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  1. Shon Coleman OT Auburn

    I would expect Coleman to go late in rd 2.  I see too much holding by him, that will be probably called more on him in NFL
  2. Shon Coleman OT Auburn

    The talent Coleman will see in NFL is much closer to Bama than A&M or Ole Miss imo.
  3. Shon Coleman OT Auburn

    watch last years bama game, They do not call holding in college often. In fact Bama's Dline this yr drew only 3 holding calls all year. Coleman is garbage.
  4. Shon Coleman OT Auburn

    Shon Coleman is awful  the dude holds on every play. 
  5. Pre-combine Mock -- Full draft of Jets picks.

    To excel in NFL with an Avg or below avg OL play, you need to be able to have Wiggle and make players miss. DH is a 1 cut downhill runner and he will excel with Good OL play. Once he breaks the LOS, he is a tough man to bring down as his speed is much faster than he looks, and DB's have to be brave to take him on. DH lacks the needed Wiggle imo and I am  a diehard Bama fan.  He is no trent richardson as he is a workout warrior. He needs to go to right place though.
  6. Pre-combine Mock -- Full draft of Jets picks.

    The Cowboys will get Henry in 2rd rd and he will win OROY and gain about 1300 yds. A perfect fit for Henry
  7. Von Miller

    0% chance and Rice was never picked up again, Hardy soon to be cut by Pokes 
  8. Mock offseason (long)

    If the plan is to take Jaylon and sit him entire yr and have the team suck and go 4-12 so they can move up to get Deshaun Watson, it may make sense The plan would dictate to keep Fitzy playing vs Brutal schedule to help insure such, trading Mo or sheldon for a 2017 pick as well may also make sense.     
  9. Von Miller

    aldon smith is a 0% chance probabilty,  Not even sure he is able to play next yr, and he is 1 strike from getting death penalty. 
  10. Super Bowl 50: Game Thread

    Garb Insecure ????? nevah?  oh wait  lmao
  11. Super Bowl 50: Game Thread

    panthers will win 17-16
  12. Super Bowl 50: Game Thread

    Tex in a Butterfinger commercial , mom told him to GFY
  13. Who Ya Got?

    carolina in an EZ win  35 -14