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  1. When the oncologist - EDITED

    You've got each other to lean on in life's most difficult moments. Think of what a blessing that is. You'll beat cancer and anything else life throws your way. Because you have to. Its your job. Best to you and your family.
  2. Gather your pitchforks, light your torches...

    Mac stepped into so much untethered cash in his rookie year it's hard to say he deserves executive of the year. He signed a ton of talent with all the cap space he inherited. But he didn't take care of the home grown talent. Lean years ahead If you ask me
  3. Gather your pitchforks, light your torches...

    Sorry. It was a question for Jets fans on a Jets board regarding the General Manager of the Jets. I thought it was a reasonable topic for discussion that might be revisited after free agency, off-season moves and the draft.
  4. Gather your pitchforks, light your torches...

    Just curious if mac still has the confidence of the board. Not calling out anyone. This was started pre free agency and now we've had some time and a draft to judge.
  5. Checkdown to Touch down

    Disagree. In some cases its nonsense. Like a college QB who's played four years in a pro-style offense against high caliber competition. In other cases a kid might need to convert from an option system or may have been a shotgun-only QB that now has to learn his steps under center...its never really black and white. Sanchez and Geno could both have used a redshirt year. Luck came out of college ready for the pro game. Depends on the individual.
  6. Checkdown to Touch down

    Not on board with the premise but enjoyed the post. And that's what matters here to me. A well developed and interesting take on the Jets qb situation. Nicely done and written with some flair. Keep it coming.
  7. WR Charone Peake ~ ~ ~

    My favorite pick of this draft. Obviously there are other guys to be excited about, but Peake offers the absolute best bang for the buck considering where he was taken. In two or three years he could be our WR 2 and a pretty good one in my opinion.
  8. That's a nice blitz by Lee, no doubt. But I have to correct the assumption that the Guard was responsible. There are 3 clips that show blitz pressure and the inside blitz in two of those cases is not the responsibility of the Guard. They keep a back home for blitz pickup and the back completely whiffs and even purposely falls down to avoid contact. It's tough to see because the back is way out of position and flops to avoid the rush. The last clip is on the Guard though, as he has to choose between two rushers and takes the outside rusher instead of the inside rusher. That's a fatal error. Base protection is always inside-out, blocking the nearest threat. Inside man is always the choice here. He blows it.
  9. Let's play Devils Advocate.

    Fair enough. I've been very critical. I don't deny that. It's been a long time and a lot of cash on tix and psl payments. And we're rebuilding again. I'm not happy Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Tapatalk
  10. Exactly. they rave about his run stopping for instance. It's his biggest weakness as per every draft scout. Then they knock his coverage ability when coverage is his obvious strong suit, and he was used in man coverage extensively at Ohio State. Fact is, he grades poorly because he's taking on more coverage and handling more athletic receivers than most other LB's. He grades well against the run because he's got horses in front of him, including Bosa, and can range sideline to sideline. But all the tape shows he can't shed a block and gets engulfed at the point of attack. He'll be fine in coverage. He'll need some 4-3 alignments on running downs or he's going to get pounded until he puts on some weight in a year or two.
  11. punter.. Tom Hackett ~ ~ ~

    Because McCagnan sucks. Eventually you'll all come around to my thinking on this. Takes some longer than others.
  12. Let's play Devils Advocate.

    Just ownership and GM. When the last super bowl appearance was 1969, the fans have every right to be critical.
  13. sometimes fans sadly know more

    Lol the people who run this team fire a coach or GM every couple of years, sometimes based on billboards! Pete Carroll lasted one season. It is insanity the way the organization is run.
  14. Jets Add Clemson WR Charone Peake (Round 7)

    This is great value pick. Tons of upside. This "small hands" nonsense has to stop. I coach 14 year olds and they catch just fine, regardless of hand size. By that logic, Willie Colon should be a better receiver than Santana Moss.