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  1. Heard Jodie McDonald last night basically paraphrasing Ron Wolf. 31 teams have already passed on Fitz. Only leverage Fitz has is if between now and a few weeks into camp some team loses a starter long-term and they do not trust their backup. And further would have to be a team other the legion of teams Fitz has already played for. And again, that means a starter who's 1. done for the year or almost and 2. a backup that they do not trust. And in August most teams are going to go with the backup, especially if it is not a win now team. Combing through teams that he hasn't played for and have backups they don't like or trust is a nonexistent list, except for ..The Jets. And even then, NOBODY is writing him checks this big nor for more than a season. The chances the conditions 1 and 2 both being met are very close to less than 2%, and there is zero chance of a long term contract. The Jets are really Fitz's best shot, period.If he wants to string it out to miss some camp, fine, because he's a smart enough guy to stay in shape. But there is no way anyone is paying him close to the Jets' numbers . And there is not ever going to be a better offer. Sign the goddamn contract and get on with this .
  2. The Ryans Never Stop

    And that's because his wife threw his sorry ass out and his options in Buffalo were the office or freezing his ass off in a van down by the river.
  3. As much as I have bashed the Jets about PSLs, have to say after contacting their group sales person, they could not have been more helpful or accommodating about a possible group outing to a game. Also includes discounted rate for bus or van parking. Expect we will be doing so shortly once we firm up our group- http://www.newyorkjets.com/tickets-and-stadium/groups-request-information.html
  4. The Ryans Never Stop

    Has Jeff Weeks summoned the courage to use a computer or a tablet yet? Which is something every high school football team (every sports team, really) uses and has used for over a decade, and many Pop Warner teams use. But Ol'Jeff, that doens't meet his ideas about manly football. .
  5. Yes, but he took the job knowing he'd have to keep Jeff Weeks' enabler around. Idzik waived any shot a self respect by taking the job under those circumstances. And he made it even worse by going along with more Ryan in Year 2. That jumping around the Miami lockerroom 2 years ago when they gave Ryan 1 more year was arguably the single stupidest thing in Jets legion of myriad mismanagement.
  6. He's gonna string this out with appeals long enough that he simply retires.
  7. You didn't use the word "wrong" to describe my response.
  8. Prior to PSLs, the Jets were sold out for decades. The Jets are now selling group tickets to every game, a situation they never had prior PSL. Also, they never had an ad budget prior to PSLs. And rarely did they have empty seats nor seats filled with opposing fans.
  9. Can't make chicken salad out of chicken sh...
  10. If Wilkerson( a decent guy and very good player as is Richardson, though Richardson seems like very stupid guy off the field) was worth the contract he is looking for, another team would've already traded for him . Let's face it; the jets have a lot of money tied up in the DL and yet they don't have one guy in the unit that keeps OCs up the night before they play the Jets. The Texans game was instructive; we do not have a JJ Watt, and paying either of these guys at that rate without that ability would be a huge mistake.And no other team is gonna jump up to pay either of them Watt-type money (except perhaps the Redskins, a team run by idiots).
  11. Woody Johnson is the constant variable.
  12. Semi-Official Concert Review Thread

    One exception to drum solos being not fun-
  13. Favorite Movie Lines

    I didn't get a harumph out of that guy. You said rape twice. I like rape.