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  1. Claim Zach Mettenberger

    Interesting, I thought TEN thought highly of him as a backup. Is the waiver order the same as the draft order? Wonder if he ends up in Cleveland
  2. NFL Turning Point: Jets vs. Giants. NFL Films

    That was a fun day.
  3. 2015-16 NCAA Basketball

  4. When the oncologist - EDITED

    u got this, she got this
  5. Peake or Marshall?

    I think both. Marshall Decker (1 and 2 are obvious) Smith (not sure if he'll be the 3, but he obviously isn't going anywhere - in fact, might be PUP to start) Thompkins (think they keep him for his size and blocking) Enunwa (will be on the field more than Smith and Thompkins, but doesn't really factor into the WR "depth chart" due to his status as an "H" back / quasi Tight End. Peake (think he sticks due to rare size speed combination, and ceiling to maybe one day replace either Marshall or Decker). Marshall (think he sticks as the team's main punt returner, which we don't have, special teams ace, and swiss army knife)
  6. Wednesday morning QB

  7. Hey Savage 69

    @Savage69 what do you think about Curtis Martin? Greatest of all time or only top 3?
  8. Grade the Pick: Darron Lee

    You realize you post like Donald Trump tweets, right?
  9. Jaylon Smith - how high?

    How high can you justify taking this guy? Would he be worth a 3rd if he's even still there? Have talked to some hardcore ND folks who say that Smith is the best ND defender they have ever seen
  10. Under Woody's Ownership

    SoFla are you upset?
  11. This is what I dont understand.

    Yet another 50,000 word post to just say "wah I want Glennon"
  12. A home day game on Christmas eve would've totally totally sucked. Especially since the Jets have a knack for ruining holidays. It'll be nice to watch that one at home. What didn't work out so great is all these damn night games. Pretty much no way around getting back to the city at 1am for those damn things.
  13. UNC gets a new Notice of Allegations

  14. UNC gets a new Notice of Allegations

    Yeah but you're a middle aged ***NON ALUM*** so it won't really be the same, but that's cool. Also, you lost this one!!! LOL!!! Also, here's another video for you to suck on:
  15. UNC gets a new Notice of Allegations

    Students react and rejoice. These kids, as ALUMNI of Villanova University (who won't turn into just middle aged losers with no real affiliation to the university whatsoever) will never, ever, ever forget this moment.