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  1. Think in these terms; Francesa became a media star before the internet really took off. He still gets what information he knows form a few insiders who throw him a bone(as below) and whatever media he and his staff reads. But he himself is no genius. His takes on football and baseball are warmed over conventional wisdom. May be he still has some connections with college hoops, but sounds mostly like him kissing asses. He knows nothing about hockey and views soccer with contempt, both of which are really disgraceful for a sports radio host(digression; at some point soon soccer is moving up, whether the MLS gets serious or a Euro league moves teams here; MLS draws decent, friendlies here sell out, EPL is doing solid TV business, and MLB is BORING AND SLOW). And when they began TV broadcasts of his show appeared that the local papers were open and on his desk. Now he has a computer screen too. NOBODY watches all the game he pretends to watch. The guy has a gaggle of kids in LI; he is not planting himself in a den watching every game every day all night. It's physically impossible and his 2nd wife would be screaming HALF, MIKE! if he was that big a dick. He will always appeal to some mostly older NY sports fans who have FAN on all day. But his act is old tired BS. If you have a working modem you can access what ever data he has too and probably more.The last story he broke was the Rangers firing Tortarella and he only got that because he is friends with Dolan, not because he is some great reporter. But if you are him, why not keep letting them overpay you for this ongoing fraud?
  2. "Amazing Journey" is the first track in the first part. Don't think of the Who as metal, but here is right there. The best rhythm section ever period.
  3. Class?c'mon coach!
  4. "Roadies" has gotten better every week. Different angle on the music business that "Vinyl". Doesn't pretend everyone is a complete devil nor a saint. Ron White/PHil's Skynrd flashback story was one of the most fun things you'll see within a series; kinda what "Vinyl" should have been doing. And a subplot of David Spade as a superstar of a cable show called "Dead Sex". "Sex and Drugs and Rock N Roll" is nice half hour of giggles. Do the networks have to put all the good stuff on Sunday night?
  5. Question is does Stone have a recording of his interactions with the stepdad? Not surprisingly the lawyers did a lot of things that would not be allowed in a trial. To ask a witness about the absence of a confession or not pleading guilty would get a judge to practically tackle you and end your examination of a witness. You have the 5th Amendment right to say nothing and hold the people to their burden of proof, or you can testify in your defense. But saying you didn't confess or plead guilty as proof of innocence IS NOT ALLOWED EVER. Hollywood!
  6. The best reason for the Pats to be pissed off. Is the punishment standard if you smack the woman around dependent on whether there is video footage?
  7. Took in 3 shows this week- Black Sabbath at Jones Beach-a really tight band. Geezer and Iommi are great, the sub drummer is outstanding.Suspect the band is not heartbroken old and not well Bill Ward is gone. Ozzy is Ozzy. Heck, he's better than David Lee Roth by a bunch. And he has a sense of humor and he loves what he is doing. If you go back to the 70s, and you would not expect the Prince of Darkness to say "God bless you" 45 times a night and thank the audience profusely. A fun night.But an older and more mellow crowd than I expected. Zac Brown Band, Citifield- great show, tight band. Not a lot of bands, in addition to an excellent collection of country and party tunes, can cover The Who, Frank Sinatra, Van Morrison and John Mellencamp. In a way Brown is being held back for mainstream superstardom because he's so hard to fit in a box. To the idiots that run the Mets-if you sell out a concert hire more than 5 ticket takers, sheetheels. Absolutely insane that a good chunk of the audience weren't able to get in for the start only because this stadium is run so cheaply. Miranda Lambert and Kenny Chesney, Metlife-were busy partying did not see Old Dominion nor Sam Hunt. Solid show. Both seem a little too polished. Without looking at setlist.com would bet they both run through the same songs in exact order the whole tour. For all his talent, Chesney is a very odd duck. Lambert has that crazy girl eye thing going on. Proof that no matter how hot the woman,there is some guy some where who has had enough of her BS.
  8. He's here until the last cut in hopes some team takes a flyer on him for a 5, 6 or 7.
  9. Not naming names, it was a few years back. Seen a lot of people in all walks of life lose their s___t and think, suddenly, why not empty my IRA or 401K even if I'm not 59.5 years old because I'm a good guy and it's my money. UHHHHH...
  10. Fair point. But what else happens is these guys are all super competitive about everything or they never get to be pro athletes. Have a retired cop friend who worked for one of the local NHL franchises. And once these guys get to the pros they all try to out impress each other-cars, clothes, houses, travel, dumb jewelry. So when the gravy train stops, it's a sudden jolt in lifestyle. Let;s put it this way; Henrik Lunqvist's backup tries to live like he has Lundqvist's money because I'M A PRO TOO.Not defending the stupidity of that as much as explaining it. There are also some exceptions. Bart Scott is a damn sharp guy. But check this out- http://www.foxsports.com/nba/story/adrian-dantley-working-as-crossing-guard-031713
  11. Would make a fair bet most NFL players outside the superstars have to work a real job after they retire. Some because they spent their money stupidly. But also because a 30 something guy being a layabout for the last 3/4s of his life is a dumb way to live. My brother for a time worked with such a guy, who had a relatively long but not superstar career. And found himself having to work once the gravy train ended.
  12. Having represented a few people in disciplinary proceedings under union/management work rules, I'm aware of all that. Also aware of employers looking at the source and nature of allegations of misnconduct and dismissing them out of hand. So if a bum loser outfit like Al Jazzeera makes unfounded accusations, in fact accusations their own source now discredits, to your employer, said employer is not obliged to think the worst of you and entertain the nonsense. Al Jazzeera, in addition to working with/for terrorists, is hellbent on trying to stay viable, so they tied to make a splash with these accusations. If they can make a major American institution like the NFL look bad, even better from their sick perspective. Not living under a rock; even at the high school level no secret some players are using PEDs. Simply have a real problem with how this came about, especially since the very shaky source guy has now repudiated it.
  13. Simple question-if all thins angers you so, why do you watch? Personally as the dad of kid who has a shot at a Div2 football scholarship, I'm really cool with the free college education thing. My problem philosophically is salary caps are designed to be a drag on salaries, nothing more. No other entertainment concerns spare pro sports does this to their talent. And you get fans acting like salary caps are somehow sacred and wonderful and help competitive balance-all of which are total and complete BS. Have a friend who is Iggles fan, and that fan base for a very long time was brainwashed that there was some trophy for cap management. We know the Broncos and Niners won Super Bowls while violating the cap and...nothing happened to them. Doubt they are alone; nothing stopping any team for lining up marketing opportunities, side gigs, post retirement jobs and probably much more. We are to believe that otherwise successful business people or rich people become idiots with their checkbooks when face with the decision to pay or sign a player. The only set of books we have seen is the Packers, and they're printing money. May be the Jags are not making that much money. But we know with the TV contracts alone, every NFL team is successful without ever selling Ticket#1 such that live gates and other revenues are complete gravy. Have a hard time rooting for The Bank in Monopoly, nor in real life.
  14. Players have their salaries capped and nonguaranteed, have awful post-career health care and pension plans, and the draft tells them who they can play with and where. They can be cut and left with nothing on a moment's notice.The average career, even if you stick to a roster, is 3 years. The practice squad is basically a complete scam. Granted it pays very well, and some of these guys are in fact thugs. But never understand why some fans almost root for management. Because the owners give even less a sheet about fans spare their money.