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  1. Can somebody please give me a reason...

    I think Tom Brady is a stand up guy, and the Patriots have been wrongly accused.
  2. Movies We've Seen Thread

    It's pretty gosh darned awesome.
  3. After reading this thread,I have come to one conclusion. Tony is a Wiz.
  4. This is what I dont understand.

    Did anyone else read the thread title and think, "How I can just kill a man"?
  5. He had to, the XL kept falling out.
  6. Leonard "Pink" Floyd

    Yup, totally defended Sapp, "I'm sure he's not proud of it." Its entirely possible that that both men are pieces of human excrement.
  7. I did. I hear it's good for the skin.
  8. Leonard "Pink" Floyd

    True, Sapp never smoked crack. What a gentleman.
  9. Leonard "Pink" Floyd

    Great guys don't have sex with under aged prostitutes.
  10. Twitter has been awesome today. @Garbis having a meltdown. We we miss you Garby!
  11. Totally helps.
  12. So is his shtick.
  13. Not taking football advice from a guy who watches Property Brothers.
  14. So. *******. Gay.