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  1. Bugg added a post in a topic 7 worst NFL trades... Ever ~ ~ ~   

    Trading JohN Riggins for wads of used tape and a 1973 Dodge Dart was pretty bad. 
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  2. Bugg added a post in a topic Judge Nullifies Brady's suspension   

     This ruling basically says DeMaurice Smith is a moron for negotiating his union membership into such a one-sided process. 
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  3. Bugg added a post in a topic Judge Nullifies Brady's suspension   

    Not sure the Pats, their coach, their fans and their front office and owner grasp that  from now on the officials are now going to watch them like hawks. Because there are 31 other teams (3 of whom faced serious discipline for owners, players and coaches with the Colts, Ravens and Saints) who are no doubt fed up with the Pats bending every rule. 
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  4. Bugg added a post in a topic Judge Nullifies Brady's suspension   

    A smart commissioner would get the NFLPA to the table right now to hammer out an agreement on discipline for on and off field issues that would make it less susceptible to this nonsense. Would need to include outside arbitration, schedule of specific fines or suspensions for specific instances misconduct, and appeal process that doesn't make the Commissioner the arbiter of appeals, among other things.  Clear the court had a big problem with the process and really did not address the merits of whether Brady cheated at all. 
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  5. Bugg added a post in a topic Judge Nullifies Brady's suspension   

    Preface this by saying if Brady cooperated and showed some contrition for "making a mistake" from the beginning, this would have been a fine and 1 day story. 
    SImply wonder how Jim Irsay, or Sean Payton or Jon Vilma feel today. Suspect you have at least 2 and probably 31 other NFL franchises that are not very happy right now that one franchise can do whatever it wants. 
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  6. Bugg added a post in a topic NFL Sunday Ticket   

    Simply RedZone is a better deal, unless you want to see some specific out of your market team. A whole bunch cheaper, and they do the remote work for you. 
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  7. Bugg added a post in a topic our last gm izadick sure had a plan   

    Having a war over the barren terrain of that is John Idzik's accomplishments(and are there any?)  is a waste of bandwidth. Might be fair to consider there was a lot of dead wood, but anyone can pare  roster back if you are willing to suck for a season or 2. The trick is drafting and building. The owner screwed up not canning Ryan with Tannenbaum. Richy Rich with his love for Rex Ryan precluded numerous quality GM candidates at that time. 
    And appears so far he has remedied that mistake. 
    Could be wrong, but so far (before a real game is played!) Bowles and MacCagnan look like serious professional football  guys. Move forward. 
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  8. Bugg added a post in a topic Light a Candle for Leonard Williams   

    No wonder he was dropped by NFLN in 1 season. Unless it's about the Jints, he does not give a F___.
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  9. Bugg added a post in a topic Oline doing some work for Fitzy   

    Not sure if the Jints are that awful, but the OL and especially running the ball looked pretty good. 
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  10. Bugg added a post in a topic Light a Candle for Leonard Williams   

    My son's high shool team's trainer diagnosed an MCL tear in about 5 minutes on the field Wednesday. So some reason for optimism.
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  11. Bugg added a post in a topic Light a Candle for Leonard Williams   

    A big nasty pile of flaming nuclear dog poop on the stoop of Bob Papa, Carl Banks and the entire Channel 4 staff for telling us NOTHING all night  about Williams' injury. 
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  12. Bugg added a post in a topic Movies We've Seen Thread   

    Sorry, but the trailer looks like he's doing an imitation of Bill Burr, a Boston guy who does resemble Whitey Bulger a bit, doing Whitey Bulger. If they really cared about what the guy looked adn sounded like, they should've simply cast Burr. Not sure Depp has done a role without piles of makeup since "Donnie Brasco", in whiich he was excellent. Cumberpatch as the brother is interesting, since Cumberpatch is very tall and Billy Bulger is almost a midget. 
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  13. Bugg added a post in a topic Mike Fatcessa at Jets camp today   

    The guy has little kids running around his house. Unless he's a total POS husband and father( a definite possibility) there is no way he sees every game.Between little league, soccer, dance classes, shopping, et al if you have kids your nights and weekends are filled with their stuff. And when you get home you're often exhausted or simply trying to get dinner on the table, get the homework done, and the kids in bed. Would it kill him to say I DON'T KNOW every so often? 
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  14. Bugg added a post in a topic TV Series (Opinions, Recommendations, Flaming, etc) ***BEWARE POSSIBLE SPOILERS***   

    Saw the 1st episode of Ed Burns'  "Public Morals". A little too cop show cliche, but some decent actors-Michael Rappaport, Timothy Hutton, Brian Dennehy. As it happens, my dad worked with Ed Burns Sr. in NYPD Public Morals in the 1960s, and my father-in-law was drinking buddy of his. Not sure I'd be inclined to watch much more otherwise. 
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