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  1. The other night I was up all night and there was NOTHING on so I went to see what stuff I had recorded and lo and behold Jets Nation must be still set for recording because their Free Agency special was there so with nothing else left to watch I clicked 'play' and I couldn't believe what i was actually hearing. There was Coach Westhoff AND frigging Ray saying that the Jets should give Geno another chance. I immediately hit exit and deleted the program. You know who the Jets SHOULD try to persuade away from his comfy cushioned chair at Fox Sports? Matt Lienart
  2. I sort of know what he means, I USED to love football, NFL football but the game has drastically changed and not for the better.
  3. Two things: First and foremost let me start by apologizing to everyone for CAUSING this to happen in the first place. I had no desire to watch the game because I figured it was going to be a Pats blowout victory. But then when I saw the Falcons being the ones doing the blowing out I couldn't resist and instead of loosely following the game via Twitter, I decided to switch over from Bogie's Casablanca on TCM to Fox and...the game. Thus breaking the curse and causing the Patriots to win-I'm sorry. and secondly; my new motto/meme has become "It's sometimes just a lot easier to NOT care." Everyone knows and mocks me about my yearly "I'm done with the NFL" tirades. But it's really the way over the past oh I'd say 4 or 5 years that I have come to feel. I know the game is crooked-I've seen it, you guys have ALL seen it too. It's a slightly less obvious version of pro wrestling where as in wrestling it takes some serious athleticism to be on the top tier but there is still a powerful force (gambling $$$) that controls what needs to happen and most of the time they get their way. So just like the other rigged contests (namely politics) we here in this side of the apartment have decided that for sanity's sake, we really just don't care. Sure we keep it in the corner of our eyes but the days of bleeding green are gone because it's sometimes just a lot easier to NOT care.
  4. That's pretty much all true except the part where you say I'll be watching the game. I promise you that that will NOT be the case. It's true and it does sound ridiculous for someone to go on a fan forum and state this, but the truth is I've been a member of JetNation since it's inception since March 2005 and a lot of the guys and ladies who were here then no longer even post here very much or if at all. I'm talking about the old timers like me. guys with names like, SeniorFlaJets, Bob The Jets fan, Brenda, Verde Girl, CM, Jetsgirl Lady jet, Naomi we had a lot of true blue (green) female Jets fans who gave up posting here and pretty much everywhere. Guys who I know by their real names better than I do their screenames too; where is Thor, BP, Herminator, Jetcane Rich and his son. Then there's the guys who were members of other Jets sites who have seemingly vanished what happened to the TBrady's Lefty Larry, Westside Johnny, Where's Matt did from The Greenhouse go? There are a bunch of longtime old school Jets fans who just don't care anymore at least not to post. I continue to stay connected to keep tabs just in case some of my old friends show back up here. I also stay here for The Lounge and for the sometimes great music threads that get posted there. Trust me when I tell you this; a lot of people have lost interest in the game of NFL football, I'm not talking about a message board that mostly discusses the Jets and the game. I'm talking about the damage being done by the constant rule changes that seem to be written to keep certain teams that they believe best drive the veiwership numbers upward. The game has changed big time and yea, it saddens me. As far as watching the games? my son watches in his room and my wife sometimes still keeps tabs online in ours, but even she now knows that there won't be anymore elaborate food spreads concocted on game days anymore, there won't be anymore $300 purchases sent the NFL's way so I can have my Sunday afternoons ruined by a team that just has nothing to play for and has no ONE to play for IT because the owner is the antithesis of everything that 90% of the players stand for and believe in. One particular play sticks in my mind (and in my craw) from this past season, and for me perfectly exemplifies everything that now IS the New York Jets was the play when Tom Brady was out front as the lead blocker, the Jets defense who Brady has tormented for the past 15 years could have creamed him and put an end to their dynasty which has been going on far too long but they pulled up and all smiled at each other and said "we could've had you there" and he smiles back and goes on to beat the Jets asses again. You know we Jets fans have lived through watching New England defenders actually TRY to hurt Jets QB's by diving illegally at the knees and had that been even a Rex Ryan-led Jets team he would have been screaming at the defense for someone to hurt that bastard. Not coach Milk Toast, he's the perfect coach for a Woody Johnson team-just like the owner MILKY and TOAST every year-who needs it.
  5. I'm sure glad I gave up watching guys just let when things start to change and the Jets come back to respectability. In the meantime I know 'I' won't be watching another Super Bowl.
  6. And you guys all KNOW what would happen, it would be just like the Browns/Ravens when they left Cleveland in a couple of years they will start winning Championships and the expansion Jets will be a continued laughingstock
  7. you guys already know that it's going to be some out of position DE/LBer hybrid that we all end up complaining about in 2 years (after being hurt and missing his whole rookie season) because he's being played out of position and we'll all watch as guys picked all over the board, (in front and behind) are talked about and it's said here and in the beat reporter press how we shoulda taken so and so instead because he's a on and so forth-same as it ever was SAME as it EVER was
  8. and drilling for oil in the earth's core
  9. I have to say this is a slight bit encouraging for me, maybe this guy will actually care more about the Jets (football) than his brother does (politics)
  10. I've been here since 2005 and don't need some new troll telling me the rules
  11. Because no one cares and no one wants to see the kid's career ended playing behind a n OL made of gooey swiss cheese
  12. Once again this is all about having a nincompoop for an owner who after making a statement about what is most important to him on the last day of September 2012, while being the owner of an NFL team(s) made up of mostly African American players it's no big stretch to understand why this team has gone 30-46 with NO playoff appearances. Now I know that it's a no-no subject on the boards but it has to a factor into the conversation.
  13. Absolutely, no doubt-for the worst football season in Jets history? absolutely. This team was out of it before September was even over, there was no fight in this team no chemistry, no nothin' good. Horrible offense, defense, and special teams. Even the 1-15 team had more fight than this one-just look at the scores between the two teams
  14. You know what, good for them, they are lucky that they have a real owner who knows people who know people and don't have to rely on the league office to find them people who will at least WORK for the Jets under this joke of an owner.
  15. They should draft someone who can play on the D-Line, I mean for a change