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  1. Anti-Tank Week in the NFL

    I'm not even going to dignify this with a response.
  2. Anti-Tank Week in the NFL

    Can't ******* take the tool losers around here complaining about drubbing Miami. Get ****ed.
  3. NFL QBs in 2018

    Week 1 got me thinking about how crazy the QB carousel could get next offseason, given all the good or very good quarterbacks that will be available, combined with the potentially insane incoming draft class: Veterans Drew Brees will be 39 in January, the Saints suck, and it doesn't seem like an extension is being worked on at all (although it later could be). Brees would obviously make the most sense for a team that has pieces in places and is ready to make a run before its window closes, but determining who that will be in the NFL a year in advance is a tough exercise. Arizona? Sam Bradford is about to turn 30 and will be a UFA after the season. He showed some promise last season of finally living up to the hype, and last night looked like Drew Brees against the Saints. The Vikings might have a tough call to make as between he and Teddy Bridgewater, if he recovers from that mangled knee. Someone, whether Minnesota or someone else, will pay Bradford a LOT of money this offseason. Alex Smith, like Bradford, dazzled in Week 1. The West Coast dink and dunker turned in a monster 10.5 Y/A, 4 TD 0 INT showing against the Super Bowl champs. Smith's full body of work would suggest that this performance was more of an aberration than a sign of things to come. But, with Pat Mahomes knocking on the door and Smith's FA looming, a few more games like the opener will get him paid almost as much as Bradford. Teddy Bridgewater - see above. Kirk Cousins has probably gotten the most buzz of the guys in this group to this point, and it doesn't seem like he and the Washington brass have the best relationship. But there may not be a better fit from him than where he is now. Jimmy Garoppolo - ah, the intrigue. Tom Brady looked more like Tom Shane in Week 1. Again, I will summon the full body of work to suggest that Brady will be just fine. But the more he looks like a creaky old lady, the harder pressed the Pats will be to let Garoppolo slip out the door into a huge payday, which he will undoubtedly get. Josh McCown - jk. 2018 NFL Draft Potential First Round QB Prospects (in order of how strong my Jets boner is for them) Sam Darnold Josh Rosen Lamar Jackson Josh Allen Mason Rudolph Baker Mayfield Luke Falk
  4. Hurricane Irma - Part Two

    God, you're garbage.
  5. Jets Bets Thread!

    lol true. I think 4 is a good number to hit for an over. My reasons: 1) I think the Jets will over-achieve a little bit, maybe to 6 wins; 2) it will add a tiny bit of juice to watching the games, instead of just being content with them losing / tanking; 3) speaking of tanking, when they win 6 games and destroy their draft position, at least i'll get paid.
  6. Jets Bets Thread!

    ( @Maxman & Co. --- if this topic is not kosher for some reason, apologies and please delete) Thought it would be nice to have a thread devoted to some degenerate JET (or NFL) betting, since, let's be honest, that's really all we have to get ourselves excited about this season as it currently stands. Does anyone have any action in, either for Super Bowl / conference champs, season long O/U's, or Week 1? As far as the Jets, I am thinking of throwing some action on over 4 wins (+160) and Jets +7, under 40.5 in week 1 (assuming Tyrod doesn't play).
  7. sounds like an ILLEGAL LEAK of #FakeNews. Very unfair!
  8. First Time to NYC

    Some quick additional "touristy" plugs: Brooklyn Bridge High Line Bryant Park (good to visit immediately upon escaping Times Square) If you like museums, American Museum of Natural History is a must (Upper West Side... and Shake Shack is across the street!)... also the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the "Met") is immediately across the park on the east side, and has a really stunning rooftop bar overlooking the park and the skyline. If you're a history nerd like I am I have a few other tips I could share.
  9. First Time to NYC

    This is a good opinion lol. Agree with Larz on Kean's though.
  10. First Time to NYC

    Don't you live in Syracuse or something? @j_wert40, I've edited Shane's post and will give some other suggestions later
  11. 2016-17 NCAA Basketball Thread

    How in the ******* world does Bagley have eligibility for 2017
  12. Attention: PSL Thiefs

    what kind of deal did you get? how many tix / price per PSL?
  13. Jets are so boned in the 2018 draft.
  14. Parking Pass for Titans Game?

    Looking for one... does anyone have one they can give me?