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  1. Quality post as usual, skankhunt42
  2. Unfortunately for the Tank rooters, I think Geno will perform reasonably well on Sunday and the Jets will win.
  3. I think that many scouts think so.
  4. Jets will, without question, amass 6 wins and miss out on Deshaun Watson.
  5. OH DEAR. Get real with yourself.
  6. David Ortiz took steroids. He failed a test for it, too. At least one. People forget that. Cya Papi!
  7. Is this real? Holy smokes
  8. SOJ

    No, I don't disagree with anything you posted. I'm just utterly stunned that you're older than 14. This is amazing!!!
  9. SOJ

    Serious question - you were alive in 1969? You post like a 6th grader with split personality.
  10. Well put. Pretty hard to find the pony at the bottom of yesterday's pile of sh*t. Just felt like we were getting ready to dig in for yet another season of being entirely second-rate.
  11. every thread. the same.
  12. No, that's the giddy-up on your '97 Beamer