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  1. sirlancemehlot added a post in a topic sTH TC 8/19/15   

    Did i mention the rooftop buffet?  That was nice.  Spinach salad.  Pasta salad.  Various wraps and sandwiches.  Cookies and brownies.  Nothing like a free lunch.  But the unwashed masses wouldn't understand.
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  2. sirlancemehlot added a post in a topic sTH TC 8/19/15   

    Practice continued. Press and VIPs were sent home. Family members were allowed inside to watch. I'm a family member of someone in the organization so my son and I got to watch.

    General impressions only since I'm tired and just coached a two and a half hour practice for 8th graders. Here goes...

    Brandon Marshall is the real deal. Beat Revis for TDs though he was blanketed twice.
    Ivory had several long runs and looked faster than I've seen him
    Heaps has a nice touch on the ball but game is still a bit too fast for him. Same with petty

    Cro and Revis had picks on back to back plays. Petty and heaps were throwing I believe

    McDougle looks like he's having fun. Barked at a DB for missing a pick. All smiles though. Did well in coverage

    D ran some safety and corner blitzes with great success

    Colon in with ones, winters with twos. Not much doing for Aboushi and Dozier. All threes all day unless spelling someone

    Couples and Reilly really stood out in pass rush. Both would have had multiple sacks. Reilly wearing a weird green 71 jersey. Numbers were bright yellow.

    Jeremy Kerley breaking some ankles out there against LB coverage. He looks reborn. A few outstanding routes and receptions in the red zone.

    Dbrick is a massive, muscled behemoth. Don't buy the nonsense that he's a long, finesse-type player. Being so close you could touch these guys give a more realistic perspective. Brick is brawny.

    Ridley running a bit. Straight line only though today

    Stacy is very big. Not in the same class as Ridley and ivory. Think a hamburger or two shy of Ironhead Heyward. Just a bit shorter.

    Fitzy a bit erratic today. Missed some open routes on speed outs and sideline throws.

    Flynn wearing number 5. Did some skeleton work and looked fine. Maybe a bit more accurate than Fitz early on. But not much to see otherwise.

    Son got pics with Cro (who is all smiles and very accommodating, approachable) and Decker. Autographs from Cro decker, brick, ivory, Marshall and others. Great day if you weren't sent home. Poor peasants.
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  3. sirlancemehlot added a post in a topic Rex's Bills Perform Valiantly in One Point Loss   

    You umm...did the Jets game on Thursday, yes?
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  4. sirlancemehlot added a post in a topic Per Joe Benigno on WFAN today...Rex gave Ik....   

    you should take a swing at him.  i would.  
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  5. sirlancemehlot added a post in a topic Geno Smith Punched by IK, out 6-10 weeks. All discussion here (MERGED)   

    I could do without either of them.  Geno has a history of being immature, irresponsible and having an over-inflated ego.  Ik...what he did is inexcusable in that it damaged more than just a jaw, but the entire team.
           Some perspective on IK's poor reaction though.  He's holding a camp for youth football players in his home town, and he promises the kids that the starting QB of the New York Jets will be there to help out.  IK's a marginal player and likely sold the kids and parents on Geno's celebrity.  Local boy makes good-type stuff.  
            Geno decides he has better things to do.  The friend of his brother had a fatal accident.  He takes his out.
            IK is left looking stupid in front of his hometown and all the all the kids he promised would meet Geno.
            IK is angry and insulted.  He demands to be repaid for the plane ticket.  His only recourse.
            Geno says he'll refund the money.  But puts second-stringer, IK, on the pay-no-mind list.
            IK stews.  Geno could care less.  A jaw is broken.  That's the way I see it.  Neither is a good guy.  Move on.
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  6. sirlancemehlot added a post in a topic Devin Smith: How Second Round Rookie Wide Receivers Perform   

    I would hope he becomes a well-rounded, every down WR rather than a home-run only Ted Ginn type.  But even L. Coles took two seasons to hit his stride.  I think we'll know more towards the end of 2015 once he's had a dozen or so games under his belt.  You always hope to see a young player progress and end their first season with an impact.
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  7. sirlancemehlot added a post in a topic Former first-round pick Coples impressing new Jets regime   

    Coples = Bryan Thomas.  A good, solid player that can contribute and flashes from time to time.  Thomas was a bit lazy and never met his potential.  Coples is likely going to be the same.  Not a bust.  Not a stud.
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  8. sirlancemehlot added a post in a topic Nick Folk ~ ~ ~   

    Favorite kicker since Leahy.  
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  9. sirlancemehlot added a post in a topic The 2015 Jets Negative Thread   

    I was going to start one.  But then, I don't know.  Maybe I will, still.  Jets n' stuff.
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  10. sirlancemehlot added a post in a topic " Ryan Quigley's Not Resting on '14 Laurels " ~ ~ ~   

    I think he has the potential to be a top notch punter. He's just got to clean up those ugly ones. They're as bad as an int at times.
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  11. sirlancemehlot added a post in a topic " Ryan Quigley's Not Resting on '14 Laurels " ~ ~ ~   

    I'm not a fan of Quigley's thus far.  Huge leg but the oddball shanks seem to come at the worst times
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  12. sirlancemehlot added a post in a topic PSL Question   

    What we're all missing: you can buy tickets per game and spend as much or as little as you want depending on where you'd like to sit.  You don't need season tickets, you don't need PSL's.  If like me, you came off a decade-plus waitlist to get into Giants' stadium, you probably took the PSL out of fear you'd lose the good seats you waited so long for.  Then the Jets claimed "seats are running out" and even called and emailed to tell you so.  So you bought the PSL so as not to get locked out of seats you'd waited for and hoped to keep for so long.  Only to find the stadium wasn't sold out, there are seats available all over the place, there is no waitlist, and you could have gone to every damn game you wanted to without having to pay for the right to pay for the tickets.  And then bitter happened.
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  13. sirlancemehlot added a post in a topic The Scotch/Bourbon/Rye/Whiskey Thread   

    Favorite Bourbon: Elijah Craig Barrel Proof.  Just be warned it needs more than a dash of water, though I wouldn't ice it.  It is 140 proof, so its a slow, sipping whiskey.  i take it with a water back to slow me down.  If you want to have a good drinker as opposed to a sipper, Bulleit is a nice bourbon, though no where near as complex as the Craig. If you're new to bourbon, I suggest good old Jim Beam.  It's sweeter and likes a mixer like ginger ale, and can be had straight as well, once weened off the mixer.  You'll eventually get to a point where the sweetness becomes a bit much and move to more refined bourbons that will kill both your liver and your wallet.  The Craig is under $50.  i'd wait on it until you really acquire the taste though.
    As for scotch, Johnny black does the trick for me unless i'm feeling artsy.  Then i go with Laphroaig Single Malt 10.  It's a mouthful of earth and peat moss and tastes like you just dug a chunk of damp Scottish pasture up, dropped it into juicer made of burnt oak and ladled grain alcohol into it.  It's a fun Scotch for me. The 10 year old runs about $50, but you can spend hundreds on the 18 yr varieties.   My apologies to warfish for my less than eloquent descriptions.
    edit: spelling
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  14. sirlancemehlot added a post in a topic Best name... ever   

    Woody Johnson.  
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  15. sirlancemehlot added a post in a topic PSL Question   

    I am a PSL holder.  A season ticket holder.  I was promised access to non-Jets live events.  I was told i "owned" the rights to my seat, though so does the Giants fan who sits in them.  i was told they were an "investment" when in fact they are less than valueless, they are a financial burden.  I was told at the time, that seats were filling quickly and i needed to act to get into a decent seat--there are new faces around me every game and they all bought off stubhub.  Half the stadium is filled with opposing fans regularly.  The non-PSL seats in the new stadium require binoculars.  Three friends of mine dumped there tickets and ate the PSL investment just to be rid of the payments.  They go to as many games as i do, pay near face value and sit where they want.  There is no longer a waitlist.  It went from 12 years when I got on it, to the team struggling to sell seats by the game now.  Which makes the "investment" nothing of the sort.  Nobody is locked out of a game.  Anyone can go and they don't need PSL's. Which means PSL's provide nothing but expense.
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