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  1. It has nothing to do with being a baby and more about simply not caring-like that thread that was cited (by some guy who has way too much time on his hand) I really have come to the realization that I have outgrown and yes, maybe even begun to HATE a game that I once loved. 
  2. I just got sick of watching them (lose) in the SB and they were in our division too
  3. And NOT watching any more games until the Jets play again in August? Have any of you NOT watched even one down of post season football (if it could be helped that is). Granted, sometimes we end up in places that the game is on and it can't be helped but that doesn't count-you have to be in front of a TV with a box and change the channel to one that a game is being played. I've been in rooms that I'm playing a gig in and a TV is on and the game is too-not my fault. Who plans on watching something other that the game tonight? I used to pride myself in being able to say that I have watched every Super Bowl Game live as it was happening but that changed on the night of Buffalo's 4th SB loss and the Patriots have made me do the same-which is  find something else to do on the 1st Sunday in February. I am ON STRIKE!
  4. Didn't we TRY this once before when Brett Favre was available and I could foresee similar results = no playoffs and a QB with a dead arm by Thanksgiving
  5. Talked To Charlie Weiss Tonight

    I heard that Sooth is starting a new and even better than ever Jets Insider- it's just hard to access-go find it and when you do come back here and post a link for us all OK?
  6. barring serious injury Fitzpatrick at 33  has a good 5 years left at which time Petty will have had plenty of time to learn behind the best and smartest QB this team has had in a generation.
  7. Talked To Charlie Weiss Tonight

    No, that was during the 1999 season when Vinny got hurt opening day and the team started out 1-6 after that Tuna took over playcalling duties from Weiss-and after finally benching the ineffective Rick Mirer turned the QBing job over to Ray Lucas 
  8. Talked To Charlie Weiss Tonight

    Doubtful, he is a nice guy Phil, actually gave me a J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets when I told him I was a Jets fan-he said "yea I worked there 3 seasons 97,98,99." Another thing (for you smart aleck guys), it took until this past season for a Jets QB to best Weiss' QB TD record that Vinny held for what 17-18 seasons? He also has four Super Bowl rings but the only ring he wears OR seems concerned with these days is simple white gold one on his 3rd finger on his left hand that he pointed to He also said nice things about our act when he was the judge.
  9. "My guys fitz"

    Take a look at my Charlie Weiss thread and after reading this I guess my inside info is right on target
  10. At this Equestrian event that I've been playing for the past 4 weeks and I asked him what he thinks of the idea of The Jets and Colin Kaputnik. He told me-"I would never have that guy on my team" "He's a dirtbag" and that "NOBODY in the league likes him". I have always said that the NFL is like a small town and Charlie is as plugged in as anybody. He also told me that he has turned down 4 different OC jobs so that his wife can pursue her dream in the Equestrian field, which I thought was a pretty cool thing to say and I totally respect and agree with his decision. He told me it's an 110 hours a week job. So when you look at the way the Jets all rallied around Ryan Fitzpatrick this year and he's only 5 years older than Kaepernick I say draft another kid to take Geno's slot and move Bryce Petty up to back-up
  11. Chris Ivory's Pro Bowl cameo likely his final game as member of Jets11:42 AM ETRich CiminiESPN Staff Writer     EmailprintcommentChris Ivory's appearance in the Pro Bowl on Sunday night may have been his final game in a New York Jets uniform -- more specifically, a Jets helmet. He will be an unrestricted free agent next month, and the indicators suggest he will sign elsewhere. Ivory is coming off his most productive season, including an AFC-best 1,070 rushing yards, but there are three factors working against his return: his age (28 next month), his late-season decline, and the Jets' tight salary cap situation. The Jets have seven starters heading to free agency, and Ivory probably is no higher than fourth on the priority list. With only $14 million in projected cap space (a loose projection at this point), there's no way to retain every good player. You get the feeling Ivory can read the handwriting on the wall. "I'm not sure what's going to happen," Ivory told NFL Media before the Pro Bowl, where he ended up with almost as many "touches" (four) as he did in the Jets' season finale (six). "I would like to stay in New York if we reach an agreement. But I know the cap space they're working with and everything and the other guys they have to get signed or want to get signed back. But if it doesn't work out, I'm just looking forward to continuing my career elsewhere if it happens to go that way." Ivory said he has spoken to the team about his future, adding, "They want to bring me back, but like I said, I think it's about the cap space. That's going to be the biggest factor as to whether I'm back or not." Chris Ivory makes a play during the Pro Bowl in Honolulu on Sunday night. AP Photo/Marco GarciaNo doubt, Ivory will garner interest on the open market. He'll be one of the most coveted running backs, probably behind Doug Martin and Lamar Miller, with Alfred Morris and Matt Forte also in the conversation. Ivory was a restricted free agent in 2013, when he was traded to the Jets and signed a three-year, $6 million contract, so this will be his first go-round as an unrestricted free agent. Ivory, underpaid the past two years, is expected to seek at least $4 million per year. (Why wouldn't he?) In 2015, the Jets' devoted $7 million in cap space to their running backs (11th in the league), and it's unlikely they will go higher in 2016. With only one back under contract, the injured Zac Stacy, they have to be smart about how they distribute the money. What kind of contract can Ivory expect? Let's look at a few noteworthy deals from 2015 free agency: * DeMarco Murray -- five years, $40 million ($18 million guaranteed) * Frank Gore -- three years, $12 million ($6.5 million) * Mark Ingram -- four years, $16 million ($6.1 million) * C.J. Spiller -- four years, $16 million ($5.75 million) * Ryan Matthews -- three years, $11 million ($5 million) * Shane Vereen -- three years, $12.4 million ($4.75 million) * Justin Forsett -- three years, $9 million ($2.1 million) Murray was the the outlier -- just a dumb contract by the Eagles, one they already regret. The hunch here is that Ivory will land a deal similar to that of Matthews'. Remember, the running back position has been devalued in recent years, so only in rare cases does a player make an absolute killing.