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  1. Anyone else anticipating Dolan giving up nine first round picks for Kyrie
  2. Because there's no deal on the table that's going to have a better return than just ripping the bandaid off via the buyout. The Knicks would get killed publicly if they traded Melo for Anderson, way more so than negotiating a buyout. Melo is worth nothing, get that through your head. He is worth nothing. The gap between his actual value vs morons like Stephen A is massive. Melo wants to go to Houston. If he's not sent there we're looking at a Marbury situation x 10000. He will go full nuclear. The Knicks will ultimately cave, like they always do.
  3. Here's the thing. Melo isnt worth anything trade wise. The media and the general public still thinks he is. There's a massive gap there. It's a PR nightmare. The Knicks probably arent going to consent to a trade that will get them publicly flogged(well, with the Knicks anything is possible I guess). The best you are going to get for Carmelo is Anderson. It's either that, a buyout, or a sh*tstorm he'll throw if the Knicks dont buy out the contract. Either way, the Knicks are screwed.
  4. I dont see how this doesnt end in a buyout. Assuming Melo wanting out at all costs is true.
  5. Everything has a risk. Tens of millions of kids have played high school football and have lived perfectly fine lives. There's no more risk in playing high school football than getting your drivers license at 16.
  6. High school football and below isn't very dangerous.
  7. The NCAA is corrupt. However, you're never getting rid of Title IX to pay these guys at the profit generating schools/sports.
  8. Yeah Cleveland isnt going to do that.
  9. Get better under the assumption Lebron goes to LA right?
  10. You dump Porzingis' soft ass in a heartbeat if they'd do it.
  11. Ray Guy 4th overall? That a joke?
  12. Cam kind of sucks.