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  1. Westhoff should have been given a shot, way back when.
  2. Guys, its all about the scheme. You cannot get to the QB with just 4 fat guys over 300lbs. Bowles seems to be too stupid to realize this.
  3. I think I know the playing you are talking about, it was a run play to the left. If Forte simply had Powell's speed, he would have ran past those linebackers, as he had the angle on them but his lack of speed showed. Powell is the better back right now, and its not even close, in my opinion. Forte is slow.
  4. Good coaching minimizes deficiencies in players. I still have a hard time understanding how Bowles had Revis play against Watkins in the last game of the 2015 season.
  5. The pass defense has been terrible. Guys are consistently out of position.
  6. Too early to tell on either but so far I would have to say that Bowles has been average. I have not been impressed with him.
  7. That 4-3 front Bowles plays, with Sheldon-McLendon-Williams-Wilkerson, is comical. You are not EVER going to get consistent pressure rushing those 4 guys without an extra blitzer (or 2), which then makes the secondary vulnerable.
  8. a regular? prob not. there's so many ups n downs to a season that i just dont feel that need to jump into threads like i did when i was younger. ill be around tho. this season could be interesting.
  9. sup tx. good to see u around.
  10. Overrated by the coaching staff. He looks like he's lost a step or 2. Still a good all around player but Powell needs at least 40% of the carries.
  11. Jets coaches think Forte is still 25 yrs old. They have no idea what they are doing giving him all these touches. Powell should be getting at least 10 carries a game.