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  1. I'm not a Mod but.....

    Was all this rape stuff in a Hackenberg thread. or do I have to go someplace to see this? Personally would like to see more fairy stories about the police.
  2. Readily acknowledge many successfulpeople in all walks of life are in facthuge dicks. It's not a selling point, but admit if the guy can play, Steve Serby will be writing articles about what a great guy he is. Butyou get Jeff George or Jay Cutler if he sucks at football.
  3. Know 2nd hand Hackenberg is a dick.But there have been many great QBs who were douchebags. There is no middle ground with this pick.Either Mac has picked a franchise QB that's gonna shapethis team for the better for years to comeor he has signed off on why he will be fired within 3 years. There's no middle ground with Hackenberg. He's either going to be a great QB or he's gonna flame out like https://www.google.com/search?q=images+hindenburg&rlz=1C5CHFA_enUS623US640&espv=2&biw=1440&bih=702&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjXtNShnbXMAhUkkIMKHRhcDH0Q_AUIBigB#imgrc=w-lPRgotGQKegM%3A
  4. Know some recruits who perhaps had been to some things at PSU. The entire PSU family-players, coaches, administration,fans-HATES this guy because he treats people like crap and has been a bigmouth scumbag forever.
  5. He didn't regress because the coaching change led to a different offensive system. He regressed because he's an uncoachable douchebag to everybody.
  6. If you're taking this guy in the 1st round the least he can do is be merely okay covering the best TE on a divisionteam you play 2 x every season. I hope this pick works out, but if it he cannot even help out doing that, that's really an indictment of the pick anyway.
  7. Also-Milliner is about the same size as Lee. So the Jetswill have 2 6'1" "fast" guys in nickel packages getting burned by bigger TEs over the middleon 3rd down.But they'll hang onto said TE as he stretches himself past the marker.Hoo-freaking-ray.
  8. Except each and every one of those guys is heavier than Lee.
  9. The Lee pick reminds me of

    You had to use the "G" word, didn't you?
  10. The Lee pick reminds me of

    The 5'11' to 6'1" guys who typicallyplay ILB well are thick-Ray Lewis, Harry Carson, Mike Singletary(or merelyokaylike Vilma). Lee isn't remotely built like that. Someone posted a strengths/weaknesses calling him "rangy" but said scout who wrote that is a blasted fool.
  11. The Lee pick reminds me of

    This is reaching. A 6'1" LB against a 6'5" or taller TEeven if he isn't named Gronk is really not a pleasant thought. Didn't see any highlights of Lee covering a TE. Willing to be wrong, but the height thing covering TEs is gonna be an issue,not s strength. FO is defending this pick b/c Lee can cover RBs, not TEs.
  12. ExceptLuke Kuechly isat least 2 inches taller and 10 lbs heavier.
  13. 2 ways to look at this. First, have a friend who has ...somebody ...very close to him who works in the NFL office. He had occasion to talk someone very high up in said NFL office. Said NFL bigwig was at the combine, and noticed that teams are continually fixated on "measurables" of NCAA players rather than looking at their scouting, whether a player can actually play NFL football. One player was basically forced to jump for 7 different teams. The NFL has tried and failed to have the combine act as the one measurable tests for everyone,butteams instead obsess over their one specific meeting and testing. Perhaps you can defend this pick as relying on scouting. BUT... 2nd point; watched enough OSU games to know other offenses keyed on Bosa(who is gonna be a beast and will make a lot of draftniks who knocked this pick look very dumb) and the rest of their talentedDL. So who was blocking this guy-a small TE? a pulling guard?, none of whom are gonna play in the NFL. In the highlights I have seen doesn't seem he was often matched up against some 6'5" 325 lb tackle who can moves like a cat, nor some 6'5" 280 TE. In fact, looked like teams kinda left him alone. That is not gonna happen on Sundays.Sorry, but a 6'1" LB no matter how fast he is is gonna be an issue.Lee looks like a safety,This defense hasn't stopped even a middling TE forever, and a 6'1" LB is gonna look like a cat chasing a ball of wool,to say nothing of the tackles he will have to get off of to do anything. Having saidall that, hope I'm very wrong.
  14. New York Rangers 2015-2016 Season.

  15. New York Rangers 2015-2016 Season.

    Girardi is day to day, but he was awful beforehe went out anyway. Mcdonagh isn't expected to play in this series. The Rangers have also recalled Raffy Diaz from Hartford. AV tied McIlrath to the bench most of the 3rd. Braby Skljeli played very well though. Would be surprised to see Girardi play over him, but AV favors vets.