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  1. Wow. This was without question the most nonsensical article I've read on any topic all year. No proof, no smoking gun, no statement by the athletes...just the argument that Florham Park...which is beautiful by the way and hosts one of the best athletic facilities in the entire league, isn't California? Or is it because the Jets are a bad team? Because I'm pretty sure the best players go to the teams with the worst records on draft day. So WTF is that argument. This article should be titled: One easy trick to lose a QB! Or What QB's don't want you to know! Or, seven reasons Doctors hate Darnold... number five will shock you!
  2. History Repeating Itself?

    Perhaps after the huge cap purge they can hire a new Gm to sign a bunch of over-the-hill, overpriced vets, spend every penny of the cap, fall just short of a playoff run, then cut everybody and rebuild again!
  3. These clips surprised me. I can't believe how far off the cliff Forte has fallen. Wide open field and he's running into the nearest tackler. He's got no wiggle and breaks no tackles. At all. Yuck.
  4. 6 of the Jets Last 10 First Round Picks...

    Leo is good, not great. He gets way too much love for his production on the field. This is what happens when a team is utterly devoid of talent. A decent player gets suddenly elevated to star status. Fact is, he was a high draft pick at a position in which we were already stacked. It could be argued that his acquisition led to the release of Snacks, who is a far superior player and likely an all-pro in the making. So, in retrospect, drafting Leo was a dumbass move and a wasted pick. he'll eventually demand more money than snacks due to his elevated draft position and overrated production, just like Wilkerson. Mac's BAP at all costs mentality is mind-numbingly myopic in this situation. Given he added a good player to lose a great one, and spent a pick he could've used elsewhere whit more value to the team, I would argue against those who gush over his pick of Leo.
  5. Todd Bowles decision is indefensible

    So the Jets are offensively impaired and therefore its best to burn all timeouts on defense and pray for an on-sides recovery so that the offense can then drive the field and score twice in under three minutes? Or are you saying they were throwing in the towel four minutes before the end of the game down 9 points? I'm not sure of the point of view here.
  6. Not a good sign for Darron Lee

    David Harris was a beast run-stuffing backer. Lee was supposed to be the speed guy that could cover TE's, etc. He's far too small to be what Harris was to this team. He simply gets run over or pushed aside. The problem is he was a bad fit here from the start.
  7. How can anyone still defend Macagnan?

    I'd argue that a true rebuild starts with one unit and one unit only...offensive line. Without it you can't develop a qb, your WR's can't finish a route and you have no running game to fall back on. Even if the Jets should get their star QB next year, he'll be beaten to death before he can be any good. Dak Prescott started with an excellent Oline, the 'Boys did it right. Andrew Luck, who has twice the talent, is a wasted cap hit, because there is no supporting cast on that team, and no protection. Colts did it wrong. And then you have the Jets starting the likes of Brent Qvale, Wesley Johnson and Kelvin Beachum (at LT no less). This team is years away from building a competitive roster.
  8. That's the bitch of it right there. Anyone notice that Mo and Sheldon's play dropped off dramatically when Snacks left? And JPP is suddenly all-world. After spending first round picks on Mo, Leo and Sheldon, they neglected to sign the best UDFA this team has seen since Jason Ferguson and Wayne Chrebet.
  9. Lookalikes

  10. 2 season tickets- section 109 below face value

    Lower price $2,000
  11. Hi all, due to a recent work-schedule change, I'll be unable to attend most games this year. My loss is your gain. Section 109, row 15, on the Jets' bench side. Parking Pass included. Bathrooms and beer garden at the top of the aisle. right on the goal line. couldn't ask for a better view or more convenient location. I'm eating the PSL payment for the year, and even discounting the seats to sell off the season as whole instead of parceling out game-by-game. I'm paying $3054 with parking pass. Selling for $2554...$500 off. Reply or PM.
  12. The Pats won the bug game and actually improved in the offseason. Teams don't rebuild in the salary cap era. They manage the money and improve incrementally, or they mismanage the money and become worse. Keeping spending under control by paying your vets fairly and not breaking the bank on a single position while adding young talent via the draft and free agency...that's the new blueprint. Bad drafting can be forgiven if the team is well managed. The draft is often a crap shoot.
  13. There is one thing that's quite concerning... regarding whether Hackenberg should start or not after being the 51st pick: Leberfeld: Do you think there are too many people making too big a deal about the 51st pick in the draft not playing yet? He was not a top-five first round pick. Bowles: Not my call or my concern. Not his call? What's not his call? Who starts at QB? or the opinions of those calling to start Hack? "Not my call" seems suspiciously like he's been playing the puppet to someone else's personnel decisions. Mac? Woody? Hmmm...perhaps Bowles is annoyed because he's just a figure head with no real decision-making authority when it comes to the QBs.
  14. JETS --GIANTS Official Pre-Season Game Thread

    You don't think a WR screen is an easy pass play? It's the highest percentage route that exists. He just couldn't do it. Or anything else. Sometimes a player is exactly what he looks to be. We all waited for Gholston to turn the corner.
  15. Which is why its on the GM. No matter the coach, if the roster is garbage the team is garbage. With an excellent roster, even Rex nearly put us in the big game--with a rookie QB.
  16. Nah. Pissing away a huge pile of money and having a worse roster to show for it, plus the second highest dead cap money in the league. That's what did it for me. Though two safeties didn't help
  17. Grade Hackenberg's Pre-season Week 2 Performance

    That's Powell's block. he needs to cut the rusher there, and Hack needs to go hot immediately. The OL are covered on the offensive right, so they have head-up to inside first there. The tackle (Shell?) is actually taking on the DE (regardless of his label he is playing outside the left DT head-up on the OT, making him a DE on this particular play. The free runner would actually count as a rush OLB in this scenario, and as such would be considered a "blitzer" which the QB must recognize and relay to the OL and backs to adjust protection. Either he didn't do that, or Powell missed the assignment. The worst part of this play isn't on Hack, however. It's on all of the OL except Winters who shows good feet and excellent strength in stonewalling his man---everyone else is a damn-near jailbreak. Hack gets killed even if the free rusher trips and falls, because there are at least two, and possibly three guys on top of him in a heartbeat. This line is a travesty.
  18. Gotcha. Andrew Luck says hi.
  19. The roster is crap and its on Mac, no one else. Even if we tank for a top QB...we have no top-flight receivers and he's allowed the offensive line to atrophy into a less-than-mediocre mess. Even Sanchez had a top five Oline and solid receivers in Braylon and Holmes. Everyone thinking we can just be a bottom dwelling dreg this year and suddenly draft a QB and be in the playoff hunt for the next ten years is sadly mistaken.
  20. But Steve Young sat the Bench to begin his career and so did Aaron Rodgers. So that's obviously how you develop a young Quarterback
  21. Holy crap someone actually mentioned Matt Simms before I did. Sorry for not reading the entire thread.
  22. But they've been evaluating. There's a reason that, after two training camps and a full season in the system, the coaches didn't let the kid throw anything down the field. Nothing. He's the third best QB on this roster. He's Matt Simms at a higher cost with a lesser pedigree.
  23. I was at the game and tbh Hack was not as good as everyone here is letting on. He refused to even attempt a downfield throw, even when he had ASJ wide open crossing over the middle. He checked down and dumped off the entire game. The play calling also completely coddled the guy. He didn't suck. That's about it.
  24. DEBUT of the JETS #6 pick 2017

    Master plan huh? Plan. Dunno I haven't seen any plan-type moves in Mac's repertoire yet. Unless pissing away a sh*t ton of cap space on players that are no longer with the team, only to lose the cap space and players, plus the best homegrown players in Snacks and harris, Brick and Mangold, only to have the second most dead cap in the league, and the worst roster, and possibly the historically worst offense in the ******* NFL...was all part of the double secret master plan. In which case Mac is a damn genius.