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  1. Which HC decision was worse?

    Doesn't matter. If made, it still would've been one of the 2 or 3 longest kicks in Heinz field history at the time.  Kickers are mental midgets, and they did him no favors.
  2. Which HC decision was worse?

    Herm having Chad fall down and not getting more yardage for Brien in 2004 was an all-time boner
  3. Nothing lasts forever, as we know. For all the talk about how ancient Peyton Manning is, Tom Brady will be 39 at the start of next season. Sure, he says he's going to play well into his 40's, but I'm sure getting pulverized by the Broncos D-Line gives him pause. So, what will it be like when their dynasty ends? Will the AFC see more than the same 3-4 teams go to the Super Bowl every single year? Will the empty bench look of Foxboro Stadium return to Patsy land? Will this message board be far less populated with Patsy slime? (or will they double down?) I'm giddy at the thought, and hopeful that with the Jets seemingly ascending, it could finally finally finally finally finally be in sight.
  4. RG III Anyone hes a free agent,

    If Max doesn't cut joewilly12, this message board will be in salary cap hell for the foreseeable future.
  5. "Crawfish shorts, I like your style"

    Ten thousand posts on a Jets board.
  6. 2016 -- Who Do You Want To Start at QB?

    Drew Brees.  But if not, fine with Fitz.
  7. Brick ain't what he used to be, had an up and down year, and is a subject of a lot of flack on this board... but he is an all-time Jet and that is a ridiculous ridiculous streak for a humungous tackle
  8. Mods should shut the site down for a week

    I've been there once before for a game, and say the exact same thing.  Not worth 6+ hour drive, either.  (Maybe for a playoff game I'd reconsider, but that's it)
  9. Crying over spilled milk, but...

    ohhhh yep.
  10. Good little write-up.  One thought... if Fitz gets 10m per year... would you rather spend 15m on Drew Brees should the Saints cut him?
  11. Glennon

    Why, to trash the franchise's best-ever offense and get Mike Glennon, of course!  Isn't it obvious?
  12. Monday Morning Masochism

    I forgot the ButtFumble and Victor Cruz games    
  13. How are you feeling?

    We haven't felt this way in a while because we've sucked and been playing meaningless games under jerkoff Rex for a long time.  Oh well.