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  1. sirlancemehlot added a post in a topic Derek Carr 2nd Round 14'   

    I screamed for Carr and thought he was the only real franchise QB in that draft. I would've been happy if we took him with our 1. Lots of folks spewed about this or that game where he "couldn't handle the rush" or decided he would sucked because his brother didn't pan out.  He's going to be special and he should've been a Jet. OK. End rant. 
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  2. sirlancemehlot added a post in a topic Diminishing role could impact Quinton Coples' future with Jets ~ ~ ~   

    I've been hoping that Coples would eventually convert his physical gifts into production. But he hasn't. And I've offered my opinion why in the past so I'll just say it simply: Q plays way too high, way too upright. He always has. And he hasn't fixed this issue. It's the reason he's always making tackles around the head and shoulders. He has an impressive wingspan, but relies on that too heavily. If he would only learn to bend his knees and use leverage he would be far more effective. But he's just too complacent. He's happy to be the player he is when he needs to strive to improve his techniques. He's not good enough to stay. Not on this defense. 
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  3. sirlancemehlot added a post in a topic A few things that are really pissing me off....   

    Illiad jokes. You don't see them enough here on JN.  
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  4. sirlancemehlot added a post in a topic Worst punter in the NFL?   

    Bad punt = returnable punt.  Coverage is bad, but the poor punting and lack of consistent directional kicks means they have to cover the entire field both long and short and right, middle and left.  A consistent punter pins the returner outside the hash and limits the amount of field the coverage team needs to defend.
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  5. sirlancemehlot added a post in a topic Cops charge Cromartie's wife.   

    By the way, saying she was "charged" is a bit misleading.  "Cited" is more accurate. As in received citations. This article is about a lady who got two tickets. No arrest. Nothing else. Just a slow news day. 
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  6. sirlancemehlot added a post in a topic Cops charge Cromartie's wife.   

    winshields arent tinted 
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  7. sirlancemehlot added a post in a topic Winters   

    The nfl has changed.  Guards are becoming more important than centers and tackles due to the more complex blocking schemes. The guards are often covered and yet account for most of the pulling and downfield blocking. With the disappearance of the nose guard, they are often handling the biggest bodies our there. It's not a position to ignore any longer. 
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  8. sirlancemehlot added a post in a topic I officially hate Gailey   

    this sums up my feeling on Gailey. He's robotic in his play calling.  His ability to adjust his scheme and tempo is lacking. The lack of urgency in the 4th quarter falls squarely on him. His play selection late in the game was completely counter to the situation of being down multiple scores with time running out. The fact that the offense was methodical and unhurried to boot is Chans failure and I don't see how that can be argued 
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  9. sirlancemehlot added a post in a topic Jets seek historic first win over Chip Kelly's lowly Eagles ~ ~ ~   

    sanchez was the starter. Geno was a raw rookie and looked awful in the preseason. Rex did sanchez a favor in the end. There was no offensive talent on that team whatsoever. Geno suffered from that all season 
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  10. sirlancemehlot added a post in a topic Joe Namath   

    those guys kill me. Questioning if namath deserves the hall of fame. Joe is the absolute most important player the league has ever had. He doubled tv viewership brought women into fandom, gave legitimacy to the AFL and caused an explosion of ticket sales throughout the league. The Beatles couldn't wait to meet him for cripes sake. He transcended the buzz cut football hero and through movies and TV and papers and magazines and high profile friends and constant attention, he made the league interesting to millions who'd rather watch baseball. It's not the hall of stats. It's the hall of fame. I'd argue that if you were to empty out the hall and start from scratch, namath should be the first inductee. No one playet has done more for the NFL period. 
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  11. sirlancemehlot added a post in a topic ### NY Jets vs Indianaoplis Colts --- MNF Game Thread ###   

    Revis will be the reason we win this game.   If we win this game. 
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  12. sirlancemehlot added a post in a topic ### NY Jets vs Indianaoplis Colts --- MNF Game Thread ###   

    So sick of Quigley. Sick of the Stat quoters who continue to back him. 
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  13. sirlancemehlot added a post in a topic Which 0-2 teams have most to worry about?   

    kelly obviously thought that his quick-strike approach meant he didn't need pricey guards, just weapons and hold the fort OL. Funny how arrogant he was in assuming the standard model was beneath him. Demarco Murray must be a broken man right now. 
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  14. sirlancemehlot added a post in a topic Penalties yesterday   

    The penalties were out of control yesterday. Lots of ticky-tack calls and holding calls inside the tackles where it's usually not an issue. Made the games nearly unwatchable 
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  15. sirlancemehlot added a post in a topic Denver V. KC game tonight   

    Announcers blowing manning and making tons of excuses for his terrible throws. Sorry Peyton   You got old. Happens to the best of us. 
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