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  1. I blame Fudruckers.
  2. Smith is terrible and the coaching staff lacks confidence in him. If they really hated Geno they would have put him in after int #4 or #5 when he had no chance.
  3. I think there are a few factors that went into the decision to leave Fitz in. 1) I don't think Bowles has any confidence in Geno. if Petty was available I think there's a chance he would have played but Geno is such a disaster there was really no point. 2) Bowles was hoping Fitz snapped out of the funk he was in. We've seen this b/f and Fitz doesn't come out of the funk but bowles was still hoping 3) I really believe that the Jets FO still resents the Fitz "holdout" this off season. Fitz didn't participate during the offseason b/c he saw himself as a $16M/year franchise QB. Today he proved to the world that he wasn't. If this team wants to start Petty next year and keep Fitz as a backup, this game tape will be played over and over for Fitz agent when it comes time to negotiate.
  4. this game was as bad as anything during the ryan years.
  5. I think watching the Raiders run the ball 18 consecutive times vs. the Ted Cottrell / Herm Edwards D was definitely more painful. Buffalo week 17 last year was more painful and similar with Fitz laying an egg. There was another week 16 win to get in games vs. the Ravens (it may have been the Groh year) where vinny threw a pick-6 on the goal line and then they gave up a punt return TD as well to blow a promising season. so many to pick from that this one is probably not even in the top 10.
  6. no, racism has nothing to do with it. I think as long suffering fans we are more prone to overreaction than most. we don't necessarily expect a super bowl this year but we want to see progress...not the abortion that we saw today. the HC is ultimately accountable for the product on the field and today's performance was terrible.
  7. players play and coaches coach and I've been a big bowles supporter since he took the helm, but there are some alarming things regarding bowles: 1 - propensity to give up big plays. Last year we blamed it on cromartie, this year revis. you need to make teams go all the way down the field - in more than 1 play. this is a coaching / scheme issue. 2 - clock management / lack of urgency - end of 1st half today and rather than call timeouts and get the ball back they basically just let the chiefs run out the clock. then in the 4th they basically snapped the ball between 1-5 seconds left every snap. and wtf was Marshall even doing in the game once it was out of reach?
  8. the NFL should rethink the QB rating as a statistic. I'm trying to understand how Fitz has a positive number.
  9. I think Fitz just threw another interception.
  10. they didn't mail it in in the 2nd half but It certainly seemed like KC was just trying to run out the clock for the entire 4th quarter. KC basically ran the waterboy offense...take a knee and let Fitz throw another int.
  11. the big thing about the 6 int's is that this is exactly what a "game manager" is supposed to avoid. if we are going to watch a QB look totally lost and throw balls up for grabs lets see Petty do it.
  12. Jets have ~$40M tied up in Revis, Wilkerson, and Fitz. The other 51 players are only taking up 110M.
  13. he wasn't great in week 1, but he definitely played well enough to win. The awful kicking and the marshall drop on the last drive really killed them.
  14. it's almost as if leaving him in the whole game was punishment for the holdout.
  15. I think he gets one more game. you don't bench someone for 1 bad game....this game just got away from him.