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  1. Can anyone name a successful NFL QB from the air raid? If mahomes is available in Rd 2 he's worth a look but Macc may have used up all his available redshirt slots already.
  2. Last year Cousins signed the Franchise Offer immediately. For $24M he would do the same thing again. Once Cousins receives the tag Washington is locked into $24M guaranteed for 1 year. He would be crazy not to sign it.
  3. Maybe, but that's a tough path to navigate for Washington. Cousins was franchised last year so the 2017 tag is $24M - which is manageable. The issue for Was is the 2018 tag would then jump to $34M, making it almost impossible to keep him. Right now Cousins holds all of the cards and there is no home town discount. Maybe Washington can figure out a way to tag cousins (which he'll immediately sign) and let him work out a long-term deal w/another team while working a trade in the background. The risk for Washington is that the other team simply calls their bluff if the asking price is too high. I think a 3rd or 4th rd pick is reasonable for the right to pay him 20M+ / season.
  4. 7 years 150M and Couisns is a Jet for life.
  5. ok, I'll try to spell it out for you: If they franchise Cousins in '17 ($24M) then the franchise tag for 2018 jumps to $35M - which means there is almost no chance that a long-term deal would get done b/c Cousins would hold all of the cards at that point. The best thing Washington could do would be to apply the Franchise Tag and allow Cousins to work out a long-term deal on his own w/another team. This would then give Washington the opportunity to match the offer or find some type of trade compensation with the other team. This approach is tricky from a timing perspective and b/c teams could just call Washington's bluff and let them keep Cousins as a 1-year rental for $24M. Washington's other option is to let Cousins hit FA and see what the market rate is for a 28-year old QB coming off 2 very good seasons. Washington would need to decide if they want to outbid the competition or let Cousins walk, but at least at that point they would know what the market rate was (unlike the Jets with Mo). Franchising Cousins would be short-sighted. It would basically put a 1-year rental on Cousins and the Redskins are most likely not going to win the Super Bowl in '17. It doesn't mean they won't do it, it just means it doesn't make long-term financial sense.
  6. Cousins is a FA and Was would be foolish to franchise him.
  7. I'm totally disinterested in this team, I just like hanging out here. There is literally nothing about this team to get excited about.
  8. Totally agree with the thought process but I'd rather spend the $ on cousins. Glennon is going to get stupid money from a desperate team. Why not spend a little more and get Cousins? The Jets are totally screwed w/o a QB and Cousins is the best on the market. Take a run with a 90M over 4 and see what happens.
  9. Yes, that is exactly what I'm saying. Forte is guaranteed $4M next year and Fournette is not a 3rd down back so basically the Jets are stuck with a 1-2 of forte/powell for 2017.
  10. Has there ever been a successful Air Raid QB in the NFL?
  11. It would be so Jetsy to draft a 3rd string RB @ #6. Maybe Macc can start a trend and redshirt Fournette in 2017?
  12. So the Jets cut Browning Nagle 8 years early? Awesome thread.
  13. This site puts me in a bad mood, ruins my Sundays in the fall, and takes more time from my day than I care to admit and after 10+ years we all owe you a big thanks. I'm sure you could have taken some money and ran but you keep the collection of misfit jet fans together because as much as we hate the Jets we can't let go.
  14. Maybe. Its also possible that every position is a position of need so it just looks that way. If Macc had taken a CB, OG, S, OT instead for Jenkins you would still be able to say the same thing.
  15. I was kind of down on mauldin and Macc as a talent evaluator and went back to the '15 draft to see who we passed up for mauldin. If I remember correctly it was a pretty bad draft in general and there really wasn't much there around the mauldin pick. Sometimes you just have to play the cards you are dealt.