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  1. Exactly. they rave about his run stopping for instance. It's his biggest weakness as per every draft scout. Then they knock his coverage ability when coverage is his obvious strong suit, and he was used in man coverage extensively at Ohio State. Fact is, he grades poorly because he's taking on more coverage and handling more athletic receivers than most other LB's. He grades well against the run because he's got horses in front of him, including Bosa, and can range sideline to sideline. But all the tape shows he can't shed a block and gets engulfed at the point of attack. He'll be fine in coverage. He'll need some 4-3 alignments on running downs or he's going to get pounded until he puts on some weight in a year or two.
  2. punter.. Tom Hackett ~ ~ ~

    Because McCagnan sucks. Eventually you'll all come around to my thinking on this. Takes some longer than others.
  3. Let's play Devils Advocate.

    Just ownership and GM. When the last super bowl appearance was 1969, the fans have every right to be critical.
  4. sometimes fans sadly know more

    Lol the people who run this team fire a coach or GM every couple of years, sometimes based on billboards! Pete Carroll lasted one season. It is insanity the way the organization is run.
  5. Jets Add Clemson WR Charone Peake (Round 7)

    This is great value pick. Tons of upside. This "small hands" nonsense has to stop. I coach 14 year olds and they catch just fine, regardless of hand size. By that logic, Willie Colon should be a better receiver than Santana Moss.
  6. Jets Get Into 5th Round ...

    Hmmm. We got Brandon Marshall for a fifth. Yech.
  7. sometimes fans sadly know more

    Lol swing and a miss. You professed blind faith in Mac and the Jets FO because fans aren't GMS. The video shows several occasions when fans were right and GMS sh*t the bed. Sapp, marino, etc. It supports the OP which I happen to agree with.
  8. sometimes fans sadly know more

    <iframe width="854" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  9. 2016 DRAFT: Day 3 Thread

    Wish we had some compensatory picks. Plenty of solid talent here in the 4th still on the board.
  10. Fire mac

    Man I wanted Cody Whitehair. So bad.
  11. To be fair, Bryan Thomas was a speedy tweener type that everyone was furious over drafting, but he wound up being a solid player for a long time.
  12. Wow. The draft party...

    Instead of naming the bad, I'll mention the good. Im buying two footballs for the youngsters with me when I look over at the free t shirt table and some big bearded guy gets behind the table to help hand them out. He's smirking as fan after clueless fan grab a shirt and hurry off to go get autographs or beer or whatever. I recognize the guy. And walk over with my footballs and get Trevor Reilly to sign them for the boys. Pretty funny. He had to be screwing with fans. Good guy. Mauldinwas also a gentleman and happy to sign and take pics. Two D backs were less approachable. Petty wasn't really signing but he was obviously apologetic about it as he was shuffled along by jets personnel.
  13. He may be a steal. He's got the frame to build on. There's no way to know what any of these kids will be in three years. I'm hopeful the kid bulks a bit and becomes an absolute animal. I just didn't love the pick considering the other options available. Nothing personal
  14. Don't hate the pick. And sexy has nothing to do with it. He's a big safety who played well at the college level but will be beaten to a pulp at the pro level in my opinion. These tweenersized guys are often overwhelmed in the NFL. Maybin comes to mind.
  15. Wow. The draft party...

    Yeah I can't kill the team for the mess, they at least tried to put a good night together. The problem was the motocross set up taking up the field. They tried to pack everyone into the Chase Club which just wasn't big enough. Bummer. But not the teams fault.