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  1. Yeah when I saw him at that town hall thing just a month or two ago he still looked like a 'before' diet picture.
  2. Thought about that initially as well, but isn't Kelly the one who was behind the whole Bradford trade just to rid himself of Foles in the first place?
  3. Bowles and bowles of the stuff.
  4. That can't be right. Looking at Jason's site the $10.75M is next year, and none of it was guaranteed, so his likelihood of seeing it was approximately zero. It appears the reason the Rams were willing to keep him on was because his $7.75M compensation this year was all guaranteed, and they've already paid $6M of it since it was a spring bonus. So if all that's correct, then the reason he wanted to get released is he felt he could do better than 3rd string for $1.75M on the Rams. I'm sure he'll get more than the $1.75M he was due to make from this point on forward this year. The Rams still eat that $6M, but what's done is done for them. Foles gets his freedom a year earlier, with a decent chance to earn more than the $1.75M he was still due, and the Rams get off without paying him that additional $1.75M to be their 3rd stringer.
  5. Seems he also wasn't due $10.75M more this year. That's what I get for not looking it up before posting. Interesting. Thought that after getting cut all players had to.
  6. That is true. I think the Jets have no realistic chance to compete for the SB this year with Ryan Fitzpatrick as the starting QB. Emotionally having not "given up" on this upcoming season, with Fitzpatrick, doesn't therefore make it realistic. It makes it a decision based upon emotion. The guy has a Geno-esque record against good defenses or winning teams in general (those that aren't riddled with starter injuries), and we play a slew of them this year. Your personal feelings are at least equally impervious to being faced with historical evidence, shrugging it off as though he's suddenly going to become a better QB than he's ever been, now that the easiest schedule of his remarkably easy-schedule career is in the past. Frankly, if the Jets truly felt he made them realistic winners, they wouldn't have been dicking around with this all spring/summer either. Fear not. I still think he signs and starts week 1.
  7. Foles stinks. Fact remains that in their respective ideal scenarios he was twice the QB Fitzpatrick was, and had an all-time great season. I still don't know how that happened.
  8. Think he has to clear waivers first. If the Jets don't want to pay Fitz $12M for 1 year I can't imagine they'd want to pay Foles $11M for 1 year.
  9. I didn't miss that "compromise" at all. I wouldn't pay it. You pay that amount or more for a veteran who gives the team some actual hope for a SB (or at a minimum, some playoff noise) with him behind center. Otherwise you go with a ≤$6M man to hold the fort, or give a youngster a try now. The #2 QB is hardly a cause for concern if Geno Smith is the starter. They're not winning a SB with a #1 of Smith or Fitz, and highly unlikely any backups not good enough to unseat either one. Let one of the kids (this year likely only Petty) play if Smith only lasts a month or two. At least find out if Petty is an adequate backup or if we're holding his roster spot for no reason. See how he reacts and plays while not wearing a red jersey. If he literally cannot take a single snap from center there are always warm but crappy bodies available to trot out there. Treading water with Fitz on a 1 year contract at a ridiculous $12M is a waste. The best case scenario is a slightly lower draft pick but still no playoffs (and certainly no noise in the playoffs). His value is as a stopgap who then transfers into a mentor role, not as a weak starter vs our formidable schedule for 1 year, followed by nothing. It may be a better PR move for Maccagnan in the short term, but it doesn't help the team reach its ultimate goal.
  10. I guess next we'll have to compare their balls.
  11. What if we're really not happy with either one, and Fitz doesn't seem like a $15M+ (really $18M+, since he's not getting cut after 1 year) upgrade?
  12. He plays like he's on a Temple Beth Israel JCC team.
  13. Well I saw it and now my load is spent. Hoo-gah!
  14. Presumably you realize that, "Top 10 Places" lists aside, as soon as you hear your kid pronounce chowdah like Mayor Quimby you have to move.
  15. Good times are what's ahead. For example, I just noticed your avatar. Examining the left image: Is this Hackenberg audible-ing into O'Brien's famous Tatanka play? I think yes.