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  1. Why not just play Bruce Carter?
  2. And Enunwa runs faster than that.....hence he is slower. Try keeping up, junior.
  3. The problem with this move is that while ASJ is a superior physical specimen and worthy of a gamble, his strengths as a player don't necessarily suit what we are looking for from our tight ends. What we need is a guy of ASJ's size that is a two way tight end who can run block like a tackle and then go out for a pass and do more than be a two yard safety valve. By all reports, blocking is not his forte, so he basically becomes just a bigger slower slot receiver. Now, if he proves reports wrong and shows enough of an ability to block on running downs to the level approaching Kellen Davis, then he could be a good acquisition.
  4. Well done, sir!!! I approve.
  5. Quincy's big issue to me has been nagging injuries and last night was no exception. Sometimes it seems like the guys with the Adonis physiques end up injured more often with muscle pulls and things like that. Q has to show he can stay healthy, now.
  6. I thought the same thing. Powell could have provided fresher legs than Forte last night, but I think Bowles pulled a bit of a Terry Collins and rode the veteran rather than take a chance that someone else could have added something.
  7. Teams don't usually lose when they score three flash touchdowns on big game changing plays like the Bills did last night. It is a testament to how well the Jets played that the Bills were basically out of the game by the middle of the 4th quarter.
  8. I think Geno should have offered to reimburse IK, but he didn't "essentially rob him".
  9. If you ran a poll, you could get 33% to say that boogers taste good. Smart people know he ain't worth $10 million.
  10. To think, the next Johnny Unitas was probably frittered away when he was forced to play too soon.....just silly.
  11. David Carr is also an example of "you either got it or you don't" because he has spent more time in his career sitting than anyone in history and has gotten no better. Or, is sitting only the magic elixir if you do it at the very beginning of your career? Just silly. You need to play.
  12. The idea that you can learn while sitting is kind of ridiculous. I can see sitting and watching and learning the playbook, but that can be accomplished well before the first bye week. There is no substitute for experience. I agree with Mark Dominik.
  13. If I am not mistaken, people traded in front of us in the first and second round to grab centers. There must have been intelligence out there that we were looking to draft a Mangold replacement.
  14. The guy was voted team captain his last two years at Penn State. I think that gives him the right to speak honestly about his team's struggles.
  15. With Bruce Carter, Erin Henderson, Darron Lee and Taiwan Jones on the roster, do we consider cutting an expensive guy? I love David Harris, but the money to pay Fitz has to come from somewhere. Let's be real, when you talk about the lack of speed at linebacker on this club, the one constant is Harris. Ok, now I will duck and await everyone's responses.