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  1. Ranking players from different eras against each other is an exercise of absolute nothing.
  2. I always go back to 1973, when the Mets were something like 9 games out of first place in the middle of August and came back to win. the season is a marathon, but it seems like the Mets have both legs broken and no will
  3. I stayed away from this team for a week, not having the time to watch full games. AsI watched each score ballon against them, I could not help but feel relief as the tortuous ride of this season is over. Then as I look at the WC standings, I see that miraculously, they are still within 2 games. How incredibly parity ridden is the NL? And that line-up the mets threw out there yesterday. What was that?
  4. Bye. Have fun taking your ball and going home. too bad you can't converse in an adult way, when someone does not buy into your sanctimonious opinions.
  5. For the sake of accuracy, I will respond. YOU got this thread closed. I, actually attempted to get it re-opened YOUR actions and the childish reporting, because you can't deal with people who don't 100% agree with you in a civil manner. You are just unable. If I had 1 tenth of the childish bones that you have, I would report this post, and you would be gone from this site for good. Do everyone a favor.
  6. I would not even rank him as a top 5 Yankee
  7. Yankees get to duck paying a $6m bonus for hitting 700th home run.
  8. You ignore the subject matter that I directly questioned you on. Please elaborate on your sentiments of: -He was "bred" to be a football player. What the heck does that even mean? -He never played to his "capabilities". What basis of evaluation are you an expertise at pertaining to a player you never even worked out, in regard to "capabilities". Stick to the subject, rather than playing the victim.
  9. I like this coaches straight forward approach and ability not to pull any punches. i am sure his players see him in the same way, and that should only bode well.
  10. I don't have a problem in how you "feel" about Curtis Martin. Opinions are free, as I said earlier. Oh, and I have never said anything about Fireman Ed. Not sure why you throw that non sequitor in here. What I will debate you on is your criteria for characterizing Martin. I will list some of those: -His performance in big games. Fine. That is somewhat of a subjective matter with a lot of criteria involved, but if you choose a side to be on, I won't quibble with it. Know that other HOF players had similar disparities. I suggested Walter Payton as an example. -You claim that he was "BRED" to be a football player. On the surfaces, that appears to be just a plain IGNORANT comment. You obviously do not understand the background of the player, because if you did, you would say nothing of the sort. he was actually FORCED to play football as a last resort to ensure his life did not spiral further into an abyss. Again, your comment appears to ignorant on the level of knowledge of the player. I won't even suggest the other level of ignorance it may suggest. I will give you the benefit of the doubt there (barely). -You claim that he did not get the most of his "capabilities". Exactly what is that supposed to mean? That you have the expertise and knowledge of what his true capabilities should have enabled him? Where does your expertise lie in this area? What are your standards to judge? As well you feel that he should have been a greater player because he came from a "big time" program? Huh? I will just assume that this is part of your little game of "look how cute I can be and look what feathers I can ruffle". If there is any conviction behind those statements, well then you are just a sad person. And that does not make anyone a "homer".
  11. Check out page 22 from June 14
  12. Herrera has had I think 160 at bats in the majors and hit around .220. Those numbers are off the top of my head. I had read that there was some concern that he did not hit better at Vegas
  13. I should have figured it would devolve to this, particularly with you. It is your schtick to bait others with outrageously ignorant comments, and then see what happens. You like to yell "fire" in a crowded theater, and then see what pandemonium will ensue. I stupidly took the bait on the Rusty Staub comment, as you knew it would elicit some type of response. My fault for falling for that little ignorant blurb from you. I don't have problems with how anyone feels about any player, because opinions are free. But when they come framed and wrapped in the ignorance that you dish out, well it is easy to fall prey and think that someone may be that misinformed. But alas, it is your little way of trying to be "disruptive". Unless you really are that ignorant..... Then that is sad and I shouldn't quibble with the terminally stupid.
  14. Rosario is supposed to be the real deal, and he is so young, and has been the youngest player at every level he has been. he is a wispy 6'2". Reyes (while he was doing his minor league stint), said that his jaw dropped in amazement at the abilities of the kid.
  15. You forgot '73.