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  1. Over the last decade or so, the Jets have drafted more QBs than any other team in the league. They fall much more into your category #1 than #2. How has that been working out?
  2. Hindsight just proves what I was saying in real time this time last year. Fitz was not good. He was constantly bailed out by Marshall and Decker against the easiest schedule in the league. People were wowed by numbers, but his clearly fell under the heading, "lies, damn lies, and statistics." Once he was foolishly signed, holding onto Geno was dumb. Petty should've been getting all of the second team reps, and Hackenberg all of the scout team reps. Having your two developmental QBs splitting scout reps is basically not developing them at all. Fitz wasn't the future, Geno even more clearly wasn't, but maybe Petty or Hack was. That needed to be a focus.
  3. Carrying four QBs was dumb and proved useless. I never would've resigned Fitz but, once they did, they had to cut Geno and give the kids important reps in practice.
  4. Yes, far too many fans bamboozled by the Jets performance against the easiest schedule in the NFL. And week after week of facing teams with critical injuries. That's how a team winds up $5M in the hole for a crappy QB a year later.
  5. Gailey liked big receivers, which is probably a good strategy when your QBs are as bad as the Jets' have been for nearly forever.
  6. Tannenbaum's last draft and Idzik's two drafts should be the young nucleus of this team, instead, it's a lot of guys who aren't in the NFL any longer. That said, Maccagnan seems to be operating by the seat of his pants with no overall plan in sight. He has his own issues.
  7. Not in the mood to be trolled over one of the worst executives in NFL history right now. No matter what the acclaimed SBN may have had to say at the time, any casual fan with access to could've made the same moves and probably performed more coherently at a press conference.
  8. No, he didn't. He had an easy out and executed it.
  9. There's not a person who read these boards regularly at the time who couldn't've predicted each and every move Idzik made. Giving him credit for exorcising the outs that Tannenbaum installed in his contracts is the only praise the man is worthy of, as completely empty as it is.
  10. I could understand if we were talking about trading him for a QB, but a LT? No way.
  11. If your OL isn't that good, you need a FB to help in the running game. If your receivers aren't that good, you need a FB to help in the passing game. The Jets could use a FB.
  12. We don't talk politics here. I understand there are other places on the internet where you can, though.
  13. I want to see him play. And if he does play, I will be rooting for him.
  14. But I'm actually pretty optimistic -and, yes, I realize it's a low bar, but yeah - that Marcus Maye could be the best second round pick the Jets have selected since David Harris. That wouldn't suck, despite his position.