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  1. I am not sure they are looking for an unemployed guy. The guys they want have other prospects and have to choose the Jets over what other offers or current jobs they may have. I would weigh security and future earnings against potential opportunity. The Jets job looks like a one year venture to me.
  2. They are waiting for someone to actually be interested in the job.
  3. How great would it be if Woody's brother was known as Buzz?
  4. Mahomes is a major project and will probably get the GM that drafts him fired. He comes from an air raid offense like Geno and Petty did, so we have seen how long that takes to adapt. Then add in that his mechanics which directly lead to consistency and accuracy are very poor and you have a guy that should be passed on.
  5. I know what the original poster is trying to say because we have some real positives on our line. Carpenter and Winters are solid at guard. Mangold (if he stays) is a good center and Wesley Johnson is a more than adequate back up. Right tackle looks potentially good with Brandon Shell. And most of all, but not mentioned, our OLine coach looks like a good one. But, when you don't have a LT on your roster, it takes your OLine down a whole bunch. That is huge need for this team. And you can't count on grabbing the third best guy at the position in this draft in round 2 or 3 and expect to get a starter. The LT crop is not that strong. I think you have to go after Cam Robinson at number 6 and address this huge need.
  6. I am going to predict this list changes a lot as we head through the combine and approach the draft. (me going way out on a limb).
  7. Sounds great to say, "let's trade down", but someone has to want to trade up. That means an impact player is there that someone values enough to mess up their draft to go get. Do you want to give up the ability to take that player ourselves so that we can get another mid round pick and settle for a lesser player? We need players, but more than that we need good players. BPA all the way.
  8. I am glad we are adding some ethnic diversity to our coaches.
  9. Based on the makeup of our roster and where our holes are the greatest, in my opinion, the best choice for us would be Cam Robinson LT Alabama. I think once the combine happens and all of the film work is done, he is a legitimate choice at number 6 and would help us for the next 10 years at that position. Also, the drop off in this draft at that position is steep after him. Build an offensive line and your quarterback play is improved immediately. Look at the Cowboys for that model.
  10. Two questions: Didn't Bowles have the final say over the defense? And what coach worth anything would take a job here when the whole lot of them could be fired next year?
  11. The Bills moved on quickly from a bad situation.
  12. You put Dak Prescott behind our offensive line and he probably looks about like Bryce Petty. Not saying they are the same player, just that part of Prescott's skills are enhanced by having a lot of time to sit back and pick out a receiver and play toss and catch all day.
  13. Why not just play Bruce Carter?
  14. And Enunwa runs faster than that.....hence he is slower. Try keeping up, junior.
  15. The problem with this move is that while ASJ is a superior physical specimen and worthy of a gamble, his strengths as a player don't necessarily suit what we are looking for from our tight ends. What we need is a guy of ASJ's size that is a two way tight end who can run block like a tackle and then go out for a pass and do more than be a two yard safety valve. By all reports, blocking is not his forte, so he basically becomes just a bigger slower slot receiver. Now, if he proves reports wrong and shows enough of an ability to block on running downs to the level approaching Kellen Davis, then he could be a good acquisition.