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  1. PSL Holders Sue Rams

    Most people haven't had to put snow tires on their car since the 70's.  Thank god I have an Audi.
  2. God no, he is useless.  Ridley never hits the hole, he takes a jump step to right right or left before moving forward EVERY TIME he touches the ball, meanwhile the hole disappears.  It is maddening, he should be working the drive thru at Mickey D's next year.
  3. This.  Everyone hates on him over the sack dance, but if we had a pass rusher like him now, we'd go deep in the playoffs. 
  4. The only thing that jumped off the page to me was the recommendation to keep Ridley.  What in the word did he show to merit keeping him?  I would cut him today, he is a steaming pile of crap.  The occasional 8 or 9 yard gain does not offset the rushes for no gain or a loss which happen 90% of the time. 
  5. FitzMagic Shirts for $13.50

    He would promise to pay the $16.50 then renege and end up getting punched in the face.
  6. Not looking good for Powell

    ....and every other time he set foot on the field this year he was horrible.  If the Jets are riding Ridley this week we are in big trouble.
  7. ....Jets still pretenders.

    Since when?  I thought this was a basic requirement of membership here. 
  8. Jets vs. Cheats Roll Call

    Nice!  Hopefully you can enjoy a celebratory pint or two after the game
  9. If anyone brings one of these things to the game, I will hunt them down and eat their heart.  There are not too many more annoying things on the planet.
  10. Jets vs. Cheats Roll Call

    Just remember that it is the Dugout which is downstairs from Belushi's.  They are connected but it's full on EPL upstairs and other sports are shown in the Dugout. Their calendar shows the game will be on and it is a good atmosphere.   Best to call anyway
  11. Jets vs. Cheats Roll Call

    I was in London for the first Pats game and watched at this place called The Dugout at Belushi's Sports Bar .  They are showing the game this week..  There were quite a few Americans there even though they had us stiuck in a small room in the back but the game was on the big screen.  Not sure where you are staying but this was on Borough High Street in Southwark just across London Bridge from dowtown.       
  12. Goodbye Sweet baby

    I cannot begin to imagine your pain.  My deepest condolences and I hope that you and your wife can find a way to get through this. 
  13. Rex Ryan

    Giacomini probably has 70 of those penalties
  14. Revis has not been the same since the knee injury.  He is still pretty damn good though even if a little expensive.