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  1. Lol. I continue to not agree with a word you type.
  2. Listen, I'd cut Geno, name Petty the #2, and see how he responds to the responsibility. He's passed my amateur eyeball test. But Bowles always says the film will tell the story, and he could be looking at a lot of things you and I aren't seeing.
  3. Idzik will never, ever again be a GM because he completely and totally sucks at it. Wish he was here for Fitz, though, because he would've been way too cheap to give him that stupid $12M contract.
  4. None of Geno, Bohannon, or McDougal should feel safe. Geno's in a numbers game, Bohannon plays an antiquated position, and McDougal is up against every other cut at CB.
  5. If they keep Geno, and either go with four QBs or cut Petty, they're committing to him as the primary backup. Wavering between the two ends with the final cut downs.
  6. Jets defense has had trouble getting off the field the first couple games. If that continues, Fitzpatrick into the third quarter - depending on how well he's doing. I think Geno and Petty's time on the field will be telling after that. If Geno plays the rest of the game, they may've already made the decision that he's the #2. If Petty gets similar playing time, that would lend more credence to it still possibly being a battle. Dont expect to see Hackenberg until the last preseason game - if then.
  7. Being able to fill the spot in house would obviously be the best possible outcome.
  8. Yeah, here's an example of an appropriate analogy.
  9. I'd expect the #3 to run the scout team while the #2 focuses on the gameplan for that week. Because yes, he needs to be ready to play. Which is why, developmental-wise, it's more beneficial to be the #2. The #2 learns your offense while the #3 mimics your opponents' offenses.
  10. Personally, I think resigning Fitz is part of the chickensh!t approach that you're outlining. Again, comparing to Denver who brought him in, possibly offered him $7M for one year, and then let him walk out. Clearly Denver is taking a much more bold approach. I don't think the Jets make the playoffs if Fitz stays healthy.
  11. That's Denver. Bowles handed the starting job to a mediocre -at best- journeyman, and has had his other veteran QB solidly in the #2 position for all of the preseason. I'm not agreeing with what Bowles seems to be doing, I'm simply observing it. It looks to me like carrying four QBs is the way they're heavily leaning. That could potentially change with a Geno implosion against the jints coupled with strong performances by Petty, but that's not where I see the battle for the #2 job right this second.
  12. I hope you're right. I think at best, though, that it's his job to lose at this point - whether we like that or not. Thats certainly not to say that he's not incapable or losing it. Lol.
  13. I think it should be pretty clear in the post that you quoted that I agree with you. Just trying to discuss what I believe the coaching staff's mindset might be.
  14. This and @PepPep's post that it's in response to both make great points. I think if they hold onto Geno, it's the final evidence that they view this as a win now team, a position I don't particularly share. Bowles is from the Bill Parcells line of thinking, and Parcells always leaned heavily on his veterans, his favorites. Amongst his quotes was, paraphrased, that you lose one game for every rookie you have starting. Geno is an experienced veteran at this point. He was pencilled in as his starter before he got his jaw broken. Gailey was very high on him. It should really come as no surprise that if they lose Fitz for any amount of time, the coaching staff believes Geno gives them the best chance to win in the interim. But like I said, I'm not in the win now camp, and I think the extra roster spot for a developmental/special teamer and the extra reps for Petty is more important for the team long term than believing Geno gives the team a better chance of getting to the post season than Petty does. I no longer think Petty would clear waivers if he's cut. There's no sneaking him onto the practice squad. If they still believe in his potential when they traded up a spot in the fourth round to secure him -and he looks much improved over last preseason- they either have to cut/trade Geno, or carry four QBs. I'd lose Geno, give Petty more responsibility and see how he responds.
  15. This sounds like he's pretty much decided that Geno is his backup. Which is unfortunate.