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  1. It bothers me that I give a shit about this team.
  2. Guess we're hiring Rex back.
  3. Always thinking of dicks, son.
  4. I can't believe you found Shia LaBoeuf so quickly.
  5. It's not that bad. Tastes like pennies.
  6. Jones got a standing O during his first at bat tonight.
  7. I thought you moved to some eastern bloc 3rd world country. My my old stomping grounds, I'll be there.
  8. If you need a movie with a girl from The Waltons, check out White Dog with Kristy McNichol. She was also in a glorious pirate movie, the name escapes me right now.
  9. I was always partial to Don Boyd Odegard. Parcells called a cb 'The Wizard' because he was dumb, can't remember his name. Now you can call me 'The Wizard'.
  10. Didn't know it was possible to be wrong that many times in one post.
  11. This thread is full of gold.
  12. I have a couple aliases. I use them to make fun of people, not to blatantly drive up post counts.
  13. We're actually living together, running a B&B in New Hampshire.