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  1. Just so you know my true stance: -Numbers have a place in baseball. And numbers and stats can have some measurement of the value of a ballplayer. BUT, numbers and stats can also be very deceiving, and give false impressions of value. There are people who think that they only need to give creed to numbers alone, and that makes them an expert at analyzing baseball players. These people fail the "eye test" of actually watching a said ball player and understanding how the stats actually apply to their overall game and make-up. Stats have a way of deceiving people, if they do not watch these players at least semi-regularly. -I tend to ridicule people who think they know so much more than other people, and place their opinions on a mightier platform than others. You happen to fall directly in that slot. It is fine to argue your opinions, but when you do so with an attitude that only you are right, and everyone else is wrong when they challenge your opinions, well that places you in the general "ass" slot. -I gave you the platform to explain your rationale of how you come to opinion on high school ball players, and to a lesser degree minor league players, when you have not seen these players in action live. You generate these opinions as being "your" view of them. I was curious, how did you come to "your" view. By all appearances, you are stealing thoughts of others, and contriving those to represent your own opinion. You politely ignored the ask. Figures. That is fine, but please stop representing these as "your" own expertise opinion. I promise you, I have seen a wealth more of baseball talent at the high school level than you have, unless you are holding something back on us. I tend to doubt that, as a person who seems to have the general qualities that you possess, would come screaming to tell us if they were in fact some true type of talent evaluator. It is just the way you come off. You feel all this is a "troll" (you use this word so much, that I tend to think your vocabulary is limited, thus furthering my opinion of you) behavior. Call it what you may, but as I have seen you traipse around these forums, you generally get what you deserve.
  2. Sounds like that if Reyes goes on DL, Herrera comes up. He was scratched last night.
  3. Tueffel has to try and send Reyes on the Cespedes double. Had to be thinking that the whole way. too conservative there.
  4. Calling a spade a spade
  5. I had forgotten about Smoker, honestly. I don't think he projects as a long reliever, over the long haul. It is shocking that his ERA is that high, with the k/innings ratio that he has. Maybe he is a byproduct of the Las Vegas thin air. I had herd Ynoa's name recently as a projected possible call-up
  6. Chan Gaily is here for that.
  7. Sometimes you type some really smart things.
  8. The Mets will call up left-hander Josh Smoker as the 26th man for Tuesday's doubleheader against the Cardinals. Smoker, 27, has posted a 4.73 ERA and 67/18 K/BB ratio in 45 2/3 innings with Triple-A Las Vegas this season. He'll be making his major league debut if he gets into a game.
  9. The Padres, along with the Diamondbacks this year, are learning that you just can't pump free agents into a team and have it turn into a legitimate contender right away. Build, build, build through the farm system. If I were to start an expansion franchise, I would put my money into scouting and player development.
  10. As much news as a pizza delivery kid saying he likes certain high school ball players.
  11. I will give credit to Ray Davies here- "Paranoia will destroy ya".
  12. Seed. Planted. Alderson is hoping for a Flores type rejuvination for D'arnaud
  13. Yeah, Walker isn't hitting
  14. Paranoia runs deep for those that express thoughts for which they have no substance. Invisible trolls pop out like mushrooms for them
  15. The Yankees may have been the greatest beneficiary of a domestic dispute (very unfortunate), ever.