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  1. Lol, correct, fitz could throw the ball backwards in camp and still start over GeeNo, GeeNo needs to worry about staying the main backup. Fitz is starter no matter what snd how does GeeNo prove anything in meaningless person games
  2. LOL, sorry man, but you have to admit, you threw a very funny, yet a softball line in that post: (Whenever I got a bad report card my father would make me watch Jets games as punishment. I saw a lot of games.) I couldnt resist taking a swing at that softball you threw BLEED GREEN BROTHER!
  3. all the bad report cards also explain your posts
  4. No matter what your story, BLEED GREEN and Sept. 11th approaching fast
  5. maybe so, but there is no question the locker room thinks Fitz should be starter if he returns in time for camp. I doubt you are denying that?
  6. When I had my cancer, my Dr. at Duke told my family that making me laugh (they told me a bit later in recovery) was a great % improvement indicator. So I know it's tough with what she has been through, but try and keep her smiling, whether it be corny jokes, showing up with food on your face, whatever. The name Lauren is silently thought in my mind every night as I speak to who I feel is a presence in my life. My guess, Phil, with the Cheeseburgers etc, Lauren will be sending posts out in 10 years asking us for prayers for YOU as you have a stent put in for the 5 Guys fat build up in arteries Her current thread will be longer than yours in 10 years. Just saying ,,,,,,,,,,,, May God Bless,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  7. do they hate Revis/marshall etc?? I don't care if my QB is a filipino or a Peruvian sheep herder as long as he wins and brings up closer to super bowl. You think Russ Wilson has haters? In NFL for players love and in MOST cases, NFL attendance, it's all equally related to Winning.
  8. his XsOs are hilarious, but he clogs my timeline, lOL
  9. winner winner chicken dinner
  10. ya, that must be it. Bleed Green. what about farts? green cloud like The Hulk..does that mean The Hulk is a Jets fan?
  11. ya, that must be it. Bleed Green.
  12. agree
  13. yes and no. opponents have same schedule (in afc-e) but for some reason we have 6 of 9 on road to start. thats 6 of 8 after home opener. No one else has to do that on raod so much so early. have otwin I agree, but BRUTAL in nFL to play on road, very very hard to win on road in NFL. I fear tuf early road sked (even if we play well, but lose close games) could make a 3-6 schedule which would cause a drop in confidence in locker room... Need to be 6-4, 5-5 at worst case at BYE week. If so, the late season home games will help us. If 3-7, 4-6, probably wont make a difference.......... Bleed Green
  14. Yup, behind closed doors of a NFL General Manager 101
  15. agree, it would be a HUGE thing w/brutal schedule. HUGE.