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  1. Agreed, the golden goose spoke.
  2. Will be rooting hard for Cotchery to get his ring, hard working dude.  Will also be rooting against Elway, anyone else and I'd be happy with Peyton riding off into the sunset with a championship but I just don't like Elway.
  3. If Arizona loses today

    Literally changed the entire game. 
  4. I normally don't agree with any of this but Nance seemed to be openly rooting for the pats.  And Simms never saw a bad call by the refs he didn't agree with.  Only reason I like Gruden, not afraid to call the refs out a little.
  5. Basically they don't want Eli to have to learn a new offense, makes sense to me. Still don't like that they fired Coughlin, always liked him.
  6. Wow was I wrong!

    100% intentional kick, the lineman even turned his foot to the side so he would soccer style pass it to Brady.  I thought that when it happened live and still think it now but I wasn't sure if it was illegal.
  7. The entire offense was ready and took off when the ball was snapped, only the QB was surprised.  That's bad.
  8. It was confirmed that the Jets didn't ask for the sweep.
  9. Win a New York Jets Zippo Lighter

    Beat the Patriots.
  10. This was my wife's first Jets game, we got there at start of the 2nd because we stopped for big macs on the way and traffic was a nightmare.  People were leaving when we got there and we decided we were staying until the end because we had no where better to be.  Great night. 
  11. Gravy or Sauce?

    This guy gets it.    First generation Italian here and it's sauce, gravy is brown and served on thanksgiving (although I've heard many Italian-americans saying gravy, but they're usually not from Brooklyn).  Marinara is a quick tomato sauce as the story is that it comes from fishermen's wives waiting to see the boats come in and then quickly whipping up a tomato sauce which resulted in a chunky texture.
  12. PFF - Leonard Williams, +8.6

    This was huge yesterday, combined with the early touchdown and being in London.   Looking forward to Sheldon coming back, I hope he's angry like that guy in Fast Times and just tries to destroy the other team.
  13. +1 - I was thinking this when I saw the GIF: shed a double and got a hit on Ivory, although the hit may have knocked Ivory away from the safety and allowed the yards.    Suh did however gingerly prance after Ivory after the missed tackle.  That's weaksauce.
  14. Sheldon Return?

    I don't think there is anything to suspend him for until the case reaches some resolution so we should be fine until next year.
  15. Fitz first half

    The problem is that Geno is (at best) nothing more than an unknown, not a QB that is going to win a championship.  If this offensive line continues to get better and they can pound the rock, and have the defense continue to keep teams to 14 points or less then Fitz could be the guy to take this team to the championship.  Miami was 0 for everything on 3rd and 4th down yesterday, that is how good this defense can be.