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  1. SAR paying a PSL for a slightly obstructed view seat is.... well.... awesome.
  2. If the Knicks had won 33 instead of 31 games, they'd be picking 3rd . Lol
  3. Funny enough, my mom NEVER came to a Jets game with me, my dad, or my three brothers. The rest of us have been to probably 200 some odd games together by now, but my mom used to value getting us out of the house on a Sunday afternoon.
  4. You are a sad middle-aged man obsessed with kids who play basketball at a college you never went to.
  5. Brandon Marshall just tweeted this article. Flame on! http://www.miaminewtimes.com/news/miami-union-president-javier-ortiz-was-cop-who-fought-arrested-nfls-robby-anderson-9333914
  6. LOL this was the most predictable reply in the history of message boards. Curt, is that you? MAGA MAGA!
  7. Man, you need to get back on your twitter account. I just checked it... Trump totally killed your spirit. Sad!
  8. I don't care if Hackenberg completed 15% of his passes in practice last year. He should start over McCown.
  9. I can't believe this is actually a debate. I can't believe people (writers?) think McCown should be the day 1 QB.
  10. I think it's the hope / assumption that Hackenberg starting 16 games is our best shot at tanking (probably accurate). At the same time, as much of a long shot as it is that Hackenberg is any good, his long-term ceiling for the Jets is way higher than the 38 year old proven-dud Josh McCown. (Also, based on that draft pick projection, I think you're over-estimating the amount of W's McCown will get us...)
  11. Rangers blowna two goal lead and the Devils win the lottery. WHat a day.
  12. I can't defend this one. Wow.
  13. Guy's pretty old. Did have a decent year with McCown. Pretty agnostic on it, but I guess at 1 yr I'd be okay with it?
  14. I don't think safety, or any position for that matter, is particularly "easy" to fill with a player of the caliber that Adams is projected as being. I get your argument (and generally agree with it) regarding using the draft to take premium positions (QB, OT, CB, pass rusher), but there's not a single player any any of those positions that would have been nearly as impactful for the Jets, either in the short or long term, as Jamal Adams. The fact that some of the major detractors of the pick here were stanning for Solomon Thomas, especially given our roster and what they say we "need", makes me wonder if ANYTHING would have satisfied them.