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  1. I think "Franklin ruined Hack" is a stretch that I am not sure anyone said exactly. Hack certainly did not fit the system that Franklin likes to employ, and that Donovan ran. And, PSU runs a very different system the last 2 years under Moorehead.
  2. Interesting side note to the Shane troll attempt that we have gone over numerous times before- I am in Jupiter FL, for a baseball tournament and watched Hack's brother play. He is a catcher, has a great arm and good head for the game. Go figure. Committed to Clemson.
  3. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    I hate to support any Yankee argument, but do you think that those attendance figures have anything to do with the New Yankee Stadium capacity being reduced by about 10k seats?
  4. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    Why would you want Harvey? I am a Mets fan, but why would you want that?
  5. jets viewership down the most

    You what a great portion of football viewership is? Gambling and fantasy watching. Shocking, I know. I would be interested in what the Redzone channel ratings are.
  6. I would disagree, but that is a trivial point.
  7. jets viewership down the most

    I would be curious to know what are the ratings compared to similar time slot. Last year to this point, the Jets had played a prime time game and a 4pm start already, which by nature have larger audiences. Also, the weather has been great on weekends this year. That has an affect as well. Not saying the Jets are not less interesting to the average viewer, but you have to take things into account fairly
  8. Exchange Bowles with "any player or management position" and you could say the same thing. Basically the premise that fanboards have devolved to.
  9. Nowhere are they to use "estimation". Replay is meant to be conclusive, if they are going to overturn the call on the field. It is what the video shows. Not conjecture on their part. If conjecture has to be imparted, then the play stands. Is it perfect? Of course not. But somone DID use conjecture here, and it was wrong to. It was not supported.
  10. Instant replay is not supposed to be a "judgement" call. It is supposed to be a call based on certainty displayed by evidence.
  11. Blandino and Pereria weigh in

    And that is the point of replay. You either see it clearly, or the call on the field stands. How many times have we seen plays that defy the logic of physics and common sense, yet because we do not have a clear shot of it actually happening, the play is deferred to what was called. Someone got over zealous. And I do not believe it was out of what team was involved nor a conspiracy. Just a bad overrule.
  12. Blandino and Pereria weigh in

    Isn't the whole idea of replay to visually see the supposed action, in order to make judgement on that action, otherwise it is inconclusive? I understand the rule, but just feel they were over-officious in this case.
  13. Time to bench Mo for the season

    Your original premise was to "sit Wilkerson because his contract stipulates that his salary is guaranteed if he lands on IR". THAT is what you said. That would be not dealing in good faith on his contract. It would be pretty plain to see. And we could be sure the Jets would be found to be on the hook fpr that contract. That is simple labor law. Of course the Jets could sit Wilkerson for non-performance. But that was not your original premise. You were looking to skirt payment based on a contract loophole that Wilkerson bargained for. That is a huge red flag. It would also be a sign to future free agents that the Jets do not deal in good faith. Something that you do not particularly want leveraged against you in negotiations.
  14. Time to bench Mo for the season

    Pretty sure that the players union would have a very big issue not playing a player just for the sake of having the ability to cut him the following because of salary implications. And the players union would rightfully win that case.
  15. 2016 WS Champions/Cubs Thread

    Congrats to Cubbie fans (well, at least most of them that act like humans). Consistent failures by the National organization that just seems to choke consistently. I am sure the Nats thought that they had it with Scherzer coming in relief, and he just flat out spit the bit. Dodger series will be interesting. Good luck!