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  1. Lee had a typical rookie year. He was actually pretty decent, especially in coverage.
  2. Everyone passing judgement. How many have actually seen Mayes play?
  3. Jets need an IMPACT player. I dont think trading down is necessarily a good idea. An impact guy will be there at #6 - will he be there at #12?
  4. hopefully the jets are just driving up the price. no reason for them to sign a guy like this. overrated.
  5. Hightower is not what the Jets need. Dude cannot cover. Good player but overrated right now.
  6. Melo again talking to the media, commenting onon the knicks not making any deadline deals. Why does he think he's so important? Just shut up and play basketball, dude. You're not Lebron. Nobody gives a sh## about your thoughts on the knicks doing this or that.
  7. But dont we often have 4 linebackers on the field? Lee and Foster could start on the inside. Your point has merit though. Jets will probably see it as ILB overkill to draft another one in the 1st rd when they arent really a true 3-4 defense.
  8. There aren't 5 players in the draft better than this guy. I'd take him at #6 and not think twice about it.
  9. Dont harass somebody on the street with your cell phone, jerkoff. Lesson learned. + 1 Revis
  10. Lee will be a very good player.
  11. Carmelo just isnt as good as he thinks he is.
  12. The best QB and pass rusher wont be there at pick #6, in all likelihood. So now what? Draft Cam Robinson just because he plays LT? If Adams has a considerably higher grade than a Deshaun Watson, Tim Williams etc then you take him. You wouldnt take Earl Thomas in the top 10 just because he's a safety??
  13. I disagree. History shows that taking the BPA is the way to go. Adams might be the only blue chip talent still available at #6.
  14. A Jets coach thinks he wont be good? Buy stock in Hackenberg making a few pro-bowls.
  15. Jets could have easily re-signed him. they chose to let him go.