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  1. Holy crap someone actually mentioned Matt Simms before I did. Sorry for not reading the entire thread.
  2. But they've been evaluating. There's a reason that, after two training camps and a full season in the system, the coaches didn't let the kid throw anything down the field. Nothing. He's the third best QB on this roster. He's Matt Simms at a higher cost with a lesser pedigree.
  3. I was at the game and tbh Hack was not as good as everyone here is letting on. He refused to even attempt a downfield throw, even when he had ASJ wide open crossing over the middle. He checked down and dumped off the entire game. The play calling also completely coddled the guy. He didn't suck. That's about it.
  4. DEBUT of the JETS #6 pick 2017

    Master plan huh? Plan. Dunno I haven't seen any plan-type moves in Mac's repertoire yet. Unless pissing away a sh*t ton of cap space on players that are no longer with the team, only to lose the cap space and players, plus the best homegrown players in Snacks and harris, Brick and Mangold, only to have the second most dead cap in the league, and the worst roster, and possibly the historically worst offense in the ******* NFL...was all part of the double secret master plan. In which case Mac is a damn genius.
  5. This is 1977

    If there was only one way to build a winning franchise then every franchise would buy that plan and follow it to the Super Bowl. You make the best of the hand your dealt and you adapt by being shrewd and making smart decisions. Its called management. Turning resources into success by getting the most out of those resources. spreading the cap over several key positions without putting it all into one small group of players. taking on aging vets at moderate salaries to stabilize a young locker room. Keeping your home-grown talent satisfied, and developing depth through the roster. Whether through the draft, free agency, or combination of the two, its about juggling all the assets, managing contracts wisely and molding an identity that sticks with the franchise long-term. Wiping the slate clean every couple of years is just nonsensical. And our current GM is doing just that, after our former GM did the same thing a few years ago. That's the reason this team has the worst roster in the league. I'm hopeful because I have to be, I'm a Jets fan. Hope is all I've had for the last four decades.+
  6. 2 season tickets- section 109 below face value

    sorry. 2 seats
  7. Green & White Scrimmage Updates 08/05/17

    The Jets. But they also lost. So.
  8. Green & White Scrimmage Updates 08/05/17

    I'm lucky enough to have a family member that works for the team. Tonight my son and I were in the family section and on the field after the scrimmage meeting players past and present. It was the old timers that brought ne back to my childhood. Bruce Harper is one of the funniest and most approachable guys I've met. He even photo bombed a posture with me and klecko (who was kind enough to sign my jersey). Speaking with the wives of Harper and Ken Schroy was as pleasant as it was surreal. Same goes for Wesley walker and bunch of other guys. My son met Mo and Richardson, took a pic with Cromartie who was in civvies and always obliging. Really a great night for father and son. We'll done by the Jets.
  9. Hi all, due to a recent work-schedule change, I'll be unable to attend most games this year. My loss is your gain. Section 109, row 15, on the Jets' bench side. Parking Pass included. Bathrooms and beer garden at the top of the aisle. right on the goal line. couldn't ask for a better view or more convenient location. I'm eating the PSL payment for the year, and even discounting the seats to sell off the season as whole instead of parceling out game-by-game. I'm paying $3054 with parking pass. Selling for $2554...$500 off. Reply or PM.
  10. He wasn't able to continue the method of short-term big-contract acquisitions while neglecting the draft. He was all-in on FA's which has a point of diminishing returns eventually. In the end, Hard Knocks made him a celebrity and he found he really enjoyed it. Then it was making splashes on the NY back pages that motivated him. When he was finally let go, he left a dumpster fire behind him.
  11. Hey Phil, sorry man I hate it when people pile on and you've got your hands full...but I just want to point out a fairly simple gauge I'm using to draw my opinion on the job Mac's done and this post sums it up for me. The Jets may have had as bad a roster when Mac took over, but I honestly feel it was a better roster than the one we have today. The biggest issue I have is that, while being left talent poor, Mac was left with a ton of resources...Basically an open check-book, something the previous regime did not have the prior two seasons, but had to create by stripping away a lot of aging talent and being extremely conservative with contracts. Now we again are very talent poor, but the resources are gone and the team is forced to further strip away aging talent and be even more financially conservative. In effect, this actually lowers the floor set in 2014 by quite a bit. a look at the top two or three player in each position when Mac took over: QB: Michael Vick, Geno Smith RB Chris Ivory, Chris Johnson, Bilal Powell WR: Eric Decker, Quincy Enunwa, Jeremy Kerley OL: Willie Colon, D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Nick Mangold, B. Winters DL: Damon Harrison, Mohammed Wilkerson, Sheldon Richardson LB: David Harris, Demario Davis, Calvin Pace S: Calvin Pryor, Antonio allen, Rontez Miles CB: Darrin Walls, Dee Milliner, Dexter McDougle, Marcus Williams K: Nick Folk Not a great roster, but a solid core, coupled with a ton of cap space and full compliment of draft picks should have led to a better situation than we're in right now.
  12. Yeah I like your list better than mine. I was just going off memory. Dark, painful, memory. And Jason Taylor was a bad pick up...not a bad player. He was the quintessential Jets hater his entire career. That was awful.
  13. Tanny was a poor team manager/contract manager. Constantly peddling away draft picks, giving bad, bloated contracts, and picking up some really awful free agents like Jason Taylor and Tim Tebow. And in his first two years he signed Andre Wadsworth, traded a 6th for Patrick Ramsey, Andre Dyson 11.5 million contract, Kimo Von Oelhoffen, Anthony Clement, Kevan Barlow...then in '08 traded a 3rd, 3rd and 5th round picks for Kris Jenkins and Brett Favre...the same year drafting the likes of Vernon Gholston and Eric Ainge...Then in 2009 traded a 5th rnd. pick and a 2010 4th rnd. pick to the Eagles for Lito Shepherd whom they then signed to a 27 mil. contract...leaving the Jets 3 total picks in 2009...and it gets worse from there. He had good drafts with Mangini at the helm. But overall he sucked pretty bad.
  14. Fess up...your hits and misses

    My list would be a mile long so I'll go recent: Hits: Derek Carr (thought he was the best QB prospect in a few years), Brandond Scherff Misses: Jace Amaro, Chance Warmack