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  1. Is everyone enjoying the snow? (off topic)

    Nah, I prefer Entenmans Black and Whites
  2. Are u guys nuts?

    agree, except I would say a punt returner with pop is also a must for 2016 to help us withstarting field position
  3. Pandora's Box is now OPEN

    It appears Ivory was hurt, only made token appearance and camera showe dhim pain after long run and Powell out. Rex knew we had no run game and went into a D that made pass game very very tough.. I agree that we should have put a SPY on taylor.

    If Thompkins doesnt have that ball dislodged at end, Afosomf would have almost spot onpredicted end of game and close to score also..

    I didnt know they had WIFI at YMCAs

    This is laughable. This is a parody account. It has to be.
  7. Ya, that hurt, especially Powell would would have been agood check off receiver in the gusty winds. As soon as I saw Powell out and the winds were over 25MPH I was very very worried..

    I will, I dont let what 21-34 year olds do who care less than fans about games outcome rattle me so much. We had meaningful playoff hunt games for all 16 games w/new regime, new playbooks, This was a GREAT year w/great new GM who will have us in wildcards next year and maybe even a shot at AFC-E if all breaks well, but for sure in 2017

    Sounds like you are still 6
  10. ITS OVER

    agree,, team effort to lose,,many dropped passes, Gailey should have been a tad conservative at end where we could have gone up 1 with FG,, Put us up 1 let D win it of worst case Off get sanother chance to win if Bills score Enunwa dropped shovel pass play of game,,that was a TD, no one in front of him,,would have totally changed momentum, and as always we need a punt returner who can get us better field position.. XsOs
  11. ITS OVER

    agree, but some folks think Geno has a IQ over 25 andstill want him in lineup, LOL OK Slats, I meant Football IQ. I am sure he is a Brainiac in real life, LOL
  12. ITS OVER

    Have no idea what that means, but now I realize your a teenager.. Carry on, I thought you were a older fan. .I get your odd statements now
  13. ITS OVER

    zero chance Geno on team in 2016. Players cant stand him by lack of quotessupporting him after punch.. Goner,,yoiu need a new plan
  14. ITS OVER

    You need a hobby
  15. ITS OVER

    Some folks take this way too seriously.. It's over, go to a movie, read a book and wait till opening Day next season. .Its not that big of a deal.. Trust me, most of you care more than the millionaire players do. They are calling wives saying 'OK, book the resort and book me some tee times'