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  1. Then draft a shut down corner; nobody would complain. But you can find servicable safeties in the later rounds. The premium slots-LT, QB, primo corner and pass rusher, not happening. And this team is gonna be lucky to average 10 points a game offensively. Picking 2 safeties might help a bit,in pass defense but they are not corners, and they aren't QBs either. Maccagnan and his staff don't understand value of positions nor opportunity cost. "Hard-hitting safety"; whoopeee!
  2. Calvin Pryor is right now fighting for a roster spot on the Browns, playing garbage time in exhibition games to hang onto a league minimum contract.Not saying Mayes or Adams are gonna be there in 3 or 4 years, but this happened.
  3. Not going to pretend I've watched every USC game for the last 2 years. But Darnold's highlight film has a lot of accuracy. Threw a long TD pass in their bowl game that made Kirk Herbstreit bust a nut on live TV.
  4. Know I saw an awful lot of #6 blue "Titans" jerseys his first 3 years. Not sure how that qualifies as hatred. Disappointment is more accurate.
  5. As to Rodgers; a team with an aging HoF QB took him. The Jets always have a reason not to go QB or even offense.
  6. In fairness to Bit, the $ Brick was making should have kept him around another 5 years. But what you cannot account for is a smart guy with all his faculties intact getting tired of the NFL grind coupled with having earned enough coin to have eff you money for the rest of his life.
  7. Had occasion to fiLp on the waning minutes of Jints/Browns to her Gruden explain in the 4th quarter of the 2nd exhibition game former 1st rounder Calvin Pryor was on the field for Cleveland and he was on the bubble and fighting for a roster spot. SAFETIES, MAN! In a sensible word any Jets scout who uses the phrase "hard-hitting safety" would get hit off the head with hard objects until he ceases breathing.
  8. They may be a decent defense. Numbers can lie in the NFL because everything you do in all 3 parts of the game impacts the other parts. Nothing happens in a vacuum, which is why Rex Ryan braging about being number what ever vs. the run for his crap teams was a joke. The 2016 Jets were behind most games all 2nd half since the offense was a noncombatant. Opponents ran the ball to run clock knowing the jets' offense wasn't mouthing a comeback. Don't expect it to get better in 2017.
  9. Infuriating whether Hack is as horrible as he looks or if he goes to Canton (much more likely the former). . Look, if between when the season ended, OTAS, minicamps and training camp you cannot convey the offense to bunch of football players who have been playing since Pop Warner, your offense is a major problem. And worse this franchise has been through this exact stupidity with Hackett and Schottenheimer. An offense is gonna get so many snaps every game, run plays that take advantage of your personnel and exploits the weaknesses of the opponent. If a prospective OC candidate says something lik "It will take until October to install the offense.." in the interview, he needs to be shown the door. But when you have an HC that has no idea about offense, this is inevitable. Meet the new OC,same as a number of the old OCs. Institutionally this franchise forgets everything and learns nothing.
  10. A safety being called the BPA is not understanding positional value. You can get a safety off the street who isn't much of a dropoff from Adams. You cannot do that with a primo WR, LT, QB pass rusher or center. Worse as we have seen here you end up paying a lot of $ to a nonpremium cap slot if you want to keep him. And spare Len Williams none of those guys taken at #1 have been nor will be resigned.
  11. If the team on the field is this bad, more likely this kind of nonsense becomes a story.
  12. There is no other explanation.
  13. Gotta actually draft a QB other than one the GM's buddy recommends. Some piece of scout work there.
  14. With all due respect, a few posters here with a good wifi connection and a few magazines you could buy at a newsstand hungover (still drunk even)the morning of the draft could have done as good or a perhaps a better job at drafting than Idzik and Maccagnan together.
  15. Jets drafted Calvin Pryor instead.SAFETIES, MAN! Let that sink in. Then break something. AND ASK YOURSELF HOW THE FVKC A TEAM PICKS A SAFETY OVER WATSON OR MAHOMES. Can't develop a QB if you don't pick one in the first place.