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  1. Literally typed how several of my son's pals had gone to PSU camps and come home with nothing but undiluted bile about what a total dick EVERYONE (black, white, defense offense coaches support staff waterboys fans) at PSU though Hackenberg was and what a disaster he would be .And then....
  2. It's a about math. And math is hard. John Skipper is not gonna fire himself nor any of the other paradigm changing business geniuses who gave out insane rights fees to the NFL, NBA and NCAA . Those are now unsustainable between cord cutting and cable systems reorienting their pricing.
  3. Poll-who needs sunlight, vegetables and 45 minutes on a treadmill daily worse-the old guy on the left or the old guy on the right?
  4. Basically ESPN/ABC is paying rights fees to the NFL, NBA and NCAA that are not getting covered by ad revenue as much as it is by subscriber fees of a little over $7 per subscriber. With rampant cord cutting those subscriber fees paid through cable companies who bundle ESPN in their packages are going away rapidly. ESPN has been adamant that they should be part of a basic subscriber tier. But cable providers don't really like that model since many of their subscribers do not want ESPN. Recall Dolan dumped Cablevision on a French company last year because he saw the ala carte cable plus cord cutters coming to take a torch to that business model.
  5. Agree 100%. You can scheme defense, and supposedly the HC is a really good defensive coach (stifle laughter here). Yes, the defense was rough. But the rules mean that every defense, even the very best, is gonna fail several times each game. And no small part of the defense sucking was a 3 and out offense. Simply this offense is from hunger. I'm cool with a QB, or a RB, or a LT or WR if that guy is gonna start on Day 1. This franchise over the last decade and a half has spent oodles of draft picks on defense with a minimal change for the better. Really only guy they have drafted that's worth a damn on the D side is Williams. The inability to sustain drives and score points is again going to kill thEm if it isn't addressed ASAP.
  6. Don't think it's black or white, more dumbing down. And there is nothing dumber than the NBA. The players don't care, the seats are often empty, the TV ratings are in the toilet, and the ads are not paying the freight. And ABC/ESPN is paying serious money for what is right now spare the last 2 rounds of playoffs total crap.
  7. Problem with the cap is it suppresses salaries supposedly for "competitive balance". And all these sports put them in when there was a big market/small market issue. That's less of a problem than ever.It doesn't do anything for competitive balance. It's really only acts as a drag on salaries.If a team is that bad $ wise, move. Gary Bettman is all set to have another work stoppage because....he needed to keep an unsupported franchise in Arizona? Otherwise we are to believe fiscally smart guys (spare lucky sperm club guys like Robert Wood Johnson III) are too dumb to be trusted with their own checkbooks. Told this before, but a neighbor grew up in Philly and is a huge Iggles fan. The worst part of this is now fans are encouraged to pretend there is some trophy awarded for cap management(call it the Anti Billy King Trophy , perhaps). Guy is always crowing about the genius of the Iggles, who thus far have won nothing since Chuck Bednarik was on their roster. Now contracts and team finances are always going to be a story. But there are days on talk radio that it consists of talking heads breaking down the cap and contracts and when this guy's contract is up. It's the worst possible thing you can imagine.If I ran a talk radio station and anyone did that they would be fired before the next commercial (not sure how Screaming A Smith has a job, but I digress, ESPN will not fire him ever so he can do exactly that daily.) And as if the games aren't bad enough with the NBA it has overtaken the games themselves. That is not good for any sport.
  8. The attendance numbers outside of the big city teams are fantasyland nonsense. And the national TV ratings spare the last few rounds of the playoffs are in the toilet.Sure the Celtics, Knicks, Lakers, Bulls, Cavs and Warriors have solid local TV numbers. But the rest are garbage. The Nets have perhaps the nicest arena in the league, surrounded by some great restaurants and bars on top of a public transit hub and they cannot draw flies. When you add in the salary cap nonsense letting you know that a good team is years off, the economic model is broken.
  9. Having been there in person (the year the picked Sanchez) and watched on TV almost every other time, nothing really happens. Will watch the Rangers, and look over between periods. Watching 3 hours of nothingness during which the jets will again pick a DB, no thanks.
  10. There's only so much hockey airtime if they aren't airing NHL games. I understand they look to soccer as a long term investment and think that is sensible. But by the same token the NBA is garbage in the ratings until they get to the conference finals, most of which moves to ABC (Same company anyway). A nothing boxing match on CBS had a bigger rating than a Warriors game on ABC a few weeks back. They have so much money tied up in the NBA they are running WNBA awfulness to keep the NBA happy. The real bloodbath is the next negotiation for rights fees spare the NFL. Because the NBA and MLB are getting serious haircuts.
  11. Think Lundqvist at 35 knows there are not gonna be many more chances to get this close. He has played as well as any goalie could play.
  12. Need to close these scumbags out tonight and hope OTT/BOS goes 7 double OT games. L G R
  13. Think it's funny that prior to PSLs, the stadium was sold out every game, every seat was filled, there was no NY Jets ticket ads nor even a marketing department, and the ticket office consisted of mailing tickets out and depositing checks and taking credit card orders. Only interaction with the ticket office as the one time the Jets Rube Goldberged into a home playoff game and we had to pay and pick up the tickets on game day. Now there are ads on TV and radio. As an ex-STH I get phone solicitations at least once a month. When I have attended looks like more than half of those precious luxury boxes are empty, and there are vast swaths of empty seats. It's no surprise the on field product sucks, the owner is a greedy moron.
  14. It looks bad for an NFL team to fire a GM off only 3 seasons after canning Idzik after 2. Makes the Jets look like fools, which is accurate. But coaches are way easier to fire. And Bowles looks incompetent. That gets you fired and nobody blinks.