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  1. and empty backfield telling the Defense WE ARE THROWING PUT MORE GUYS IN COVERAGE
  2. Ya the OL got crappy fast. You could see it last year really starting to age/gain weight (mangold, did he eat a Horse?), but we need to rebuild that OL ASAP
  3. Probably would have been a better wildcat QB than LB, LOL No he was the Underwear Olympics Champion that year
  4. Ya sucks, when we get in position to maneuver for top QB there is no one. Some asshat QB will put great #s up at Underwear Olympics (Combine) and we will fall for it (Gholston)
  5. On 1st down.....should have had legit run the ball play called there instead of telegraphing to defense a pass with a empty backfield (WTF). (I know fitz scrambled)
  6. 2016 games also, LOL........BUMP for Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. He will go on IR 1st chance it benefits Mac to do so....
  8. The Mods are still in frustrated debate in Lounge trying to figure out what conundrum means
  9. old Patriots trick to stash young talent,,go on IR for a hangnail.
  10. smh, last preseason game,, rookie, played n spread last 2 years.. yikes,, over react much?
  11. No I want JGB to keep posting..... Actually, I demand it. I have spoketh..........
  12. Smart man. You can NEVER go wrong with Fart Jokes in a male laden football crowd. NEVER!!!!!!
  13. Fitz is probably starter here 2 years if Jets make playoffs this year..but for sure, Fitz is filling Hacks spot 1-2 years at most. Difference is, Jets just dont see XsOs skills from Geno to make his a every week #1 with them. Other teams who lose starter may be desperate.