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  1. Darron Lee

    Lee is not an issue, this guy can be a good solid LB. He's not being used correctly. And letting go of Snacks ruined the front 7.
  2. The Odd Man Out: Matt Forte

    Thats the only logical reason I can think of.
  3. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    Guys, this starting staff is mediocre at best. they arent winning multiple playoff series. someone in the yankees brain trust made this move because they thought they could make a run THIS year. they are stupid.
  4. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    No sense in trading any potential high end prospects at this point, unless you are getting an ace-type in return. So stupid.
  5. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    No sense in trading any top prospects for a run this year. Bring up a few more young guys and let them play.
  6. Guys, wake up. It doesnt matter who Dolan hires. Dolan is the problem. Dude has chased away HOF coaches/executives like Larry Brown, Donnie Walsh, D'Antoni (a respected coach) and now Phil freakin Jackson. Why? Because he doesnt let these guys do their job. Phil probably asked Dolan to buy out Melo, he refused and Phil said i'm leaving.
  7. Gary Myers on board for the Tank

    Prob true. But if Woody is finally willing to hit rock bottom than I say good for him. Sometimes you have to take 2 steps backwards to take 5 steps forward. About time.
  8. Nobody will be laughing in 3 years if the Jets "tank" and land a franchise QB.
  9. Gary Myers on board for the Tank

    Jets havent tanked probably in forever. If Mac is doing this on purpose, I give him credit for actually having the balls to do it. Lets hope it works.
  10. Darron Lee

    Lee had a typical rookie year. He was actually pretty decent, especially in coverage.
  11. Everyone passing judgement. How many have actually seen Mayes play?
  12. Draft Rumors

    Jets need an IMPACT player. I dont think trading down is necessarily a good idea. An impact guy will be there at #6 - will he be there at #12?
  13. hopefully the jets are just driving up the price. no reason for them to sign a guy like this. overrated.
  14. Hightower is not what the Jets need. Dude cannot cover. Good player but overrated right now.
  15. Melo again talking to the media, commenting onon the knicks not making any deadline deals. Why does he think he's so important? Just shut up and play basketball, dude. You're not Lebron. Nobody gives a sh## about your thoughts on the knicks doing this or that.