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  1. It didn't hurt my feelings. It just didn't register at all as comedy. It was both old and lame. Bad combination.
  2. Wow. Did you work that out all on your own? Of course, you're right. A huge swath of the fanbase hates him. The Jets can't bring him back. I really don't understand why he was still on the team once they decided to resign Fitz. It makes no sense. Jet fans will boo him during introductions tomorrow. They'll be merciless at every incompletion, and rabid after any turnover. I would be surprised if they haven't already stepped up Petty's preparation to play. It's only a matter of time. Geno could put up a perfect passer rating tomorrow, and there would be people here crediting everyone but him. It's just the way it is. It would be nice if fans were hoping for some kind of spark from the QB change, but it's really too much to ask from this fan base. Better to make stupid Home Depot jokes. Either way, Geno and Fitz are both gone next year. Both will still be in the NFL, though. Be interesting to see which one gets the better deal/opportunity.
  3. Ryan Fitzpatrick isn't a starting QB.
  4. It's a huge deal. It's the most important position on the field, and resigning Fitz has set back the development of the only QBs who will still be on the roster next year. It was a massively stupid contract. Revis may not be up to speed, but he's still the Jets' best CB. Fitz only gets on the field again this year if Geno gets hurt soon. Otherwise, it's Geno then Petty.
  5. An article about a verbal altercation a month ago? Excuse me while I yawn.
  6. Petty will play, sooner rather than later. Be really nice if the Jets became the next team that got lucky with a later round pick. That's the hope right now. Otherwise, all the eggs are in the Hackenberg basket in 2017.
  7. They actually have more depth than they've had in at least four years. Meanwhile, their backup QB counts $5M against next year's cap - in the expectation that he's not resigned.
  8. Also, no politics, kids. Lots of places on the Internet to get your politics on.
  9. Railing against the Revis contract while simultaneously stumping for Fitz is hilarious to me.
  10. Never posted here before? You've posted this exact same lie at least a half dozen times.
  11. The most obvious thing is that you're a retread of a banned poster.
  12. The idea that the owner is behind sitting Fitzpatrick in favor of the least popular player on the team is patently absurd. If Woody has exerted any influence on the QB situation at all, it's far more likely that he was behind keeping the $12M player in despite his poor performances. The coach's first instinct was to defend his QB. That's all that was. After a day of reflection and meeting with his staff, he made the overdue move.
  13. The move I advocated at the time was to sign Brian Hoyer, let him battle it out with Geno for the starting job, and cut the loser. Hoyer signed for $2M, and has completed 68% of his passes this year with 6 TDs and just 1 int. Imagine saving $10M only to get dramatically better play from the position! Keeping four QBs is what's "setting the team back years" more than specifically signing Fitzpatrick. Right now you have Fitz getting the starter reps, Geno getting the backup reps, and Petty and Hack splitting the scout team reps. It's dumb. Petty should be getting all the backup reps, and Hackenberg should be getting all the scout team reps. Those are the QBs who are gonna be on this team next year. Their development should be the team's first thought, not the afterthought.
  14. These guys are supposed to be here for the long haul. This is only Year Two. They should have the leeway from both the fans and the owner to start looking at the future. Sitting guys they know won't be here next year, or guys they're already looking at cutting next year, so that younger guys can prove themselves (or not) is in the best interest of the franchise. And seriously, from an entertainment standpoint, I'm more likely to tune in and watch all the way thru if anyone but Fitzpatrick is under center. The man is clearly neither the present nor the future.