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  1. A dog was recently quoted, and said that Pennington kicked him, while he wasn't looking.
  2. I think we have had a break through
  3. Speaking Tuesday, Jets OC John Morton said he's planning to use a backfield-by-committee in 2017. Morton said it will vary week to week whether Bilal Powell or Matt Forte takes the lead. Morton is mostly just confirming the obvious, but it's our strong suspicion that Powell will lead in touches more often than not. He was the far more dynamic player in 2016, making plays on all three downs. Now 31, Forte has lost a step or three. It could be a frustrating situation, but Powell is definitely the preferred own. Source: Rich Cimini on Twitter Jets OC John Morton said each quarterback will get equal reps with the first-team during OTAs. That was not the case on the first day of OTAs when Christian Hackenberg worked exclusively on the second field with Josh McCown working with the first-team and Bryce Petty switching between the two. Hackenberg will certainly get his chance at some point, however, and Morton said all three have a "great opportunity." Source: Andy Vasquez on Twitte
  4. Or light tower power. Light tower power.
  5. Some schtick just gets old, ya know. It plays itself out.
  6. I am told he can't hit an ocean, so that would be progress.
  7. I would draw your attention to the 2014 Pinstripe Bowl, when PSU actually had an opportunity to game plan to Hackenberg's strengths and went downfield. 34-50, 371 yards, 4Tds, 0 Ints. Of course, he is incapable of producing such stats.
  8. Insert Jace Amaro and you are right.
  9. Hey, the Jets are a tough fan's choice to root for. It gives some of the upper crust here a little bit more satisfaction to besmirch every move and then take solace of the inevitable 'being right", rather than having to face the music of actually watching a flea bitten dog lick his wounds. Again, the Jets are an acquired, difficult taste. Some have to temper that pill with a little bit more and drown it in vinegar.
  10. When that is not the game you excel at, or have grown up with, it may be somewhat expected.
  11. And, you are arguing a blue streak to support yours. Equal time, equal time.
  12. Like it or not, the line and the system had everything to do with how PSU coached. The first game of the season, while trying to at least use Hack to what his talents would provide, the team tried to go downfield in passing. temple sacked him 10 (yes10!) times in that game. So what do you do when that is what you have to work with? You develop a short bubble screen approach. And that is what they thrust onto Hackenberg. The results (predictably) did not fit into his wheelhouse. Like it or not, that is what happened.
  13. I hope you are not serious with this.
  14. More lazy analysis based on wanting to draw your own conclusion. These are not "his excuses". They are an unusual circumstance that made comparable analysis to other players or program a useless exercise. The fact is, no other program has gone through what PSU and the players went through. It is only logical that affected performance to some degree. You wanted comparable analysis, there is none that equates. Are you dismissing that have a generally "horrible" offensive line in front of you will not rattle your ability to successfully maneuver, as well play the game? How about you do an analysis of the offensive lines that were in front of Hackenberg his last 2 years? What you would find there were depleted units that were fit with defensive lineman and other patch positions to substitute into injury ravaged groups that were already thinned. I challenge you to put other NFL prospects behind that unit and see if there numbers are then comparable. Again, none of this exercise means Hack will make it in the NFL. But to think that his situation that he faced was "normal" and conducive to a fully loaded team with scholarships is folly. And that has to affect performance. Regardless what armchair message board geniuses believe.
  15. Are you suggesting the Jets will be sanctioned? Maybe that is the way to go.