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  1. slats added a post in a topic Cuts around the NFL   

    How often did the Jets offense drive within punting distance of the 20 yard line last year?
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  2. slats added a post in a topic We Should Make 1 or Two Trades   

    Gotta give something to get something, but I wouldn't be offering up Walls or Stacy. They're both solid backups who would be first in line to move into the starting lineup if Revis, Cro, or Ivory got hurt. But Kerley? I'd shop him. He's already the fourth or fifth WR on the team, and that's with Devin Smith unavailable. Only problem there is that his contract makes him less valuable as a trading chip. 
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  3. slats added a post in a topic our last gm izadick sure had a plan   

     FacebookTwitterGoogleEmail John Idzik’s draft debacle finding new ways to debilitate Jets
    By Brian Costello
    September 2, 2015 | 2:41pm
     Modal Trigger  (Clockwise from top left) Jalen Saunders, Jace Amaro, IK Enemkpali, Shaq Evans, Tajh Boyd, Dakota DozierPhoto: Bill Kostroun (2), AP (2), Neil Miller, APMORE FROM
      Jets safety: From slums to horrific injury to roster battle
     The hidden intangible Darrelle Revis brings to Jets
     Brandon Marshall is changing his QB killer rep, 1 heckler at a time
     Jets punch gives Todd Bowles chance to prove he's no Rex
     New coach, same old crippling issue for stuck-with-Geno Jets
    It was the draft that was supposed to set up the Jets for the next decade. General manager John Idzik had plotted since the day he took the job to line up as many picks as he could for the 2014 NFL Draft, hoping to restock the roster with a monster haul.
    Instead, he totally blew it.
    Idzik drafted 12 players, the so-called “Idzik 12,” and it was clear from the start not many of them were very good. A year later, that draft looks even worse. Only seven members of the 12 remain in the organization, and that number most likely will shrink this weekend when the Jets cut the roster down to 53.
    There might be only four players from that 12-man draft class on this year’s active roster. The team placed tight end Jace Amaro, the second-round pick in 2014,on season-ending injured reserve on Tuesday. Safety Calvin Pryor and wide receiver Quincy Enunwa appear to be locks to make the roster. Cornerback Dexter McDougle and linebacker Trevor Reilly are likely to join them, but still have to be considered on the bubble. Offensive lineman Dakota Dozier and wide receiver Shaq Evans are fighting for spots.
    John Idzik and Jets owner Woody Johnson before Idzik’s last game as GM.Photo: Charles Wenzelberg
    It is why “Idzik” is now a dirty word with Jets fans.
    Idzik paid for his terrible draft with his job. It was not the only factor that led to his firing last December, but it played a big role. When Idzik was hired in January 2013, his plan was to let the Jets free agents walk that year to acquire 2014 compensatory picks, and he traded Darrelle Revis to pick up another pick that year. The plan was to stock the roster through the draft in 2013 and ’14, then fill in the holes through free agency in 2015 when he would have roughly $50 million in cap space.
    When free agency hit in 2013, Idzik allowed Yeremiah Bell, LaRon Landry, Mike DeVito, Shonn Greene, Dustin Keller and Matt Slauson to walk. In their place, he signed Mike Goodson (a separate disaster) and Antwan Barnes. That gave the Jets four compensatory picks (one fourth-rounder, three sixth-rounders) in the 2014 Draft. The April 2013 trade of Revis to the Buccaneers gave him another fourth-round pick in 2014 in addition to the first-rounder in 2013.
    Quincy Enunwa is one player from 2014 class who will be on this year’s roster.Photo: Bill Kostroun
    The plan looked pretty solid when the 2014 Draft was hailed as one of the deepest in years, particularly at wide receiver, a position of need for the Jets. But Idzik seemed to freeze during the draft. He failed to make any trades and stayed put with the 12 picks instead of using the advantage of having multiple picks to move up. The results have been ugly.
    Pryor and Amaro had disappointing rookie seasons. McDougle and Evans did not make it out of training camp and spent the season on injured reserve. Idzik cut linebacker Jeremiah George (fifth round), Enunwa (sixth round), cornerback Brandon Dixon (sixth round) and quarterback Tajh Boyd (sixth round) in the final round of 2014 roster cuts, bringing George and Enunwa back to the practice squad.
    At the end of September, the team released Jalen Saunders (fourth round), who had been a return specialist. Sources said Saunders had been lying to the coaches and they grew frustrated with him. He also did not play very well. Saunders wound up getting picked up by the Saints, who traded him to the Patriots this week.
    Perhaps the most famous member of the draft class is now linebacker IK Enemkpali, but it is not for his play. Enemkpali punched quarterback Geno Smith last month, breaking Smith’s jaw. Enemkpali was immediately released.
    The 2014 Draft class was supposed to be the foundation of the Jets for years to come. That foundation crumbled almost immediately, setting the franchise back. New GM Mike Maccagnan and coach Todd Bowles are left to deal with the cleanup.
    Where are they now?
    John Idzik drafted 12 players in 2014. Half are already off the roster, and two more could be gone when the roster is trimmed to 53 this weekend. Here’s a look:
    Calvin Pryor, first round
    The safety had a disappointing rookie season and was benched midway through the year. He is back with the Jets this year, hoping to break out in Todd Bowles’ system.
    Jace Amaro, second round
    After struggling to get on the field as a rookie, Amaro will miss the entire season due to shoulder surgery.
    Dexter McDougle, third round
    Modal TriggerDexter McDougle
    Missed his rookie season with a torn ACL. It looks as if he will be the team’s fourth or fifth cornerback to start the season.
    Jalen Saunders, fourth round
    The Jets cut Saunders, a return specialist, last September after the coaching staff soured on him. He was traded this week by the Saints to the Patriots.
    Shaq Evans, fourth round
    Evans missed last season with a shoulder injury. He could make the roster as the sixth wide receiver.
    Dakota Dozier, fourth round
    Did not play a snap as a rookie. Had a bad preseason this year and likely will be cut.
    Jeremiah George, fifth round
    Signed by the Jaguars off the Jets’ practice squad last September. He remains a backup with Jacksonville.
    Brandon Dixon, sixth round
    Cut by the Jets after training camp last year. He spent last season with the Buccaneers and is trying to hang on with Tampa Bay.
    Quincy Enunwa, sixth round
    Played in one game as a rookie, but has emerged as the favorite to be the Jets’ third receiver to start this year.
    IK Enemkpali, sixth round
    Played mostly special teams as a rookie. He threw the punch heard round the world to break Geno Smith’s jaw and was cut last month. Fighting for a roster spot with Rex Ryan’s Bills.
    Tajh Boyd, sixth round
    Don’t blame Idzik on this one. Ryan’s pick. He was cut before the season last year and is out of football.
    Trevor Reilly, seventh round
    The pleasant surprise of the group. He has become a reliable backup linebacker and special-teams contributor.
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  4. slats added a post in a topic Will Smith's movie "Concussion" Based on the NFL   

    Sony Emails ShowConcussion Movie Pulled Punches to Avoid Full-Scale Confrontation With NFL
    By Elliot Hannon   When the movie Concussion hits theaters later this year, the biopic of a doctor crusading against the NFL to expose the effects of repetitive brain injuries is sure to cause a stir. The story of Bennet Omalu (played by Will Smith) and his discovery ofchronic traumatic encephalopathy in a former player more than a decade ago is not the type of football chatter the league usually goes for on Christmas Day. According to internal emails at Sony however, it could have been much worse for the NFL.
    The film, made by Sony Pictures Entertainment, appears to have pulled several of its punches and softened the storyline in order to avoid a full-scale confrontation with the NFL. “In dozens of studio emails unearthed by hackers, Sony executives; the director, Peter Landesman; and representatives of Mr. Smith discussed how to avoid antagonizing the N.F.L. by altering the script and marketing the film more as a whistle-blower story, rather than a condemnation of football or the league,” the New York Times reports. “[An] email on Aug. 1, 2014, said some ‘unflattering moments for the N.F.L.’ were deleted or changed, while in another note on July 30, 2014, a top Sony lawyer is said to have taken ‘most of the bite’ out of the film ‘for legal reasons with the N.F.L. and that it was not a balance issue.’”
    ADVERTISING  Writer and director of the film Peter Landesman pushed back against critics saying the studio bowed to pressure and Sony execs told the Hollywood Reporter the back-and-forth between its creative and legal arms was standard practice, particularly for a movie rooted in reality.One such example of a cut is this scene, unearthed by the Hollywood Reporter, involving NFL commissioner Roger Goodell which it says depicts the comissioner as “being part of a wide NFL scheme to cover up the connection between professional football and brain damage.” Here’s the scene:
    ''As will become immediately clear to anyone actually seeing the movie, nothing with regard to this important story has been 'softened' to placate anyone,'' Sony said in astatement Wednesday.
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  5. slats added a post in a topic Lawrence Taylor   

    You do shots out of their navels, you snort coke off their boobies. N00b. 
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  6. slats added a post in a topic Will Smith's movie "Concussion" Based on the NFL   

    It's taking some heat. People are saying they watered down the script a little bit so as not to piss the NFL off too much. What's the point of the movie if you're not going to be as hard hitting (pun?) as possible? 
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  7. slats added a post in a topic 2nd round curse ~ ~ ~   

    Yeah, at first glance, I'm definitely swapping Hector and Nugent's places on that list. 
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  8. slats added a post in a topic No settlement between Brady and NFL   

    Closeted homosexuality? 
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  9. slats added a post in a topic Sheldon Richardson Pleads Not Guilty   

    Acapulco is very dangerous now. I wouldn't venture there. I have heard good things about Zihuatanejo, though. I'm looking at Puerto Vallarta or maybe the Tulum area on the Caribbean side. PV is so established as an ex-pat destination that there's a neighborhood called Gringo Gulch. In Belize, I'm looking at the Ambergris Caye. I'm good with the heat. Takes a lot to chase my indoors. And I'm sure in retirement -if need be- I could handle a siesta.
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  10. slats added a post in a topic Sheldon Richardson Pleads Not Guilty   

    English is the official language of Belize, and many Panamanians speak it with the canal bringing so many Americans there over the last century. All of the resort major areas of Mexico are also pretty English friendly (and are also safe). Better to learn the language, though, obviously. If I choose a Spanish speaking country, I'll sign up for Spanish classes there. Most places offer intensive, immersive courses. 
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  11. slats added a post in a topic Sheldon Richardson Pleads Not Guilty   

    I guess you don't have the opportunity to travel very much. Me? I'm very happy to not suffer from xenophobia. 
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  12. slats added a post in a topic our last gm izadick sure had a plan   

    At the time, I was certainly holding out hope for the team's chances. I don't blame anyone for trying to optimistic, as I always try to be - even though I had real problems with another accountant in the GM chair. 
    But fans holding onto some optimism, and Idzik being satisfied to try to build a team thru the draft with a ton of picks when he, himself, had absolutely no talent evaluating skills are two very different things. Tannenbaum's method for overcoming his inability to evaluate talent -trading up and winning every free agent bidding war- at least gave the Jets decent starting rosters for a couple years (albeit with zero depth). Idzik trusting himself to draft a team when he had virtually no experience evaluating college talent at all was idiotic. And if he did lean on Rex for help there, that was equally dumb. 
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  13. slats added a post in a topic our last gm izadick sure had a plan   

    He did try to spend money, but outside of Decker -who took less than he was expected to get in free agency to sign with the big market Jets- he couldn't close on a single big free agent. For instance, having no backup plan when he whiffed on Vonte Davis. He talked to plenty of free agents, but no one was willing to sign the bargain contracts he was offering. Getting deals is great, but sometimes you have to pay retail. He was stubbornly against paying market price for any player. Again, the polar opposite of Tannenbaum, who was terrible himself on that opposite pole. 
    I'm happy with Maccagnan and Bowles largely because they're not knee-jerk reactions to the previous regime. Especially with head coaches, the Jets have gone hard ass/soft touch with every other hire. They finally seem to've landed two well balanced guys. 
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  14. slats added a post in a topic our last gm izadick sure had a plan   

    His plan was common sense. His inability to execute that common sense plan is what made him a terrible executive. 
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  15. slats added a post in a topic our last gm izadick sure had a plan   

    Idzik's methodology in the draft was terrible. Both he and Tannenbaum had no clue how to evaluate talent, and each took extreme measures in the draft to overcome that liability. Tannenbaum traded picks away to secure players he was convinced we're can't miss prospects. Idzik stuck with his picks, and tried to improve his chances of finding that diamond in the rough by drafting multiple players at need position (G, WR) with terrible results. Idzik was also rumored to've tried to trade during the draft but, as Lionel Richie pointed out, Idzik was incapable of consummating a trade in a small window of time. I liked Maccagnan's approach this year, which was a more balanced approach. There were complaints about whether or not he got value -or missed on better prospects- with his trade down, but he landed a QB and a guard in the process. If that QB works out in particular, no one's gonna care much about the draft pick trade value chart. 
    And the cap cutting moves were obvious to the previous regime. They couldn't be executed in Tannenbaum's last season, but the contracts he put together were designed to be able to get out of them the first year of Idzik. We had many discussions here about the Jets supposed cap hell, and accurately predicted all of his major cap cutting moves. Really, getting out of cap trouble is easy. Getting out of cap trouble and fielding a competitive team is much harder - and something Idzik clearly failed to do. 
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