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  1. Complete and total fabrication invented by lazy sportswriters. Didn't benefit Steve Young to play behind Montana, nor Danny White behind Staubach, nor Rodgers behind Favre, nor Eli Manning behind Warner. Either the next guy learns and does the job or he doesn't.
  2. Good deal for everyone. Too much $ to leave on the table for a guy that will never see this kind of $ ever again.
  3. Fitz is never gonna see these kinds of numbers this season or ever again. Bear him no ill will, want him and every player to make as much $ as they can given the physical cost they all go through, and the stupidity of salary caps. But this has become a case of you can always tell a Harvard man, but you can't tell him much.
  4. Locking up Geno Smith is akin to nailing jello to a wall. He's a bum, and there's no market for him. If he was free agent tomorrow he'd be lucky to get paid like your average #2 or #3.
  5. Looney Tunes Play Video The Equalizer (Harry Gregson-Williams song) Play Video It's So Easy Play Video Mr. Brownstone Play Video Chinese Democracy Play Video Welcome to the Jungle Play Video Double Talkin' Jive Play Video Estranged Play Video Live and Let Die (Wings cover) Play Video Rocket Queen Play Video You Could Be Mine Play Video Attitude (Misfits cover) (with "You Can't Put Your Arms… more ) Play Video This I Love Play Video Civil War (with "Voodoo Child" outro) Play Video Coma Play Video Speak Softly Love (Love Theme From The Godfather) (Andy Williams cover) Play Video Sweet Child O' Mine Play Video Better Play Video Out Ta Get Me Play Video Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd cover) (Slash & Richard Fortus Guitar Duet) Play Video November Rain ("Layla" piano exit intro with… more ) Play Video Knockin' on Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan cover) Play Video Nightrain Play Video Encore: Patience (with "Angie" by The Rolling… more ) Play Video The Seeker (The Who cover) Play Video Paradise City Play Video I WAS THERE 71 setlist.fm users were there Edit setlist songs Show all edit options Edits and Comments Please sign in to comment. You can also connect with Facebook or Twitter. 20 edits (last one by Fabio about 5 hours ago). Show edits and comments Songs on Albums Album Songs Appetite for Destruction 8 Covers 6 Chinese Democracy 3 Use Your Illusion I 3 Use Your Illusion II 3 G N’ R Lies 1 Appetite for Destruction8 Covers6 Chinese Democracy3 Use Your Illusion I3 Use Your Illusion II3 G N’ R Lies1 TOUR STATS COMPLETE ALBUM STATS Last updated: 12 minutes ago MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ, United States Jul 23, 2016 Guns N’ RosesMetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ - Jul 23, 2016JUL232016 Lenny KravitzMetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ - Jul 23, 2016JUL232016 Jul 24, 2016
  6. Too much money to leave on the table, even if it's a year at $12 million and a club option for year 2. And may be he wants to see how much cap room the Jets have right before training camp.
  7. A few small details they got wrong in episode 2- -attorneys have a speed pass type photo ID. Costs almost nothing, no reason to stand in line and then empty your pockets. -Detective Sergeant rank is still an NYPD sergeant, but Fox's shield is that of a detective, not a sergeant. -in every NYC boro, while the police can arrest people, the decision to actually charge anyone specifically with homicide offenses is up to the DA's office. There's a lot more consultation and back and forth between detectives and ADAs about that decision.
  8. My sons are teens and 20s. The teen has 2 friends who will play NCAA baseball, and all of them played little league and in some cases prep baseball. None of them follow MLB any more, and none of them much care to go to games unless someone drops tickets on them. The 2 guys who will play college baseball care only to the point that they dream of getting drafted. The demographic that watches baseball is 50+. Anyone under 30 is watching the NFL, and to lesser extent the NBA and the NHL.And soccer's audience is growing all the time. Don't think it will overtake MLB tomorrow. But if a Euro league establishes a beachhead of a few franchises here to supplant the MLS, or incorporates it as division, that could change very quickly. Simply MLB is losing young people. And even as a member of it's current demo, appear they do not grasp with all the entertainment choices it's TOO GODDAMN S L O W. Yes, there is strategy, these guys are talented and work very hard, but there is so much down time when NOTHING HAPPENS.
  9. What makes Ben sadder-Brady's upcoming suspension or his Batman ManBoobs being digitally immortalized for eternity?
  10. Dare any grown man to watch the full 3+ of stepping out adjusting your armor going through the signs endless pitching changes borefest MLB has become. Can't be done. But you can get into a deep sleep.And while I was once a big fan, the Yankees are Exhibit#1. No steroids, no greenies, lots of old and often injured old guys all competing to see who can take up spots as DH and on the DL. The Hall of Fame game is gonna have a better TV rating than the All Star game. MLB only works for now because TV has nothing else to show us all summer. While the NFL longs for a team in Europe, it is now inevitable the EPL or another Euro league is gonna drop a mess of franchises in US cities. Because the NBA and MLB's regular seasons are utterly pointless and endless.And somewhere between MLS attendance figures and TV ratings for Euro games, this is now not only viable but an untapped goldmine. Anyone badmouthing the Who or Rush is a silly goose who knows nothing of good hard rock music.Anything else you have to say about any other subject is highly suspect and not worthy of serious consideration. You should be forced to listen to bubble gum crap kiddie music for the rest of your senseless existence until your brain leaks out your ear after another Justin Bieber song. And how do you tie your shoes in the morning sir?
  11. Math-Embarrassment from appearing in this POS > size of check for appearing in this POS. Wonder how big the check is for BonJovi to appear in those "power to turn back time"DirecTv ads, as if "Deadliest Catch"(I show I watch every week) running for more than a decade wasn't enough. They are kind of clever, and lots of rock guys give their songs for ads, movies and shows.Heard Pete Townsend explain his Serbian plumber knew nothing about him nor the Who, but knew his music from "CSI" reruns growing up. And really if someone is gonna monetize your work and popularize it at the same time, hard to argue with. Especially so since with file sharing and downloading paying artists peanuts there is no such thing really as a record deal. It's not easy to make much money unless you tour all the time.
  12. Put me down as pro-guac, and pro-bacon.
  13. The NBA will now play an 82 game schedule with may be 3 or 4 teams having any shot at winning the title. I hate salary caps, and respect any pro athlete that maximizes his salary. An owner of any NBA team is by definition a billionaire or a successful business man or both. But as an owner when he has a chance to sign talent he needs to have a lock on his checkbook. The NBA pretends the cap creates competitive balance, but that's crap. No team lower than 4th in it's conference has made the Finals since the Knicks (8th seed) in 1999. The NBA is the worst. Since only 5 guys can play at a time it's bound to be the most superstar driven sport. The cap does nothing to change that and really makes it worse. It's made the entire sport about signings, cap numbers, salaries,who signs with who. The games themselves are secondary and barely after all the soap opera BS.
  14. Respect his success, innovative defenses and above all his courageous service to this country in the Korean War. I'll leave it at that.