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  1. I just went over there in morbid curiosity. I checked out the baseball forum. The top topic is "Mets 2015". Apparently the Mets just signed Michael Cuddyer.
  2. The most ridiculous thing there was the number of aliases that Sooth chose to have. This site wouldn't do that, would they?
  3. Biggest mistake was not going with Marrone. It seemed like they had him in their pocket, and now he and Coughlin will do big things in Jacksonville. Just watch
  4. Todd Bowles has never posted in the wrong thread. Disgraceful.
  5. Familia with a 15 game suspension. Seems light.
  6. what the original poster fails to realize is that the definition of a "lame duck" coach, is a coach with only one year on his contract. Bowles has 2 left, so "no" he is not a lame duck coach. Carry on.
  7. Somehow, I think they will let this season play out. Strange as that may seem.
  8. No. just pass attempts and interceptions. Weird, huh?
  9. Like I said, someone else was going to jump ahead of them and take their player. That is my conjecture. Prove it otherwise, or I am right.
  10. As inaccurate as Hack has been purported to be, that Junior year where everything was wrecked, he threw 6 Interceptions in 360 pass attempts. Sound like a guy who can't hit the ocean.
  11. Kurt Warner and Marc Bulgar make the Jet HOF based on recency
  12. I really can't recall his senior year, can you help me with that?
  13. It's not about the draft slot, it is about you conjecturing, without any knowledge, as to what the team was thinking. That is not a fair exercise, as you don't have the details