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  1. Woody deserves to be called an idiot tbh
  2. Gotta love the Don Imus inspired radio bit from @Maxman and @BP
  3. Fairly obvious today that the owner said start Geno and then everyone else said F u once he came up lame.
  4. Fitz went undrafted out of the Ivy League. He's probably earned what he's getting.
  5. His buddies. Geno seems to carry himself like his Johnny U. The problem is he's awful.
  6. Is there any doubt that Geno surrounds himself with people that tell him he's a lot better than he is? I don't know if there's anyone else with less self awareness in sports besides Carmelo. "Geno, if it weren't for that unfrafted dude out of Harvard you'd be on top of the league brah, it ain't your's the fans fault brah"
  7. Gonna need to see Geno with better weapons to really have a better idea tbh
  8. Rogers is a gigantic ahole but can get away with it because he's skating to Canton.
  9. The locker room thinks Geno is a stooge.
  10. The schedule sucked and we have bad players
  11. When he stops punting I'll congratulate him on how hard he's working.
  12. You have made that abundantly clear.
  13. We'd still have the worst and most expensive secondary in football.