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    I was think about this possible ending: if the white walkers can't swim, they can take control of Westeros and all the survivors cross the narrow sea to live in the other continent (Essos). Of course, they have to burn the dead dragon so the Knight King remains isolated in Westeros.

    Tyrion is probably worried about the succession. He challenged Dannerys earlier about how can they "break the wheel", he even mentioned some sort of democracy. If they conceive a child, the wheel is more likely to keep spinning...

    Great episode!
  4. Does buffalo game get flexed?

    Week 17 is the only exception.
  5. NBC will probably flex this game to sunday night. Cant lose to the fat ****er again on primetime.
  6. Elite defenses dont miss so many tackles.
  7. F*cking Bevell

    ******* idiot!
  8. 2 winning seasons out of 6. Worst since Kotite.
  9. After extensive thought and reflection about the current state of our football team, this morning I informed Rex Ryan and John Idzik that they will not be returning for the 2015 season. Both Rex and John made significant contributions to the team, and they have my appreciation and gratitude for their efforts and commitment. Over the years, Rex brought the Jets a bold confidence and a couple of great post-season runs, which all of us will remember. I am beginning our search for new football leadership, effective immediately, with guidance and support from respected football experts, including Charley Casserly and Ron Wolf, two Super Bowl winners with decades of valuable experience. We will consider all options to improve the Jets. Getting the Jets back on track is my top priority, and today’s decisions are important steps towards achieving our goals.
  10. Yes, Rex confirmed that Geno will start next thursday.
  11. I'm Saying It Now We NEED To Go 1-15

    Jags just picked Bortles with the 3rd overall pick. They are not drafting another quarterback.
  12. Exactly. Rex used to call in Baltimore. Shotty called since day one under Rex. Fact is: we dont have a Head Coach.
  13. This is bullsh*t! Coordinators have being calling TO since DAY ONE under Rex. Thats because this team dont have a ******* HEAD COACH who oversees the whole operation.