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  1. He was the Best Available Playa
  2. The video Maccagnan credits with teaching him all about the draft. He watches it daily every April to keep himself at the top of his game:
  3. Both are ****ing stupid with the 6th pick in the country. Even more so on a team with all our holes. But we're the Jets. We like drafting positions we already have filled, or positions that are the cheapest to fill via FA. Then we seek to fill those expensive positions in FA or with low-percentage picks.
  4. Whew, that's a relief.
  5. Because he's a ****ing TE.
  6. Yeah, you can sit facing the wall until after the draft is over.
  7. Mike Maccagnan cannot make a deal involving higher than a 5th round pick. I have a feeling he's like that guy in your FF league who tries to get your best player and offers up 3 pieces of **** in return, while trying to rationalize why this lopsided offer it's such a good deal for you. Nobody wants to deal with him. Dallas comes calling for Sheldon and he draws a line in the sand of minimum 1st round pick (just like he did with Mo). He's a joke.
  8. Trading Richardson and Pryor would get us from #39 to #27. If even that.
  9. A QB or trade down. A safety. A ****ing safety. Jets 1st round picks: 2017: SS 2016: ILB the size of a safety 2015: DE-DT when the incremental, over what we already had, makes it the lowest impact position to draft. Then proceed to keep both young DE-DT players already on the roster, lol. 2014: SS Anyone who can't see why this team is so terrible and has so many holes is blind. But sure, another safety will fix it all.
  10. Yeah I sense the end is near.
  11. Even these guys on TV could see we have assembled the worst roster in football. That doesn't change by taking a safety with the 6th pick. Guess what? We still have the worst roster in the NFL. You fix that by drafting a QB or by accumulating more high picks. But woo-hoo this saves us from spending $6-10m on a FA safety next year. Totally worth it. Mike "the worst negotiator in history" Maccagnan is yet again incapable of pulling off any trade unless it involves 5 round picks or later.
  12. I'm sure picking another 1st round safety will make us a 12-win team.
  13. Cleveland drafted him = future bust