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  1. sometimes fans sadly know more

    I wish we had their drafts (and their UDFAs like Harris & CJ) instead of ours, and been on their end of the Tebow trade. Just putting that out there. He's done pretty well in FA on starters that didn't require massive money like we handed out last year. Marshall (udfa minimum off Jaguars scrap heap), Sanders ($5m per), Knighton ($2m per while he was there), Ward ($5m/yr), Stewart ($2m/yr), Mathis ($2.5m), and probably others I'm just not thinking of & don't feel like looking up more. He did look majorly un-genius-like in screwing upC.J. Anderson's tender to try and save like $900k. So instead of tendering an undrafted starterfor a 2nd rounder at$2.5m (which isn't even guaranteed; remember KellenClemens 2010), he had to matchthe Dolphins' 4 yr $18m ($10m guaranteed) deal, or lose him for nothing (maybe a compensatory end-of-5th rounder in 2017). Oopsies.
  2. sometimes fans sadly know more

    How quickly you forget David Nugent. He was throwing mud against the wall with late round picks. Hit big on one of them and taught him how to cheat effectively. Then a year or so later you watched your first Patriots football game and learned who Bill Belichick is.
  3. 2016 DRAFT: Day 3 Thread

    Do you think he will possess Jets Core Values?
  4. sometimes fans sadly know more

    8 picks later... In the 6th round of the 2000 draft, the Patriots selected DB Antwan Harris over Tom Brady.
  5. 2016 DRAFT: Day 3 Thread

    Italics is decidedlygood for emphasis. Beyond that, we'd have to be so incredibly overloaded at a position for any prospect to fit neither at a starting position of need nor for depth. Like drafting a CB when we already have 10+ of them under contract, or something like that.
  6. 2016 DRAFT: Day 3 Thread

    Even funnier are the songbirds signing his praises along the lines of "Maccagnan always drafts BAP!" I could even argue that Williams was somewhat need-based, since he was trying to unload Mo back then as well, and probably figured at worst he'd have no trouble trading him next year as well. He knew he didn't want to meet Mo's demands when he was handing out huge contracts to everyone not named Muhammad Wilkerson last year. Had he taken a CB last year, or if he'd doubled-up at the same position with a later pick, then you could say he's clearly just taking the best player almost regardless of position. Here is the Maccagnan draftphilosophy: try to fill every position before draft day so you don't get painted into a corner & need to reach too badly. Then draft the BAP, but that BAP list is compiled with the heaviest ofthumbson the scale to base it onneed, this year or next year. So for example, this yearhe would (correctly) either not have any DTs in his top 100 prospects outright, or if he did he would have a * next to their names, as in do not touch unless he's rated a minimum full round better than the next-highest rated prospect when our pick comes up. There's a name for that drafting philosophy: it's called drafting purely for need.
  7. 2016 DRAFT: Day 3 Thread

    Later rounds is where you should go BAP. It's hard enough to nail NFL-talent alone that late. To place the further constraint of "need" upon those picks is asking for them to be wastes or hoping for stupid luck. Usefree agency for needs, where you can pick & choose without worrying about players not being able to handle the needed tasks. Even more so when we're a team without a goodenough starting QB, using late picks for present need is how you end up with soon to be cut camp fodder & for populating practice squads.
  8. You mean other than drafting based on need?
  9. 2016 DRAFT: Day 3 Thread

    Guess they couldn't wait until round 7. BackupNT coming up. Totally BAP-based drafting and not a need-based draft at all. Sure. After they compiled their BAP list based on need, lol.
  10. Sorry, David Carr was not ruined specifically because they started him as a rookie.
  11. Be sure to write it down so you don't forget it happened.
  12. It's also possible that there isn't much benefit, and will only delay some needed on-field lumps. There are QBs with whom that's a good thing (Peyton) and some that maybe isn't (Sanchez, Geno). But there's no provable way of saying that a QB was ruined (let alone permanently ruined) by starting him too early. Not unless he suffers a career-altering injury, I guess. And no I have not seen him play other than a bunch of clips (both good and bad). Like I just said to 'fish, it's my understanding that will not improve my opinion of the pick.
  13. No doubt. But was Jay Fielder really ever going to be a franchise QB? Ryan Fitzpatrick? Mike Tomczak? Tyler Thigpen? It's hard to hold that against him. I mean I can't even find a QB who was so bad he had to get benched, no matter what kind of garbage he was. I'm not too optimistic about Hackenberg myself, but in all honesty I've never seen him play a full game (as I understand, that will not improve my opinion of him lol). I don't think Gailey is a QB guru. But I do think his QBs do put up favorable stats that was thought improbable - if not impossible - at the close of the prior season. We'll see. I can always hope (for as much as that's helped me rooting forthis friggin' franchise over the past 30-40 years).
  14. How about this as incentive? He'll be so bad, combined with a crappola schedule, that we get a high enough pick to draft a good QB next year. Checkmate, bitch.