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  1. Grade the Pick: Darron Lee

    Here is the bama game condensed to 30 minutes, watch it and give me your honest opinion. All any of henry's runs do you see Lee making an impact? He made a nice sack on Simms, but he was unblocked.
  2. Grade the Pick: Darron Lee

    Im thinking you have no clue how to use quote function mon
  3. Grade the Pick: Darron Lee

    collins is 6 3 250 stop it
  4. Grade the Pick: Darron Lee

    I guess my point is, not sure this position is filled with a 1st rd player. I watched bama game and he didnt look to me like an impact player.
  5. Grade the Pick: Darron Lee

    the point is deone was not drafted to play ILB, he could not beat out the safeties they had and used him at ILB after some injuries. He did well in their scheme. jets could have drafted Cravens in rd 2 and fill the same role imo
  6. Grade the Pick: Darron Lee

    Bucannon was drafted as a Safety not as a OLB.They moved him to linebacker as they had 2 safeties they liked johnson and Mathieu. Lee does not appear to me to be a great tackler. If saban had used Henry more, bama wins the game. Do not see greatness for Lee.
  7. Grade the Pick: Darron Lee

    Just watched Bama vs OSU game and focused on Lee 1st half 2 tackles 2nd half 5 tackles including a nice sack Bama really giftwrapped this game as defense was terrible vs 3rd and long and had so many missed tackles on Cardale. Lee had a decent game, but when Henry ran the ball, he was no where to be found. He had 3 nice plays at LOS, 2 on simms and 1 on cooper. I did not see a vicious sack artiste. I saw a decent OLB but he didnt stand out as a NFL star in making. He will not be a major factor on run defense. I would not have drafted this player.
  8. Hackenberg is in the HOUSE!!!

    havent been on JI in 12yrs
  9. Hackenberg is in the HOUSE!!!

    Umm please find that post mon
  10. Hackett is not an NFL punter
  11. Hackenberg is in the HOUSE!!!

    Ya Thuney a great pick predicted to be 6th rounder ya awesome mon
  12. Ladies and Gentlemen

    i can provide a Keurig
  13. 2016 DRAFT: Day 3 Thread

    I see Cheats drafted Jules replacement, Ba Bye homie mon
  14. Brissett will never play a down for cheats