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  1. What do you think the Jets record could be if....

    I don't get why Geno is the de facto starter w/o Fitz. Geno has been an epic disaster in pretty much every game he's ever played and he hasn't really shown signs of improvement. All the Gailey / Bowles / Macc talk about Geno's improvement is just that, talk. They are just trying to squeeze Fitz into taking the offer on the table. Personally, I'd like to see what Petty can do. The kid absolutely lit it up in college, has a big arm, and decent mobility, He is transitioning from the air raid to a pro offense and should be ready to go this season. Having Petty and Hackenburg reminds me of the cowboys in the early 90's where they drafted Steve Walsh and Troy Aikman and let the best one win.
  2. The Wilkerson in the room...

    The irony is that at this point the best chance to sign him is rescind the franchise tag or tell him they'll take a 3rd rd pick in a sign and trade. At least that way the Jets could evaluate the market and decide whether to match the offer the franchise tag is a hindrance to a lt deal.
  3. Jets Get Into 5th Round ...

    It's more of a nitpick than a complaint but it seems like with the run on WR's after the Jets pick and the Texans willingness to expend an extra 6th rd pick to move up one spot that the Jets could have had the same deal and still gotten Lee.
  4. I don't seems like the FO / CS understands that they need a QB and are going to keep looking until they find one. First Petty now Hack, 2 chances for one of them to pan out. They also seem like they've had it with Geno which goes against the grain of what we've come to expect. My guess is that O'Brien had great things to say about Hack while in Houston and Macc is basing some of the pick off of those conversations. The kid has all of the tools to be successful so I guess we'll see what happens. To me the bigger question is what would make Jets fans happy? It seems like we've been so starved for QB's that if it's not a Montana or Elway we won't be happy. If Hack turns into Flacco or Ryan are we happy or does he get run out of town?
  5. Biggest steal was Nkemdiche by the Arizona Cardinals. He is the best athlete in the draft and if he can stay out of trouble and motivated is a R Seymour / Warren Sapp type of player. Reach = Carson Wentz....good luck with that Phi.
  6. I wonder if Mac working with O'Brien influenced the pick?
  7. Jaguars agree to terms with Chris Ivory

    I don't know the formula but for some reason I thought I remembered reading that you only comp picks for your draft picks, not players brought it in via FA or trade. Could be wrong through.
  8. Ryan Fitzpatrick: MERGED

    this is the Jets we are talking about. The Jetsiest thing the Jets could do would be Geno starts, lights it up, loses in the playoffs, gets a huge contract in off-season and then reverts to the mean in 2017.
  9. Can you name the 2 QB'S.......

    so your point is what? that Maccagnan and the Jets should just pack it in if Rapistburger or Flacco aren't released this off-season? Which of the QBs coming out this year is the next manning? what if he's gone when the jets pick - should they trade all of their draft picks for 2017 picks? it's so easy to say that you need a franchise QB, it's much harder to execute. The falcons thought Ryan was the guy, turns out he's not. RG3 is getting released and Luck regressed in year 3. and don't forget that for every Peyton Manning there are 3 Ryan Leafs. I'm sure Mac and Bowles understand the value of a QB, especially considering their division. I'm also sure they are going to keep trying to improve the rest of the team while they look for their franchise QB.
  10. Report: Raiders Interested in Wilkerson

    interestingly enough the top 2 defenses in the NFL are playing in the super bowl tomorrow.
  11. Peyton Manning has played for 5 head coaches...

    Manning is one of the greatest of all time, but at this point he's basically done. It must be so frustrating for him to know where to throw it and have his body break down on every throw. from my understanding of his surgery it's amazing that he can throw at all, let alone in the NFL.
  12. GOAT?.......NOT! LOL!!

    When facing consistent pressure it's amazing how much Brady resembles geno smith.
  13. this defense cannot get the bills off the field.
  14. I just don't understand the gameplan on watkins.
  15. and cleveland gave it right back