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  1. I make delicious tequila old fashioneds. I'll be fine.
  2. I'd be surprised if Mac was fired after this season. Nothing he did this year suggests a guy who's on the hot seat. I have to believe that he got the owner on board with a total rebuild after last year's complete debacle, and was open and honest with him in that this was going to be a miserable year. I don't fault him for passing on the QBs this year, especially if the plan is to be in position to take one of the top signal callers next year. I don't think he's drafted terrible players. He's not Idzik bad. But I have the same complaint that's been repeated in this thread: his ignoring premium positions in general. If Lee or Adams become total game-changers at their respective positions you could justify those picks, but I don't see it happening. The team may have the worst roster in the league this year, but it's not like the veterans he let go were such major upgrades over what remains - with the exception, if healthy, of Decker. Mostly he did a needed purge of expensive dead weight. But year three, you want to feel better about the young talent you have. That first draft should be coming into its own, and yet it looks like Williams and maybe Simon and that's it. Guys like Jenkins, Burris, Shell, and Peake need to distinguish themselves this year in expanded roles. I think we're stuck with Mac for at least another year. I just hope this season gives me some reason to be optimistic about that.
  3. The fact that you've felt the need to respond to my last two posts, and will likely respond to this one, suggests that you're the one who really has a difficult time stopping.
  4. These guys hook you every time on the first try. You're the only one who seems to not be in on the joke. I'm just trying to help you out. Next time you wanna suggest to someone that they put you on ignore, just put them on ignore instead. I'm sure it will improve your Jetnation experience.
  5. Why does it seem like your primary function here is to get into pissing matches with the people who troll you? Instead of suggesting other people put you on ignore, perhaps you should put the function to use yourself if you lack the willpower not to hit submit reply every once in a while.
  6. Chad and Vinny are infinitely better players than the Bears' third-string QB, the Bears' third-string QB just happened to be on a much better team.
  7. Because they wanted to put one offensive player up there? I think it's stupid to have any current players. What does a guy like Mo think about Leo being on the wall? Does that provide motivation? Resentment? Or a little bit of both? Just not the best plan, IMHO.
  8. I'll be living in Mexico, not giving a crap. I look forward to it.
  9. Kid's had a good camp so far. The fact that he's lost weight is a little concerning injury-wise, but it seems to be working for him. Love to see him take time away from Skrine. It may not be a breakout year, but it is a contract year - a make or break year. I'm sure he's motivated.
  10. The Jets have a new offense this year, new pieces on the OL, and a completely overhauled receiver corps. Josh McCown has run this offense before. I have no problem at all with the Jets giving McCown the first month of the season while the OL gels and the players settle into the new system. By week #5, on the road against Cleveland, Hackenberg has to be in there. Away from the ornery home crowd against what will probably be the weakest opponent on the Jets' schedule, there'll be no better time to trot him out there. Give him a chance to have some early success. They have to give him more than half the season not only to evaluate him but to give him a chance to grow into the job before the season's up. He needs to face adversity and bounce back from it. He needs to have ample opportunity to screw up and recover. And the Jets have to take a long hard look at him, no matter how hard it might be to look. I understand the concept that they might be doing the rest of the team a disservice if he's truly terrible, but they have to see that in actual games and try to coach him thru it. They have to know as much as they possibly can about Hackenberg by the end of the season. That has to be the priority here. I'd really prefer it if this coach didn't have me rooting for losses or an injury to McCown (nothing serious!) just because he can't see the big picture.
  11. Exactly. For the first four games of the year, it's exactly as if he is cut, and there's another WR on the roster getting a chance to steal his job while the Jets retain their rights to Marshall for free. Absolutely no reason for them to cut him until after his suspension if that's the route they want to take.
  12. He'll be on the roster this year. They know McCown is fragile and that Hack is a question mark. Only way Petty isn't on the roster next year is if the Jets both draft a QB relatively (or very) high and sign a veteran free agent. Even then, he'll be in training camp in a battle with Hackenberg for a roster spot.
  13. Learn From History

    My much larger concern would be passing on a QB they turned out to really need because -without conclusive evidence- they decided that Hack appeared to be good enough. As you said, if you have one QB too many, you should be able to get trade value back.
  14. Learn From History

    This. I'd love for them to take their time with the kid, but the franchise needs to have a very good idea about him before next year's draft. Really, they have to be 100% sure about him if they're even thinking about passing on a QB next year.