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  1. Fair. And if can find another solid player or 2 in the draft or free agency and perhaps move Anthony for some useful pieces he is in fact a genius. 
  2. Dolan has a weak spot for Isiah. But the same people who clamored to for him to hire Phil Jackson are the same ones ripping Jackson today. Some might want to own up to Jackson not being much of a GM without All Time greats already on his roster. Unless giving POS Melo a no trade clause is "genius" mortals cannot comprehend. 
  3. The definition of WHAT THE F____?_
  4. 1ST episode was pretty good.uh, HE DID IT.  Didn't know Nicole and Ron were getting busy. Suspect one misstep is sleazebag Kardashian was a whole bunch more sneaky than clueless whiny David Schwimmer,  since he walked out of OJ's house with the knife and sweatsuit right in front of LAPD. Starting the fine Kardashian family  tradition of helping get black guys off. (HT, Bill Maher)
  5. if they really wanted to put on a guy who knows his stuff and isn't shy with his opinions, Mike Westhoff would be the choice.
  6. Raiders moving to Las Vegas?

    But 8 other teams'  fans will fly in and make a weekend of their team playing Vegas. 
  7. We had that in the spirals at half time.The New York Times acted like it was the end of the world.
  8. And he would be able to share intimate firsthand knowledge of how a 9MM pistol works.  Does anybody watch any of this crap anymore anyway? They should put Football Outsiders or Bill Barnwell on to break things down. Instead they had Key break down end zone dances. 
  9. None of this is new. ESPN/ABC has a relationship with the NFL and it's owners. It's why Bill Simmons and Grantland are gone(for which no one should shed a tear).  But why now,and who benefits. Cui bono? Would suggest this is 31 other pissed off owners who cannot force Kraft to sell nor would they want to set a precedent. But have grown tired of the nonsense but worse,  Goodell's Sgt. Schultz act. And further we know the 2 most influential owners are the Maras and The Rooneys. And that the Maras hate Bellicheat with a  passion of 10,000 white hot suns. Goerge Young hired Ray Handley over him, and we now know in part because married Bellicehat was banging the Jints' married receptionist. And who has better media access than the franchise closest to the media? Simply they may not be able to dump the Pats' braintrust but they can get rid of this embarrassment who has done nothing to stop their cheating and perhaps much to aid it. 
  10. He did play a 3rd year free agent named Tony Romo in all 16 games . And  Simms was  in his 3rd year as a starter when he moved from DC to HC. Suspect had he seen Manning in camp next to  overpaid Neil O'Donnell, he starts Manning. But we'll never know. 
  11. Vollmer was holding Miler all day, every play practically,  because he couldn't block him. So crying about holding is beyond a joke. 
  12. Nantz kept saying "This drive is for the AFC title", but really it was only to force OT if they made the 2 point conversion. He was openly rooting for the Pats. it's total crap. 
  13. OF FECKIN' COURSE!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nG3UBn6Oer4
  14. May be the worse story is chief scout Jesse Kay begging him to take Brady late in the 2000 draft, and getting ignored because he had already taken Pennington.