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  1. NL adopting DH is gaining momentum

    I understand and accept your perspective. But for me, a 1-0 game is much more exciting and has more intangibles than a 9-8 game. To each his own, I understand and respect.
  2. The Joe Namath Cool Guy Picture Thread

      I always thought this was a cool picture, as it was in high school
  3. NL adopting DH is gaining momentum

    So you admit it would be a sell out?
  4. NL adopting DH is gaining momentum

    It is not hard, but certainly more strategic. Heck, Willie Randolph managed in the NL (albeit poorly). I forget who the OP of this thread was, but that person's premise is now less solid, as Manfred has recently said that the DH is secure for now. I am sure the OP had good intentions, regardless
  5. NL adopting DH is gaining momentum

    Huh? Didn't Maddon take the Rays to the World Series? Didn't Yost just take the Royals to their first World Series in 30 years? How did old Yost do in the AL? To bring the point you made closer to home, didn't Francona absolutely fail with the Phillies, only to win 2 world series with the Red Sox? One in his first year? Think it has anything to do with talent? Silly point on your part. I do think Yosts and Maddon's points are true. There is more STRATEGY in the NL. 
  6. NL adopting DH is gaining momentum

    PFSIKH has let it be known that every decision made in the NL is made up by the game situation. There really are no decisions thus, and they are all wither black or white. Push button management, as it were  
  7. NL adopting DH is gaining momentum

    You obviously didn't read my Maddon and Yost quotes. We get it, you like AL better. Just don't close your mind so easily that because that is the brand you like, that it is the best. Others have opinions too.    PS-If there are more decisions to make, the more opportunity there is to be wrong.   
  8. The Circus in Buffalo continues McCoy on stage

    And the Patriot bandwagon has now mimicked the Yankee fandom. Congrats.
  9. NL adopting DH is gaining momentum

    Ned Yost's comments: "For me, I loved managing a National League game," he said. "Because there’s so much more strategy involved. The American League game, I love it, too, because it’s easier. It’s easier to manage the game. I’m not sure they should just throw the DH out in both of those, because the National League game, it’s exciting. It’s different." Joe Maddon's comments: "In the National League, there is so much more to think about. If you really want to get fans engaged, the strategy exceeds that of an American League game.   
  10. NL adopting DH is gaining momentum

    Wasn't talking about Free Agency. Was talking about in game strategy.  Believe those are 2 totally different things.
  11. NL adopting DH is gaining momentum

    Well, Joe Maddon said there are more decisions to make in the NL. But, he is much more stupid than jim Leyland, and what would he know? Oh, and Ned Yost agrees it is more "difficult" to manage in the NL.  Don't know why you have to be so emotional about this. 
  12. 2016 Yankees Thread

    How do you know?
  13. NL adopting DH is gaining momentum

    I honestly don't know what they don't have robots managing. Al and NL. It is sooo simple, as you smartly point out.
  14. NL adopting DH is gaining momentum

    Managers do care how pitchers hit. It affects how they manage the game (if they have a good hitting pitcher or not). It also effects how they approach the #8 hitter.
  15. NL adopting DH is gaining momentum

    It is not just pitchers and pitch count. It is managing your bench and substitutions all around.  Anyone that does not believe that there are more decisions in the NL as a manager, in comparison to the AL, is deluding themselves.  Call the DH for what it is, a stunt to try and increase attendance for an AL league that was lagging behind the NL in attendance and popularity in the early 70's.