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  1. Herm and Hackett trying to jam big passer Testaverde into the WCO while Pennington Before the injury was in many ways a very good WCO pinpoint passer. What a couple of turds.
  2. A QB with balls is officially more expensive than $18 million per. If this were Euro soccer there would be a match fixing investigation.
  3. Texans have the superior QB tonight anyway. And Gronk is hurt. STOP BEING PUSSIES. Who is calling these plays, Greg Roman?
  4. Texans called a timeout, unless Nance let his Pats' fandom go to his head.
  5. Sadly this evening JJ Watt will not get the chance to give Tom Brady that Joe Theissmann-like extra joint in his leg.
  6. Which sounds like 2 completely different things.
  7. Ryan will throw any assistant under the bus to keep his job, probably up to his brother and Weeks. Not gonna work past week 17, but for now. Who knows though; if this gets worse, the Pegulas may have no choice but to dump Ryan and have nay warm body finish the season.
  8. Problem is Madden won a Super Bowl. Rex, not so much. But granted he can break down a sack dance with the best of them. Diagram a post pattern, not so much.
  9. Unless somehow the Pegulas figure out a way to overpay someone to jumping in a heartbeat with this year understandably being a free pass. Who can they overpay- Cowher? Coughlin? Lane Kiffin? And really none of those guys spare Coughlin would do it, and doubt you want an old guy screaming at people on his goddamn lawn. There are only so many guys who can do that, which means the Ryans are probably locked in until after Week 17. Heck Bills want to suck for draft position anyway.
  10. JR Smith will someday soon be living in a fridge box under a Garden State Parkway overpass scrounging nickel deposit bottles to buy his next 22 oz tallboy. In no one day of his entire athletic career has he ever worked as hard nor as been as sharp at his sport as Revis has been on his slowest day. Revis is getting older, but make no mistake, he is still more of a student of his sport than almost any other active NFL player,and works as hard as any of them. If he wasn't rich beyond his great grand kids' needs he could easily be a very good HC someday. F__ JR Smith. What dick.
  11. The talk of end zone dances and sack celebrations intercut with the likes of jock sniffers like chronic masturbator Adam Schein, Roger Goodell's valet, Peter King and Mike "West Viriginia lawyer" Mike Florio does not amuse nor inform. Think Jay Glazer and Adam Schecter are pretty good, but not sitting through hours of ESL gibberish for 90 seconds of substance. You get older and your time becomes more valuable. Plus a wife, kids, dogs, errands and stuff. Yeah, Hon, can't take out the garbage or walk the dog, Keyshawn is gonna break down Jamies Winston's crableg boogie.
  12. Tackles as a stat can be misleading. Can mean team run at him rather than better defenders on the other side of the defense. Better to make the tackle than not, but might not mean he's a good player,merely competent. The Raiders had an LB named Greg Biekert who was among the NFL leaders in tackles year after year, but wasn't thought to be all pro or anything. Lee looked totally lost and out of position several times. The one big tackle he had for a loss was on a play when the DL collapsed the Bills' OL and Lee was the recipient of good fortune of being the last guy there rather than making a great play. On the 2 immediate prior plays he was totally lost. Not saying he's a bust, though did say it during the game. Speed is nice, his size is a major ?,remains to be seen if he is sharp enough to overcome his lack of size.
  13. Dismiss the OCs before you and hear the lamentations of their womanfolk.
  14. OCs have a career expectancy of about 18 games under Rex Ryan.Weeks has a lifetime hall pass under Ryan.