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  1. Think they are both good guys. But they aren't rocking the boat and probably losing a really easy and well-paying gig.
  2. Question-How can you trust these guys about anything?
  3. Don't like Bowles. But in a tie game, you need to have your offense and QB make plays.Gonna need a few completions at least to either get a TD or a FG. And by virtue of having McCown as the QB, it's really, really hard. And as expected really it did not happen. And that's why this organization and Draft Day 2017 are so awful in every way. When people brag about cap room, how can you trust these people to make good personnel decisions. Lousy defense first drafts, the Wilkerson and Richardson messes, McCown..how can you trust them?
  4. Simply a competent franchise does not have McCown as their QB, not in camp, not on the roster, not starting.Instead it has a real QB. This disaster was avoidable, but set in stone on draft day. Safeties? Safeties? WTF?
  5. Because a football team that wants to win needs to break the tie by advancing the ball. McCown is what he is, but who ever the QB is is going to try to win the game there. Problem is Jets could have taken Watson or Mahomes, but picked a safety instead. People here are blaming McCown for being who he is. He should not be the QB, period, if this franchise had an ounce of common sense.
  6. You are blaming Josh McCown for being...Josh McCown.
  7. He certainly deserves it, but let the disaster unfold through January.
  8. That is typical Jets' football.
  9. National Flag League-JESUS H. FVCKIN' CHRIST.
  10. 3 years, 2 guaranteed, $12 million per.
  11. Dolphins playing to kick a 42 yard FG? That's a bad plan.
  12. If the penalty isn't obvious either way such you have to discuss it at this point in the game why did you throw a flag? McCown's gonna McCown.
  13. Matt Moore with the bounce pass.
  14. Think incompetence,not bias.