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  1. Look at it another way. Had he moved Mo at that time - when he could have likely had a #1 pick the following year (equiv of a 2nd rounder that year), then perhaps that is the ammunition needed to move up for Wentz this year. All his actions - and inactions, such as nervously hanging onto all 3 DEs like the amateur he is - don't exist in a vacuum. For example, they may have led to carrying 3 DEs for 2-3 seasons instead of just 2, plus a merely good but ultimately limited ILB, and a 2nd round QB who couldn't even crack the top 3 on our roster until one got injured midseason, instead of Wentz. Plus don't forget then caving in to Ryan Fitzpatrick, which was also a natural result, and the other likelihood of grabbing at least one more veteran and/or higher draft pick QB again this year. Bad decisions begets bad results, even if they aren't fully realized and apparent on the day those decisions were made.
  2. It didn't appear like he tried to trade down. He did try to trade down. As usual, unless someone is offering him something for nothing, he comes up short in negotiations. Also crediting him with BPA there is also that much less impressive since it's arguably the last time he went BPA again until the 7th round of the following year's draft. He is not a BPA guy. With that one exception is a pure draft-for-need GM, plain and simple. The value was simply too high, you are glossing over how high Scherff's stock had risen now in hindsight, and are also forgetting the next-highest rated player (Kevin White) was similarly at a not-needed position. Next pick after that was Vic Beasley. I could make a decent argument that we'd be better off with him at OLB - with Mo and Sheldon at ends - than with Leonard Williams at end and Sheldon Richardson floating all over the place to forcefeed him onto the field even if it means playing him badly out of position. I don't think anyone else would have been a serious consideration at #6 overall. So it came down to 2 picks, since White was unrealistic to us then. He appears to have made the safe pick more than anything else. Too much credit for no big deal.
  3. Oh. It wasn't sarcasm. The only team that made an obvious blunder was Washington. So I'm supposed to give him credit for not making another blunder of a pick right after they did? Color me unimpressed. Problem is after this pick fell into his lap he didn't even know how to accept the gift, and for the next 2 years so far he's kept all 3 of them. Defeats the purpose and benefit of drafting BPA. It should have netted us another #1 pick (if he traded him back then), plus some $17M/year in cap space for Mo. He kept them all instead. And we suck, so it's clear it was handled poorly.
  4. I'm watching this again tonight. I think it's currently on Netflix.
  5. Major League never gets old, so it's coincidence I think. I saw your post in the other thread before I knew you'd seen this one & I was about to note that I'd just referenced it last night myself. Awesome.
  6. +1 If the owner - for whatever reasons, stupid or otherwise - feels the need to step in and overrule his GM because things clearly aren't going as desired, then we need a new GM. Any fans' wishes aside, the team isn't getting a new owner anytime soon, so this would be the only remaining option. Of course, if this is actually happening now (and there's been no concrete evidence it is), and it's another reason we need a new GM, then I expect there to be a pretty short line of good candidates as our next replacement. So we're f***ed if he stays and we're f***ed if he's fired. Basically, we're f***ed.
  7. The long term vision of this team is badly blurred by our MacCataracts.
  8. See, now you're just being silly. With Geno out of the picture next year, and with Fitz or his replacement veteran certain to be inked for '17, we'll only need a rookie to become our replacement 4th string QB again. Hater.
  9. +1 You can't get to the Super Bowl just beating crappy teams.
  10. Right now? No he doesn't if Petty is still as injured as they say. But he played a huge part in leading the team to this point.
  11. He's in the business of overexposing the sport by putting it on TV 3 days a week with more and more nationally televised games, including teams losing home games to freaking England, and over time it loses its novelty. Pushes for rule changes that make football into the NBA by making a stud QB indispensable 95% of the time when there aren't enough to go around, slaps on the wrist and cover ups for a serial cheating franchise, and penalty flags aplenty (arbitrarily enforced, of course) as though that's what the fans tuned in to see. Then he wonders out loud how & why viewership is down, even in the absence of implementing his dream of an 18 game regular season.
  12. Add this to the list of "Huh?" like Woody Johnson is cash poor, and his having money problems are the reason why Idzik didn't max out the cap like he feels the team should do every year no matter what. That was a good one, and he kept banging that drum for a good year or so.
  13. Nope. That's revisionist. Heard all offseason about how great of a season "one" had in 2015, how re-signing him was a no brainer (so long as it wasn't for Bradford/Osweiller money), how he gave us the best chance to win (i.e. get us to a Super Bowl), how $12M for him wasn't bad considering how much a bunch of actually-talented QBs make, how we're to look at how his career parallels that of Rich Gannon, how we owe it to Fitz as back pay because he only made $3.5M last year, the celebrations over Maccagnan "getting 'er done" finally, etc. No, I think now playing the "yeah well we knew this all along" song is for the block of fans that didn't want him back in the first place, and whose line in the sand was backup money. He stinks. Not being the only Jet stinking doesn't absolve him from being such, nor does it absolve those many vocal fans whose desire to see him back helped pressure the Jets into re-signing him.
  14. Why can't these things all be disturbing?