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  1. How did Buster Skrine keep his name off this list?
  2. Darnold, Allen, Rosen

    I am warming up to mayfield. It will never happen but I would open to the jets taking Rosen 1 and mayfield at the top of the second rd.
  3. I'm sure he competes in the classroom.
  4. exactly this. last year we saw play after play where receivers were running free with busted coverages. this year we can't stop a freaking basic run play. what is the point of a defensive coach if the defense is putrid?
  5. woody gets a bad rap wrt personnel decisions. he signs the checks and has spent big $$ to follow the GM's directions. Maccagnan owns this mess plain and simple, woody has been checked out since the republican primary in 2016. You would think that a team anticipating a top 3 pick and a future franchise QB would focus on drafting OL, WR, and RB. Instead we have 2 safeties and no extra picks. Any one of the posters on this board could have done a better job than the last 2 GMs and it's not even close.
  6. he should come back as the dean of PCU II....it's almost crazy how much life has started to imitate art re: campus political correctness these days.
  7. Is this an actual rebuild?

    The jets talk about 'rebuilding' because it's a convenient excuse to suck. There are almost no pieces to rebuild around and you don't rebuild with safeties and tiny linebackers. If macc had traded down from 6, added a 1st next year, and drafted a pass rusher, QB, or OL then you could call it a rebuild. In all reality the rebuild starts next season with a new GM
  8. If you are serious about rebuilding you pay the $17M for '17 and trade him for a 4th to a contender in need of a DL.
  9. Darron Lee

    Lee should be a special teams only player at this level.
  10. Down 29 in the 4th? Let's get the 37 year old QB and the running game some work.
  11. There is no plan - just a series of random transactions and draft picks. It's a 'rebuild' when the team sucks and the GM needs excuse. A rebuild starts with the premium positions (qb, Pass rush, WR, lt). not 2 safeties and a tiny linebacker. Jets could also have moved down and added a #1 in '18 and a 3rd in 17 and took the 'franchise safety' instead. Makes no sense at all and there clearly is no plan.
  12. Who can this team even get to be HC next year?

    Harbaugh is a ******* pipe dream for this dysfunctional franchise.
  13. This team is so bad that even the reps for the young guys are basically worthless. It looks more like sandlot on offense than an NFL offense. Petty is made of glass. He will get his chance this year and he won't make it through the game. Let Bowels embarrass Woody this year so we can be rid of him. If the team is bad enough we'll get rid of Macc too.
  14. Who would you rather?

    knowing what you know now who would you choose as HC of NYJ for 2018 if you had to pick between Herm, Mangini, Rex, and Bowles?
  15. Not a good sign for Darron Lee

    Lee is so bad that I'm not even sure he has a trade value. We'll see what happens with the new regime. I am over the 3-4, it's time to find a defense that the kids play in college and stop trying to "convert" 1st rd picks to a new position.