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  1. Report: Raiders Interested in Wilkerson

    It isn't some silly twist of logic to say that 4 of his 12 sacks came when we were already up by 3 TDs. It is a simple fact. In the post you quoted, but didn't address, I told you why he has more. Simply ignoring all 3 reasons doesn't mean you've countered them. Swap Mo out to OLB does he get 12 sacks? Of course not. Put him on the other side with the LT blocking him. Does he get 12 sacks then? No. It took all the advantages he has at his position, plus the garbage we faced in 2015, to once amass a sack every other game plus 4 more that are only helpful to Mo in contract negotiations. All that said, I agree, Mo is a special player. He just isn't special enough to be a $12M upgrade over Richardson or whoever else might fill in there.
  2. Report: Raiders Interested in Wilkerson

    No, I still feel the same way. He still did not give the team 12 useful sacks, and it was a one-time thing for him that will not repeat without Harrison next to him or someone so talented on the opposite side. He further benefits from playing on the (comparatively) easier side for a pass rusher. Mo (and a replacement NT) is not a $12M upgrade over Sheldon Richardson (and a then-affordable Damon Harrison). He's not that level of an upgrade over Richardson even with the same NT in place.
  3. Report: Raiders Interested in Wilkerson

    It makes my point quite aptly: you have become unhinged, bro.
  4. Ironically, Owens is probably the better person. Mental, sure. But at least he isn't a murderer. And Harrison did get to play with one slightly better QB for like a decade straight. Probably helped him a little bit. 
  5. Report: Raiders Interested in Wilkerson

    LOL Gato. this is for you:
  6. Can you name the 2 QB'S.......

      And at that, look at the season Gannon had. It was his 4th straight pro bowl season, he was 1st team all-pro for the 2nd time in 3 years, and was the NFL's leading passer in yardage, while also completing 68% of his passes. At the time, he was one of the game's elite & very best QBs. So the point still kind of stands. The only exception was Flacco, and look at the post-season run he had to put together to get there.
  7. Report: Raiders Interested in Wilkerson

    It is not a straw man argument. It was suggested that we will miss Mo's 12 sacks. It was asked why others didn't rack up as many sacks. If you don't like the answer, maybe you should first look at the question. Among the reasons we will not miss Mo's 12 sacks: 1. We will miss maybe 8 sacks, not 12, because 4 of them were useless. That's IF he repeats his career year every year from now on. 2. It is far less likely that 12 sacks (8 useful ones) is Mo's new benchmark, when it is obviously his best season total to date. Quite the contrary, without one of the game's 2 premiere NTs next to him (if Mo stays, Harrison hits FA) it is far more likely that blocking help will frequently shift from an extra man on the (future/lesser) NT over to Mo. There is no basis to assume Mo will reach double digit sacks routinely in the future for the Jets, and truthfully he may never reach it again. 3. Mo's spot on the line will not be replaced by a corpse or a mannequin. He will be replaced by someone pretty talented - possibly more talented - to go up against opponents' worst pass blockers as Mo usually gets to do. The leftover $15M/year will surely help shore up other positions more than the incremental difference Mo makes over Richardson. I noticed you glossed over the first half of my post as though it wasn't there. And to your other point, of Mo being our best front-7 pass defender, this is kind of the point: if Wilkerson continues to be the Jets' best front-7 defender against the pass then we will continue to be susceptible to the pass against better QBs, and often against some of the crappy ones.
  8. David Diaz-Infante

    I'm not real big on people like him keeping or hyphenating maiden names. He should have just taken his husband's name and dropped the Diaz. 
  9. Report: Raiders Interested in Wilkerson

    Off the top of my head?   1. One of them (Williams) lines up against what's traditionally and typically the opponents' best pass blockers. Also he was a 21 year old rookie.   2. The other missed a good amount of playing time and then was moved around and settled in out of his natural positions because his skill set translated to OLB better than either of the other two. Bowles decided that was the best way to get all 3 of them on the field at the same time.   3. Most QBs are right-handed (and I think all the QBs we faced this year were righties). When they roll out, they tend to roll out to their throwing side because it's easier to throw on the move that way. In other words, they will tend to roll out towards Mo and away from Williams.   Again, it isn't as though everyone here doesn't like Mo a lot. But a one time accomplishment of 12 sacks - the most of his career, and it cannot be stated enough how at least 1/3 of them were 100% useless - is being painted as though he is some irreplaceable pass rusher when he clearly is not. Were Richardson to take his place as starter in 2016, full time all season long, I'm sure he'd have racked up more than the 3 sacks he got in far less playing time, even if it doesn't end up totaling the illustrious dozen.  They're all top-notch in run support, so what's the argument? That the differential in their sack totals, from a guess of around 8-ish for Richardson's in Mo's place, to Mo's 12 (wildly and baselessly assuming he'll always repeat his single best season total from here on in) is worth $15M? Those extra 4 sacks in 16 games (the same # of completely useless ones Mo ended up with) are worth an extra $15M/year that shouldn't be used elsewhere on the roster? I just disagree with that idea, as much as I'd like Mo to return.
  10. Report: Raiders Interested in Wilkerson

    Two #1's I'd throw in you. And Mrs. Sperm.
  11. Report: Raiders Interested in Wilkerson

    I didn't say they were worthless because they came against the Titans. I'm saying they were worthless because they came against the Titans after we were already up by 3 TDs. Either way, those are not sacks we would miss next year. "Spin" is presuming that his career year of 12 sacks (only 8 of them of any real use to the team) is the new benchmark for the duration of his future career. This was an outlier year for him. I don't understand why you can't accept that everyone here likes Mo. Everyone would love to have him back for the rest of his career. It's just that everyone doesn't think he's worth  occupying the JJ Watt level of cap space when we have some damn good, talented, young 3-4 ends on the team without him. You're making it sound as though absent Wilkerson the team will be facing Vernon Gholston production. 
  12. I think it goes without saying that, in the absence of signing a FA or drafting a guard very high, all of them (and maybe more) will be duking it out for the starting job. It is possible, though, that even if Winters loses, he is retained as backup to two guard positions. Also, in the event he isn't the starter, don't discount the possibility that he freely accepts a pay cut in exchange for not getting cut.
  13. Possibly, but even for a backup it isn't crazy money for a young player with experience and upside.  Thing is the team surely realizes they could do with an upgrade at each tackle position (neither has had a good season for some time now, and those two will count some $20M next year; 70% of that counts towards Ferguson). As much as we'd like to upgrade any upgradeable position on the roster, I don't know that $1M more makes his roster spot more of a priority to upgrade than the other two. It's one thing for any/all of them to be below average players. It's something more to be a below average player and command $5M or $10M salaries. $1.6M is lowly in comparison, and isn't even a kooky amount for a backup to both guard spots in the event they sign/draft someone better to start. 
  14. Report: Raiders Interested in Wilkerson

    I finally just got through this thread. Wowza.