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  1. Seems legit.
  2. I love dogs. Hockey, a.k.a. pro wrestling on ice, not so much.
  3. Nugent did well for us for a few years, but this season he was junk.
  4. I love good tequila. I hate training wheels.Quality stuff needs no lime or salt.
  5. Well I know what I want for Christmas.
  6. Got my used 740IL for $300 from my lawyer. It's got some miles and years, but damn, it still runs strong. I've always been an American car/truck guy, but for the price I couldn't turn down the offer. I will concede parts are expensive, but I haven't needed many. It won't out run my Mustang, or haul anything close to to what my GMC truck does, but it does what I ask it.
  7. Oh so true...
  8. No uniform could ever possibly be worse than the Steelers prison stripe looking mess.
  9. It would be awesome, but it's not the reason. I was born and raised on the Ohio river, the Kentucky side, minutes from downtown Cincinnati. At the tender age of ten, year 1968, the Bengals were established in the NFL by pro football icon Paul Brown. Calvin and Hobbes was just a comic strip that came along that due to the imagination of its creator Bill Watterson, its characters who he created, really became a joy for me to read daily in the paper. Especially on Sundays. For me, no other comic strip made me laugh like Calvin and Hobbes. Far Side and Bloom County were excellent too, but they just didn't grab My heart the same way.
  10. Best comic strip ever. God I miss Calvin and Hobbes!
  11. I know. Aside from Cleveland, who knows who will grab the title.
  12. Eff Lebron, eff Cleveland, eff the American League. Congrats to the Cubbies, they deserve to wear the crown. That designated hitter pussy BS didn't hold water for the Indians. Play real baseball, coach real baseball, or GTFO.