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  1. Biggest improvement so far have been the special teams.
  2. They really should be going for 2 after every TD in the preseason.
  3. Daniel Murphy took like a month off for maternity leave, so maybe we get lucky.
  4. Cutting Petty in favor of a guy who cant complete a pass in shorts would be Jets.
  5. I mean FFS. Release him and put him on the practice squad. No one's putting him on their 53.
  6. Anyone see Hell or Highwater?
  7. How much longer did he have to suck for you to be convinced he sucks?
  8. Really starting to think most scouts are morons and totally irrelevant at this point. Will be interested to see how the Browns new model shakes out. There's so much info out there now that gives you the athletic benchmarks needed to be successful at their respective positions that all you really need to do is make sure the players care about football and wont get arrested/suspended.
  9. Just for clarification- are you saying Jamarcus Russell didnt get a fair opportunity?
  10. Aaron Donald for reference-
  11. Believe that's how Belichick got that Stanford running back. It's basically an unwritten rule not to do that, but it's the Patriots.
  12. Here's video from his workout
  13. The only issue I had/have with the Williams pick was there seems to be players like him every draft. He's not an exceptional athlete for his size- and this move to NT worries me about his pass rushing ability.