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  1. I got a friggin' paper cut this morning, stings like hell.
  2. Draft Week; Lynchtime

    The fact that there is so much debate over the value of this guy tells me that that you pick him if he is there but do not mortgage the future to move up for him. This a classic boom or bust case and we all know how those scenarios always seem to play out for the Jets.
  3. Thanks for the invite @BP. I am going to do my best to make it sincewe will stillbe mathematically in the playoff hunt in September
  4. Looking at either KC orArizona. Arizona being a Monday nighter might push me to KC. I usually stay by Country Club Plaza in KC, lots of hotels and restaurants and no driving needed.
  5. The short story is that on the heels of the global economic crisis, Villian was espousing the benefits of gold as the only true vehicle for maintaining value or wealth etc. as the US $ was basically going to be as worthless as your basic store brand single ply toilet paper.There are mutiple threads where Villian was imploring everyone to jump aboard the ark (or spaceship?) before the financial system completely imploded with no hope of recovery. Fast forward a couple of years and the dollarhas recovered and is kicking ass against most currencies (see: Euro) andgold has basically nose dived intothe side of a mountain in a spectacular ball of flame. TBH, gold has started to recover a little bit, but the lesson for Villian (and all of us) is never bet long term against the almighty dollar!!!
  6. Probably just you,becauseTx did not bet the ranch on goldgoing to $10,000 per ounce
  7. I havent posted in ages, does it still suck here?

    Big friggin' deal, I bought4,000 JetsInsider can coozies atBig Lots for $3.
  8. Watching Geno take a 6 or 7 yard loss in the Raiders game by running out of bounds when all he had to do was toss the ball 3 feetto the sideleineswas pretty much the final straw for me. The man is stupid and has no situational awareness, not the kind of guyyou want QB'ing your team.
  9. Jets Resign Henderson

    Excellent! Henderson flashed last year and made Demario expendable. He is a solid linebacker at a position of need.
  10. Tweets From Bowles

    Fixed. Williams attempts at tackling made Cro look like Ray Lewis.
  11. Tweets From Bowles

    I agree completely......I think.....wait, what?
  12. Thor99 -- Newest JetNation Moderator

    Thoris coming up on his 10 year mod anniversary next year. Better get rid of him before he qualifies for the pension plan.
  13. PSL Holders Sue Rams

    Most people haven't had to put snow tires on their car since the 70's. Thank god I have an Audi.
  14. God no, he is useless. Ridley never hits the hole, he takes a jump step to right right or left before moving forward EVERY TIME he touches the ball, meanwhilethe hole disappears.It is maddening, he should be working the drive thru at Mickey D's next year.
  15. This. Everyone hates on him over the sack dance, but if we had a pass rusher like him now, we'd go deep in the playoffs.