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  1. I'm kinda happy I don't have to work around here like I used to. I can barely keep up with what you guys are posting. Good s**t all around.
  2. Just playing guys. My Bengals are not much better.
  3. I would like to argue, but I cannot. My Bengals and your Jets sadly won't be in the playoff picture.
  4. You need to clear that with Cindy. Where is that girl anyway?
  5. She's wearing a shirt for a photo shoot. If she is actually down with Zeppelin I would be amazed.
  6. No problem!
  7. Boobs and Berettas. Great combo.
  8. Ignore the above post. Crusher never really said that. For some reason my phone wouldn't let me post anything without his quote in it. Phones blow.
  9. Your Jets are surprising me today. Keep that s**t up!!
  10. I was at the Fins @ Bengals game ten days ago. I thought it was excellent.
  11. I'd like to see your guys all over him like a cheap suit. Problem is the refs Seem blind to all the holding they do. It's sickening. That being said, GO JETS in this one.