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  1. Kid probably wont be drafted now. But I say we wait for the facts to come out- not easy I know.
  2. Garrett Thomas Hooker Watson(surprise to Jax) J. Allen J. Adams
  3. Yes it does. A lot of really nice on top of really bad. But that's true in most cities...
  4. For sure, it's a sleepy downtown. St Pete beach is great.
  5. I'd definitely check out Hyde Park. The On Swann place is great and there's a mexican joint called Bar Taco there as well(they have a few in NY/CT). It's a cool scene...and you have some decent shopping there too if the wife is involved.
  6. @gEYno what he said. I'd stay in Channelsode as well. If there's a Lightning home game it's a great atmosphere. If you wanted to be closer to the stadium I'd stay by the airport, but there's less to do.
  7. People who travel to East Rutherford.
  8. Hyde Park is nice. Ate at On Swann on Friday, was excellent. Would recommend. Ybor is ok. Gets sketchy at night.
  9. I'll be there. I say we meet at Mons Venus
  10. Did not. Worst rated QB actually. Dobbs won the Tennessee job over Peterman, who then transferred and got two years as a starter at Pitt. Last season, he led these eight prospects with 10.1 adjusted passing yards per attempt (passing yards with a 20-yard bonus for touchdowns and a 45-yard penalty for interceptions). He did this, however, against the easiest schedule of any of these eight prospects, ranked 59th in FBS, and with the benefit of an offensive line that's likely to get two linemen drafted in the first four rounds (guard Dorian Johnson and tackle Adam Bisnowaty). Combine these facts with a lower expected draft position, and QBASE is very pessimistic about his chances for NFL success. Projecting Peterman MEAN PROJECTION, YEARS 3-5: -245 DYAR Bust (< 500 DYAR) 71.6% Adequate Starter (500-1499 DYAR) 21.3% Upper Tier (1500-2500 DYAR) 7.0% Elite (>2500 DYAR) 0.2% Scouts Inc. ranking: 75
  11. Scouts Inc. ranking: 32 There's an argument that Watson is guaranteed to bring strong leadership on the field, forged by the mental pressure of playing in high-profile playoff games. The statistical counterpart to this is that Clemson played the hardest schedule of opposing pass defenses in all of college football last season. That's part of the reason why Watson's Tigers were highest among these eight teams in Passing S&P+, which is adjusted for opponent strength. On the other hand, Watson was helped by better teammates than most of these other top prospects. Wide receiver Mike Williams stands out the most, although wideout Artavis Scott and tight end Jordan Leggett are also expected to be drafted this year. There are a number of underwhelming NFL quarterbacks who built their college production on a highly drafted receiver who was the better NFL player, including Johnny Manziel (with Mike Evans), JaMarcus Russell (with Dwayne Bowe), and Jimmy Clausen (with Golden Tate). Then again, our Playmaker Score system indicates Williams might be a bit overrated by scouts, so the QBASE system could be overestimating his effect on Watson's performance. Projecting Watson MEAN PROJECTION, YEARS 3-5: 261 DYAR Bust (< 500 DYAR) 56.5% Adequate Starter (500-1499 DYAR) 28.3% Upper Tier (1500-2500 DYAR) 11.8% Elite (>2500 DYAR) 3.4%
  12. Dobbs seems to be this year's "late riser," getting talked up more and more as we get closer to the draft. Normally, these late-rising quarterbacks are players who dazzle in workouts but had unimpressive college production. That's not the case with Dobbs. As noted above, Dobbs and Watson are the only 2017 prospects who had their teams in the top 10 of our college passing ratings, and the Volunteers faced the No. 2 toughest schedule of opposing pass defenses, trailing only Clemson. Dobbs' stats were much better in his senior year than in previous seasons, but that usually suggests quarterback growth rather than a one-year wonder. Dobbs is this year's best chance at finding a starting-quality quarterback with a middle round pick. Projecting Dobbs MEAN PROJECTION, YEARS 3-5: 419 DYAR Bust (< 500 DYAR) 53.8% Adequate Starter (500-1499 DYAR) 26.1% Upper Tier (1500-2500 DYAR) 14.3% Elite (>2500 DYAR) 5.8%
  13. QBASE from football outsiders doesn't like Watson fwiw