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  1. I did not put any stock in the stat, other than to register surprise. The Mets pitchers (Syndergaard particularly) has been horrible at holding runners on. He has not given his catchers a chance. D'Arnaud is a head case. Again, all I did was register surprise.
  2. I was shocked to learn that the Cubs had given up as many SB's as the Mets this year. That is hard to do.
  3. Apologize for that post then. That is cool stuff you provide. Can I ask what level of college? D1, D2 or D3? Position player or pitcher?My son is currently making these choices and we are trying to figure it out. Have you been around PG at all?
  4. You know what, you are without any stimulating qualities that promote positive discussion. There was nothing in that post that was to meant to provoke. You could have shared equal counter, but you chose not to. As always you took the low road. I will go back to just looking at your posts, chuckling to myself, and realizing that "there is a guy that wishes he had some basis of knowledge of which he talks about, but it remains a wish". Continue as you were.
  5. If you want to take the positive spin on that, I understand. As you well know not everyone will see it that way. Hey, want to correct a characterization you have implied on me-You said that I think, because my son plays travel ball at a competitive level, that makes me an expert on evaluating young baseball talent. Never said that. Said I was around the process and see it in action. That is all. I am sure I can tell you what players look good and why-but anyone with an elementary knowledge can tell you that. I have talked to baseball people who do evaluate talent. 3 mlb evaluators and probably 25 college recruiters. Does that make my sample size of talking to those folks large? Of course not. But, I have talked to them about the proliferation of numbers and using those to evaluate talent. And, almost to a man, they say that while the numbers help give measurement to what they see, that the "boots on the ground" process of looking at talent and giving it the eye ball test is the most important. Is that a scientific study there? Of course not. But it does reflect my core belief of seeing talent, getting to know talent, rather than going by numbers to evaluate. That is just me. Hey, are you going to be in Fort Myers over Columbus Day? PG is having its Underclass WWBA championships. It is a great place to see high school talent and get a sense of it. Promise I will buy you a beer and maybe even lunch, if you are kind.
  6. I am now resolved, as RJF has said, that anything involving postseason is a bonus this year. This team cannot compete as currently structured. Too many injuries to do anything, and some mis-placed parts.
  7. What I read today is that Heyward's 2016 WAR is 1.0. His 2016 salary of $15m was valued at, based on performance at $8.3m.If I were Cubs management, that would worry me a little. Of course all teams have players like that, and all clubs worry about those types of problems. Counter Heyward's performance to Daniel Murphy, who has a WAR of 5.6, and his $8m salary is valued at $44.8m.
  8. Backman, in his exit interview with Francesa, said that Gsellman was the pitcher he had been impressed with and felt that he would have a mlb career. Take that for what it was worth. I thought it interesting that the Nats had seen Gsvllman twice now, and did not have any better hacks the second time around.
  9. Agree. I skews pennat races and how the game is played. Admittedly, it has helped the Mets this season, as they have a deep system. But it is a different game.
  10. You just have to love the byplay of how this season has transformed. The Mets minor leagues, thought to be barren in the upper levels are driving this stretch run and doing much of the heavy lifting. Names like Lugo, Rivera and Gsellman were not on the top lists of anyone's crop of "next, can't miss" prospects. They were not sexy names with pedigree. But all they have done is grind out big wins for this Mets team during the heat of a playoff chase. The Mets would not be in this position without them. There are so many geniuses out there that will tell you they know who the next superstars are, but you can't measure heart and grit. Regardless how this year finishes, it has been fun watching these mutts of minor leagues excel.
  11. He hadn't pitched more than 2 innings since August 27
  12. So should we be rooting for an end of the year tie between the Cards and the Giants for the final wild card, and allow them to have a 1 game playoff? Is that a possibility? Burn one of their pitchers coming into the wild card game? Then take our chances against the Chicago Mings?
  13. Richardson probably made the play of the game, with the stop on 4th and 1. Who knows what happens if they convert there. Totally different line responsibilities in last nights game, than against the Bengals. Last night they had to maintain their lanes and keep in front of the qb. You saw what happens if he breaks containment. They wanted to try and keep him in the pocket first, get sacks second. Totally different plans.
  14. Odd, I have heard so many requests for Jetnation to be published with all the SAR1 content removed.
  15. Fitz is a nice qb and best option that the Jets had going into this season. History has proven that he cannot take a team to the promised land, and that is ok as a "bridge". The Jets realize it (trying to short him to a 1 year deal), and we should realize it. The notion that he should get "credit" for drops should also create a notion that he does create some "jump balls" where he is bailed out by a terrific WR's. He does get the ball there, but the plays that these WR's make, is quite impressive. This may be the most athletic and physical trio of WR's I have ever witnessed in Jet history.