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  1. In the words of the great Van Jones:
  2. When Woody Johnson was awarded ownership with his winning bid of 635 million beating out James Dolan by 3 million. This is all because the Jets are owned by a man who has an NFL team like a child has a new toy.
  3. I had a great nap and I'm more interested in tonight's debate thingy than I am into watching this horrible-Sunday-afternoon-ruining excuse of an NFL football team. I just don't need to let myself be made miserable. My son came in laughing saying Bowles is horrible it's the first time since 2006 that a coach punted down by that many points. I once again apologized to my family for infecting the house with the Jets.
  4. Looks like we were spared Mike-we still even have power. as of 10:00 PM it's north of us and 65 miles off the coast- Oh yea Punter Ben Graham
  5. Do you remember Herm's last year there Tex? Wanna take a wild guess who the team's MVP was that year?
  6. Hey Thanks you guys
  7. What this lifelong Jets fan "expects" is for us to be able to watch a competitive football team for at least HALF a focking season and to not "Expect" that every Sunday night is not going to be dark and gloomy inside the hearts of every fan regardless of who the Jets are playing and what their records were the previous year. That's not too great of an expectation.
  8. What's sad and amazing is that here we are on my birthday the first week in October, and the thought that somehow this can all be fixed or the ship righted is so far out of the question that for this Jets team of the Year of Our Lord 2016 the season is essentially, already over. I don't think it's ever been THIS bad, this early, with this much hopelessness among the fans and media.
  9. No it wouldn't the guy is a defensive mind and he can't even run a successful defense filled with 1st round draft picks and a hall of fame CB, what makes you think that he has the ability to develop a young quarterback Matt?
  10. NO JW, if history tells us 1 thing about numb nuts it's that he never cuts ties all at once. His M.O. is first he'll probably fire the HC of the NYJ and then cuddle up to Mac while trying to convince us all that it was Bowel Movement's fault all along and Mac is doing a great job. Mac will supposedly have the say on who the new 1st time (and of course from the defensive side of the ball) head guy will be. Then in another 2 years it'll be time for a new GM at which point Woody will then be too busy focusing on the next presidential cycle and be too caught up playing a different kind of football and he'll have the league office pick his next GM. By which time another third of the fan base will no longer even give a crap about this debacle that we call the Jets and the rules will continue to change and pretty soon it'll be like flag football and soccer will become the next big thing in America
  11. One thing I have been able to glean about the NFL after 50 years of watching the game and that's that it's like a small town-everybody knows everybody else's business and one thing everyone knew right off the bat was that Johnson was a rich kid with a whole bunch of money who wanted a new toy to play with, so they "rewarded" him the Jets-lucky us. Unfortunately everybody knew what the situation already was, and no SERIOUS pro wanted to work in the world's biggest market for a guy with no real knowledge of the game or even ANY kind of a reputation built up over a lifetime of being a "football person" and to risk ruining one's good name that took a lifetime of sacrifice to work for an incompetent ass. Take whatever business it is you're in Bugg and apply that type of a scenario to it and I'm sure you'd feel the same way that Belichick, Parcells and Cowher did. Like them or not, but one sure thing about each one of those guys is that they come from a serious football household-Robert Wood Johnson comes from a whole different world of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies and the only time football ever came up in the Johnson's house was where they'd be sitting on Sunday and whose limo driver was taking them there.
  12. It's not so much that they'll pick the wrong player RF, it's that Johnson has already picked the wrong Head Coach because Bowel Movement is a defensive guy who has no idea on how to run his own side of the ball no less the other side. R.W. Johnson continually makes the same mistakes over and over and over and over again by picking inexperienced 1st time ever head coaches to be the HC of the NYJ. Rex had NO IDEA and neither does this guy. He's Herman Edwards to a Tee except without even HAVING a likeable personality like Edwards at least had-at first. So it doesn't really matter-it takes an offensive minded coach to be able to cultivate a young QB.
  13. Bro, they won TWO FRIGGIN SUPER BOWLS in the aughts, I'll take that over anything the Jets have done since I first started to have pubes in the late 60's
  14. There is only one parameter with which to judge an NFL football team Did you win the Super Bowl? No? Well then you failed. OK< how about this one...Did you at least get TO the Super Bowl but you lost the game? No? OK, You Failed. I could care less about 9-10 win seasons that sometimes get the Jets a wild card berth and most times even if they do, they are road games and they are mostly losses with the one-two exceptions which I could care less about: Rex Ryan's two big AFC Championship games-the Jets lost both. Woody Johnson IS the problem-no veteran head coaches with any kind of a success rate will even LISTEN to the Jets proposals. I remember Bill Cowher actually LAUGHING at the question when it was posed to him; "Bill, would you consider listening to the Jets if they ask you to be the next Head Coach?" He laughed in the guy's face, shook his head and said NO!.
  15. I disagree BigRy his continuous hiring of inexperienced head coaches from Al Groh to Herman Edwards to Eric Mangini to Rex Ryan and now the current idiot Todd Bowles what these hirings have done is keep the Jets from having a head coach from the OTHER SIDE OF THE BALL who might have the ability to develop a young quarterback.