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  1. Gruden's a racist. I knew it.
  2. Are you saying that those people all look the same? QBs, of course.
  3. You realize that they're two different people, right?
  4. You're awesome. I'm 99% sure that you are JetsRules' grandfather.
  5. Totally want to see you climb that ladder.
  6. There are a lot of names on this forum that sicken me when they appear. Mostly rhymes with Schmoeschmillyschmelve.
  7. I'm too trusting 24/7 NFL News was created in December of 2013 by Karam Hadid. With the goal of creating a reputable news outlet and promoting fan interaction, the site grew rapidly over time. 24/7 began with just articles, but now features podcasts, YouTube videos, and a constantly updated Twitter feed with the newest information. 24/7 was founded with the goal to create an environment for NFL fans to discuss the sport in more than 140 characters. With the new site design, fans now have the opportunity to be more active than ever before.
  8. He said he read the article and decided to post it. Are you suggesting that he has something to do with that website?
  9. Rex thinks it's the Snoopy Bowl.
  10. Cool story, I once wore Earl Christie's Super Bowl ring. He was much nice than Joe Klecko.
  11. You're a Chewlie's rep. I knew it.
  12. You held out longer than I thought you wojuld.
  13. Get this.
  14. @TomShane and I also went to Cortland. The kid has no chance. 😉