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  1. There's always the option of trading back into the bottom of the first round if they like him in the late first range (as your research suggests).
  2. Center and LT are arguably the two most important positions on the OL. Shell panning out would be huge on a couple levels for the Jets. First, they need the help on the OL. Second, and perhaps more importantly, it would make Maccagnan's trade well worthwhile. I'd like to have more confidence in our GM. But that still leaves those two most important positions as question marks. I don't think any LT prospect is going to be worth the #6 overall come April, unfortunately. I think they need to make a free agent splash here somewhere, maybe center? I don't know what's going to be available. Finding a mauler in the run game on the market, then drafting a guy like Fournette wouldn't be the worst move for this team. I certainly don't consider the OL to be a strength of the team, but I'll take the OP's point and say that at least it doesn't look like a black hole.
  3. If you don't wanna like Glennon, that's fine. But bitching that he's no Taylor? Geez.
  4. This is the first question every OC candidate they manage to get on the phone is asking. I hope they have a plausible answer.
  5. O'Brien is probably too close to Belichick to ever work for the Jets.
  6. As unpopular as it would be, and as counter-intuitive that it is, this really isn't a bad idea. None of these guys ever enter the final season of their deals, so this year is shaping up as a "show me" season - which is bad news for the Jets' long term. Adding a year gives them one more to build thru the draft and develop the young players on the team, and then do the "show me" a year later. It would also make the OC opening a lot more attractive than the completely undesirable position it is today. And if they really crap the bed again, you fire them at the end of the season anyway at the cost of one more year's salary, but with a young team and a lot of cap money in reserve for the next regime.
  7. The problem is the long odds against having any success running the Jets offense. No QB, an OL in disrepair, a defense that can't get a turnover - or off the field in general. If the head coach gets fired during the season, it probably means his OC of choice isn't doing too well, either. This is similar to the GM search when Rex was part of the package. Same half-assed crap. Why would you give up a solid, steady position coach job to take over such a struggling offense, and very possibly (if not likely) being fired after one season? Is developing Hackenberg a requirement? Is Maccagnan promising to sign a free agent QB? Or to trade up and take one? I don't think Mac is even involved in these interviews. It's a terrible situation.
  8. They are the only options if you would consider any finish better than worst in the league to be a Bowles miracle.
  9. This is really the only way the Jets will get a candidate of any quality; if the man comes in here determined to undermine Bowles and take his job.
  10. This would be a lot like when my wife asked me for a divorce. It would sting at first but, in the long run, I'd be a lot better off.
  11. And for ASJ, it's all on him. The Jets don't have the leadership in the locker room or on the coaching staff to make that difference with him. He has to want it for himself. Barring a stupid alcohol-related brush with the law, I'd give him every chance to get his crap together.
  12. This is a very valid point, but the flip side is that going into the season with Quincy Enunwa as your #1 WR, you're basically conceding the season before it starts. I'd keep one of them, and for me it would be Marshall. For all the man's faults, he's going to command genuine #1 WR attention, giving the kids more of a chance to succeed. Petty throwing to Enunwa and Anderson? If the #1 pick in 2018 is the goal, that's a good strategy.
  13. This is what I was gonna say. The locals are well used to never attending an NFL game, they're not gonna be so quick to start going every week. The Raiders will be the big winners in this game of musical stadiums. They may struggle to develop a home field advantage, but they'll be sold out every week with their opponents' fans making Vegas their #1 road trip priority. Hell, I don't gamble, but I'd use the Jets as an excuse to see the city and an Elvis impersonator or two. And I could probably put together a party of 6-8 without even trying.
  14. Unrelated, everyone in prison is innocent.