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  1. Those features work on Safari on my iPad, but not Chome. I know they don't work on Chome on my PC at work, won't be able to test another browser until I get there tomorrow night - but yeah, definitely looks like it could be a Chome issue. 
  2. Two different things doing the same thing. Both notifications and the dot/star next to thread titles bring me to the top of a page rather than to a specific post - all on the forum page. 
  3. Done, but it's still happening on the forum page. I get a notification that I was quoted, click on it, and it brings me to the top of the page the quote is in rather than directly to the post. When I click on the dot/star next to a thread title, it doesn't bring me to the last post I read, but to the top of the page where I last read. 
  4. Since the upgrade, notifications or the dot/star next to a thread title brings me to the first post in the thread (or the top of the last page I read) rather than the last post I read or the post I was notified about. I don't see anyone else complaining about this, so I'm wondering if it's something on my end. Happens on my iPhone, iPad, and PC at work - so it definitely would seem to be account related. 
  5. I imagine that Manning on the Jets would look an awful a lot like Namath on the Rams did. 
  6. After. I generally try to kidnap and rape before I start drinking. 
  7. Really don't understand why the league doesn't focus more on Mexico than London. It's right here. No travel nightmares. And Mexico has a lot of NFL fans, you see a lot of Cowboy and Raider gear down there. Many souvenir shops sell traditional Mexican items (ceramics, woven backpacks and bags, etc.) with NFL logos. Many bars advertise showing NFL games. I watched the Jets-Raider game last year in a tiny open bar on the promenade in Puerto Vallarta, and probably enjoyed more than most Jet fans. Lol.  Canada already has a league, but Mexico is ripe for expansion. It makes sense. 
  8. Raiders moving to Las Vegas?

    They'd never have a home crowd. The stadium would be packed with visiting fans planning their Vegas jaunt around when their team is coming to play. 
  9. Trading Richardson

    Richardson is arguably the team's best player. He's been subject to a minimum of three drug tests a month since his suspension, and has obviously remained clean. A naturally brash guy, he seemed genuinely humbled by his run in with the law. And again, no new incidents on that front, either.  I hope they're not even considering trading him. 
  10. Would be a showcase for impending free agents, too. 
  11. Definitely rooting for him.  I think he gets it, too. 
  12. Eric Mangini fired again

    The 49ers had the worst offense in the NFL last year. It didn't take a lot of points to beat them. That defense was never really tested. They had a number of games where they gave up 20+ points in the first half only to have their opponent shift into cruise control. They weren't good. Neither is the unemployed Mangini.  
  13. Eric Mangini fired again

    I wonder how this sits with him. 
  14. Oops, thought you said suicide. Either way it's captain worthy. Reminiscent of the jr128 days. 
  15. You'd have to go to Winner, Holtz, or Kotite to find worse. Amongst coaches who lasted three years or more, he stands alone.