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  1. I used to subscribe to this theory but it just doesn't work unless you are willing to carry 4-5 QB's on the roster every year. And even then, there aren't enough reps to go around at practice. What happens if Mahomes is the best QB in the draft? Can Macc really have another redshirt? Mike Maccagnan is paid very, very well to find a QB. If he can't do it then they'll find a GM who can.
  2. $6M + incentives is another case of the Jets bidding against themselves. 6m implies someone else was offering 5m. Who was the someone else? As far as I can tell the QB musical chairs was about over and McCown was looking at 2-3M / year as a backup. Why are we paying so much for so little?
  3. Tell me again how great Macc is as a GM? Pretty much every position group other than DL and RB is a mess. No pass rushers despite drafting to OLB, no CB's despite signing 2 in FA, no S, 1 tiny ILB. Heading into year 3 with this regime and the team is void of talent. How many Jets could even start for Dolphins?
  4. We already know how this plays out. Jets pound their chest about not overpaying and then cave with the night before TC starts on a 2-year deal and immediately hand the starting QB position to an even fatter and more out of shape cutler. Cutler and the Jets are the worst kept secret in football and the only option for either party.
  5. If we go 'air raid' I'd rather get mahomes.
  6. The same guy who uses #6 overall on a Mitch.
  7. that or the players that the Jets are signing are so below the radar that the media a) doesn't even know they exist, or b ) doesn't care that they do exist. re-signing Ben Ijanana or stealing away Kelvin Beachum aren't exactly ground-breaking scoops.
  8. depressing yes, but doesn't make it any less true.
  9. Cutler would immediately become the best QB the Jets have had this decade.
  10. We are carrying dead money on the cap from the craptastic Fitz deal. There were no other bidders, Fitz had no other options, but still we paid $12M for 1 year with dead $ carrying into '17.....alll of this with no other bidders for Fitz services in the middle of July.
  11. hard to believe that no teams have broken the bank for Blaine Gabbert your new starting QB jet fans.
  12. $14.5M for Glennon shows just how poorly Macc handled the Fitz situation last season.
  13. kind of sad actually but hoyer would be the best QB this team's had this decade.
  14. I think Hoyer is a real possibility. It's tough to sell hoyer to the fanbase though - if the tank is on you roll with hack. Hoyer will win just enough games to keep us out of the darnold / Rosen sweepstakes's
  15. How quickly you forget the Pitt punt.