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  1. The Arizona Cardinals select Obi Melifonwu, Safety UCONN. @Integrity28 and the Colts are on the clock
  2. Much prefer him than the corner or either safety.
  3. hows that fantasy trade in the JN mock draft you're working on bro?
  4. The best team in the league likes Mcaffrey too?
  5. It wouldnt shock me to see him retire tbh. He was banged up towards the end last year and I'm pretty sure he came to NY for a TV gig anyways.
  6. As do I. His weight is concerning. But I think he can play the slot just as well as taking handoffs.
  7. I'd take Mcaffrey over both Fournette and Cook.
  8. I'm sure Max values your opinion highly.
  9. And now you're ignoring that I changed my wording. But continue.
  10. Meh, I was never really high enough on Glennon to get upset over him going somewhere else. He's ok- just not a guy I'd be willing to commit multiple years to especially with the current state of the roster.
  11. Well respected was a better choice of words. Who else was there- Cutler(no) Kapernick(no)...Daniels? AGain Im working under the assumption the front office and coaching staff dont think Petty or Hack are even passable starters. Petty was really bad when he played.