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  1. Mark Sanchez is currently in his prime and is barely in the NFL.
  2. Ok. Easy schedule, soft conference. In terms of the Pats Super Bowl teams this one's at the bottom.
  3. This Pats teams isnt even that good. Infuriating.
  4. Absolute pathetic effort from the Steelers here. Leveon Bell taking the day off...nice job assholes.
  5. The Yankees figured it out when George was put on time out. Do the Jets do the same or put Fredo's even more useless brother in charge? This is a turning point for the franchise.
  6. You realize Melo's management team still has its hands all over MSG right? You realize Isiah Thomas still works for the company right? whats going to be the best is when Phil leaves and Melo opts out and gets another max deal from Dolan.
  7. You'll never get it. Everything is great. Carry on.
  8. Come on man. I know Phil is the easy scapegoat here(and he deserves blame) but the owners fingerprints are still all over this team, between Melo's golden parachute and the Rose deal.
  9. Soooo...pretty clear why Bowles jumped right on the Jets job now isnt it.
  10. Big Mac taking no prisoners. I like.
  11. Dolan cuts the checks