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  1. Jamal Adams has an interesting quote

    Chicago gets a pass because they took a QB. They needed a QB and took a QB. They may prove correct in their ranking of Trubisky ahead of Watson, even if both end up as good QBs (or anyway, non-busts). We don’t get a pass because we didn’t take a QB. Not at #6, not trading down to take one at #10 (give or take), not anywhere. And the two we’ve taken are behind a QB whose only other known job offer was to be the Browns’ QB coach. Last year both were firmly behind both Ryan Fitzpatrick and Geno Smith. A team with such a QB situation doesn’t skip the position for an entire draft, when they’re at #6 and two consensus 1st round picks are sitting there when they’re on the clock...and they take a safety, in a safety-loaded draft. Because you don’t like their current QB doesn’t mean they don’t. I mean you listed Cam Newton as a reason Carolina is a QB-needy team.
  2. Jamal Adams has an interesting quote

    Kiper had him mocked to the Chargers at #7. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2706113-mel-kiper-jr-2017-nfl-mock-draft-notable-picks-from-espn-gurus-final-mock (the ESPN link to his final mock is behind a pay wall) But carry on with the lie that “nobody” had him going higher than #12. Those experts are so often so irrationally infatuated with physical measurables, and it’s because of experts like this that so many scoff at a height measurement, leading Russell Wilson to last to the middle of round 3. Plus WTF are you talking about even? I mean, the best player in the draft was sitting right there at #6. Surely a team would have wanted to move up 2-4 slots to get the best player in the draft? We pick up an extra 2nd rounder or more, and take Watson at 9-10. Imagine if we took a QB at 6 and he wasn’t playing well? Are you serious? We took a SAFETY at 6 and he isn’t playing well. At least with a QB there’s an understanding the position often takes 1-3 years to develop. If you take a position like safety that high, you expect good results right away, and great results before long. What we get so far are excuses, braggadocio, and a clip of him being unaccounted-for by the offense on a safety blitz. When you take a QB in the top half of round 1, it doesn’t matter if you took him at #6 or #12. That’s your franchise QB, and your GM is married to him either way. If that’s the crux of the argument, it’s a poor one. Years later nobody cares whether a top-10ish pick went about a few slots ahead of #10 or within a few slots after #10. Lol don’t take a QB, because if he isn’t a success then the GM might get fired. Any puss GM with this mindset should be fired for ever thinking it.
  3. Jamal Adams has an interesting quote

    You can’t get on a team for not using their 1st round pick for a benchwarmer QB while they are still (or believe themselves to be) SB contenders. That list is really: Browns 49ers All the others have starting (if not franchise) QBs. Or in Chicago’s case, they already took a QB. Not Watson, but they took another. It’s not in the same universe as a team that doesn’t take a QB at all (let alone a QB-less, edge-rusher-less, CB-needy, WR-needy team - like the Jets - taking a freaking safety at #6 overall). Plus misguided as they were with Glennon’s signing and that unnecessary trade-up, at least they’re trying because they realize how important the position is; that if you don’t have one you’re not a serious contender anyway. What’s the problem, we couldn’t have found 2 of the other 20 safeties in that draft class after the first round? If Adams was so valuable, as the only defender to come off the board between picks 3 and 11, how come nobody wanted to trade up to our slot to “steal” him for themselves?. Geez, you even list the names of the starting QBs these other teams have, which are the reasons why they didn’t need to take a QB in the 1st round (or at all). Those teams can wait until the next year’s draft class to address their future QB. We needed one now, not in 2 or 3 seasons maybe.
  4. Jamal Adams has an interesting quote

    A QB like Watson makes the line appear better because he buys himself more time. Bad QBs just stand there and wait to get hit, followed by fans baselessly claiming nobody could have avoided a sack or gotten a pass off on any of those plays. Good QBs make it look easy, and are the lesser-heralded examples of making his teammates look better because the OLmen aren’t catching passes and scoring TDs. But it’s another part of what makes special QBs special. Don’t know yet if Watson’s career will be special, but so far - less than 2 months into his rookie season - he looks better than any QB we’ve had in a long time. And as far as this solid running game Houston has? Their 2-back RBBC is averaging 3.9 ypc. Our 3-back (really, an alternating 2-back) RBBC is averaging 4.4 ypc. And their OL? Tom Savage dropped back 20x behind that Houston OL and got sacked 7x before he got yanked. Savage sucks, but they weren’t all on him. Watson is clearly hiding lots of the OL’s warts. Unless you want to use extreme examples (e.g. starting the likes of Stephen Hill and David Nelson at WR), the wepponz argument is meh. 20/20 hindsight my hairy ass. There were plenty of us who - without even being college football spectators or draft rank nerds - hated taking a safety there, no matter how many supposed draft gurus foolishly said he was the best overall prospect in the whole draft. Meanwhile a mere month or so earlier there was serious debate as to whether he was even the best safety prospect in the draft (a draft loaded with safeties at that). The guy neck & neck with him? Nobody touched him until the middle of the round, after the top QBs are off the board, where a high-ranked safety should be going. Because when you take a safety at #6, if he isn’t incredible, you screwed up the pick.
  5. Jamal Adams has an interesting quote

    Years ago Eric Green also had one of those impossible type catches for us before the end of his career. I mean, it was preseason, but we’re the Jets and it’s better than nothing (which is what he produced for us after that meaningless catch), so we should be thankful. Of course there’s no evidence, since it’s been wiped from the interwebz, but IIRC it was jaw-dropping. Unless @nyjunc has it in his Jetsnerd VHS library, it’s lost forever. Think OBJ was 6 years old at the time lol.
  6. Happy birthday Sperm Edwards!

    Someone here likes Sperm more than he’s letting on.
  7. Happy birthday Sperm Edwards!

    One does not make a Cliff Notes version of art. I think this to myself with every extra word I type. Really, I do.
  8. Happy birthday Sperm Edwards!

    He thinks Starbucks is a 5-star restaurant.
  9. Happy birthday Sperm Edwards!

    If you were the positive influence I am then you wouldn’t fear such things.
  10. Time to bench Mo for the season

    They have people to spend it on unless they run out of money to spend. Mo will never, ever be worth $17m/year. He wasn’t worth it when they extended him, he wasn’t worth it the year before they extended him, and he won’t ever be worth that in the future. Not unless they make each team’s salary cap $800m/year. The cap space you save can be used at a later time if you can’t find one FA to sink it into in early March. Blowing one’s load on bringing back a player who isn’t worth 1/4 of what he’s getting, just because you can’t right now think of a way to immediately spend all of it on another player, is never prudent planning.
  11. ”We’re winning — maybe we could have built up that lead but I think you guys suck and leading at halftime is worth half a victory in my book.” Quite the fiery speech material. The game isn’t over at halftime, so you don’t stop playing when you’re in a great position to put points on the board unless the HC has had a recent testiculectomy.
  12. I don't think it's so much that he didn't rip Mo a new one to the press (any fans' unrealistic desires to see it happen, notwithstanding). Few coaches do that, and fewer still can get away with doing that even if they were so inclined. Not to mention it's hard to do without looking like he's trying to pass blame onto others to shield himself. It's more that no fan loves him gently cupping and caressing the balls of clearly-underperforming players like Mo, suggesting this is just what all expected and wanted out of him when Maccagnan gave him that ridiculous extension.
  13. jets viewership down the most

    Yeah and I was hoping to get a comment in before a chest-beating reaction on the other side. I can't think of anything more tiresome than people on a decidedly non-politics site bragging - directly or through thinly-veiled stances - about which side of center they fall upon. Who freaking cares? We should get to much more exciting and less-polarizing discussions. Like my 10 upcoming paragraphs about the insignificant cap nuances of every potential transaction that will likely never happen.
  14. jets viewership down the most

    Guys leave it to football, to the degree that it's possible in this topic, or I'm just going to lock the thread.
  15. Darron Lee is 23

    Know what makes Darron Lee much improved? The refs doing their makeup call in our favor on one of his terrible plays.