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  1. Report: Raiders Interested in Wilkerson

    interestingly enough the top 2 defenses in the NFL are playing in the super bowl tomorrow.   
  2. Peyton Manning has played for 5 head coaches...

    Manning is one of the greatest of all time, but at this point he's basically done.   It must be so frustrating for him to know where to throw it and have his body break down on every throw.   from my understanding of his surgery it's amazing that he can throw at all, let alone in the NFL.    
  3. GOAT?.......NOT! LOL!!

    When facing consistent pressure it's amazing how much Brady resembles geno smith.  
  4. this defense cannot get the bills off the field.  
  5. I just don't understand the gameplan on watkins.  
  6. and cleveland gave it right back
  7. FWIW Browns with a huge interception of rapistburger.   1st and goal.  
  8. we are going to need a win...putting all playoff eggs in austin davis basket is a disaster
  9. tell me again which team has nothing to play for and quit on their coach
  10. the Jets can't blame anyone for this pathetic performance
  11. or the guy who jinxed the season 1 day early.   
  12. SPARTY

     taller version of Chadwick.   He'll be ok in the NFL but never quite good enought and will drive some fan base crazy for years to come. 
  13. they aren't playing a 5-2 because it's the NFL not high school.   If they were playing Bergen Catholic and not the Bills this weekend I'm sure the 5-2 would be an option.   As would the 5-3 stack monster.   
  14. It's funny, the steelers losing was a total SoJ game but the steelers get a pass b/c they've won Super Bowls.   The buf game seems like a total SoJ game but really it's just a game.  The whole SoJ concept is based on decades of suckitutde and should have no bearing on this team.