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  1. Movies We've Seen Thread

    I really liked it, too. The only thing I would have liked is a little backstory on Pennywise, where he came from etc. In the book, iirc, they don't really find out until the adult part, so it's really just a minor complaint.
  2. Sergio Dipp: Hold my beer.
  3. Chiefs vs Cheats

    Fair enough, but you just need an antenna.
  4. Chiefs vs Cheats

    It's on NBC. You don't need a cord.
  5. Chiefs vs Cheats

    I have Gillislee, Al. He's on the bench.
  6. Jets Cuts Continue Rolling in

    Deon Simon is a surprise.
  7. He won't last until the 32nd pick. Might as well forget about him.
  8. Movies We've Seen Thread

    My next purchase is going to be Deafula. You have to check that one out.
  9. Movies We've Seen Thread

    My daughter loves it.
  10. I guess they could float the idea that Petty could return and put him on short term IR. Would be a good enough reason to pretend that we don't need to sign Kap.
  11. This made me lol. I agree with your point 100%, though. Add in our Douchebag beat writers, and it's going to get ugly.
  12. Remember when Kris Jenkins walked off under his own power? He was a 350 lber on a shredded knee.
  13. Which add on are you using?
  14. There are probably some threads on Reddit.
  15. Of course you have pictures of teen boys at the ready.