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  1. Mac has nailed both of his 1st rd picks and found some good players later on, as well. He stays. Bowles? Needs to go. Worst Jets team I have ever seen (in terms of energy).
  2. Just hire a real head coach, somebody with experience.
  3. This team definitely has no balls. Bowles wont be here very long.
  4. To be fair, Bowles has him playing off man coverage.
  5. Hasnt been the same since that concussion last year. I doubt he becomes a safety, as he doesnt want to lower his head to hit anymore. Wouldn't be surprised if he chose to retire in a year or 2.
  6. This guy has played really well, and unlike Marcus Williams, he's doing it on the outside (not just the slot).
  7. I like what he's done in the draft so far, but in free agency, I'm not sure.
  8. And he had no rush near him. 1 of the worst throws i have seen from this team in a long time. He has zero feel/touch for the deep ball.
  9. Ever since his concussion last year, he has been hesitant to stick his neck in there and make the tackle.
  10. ..........maybe Definitely cant cover, i agree with that for sure.
  11. Revis has lost a step but Bowles is also not playing him to his strengths, which is press coverage. Revis can still be a top corner IMO.
  12. No sense in actually playing Giacomini.
  13. Westhoff should have been given a shot, way back when.
  14. Guys, its all about the scheme. You cannot get to the QB with just 4 fat guys over 300lbs. Bowles seems to be too stupid to realize this.