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  1. slats added a post in a topic fitz apologists   

    The above post was answering a direct question, why make up this stuff that they intended to make Fitz the starter? 
    He's stating his completely implausible cockamamie theory as fact, not opinion. When posters present irrational dreams as realistic possibilities or as what actually was happening, I'm going to call BS on it. People start believing crap they see repeated here too many times, and if you haven't witnessed that, you're not paying attention. I would do the same thing if you (or anyone else!) stated that -in their opinion- the sky is green. His Fitz theory, opinion, whatever you want to call it, has that level of credibility. 
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  2. slats added a post in a topic fitz apologists   

    Lol. And conversely, when he's wrong he's wrong. Like in this instance. 
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  3. slats added a post in a topic fitz apologists   

    Lol, I love it when you guys come to each other's defense! It's so sweet. 
    Do you think your dad's theory holds any water at all? I definitely, 100% don't, and don't think it has any place here whatsoever. That's my opinion, and I felt free to express it. 
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  4. slats added a post in a topic fitz apologists   

    Does anyone disagree with that? I don't.
    The Jets are winning so far. Even if the coaches still prefer Geno -as they certainly did prior to the punch- it's difficult to pull a starting QB who's currently 3-1. I have little doubt that Geno's role in getting his jaw broken, and his teammate's lack of support for him, has altered the coach's perception of him. How much? I don't know, but it had to have an effect. That easily could've been the tipping point when it came to sticking with Fitz. If it was truly Geno's locker room, he might (probably?) make the move back to Geno, happy that Fitz got them this far. 
    Geno's next chance may be tied directly to the team's win-loss record. Again, I don't know. But I don't think that Fitz has played at such a level that he should be untouchable, either. 
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  5. slats added a post in a topic fitz apologists   

    The problem I have with it is that people here come here for information as well as conversation, and you matter of factly stating your fantasies as facts may confuse some of them. You're certainly free to believe what you want to believe -I believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster, he's awesome!- but when your beliefs have absolutely no facts whatsoever to back them up, you should not be presenting them here as even a plausible theory. 
    Blaming Fitz's leg is BS. His leg was healthy enough to start a preseason game just days after Geno's jaw was broken. His leg was not stopping the Jets from giving him first team reps. 
    Saying they were being PC by naming Geno the starter makes absolutely no sense at all. There's zero logic to it. The most PC thing any NFL head coach can say is, "the best players will play." Fans love hearing that there's competition at every position. Naming the controversial Geno Smith as the starter back in March was the least PC thing he could possibly do. 
    Geno was named the starter early, got all but a token few of the first team reps, most media reports had him performing very well in that role, and there wasn't the slightest inkling that they were considering even allowing Fitz to compete for the job, let alone hand it to him. 
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  6. slats added a post in a topic fitz apologists   

    Jet Nut had been, but he's since laid off the competition angle. No one else that I've seen. He was named the starter early, and got all the starting reps right up until his jaw was broken in two places. There was no competition. They showed no interest in having a competition. 
    Zero evidence for your position, tons of evidence against. There's just no truth to it at all. Chan Gailey was all in on Geno, declaring him the starter very early in camp provided he didn't get injured - which he obviously did. Fitz had gotten no first team reps at all up until the point where Geno got his jaw broken. That is not how you treat a QB you secretly fully intend to make your starter, no matter how clandestine you're trying to be. He was certainly healthy enough by that time. He started a preseason game a couple days later, so you can't use the leg as an excuse for that lack of reps. 
    You wanted Fitz all along, and seem to be projecting that on the organization. But it's pure fantasy. 
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  7. slats added a post in a topic At the end of the day, Bowles is much more aggressive than Rex.   

    He and Gailey appear to be on the page, where they keep doing the things that work until the opponent stops it. I like it. 
    That was both amazing and hilarious. I couldn't believe it as I watched it. Philbin might've been fired just for that series, alone. 
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  8. slats added a post in a topic Philbin fired   

    They'll get a very long look at their interim head coach. If they want to hire someone else after the season, they have to sell that coach on Tannehill and Suh, who aren't going anywhere. Tanny will throw money at the problem, though, we know that. 
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  9. slats added a post in a topic QB   

    Also, I had to hide few posts in this thread.
    As a general rule, if you feel you're being personally attacked, try de-escalating the situation rather than escalating it. 
    We do not like the Geno-lover/Fitz-fluffer name-calling and antagonism as a whole on the site. We recognize that opinions about the Jets' QB differ, and that feelings are strong, but try to make the case regarding your opinion without calling out everyone who may disagree with you. If all you have to offer is an insult to another member -or the other half of the site- don't offer it on the board. 
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  10. slats added a post in a topic QB   

    Shorter, anyway. It's funny the way people describe Fitzpatrick as so much better than Geno when right now, after a hot start, Fitz's stats on the season are no better than Geno's were last year. And Geno didn't have the benefit of Brandon Marshall or an NFL caliber defense (let alone one some national pundits are calling maybe the league's best). Pretty sure I read in one of Kelly's articles that four of Fitz's TD drives were less than 30 yards. Geno probably didn't have that many fields that short all of last season. 
    Now, there's no doubt that Fitz is doing some things "smarter" than Geno has done in the past. He doesn't run backwards from pressure (and has made a few impressive plays with his feet). But he does have six interceptions in four games, and he's fortunate that he doesn't have more. His demeanor is lightyears ahead of what we've seen from Geno, whose sulking is hard to watch. His arm strength is what it is. 
    The coaches are watching both players in practice, and should have a good idea of what they have in both of them. It would be next to impossible to replace Fitz at 3-1, but he hasn't played well enough to date to have a stranglehold on the job, either. If Geno is outperforming Fitz in practice, then Fitz's leash should be short. 
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  11. slats added a post in a topic QB   

    Bowles has said that the players performing best in practice are the ones who get on the field. With the luxury of the bye week, they should give Geno some starting reps - if for no other reason than to keep him sharp in case he's pressed into action. But if he is playing better than Fitz in practice...  
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  12. slats added a post in a topic A few things that are really pissing me off....   

    This is less content than you generally bring. No need for posts like this. 
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  13. slats added a post in a topic Fitz first half   

    That's SAT level conditional if/then logic right there. Nice job!
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  14. slats added a post in a topic Fitz first half   

    Frigging maniac Geno-loving lunatics! 
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  15. slats added a post in a topic Jets 2nd round picks... a sad history   

    You start this thread during a game? 
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