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  1. We all can use a small dose of Hooker from time to time.
  2. It is nearly impossible to find a decent two way TE. Most TE's you can find in the market tip off the play's intention when they enter the game or do an awful job carrying out plays designed to go away from their strength. Howard would be a good get. Plus, after losing Marshall, he gives us a taller receiver for close quarters plays along the goal line.
  3. If we draft a QB at #6, I will lose the remaining hope that I have that our front office has some sort of plan. We have drafted QB's the last two years and still don't know anything about them, so why would you draft a third guy out of a weak QB draft when you have so many other needs? The answer is that you don't, unless you are lost.
  4. When you use two draft picks on QB's you sure has heck better stay committed to developing them into starters. Bringing in Glennon, Cutler, Kaepernick was just waiving a white flag that things are broken here. I, for one, am glad we went in this direction. It at least shows there is a plan in place. That plan may be severely flawed, but we will all find that out together this season.
  5. Foles signed with the Eagles which created the release of Chase Daniel.
  6. When Hoyer went to SF because "he felt he had the best chance to start" there, I knew the Jets were viewing their veteran QB as competition for the kids. Having said that, McCown is probably the best guy left that you can get under those terms.
  7. McCown is the right guy for us. We need to play Petty and/or Hack this year and McCown will bring experience and support to the QB room. We drafted two young QB's and now they need to play.
  8. There are two problems with that theory. The first is, there is probably a limit to the practice reps and time a coaching staff can put into developing young QB's so you either short change someone or end up dumping them before truly finding out if they were going to make it. But, the bigger issue is that every time you draft a QB, you can't draft something else and our team sucks at a lot of spots besides QB, so while I agree with the feeling that a QB is the most important thing, it isn't the only thing.
  9. Throw another not ready QB onto the pile with the other two guys we already have that we still know nothing about? I would prefer we don't use a draft pick on a QB this year, spend the year learning what we have in the two guys on our roster and reevaluate next year when the QB crop is stronger.
  10. They fit what we need to continue to improve with on defense and that is speed.
  11. What incentive does a team have to move a controllable cheap QB? The answer is none unless they get something of great value. Therefore, pass!
  12. Yes, meaning they were upper level guys the years they come not Greg McElroy. You can read that to mean at least equal to Glennon when he came out and Mallett when he came out.
  13. We have drafted two upper level QB prospects in the last two drafts in Petty and Hackenburg. In order for this to be anything short of a complete dumpster fire (like bringing in someone else's developmental guy like Glennon or Mallet for big money), we should at least be looking to spend this year seeing if either one of those two guys can play now that they have had time in an NFL QB room. Bringing in anyone other than a veteran voice to aid in that development (like Hoyer) makes little sense for us right now. I would predict we bring in a Luke McCown and go with the kids for most of the year to see what we have. It does not make for a sexy offseason, but it is really what will lead to the best outcome eventually as opposed to constantly chasing your tail by chasing other team's cast offs. And I know someone will say that the Bucs wanted to keep Glennon, but if they viewed him as this super bowl worthy starter, they never even draft Winston to begin with.
  14. A lot of these early signings will end up being overpaid and under producing guys down the road. If they were such bargains, their own team would have ponyed up to keep them prior to free agency. While it is frustrating to see inactivity, better no one than over paying for the right to inherit someone else's cast off.