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  1. I prefer to have them over with by October.
  2. I'm confident Revis is done as well.
  3. The one and only.
  4. No, people laughed when you thought Tom Shane was on the Indianapolis.
  5. Max hasn't even posted in this thread, that's not cool at all.
  6. Manish skips leg day, he'd never make it.
  7. The ticket forum would probably be a good place to start.
  8. Goddamn, this is funny.
  9. Phoenix Sports seems to have the best quality. Castaway is usually pretty good, Sports Devil has the most streams.
  10. Dick Trickle /thread
  11. It's my understanding you get paid extra for that.
  12. Ugh.
  13. Plus, Joe played for Weeb, a good man, whereas Tom plays for Chthulu.
  14. Joe has the SB ring to prove it.
  15. There's no way. Brady couldn't carry Joe's water.