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  1. Jets Offer to Fitz at $11 million?

    You can make it sticky if it excites you. If you know what I mean.
  2. John Idzik, Rex Ryan, Mark Sanchez?
  3. If we would even be as low as 5-11, I agree. See, with this schedule there are enough favorable matchups to have a floor of 5 games. Just because there are enough killer matchups that I think 10 wins is unlikely and the chance at 11+ wins almost negligible, doesn't therefore mean there are 12-13 killer matchups that will land us a 3-4 win season either. This defense alone could carry 4-5 wins if we put an unready Bryce Petty out there (long-term wisdom of doing so aside). Basically I think we're stuck in a 6-9 win area no matter who we trot out there. Our good D and schedule are enough to get us to that floor, but Fitz and the schedule aren't enough to raise it more than that. There are just too many good teams and he's too lousy against such opponents. If the schedule was filled with 14 should-be wins again, then sure, go for it if the FO thinks he gets us over that hump. Of course that was the situation a year ago and it didn't happen then, so... The reason a Fitzpatrick-less season would be so intolerable isn't the final record; it'll be the Fitz-religious converts told-you-so'ing every turnover and every loss and, with neither proof nor merit, assigning each as a woulda-been TD or win if only we'd had the wisdom to re-sign Ryan Fitzpatrick. It's half the reason I want him back at $7M (preferably less). I can't listen to that all season long, as well as for the next upcoming years, which is surely what would happen.
  4. Totally agree they don't have our luxury, but if there was even a belief in a 2-3 win discrepancy, if it's a difference between (as some think) 3-4 wins and 6 wins I don't think either helps their job security. Even less so if they fork over $11M and still only go 6-10 or 7-9. If they finish 6-10 to 8-8 with a combination of Geno/Petty or Geno/Hackenberg, and one of them finishes strong enough to give confidence in the following season, then I think that's preferable to an 8-8 (give or take) season with Fitz, where no young QB gets any snaps because our GM/HC are in full job preservation mode, and won't take a chance on anyone (lest they get second-guessed). But again, yeah, it's totally easy/convenient for us to say who cares if we're 8-8 or 5-11; frankly the latter is preferable long-term on multiple levels (saves lots of cap room, we get much higher draft picks, and we get a live look at one of our recent draftees). Re-signing Fitz is only a good idea if we are true SB contenders IMO, since there is no way he's getting benched at $11M or more, even if someone else looks better this summer (just like Cro last summer, but double that as a popular, incumbent QB). That said, if he can be signed for millions less, I'm also ok with him as our bridge QB, so long as he could realistically lose his job if outplayed. Basically I'm ok with the team chewing up and spitting out either him or Geno through/after the first 6 weeks, and to me using up $11M+ of next year's cap space is an absurd cost for such a task.
  5. Jets Offer to Fitz at $11 million?

    First, this is patently false; you merely think everyone has the same opinion you do because you pay attention and give more credence to those who agree with you and do the opposite to those who don't, as usual. This is hardly the first time you've done this, no matter how many times your "obvious" moves were proven to be wrong, if not disastrous. Next, there are a higher proportion of people at JN (than off it or in the media) who are more likely to think/care long term instead of childish instant gratification. Fitzpatrick will not make us a true contender this year and, at this money, he will then necessarily rob the team of $11M in usable cap space in 2017. He is not the future, and he is not good enough to warrant pissing away more future for the present. Then next year (or more likely, as early as the latter part of this season) we can have this lovely discussion about which players we "need" to cut in Feb/March 2017 because we won't have enough cap room to sign this or that younger and more desirable FA in March. Meanwhile without signings like an absurd 8-figure season for Fitzpatrick, and a 1 yr extension (tag) for Mo at $16M, no such sacrifice would have been needed. Every GM who lets a high-priced player go to FA is not an imbecile. Between them we're talking about some $27M for those 2 players alone, and only a simultaneous meltdown among a half dozen formidable Jets opponents this year, as well as among the AFC's better teams at large, and no up-and-comers nor bounce-back teams getting better, will make it seem worthwhile in hindsight. Renting Fitzpatrick for $11M+ for this upcoming season is a fool's errand. It's only compounded by doing the same for Mo at $16M (if he is to become a FA next year, which is where it appears we're headed). A year later neither looks to be on the team (albeit for different reasons) and, when combined with the addition of "last missing piece" type of FA acquisitions this year, like Jenkins, we'll have robbed some $30M and a minimum of 2 draft picks from the 2017 season (not counting Shell, which was fine with me if Maccagnan likes him that much).
  6. Jets Offer to Fitz at $11 million?

    You are correct. We went from being so flush with cap room to so cap poor so quickly, and have nothing to show for it except getting into an 8-figure/year money stare down with Ryan frickin Fitzpatrick.
  7. Jets Offer to Fitz at $11 million?

    There are many ways it's possible to do it. That doesn't mean it should be done.
  8. Jets Offer to Fitz at $11 million?

    If true, holy stupidity, Batman. Offer $11M to a player nobody else has interest in at half that amount (if even that much). Ah, the life of a Jets fan.
  9. Ryan Fitzpatrick: MERGED

    If I disclosed that info I would find myself outside the circle of trust.
  10. Lol no argument there. Look under every rock, and stuff.
  11. Ryan Fitzpatrick: MERGED

    I prefer neither of them, really, since neither will bring us to a Superbowl. But since Sanchez is $4.5M and Fitz is seeking at least triple that amount, it's not an apples to apples comparison.
  12. Ryan Fitzpatrick: MERGED

    I was responding to a comment asking why would Denver sign Fitz when they already had Sanchez. Such a statement ignores that they'd only acquired Sanchez this offseason.
  13. Ryan Fitzpatrick: MERGED

    Fitzpatrick is not an accurate QB; what are you talking about? He throws into traffic plenty. His receivers make it less obvious because they're just that good. And I'm certainly no fan of Sanchez's game.
  14. It's never smart to waste picks. That is the very point. It is smart to make picks in a good draft but not smart to make 10 of them. In a good draft he can also get value above going rate for a pick next season. It's never smart to waste picks. Saunders did not fail to stick with the team - nor the 4 other teams who cut him - because he got into a car accident in August of 2014. Please. Enunwa smacked around a woman in his hotel room, got arrested, was on the practice squad as a rookie I think, got suspended 4 games in year 2 for the rookie incident, and is still here.
  15. Ryan Fitzpatrick: MERGED

    You think I'm now some type of fan of Mark Sanchez? lol that's a new one. I think he stinks. I also think he has more upside than Fitzpatrick and I grudgingly admit that in comparing the two he has more of a history of clutch throws into tight windows in the face of adversity. He also has a history of coughing up the ball one way or another (including in his own creative way lol), but Fitz also throws the ball to opponents in pressure situations. I think the "31 teams" thing it's less of an overstatement than you make it out to be, unless you reasonably believe any of them would pick up Fitzpatrick - at his current salary demands, or even just merely outbidding the Jets offer - if all the NFL QBs were thrown into the FA pool. I think his value would drop even further, frankly.