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  1. Nobody is trading their franchise QB. Once you find one, you keep him.
  2. If Fitz gets pulled for Hackenberg against the Browns, the press conference afterwards will be one for the ages. I'm almost hoping this happens.
  3. Freudian slip?
  4. So.. it took the Ravens long enough to realize that you can use and abuse the Jets with short passes. They must have been slacking with the film study this week.
  5. There's a novel concept...a bomb, big boy football. Hopefully we can try one of those when we grow up.
  6. Something came up and I cannot go to the game tomorrow. I am selling my tix for $75 each, which is half price. With the flex pricing the face value is $152 as this is considered a premium game (LOL). Seats are in Section 205A, Row 3. PM me if interested. Yellow parking can be added for $25.
  7. I put the over/under on the "We want Petty" chants at the end of the 1st quarter. Of course Petty will be inactive, so the point will be moot.
  8. The same Coughlin who made the playoffs 5 times in 12 seasons? Can't discount the two Super Bowls, but his teams were generally mediocre and went 9-7 in the last Super Bowl season. Benigno should STFU with his bright ideas.
  9. Got it. Only one way to go here: Petty! Unfortunately Bowles doesn't have the cojones to make the move.
  10. If you think that was a decent night, you have very, very low standards. Fitz was a steaming pile of horsesh*t. Between his flutterballs and 30 foot high passes, no QB on this team can be any worse.
  11. Two backup guards blowing holes through the Jets D line. Well done!
  12. Gene blows, but I would very much like to see him under center in this game. Fock me sideways with this effin team.
  13. It must be a challenge going through life with a name like Name Removed.
  14. Edwards has done a great job of switching field position this year, he is the real deal. However when your D continually proceeds to give up quick strikes or long drives, field position is pretty much irrelevant.
  15. Even if he were the healthiest guy on the planet, Romo has a special knack for the huge turnover at the worst possible moment. He reminds me a lot of Testaverde in that regard. Haven't we suffered enough?