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  1. never really understood the point of this
  2. don't think i can get outta work on time. drink your water!
  3. That's actually a Glenn Foley with the name plate cut off the back lol
  4. Did you close the deal yet?
  5. no chance
  6. http://www.newyorkjets.com/team/depth-chart.html No real surprises. Giacomini is still PUP I'm assuming? Villanova man Ijalana starting in the interim. I do not like seeing Kellen Davis over Amaro. Has Amaro sucked so far in camp?
  7. here's ours... many years ago
  8. heading down route 17, post-game
  9. For roughly the past 20 years my dad, brothers and I have taken a 1987 "Minnie Winnie" to every Jet home game, and many other locations (Heinz Field, Gillette several times, Buffalo several times, etc etc). We don't really know tailgating any other way. Actually just last week we dropped it off with an RV guy in Hackensack who is re-doing all of our upholstery, carpets, and ceiling so we are righty-tighty for the season. Totally recommend getting one, if you have a place to keep it of course. It looks like this (though this is not ours):
  10. Agree with this line of thinking, thanks. Especially with this news that it might not be the trans, but actually the powertrain control module. Going to take it to a dealer for a careful diagnostic and see what they say.
  11. LJR - i'm a pretty light driver. Sidenote: i actually just got a call from the transmission shop that it might not actually be the transmission. they say that it might be an electric issue (PCM maybe) outside of hte transmission Now they are just playing with my emotions!!
  12. I'm sure you have common sense, but you're pretty bad at reading posts in context apparently.
  13. Never said you didn't have common sense. Was saying (pretty clearly actually) that common sense makes scoring tickets in the parking lot very easy. What I'll also say now, is that you get defensive really, really easily. OP asked for opinions on tickets, and I gave mine. Sorry if it conflicts with yours. No need to be a baby.
  14. generally agree with your sentiment...especially since there will invariably be other sh*t that pops up in the near future requiring nickel and dime fixes at the same time, 150k miles for a well maintained '98 ZJ isn't "that" many...at least in terms of, maybe seeking a second opinion.
  15. RELATED: would love to get a 2nd opinion, so if anyone has a transmission mechanic recommendation in the bergen county area, i'd love to hear!