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  1. Yes, let's double-dip at QB in a weak QB draft. That'll certainly hold my interest.
  2. This year's first and next year's first. Done.
  3. An announcement that they've traded back from #6 would be the start of a good draft for me. I'd be content if they traded out of the first altogether for a package that included a first next year.
  4. Yeah, but it'll never happen. It's all about TV revenue. I miss those draft parties on a Saturday in the city, watching the first three rounds. So much better.
  5. Clevelend trading with the Jets here always seemed odd. You'd think Cleveland would want to get ahead of the Jets if they love Trubisky.
  6. I'm really not advocating for the RB here. My first preference is to trade down. If that's impossible, I'd probably be looking towards the top pass rusher on my board at that point. Because while I'm a big proponent of the BAP philosophy, I definitely feel that positional value has to be taken into account. So a safety or a RB would really, really have to be head and shoulders above the QB, Edge, LT, WR that I'd prefer to take #6 overall. Unfortunately, in this draft, that could be the case. The Jets' best hope is that someone wants to trade into their spot for a QB or loves that safety or RB enough to make that move. This draft seems thin up top, but deep. It's the kind of draft where you want more picks, not less. I'm sure the vast number of GMs see it that way. I think a trade is gonna be tough to get. Mac couldn't get it done last year with Leonard Williams sitting there. I expect them to be taking a player when they're on the clock.
  7. QB is a different animal, obviously. We're talking about choosing between a RB, S, or TE here for the most part. I wouldn't let the potential length of the RB's career get in the way of drafting him if I thought he was the best available player.
  8. The draft pick is about the first five years of the player's career, after that you're paying free agent prices. If they think a RB is a once in a generation type of talent, I have no problem taking him, franchising him a couple years, and getting a comp pick out of him as he approaches 30.
  9. Is Hackenberg gonna switch his number to #14? I hope so! That's really been a winner for Jets' QBs over the years.
  10. Maccagnan has behaved this offseason like a guy who doesn't seemed worried about his job security. Just sayin'.
  11. I think they start 0-3, then Jax and Cleveland give them false hope before they lose their remaining 11 games.
  12. Love to see a compromise that makes this work. Many of the players they might take at #6 will still be there at #12. They should threaten Cleveland with taking Trubisky themselves if they play hardball.
  13. Rest assured, I don't disagree with any of this.
  14. I know you hated the Hackenberg pick, and I suspect that has an effect on your view of Watson, but that arm strength is a major concern. If it is, indeed, just one radar gun reading, then he and his trainers and agent should've done everything they could've done to get a better one out there. They haven't done that.
  15. The interceptions and arm strength go hand in hand. Passes he was able to slip past college defenders will often not make it past pro defenders.