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  1. To be fair, 7 of the nineteen picks were in either round 6 or 7 those 2 years. Historical percentages show that round 6 or 7 picks have approximate 15% chance of becoming starters. Idzik was certainly not great, but one also must try to understand the influence that Rex Ryan may have had on some of these picks. At least a few seem to have his fingerprints all over them. Idzik, unlike many of his players, was brought back into the NFL after his stint with the Jets. So the NFL values him to some degree. Maybe the lens should be placed on the man that hired him, and maybe miscast him.
  2. I thought that had already been proven. The market has stagnated where no one is signing players right now. It is foolish to be the one that sets the market too high. Biggest intrigue is what becomes of Bruce.
  3. They had the chance, in the sense the same way we are talking about draft projectable right now. Parcels (according to some reports) could have assured Archie and Peyton that if he declared, they would have picked him. According to those reports, Peyton would have then declared. That is a chance in my mind.
  4. Parcells was not going to go and try and win the SB in a couple of years with a rookie qb. Just the way he operated. Hindsight, of course, says that it was short sighted. Hindsight is easy, also. I don't remember many, in any, Jet fans clamoring for Parcels to take Manning with that first pick, when they had the chance.
  5. I don't have a ring on my finger as a SB staff evaluator. I am pretty sure that you don't either. So, as you point out, the best we can offer is opinions. As uneducated as they are. That is why I do not make my opinion as being an absolute, as you do here. I will offer that I have seen Hackenberg more than you have and followed him more closely. I can give actual accounts, rather than what you have done here spouting "Allen Robinson" or showing youtube clips from Collin Cowherd and some short pre-season action. Again, all of that does not mean Hack can succeed at this level. But it does seem more than just the "the guy won't make it" support you seem to spout.
  6. Trust me, I watched his every snap. And your little snippets of comments and video, do not detail the truth. That is all. None of that makes him a sure shot starter, nor a scrub as you suggest. Again, your oversimplification of the subject is short sighted.
  7. The Jets got James Farrior and other draft picks to be accurate. James Farrior had a very, very solid career, although much of it was not with the Jets. That is not Farrior's fault, but more so how the Jets used him. He proved worthy of a first round pick.
  8. Your oversimplified evaluation does not tell the full story.
  9. Unfortunately for the Jets long term future, Parcells was put in place to be a short term stop gap at a quick SB run .Leon Hess knew that he had little time left and wanted to shoot the works in order to reach that ideal. Manning did not represent that ideal of a short term big win. The Parcels Jets were built to try and get that quick win. There was no plan once Hess died, and that has seemingly placed the Jets stuck in neutral for some period of time.
  10. There are millions of jobs in the world that do this. They are called Public relations. I have never seen one of her reports or even knew of her prior to this, so I do not know how she conducted her business. But if she was communicating her thoughts on a Jet official media channel after she was fired, the Jets are very stupid.
  11. The Jets will not want him back, and I can't believe that Fitzpatrick would want to come back. The negotiation tone that was set this off-season, poisoned this team: -The Jets should have held a hard line, with a hard date (sooner than camp), and been ready to walk away. They now have a perceived stance that they will yield to players and demands. -Players openly lobbied for the signing. A sure sign of Jet employees speaking out of turn, which has continued. -A signal that the players are controlling the locker room. This with the Richardson and Wilkerson situations, means there needs to be a clamp down. No, the Jets do not need to re-sign Fitzpatrick. It will be a further signal to players that we will allow you to slip in performance, regardless of that, we will then keep you around. The Jets sucked with Fitzpatrick, they can suck without him. They need to start treating business matters like a business that can make hard decisions, rather than mollifying feelings. That will send the strongest message that can be sent this offseason/
  12. Japan just called. Said they were sorry about Pearl Harbor. Everything is ok now.
  13. Do you really believe that he doesn't care? Do you really believe that he is happy with failure? Do you think he has worked hard in the industry for 25 years, so he can now rest on failure, and be glad where he is? The GM giving you lip service with positive reenforcement mollifies you and gets you tingly? Really? That would make your venom go away? I will give you credit and say you are not that simple. Let's allow Mcc to fix things, if he can, without the subtleties of apologies. That would just be empty.
  14. What you did is fell into a trap of being baited by a headline writer's attempt to be sensational. Note the writer of the article, actually looked to downplay what was written in the headline- "Would you rather have Maccagnan groveling and apologizing on sports talk radio, or actually putting together a winning team?" Yet, the headline writer took it upon himself to sensationalize something the writer himself did not try to imply. All in the attempt to titillate the easily titillated. Attempt successful, based on your response.