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  1. You try way too hard for a guy who makes a solid $70k a year
  2. In with first "black hole" joke
  3. Can't argue the draw was terrible, but they choked. Very gutting. Hopefully next year is better.
  4. ****.
  5. The East is brutal, but fun (especially on this thread, it seems..) Not a huge fan of Nova having to deal with Wisconsin in the 2nd round. I'm sure they aren't either. Waiting to hear back from the university whether I am able to purchase East regional tickets. They are going for a very pretty penny otherwise...
  6. Great move for him and that team. Maybe Odell will grow up now.
  7. Financing PSL - not done yet
  8. Only upgrading if it's for pennies on the dollar. No interest in moving into a MORE expensive PSL.
  9. That's nuts. We have 6 PSL's in 204, and I'm going to monitor this over the offseason to try and upgrade. Only lame part is if you ARE able to snag some in, say, the lower tier 20 yard line area, the ticket price per game skyrockets
  10. BIG MAC
  11. You have it backwards. Everything they are doing is correct. The tank is on.
  12. Tyrod is too good for what we are trying, without much pretense, to accomplish here.
  13. Lol. This is the first time I have ever even considered endorsing an enormous tank job for the following year's draft.