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  1. it's like coloring when you go outside of the lines and then try to fix it. somehow it always ends up as a blob of unrecognizable crap...kind of like the 2017 jets.
  2. apparently "competes in the classroom" is the new participation trophy.
  3. Going into year 3 my biggest complaint is the total lack of hope. Right now we all pretty much accept that this team is going to suck in '17 and we aren't building around a young nucleus, we just lack talent and suck. The most optimistic Jet fans are rooting for 0-16 and a shot at darnold...that pretty much says everything. To get into specifics, my 3 biggest problems with this regime: 1. 3 years in and we are heading to camp with petty, hack, and mccown at the most important position in all of sports. How is that possible? A 12 year old, or anyone on this board could have done a better job in 3 off-seasons. 2. No pass rusher, no LT. next in line of importance to QB is rushing the QB and protecting the QB. it's like Macc doesn't get the game or something but this team has neglected the 3 most important positions and focused on depth + safeties. 3. Not benching Revis. Forget Bowles total lack of in-game awareness (like punting vs. Pit or kicking a FG at 0-41) - watching revis avoid contact was a total embarrassment and the whole world saw that on film. Once the team realized that there was no penalty for lack of effort the season was effectively over. Bowles lost the lockerroom because he was afraid to lose the locker room.
  4. such a bowles move....playing to "salvage" a 6-10 season for some marginal improvement. Bowles press conference after the season - "well, we won one more game than last year. that's improvement, 20% improvement. it's not good enough but it's improvement. As a team we need to get better, I need to get better, but we have this going in the right direction."
  5. This entire line of thinking is flawed. Rookies and young QB's rarely outplay veterans in camp. They are drafted based on potential and they play based on their ability to improve and their potential. Rookies are usually lost in yr 1. In sure Glennon was better than Winston in Tampa but the team knew Winston was the long term QB so they let him struggle in year 1.
  6. How about repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results with McCown? Macc, genius that he is, offered 300% more than anyone else for McCown. This organization literally learned nothing from last year.
  7. Why does everyone refer to McCown as the likely starter? Starting him would make zero sense and it almost seems like Woody has bought into patience. There is literally zero reason to watch this team if they trot McCown out there week after week With some bs about best chance to win.
  8. So what? This team isn't winning the super bowl with McCown. Let's see what hack / petty can do and then draft another rookie with our top 3 pick next year.
  9. No idea what's so funny. If the jets win 6 games with McCown at QB they are the laughingstock of the league.
  10. When you gag from the smell of your own poop because it's that nasty.
  11. If he hunted boars he would have been a 3rd rd pick.
  12. even worse....does anyone trust Todd Bowles to develop a top 3 QB in '18? Darnold / Rosen / Allen will be the #3 QB while Chase Daniel "gives the Jets the best chance to win". Awesome.
  13. The bottom 5 HC didn't give out the 6m contract to a journeyman signed off the scrap heap. If you go by salary then McCown is the starter. Which begs the question, is there a plan? If so, what is it? Heading into year 3 and McCown is the starter but we passed on Mahomes, Watson, etc....
  14. The whole 'acceleration trumps speed' argument is a little nebulous.
  15. you need a QB to win. arguably the most talented from this bunch was Mahomes but unfortunately for Macc he used his "redshirt" last season. there was no way he could affort to go QB at #6 and put Mahomes on the shelf for the season.