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  1. Hack did none of those things, so that statement is moot.
  2. Maybe because he is a Jet and we are Jet fans? I know, this is really complicated stuff.
  3. Jameis Winston has them
  4. Would a "spoiled whiny, bitch" put himself, voluntarily into a situation that will probably not serve his best interest? That is what Hackenberg did. He had many, many other top programs wanting him in their programs. And, it would have been very easy for him to jump ship, and take the easy road. No one would have blamed him. He stayed the tough course. As far as Franklin, I can't say what he said to coaches. I was not there. He was probably very frustrated with his situation, and if he said those things, he was wrong. But you know what, as a fan of the program, I was saying the same things. The fanbase wanted his scalp on a stick. People with little intestinal fortitude generally run away from potential problems. Hack did not. Empirical evidence shows that Hack is not a wilting violet that stays from the heat. Also, has anyone seen any quote from him regarding treatment from the press as he has been a Jet? Think many of the more recent Jet qb's would handle that scrutiny in such a manner?
  5. Just because you say things a million times, does not make them true. When you say things such as "X would have happened, probably" you bring down the collective iq of the site. Just saying.
  6. Not too indifferent from the manner you post.
  7. Never heard anything like that about him in the program. His teammates actually loved him. This would be news to me, so please share links.
  8. His locker room politics, when Fitzpatrick was holding out on signing, it appeared that Decker was trying to make a stand at OTAs, probably did not help his case.
  9. For the past decade, the Jets are 12 games under .500. 6 times at .500 or above. Certainly not great, but certainly not an outlier in terms of being the worst. Problem for them is 6 straight without playoffs, Can't do that in this league. For that period, they are ahead of the Dolphins and Bills. Hooray!!
  10. Love "paper" analysis. These are the true geniuses of player analysis. Throw out numbers and prosper.
  11. How can this not be a fun season? There are zero expectations. For me as a fan, some of the most satisfying seasons are seeing a team build from the ground roots and finding hidden gems that serve as a future foundation for a building team. Of course, we will have those that will always be negative no matter the outlook of the team and look ti tear everything down. Such is the joy of fandom.
  12. Rasputin was also an early figure on football message boards.