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  1. You should just go with a Van Dyke, 70's porn style. It's a great conversation piece.
  2. David Arquette gives him a serious run for his money in that category.
  3. Bringing Oor Wullie to the game?
  4. Great stuff John! You must be drinking from the fountain of youth, you look 10 years younger than the last time I saw you. Life is good!!
  5. For the season ticket holder, tiered pricing is just a shell game. You pay the same amount, the cost is just allocated differently. Now you claim less on your taxes for the donation and have a higher face value on the Pats and Dolphins games.
  6. ....and to think the Jets actually pay somebody to make decisions like this. The drunken douchebag factor will increase exponentially. Next year they will announce that they have banned the sale of "spirits".
  7. I'm pretty sure that is impossible. Ridley may be the worst running back in Jets history.
  8. The free market always applies, but Cox's salary has not set the market unless others follow along. If someone buys a $500k house for $1 million, they have not set the market when nobody else is willing to pay that, they have just overpaid. Until somone else starts throwing around Cox money, it remains an aberration.
  9. Quite possibly one of the worst signings ever. With the Jets that is saying a lot.
  10. No matter what happens, you will NEVER be through. You may want to be through, but you will be dragged back in because you are a lifer. It's like being being irrationally attached to a woman that treats you like sh*t. You know you should kick her to the curb, but you are still attracted to her for some reason.
  11. So Hackenberg and Edwards are both wearing 5? Hopefully a typo since the guys that have duplicate #'s are usually working in a car wash by mid-July.
  12. I miss GGG. I guess all that sweaty, smelly man love in the mod lounge made her feel like a square peg in a round hole.
  13. I got a friggin' paper cut this morning, stings like hell.
  14. The fact that there is so much debate over the value of this guy tells me that that you pick him if he is there but do not mortgage the future to move up for him. This a classic boom or bust case and we all know how those scenarios always seem to play out for the Jets.
  15. Thanks for the invite @BP. I am going to do my best to make it since we will still be mathematically in the playoff hunt in September