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  1. Get better under the assumption Lebron goes to LA right?
  2. You dump Porzingis' soft ass in a heartbeat if they'd do it.
  3. Ray Guy 4th overall? That a joke?
  4. Cam kind of sucks.
  5. In the context of the Jets and the last 20 years or so...Herm wasnt that terrible in hindsight. He figured out a way to surround himself with pretty decent positional coaches(a lot of whom have moved up)...was able to hire Westhoff...and the team was always at the bottom in penalties committed. I dont get the sense that there's anyone on Bowles' staff in line for a promotion.
  6. There's no way Dolan is dry. No way.
  7. Did they rehire Anucha Browne too? Adam Silver for as much as he gets blown by all the, ahem, "progressives" allowing this Mills and Isiah clown show to continue is embarrassing. Get a hold of your league man.
  8. I think the easy answer there is they're not as good as everyone says they are(or think they are). KP, Melo, Hardaway at 70 mill and Lee...that's a logjam. Not to mention WHG and Noah. Porzingis doesnt really have a position and his current game overlaps with what Melo and Hardaway already do. And if you put him at center he's not as good as WHG.
  9. I'm not totally convinced they were actually gonna trade him( or he was even willing to waive the NTC) Everyone's first thoughts after the Phil firing was that Melo was staying.
  10. This franchise needs to be eliminated. They seriously make the Jets look like the Patriots. What a joke.
  11. Melo trade off lol.
  12. Maccagnan hand-picked JJ Watt.
  13. What makes him competent? Is he the guy that made all the good picks while the actual GM made the bad ones?
  14. Nothing says we know what we're doing more than hiring an incompetent yes man from Sacramento.
  15. ah, right. Good memory. Herm also tried to make Shaun Ellis a nose tackle.
  16. Parcells got rid of Farrior and Hugh Douglas, which in retrospect was probably a poor decision. Rehashing 20 years ago because of the current state of the team is as Jets as it gets though.
  17. Fair enough. With all the stuff that's gone on it just seems unlikely he's getting moved. Doubtful Lebron's in much rush to shake up his roster with how weak the east already is. He's not going to give up Love....
  18. A lot has to happen on both ends there. Who knows if either team wants him and who knows if a proposal is brought to him if he'll say yes.
  19. Its unreal. NBA General Manager wants to hire his own people to help him make decisions he's going to be held accountable for. Not the Knicks though. I'll never forget Dolan forcing Donnie Walsh to publicly thank Isiah for helping with the Camrleo trade lol. He soon got the hell out of dodge. Something is just totally off with this franchise...the goal clearly isnt winning.
  20. So the Knicks are back to the Mills/Isiah clown show. Awesome.
  21. So David Griffin wanted control over basketball decisions and Dolan said no lol.
  22. He hasn't said anything