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  1. So they're making ANOTHER SEQUEL to a crappy movie? WHY?ANY ORIGINAL IDEAS? No wonder the Rodgers family hates her.
  2. Oh, the candle power in those meetings. Think splitting a box of M&Ms rather badly rather than the atom. Perhaps we don't want Bowles to have any free time. Would probably punt on 2nd down habitually.
  3. Math, which is hard, and sadly not usually performed at Florham Park except as to how many STH have given up PSLs. 34 going on 35, NO.
  4. Picking a guard....jesus h freaking christ on a pony.We KNOW it will be a nonphysical safety who cannot cover a rock with a piece of paper and has a bad injury history.
  5. Agree. OT, or RB or if they think he's The Man, QB(though with this crack scouting staff off the Hack debacle, we KNOW they will pick a DB with a bad injury history no matter what we say, but I digress). Looking at this weekend's outcomes, I see a trend; defense-it's overrated. The Pats and Packers defenses are nothing special. If you score points when it matter that wins games. We have coaches that lives in a fantasyland where games get won 13-10. Spare the KC/Pitt game, which had a brutally cold weather situation, that is not the case at all so far in the playoffs. Even the best of defenses fail several times every game. Every season this franchise spends top dollar in free agency and high draft picks (and HCs, but I repeat myself; oh, you are #3 against the run but cannot stop the Pats from marching up and down the field like your the homecoming patsy, how adorable, nobody gives a flying fvkc) on defense, while patching the offense together with duct tape and bubble gum. That has to start being reversed NOW. Would be concerned that any LT being compared to Turnstile Flowers should not be picked.
  6. Remember that being a COLD day, like 5 degrees and windy as hell.
  7. I would look to get someone like Moorehead with the understanding when they fire the idiot in about 50 weeks (or sooner) he is the next HC. Because otherwise no sensible person is taking the OC job to be looking for work when Bowles inevitably gets canned.
  8. Prescott had a great game, simply ran into an all time great opponent. Shocked he could do all this without a year as an NFL redshirt. Good to have an OL and a running game, but sometimes you simply have to put a player out there and see what he can do. This is apparently lost on the big brain crew out at Florham Park.
  9. Looks again as if he found out there was a game clock and timeouts about 5 minutes before kickoff. Frankly it's amazing he is still employed when this is not that hard to fix. Good coaches obsess over calling plays. Great coaches call a football game-situation, field position, down, distance, score, clock, personnel packages, mismatches. Reid can call plays , but will never be a great coach. He isn't getting it, ever, going on 3 decades as an NFL coach.
  10. As long as they don't hire John Idzik to make the picks, looks like a great situation for the Browns.
  11. May be getting that playoff check every year on top of you salary is money you don't want or need. Also, working with a great QB is not a real challenge.
  12. Andy Reid, wasting timeouts, it's what he does.
  13. Doug Jolley is as I type this emptying a dumpster at a Van Nuys Wallgreens on his evening shift for Waste Management.
  14. We may be down to making sure Briles doesn't also have a meth problem. Morehead is a guy on the rise; he is only coming here if he's promised the top job.
  15. Good for you! Wow! What a stat! Did you use google to figure that out?