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  1. 16: Super duper surprises
  2. Everything Joewilly is my favorite everything.
  3. Stuff is worth whatever somebody is willing to pay for it.
  4. I'm pretty tired, I wish I had an instantgram right now.
  5. I thought he was going for tiny and underage.
  6. He's had quite a few completed backdoors, as well.
  7. Not sure which is worse, Pokemon Go or E cigs. Damned kids these days.
  8. Looks like she deleted all of her tweets.
  9. She also told Jay Glazer to suck her dick. So it wasn't all bad.
  10. Would you be my buddy? I've always wanted one.
  11. You remind me of my friend Troy growing up. Troy: This is a great song, do you like it? Me: Not really. Troy: Yeah, it's not my favorite. Don't be a Troy.
  12. You knew it was going to be bad when even Will Smith didn't want anything to do with it.