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  1. Oh, god. Some amazing takes in this thread already.
  2. If this happens I'll be taking a year off
  3. Nice post BANDWAGON
  4. What a classic post above lol
  5. "There is no traffic at the stadium, ever. It is great" - SAR I, probably
  6. I guess I am indeed a bandwagoner. Before my senior year of high school (2004) I had no interest in Villanova whatsoever. Good call. What's your excuse? Infatuation with college kids from UNC?
  7. Pretty good posting by SAR in this thread, to be honest. I'd suggest he buy the team if he didn't make well under $100k a year.
  8. No this makes you a dick, actually. LOL
  9. while predictable, your answers to the 30 years and Stadium Design points are fair and well thought out. the Egress thing is indefensible. If you think it is FASTER to get out of Metlife than it was Giants Stadium, you are just deluding yourself. Giants Stadium had 8 spirals that were very fast to get down, even from the upper tier, and 3 escalators at all 4 gates that went directly to each level. MetLife makes you snake through the entire lower level just to get to the mezzanine (which is where I sit, and where I know you sit). It is completely ridiculous. What's more is that the escalators, as they did Sunday, frequently break down and strand people in one of the ridiculous, bifurcated lines they create. Even for a sparsely attended game like the remaining games will be, it takes me no less than 20 minutes to get out of MetLife from my seats in Section 204. It took me about 3 minutes to get out of Giants Stadium from Section 308. The way it is currently set up is completely ridiculous and DANGEROUS. If there is ever an incident, heaven forbid, many people could die. In fact, the other day I instituted a complaint with the NJ Division of Fire Safety about this very thing, as the Jets and Giants have repeatedly refused to listen.
  10. I don't think chimnea's produce as much heat. Also think sitting around a firepit with a group (while it is smellier, yes) is much more enjoyable.
  11. You spelled *dumb wrong.
  12. How do you feel about the facts that: 1) after 30 years, this current stadium will in all likelihood be razed and we will all forced to pay new PSL's (or whatever ****in ripoff mechanism they come up with and 2) MetLife stadium is a drab, soul-less, boring, nightmare-to-get-out-of piece of sh*t, and there's no denying it.