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  1. We need to snipe the Cowboys practice squad
  2. And this my friends, is our biggest problem.
  3. Triple coverage. Oof
  4. Gotta take another hard look at milliner I think. But he's banged up of course.
  5. No pressure
  6. Biggest difference in this game is the lopsided advantage of Oline. Washington has a good one and can mix it up. Not so much the Jets. We need to invest next year.
  7. Wow I could quote buttle all day. I'm actually starting to like it.
  8. Henderson looked like a collar bone to me.
  9. Revis saves the day. But Mauldin and skrine looked really shaky. Mauldin is my favorite story on this team. But he's looked lost and out of position so far.
  10. Wow. Winters gets 3 of those points
  11. I think we're overreacting on milliner. He had decent coverage and good position. He's just matched up against a monster right now.
  12. Two players I'll miss the most: ivory and snacks.
  13. Winters is a good lineman. He's shown improvement and had solid games against elite competition. I have no problem starting the season with him as our right or left guard. If you're getting better than you're an asset. Vlad never got better. He was a detriment. Winters has a future in my opinion.
  14. Heehee. That's the longest call back joke in the history of JN. Fer serious.