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  1. 4th OC in 4 years.
  2. Herm Edwards will win a Super Bowl as head coach of the NYJ.
  3. Jackson is an NFL WR not a QB and forget Rosen's head, right now it's his shoulder that nobody is sure about. "soft tissue" sounds an awful lot like labrum or rotator cuff and we all know how that ended for Chadwick.
  4. If that's all it takes, you do it in a heartbeat.
  5. huge miss - Browning Nagle. I thought the gunslinger from Louisville was the one and was heartbroken when he turned out to suck. non-Jet miss - Peter Warrick.
  6. The next successful NFL QB from an air raid offense will be the first ( maybe mahomes?). So yes system matters. Re: hack - it was the bettering he took behind a sh*t OL that killed him as much as the system. Let's just see what he does this year before passing judgement.
  7. Steeler fans + Jerome Bettis.
  8. he competes in the classroom.
  9. Busts don't transition to just doesn't happen. maybe Sanchez but he wasn't a bust per se, he just plateaued early in his career and never got better.
  10. Going into 2018 if Hack is on the roster he is basically the starter by default. Both McCown and Petty will be gone and we've basically used up all the retreads. The only way he isn't the starter is if he completely embarrasses himself in 2017 or if DarnAllenRosen lights it up in training camp.
  11. which jets could start for the miami dolphins? that is the problem.
  12. Cut McCown and yes, this is exactly what we wanted 2 years ago.
  13. "too big for him" is the perfect quote re: Maccagnan. Even if some of the moves scream panic or being in over his head (i.e. Wilkerson), the alarming thing is the draft picks. If nothing else Macc was brought here to draft and 3 years into the journey the talent on this team is piss poor. There is no one in Jetsland rooting more for Hack than Maccagnan. Heading into year 3 with McCown, Petty, and Hackenburg at the most important position in professional sports is inexcusable.
  14. last offseason was Pryor and Amaro articles. This year it's Lee, Mauldin, ASJ. I would be surprised if any of them are on the team in 2019.
  15. Everyone knows the blueprint to rebuild is tiny linebackers and safeties. Pass rushers, tackled, and QB's are overrated.