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  1. Isn't he a porn star?
  2. Apparently quite a while. I still have multiple mods pestering me for a date after that drunken lounge incident.
  3. Sorry, I'm taken. Give me full access to the Winnebago during the home games and maybe we can work something out.
  4. Because Abraham was hung like a pack mule.
  5. This whole fiasco is an absolute disgrace and the Jets should be ashamed of themselves for selling fools gold. As many have noted, it is not the PSL itself, but the commitment of shelling out $$$ for tickets to see an inferior product. If the team was competing for a playoff spot every year, this thread would not exist. Buyer beware!!
  6. There's something you don't hear very often
  7. Even Rick can't stand that little bastard.
  8. Huge opportunity here for Woody if he goes with the "Glennon's neck looks like Jesus" angle. Pilgrims would flock to every home game in order to see the image of Jesus on Glennon's neck, thereby solving the PSL value / ticket sales dilemma.
  9. You just might be mod material son.
  10. .....and at the end of the day when the smoke clears, J******* is still here, stronger and better than ever. Take that beotches!!!
  11. I feel like Woody sticks his package in my face every year when I get my renewal bill.
  12. Let's not forget he traded Hugh Douglas to the Eagles for a 2nd and a 5th. Then they turned around around and traded the second away, while the 5th rounder was was a scrub. Meanwhile Hugh Douglas, pass rusher extraordinaire had a fairly decent career .
  13. Vinnie Testaverde would give him a good run for the money.
  14. Not fielding punts inside the 10 yard line would be a pretty good idea also. When it happens once, it is probably the player. When it happens repeatedly, it is coaching.
  15. I like the way you think. I'm in!