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  1. WOW

    Did you guys see this kid from Ohio State? Linebacker. 6'4", 260lbs, runs a 4.6 40, 35.5 inch vertical and a 10-1/2" broad jump--37 reps on the bench! Then there's kid, WR from Georgia tech. Wow! 6'4", 215 lbs, ran a legit 4.36 in the 40 and has a 39.5 inch vertical! Another kid from Ohio state, WR, 6' tall 4.4 40, 39" vertical and 10' broad jump! Man-o-man! And a OT from Umass, 6'4" 332 lbs. At that size he ran a 5.2 40! 29 reps on the bench and a 28" vertical! At 332 Pounds! I'd take any one of them in the first round with those measurables. How can you lose? #1 Vernon Gholston #2 Stephen Hill #3 Devin Smith #4 Vlad Ducasse sign football players and leave the tape measure to the carpenters please.
  2. So it's good we suck! Otherwise all that dead money would be a bad thing. I get it. It's like saying my wife won't sleep with me but it's ok because she's totally unattractive!
  3. You're probably right. He could have gone to nick though. I think that would have been a class move.
  4. And what's his excuse for cutting Nick ******* Mangold over the telephone?
  5. He had a plan. Gut the team, clear the cap, hoard picks and build a young foundation. He was willing to be patient and begin a rebuild from the ground up. Mac is doing the same thing but, he had a ton of resources left over from the Idzik Era and pissed it all away. Idzik was doomed by Geno, Rex and a very impatient fan base. His 12 pick draft was underwhelming ND that sealed his fate essentially. I think he caught the ax at least a year too early.
  6. Honestly, Idzik wasn't that bad.
  7. Everybody hates on Smith but the guy was a banger and probably shortened wes welker's career with some crushing shots to the head on that dude. He also led the team in tackles one year. Not an awesome player but hardly a bust
  8. This is so against my usual anti FA agenda. But if u can get Alshon and pay him what Marshall is getting...cutting Marshall in the process...I would say do it. Younger and oddly underrated due to recent injury and a bad team. He could be a very cost effective talent. U can't develop a QB without an OL or WRS with experience. This is the most hypocritical post I'll make in 2017. BuT I think the value could be there.
  9. Free aaron Hernandez!
  10. Half his throws com from the ear or a shot-put. Makes for a quick release but an awful underthrow from time to time. I prefer the over the top passers for consistency. I do like his pocket presence though.
  11. Harrison eats up OL and still pushes the pocket. He causes sacks. Theres a reason mo's numbers dropped and jpp's went up. Williams cam play DE. Snacks should have stayed and Richardson and Wiiliams would play the edges. That made the most sense to me
  12. Yikes. Deep breath pal. I don't dislike you and I'm not out to get you. It's all opinion. The fact that all the bloated contract can be scrapped, as you say, is an indictment of his contractual and personnel decisions. It means we are overpaying and will need to lose the players we overpaid for. That leaves at a negative balance talent wise. Players only opt for short term contracts if the price is right. Read: too good to pass up. This isn't good financial practice. It's an expensive escape clause.
  13. Does anyone follow? Does this mean that because Hack was a five star recruit he has more talent than Revis or Harris who had three stars or, Decker, Forte and B. Marshall who had two? If so, does that mean Jalin Marshall is better than Robby Anderson, Ryan Clady, Q., Harris, Darren Lee, Pryor, Revis, Folk, Forte, Skrine, Decker, Miles, Wilkerson, Powell and Winters? Holy crap. I've been evaluating players all wrong. Either that follow me here...The above is a an attempt to spin the poor job Mack's done, simply by throwing sh*t against the wall and seeing if it will stick. This team is in as bad shape as it was with Idzick. The only difference? Idzick left the team with a boatload of cap space. So he actually did a better job of management if not talent evaluation.
  14. Was it signed by Brandon Marshall? Because the jersey I got was. It was signed by Brandon Marshall.