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  1. Stop The Crap

    ...and then Idzick completely $hit the bed with 12 draft picks. The Jets won the salary cap Super Bowl though.
  2. met life question - mezz seat view

    I'm sure he washed his hands or hit the Purell moments after shaking your unwashed commoner hand.
  3. met life question - mezz seat view

    Much better bang for the buck than having kids.
  4. met life question - mezz seat view

    Yes IMO. Of course it depends on which side of the aisle you are sitting. If you need to look through the plexiglass to see the end zone, move over a few seats. If you are on the other side of the aisle it is obviously not an issue. I was fixated on the plexiglass and gave up otherwise great seats because of it.
  5. met life question - mezz seat view

    I sit in 205 row 3. I switched from row 2 seats in the next section because the plexiglass bothered me to no end (I had aisle seats). I sat in the seats for one game and asked for them to be moved as it seemed I had to crane my neck to see plays in the end zone without a split screen effect (plexiglass and no plexiglass). In any event, it is only an issue when you are in a low row on the aisle.
  6. As a PSL holder I already have worthless tickets so I'm not interested. However, anyone that is interested should view this in the same light as mystery dating. Are you willing to take a chance on having to bang 4 fat ugly chicks in order to have chance at banging 4 models? It's a risk / reward scenario that you have no control over and it seems like a zero sum game to me.
  7. If Woody did order the cuts to save $$ he should be drawn and quartered. How about he gives all of us suckers that bought tickets a rebate? We would also like to save a few bucks in a lost season.
  8. It's easy to throw stones from a distance, but anyone that has actually watched a Jets game would know that Harris should have been cut two years ago. Great Jet, great guy, but he is old and slow. I would have liked to have seen Decker stay for another year and mentor the young pups at WR, but now they will get more reps and learn on the job. We sucked with him and can suck without him. Now, it doesn't mean that we don't have the worst roster in the NFL, but the hysteria over these moves is way off base.
  9. Sorry, we've had to cut you from the board. Max did talk to you right? Oops, sorry.
  10. WR Quinton Patton to IR

    That and QB
  11. Variable pricing , my asp

    Since pre-season games are worthless you still get screwed on the sale. Where you really get screwed is taking a smaller tax deduction after donating the tickets to United Way, when in reality, as a season ticket holder you are paying the same for the tickets. None of this helps the ticket holder.
  12. David Harris chasing a tight end down the field, there's something you don't see very often.
  13. Clayton was only 63?? I thought he was well into his seventies
  14. Yes but Blackledge was a Penn State QB and everyone knows that Penn State QB's are no good in the NFL