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  1. Simple to me. Damon Harrison ate up two blockers and still collapsed the pocket consistently. he's gone, sacks are down across the board. JPP meanwhile, is having a career season with half a hand. As it turns out snacks was the more crucial player to keep than Wilkerson and would have cost less.
  2. He had 8 tackles and two TFLS He's not quite dead Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Tapatalk
  3. Considering the truckload of cap space Mac inherited from Idzik, not exactly a ringing endorsement of Mac's abilities
  4. Oh. And Old Man Harris leads the team in tackles. Next closest is 15 tackles behind. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Tapatalk
  5. David harris Because he's David harris He just keeps coming. young harris. old harris. doesn't matter he doesn't care He just keeps playing hard Because he doesn't know how not to. I love this guy. he's the only bet worth keeping
  6. No way. this fan base has been beaten battered and humiliated for decades. they've been priced out, extorted and forced to endure Tim Tebow, Jason Taylor, and further, more vexing embarrassments. regime changes every three years. 12 DOLLAR BEERS. and they show up on this board and in the stands every damned year hoping for the best. 3 wins this year. I blame no one for staying home. not one single bit. you want asses in the seats? field a competitive team. otherwise you get what you deserve.
  7. Shane we can't afford to lose that lightening rod of brilliance tempered with a puposeful dimness. the equilibrium of one representing the balance of the many. also our punter is real good
  8. Already? I thought ge was a wasted draft pick and said so when we took him turns out Petty is as limited as advertised. I would also like to add that Hackenberg in the 2nd was a garbage decision by Mac. neither of them are nfl QBS. so we still have no franchise QB on this roster and no real developmental prospect either.
  9. Shuler? Should have went with Roger Vick of Mike Haight.
  10. Marshall Peake Anderson Which is the most valuable to this team right now. Special teams count. Just wondering because last year's second rounder could be in the mix soon. Who goes if anyone?
  11. Seattle has no offensive line. None. I'm amazed at how badly they've neglected that unit. I mean it's obvious and awful.
  12. Basically the same personnel on the field as last year with some notable exceptions. No ivory. No Dbrick. No Breno. We simply can't run the ball. There's a reason Dak Prescott is successful in his rookie year. A reason Sanchez was successfulin his first two years. If you don't have an elite QB, you need to be balanced on O. Forte was a force versus Buffalo and we won. We haven't run consistently since. And our QB can run an offense, but no way e can carry a team.
  13. Fitz sucks so no excuses there. But no matter who gets behind center...the Oline is atrocious. Can't run because the line is overpowered. Forced throws because the QB is on the run. No push, no protection no depth. And no answers. Thats on Mac. A ton of cash two years ago and he spent it on Skrine and Revis and Marshall and Forte and Fitzpatrick and guess what? The line is bad and the offense sucks.
  14. I think we define political a bit differently. The protest is meant to bring about social change. That's done through legislation and through grass roots movements. Both are political. Threads get closed based on a very different type of political argument. Which I won't bring up for fear this turns into a Trump/Hillary debacle. I want no part of that. It's a discussion on protest and what it means to different people. I think we can do that without mudslinging. We've butted heads before without getting personal or insulting. Hopefully others can do the same. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Tapatalk
  15. Fair enough means I understand why you want to stop the conversation. You're not conceding defeat, just choosing to disengage. That's fair. I'll do the same. I asked for reason and that seems reasonable. Nothing more. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Tapatalk