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  1. Agree with this line of thinking, thanks. Especially with this news that it might not be the trans, but actually the powertrain control module. Going to take it to a dealer for a careful diagnostic and see what they say.
  2. LJR - i'm a pretty light driver. Sidenote: i actually just got a call from the transmission shop that it might not actually be the transmission. they say that it might be an electric issue (PCM maybe) outside of hte transmission Now they are just playing with my emotions!!
  3. I'm sure you have common sense, but you're pretty bad at reading posts in context apparently.
  4. Never said you didn't have common sense. Was saying (pretty clearly actually) that common sense makes scoring tickets in the parking lot very easy. What I'll also say now, is that you get defensive really, really easily. OP asked for opinions on tickets, and I gave mine. Sorry if it conflicts with yours. No need to be a baby.
  5. generally agree with your sentiment...especially since there will invariably be other sh*t that pops up in the near future requiring nickel and dime fixes at the same time, 150k miles for a well maintained '98 ZJ isn't "that" many...at least in terms of, maybe seeking a second opinion.
  6. RELATED: would love to get a 2nd opinion, so if anyone has a transmission mechanic recommendation in the bergen county area, i'd love to hear!
  7. Sure. How many guys do you go with? The first step is to eliminate the word "scalper" from your lexicon (not sure who if this is who you're asking about, anyway). Everytime I pick up tickets in the parking lot, whether it's at a Jets game, Devils, Yankees, etc., I don't even talk to scalpers. Regular folks with extra tickets, only. Getting there early and tailgating as you do gives you a nice advantage... all you need to do really is walk around the lot and mingle with other tailgaters, and ask who has extra tickets. And, despite the fact that it's more stressful, the closer you get to gametime, the cheaper the tickets are, of course.
  8. Lol if you've gone to every game for 100 years, I've gone for 99, and I'm telling you that: Scoring tickets in the parking lot at MetLife Stadium is a better bet than a Jets pre-season division title. I asked OP whether he's looking for 1 or 2 or for multiple, because if he's only looking for 1 or 2--as long as it's not the Patriots game-- there is virtually no risk. And you forgot a "0" on the amount of money that could be saved, easily.
  9. Just got the macabre news that my 1998 jeep grand cherokee (149,000 miles) (my first car) likely needs a rebuilt transmission, which would cost about $1700. Needless to say, I am kinda bummed and trying to figure out whether I should get it fixed, or just get rid of the car and lease a new one. I live in the city so I drive very lightly (predominantly in the summer) and could easily fit in a <10k mile lease. I'm kinda 50/50 on what I should do...the car has sentimental value and, although needs a few other nickel and dime repair, has a good engine in it and is relatively low miles for how old it is. But, I could probably qualify for a pretty good, low miles/low money down lease. anyone have any thoughts?
  10. It's not a risk if you have a shred of discretion or common sense. Tickets at a Jets game are so incredibly incredibly easy to come by in the parking lot, for dirt cheap. If I didn't go to games with a group of 6, I would absolutely not have season tickets and get tickets this way every single week.
  11. How many of there are you? Frankly, if it's just 2 of you, I would just drive to the stadium and pick up tickets in the parking lot from fans who have extras. If you're not afraid of that, or whatever, you can get a tremendous deal on great seats. Much better than wasting money on stubhub.
  12. Happy for Cleveland, but I find it so, so, so difficult to like LeBron.
  13. I haven't seen an internet buffoon so disliked and so constantly wrong about everything since Donald Trump
  14. @greenwichjetfan @Jetsfan80 idk what you guys are so riled up about. I quite enjoy the image of the middle-aged non-alum message board poster being a very excited little fangirl about the UNC field hockey and lacrosse teams.
  15. It could honestly just be one of the punters, with Peake / Marshall / Shell / maybe the kicker on the practice squad. Edit: forgot about Burris. He will make it.