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  1. Jace Amaro was written off way too early as well.
  2. Great Jet. I'll miss him.
  3. You're keeping an open mind and a positive attitude. I commend you for that. I'm not as convinced that our GM isnt in over his head. Let's hope you're right and I'm just a curmudgeon.
  4. Remains to be seen. Alrighty.
  5. So we got an underperforming OLB by trading up. PETTY. And traded up for a mediocre punter. How is this a shot in the arm for any GM?
  6. We are three years in and have the worst roster in the NFL. How do you figure he's being judged unfairly when he stepped into an immense pile of cap money in his first year and managed to build a team that is by all accounts an absolute dumpster fire.
  7. so,,Idzik then?
  8. The Jets needed one safety. Pryor isn't the stud we'd hoped for, but he's decent at the position.
  9. Sorry, but neither Burris nor Mauldin are worth roster slots this season, let alone next. Which is a bummer because I really was pulling for Mauldin. He's overcome a ton in his young life.
  10. Chad had plenty of arm pre-injury. He hurt the first time in a bomb throwing contest with Vinny T. in practice. Then he was horribly mismanaged by the Herminator. He became the noodle. Still, he was one of our best QB's to date.
  11. problem is we're going to suck with a sucky Oline, then draft a franchise QB and stick him behind that sucky, neglected Oline. And voila! you have the new Chad Pennington. So yeah I'm going to judge the front office unless it fixes the line up to some degree.
  12. BPA is nonsense after the first round. Because you're really only guessing at it. Our second round BPA's have been worthless. So you use common sense and know that it is wiser to take the risk on a position of need, than to take a risk on a position that's loaded. Because loading up at a loaded position, regardless of the draft pick's performance, doesn't help your team. It only makes you have to cut someone. Net gain = 0. Yet everyone trumpets BPA. It's nonsense.
  13. Buy low? He cost a second round draft pick. And could have been had for a fourth or later. No I'd say Mac bought high. High on something anyway.
  14. Yeah but did you see the "hand size" stat? LOL Von Miller. Tiny hands Miller they used to call him. I'll take Spence and Jenkins with their great big mitts any day. The rest of that stuff is like...subjective.