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  1. that's my point on Macc, why does he get a free pass? not only has he failed to put together a competitive team but we gave up a 4th next season for a dude who isn't even active on Sundays. Maybe BRANDONSHELLISTHEFUTURE but right now it looks like this team is going to need as many draft picks as possible in 2017 and now we are 1 short.
  2. I think the point is that Bowles needs to send a message that he is in charge and you can't show up the coaching staff and expect a promotion. it's like being a parent with my toddler - if i reward bad behavior then it's going to continue and likely get worse. Petty goes to #1, Fitz is the backup, hack is #3, and Geno is released. I certainly can't think of a single reason to keep Geno on the team at this point, can you?
  3. Geno doesn't have chemistry with anyone...his teammate broke his jaw last year and nobody really seemed to care. Geno was showing up the entire coaching staff with his antics on Monday night. I don't see how the Jets can reward that kind of behavior. When Petty is named the starter, I am pretty sure that Geno is going to be released and Hack moves to #3. No reason to keep a malcontent with a few games remaining on his contract on the roster.
  4. the schedule softens up soon so we'll see what happens. with the easier back half of the schedule against some pretty bad teams, if the jets finish up with 1,2, or 3 wins it's going to be hard to keep his job.
  5. I don't feel like starting a thread so I'll bang this in right here. I don't get why Maccagnan gets a pass, this team looks terrible. And how the **** is it possible to build a roster in today's NFL w/ 4 QB's and no TE. The team literally doesn't have a TE. Who does that?
  6. Idzik first season was supposed to be the beginning of the rebuild. He traded Revis for a 1st, unloaded most of the dead wood in one fell swoop, drafted a QB at the top of rd 2, and compiled 12 draft picks for 2014.
  7. forget turnovers, I'm surprised when I see an incompletion.
  8. I don't understand why Macc gets a free pass in this mess. The Wilkerson contract makes Tannenbaum look smart and it's going to be an albatross for years. Revis got way too much $. Mauldin / Jenkins look like Jags and not even as good as the guys they replaced. Harris is overpaid. Gilchrist is invisible, Skrine can't cover anyone and is totally lost We have street FA's playing ahead of our 5th rd CB 4 QBs on a roster with gaping holes and the OL has been ignored for 2 consecutive off-seasons. what exactly am i supposed to be impressed by?
  9. this is what I just don't get. Is the D really that void of talent? What had Macc been doing on 2 years and why can't Bowles work with the players that Macc is getting? Burris is on the bench in favor of street FA's. MacDougal can't be worse than what we saw tonight. Gilchrist is non-existent, Wilkerson is stealing $, still no team speed, Mauldin + Jenkins aren't really showing much of anything.
  10. agree to an extent. You can't have stars at every position. A good coach figures out how to make due with what's on the roster. Macc may be in over his head too. Wilkerson is a waste of money, Revis sucks, no attention paid to OL, and the young players aren't really showing much outside of Williams and Lee.
  11. they need to see if Petty can play, pronto. You can't go into 2017 with Petty, Hackenburg, Kelly. You really need at least 1 QB with some game experience on the roster.
  12. yes, we all understand that. it's 12M cash this year and 5M dead money next season. like herpes...the gift that keeps on giving.
  13. Who is even making the decisions on this team - Bowles or Mac? i can't believe we all thought this team would be competitive this year. This year is shaping up to look an awful lot like the Bollywood season (pretty sure it was Herm's last year). Would be a total wasted year if we don't even get a glimpse of Petty.
  14. after 10-6 in year 1 I figured Bowles would be here for a while. I still thinks he makes it another year, especially if he can get a couple of wins and Petty shows some promise. I'm not sure that he survives 2-14 though. If the Jets go QB at the top of the draft next year you really need a HC with an offensive background.