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  1. Cleveland seems to have a plan.
  2. They got Phillys pick too don't they? Potential to swing Garrett and Jimmy G
  3. The Darron Lee interview...oof.
  4. Oquinn's been able to mask some of the shooting woes against these weaker teams.
  5. Phil seems lost as an exec but him tweaking Melo does not get old.
  6. How bout Kaepernick buying a place in NY.
  7. Not exactly an apples to apples comparison but obviously yes we'd have a favorable impression of Petty.
  8. Uh, not good?
  9. If Mac wants to save himself here he's going to have to address it at some point. The guy's been in hiding all season and we're left watching veterans not giving a sh*t.
  10. Were Idzik and Rex separate? I dont see how Bowles is any less or more responsible than Maccagnan is for this current mess.
  11. Can they play him and Noah on the floor at the same time? It's becoming kinda clear Melo and Porzingis dont mesh well together as they both kinda do the same thing. Moving one to the first guy off the bench role might not be a bad idea.
  12. This isn't even hyperbole- Hackenberg struggles to throw a spiral. He's got baby hands.
  13. Neil Glat and Woody are more concerned about the dogs catching frisbees at halftime than figuring out the actual football product.