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  1. and a very average RG at that.
  2. not me. the time to sign young offensive linemen is BEFORE they hit free agency. somewhere along the way the Jets missed the buy low, sell high lesson.
  3. Jets just signed a JAG coming off a major injury to Pro Bowler $.
  4. makes no sense at all and reeks of panic. add winters to the Fitz and Wilkerson contracts and you have a pattern of panic moves.
  5. I don't get this signing at all. Is winters really worth $8M / yr? is he 7M better than Qwale at RG, especially coming off a torn rotator cuff, which is a pretty serious injury?
  6. Jets should trade down every year, unfortunately it's not that easy. And macc has shown an inability to make deals. In order for the jets to move down, someone has to want to move up.
  7. Amazing how much fun watching football was in '09 and '10. My whole week was looking forward to the games. I barely ever watch anymore and '17 and '18 look like busts before they even happen. Totally depressing.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised to see Decker on PUP next season. 2 very difficult injuries to recover from and he had them simultaneously.
  9. I'm in my 40's. i don't have 108 years to wait for a championship.
  10. really, why? what makes you think the OC sets the draft chart? if the jets take cook or fournette at 6 it will have little to do with who the OC is.
  11. beating the worst team in the league elevated their record to tied for 2nd worst. awesome.
  12. yeah bro, those sixers are dominating.
  13. who knows with these guys it's a + that he's been retained by multiple HC's in Denver and has a lot to pull from. Personally, i'd like to see a McAdoo type deal with McCoy where he's the OC for a year and elevated to HC when bowels is canned next year and we get rosen or darnold in '18. really a tough time to be a fan when '16 isn't over yet and we are already looking past a wasted '17 to the 2018 draft. ****ign depressing.
  14. entirely possible, although it still doesn't change the FU. As the HC you aren't going to get a draft edo and can't change the roster. if Bowels plan was to pull a kaiser soze just to make a point he's going to be back to a DB coach in 2018.
  15. how quickly we forget.... rich kotite was 3-13 before he was 1-15.