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  1. Lol You disagree with facts in place of your fiction? Mmm-Kay.
  2. Impossible for this GM, even if he wanted to. If the team tanks in 2017, after a hideous 2016, Maccagnan gets fired in early January of 2018.
  3. Ah, but you're assuming Maccagnan wouldn't be tossed along with Bowles after 2017. If the team is doing poorly after another season, especially after what looks to be another offseason of big/new spending, I don't know that Maccagnan gets another 3 by hiring his own HC. A GM that undergoes a "competitive rebuild" is one who takes no following season's job security for granted. If he could get a sure 3 more years after 2016, instead of only a sure 1 more year, I think he'd grab it or risk lifelong regret.
  4. I don't get how you're disagreeing. This is why I say he'd fire Bowles. It buys him an absolute minimum of two more years, and quite likely ≥3 more years. Before that 2-3 yrs is up, he may be in line for an extension (and GM contracts are all guaranteed). Getting tied to another's HC hire... well, his predecessor saw how that panned out for him. He didn't even make it to year 3.
  5. Now we can rest. Come back to bed.
  6. If this was granted to Maccagnan, and if he has one functioning brain cell, he'd fire Bowles instantly before Woody changed his mind. Maccagnan keeping Bowles could lead to him getting fired with Bowles after the 2017 season. On the other hand, replacing Bowles would buy the new HC (and by extension, Maccagnan himself) an absolute minimum 2 - and likely at least 3 - more seasons. By that point Maccagnan may be into contract extension time himself. No chance he'd retain Bowles if given the opportunity to replace him in 2017.
  7. Compelling retort. I agree, a lot of "wow" he's really screwed up quite a lot in only 2 seasons. The hardest positions to hit on long term are the very positions he's been charged with finding or replacing. Entering year 3, after all he spending and all the draft picks used, he has not (long term, successfully) filled one of: QB, CB1, CB2, LT, outside pass rusher. See, when one complains about what was inherited, it rings hollow when these most key positions are still gaping holes entering his 3rd season here. It looks far more like he's a continuation of a problem you outlined than part of its solution. That said, if one of his QBs truly hits, I'll likely forgive all of his early stupidity.
  8. They nearly made a trade with Philadelphia, who didn't have as much to offer. A team doesn't get into serious discussions like that if they're not considering a bonanza pkg. I don't think you're nuts for thinking so about Hackenberg. He's just so far from where we'll need him to be & that he's given little to no promise/reason for such optimism at this point. A rookie season is not a career, of course, but he seems a far worse pick today than even the day so many screamed "Reach!" (if not outright laughing) about taking him in round 2. If you are right, I won't give a crap where he was drafted.
  9. Also one of the reasons I liked the pickup was the Jets needed to develop a young QB. Badly. After all the valid criticism of throwing young QBs out there with trashy receivers, this would have been a great opportunity for us. Throw our 1 (pick #6) and #2 (D.Smith) and the following year's #1 (Lee) at Tennessee, and Geno if they even wanted him just for free, and I think that gets us from #6 to #2 to take Mariota. We'd also keep our pick(s) for use on others instead of drafting Petty and then Hackenberg (plus the next one we'll throw away in 2017 or 2018). We'd have had Mariota out there throwing to Marshall & Decker instead of wasting the opportunity on Fitzpatrick. This is an example of why Maccagnan sucks, for all the good play we've gotten (and will get) from of Leonard Williams.
  10. Perhaps. Would White have been a bust (so far) if he didn't rip up his knee in camp as a rookie? Not everyone recovers from that injury as quickly as others.
  11. I think that's way overboard. They have certainly shown positives, but at the same time they do all get spoken of here as though 2-3 of them were already productive starters or sure things for the future.
  12. I like drafting RBs. I just don't like drafting RBs so high, with a pick that hopefully will stay with the team through at least 2 contracts. Not to mention, in that 1 contract they're so often banged up or seriously injured. Rough position. I don't dislike getting an older RB on a 2nd/3rd NFL contract as a rule. They aren't typically bank-breakers, can be good for some stability, leadership, and for experience in picking up blitzes that can keep the QB upright. I do dislike it when an older RB costs a draft pick and the team signs two such 2nd/3rd NFL contract RBs at the same time (Forte/Powell), meaning they're not likely getting a younger back for the next 2 drafts unless they get lucky with a late pick or UDFA.
  13. Meh. The Jets didn't have anywhere close to "the absolute worst WR situation possibly in league history" when Maccagnan took over. In no way was his group merely Gates-Salas-Nelson-Graham. Only Graham was even under contract past 2014 anyway so opinions aside this is not even factually accurate. In March 2015, Chicago called him up and threw Brandon Marshall at him for a song. Partly to separate him & Cutler, partly because they needed his cap room to lock up Jeffery, and lastly because there was an opportunity to draft his replacement with their pick #7 in the upcoming draft. The Jets picked #6 and had a similar need, so making sure the Jets filled this opening in FA more or less guaranteed the WR they coveted (Kevin White) would drop past us at #6. Hardly anyone would have passed up on this offer, so BFD. Maccagnan also inherited Decker and Enunwa, as well as Kerley and Harvin, whom you also didn't mention either. The latter 2 certainly weren't the greatest ever, but the 4 of them together are nothing like the talent-bereft group you made them out to be. In patting his back for WR prospects who've mostly done nothing, you also glossed over his high 2nd round pick of Devin Smith, a major disappointment thus far. The other 3 I do like, but they do get overrated by Jets fans, and Jalin Marshall in particular isn't a name that conjures up bragging rights at this point. They are "gems" when they turn into starters or significantly-productive backups. Much as we like them, right now they're just hopefuls, and nothing more.
  14. It's a ridiculous rule, since they still allow the bonus money to be amortized as though it was a multi-year contract. Being fair to Maccagnan, I think he's used that a couple of times since then, where year 2 of a 2 year deal is a team option. Jenkins would have been (had he not been cut), but he wouldn't have returned more than a 7th rounder. I think Clady is another. Frankly, the final year of any/all contracts should be written as a team option. It isn't much of a difference, if at all, to the player. It may create a slight incentive for the team to cut ties with the player a year early, but it's mostly a serious factor if the player is still in demand enough to command a decent contract from someone else, which could benefit the player anyway.
  15. Had NE re-signed Revis with a new contract instead of us, they wouldn't have been awarded a 3rd round comp pick the following season. NE's offer was (allegedly) competitive, but we beat it.