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  1. Suspect we passed more not because it was part of any plan but because the Jets were behind most games in the 2nd half. Perfect example; Rams game, when they apparently were scared to death to see if Petty could throw a pass. When they fell behind, then they forcefed passes. If the only time you throw upfield is when you have to, pretty easy to defense. it was typical scared pussified establish the run Chan Gailey braindead gameplan. Jeff Fisher despite winning the game got fired after that horror show. The season was over, and this guy was still too scared to simply run Hack and Petty out there and see if they could figure it out. You have to attack downfield to win. if you do not, defenses cheat up, be it zone or man, doesn't really matter. Not saying you have to throw 45 posts every game, but bubble screens and dumpoffs and hitting backs 2 yards in the flat are not going to beat anyone. Also for that the entire time Gailey was here there wasn't any use of TEs despite the fact the Jets' defense got lit up every TE they played. Know Amaro crapped out, but inexcusable they didn't have anyone else.
  2. As to those defending the Gailey hire; simply his idea about offense is feckin' poison. You have to pass effectively to win. He still believes you have to run between the tackles to establish the run or some such nonsense. If the NFL employed a "Moneyball" type analysis of how you win(and teams do), would show winning teams pass the ball effectively and don't get too worried about running the ball except to keep the defense honest and off your pace and late in the game to run clock. What Gailey does is the old school coaches doing what they have always done instead of adjusting. And once Fitzerception regressed to his mean, we saw what Gailey was all about. And if you are going to run the ball right up the middle, then you hand onto Chris Ivory and don't ask a speed back like Forte to get crushed up the middle. Again, the NFL and college coaching ranks are filled with young go getters looking for this kind of job to show they can get a passing offense going. Bowles instead of doing his homework and getting such a guy instead brings in a guy who was out of football and out of the loop. And never told this guy to change it up nor play the young QBs when it went bad. And that's what happens when you hire a coach who only cares about 1 side of the ball. That anyone would point to Fitzerception's 15.5 games as some measure of success show you how beat down this fan base is; oh, we didn't suck against the soft schedule . Good for you. You are better fans who are happy with an annual sheet sandwich. What a goddamn embarrassment that is. How the hell do you expect to win with some old bastard funding his IRA and pay his DelBocca Vista Phase II greens fees instead of looking to kick some ass. That the owner didn't freak the f___ out when Gailey was hired is a disgrace.
  3. Item 2 is everything that's wrong with Johnson having the coach and GM report to him independently. And he keeps making the same mistake. What ever else you can fault Maccagnan for, fair bet he wanted to play Hack and Petty once the season went to poop. And because he is not in charge of idiot Bowles, Fitzerception was allowed to keep playing,
  4. Jets' coaches and GMs under Robert Wood Johnson III are a huge bumfight.
  5. The schizo move in the tank thing. Typical Jets; let's half ass this completely.
  6. The run up the middle/run up the middle/3rd and 8 incomplete pass offense was more of a problem than his personality. Gailey's hiring bespoke a coach who didn't know anything about offense other than he didn't want to turn the ball over. So he farmed it out to an old guy; how f__ing stupid was that? Gailey is a relic; running up the middle vs. 300+ DLs who move like cats is pointless. But to Gailey the NFL is still some 1975 establish the run BS. Guy might have looked okay over 15.5 games of Fizterception having a career season, but the offensive philosophy was crap. And not finding out in 2016 if either Hack or Petty could pass effectively was dereliction by everyone involved. He was looking for a final payday before calling it a career. Bowles could've scoured NFL and college ranks for a dynamic passing offense guy. But defense first Bowles was too lazy to take a serious interest in his most important hire.Heck, the fact that Gailey may have been angry enough to yell at anyone is surprising because more often than not looked like nobody cared about scoring on offense. What did he yell about; telling people to get off of his goddamn lawn?
  7. If every guy who punched another guy in an NYC bar or nightclub went to jail for 6 months, Rikers Island would be overflowing with guys.
  8. More likely than not, a very weak criminal case. And classic situation of a bar fight; loser goes to the hospital, winner takes a collar. Doesn't speak very well of Mauldin's intelligence, but he is not the first 20something to get into bar fight.
  9. Again, known a number of my sons' friends who went to camps at PSU. EVERYONE there at those camps-coaches, players, support staff, trainers, black,white, defense, offense-said Hackenberg was a spoiled whiny bitch. You can discount that an unscientific hearsay, but even with the worst of people opinions vary; not with Hackenberg. Simply MacCagnan took his pal O'Brien's opinion over anyone else's. Grant you the probation and switch to Franklin was certainly a disruption. But as per all of the links you can find, Hackenberg badmouthed Franklin to pro scouts, which bespeaks a lack of maturity.
  10. Hackenberg is like Jimmy Clausen; everyone who dealt with him in college (spare O"Brien) strongly believed based on how he behaved he was and is a complete douchebag. That reputation didn't materialize out of nowhere; it had a basis in facts. His pigmentation and background have nothing to do with it. In fairness doesn't mean he cannot become a good NFL QB. There are a lot of great QBs who weren't wonderful people. But this franchise did him no favors with the redshirt thing. And even had he played, not sure how you learn to run an NFL offense being scared sheetless to pass the ball. Again, more reasons that what ever Hackenberg or Petty's failings, not finding out if they could play in 2016 was an organizational disgrace that can be laid at the feet of Todd Bowles.
  11. In 2543, the NFL FINALLY realized Thursday football was a bad idea. Should have a JN edit the title function.
  12. A franchise with this anemic an offense cannot pick 2 safeties at the top of the draft. And it's even worse when you look at how they have favored defense at the top of the draft forever.
  13. How you could reach that conclusion before even a single down of football has been played is frankly absurd. Do know we still have holes at every important spot on both sides of the ball-CB, edge rusher, primo QB, LT, RB. Do know he is going to pay McCown $6 million to...help me out here...anyone? Bollix up the tank? Take snaps away from the young QBs? Give the moron HC an excuse to not play the young QBs? He or someone like him could have been so signed the day after the draft for pennies.
  14. Sounds very much like an Amway pitch trying to convince himself that it makes sense.
  15. Entirely possible Morton took this job with the understanding he will be the interim HC when Bowles gets shown the door midseason.