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  1. We're actually living together, running a B&B in New Hampshire.
  2. JI is the cause of the creation of several Jet Fan websites. Pretty sure that's a sound business model.
  3. Sums up your posting history nicely.
  4. I should get around to changing that Wes Welker thread title.
  5. Nope, deucing on the Jets draft. It's what you do.
  6. How much cap room would we have if we just cut everyone? We'll end up with the same record anyway.
  7. As well you should have been. Thats like saying 'Candyman' in the mirror three times.
  8. You're a bleeder, Swain.
  9. I saw it. Lots of Casey Affleck staring off into space, and not much plot. You'd love it. I really loved Lion.
  10. I'm glad you got a haircut and that the swelling went down.
  11. So you're cool with another rookie head coach? Asking for a friend.
  12. His mom was John Pacella.
  13. Pretty level headed. Much like Klecko as mod. You totally deserved it.
  14. Obviously, you weren't around for Stormshadow's reign.