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  1. In the NFL, guys on the trading block frequently end up getting released at some point.....especially when they are due to earn $8.1 million in the upcoming season. I can't imagine anyone going too crazy with any type of compensation in a deal for him. If that is the case, I would expect we will keep him.
  2. We will agree to disagree on that. My feeling is you avoid drafting a RB too high because there is quality later in the draft because the position is deep. With a weak position like OT, if you want to avoid over drafting one, be prepared to go without.
  3. Avoid taking an OT too high? Huh? OT is one of the weakest positions in this draft. If you want to take one, you are going to have to reach. Either avoid taking an OT at all or pay the price. Same thing goes with QB in this draft. The advice to avoid taking them too high is very naive and assumes that if we don't take them, they will fall an additional round to where we could get them later.
  4. I think Watson's ceiling is Tyrod Taylor and Taylor is worthless if not for his extreme efficiency and lack of turnovers. Watson has not been able to avoid turnovers thus far, so that ceiling may never be reached.
  5. I think Kizer is a reach at that point and does not provide us any more of a sure thing than Hackenberg. But, I like it better than any of these bums in round 1.
  6. That would be too good to be true and only happen because someone dumber than us is involved (Cleveland).
  7. Mark my words...when the QB's in this draft don't pan out, no one will admit to wanting us to draft them.
  8. Late first round guys are sometimes there for high second round picks. I think that may be our thinking.
  9. Boy, you are really reaching with that over a couple of percentage points in completion percentage. Mahomes was at 65.7% and 63.5% his last two years while Petty was at 62% and 63.1%. If you want to read into stats, Petty was throwing downfield a little more with a higher yards per completion. I see it as a wash. Mahomes was also much more accurate throwing it to the opposing teams, DB's too. His interception percentage is a little alarming given that the air raid offense is about high volume low risk throws. They are both guys that have a lot of physical gifts, but with one guy we have already seen the long road from Air Raid style QB to the NFL. No thanks. You compare him to Russell Wilson in your post and outside of his race and arm strength, I am not seeing it. Wilson played in two pro style offenses and came into the league leaps and bounds ahead of Mahomes in being able to think the NFL game. Plus, Wilson was a mid round pick. Mahomes is probably gone before that to some GM that will end up losing his job as a result of that pick.
  10. Tell me one skill that Mahomes possesses that Bryce Petty didn't when he came out two years ago. And then I will point out that Petty's mechanics were ahead of Mahomes and we have still seen the struggle of a gun slinger air raid QB into the pros. Hopefully we have learned and don't waste a pick on another extreme project.
  11. Looks like about 70% of the board is smart.
  12. Jordan Jenkins is from Georgia.
  13. We all can use a small dose of Hooker from time to time.
  14. It is nearly impossible to find a decent two way TE. Most TE's you can find in the market tip off the play's intention when they enter the game or do an awful job carrying out plays designed to go away from their strength. Howard would be a good get. Plus, after losing Marshall, he gives us a taller receiver for close quarters plays along the goal line.
  15. If we draft a QB at #6, I will lose the remaining hope that I have that our front office has some sort of plan. We have drafted QB's the last two years and still don't know anything about them, so why would you draft a third guy out of a weak QB draft when you have so many other needs? The answer is that you don't, unless you are lost.