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  1. Trick or Treat is better. It comes highly recommended.
  2. The mod lounge is a nightmare. It truly is. Please help.
  3. I've set it so you lose a point every time you post about Firing Bowles. I honestly dont don't know how you're still in the positive.
  4. SAR II: Electric Boogaloo.
  5. I've missed you Evan, where have you been?
  6. It's all about the route trees.
  7. They had Vlad Ducasse at RG. We'd be moving backwards.
  8. Sheena Easton
  9. The profanity filters are there for a reason. Please don't bypass them.
  10. I agree. Geno was actually good in college. 😉
  11. I like when you capitalize words. It's really the only way to know if you're fired up or not.
  12. I prefer Deafula.
  13. BB stole a million shekels from a dying man. Does that count?