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  1. QB's competitions dont exist in camp anymore. With the practice schedules its virtually impossible.
  2. Mac on WFAN there

    He's on with Francesa at 2
  3. Mac on WFAN there

    Carton's an awful interviewer. Boomer barely got a word in.
  4. Touchdown passes generally vary year to year, but Fitz's season last year was pretty much in line with how he's been as a starter through this career. Granted the schedule was weak, but at least we know he's capable of being an average pro starter. Geno taking silly sacks and coughing up the just can't start those types of guys. And as we know Fitz rarely gets sacked or fumbles in the pocket.
  5. No coordinator in the league can cure taking stupid sacks and being careless with the ball. In his one appearance last year he went back to doing mind numbingly stupid things. Geno's physical talent isn't even all that to get excited about. His arm is ok and he's got a long throwing motion. Fitzpatrick's one of the better scramblers in football.
  6. Geno got punched what barely two weeks into camp and they rarely practice with pads on anymore. Fitzpatrick was coming off of a broken leg...who cares
  7. Maccagnan's a lot better with the media than his predecessor was, which is giving him much more of a leash.
  8. I don't think anyone really does that here. Everyone is fairly civil. But some of the superlatives being thrownaround to justify Hackenberg not even being all that good in the Big 10- that is a bit dopey. Guys who had similar careers to Hack in college were guys like Akili Smith. All folks are doing is comparing factual data and forecasting pro success. No reason to get defensive over it. im not all that angered at the pick. Maccagnan knows the team needs a quarterback- he likes this kid so be it. I'll watch him with an open mind, but I'm also not going to ignore the data.
  9. College football fans are the worst sometimes.
  10. Less athletic Josh Mccown judging by just the eye test imo. Similar arm motions.
  11. Hackington

    Just curious, anyone know the last QB that had a sub 57 completion % that had success in the pros? Do they exist? Compared to Cook, Hackenberg played against a slightly harder college schedule and had less support in NFL­caliber offensive teammates. But Hackenberg projects further below replacement level because his expected draft position is lower and his 2015 stats (53.5 percent completion rate, 7.0 YPA, 16 TD, 6 INT) are even worse. No quarterback in QBASE's database (top­100 picks since 1996) has succeeded with remotely similar stats. The list of previous top­100 picks with completion rates under 55 percent in their last college seasons ­­ Brock Huard, Dave Ragone, Kyle Boller, Marques Tuiasosopo, and Quincy Carter ­­ augurs poorly for Hackenberg's NFL prospects. (Ed. Note: In the original article on ESPN, we listed Josh McCown as a quarterback with a completion rate under 55 percent in his last season. McCown had a completion rate of just 51 percent in his final year on the FBS level, but a completion rate of 60 percent as a senior transfer at FCS Sam Houston State.)
  12. Didn't the Texans GM not even tell Obrien that they were signing Osweiler?
  13. So far, I love this draft

    Take Sudfeld from Indiana. Played with crap, same conference. Completed 60% with a higher YPA. Both "look the part" and everything. I think the Jets reached here, but I dont know anything I guess.
  14. So far, I love this draft

    Good to know on Jenkins. Kind of bizarre his 3 cone was that poor, maybe he was hurt?
  15. So far, I love this draft

    Im just using history and making an educated guess. Hackenberg's college production indicates he's going to have a hard time adjusting. You cant start anymore if you're not completing over 60%...he couldnt even do it in the Big 10. Who's the last QB to start in the league who's completion percentage improved that drastically from college?