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  1. Tom Brady is going to be 40 next August.He will not play forever. He has already made a ton of money, and the ad income won't stop any time soon. Does it occur to Mehta in yet another imbecilic invented nonstory (which is really all he writes these days) that perhaps 1. Brady or any such old QB is close to the end and 2. the Pats would like to hang on to Garrapolo?
  2. No small irony there is a Verizon gate in the stadium and Verizon service has sucked the entire time MetLife has been open.
  3. What people need to know; there are resources out there to get addicts into rehab. It may not work the 1st or 2nd or 3rd time, but sooner or later the bell does go off and most people realize it's the only way other than death.You cannot indulge an addict, but you have to be ready to hold out a hand and hope they grab it. Sadly looks like the bell never went off here. RIP, and may his family have some solace.
  4. If you aren't going bangers&mash or fish&chips(of which a lot of it is very good) London's fine dining is pretty thin. Best meal we had was in a Spanish tapas place a few blocks form Harrods.
  5. With all due respect, Sperm has it 100% correct. And it's not even a question.
  6. Because the Jets make a point of running the clock down to nothing on offense trying to shorten the game.
  7. Disagree. And further if you hire your 4th GM in 6 years( if you bag Mac), what competent candidate is coming here to get his career shredded? What sane person comes here?
  8. Agree.Offense is a 3 and out machine. But by the same token a HC has to set a tone and demonstrate some degree of competence. And simply Bowles doesn't do either. Tone: 3rd and 11; swing pass nowhere near the stick on the last drive. 54 FG attempt in the 40s.The Jets have the least urgent 2 minute offense in NFL history(do they even practice it?). Those kinds of things set a tone that simply this HC is a conservative by The Book pussy.I don't care who is running the offense, is nancified sissy crap football. Message to the team and everyone else is we suck, why bother trying to win. Jets/Pats straight up is a loss.If you have a chance to scramble the variables, you have to do it, especially at 3-7. Instead we get The Book. Competence: Timeouts used wisely and timely substitutions are a must. The talent level among and between most teams is minimal, so the little things matter more and more.Timeouts are squandered for nonsense every week. I have watched a lot of HS and Pop Warner, and I have never seen a sideline at those levels that is chaotic and disorganized every game as the Jets under Bowles. During one defensive play Sunday there were only 9 on the field, a 10th ran on prior to the snap, and an 11th never got on at all.I don't get this; 9th grades do it, sub 1 for 1, no issue. Yet an NFL team doing 2 a days all summer and praciticing daily since cannot. That's awful coaching. Simply Bowles adds nothing. Not having a real QB, yes, a huge issue. And there is something to be said for not turning out a coach after 2 years. But this year has exposed Bowles as not very good at his job. Again, liek the demeanor, seems like a nice man, but looks overmatched.
  9. He sucks less than 3 complete washouts, yes.
  10. Monmouth. Rowan, FDU, Bosco, Bergen Catholic, DePaul....the Jets are waaaaaaaaay down there.
  11. Oh, since he owned up to screwing up, then it's okay? Look, if you're gonna pick him that early in the draft for that spot with that lack of size he has to be better than this in coverage. The Pats' RBs are not world beater no matter who the QB is. He may be a servicable OLB in the future but that's not something you take that high.And he's barely better than a JAG/replacement average guy right now.
  12. The whole reason for drafting him was he could cover RBs and TEs in the seams because he isn't big enough to be a pass rusher. if he cannot cover when the game matters against an average RB, give me a break, he's nothing special. Basically they drafted a player in the 1st round that can be had much later in the draft. Note tojJets' FO; DO NOT DRAFT OSU LBS.
  13. Big Picture-agreed; defense has not been awful. But it's by no means great.There is no pass rush, and the secondary is awful. With all that yesterday was decent. Once again when the offense goes long stretches doing practically nothing the defense will get tired. This has been a hallmark of Bowles; scores look kinda okay, but the reality is the jets aren't really in the game, and good teams treat this offense like a noncombatant that will shoot itself in the foot later in the game. And you have to expect a HoF QB is gonna doing something late in the game. Again, Bowles doesn't grasp in a straight up talent game with the Pats, the Jets would lose. So you have to roll the dice on offense to not give Brady the ball back, or even score. If you want to go by The Book, the conservative crap Bowles is wedded to, this is a loss.
  14. Sea change is even when the Jets suck you can very easily sell your tickets to opposing fans who want to travel. Can recall ditching a lot of tickets during the Walton and Kotite regimes; who would buy them? There was no internet. But now figure Fins and Bills fans are going to do the same thing later this season.
  15. Hard to understand how they changed the parking lot setup and somehow by design made a bad situation worse. Great job, Woody, NJSEA and the Jints.