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  1. Ron Mexico.
  2. Ron Mexico.
  3. Geno could be gone before kickoff tonight.
  4. Mr mediocre > Mr. Terrible
  5. Petty is going to be on the roster unless he completely sh*ts the bed the rest of the way. What's the point of drafting a 4th rd developmental QB from the Air Raid if you don't actually, you know, develop him? Let's say it comes down to keeping Geno, Marshall, or Peake for the last roster spot - who do you think they keep? My guess is that at this point Geno is done here one way or another. There is a long preseason left and who knows what happens with injuries. If anything happens to the top of the depth chart I think there is little chance that we keep 4 QB's. If there are 0 injuries then there's a chance we keep 4 but not much of a chance. As Gailey said, 4 QB's retards the development of Hack and Petty so what is really the point?
  6. Amaro maybe drifts a little but it looks like he's open and the ball comes out late and inaccurate. Ross also needs to get much deeper on that route or maybe he missed a read and should have converted it to a fade. You can't run curl / slide with a 5-yd curl.
  7. We learned that whoever is hiring the sideline reporters is doing an outstanding job. other than that not much.
  8. I really think that Macc / Bowles are going to keep drafting QB's until they find one that shows he can play. Macc drafted Petty, he wasn't an Idzik holdover and he had no qualms about using a 2nd rd pick on another project. Petty looked like an NFL QB last night. Who knows, maybe he is the next Brett Ratliff or maybe he's going to be the guy....only time will tell.
  9. Dear Mrs. Smith, I don't have anything personal against your son. I just don't think he will ever be a good NFL QB so I would prefer that the team I've spent 40 years rooting keeps looking elsewhere until they find one that is. - LionelRIchie
  10. what are they doing with him?
  11. Petty is following in Brett Ratliffe's footsteps. It's garbage time of the 1st preseason game.....maybe let's not put him in canton just yet.
  12. Jets JV > Jaguars JV
  13. What does macc do with Devin Smith? stay on PUP/IR and a redshirt season or does he take Marshall or Peake's spot?
  14. Yep, Geno looks great in garbage time vs. rookies and 3rd teamers. and then he throws the concussion ball....
  15. It's beyond me why Fisher gets a free pass every year. Totally overrated as a HC and still living off of a super bowl appearance almost 20 years ago.