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  1. every thread. the same.
  2. No, that's the giddy-up on your '97 Beamer
  3. I don't totally buy into the idea that we're in shambles for years to come. More troublesome than some of the (Revis) big contracts is the fact that our very best players are our very oldest players. Now, I think Maccagnan has done a pretty decent job with his draft classes so far, bringing in younger players who actually make an impact. But the fact that we still simultaneously lean on our old guys is evidence that we are trying to rebuild build while competing, and that's a very delicate balance to strike. If I had to boil down our biggest issues, they are: #1 - #100 - we do not have a franchise QB (Sperm's line about Bryce becoming a top 10 QB made me laugh and cry at the same time), and #101 - our aging offensive line.
  4. one post away from 50k. do it.
  5. Weird. Guy seems like a drunk mess.
  6. All things that are true. But I believe you've seen enough Jet football to agree with my statement about our first two losses...
  7. Man, some of you guys are pretty insufferable after losses. Newsflash: anyone who says yesterday (or Week 1) was "one of the top 5 most excruciating Jet losses I've ever seen" is either more histrionic than TomShane during the Bacheolorette, or 8 years old. Get over it. Anyway, onto Seattle. Jets have a huge task at home next Sunday at MetLife, where they have actually been pretty good lately. Seattle travels well and obviously now has a huge bandwagon following, so there will probably be at least 15,000 Seahawks fans pissing on SAR I's 1994 5-series. Should be a live atmosphere. AND - @Maxman will be baptizing his new RV, so I really don't see how we lose. Who will be the player of the game? I'm saying Darron Lee. Guy is a monster. Go Jets.
  8. Sick burn bro!
  9. Keep telling yourself that, ye pathetic fanboy of college kids. Take solace in your "deep connection" to your non-alma mater. I'll take solace in being the reigning champs, at an all-time great game I witnessed.
  10. A complete nonsense decision. Not that I would expect a delusional fanboy of UNC, a school that gets away with rulebook murder, to have any sense of why.
  11. oh my bad i forgot about your "deep connection" LOL
  12. when were you a student at UNC? oh
  13. Gonna have to wrestle away the crown.
  14. The O-Line was a pleasant surprise last night. I felt like Fitz caught some heat off the edges a few times, but generally was kept pretty clean. As much as I like to make fun of Rex, and Buffalo, they have a pretty respectable front 7. Was especially impressed with the job Wesley Johnson did filling in for Carpenter (hopefully his injury isn't bad though - we really need him). For the OL junkies out there, what is going on at RT? Seemed to my amateur eye that Ijalana (obvious bias in my signature notwithstanding) played a better game than Qvale. How long is a RT rotation sustainable?