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  1. Thanks for the breakdown. Too bad nobody wants Fitz.
  2. If he signs anywhere, for anything, it's probably worth a 3rd or 4th based on the number of free agents they signed vs. lost. Fitz would just add to the totals. Snacks and Ivory would be netting the picks. And more importantly, of no one else is offering more than the Jets, why should the Jets offer more than the Jets?
  3. The Weekly World News laughs at the Bleacher Report's credibility.
  4. A good watch fellas

    How are you, Henry? I know I'm hoping for the best. I'm not denying it. Hoping Maccagnan is smarter than everyone else, and willing to see it play out before I crap all over it.
  5. Marshall and Gailey are under contract, Fitz would cost the team $7-8M (or more) in cap space and a potential 2017 comp pick if anyone else was willing to sign him. The Jets currently don't have enough money to sign their draft picks, one of which they'd like to see starting at QB by next season. My thing is that I don't think Geno would be terrible under the team's current circumstances, certainly not much (if any) worse than Fitz. And even if he is, I don't care all that much because I expect both of them to be off the team by next year - even if Fitz is brought back. So comp picks the next two years, $7-8M+ in cap savings. That's fine with me.
  6. I like Fitz better than I like Geno, too. I just don't know if I like him $7-8 (or more) million plus a comp pick or two more.
  7. Yeah, fair comparison. A couple draft prospects vs. an 11 year NFL veteran. Yup, I'd say teams know just about as much about how Fitzpatrick may fair as a pro as Paxton Lynch or Jeff Driskel.
  8. Also on the comp pick thing, the Jets could get another one next year if one of the other 31 NFL teams had any interest in adding the 4000 yard, 31 TD superstar that is Ryan Fitzpatrick. How is it that not a single one of them sees the Fitzmagic?
  9. Exactly no one is saying the bold, but I recognize your need to introduce a strawman to help bolster your argument. Gailey has gotten career years out of guys like Fitz, Kordell, and Thigpen; it's really not out of the question that he could get a lot out of Geno with this supporting cast. I wouldn't expect the Jets to have any interest in resigning Geno unless he has some kind of Drew Brees renaissance being that they've drafted two QBs of their own over the last two years. I just think it's highly questionable that Fitz would play so much better than Geno that's it's worth $7-8M (or more, if some had their wish) against the cap, plus a mid-round comp pick in 2018. Especially given that the Jets don't even have enough money to sign their draft picks right now.
  10. Man, I remember all the talk about the two guards in that draft like it was yesterday. One isn't with the team that drafted him anymore, and neither was worth their option price. Shocking.
  11. Ryan Fitzpatrick: MERGED

    Lol. There's absolutely no reason for the Jets to up their offer, and every reason to lower it. The only other team who showed even the slightest interest in Fitz on the open market just also happens to be the team that did draft Lynch. And for all his faults, it could be argued that Hackenberg is closer to being an NFL starter than Lynch is right now, anyway. Fitz's only leverage is if the Jets don't pay him what he wants, he'll retire. The Jets appear completely willing to call that bluff. Remember back when we had to sign him during the team's five game winning streak last year because someone was gonna swoop in and steal him away from us in free agency? Good times. Slowest swoop ever.
  12. Fitzpatrick owes his fat bank account and franchise record stats last year to Chan Gailey's QB friendly system. The entire league understands this, which is why he's still a free agent. Fitz's numbers last year are best represented by the phrase, "lies, damned lies, and statistics." Gailey has a history of getting a lot out of lesser QBs, players like Fitz, Kordell Stewart, Tyler Thigpen. It wouldn't surprise me at all if Geno had his best year as a pro starting this year. In fact, I'd expect it. Geno has more physical talent than any of those guys. The Jets don't want Fitz starting for more than one year, anyway. Why not save that money and get a decent comp pick back in 2018 to boot (unless Geno shocks the world and the Jets resign him)? Spending a lot of money for one tough, likely non-playoff year would be short sighted. And this mentoring thing is WAY overrated. Fitz isn't looking to mentor anyone, he's looking to start and get paid accordingly.
  13. There's no money now to pay Fitz. So that money will have to come from restructures of other deals on the books that will push his salary forward into future years. And for what? A win or two? Maybe a .500 season? Very short-sighted reasoning. Rather save the money, and get a comp pick in 2018.
  14. I don't think there's a big difference in the number of wins the team will get this year between starting Geno or Fitz. I just don't. Fitz was carried by his supporting cast more than he lifted the team. Geno would get most of them back (maybe an upgrade at RB), along with getting Amaro back, and having the arm to get something out of Devin Smith (who's a complete waste with Fitz under center). I also don't think that Fitz is needed here to mentor Hack and Petty. That's what we have a QB coach and offensive coordinator for. There's a lot of upside to this plan, even if there's a short term drop off in wins. First, the team saves $7-10-whatever it takes million against the cap. Second, Geno gets to play in Gaileys system, with these weapons, and maybe demonstrates some real improvement in his fourth year in the league. It wouldn't be the first time such a thing happened. If he either played well enough for the Jets to want to retain him, or well enough to get a big contract from someone else (netting a high comp pick) it's a major positive for the franchise. Everyone, even -I think- Fitz' biggest supporters, recognize that the Jets want to move on from Fitz ASAP. Geno has a better chance (however slim) of being the Jets long term solution at QB only because Fitz has no chance of being their long term solution. None. Save a huge chunk of cap space and (most likely) get a decent comp pick in two years in exchange for a win or two in a year where I don't expect to legitimately compete for a post season berth anyway? Doesn't sound like a terrible plan to me.
  15. This is not a plan, this is merely an opinion. If you'd like to develop it into an actual, full-fledged plan you'll need to explain what you're going to be paying Fitzpatrick and where that money's gonna come from.