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  1. If you ran a poll, you could get 33% to say that boogers taste good. Smart people know he ain't worth $10 million.
  2. To think, the next Johnny Unitas was probably frittered away when he was forced to play too soon.....just silly.
  3. David Carr is also an example of "you either got it or you don't" because he has spent more time in his career sitting than anyone in history and has gotten no better. Or, is sitting only the magic elixir if you do it at the very beginning of your career? Just silly. You need to play.
  4. The idea that you can learn while sitting is kind of ridiculous. I can see sitting and watching and learning the playbook, but that can be accomplished well before the first bye week. There is no substitute for experience. I agree with Mark Dominik.
  5. If I am not mistaken, people traded in front of us in the first and second round to grab centers. There must have been intelligence out there that we were looking to draft a Mangold replacement.
  6. The guy was voted team captain his last two years at Penn State. I think that gives him the right to speak honestly about his team's struggles.
  7. With Bruce Carter, Erin Henderson, Darron Lee and Taiwan Jones on the roster, do we consider cutting an expensive guy? I love David Harris, but the money to pay Fitz has to come from somewhere. Let's be real, when you talk about the lack of speed at linebacker on this club, the one constant is Harris. Ok, now I will duck and await everyone's responses.
  8. Darren Walls replacement. I like the pick.
  9. I love this guy. He is the strong side backer we needed to replace Calvin Pace. This is a football player!
  10. After trying to move up for a Tackle you have to look at Spriggs, Coleman...someone like that. Or a rush linebacker like Fackeral.
  11. Reminds me of the Steelers picking Ryan Shazier and greatly improving their linebacker speed.
  12. The way the draft appears to be shaking out, there is a good chance pick number 20 may be a head shaker and be someone most have rated as second round talent like a Jordan Jenkins.
  13. Why draft a QB who is no further along than Petty? If not Lynch, the Jets should skip drafting a QB this year,
  14. When this guy came out of college I felt like he had WWE heel wrestler written all over him.
  15. Great mock, somehow we got back our traded away 5th and 6th round picks, too. A real inspired effort.