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  1. It was a lot of fun (except for the game) and the Chiefs fans were great. Thanks to @BP, they let us join their tailgate as if they had known us for years. The also went easy on us afterwards. It was great to see some familiar faces and get to know some new ones.
  2. Of to a rousing start, got $160 speeding ticket in East Bumfock, Kansas. It was real Fast and Furious stuff, 38 mph in a 25 zone. I took my seatbelt off to get my wallet out and he said "are you not wearing seatbelt?" Barney Fife at his best. I'm surprised I'm not locked up. I might have been if I told him we just came from the Boulevard Brewery. We better win this effin game. LOL.
  3. I was also at that game and I remember being pretty happy that this total unknown was coming in to play QB for the Pats. Who effin knew. The Patriots fans were actually being civil because it was right after 9/11. That was their last season in the old dump. I also remember the ambulance flying by, but it didn't hit me until later when I saw the news that it was Bledsoe in the back.
  4. There's no way the Pats can win without one of their three stud QB's playing, amirite?
  5. No cancellation, just a moment on momentary madness!
  6. No need to go through formal channels. I'm thinking bathroom privileges in the RV might make this all go away.
  7. Saw that, most of the crazy stuff will take place in the morning. KC here we come!
  8. If I am there already and the weather goes south that is one thing, but I'm still at home and don't need to intentionally make myself miserable. I'll take a beating on the tickets, but everything else can be cancelled with no cost.
  9. This sounds like an unwelcome sexual advance, I am feeling quite uncomfortable and considering reporting you to....well, you.
  10. I'm seriously considering bailing on this trip, I'm not sure I need to travel to KC to sit in a monsoon. If I can salvage some $ for my tickets I just may do so. I'm pretty sure it won't be raining on my couch.
  11. Thunderstorms and 90% chance of rain predicted for the Chiefs game on Sunday. Decent weather all this week and most of next week. Figures.
  12. Of course Edelman will then throw for 300 yards
  13. As a life long Jets fan, I am fully confident that had we traded up to #1, we of course would have taken Goff
  14. If the Bills recovered the onside kick, then it most certainly would have been an egregious error. Inexcusable.
  15. WTF? There is no downside in going for two there, you need to try to make sure that two touchdowns can only tie you and not beat you. Do you really think that he wanted to rest his offense by not running one more play?