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  1. Sheldon pleads guilty...

    It was more than traffic tickets or hiding in a driveway. He took a plea deal. Which means he got a break in return for admitting guilt. The league doesn't have anything to do with legal proceedings. If there us enough evidence to reasonably believe he committed the acts that were dismissed as part of the plea agreement, that's enough. Sheldon disposed of the weed while driving 143 mph and it wasnt recovered so he didn't have to face trial due to lack of evidence. The odor in the car is enough to reasonably believe he committed the act of possession of CDS in a motor vehicle and destruction of evidence. A 12 year old in a vehicle doing over 100 mph?  Wasn't eligible for child endangerment but should have been. The resisting arrest was not solely due to him hiding after the fact. It was a reduction of the eluding charge (plea bargain).  I see this stuff all the time. Bottom line is Sheldon caught sn enormous break legally, simply because courts cant take everything to trial. Most cases (like 90%) are plead out as a necessity.  Doesn't mean the league has to abide by those standards.  He'll get suspended and he deserves it. Especially for showing up to court wearing red sneakers. a$$hole. 
  2. cotchery is going to get a ring in 2 weeks

    Cotch didn't ask to leave out of the blue.  He was mishandled and unappreciated.  Holmes getting the captain jersey, Mason coming in and Rex bragging about him getting "80 catches minimum", Plaxico Burress for cripes sake.  Cotch didn't fit that WR corps.  He asked for walking papers.  And he was right to.  Rex and Tanny were a nightmare.
  3. Which coach has actually been successful in that black hole?  Not saying Mangini is any good, but the Cleveland gig is where coaches go to die.  Even a HOF coach like Belly couldn't do squat with franchise.
  4. it was a windstorm and Gailey was still pass happy. This was on Chan. We were never so far behind we had to relegate Ivory to only a handful of carries. He ripped off a sixty yards when he got a few touches. It was stubbornness and a refusal to adapt that cost us that game and forced Fitz ti throw in less than optimal conditions. 
  5. Bobby April Fired as Special Teams Coach

    In my opinion ST players mostly fall into the "good athlete" group, not necessarily the "good player" group...with some notable exceptions. Play design is a huge factor in STs and this year our play design was very basic.  Even flawed in the punt return game as I noted in another thread.  A coach has to be flexible and have a certain ability to remain dynamic in getting the most from his athletes, and altering play design to keep from being exposed by film. Blocking schemes and rushes need to be altered occasionally as does alignment and personnel groups. Our STs were basic and at times flawed in design. April had to adapt or die. This is the result. 
  6. We had richardson playing OLB on several plays. I think OLB is the biggest problem speed wise.  Even Mauldin is no speedster.  I would have liked to see Reilly get more snaps over pace.  Outside speed has been an issue on D.  No speed rush and poor coverage from the OLB position hurt us this year.  
  7. Has Bobby April been fired yet?

    I  have a problem with some of his play design particularly in the return game.  The wide outs are getting to Kerley nearly untouched as he's fielding the ball.  I coach football and it drivese crazy to see the gunners get to the middle of the field so easily.  Concede the outside and block with your butt to the middle of the field.  Double team one side with a backer on 4th aND long.  Give the returner two steps forward before he has to juke. The Jets don't do any of that. Hey just single up on the gunners and blow their blocks. Pathetic
  8. Jets players hug Rex after the game

    By this logic boxers should never hug after a fight. Battles over. Money is in the bank and at the end of it all they are professionals. 
  9. Yes weaken the offensive line.  That should work nicely.  
  10. Kenbrell thompkins

    Jeremy Kerley is the third best WR on this team.  Enunwa is hot garbage.  Lots of WR's can block.  Tight Ends too.  But Enunwa and Thompkins get playing time while Kerly returns punts.  This was stubbornness on Gailey's part.  
  11. Our Franchise QB lost this game!

    Others who lost the game: Chan Gailey who refused to run the ball in a gale force wind Ryan Quigley who punted a 25 yarder deep in his own end spotting Buffalo 7. Marshall and Decker who had the dropsies the entire first half Thompkins who dropped a would-be touchdown with time running out Richardson who lost containment on several runs at DE. Enunwa who solidified his JAG status on several occasions, killing at least two drives The damned kicker missing a very makeable field goal early. I'm sure I'm missing a few more...  
  12. Gailey was too stubborn to run in the wind, leaving us with third and long all game. I know Ridley is JAG but even three yards a carry puts you in third and 5or 6.  He fell in love with his scheme and refused to adjust for the weather. Really pissed me off today. 
  13. Third and short vs the wind is a must. Therefore run run throw. Please.
  14. Run the ball chan gailey
  15. 3 passes in a row. Chan getting way too cute in the wind.