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  1. Last team to choke away a 3-2 LCS at home was............. The Bartman Cubs. Don't see it happening here.
  2. That was a huge win to get last night, particularly with Kershaw on deck. Showing some life in the bats now, so maybe they get hot at the right time.
  3. My dubbing of this was related to the histories of the franchises. Both are historically known as misfits and dregs. Nice to see a change, for once.
  4. Interesting statements made about the perception of the rising fastball. Although, I swore, watching Doc Gooden's ball, that thing lifted.
  5. While he was safe, he should have been out by a mile. Lazy attempt and throw by Heyward there.
  6. Definitely agree that MLB > NFL. The gap is getting wider.
  7. Might have to dub this the "Misfit" World Series if the Cubbies get in
  8. Sadly, you are always wrong. You just don't have the instincts to realize it. And when people call you on your bs, you claim "victim" and the insults start to hurl. Mostly, a sad individual, who I am guessing did not get enough attention at a young age.
  9. Thing is, I never claim any expertise. Jut calling bull on your little chest thumping based on vapid regurgitation.. Have fun with the game tonight.
  10. We all cannot have your insight based on your minor league experience. Great job Aec.
  11. I am assuming this made sense in your head. We will leave it at that. Congrats on last night. Enjoy that.
  12. I am pretty sure that Keith Law has scouted HS baseball players, and even saw the prospect he was just tweeting about. My laughter comes from people that have never seen a player, then try to project that player based on others comments and numbers. A silly exercise at best. Regurgitating others opinions is one thing, saying and then rating those players based on someone else opinion, highly laughable. Just me.
  13. TX, that exchange you had with SAR was embarrassing even for you.
  14. He did worse last year, and came back and saved 51 games. Mets are not even in playoffs without Familia.
  15. That ball should be cut off