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  1. You just might be mod material son.
  2. .....and at the end of the day when the smoke clears, J******* is still here, stronger and better than ever. Take that beotches!!!
  3. I feel like Woody sticks his package in my face every year when I get my renewal bill.
  4. Let's not forget he traded Hugh Douglas to the Eagles for a 2nd and a 5th. Then they turned around around and traded the second away, while the 5th rounder was was a scrub. Meanwhile Hugh Douglas, pass rusher extraordinaire had a fairly decent career .
  5. Vinnie Testaverde would give him a good run for the money.
  6. Not fielding punts inside the 10 yard line would be a pretty good idea also. When it happens once, it is probably the player. When it happens repeatedly, it is coaching.
  7. I like the way you think. I'm in!
  8. Looked more like 4,500
  9. Or more a case of those that never go to games, but ended with an opportunity to go due to free or very cheap tickets. Real fans, obviously.
  10. It must be tough for the center to play at full mast with her hands constantly on his beanbag.
  11. Our season was over 3 months ago
  12. If you cut that in half, you would probably still be too high
  13. and his qualifications as far as this role would be ???
  14. The eyes don't lie. This team is horrible and Bowles has been a huge part of that beginning with screwing up the decision not to go for two points against the Bills in week 2. Adjusting to teams continually having tight ends gore us for huge yardage would have been a good idea also, but we are still waiting.
  15. Seriously? The Jets season was over by the end of September and went downhill from there. What does Woody consider "bad enough" 0-16?