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  1. Pretty sure Woody flipped a coin between her and Kapernick
  2. When you score points on twitter, it doesnt matter what your win loss record is.
  3. the one thing we have going for us is the blind squirrel theory
  4. I didn't think either were NFL QB's
  5. Buying anything more inside the stadium besides a beer or a hot dog is a waste of money anyways. The problem is all the economy seats in these new stadiums are awful and you're better off watching the game at home or anywhere else. You couldnt pay me to sit in the upper deck at the NYS or Metlife save an elimination game.
  6. The new stadiums all suck, it's the biggest problem.
  7. Tebow won a million games in college, scored a million touchdowns and sported a 65+ completion percentage.
  8. And based on raw production, was a significantly superior prospect than Hackenberg.
  9. He is the only exception.
  10. We are in a thread breaking down gifs of the 4th quarter of the 4th preseason game. All bets are off.
  11. No QB has perfect footwork, the game moves too fast for every throw to be properly executed. Most QB's can compensate with grip. Hack cant. Trying picking up one of the Duke footballs if you're ever in Dicks or Sports Authority- that thing is tough to grip if your hands are smallish. Maybe we can secretly let some air out of it.
  12. The issue is he's got tiny hands for a QB. It's why he's so inconsistent throwing the ball. The footwork is fine.
  13. Rudy Gobert basically carried the Jazz to 50 wins- they matter if they're good. If Porzingis cant defend or rebound and wants to be the 7 foot Iverson on offense....he's going to continue to suck.