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  1. I said they should've done that, too, at the time. Keeping all four demonstrated what they thought of all of them. Believing that Fitzpatrick could duplicate his previous year is what made the signing so completely stupid. The man has a history; he doesn't put two good seasons together. Anyone with two functioning eyes could see that he was getting bailed out consistently by his WRs while playing the easiest schedule in the league - and still couldn't complete 60% of his passes in those optimal conditions. And the contract was completely nuts. They were complete schmucks to give him that money. And it's not just the $5M left over from his deal that they're dealing with, other money had to be pushed forward from other contracts to make the room to give him the $7M on the books last year.
  2. The development of Petty and Hackenberg. Instead of splitting scout team reps, Petty would've been preparing as the backup every week and Hackenberg would've gotten all the scout team reps. Any hope for this season requires one of those guys to perform better than most people believe they can. More work last year would've helped a lot. Resigning the weak-armed, inaccurate Fitzpatrick on the eve of training camp to a $12M deal when maybe the Broncos were the next highest bidder at @ $7M was nothing but dumbness.
  3. That would be better, but it's not the case. He has $6M in salary guaranteed. That $2M is a bonus on top of his salary - should the Jets decide to pay it.
  4. The fact that even you admit that he sucked in 2016 is a demonstration of the fact that I was right. Signing him was sheer stupidity.
  5. Fitzpatrick sucks, and giving him $12M when Geno was under contract was sheer stupidity. That said, both of these losers are now no longer under contract, and should both find employment elsewhere - if they can.
  6. No, that bonus is not part of the $6M guarantee. If they're thinking about releasing him, though, I'd think that they're conferring with the league about whether his arrest alone violates his contract, or if a conviction would, etc. I'd hope that they wouldn't spend the $2M without having a good idea that they'd be able to wipe the $6M off the books. Or maybe they're just waiting until the last minute before paying that bonus in hopes of getting an answer they like. Fans get antsy, but there's really no rush.
  7. I'd imagine that if they do want to release Revis, they're going to wait to see how his legal troubles play out first, and see if they can't recoup his guaranteed $6M. Remember when the Pats released a murderer too soon and then owed him millions of dollars? Good times!
  8. If all you can get for Richardson is a third or fourth, you don't trade him. You let him beast for you in his contract year, and hope to get a third round comp pick in 2019.
  9. I checked out on this team last year pretty much the moment they caved to Fitz and his stupid contract demands. Since that point in time, I've seen nothing from this current regime to make me think that was a bad idea. I voted for Hackenberg because Hackenberg is the key for me to become engaged with this team again. Either he shuts up all his critics, plays great, and faith in Maccagnan (at least) is restored. Or he sucks and everybody gets fired, and I can get excited about the next potential geniuses who'll be taking over the team. Mediocrity with some overpriced scrub QB isn't going to cut it for me. Geno Smith is definitely not gonna cut it for me. I want to see them sink or swim with their second round pick.
  10. First, I think it's a reach to speculate that tweet means he's coming back to the Jets. Second & third, Geno would be better off almost anywhere else, and the Jets would be better off with almost anyone else. They've changed coordinators, so it's not like there's any continuity on offense to talk about. The fans here will not cut him an inch of slack. Long before he even steps back on the field, the team will face massive repercussions: a level which I don't think they can withstand, being that Mac and Bowles are already treading on thin ice with fans. Just can't imagine this happening. At all. So yes, I'd be surprised despite the warning.
  11. Navy guys' joke: Why do you have to be over 6' tall to join the Coast Guard? So that if your their boat sinks, they can walk back to shore.
  12. I believe this is part of the plan when they talk about extending the regular season to 18 games. It makes a lot of sense in that respect.
  13. Biggest need doesn't necessarily have to equal the best value in the draft. It's nice if they match up, but if they don't, I prefer the best value - especially at #6. Not saying that Fournette is the guy, either, just that I won't throw a fit if they decide he is.
  14. The option for most coaches won't be the Jets or unemployment. Most will have a better choice than both. The Jets job is a high profile place to fail. I'd think a clever coach would rather take a lower level job and tool away in anonymity, than be exposed -fairly or not- in the NY press.