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  1. I could see Woody salivating if Jeff Fisher gets fired a la Hess with Kotite, with similar results of course.
  2. Lewis would kill for Rex's postseason record
  3. Joe Gibbs (Part 1). Other than that I've got nothing.
  4. I think the game has passed him by, the Redskins gig was a disaster.
  5. Bowles is as expressionless as a piece of furniture, but I see him more as an end table.
  6. ..and the SB wins were almost 20 years ago, the guy is a dinosaur (as is Coughlin).
  7. Shanahan had two good years in Denver, with Elway as his QB. In Oakland and Washington he sh*t the bed with some terrible teams. I would break things in my living room if the Jets hired him.
  8. No! I'm sick of the hamster wheel of retreads, sink or swim with the young guys.
  9. I believe I would get some perverse pleasure if Carl got eaten by walkers. Just sayin'.
  10. Cimini is a know nothing douche, however the Jets stupidity knows no bounds (Tebow anyone?). If they sign Kaep, I will be picketing in front of the Jets offices, and I am extremely apathetic.
  11. So, about those road trips!
  12. Was Harris active last night? A great Jet, but he is done. He looks like he is wearing cement shoes.
  13. You must have a pretty sharp crystal ball to know all of this stuff. Until we see Petty for an extended period of time, nobody knows how he will perform. Bowles insight means nothing, he runs the same loafers out there every week, never making an adjustment or benching under performers. Given that, Petty is probably HOF bound.
  14. It is unbelievable. Jets fans are so used to being beaten down that we crave more mediocrity.
  15. Rest easy, they are going down in flames. Third time is a charm.