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  1. "Who's been wrong more than Charley Casserly since he left the Redskins?" Belichick said. "His percentage is like a meteorologist. He has no relationship to this team. I'd say less than zero. Based on what? He's never at a practice, never at a game. At least he put his name on it (the report), which is more than a lot of guys. But, like he usually is, he was 100 percent wrong."
  2. People forget that.
  3. Werent we told all offseason how in-shape he was?
  4. I'd go with a true 50/50. It's obvious they've both had a lot of input on the roster and draft. Exact number is impossible to say, but Bowles has clearly had input on the draft.
  5. For as poor as Maccagnan's been, this move seems to go unnoticed. We gave him a ton of money to do nothing and his career is over 2 years in. On another note @T0mShane I'll take a bottle of Red Breast if possible.
  6. MNF Lions-Giants

    Of course not. And now you have Mcadoo throwing Eli completely under the bus(whether deserved or not) while Beckham is allowed to do whatever the hell he wants. No mention of his 4th down drop in the presser I'd imagine. The Giants are becoming the Knicks- overly concerned with appeasing individuals because they are gate draws- winning be damned.
  7. MNF Lions-Giants

    It's already dysfunctional. They've gone from a franchise concerned with winning no matter what to one that's more concerned with appeasing a wide receiver.
  8. you realize the plan was for him to still be playing right? Kept my eyes open watching NFL football yesterday, there are a bunch of CB's still playing at a high level into their 30's. But hey, at least he stole Woody's money. We should be happy about that.
  9. What happened was we have a front office who looks down o the combine and correlating metrics to pro success because they're more interested in their swim moves or jam techniques.
  10. Deep Thoughts

    Lee can't play at all and teams are just going to attack Burris because he cant run. When you have two total liabilities like that it's hard to stop anyone. Neither are close to being NFL starters. Burris is a safety trying to play corner.
  11. Most head coaches in the NFL are bad. Bowles is bad. The Jets are probably the least respected franchise in the league. The only way you're getting anyone that knows what they're doing to work here is if Woody gives him a blank check and then falls off the face of the earth.
  12. Darron Lee

    At least he's stealing Woody's money, tbh.
  13. Charles Woodson played till he couldn't anymore, had 65 career interceptions and 11 touchdowns. He's not even remotely the best ever and his impact vs Revis isn't even remotely comparable. Revis had a good season and played well against Steve Smith in 2009, another guy who played till the wheels came off and was burning Revis when he was 30 and in his prime. Smith was like 35. Revis giving up and getting paid isn't an accomplishment.
  14. TO played till he was 90 and revis called him a slouch. He had a nice game against Vincent Jackson in 2009. Best ever.
  15. He's done because he was the worst DB in the league last year. Did you watch the Jets at all? It was a complete non competitive effort. And the HOF will be a tall order at this point, he's the Terrell Davis of DB's. He'll get in, but it will take a while. Pull up the Revis highlight package, he made plays in the Bengals and Chargers playoff games and that's about it. Didnt play specials, didnt intercept the ball, and didnt score touchdowns. He shut down Ochocinco in 2009? Hat's off.
  16. I dont care about the money. He got his money, awesome. He screwed Woody, good for him. It's just pretty astonishing how he fell off from the best to the worst to completely out of the league at 31. Most of the HOF DB's all played well into their mid 30's.
  17. nfl week 1 ratings

    College football has been doing massive numbers.
  18. Leonard Williams might net us a 3rd.