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  1. If this is a starter's contract, sign me up. Texans sign Ryan Fitzpatrick Mar 21, 2014 Ed WerderESPN NFL Insider Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email print comment In a transaction that appears to make Matt Schaub more expendable, the Houston Texans have signed quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick to a two-year contract, the team announced Thursday. The deal is worth $7.25 million and includes $4 million in guaranteed money, a league source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Caplan. A former starter with the Buffalo Bills, Fitzpatrick spent last season with the Tennessee Titans as the replacement for Jake Locker when he was injured, starting nine games and going 217 of 350 for 2,454 yards with 14 touchdown passes and 12 interceptions. Fitzpatrick, who signed a two-year contract with the Titans last March, was released last week when Tennessee signed Charlie Whitehurst. Fitzpatrick, 31, has thrown for 16,790 yards, 106 touchdowns and 93 interceptions in 85 career games. Schaub struggled for the Texans last season, throwing 14 interceptions before losing his starting job to Case Keenum.
  2. Fitzpatrick was acquired before they traded Schaub, so he signed -at best- to compete for a starting job. Then he beat out the likes of Case Keenum, T.J. Yates, and Tom Savage. Mallet got up to speed, and sat Fitz back down. Then traded him for a conditional 7th rounder. Quite the story.
  3. Lol, no he doesn't. He finds work as a backup, the starter gets hurt, and then he starts. On the six teams he's played for, only one (up 'til now) has ever given him a contract to be a starter.
  4. Okay, so then I hope you'll indulge me when I suggest that teams that win more games than they lose are more likely to score more than 20 points a game, and that, therefore, your argument and mine are intertwined. Fitz' success has come against very weak competition the last two years. This schedule -on paper- looks like one of the hardest ones in the league. May not shake out that way, but it's highly unlikely to be one of the easiest in the league again. And should the Jets somehow make the playoffs, they won't be playing losing teams in the postseason, either. Or rather, teams that will be easy to keep below the 20 point threshold.
  5. We're talking here about a QB who has started games for six other teams, five of which saw enough and sought to upgrade him ASAP. Even the Jets, with an offer on the table, have already drafted what they hope is his sooner rather than later replacement. Have to see how the Texans fare with Osweiler before I determine whether or not they made a mistake.
  6. For Mac, Fitz serves as the mentor for his hand-selected second round pick. For obvious reasons, the Jets prefer Fitz in a mentoring role. For Bowles, continuity is key. For both of them, it's the absolute safe play. If the team goes 7-9 with Geno as the starter, a large portion of the fan base will lose their crap over how it was all Geno's fault, and how they would've made the playoffs if Fitz was the starter. Same fans will shrug if the team goes 6-10 behind Fitz, fully believing that the team really did do all they could at the QB position to win this season. And this is probably the most important reason for both of them. Unfortunately, they have to think about their own job security and how it relates to fan backlash.
  7. His last two seasons have been his best statistically, and have also come against remarkably easy schedules. Fitz fans want to see a QB who has turned the corner after bouncing around a quarter of the league, detractors see a guy who put up decent numbers against weak teams. In no way, shape, or form am I calling this the ultimate analysis, just trying to give some context to not one, but two seasons in a row against surprisingly easy schedules. Two years in a row where he put up decent numbers, but won against bad teams and generally lost to good ones. In the Texans' case, two of their three wins against teams with winning records came when Fitz was out of the lineup. Despite the fact that he was actually having his best season ever, his coach benched him before trading him for a conditional 7th rounder. And some people here think 3/$24M is an unfair offer to this guy.
  8. How much better? Because all those other guys are under contract, and Fitz is balking at $15M guaranteed. I'm not sure that Fitz will get us any additional wins over what Geno can produce, and I strongly doubt he can win $15M worth more. Overall, I'd think Fitz would plow thru the bottom of the schedule, while Geno would screw up a couple easy games and surprise by winning a couple of the tougher ones.
  9. Actually, I don't think that everyone knew that Fitz faced an even easier schedule with the Texans than he did last year with the Jets - which last year was the easiest schedule in the league. Or that the teams he beat that year collectively lost more than 75% of their games. The rest of that post, holy mackerel, I just don't know. Let's sign Fitz because we don't have to worry about being optimistic, especially if it's for less than Chad Pennington got. That's quite the battle cry.
  10. Quite a few say that Fitzpatrick is the team's best and/or only chance at the playoffs. And then they say once you get there, anything can happen.
  11. Again, I've said from the start that Fitzpatrick's value is in his professional approach to the game, and his value as a mentor to the kids. I think the 3/$24M offer is high for those purposes, but I'll shrug my shoulders if that's the agreement they come to. I'll be extremely disappointed if they cave to a one year deal, though. And Fitz will ultimately be disappointed to, even if he doesn't realize it, because this season he's not getting the luxury of playing a bunch of patsies like he's gotten to the last two. He'll never see that much money again if he doesn't take it now.
  12. This is a thread about Ryan Fitzpatrick. I don't expect Geno to be on the team beyond this season, and won't miss him when he's gone. Also, those people and their feelings really want Hackenberg to be ready to go by 2017.
  13. Decided to make this its own thread. I came up with these numbers very simply, giving Fitz won/loss credit for the games he appeared in with the Texans in 2014 vs. the ones he didn't. Feel free to parse it further. We've spoken a lot about the Jets easy schedule last year, and that's been countered with how well Fitzpatrick performed the year before with the Texans - when he faced an even easier schedule! He was 6-6 against a .437 winning percentage schedule. Teams he actually beat? A winning percentage of .240. Ironically, the only team he beat that year who had a winning record were the 9-7 Buffalo Bills. The Texans overall were 9-7 that year, going 3-1 without Fitz in the lineup, beating the 10-5-1 Bengals, and the 10-6 Ravens along the way. This guy beats bottom feeders. It's what he does. He takes what he's given, and nothing more. I understand hating Geno, but the idea that Fitzpatrick is potentially a postseason/championship QB is ridiculous.
  14. Crusher had already forwarded me that one. Do you have another?