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  1. That is 144 in Jet Fan years. Congrats and great job
  2. I have not seen one person on this site that would want that to happen
  3. Just look at these pages. There are many self appointed experts who will tell you exactly what will happen with the team and every player. Just ask them.
  4. Yo are incorrect about them having any scholly's being reinstated while Hack was there. That is wrong. If PSU would have played in the same conference as the Zips, that would have helped. Many experts, including experts on this site said that PSU was essentially given a death penalty, that they would not recover from for a long time.
  5. And you would be wrong on the scholarship reinstatement
  6. GangGreenGirl just called. She said she would like to give back your sense of humor. Apparently it has been missing
  7. Jets of that era were never, never, never going to pick Marino. He had a damaged knee, and because of the Namath situation, the Jets still stayed away from players that had the slightest history of knee problems
  8. Not sure how many times we need to go over this. The program was absolutely decimated by recruiting sanctions and NCAA allowed defections. Some had said that it was worse than the death penalty John Donovan was ill equipped to run the an offense that catered to Hack's needs. He was running quick bubble screens and tried to put him on the edge. As the NCAA limited schollys, the team had to limit areas where it recruited. The O-line took a beating. And played like it. PSU just got back to 85 schollys last year. The also had a couple of good recruiting classes under Franklin. Those classes did not help Hack's team though. The fact that they won as many gams as they did, was frankly amazing.
  9. Mets decided to try and go fr it last year. I can't fault them for that. I once thought that Herrera was going to be a big deal, not sure any more. He does not seem to break through when given a chance. We should find out about him soon, with the Phillips trade. Mets feel they have candidates to take over second.
  10. Using Marshall's word in quotes "From day one........" This can be taken several ways: -That from day one on, it continued -That it was day one only or shortly Neither of us know the correct feelings Marshall was trying to portray. All I was trying to do, as I have stated numerous times, is provide counterbalance to the narrative that there are zero redeeming qualities in the kid. That is all. There are other intonations around the Jets, and Hackenberg that he is a "hard worker". Means very little in the big picture of things, but I rather that, than a lazy gus who does not study. That is all. I notice in the last several weeks you are really trying to argue minutia, when an essence is more the message. I hope everything is ok with you, as I get an image of a guy standing outside shaking his fist at the clouds. Stay well.
  11. It doesn't infer that this activity DID NOT continue either. That is my point. We both can infer differently I realize. You choose not to admit that. ok. Just me, but I give more creed to quotes and reviews when they contain the name of the person supplying them. That is just me. I never inferred that the quotes were fabricated, just that without a source, one should question what the agenda of the person who supplied them was. Was it a flaming action, out the door? Again to me, put your name on it. Marshall made a point to point out a couple of Hack's strengths. He was not coerced to be that flowery, and he could have tempered those. Something along the line of "Hack grew this year, but there is work left." That is the language he used on Petty. He was a little more ebullient on Hack, that is all. I can be as picayune on this as you. There 2 sides to every coin.
  12. There can be several ways that can be inferred what he was saying. Just because you feel it reflects in one manner, does not necessarily mean that is the only way to interpret. I never said that what Marshall said contradicted what negative connotations were thrown out before, more so, that they provided a balance to the tone that was presented of positive vs negative.
  13. Personally, I like Whitman's chocolate more than the prose.
  14. Now it is you who is drawing possible false narratives. Marshall's comments does jve with what Mehta has reported ("can't fault his work ethic or desire"), and sources from inside the Jets braintrust that they were pleased with Hackenberg's progress this year. As much as one side wants to spin, spin can be produced to counterbalance, that is all I am saying.
  15. Why believe anything anybody says for that matter. Everyone looks out for number one. In that way, everyone is a blank canvas with the eye test being the future performance indicator. But, that has not been done in this case. Anonymous sources have allowed the inference game to be in perpetual motion. Maybe Marshall was the anonymous source too, that said Hack has no chance. Covering all his bases. He is the Jets Colonel Flagg