No SE I'm just getting old, it's nothing personal my friend