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  1. raffyD added a post in a topic Jets Reward Program/Points   

    Where am I supposed to throw my chicken bones? 
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  2. raffyD added a post in a topic Win an autographed D'Brickashaw Ferguson helmet   

    here for the free stuff!
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  3. raffyD added a post in a topic Michael Kay: Rex and Idzik fired Monday   

    Yeah, you hit it back and forth.  Box ball used the lines in the concrete on the sidewalk as a tennis court and you played a form of tennis/ping pong using the "punch ball".  Those matches got heated!
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  4. raffyD added a post in a topic Michael Kay: Rex and Idzik fired Monday   

    We called that game strike box, but it was just a pitcher and a batter with no fielder. 
    Stoop ball was great, but we also used the spaldeen to play slap and punch ball in an intersection with each corner being a base and the pitcher one-bouncing (I think) the ball to the batter.
    Off the wall was good too, a variation of stoop ball. 
    Yes, I would rather talk about old Brooklyn street games than the Jets. 
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  5. raffyD added a post in a topic John Idzik: MERGED   

    Can't give Idzik the blame for the WR mess and not give him credit for richardson, would be disingenuous.  Point stands though, he whiffed hard and the picks he went with instead of better wide receivers aren't seemingly worth it.  Benjamin on this team (who I didn't want so it was guaranteed he was likely to be good) would be a lot more valuable than a hard hitting safety.  Hindsight I know but people are getting paid to figure this out in advance.  Figure it out.
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  6. raffyD added a post in a topic Man, I still miss him...#88   

    Toon was great, glad to hear he made a nice life for himself after he retired.
    Side note: Kenny O. was probably the best quarterback in this team's history that I saw play live. 
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  7. raffyD added a post in a topic John Idzik: MERGED   

    My two cents: Idzik needed to get WR help on this team and proceeded to draft what is looking like 3 complete busts.  He didn't miss on 1 or 2, he missed on 3 WRs.  There are rookie WRs doing good things for various teams around the league and we picked 3 guys who can't get on the field and we're trotting out Nelson and Salas (again). 
    That's my problem with Idzik. 
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  8. raffyD added a post in a topic Win Coaches Club Tickets (And Jets Gear)   

    I'm not going to be picky so just put me down for either of the prizes. 
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  9. raffyD added a post in a topic Wilkerson confirm refs favoring Packers   

    Totally missed it, my bad.  That was the call that I thought made it clear who the refs were pulling for, not a huge call only 5 yards but this was the one that proved that winning this game was going to be an uphill battle. 
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  10. raffyD added a post in a topic Wilkerson confirm refs favoring Packers   

    This pretty much sums up the game for me.  I'm also surprised no one has brought up the offsides call on the Jets dline when Rodgers was obviously rocking back expecting the snap that didn't come and the refs never even considered calling it on Rodgers.   
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  11. raffyD added a post in a topic Motorcycles...we have whiskey, dogs, beer and boats covered so how about   

    Suzuki SV650 (first gen curvy), the ultimate budget v-twin (I once replaced the front end for about $150).  My first bike, have not "upgraded" in the 5 years of riding although I'm lusting after the BMW F800GT in Valencia orange. 
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  12. raffyD added a post in a topic Jets-Raiders Roll Call - Section and Parking Lot   

    Lot D3 from 8:30 am until 12:30 am, 337 until 4pm then back to D3 for steaks.  I love September. 
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  13. raffyD added a post in a topic THREE HEADED DRAGON   

    That is pure awesome.
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  14. raffyD added a post in a topic Positives \ Negatives from the game?   

    My takeaways from watching only the first half (I had to leave the stadium due to work):
    1. Geno looks a little more comfortable than last year but still looks like a 2nd year qb.  Not sure how much to expect from him this year to be honest.
    2. Vick looked like a veteran familiar with the playbook, thought that was clear.  He impressed me with his speed, did not know he still had that much gas left.  
    3. D-line is very strong and holds the line very well.
    4. Patterson - ugh.
    5. Millner looked like he came to play this year and wants some of that big DB money down the line.  Very hopeful. 
    6. Colon is nasty, big fan of his.
    7. My biggest concern isn't really a concern but more of a disappointment:  the O-line.   It seems like just a few years ago we had a dominant, in your face type of o-line that could control the line of scrimmage and pave the way for a solid running game.  Now it looks like we have an average o-line, with no real power coming out of the blocks.  I'm worried that the running game will be average and lead to a below average passing game.   If Geno is going to start and be an improvement over last year then I think he is going to need a solid running game and some PA passes to help get him there.  From what I saw from the first team o-line last night it doesn't look like we will be getting that.  Hopefully it gets better by the day and the line comes together but they didn't instill much confidence last night from the  small sample we got to witness.
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