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  1. Never thought of Dungy as a HOF coach, but looking back on what he did in Tampa was pretty remarkable. They were the worst franchise arguably in sports prior to his arrival. Add on he's the first AA coach to win a Super Bowl, kind of a no brainer I guess.
  2. Romanowski put the skids on Pennington's career in the 02 playoffs.
  3. Jackson is in it for the paycheck. I think the writing's on the wall he'll be gone after this year and Mills will be back fulltime with Isiah in the background. The team is ****ed untill Melo's contract expires anyways. The Bargnani trade is literally the worst trade in sports history. Dolan owing an agency a favor basically destroyed the franchise for the next few years. But hey, who cares about draft picks right.
  4. It was 10th overall. Not the toughest but certainly not terrible.
  5. The 02 Bucs played against Fasani and Burris- just noting both of those defenses had tremendously easy schedules against terrible QB's. Martin played against the Ravens in 2000, forget if he started or not. The Ravens did have two games against Leaf and Couch. They also played against Akili Smith and Scott Mitchell. Just horrific players.  Denver wasnt afforded that type of schedule.
  6. If Denver had 2 games against Ryan Leaf, Jamie Martin, Henry Burris or Randy Fasani I'm pretty sure they'd be the #1 scoring defense. Ben, Brady, Rivers and Rodgers are all going to the Hall of Fame. The Ravens didnt face anyone near that.
  7. That list is atrocious compared to what Denver played against this season. 
  8. QB's the 2000 Ravens faced: Scott Mitchell, Mark Brunell, Jay Fiedler, Kent Graham, Akili Smith, Jamie Martin(who?)Tim Couch, Ryan Leaf, Brad Johnson, Mcnair, washed up Aikman, Doug Pederson, Jake Plummer, Gus Ferrotte, Gannon, Kerry Collins If Denver had the benefit of playing that schedule they'd have the #1 scoring D as well. In terms of ranking defenses you have to adjust for schedule.
  9. The 2000 Ravens schedule was easy as hell. Look at some of the QB's that team faced. The 06 Ravens and the 02 Bucs were probably the best defenses I've seen.  This Denver D and the Seattle D of 2013 are up there though.  
  10. Long story short- James Dolan is still the owner and that's not good.
  11. Melo's concerned about the ASG again lol
  12. The QB keeps you consistent year to year. Need the defense to generate sacks, create turnovers,,,and field position. The special teams being dismal didnt do the Jets any favors. And a guy like Von Miller is probably just as rare if not more than Aaron Rodgers is.
  13. Could you imagine...

     this clowns press conference is money