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  1. Huh? I don't even think Boras is his agent. My guess of the salary is on that I thought was fair to both sides. I certainly came armed with that I knew the Mets did not want to go 5 years.
  2. Thankfully, the new CBA determines home field advantage for WS by awarding it to the team that has the most wins in regular season. I have not read what happens in case of a tie in that record.
  3. DeAza is a free agent. It was just a one year deal he signed with the Mets, I believe. Wonder why Sandy is trying to get less left handed? Hmmmm? SMH
  4. The justification of trading Michael Fulmer has been fully cemented now. Now, Can Bruce (or Grandson) bring back some relief help, catcher help or prospects? Mets are not too far off now. News today that Harvey is coming along great also.
  5. And, I wasn't far off. Cespedes in at $110m for 4 years. Great job Sandy
  6. They all played in a different era of football, also. The NFL has changed and there are different thought processes now. The makeover of the NFL has greatly been hastened
  7. It is called freedom of expression. It is something you (Thank you!) have valiantly helped us hold near and dear in your service.
  8. You need to ask the players on the play why they did not take a hit on him. I gave you my speculation, which it is because the NFL protects their own, particularly stars. Tell us another reason. But without talking to Gilchrist, among others, we don't know.
  9. I watched the first 10 plays or so, in none of those did I witness Brady acting as a blocker
  10. 3 man rush on that, IIRC
  11. Only if the Jets had Andre Waters
  12. The NFL seems to want to legislate for intent these days. They like to get in the head and register what they feel others are thinking, if that does not sound silly enough. Someone would probably argue that Brady was not sacrificing his body, and that the goal of the play should have been tackling the ball carrier, nt taking on a blocker, especially one that seemed disinterested. Personally, I would love to see Brady laid out, and the Jets to be aggressive. But in today's NFL, the rules are cloudy and NFL legislates by perceived intent. And, players do not headhunt as much in prior days. It is a much nicer and gentler NFL. (Understandably, to some degree by concussion findings). The fact that someone in this thread said that players should be coached to hit after the whistle is incredibly far fetched.
  13. Wow, just wow. You do remember Bountygate and the trouble it got the Saints into, correct? If you tell players to be "dirty" with intent to injure others, that will get out. You cannot do exactly that.
  14. If you do not believe that Tom Brady (and a select few others) drive league revenues, then again, you are living a fantasy world. Salaries are created by league revenue, as stated earlier. Revenue is largely driven by television, and television is driven by ratings. The people on this board represent a small fraction of what the league considers to be hard core fans. That are never worried about losing that sector. We will watch the game if the ball is shaped square. But, we are again a small fraction. What the NFL does care about are fringe fans. Fans who only care if someone cute, someone popular, or someone that has appeal for normal non-fans. Those are the people that drive numbers higher. Tom Brady scores high on that appeal. he also scores high on those fringe fans that hate him. He drives ratings. THAT is where money comes from. NFL loves player that fans can relate to, or even hate. All the better