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  1. In terms of NFL starters that's gotta be on the low end aside from the rookies no?
  2. Kirwan on Fitz

    Did you want to see Kellen Clemens with studs while he was on the roster? I dont get why we need to see Geno with this personnel. Moving on from a player after 29 career starts(mostly bad) is normal. Clemens got what 10 starts for the Jets?
  3. Didnt we draft that stooge Coples over this guy
  4. I think its obvious the three arent there because they're unhappy with the Fitz situation. No one schedules a vacation after having 4 months off that coincides with the first week they're supposed to report. Its a bullsh*t move by them tbh, but holy hell these guys think Geno's a joke.
  5. Now seems like a good time to ask Decker, Marshall and Mangold to take a pay cut.
  6. In the context of what? The Jets QB situation after Fitzpatrick is a mess.We have 30 starts of Geno being the worst QB in football. Kellen Clemens didnt even get 10 with the Jets before we threw him out. Enough with this sh*t
  7. Cian Fahey is by far the biggest stooge on the internet, which is saying a lot.
  8. If we didnt blow our load on Lopez we could have went after Biyombo.
  9. OTAs May 25th Tweets

    All of these practices without pads are basically meaningless to the veterans...the new CBA sucks. These guys need to actually practice.
  10. Any chance Luck leaves Indy?

    Did not realize that- thx.