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  1. LionelRichie added a post in a topic TNF Colts vs Texans   

    I was always intrigued by O'Brien as a HC possibility, especially after making PSU relevant again in a tough situation.    
    Now, he just seems like a bit of a clown.   I've never seen a QB position handled like this before. 
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  2. LionelRichie added a post in a topic Comeback Player of the Year   

    dear sperm....please don't respond, chad pennington threads are awesome.   we are the fanbase that never lets an old argument go and are only happy when we fire the coach and GM.   
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  3. LionelRichie added a post in a topic Comeback Player of the Year   

    the issue with Fitz isn't what he's "coming back from" it's "coming back to".    
    He was never good to begin with so I don't think he's even eligible to win the award.   
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  4. LionelRichie added a post in a topic Comeback Player of the Year   

    The award is meaningless unless you win it twice.
    my vote goes to Chad Pennington. 
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  5. LionelRichie added a post in a topic Tannenbaum   

    Tannenbaum's big mistakes were on the 2nd contracts he game Sanchez and Holmes and underestimating how difficult it would be to find competent OL.   The team needed a rebuild after 2011 but Tanny went the wrong direction and tried to hold on to what he already had (being 1 yr removed from the AFCCG).   I also think they really believed in Sanchez and figured he was going to improve not regress.   
    The one thing I give Tannenbaum credit for was 'going for it'.   He wasn't afraid to make bold moves to make a run at the big prize.   yes, sanchez sucked but at least he made a move up to go and get him.   He got Santonio for a bag of balls and the guy was great b/f his big $$ contract.   Same thing for Favre, Braylon and LT.  
    Tannenbaum wasn't afraid to go down swinging which was Idzik's big downfall.   2 runs to the AFC CG was more excitement than we've had in decades as Jets fans and Tannenbaum deserves a lot of the credit for that.   
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  6. LionelRichie added a post in a topic Fitz got an insanely high QBR of 91.4 against Miami   

    Fitz had about an 8 minute stretch in the 2nd quarter where he couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with his passes.   It coincided with a pretty big hit on one of his scrambles / head first dives so it's possible he was banged up.  
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  7. LionelRichie added a post in a topic Gotta get right time   

    without the franchise qb this team has very little room for error on offense.  The key is staying healthy moreso than getting hot.   We still haven't seen everyone healthy on O, but as we saw this is a different team w/o ivory and decker. 
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  8. LionelRichie added a post in a topic fitz apologists   

    Bowles has been around the game for a long time - as both a player and a coach.    I truly believe that he wanted Geno to 'win' the confidence of the team during training camp.   Regardless of his play, the way he continues to act entitled and unaccountable is as big a factor of losing his job as Fitz winning the first 2 games.    
    A HC needs credibility with the players.   If you say one thing and do another it's impossible to build the culture he wants for this team.   Geno will get to play when he earns it or Fitz gets hurt.   If Fitz doesn't get a real chin strap I could see that being sooner rather than later.   My fear is that Geno isn't preparing properly each week and is just going through the motions right now.   
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  9. LionelRichie added a post in a topic If Fitz gets hurt or falters, all Jet true fans will be 100% rooting for Geno   

    Huge difference between struggling and single-handedly costing the team games.   Fitz is what he is and right now that is 3-1.   
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  10. LionelRichie added a post in a topic First Quarter Recap   

    Team is 3-1 vs. not much to complain about but a lot of room for improvement.  I'm not sure this team is even near its ceiling yet.   
    Don't know if it's more Gailey or FItz but I love the way Fitz gets rid of the ball quickly to help the OL and avoid sacks.  
    Running game is inconsistent (2 good games, 2 terrible games) 
    Jets offense is very pedestrian w/o all of the weapons.  We haven't seen everyone healthy yet so it should be fun to see.  
    Lack of TE is concerning.  
    Bowles wasn't kidding when he said he wants his D to dictate how the offense plays.   He found a blitz that worked vs. Miami and kept running it over and over again and Miami just didn't make any adjustments.   Not sure I've ever seen that before.  
    Really looking forward to how Bowles matches up vs. Pats* O.   
    Washington game is huge.   Don't want to see 3-3.   
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  11. LionelRichie added a post in a topic Jarvis Landry vs Jace Amaro   

    idzik fuxked this team.  So many bad, bad picks.  Forget about Landry - he left bridgewater and Carr on the board to double
    down on geno and take a safety.   
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  12. LionelRichie added a post in a topic PFF - Leonard Williams, +8.6   

    mo is a goner.  Franchise and trade is a possibility although I'm not sure anyone will give up a pick and pay his asking price.  
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  13. LionelRichie added a post in a topic Tannehill sounds like a classy guy   

    I probably don't believe this one.   
    On the other hand, I noticed that the OL wasn't helping tannehill up after getting hit after just about every play.   So who knows what's true and what's not. 
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  14. LionelRichie added a post in a topic QB   

    why is the backup QB always the most popular guy on the Jets offense?   
    This has been like a 20-year debate - foley, nagel, lucas, Vinny, Chadwick, clemens, chadwick, bollywood, chadwick, sanchez, mcelroy, simms.  
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  15. LionelRichie added a post in a topic AFC Standings heading into the bye   

    The nice thing about the 3-1 is that the team has a lot of room for improvement.  I don't think they've even come close to the ceiling on either side of the ball yet.    
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