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  1. lololol junk sucks
  2. You guys got ROBBED, man!!! No one would understand, unless they had as much of a ***deep, special connection*** to the university they never attended as you do.
  3. Do you think he's good?
  4. UNC got hosed last night! Totally unfair officiating! If you watched that game, and don't think the refs were completely unfair, and that UNC got hosed, you do NOT know what you're talking about.
  5. Your "points" are not even worth addressing. They, like you, are such utter garbage.
  6. Ah, so you missed the first half, but you're able to speak definitively on the entire game. Goes pretty well with your shtick generally, Mr. Special Connection. It's pretty funny how you fancy yourself some sort of even-handed arbiter on college basketball but laughably bitch and moan about the officiating in the national championship game. You are, as everyone else who has ever posted in this thread would agree, a complete joke, Mr. Special Connection.
  7. You and your "special connection" clearly didn't watch the game. The first half was called incredibly lopsided in favor of UVA. Your title game tears though, are still absolutely ****in delicious.
  8. lol god your act is tired
  9. Your posts are always so edgy and cool
  10. Call me when UNC is ranked in the top 10, fan girl
  11. A cogent argument, indeed, but still not enough to dissuade me.
  12. Insert reasons below. Thanks in advance.
  13. u like UNCW -11 tonight?