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  1. There si so much good stuff on TV, don't recall the alst time I was in a multiplex. Watched tales of hedge fund/DoJ warfare and surviving the zombie apocalypse instead.
  2. Those are all words in the English language which would not usually be put in that order. Or somebody seriously effed with Edwards' wiki page.Who the hell is Jason Kushner? Find Edwards mildly amusing when I make the mistake of putting on ESPN.Guy has to eat.
  3. Don't know how, after watching Ryan screw the pooch by subcontracting out the offense to an OC, you make the same mistake all over again. It is not being a HC.
  4. Recall the GM and HC were hired independently from each other and report directly to Johnson in the bowl of spaghetti-like organization chart of the Jets. Macc, if he has a decent draft, may survive. Bowles has done absolutely nothing to recommend keeping this job and in fact given many reasons to fire his sorry ass forthwith. Suspect he is only still here because they think (know) 2017 will be a disaster, so why pay 2 coaches and taint a new guy with the coming mess.
  5. Didn't the jets play the Bills in Detroit on a Tuesday for a makeup of a blizzard thing in Rex Ryan's last year?
  6. Nothing could be finer than around Thanksgiving-12/1/17 articles in newspapers and magazines and on websites bemoaning the Jets' naked tanking for Darnold.
  7. Making the owner feel like one of the cool kids is the priority at Florham Park.
  8. O'Donnell was a Kotite move. In fact recall playing a back at option QB in Detroit with a playoff berth on the line because BP hated O'Donnell so much.
  9. Shanahan's Broncos and Walsh/Siefert Niners cheated on the salary cap rules like crazy. But nobody is taking their Lombardis away. Integrity is a noble concept but the reality in the NFL is somewhat different. That's not an endorsement of being scumbags, but a statement of fact. And really Adams in part broke down how every variable of a team impacts success or failure. Yes, he isn't a wonderful human being, but you have to recognize having a smart ombudsman is a good thing. Instead we've had head coaches who simply farm out everything but their defense. Does everyone understand what an embarrassing disaster that is? Which is why the Pats win the field position and turnover battles most weeks, take advantage of mismatches in their favor and minimize mismatches on their end, don't waste timeouts, don't waste downs(LOVE Chan's 4 yard passes on 3rd and 7!), have a system in place regarding challenges(as opposed to dolts like Bowles and Ryan looking at the Jumbotron!). Strategy matters. Mangini and Parcells got it; the guys have had since do not. Strategically the Jets under Ryan and Bowles have been run very stupidly by every measure. And against the Pats 2X every year, even worse than that.
  10. Adams and Bellichick are complete scumbags. But really the question should be why doesn't every franchise have someone like Adams doing that low animal cunning analysis and skullduggery. And to TS's point; Mangini was right there. Make no mistake; Ryan was handed a loaded team, spare Qb, of course. The guy's issues with treating men like men were correctable, certainly more easily done than teaching Edwards, Ryan or Bowles how offense and passing works. He got assurances the Favre Experiment would not cost him his job. And then...9 wins in Mangini's last year did not get a playoff berth(nor 10 in Bowles' first) , in Ryan's first year it did.
  11. May be Mangold cut portends full retard rather than half assed? Basically somebody out at Florham Park has figured out this team isn't winning anything in 2017, so suck for Darnold instead of putting bandaids on sucking chest wounds. And why taint the new coach for 2018 with this coming sheethsow.
  12. Dirty secret about center is it's understood as DL guys got bigger and faster, the refs, coaches and the players pretty much agreed they had to let centers hold if not egregiously some or they would get killed. Both guys are very good. Mawae could pull faster than Mangold, but Mawae might be one of the best at that ever, so that's no shame. Jets were lucky to have two of the best at center for going on 2 decades plus. The guys directly behind them, well....
  13. Even bringing in a great actor like Stephen Root to play The Man didn't help. The power of the movies absent anything more forceful is pointless. Apparently between S1 and S2 there was a shakeup in the show runners over the direction of the show. After 2 episodes of S2 stopped watching.
  14. What a real owner and GM would be focused on. Stopgap in another year when the Brady Pats are intact is a waste of time. There is no point to CutlerHoyerRomoTaylor other than to fvkc up any chance at the above.