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  1. My god, terrible. RIP.
  2. Legit hand size = Legit penis size. The mods are all suddenly looking into snapping up those cheap PSL's.
  3. You disagree about the drinking and promoting JN part, but conveniently leave out any mention of the unprotected casual sex. What the hell is going on in that RV?
  4. Macs figures we are good to go, no need for more picks.
  5. The tighter the better, obviously.
  6. Macc has to be a Patriots plant sent here to keep the Jets mired in mediocrity. Belichik is truly an evil genius and cheating bastard.
  7. It's because they won't be playing against guys that will be working in a car wash or the McDonalds drive through after their college career is over
  8. pluck out a pube and send it to the lab for a DNA analysis.
  9. 11 years into the Target gig, time flies. I wonder if he is vested in their pension plan.
  10. Isn't he a porn star?
  11. Apparently quite a while. I still have multiple mods pestering me for a date after that drunken lounge incident.
  12. Sorry, I'm taken. Give me full access to the Winnebago during the home games and maybe we can work something out.
  13. Because Abraham was hung like a pack mule.
  14. This whole fiasco is an absolute disgrace and the Jets should be ashamed of themselves for selling fools gold. As many have noted, it is not the PSL itself, but the commitment of shelling out $$$ for tickets to see an inferior product. If the team was competing for a playoff spot every year, this thread would not exist. Buyer beware!!