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  1. a regular? prob not. there's so many ups n downs to a season that i just dont feel that need to jump into threads like i did when i was younger. ill be around tho. this season could be interesting.
  2. sup tx. good to see u around.
  3. Overrated by the coaching staff. He looks like he's lost a step or 2. Still a good all around player but Powell needs at least 40% of the carries.
  4. Jets coaches think Forte is still 25 yrs old. They have no idea what they are doing giving him all these touches. Powell should be getting at least 10 carries a game.
  5. Good pick. You guys crack me up. OMG NOT PORZINGIS!!!!!!
  6. I like this guy's play alot. I think he might be a 43 DE though. We'll see how this works out.
  7. Wilkerson is the leader of the front 4, but the Jets may have no choice but to tag and trade him. His replacement may not be as good (Williams/Sheldon), but Damon Harrison's replacement will be much harder to find and in my opinion, Damon Harrison must be re-signed - before Wilkerson.
  8. He wont sniff the HOF and I like D'Brick. No reason why D'Brick cant be the LT next year. Jets need to upgrade RT and RG first.
  9. The 5 yard defensive back rule has changed the game. Once that was instituted, the balance of offense/defense being equally as important ended. Now, your offense and the QB position is essentially 70% of your teams importance. If they fix the rule and make it a 10 yard contact rule, it will level the playing field.
  10. Richardson might be faster than MO, but MO will play harder and get to the QB more often. And based on the last 3 years, the numbers dont lie. Also, Richardson is very average vs the run while Mo is a force.
  11. I wouldnt be so critical of Thompkins as much, and dont blame him for the loss, but the guy has only shown he can run in a straight line.
  12. Defender took a blind shot at the ball and got it. Throw took too long to get there and Thompkins shouldnt have waited for the ball. If that was a legit receiver, he snatches the ball early and cuts up field for a TD.
  13. There's plenty of room to sign Harrison. Cutting Cromartie is step 1.