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  2. Gholston easily imo
  3. You could say he's still learning to fly.
  4. At least he didnt post his cock again
  5. The Jets secondary has been god awful over the first 3 games.
  6. The secondary is awful. If you can't defend the pass you better have an elite offense which we sure as sh*t don't have.
  7. Missing the point. The back and forth on the board about whether Fitzpatrick should play or not is distracting us from the longterm/pipeline of players that isnt exactly strong. Neither Fitz or Geno has any impact on the longterm outlook of this team.
  8. The roster is shaping up to be a wonderful Knicks season. I mean dear god what are they doing.
  9. You can't get on Maccagnan for giving Revis a terrible contract? Why not?
  10. Which frankly, looks...bad. As we squabble about a QB on a one year contract having a historically bad game...we have guys on the defense making a lot of money- past this season who cant play anymore (Harris, Revis). At what point does Maccagnan have to clear the ledger and suck up being bad for a few years? Does he get that shot or will the billboards go up again?
  11. But yeah, those billboards we're totally reasonable.
  12. The Harris and Revis contracts were both completely unnecessary.
  13. Fitzpatrick was actually a good move if we're keeping it in context of the overspending on defense.
  14. Thanks I hadnt noticed.
  15. This is the reason you dont overspend when you dont have a QB. While everyone was busy blowing Maccagnan last year a few saw the longterm outlook as bleak. There are some really bad contracts on the defense.