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  1. That's why you always meet in a public place. If four guys show up asking if that's you at Starbucks, you know something's up and don't go back to their place.
  2. Patriots are gonna suck once they seat their third string rookie QB and go back to the old guy. The pig is beyond ready to become bacon, ham, and pork rinds.
  3. Relax Bill Nye, I was just making a joke.
  4. By that logic, an MLB roster should have 530 players.
  5. You didn't dispute anything I said, you just made some weak, empty excuses. Fitz needs to beat good teams, and do it with some consistency. If he could've gotten the team into the endzone with seven downs in the red zone, you wouldn't have Folk to blame. He's got to step up. That's what good QBs do.
  6. The fact is that without any scientific data at all it was obvious that Tom Brady conspired with his equipment managers to deflate footballs. They have text messages with one of them being nicknamed, "The Deflator," for fvcks sake. We know that Brady and those guys sent a million text messages in the days following the revelation that the deflated balls were being investigated. Of course, we don't have all the texts because coincidentally that was also the week that Tom Brady had originally planned to replace his phone and destroy his old one with a bazooka. Oh, and there's video of good ol' Tom expressing his preference for deflated footballs. Cheata, please...
  7. The biggest knock on Fitz is that he doesn't beat good teams. He wins the games he should which, admittedly, is a major step up for the Jets, but he doesn't beat the good teams. So far this year, he's 0-1 against potential playoff teams, and offensive player of the week against a team that appears headed for a top five draft pick. He's not here on a one year deal for moral victories. He's surrounded by a good team. He has to beat good teams, and do it consistently.
  8. Geno and Fitz' contracts both expire next year, with Fitz costing $5M against the 2017 cap. Maybe if Fitz is completely lights out, they can extend him during the season and lessen that cap charge, but I don't know. I don't think so. Once the Jets made the decision to bring Fitz back at his stupid contract, and Petty played adequately in the preseason, Geno should've been let go. Petty should be getting the #2 reps right now, and Hack should be running the scout team so they can better evaluate both of them. Having not done what I thought was the only logical thing to do, it makes it harder for me to predict what they'll do in the future. But I'll try... Fitz comes back next year only if he finishes strong and the Jets make the playoffs. Or they really feel like Petty and Hack haven't improved nearly enough. If they think one or both of the kids is ready to compete for the starting job, they bring in another, less expensive, vet to compete. If they don't think that, they could give up on Petty and take another QB anywhere in the first four rounds. But again, this is why I think it's a mistake to have Geno on the roster right now. They should be forming their future QB decisions in practice today, with as much information as they can gather. Hate to see this four QB nonsense again.
  9. You want time off, too?
  10. It's nice, but it's no defensive rookie of the month award.
  11. Lol, direct from the Frank Luntz school of language: don't say "cheat," say "gain a competitive advantage." Lot of extra syllables there in order to circumvent the truth.
  12. Plenty of other places to talk about Kaepernick.
  13. Having some sort of pitch count on the soon-to-be 31 year old Matt Forte is just smart business. They have a good back in Powell backing him up, good enough that when he was hurt last year people pointed to his loss being the reason the Jets lost games. There's not going to be a lot of drop off in play if he's out there a third of the time. And if this team really thinks they're a playoff team, they're gonna need Forte at full speed in December when the QBs limitations come more into play.