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  1. Your posts are always so edgy and cool
  2. Call me when UNC is ranked in the top 10, fan girl
  3. A cogent argument, indeed, but still not enough to dissuade me.
  4. Insert reasons below. Thanks in advance.
  5. u like UNCW -11 tonight?
  6. Another terrific thread
  7. Not even a solemn, special connection is enough to keep a man from the solitude of his vacation. I respect that actually.
  8. Quiet round here
  9. If you take the RV you'll instantly have the biggest house in Tampa
  10. WTF is the point of playing Hackenberg in Week 17? Nothing good can come of it, whether he performs like sh*t or like Peyton Manning.
  11. This kind of stuff is why I was totally opposed to the WSS at the time. My family are from Bergen County and regular parking lot tailgaters and all that . But now (and not only because I live on the West side...) I think the WSS would've been a pretty amazing thing. The crown jewel stadium in the world's greatest city, hosting international events like the Olympics, Super Bowl, Final Four, etc. etc., apart from the Giants, with a design that didn't look like a big toaster. I also think NJ people could've made the tailgating work. There would have been parking lots in Weehawken with convenient shuttles across. In retrospect, this was a generational missed opportunity.
  12. If it weren't raining, way over. With rain, probably about 30.
  13. I loathe and detest Woody, but this isn't true. If you want a dartboard photo for why the WSS didn't happen, print Sheldon Silver's.
  14. Much enjoyed my trip out to SF this past weekend. If the date lines up right, might return for Oakland. Tampa and NO are the other two I'll look at.