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  1. WR Charone Peake ~ ~ ~

    Do you know what percentage of teams have lost first round picks for cheating?
  2. Hey, guess what? Your team cheats.
  3. Movies We've Seen Thread

    Just ask the Wicker Man Apparently, Tatum was supposed to be part wolf. At at least it was entertaining, unlike Speed Racer.
  4. It would help if the other teams would talk smack. Then the Jets will play extra hard.
  5. Movies We've Seen Thread

    That movie is glorious. I have no idea what Redmayne was doing. I need a pair of space roller blades.
  6. Esplain to me please

    So, because Carnosaur 3 was awesome, Hackenberg will be going to the HOF?
  7. Pretty sure I can take a power shot from you, do you have a wiener dog?
  8. Your team cheats.
  9. Settle down, Niedermeier.
  10. Day 2 Mini-Camp report

    Oh, joewilly12. I love you.
  11. Movies We've Seen Thread

    I would have liked a little more of those two. Also, I'm pretty excited that Spider-Man is now in the MCU.
  12. Can somebody please give me a reason...

    I think Tom Brady is a stand up guy, and the Patriots have been wrongly accused.