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  1. Have you watched mo play this year? On Monday night it looked like he was dropping into pass coverage to avoid actually putting effort in. Someone should show him the tape and ask if he's like to comment.
  2. The point is that the narrative in the media is all about Bowles and not much about macc. Is this narrative being pushed by the FOtrying to save their jobs?
  3. What if it's maccagnan who is pushing the narrative to the media? Yes, Mac had done a poor job of fielding a competitive team, but the total lack of pass coverage all season is pretty inexcusable. That coupled with the lack of effort and accountability from the teams highest paid players is a pretty bad look from an alleged disciplinarian and defensive guru.
  4. Marty schottenheimer. He finished his one season there with like 5 or 6 straight wins and had a tony banks (I think) led team heading in the right direction. He was fired because he didn't talk to Snyder and wouldn't let Snyder make football decisions.
  5. Mike McCoy Tom Cable Frank Reich None of these names will be popular on this board but I would be happy with all 3. Cable has done an amazing job with a revolving group of no-name OL in Seattle and has some HC experience. McCoy is a good coach in a tough spot out in SD. Reich has done a great job as OC but would be a first time HC.
  6. Tom Cable or Mike McCoy (assuming he gets fired in SD)
  7. 3 names I like -. Mike McCoy, tom cable, frank reich
  8. 2 names I like right now are Mike McCoy and Tom Cable. Cable had a rough go of it w/the Raiders but is probably ready for a 2nd chance. I've always liked McCoy who I think can develop a young QB and has had some awful breaks in SD.
  9. yep, that Favre guy really sucked.
  10. Brees was a stud in SD.
  11. You've been watching noodle armed qb's for too long. hitting a wr in stride is not the same as overthrowing.
  12. I see that argument a lot but can't think of many QB's that became great with a change of scenery.
  13. Petty may have a ways to go but he sure can sling it.
  14. I'm pretty sure that Bowles is the HC in 2017. Not so much b/c he's a good coach or the Jets even want him's just tough to attract coaches when you fire your HC after 1 bad season.
  15. q: what do you do when you can't fire all of the players? a: fire the coach.