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  1. You Take a Knee and go to OT

    I expected them to take the game to OT, but I like the aggressive move from the coach. The Jets just don't have a QB who could execute it.
  2. It tells me what they believe, but they won't know until they give him some real live action. Bottom line, playing McCown does nothing for the future of this team, but playing Petty (or Hack) at least might.
  3. Potentially, it does. They should evaluate him in real game action to determine where they believe he's at. Is he a quality back-up? A serviceable bridge to a rookie? Or is he useless? I don't expect him the be the answer at QB, but they need to know if they need to bring in another McCown type in addition to a rookie (if that's the route they choose to take), or if Petty (or Hack, for that matter) can fill that role.
  4. Life isn't fair. And I'm not convinced that McCown outplayed anyone. I lean more towards Bowles just wants a veteran at QB. In a season where I never had playoff hopes, I'd much rather be doing some work towards next year. Some players perform better live than in practice, and vice versa. Many players get better when they play in real games. Trotting out the 38-year-old does little to nothing for this team now or in the future.
  5. This is the boat I'm in. 100%. I'd much rather watch the young QBs make bad decisions and/or bad throws than McCown. And I'm not convinced that one or both couldn't be better than McCown, either.
  6. I don't think so. I think these young QBs come into the league with limited skills running these gimmick offenses, and NFL coaches are getting smarter and breaking in these young QBs with a lot of concepts that they're comfortable doing. But ultimately, learning to be a pocket passer will give them a longer and better career. Injury concerns aside, NFL coaches want a QB who can utilize the entire field, not just half of it. So I think we'll see a lot of it with younger QBs, but QBs who get to their second contract as a starter will much more likely have developed into a traditional thrower.
  7. Many, many things the Jets should've done at the QB position in recent years, retaining Mark Sanchez isn't one of them.
  8. No, he didn't. He sucked. He was heaving up 25 yard passes with his entire body, and they fluttered to Marshall or Decker who consistently bailed him out. Decker got hurt, the schedule got tougher, and he revealed himself for who he was all along. He only had Maccagnan by the cajones because Mac let him. Mac should've rescinded the offer completely, leaving Fitz to follow up on the exactly zero other offers he had to choose from.
  9. Held out and stole money from my favorite football team, and pushed back the obviously needed roster overhaul by a full season.
  10. If we did end up with the #1 pick

    It's comments like this that will get you banned. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, except for when that opinion is that anyone who disagrees with them is a moron. Try to make your point without the personal attacks. In fact, if you could tone down your overall aggressive posting style that would be a huge plus. Thanks.
  11. Well, clearly you fell for it. Pretty amazing that even with hindsight you still do, though.
  12. False hope, which some of us were capable of identifying. It was 100% about the weak schedule, and then consistently facing teams on that weak schedule who had key players out because of injury. It was a perfect storm for delusion. No one is deluded about this year's model. There are just some fans who aren't rooting for the other team every Sunday - as if that's some sort of karmic crime.
  13. I wish Goerge Martin produced it instead of Phil Spector. It could've been even better.
  14. Who, exactly, is actually as happy as a clam? And how happy are clams, really? That Fitz led team was a bunch of bums playing the easiest schedule in the league. Like this year's model, they beat up on weak opponents. Same group the following year showed how strong that team really was. This team seems to be playing hard, and the locker room appears to be completely on the same page. Those are positives. I think we all understand the value of a higher (or the highest) draft pick when it comes to getting the franchise QB, but also important for the future of the team is having some young talent to build around. Maybe finding out the players and coaching staff aren't as terrible as many thought heading into the season. Don't stress, though, not a lot of wins left on this schedule.
  15. If we did end up with the #1 pick

    The bold is why I'd be extremely leery about selecting Darnold to QB the NY Jets, especially when coupled with USC's well-earned reputation for producing QBs who fail to live up to the hype. And underclassmen, in general, tend to struggle in the NFL. Given Maccagnan's selection of Hackenberg in the second round, I'd think it's entirely possible that he sees these QBs differently than the consensus, and could very well be interested in a trade down. He put a lot of effort into move down the year he took Williams but had no takers. For me, it would come down to if I truly believed one QB was a sure thing, and none of the others were. If I have them bunched closer together, or like a guy better who I expect to be there later, I take a package to move down a few spots. I wouldn't be all that interested in moving all the way to #12, though, unless I had a plan to move back up again.