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  1. In the Blue Oyster Bar maybe.
  2. Yeah I'd have to say looking at it that it's pretty ridiculous to excuse the QB on this play. If that wasn't his responsibility to diagnose and prevent, then whose was it? Even if Shell pancaked Zettel the resulting play would have still been no different. It can't be argued that even [insert name of great pocket passer] would have had the same outcome, since that QB would have known enough to audible out of the play in the first place. What's most concerning is this is the part of the game that was supposedly ready-made, and it was just his footwork-caused-inaccuracy that needed such attention. Just looking at his helmet in Baldinger's tweet, the only time Hack stopped staring at his left was when he briefly looked towards at the snapped football. I don't know, maybe a play like this helps him reinforce why he looks both ways every ****ing time. Not unlike teaching a young driver to look to his right before making that left turn to make sure there isn't oncoming traffic, regardless of having the right of way; if he doesn't listen, he'll surely start listening after his failure to do so resulted in getting into an accident. The other thing is even if there was no unaccounted-for pass rusher, he's telegraphing where he's going with the ball like crazy.
  3. Because Hackenberg held a clipboard for the Jets, it obviously means every QB prospect would have been holding a clipboard for the Jets. #science
  4. Happy birthday, Jason423

    Jason, I've enjoyed stealing your work, and passing it off as my own, for several years. And being the gentleman that you are, you don't even call me out on it lol. Happy birthday, buddy.
  5. You simply don't understand the meaning of never, lol. Not only that, but there was good reason to expect that supplemental pick to be top 10 at worst; this was back before the NFL had free agency, so it's not like a team could simply decide to spend its way to extra wins. Not only that, but it was before the Herschel Walker trade, so at the time JJ believed he was giving up his only 1st rounder - again, likely a high 1st rounder - the following year. The point isn't how great the Walsh pick turned out; the very point was to take 2 of them with the hopes that one of them turned out ok. One of them did. It's all in peoples' heads that it's nutty to take 2 of them in subsequent drafts, but it's totally rational to trade 2 (or even 3) 1st round picks plus 2nd rounders or more, on just 1 QB prospect.
  6. Happy birthday, Maxman

    Happy Birthday, Maximus
  7. Well they're certainly not all millionaires - particularly on this year's roster - even though several of them are. Also I'd say this whole effort is being done by Bowles in the first place precisely to influence what the players think (in this case, buying into a team-first mentality we all ideally want them to have). The problem @slats is alluding to is making a shrine to individuals - particularly current team members, but only 2 of them - is poor execution of a noble goal. One might suggest Bowles knows what favorable end result he wants to accomplish, but he doesn't have an eye for strategy as to how he gets there. Almost like a coach who has a particular goal with a planned gameplan, but doesn't take into account the response that naturally follows lol; or like a chess player that doesn't anticipate (and account for) the opponent's next move, let alone multiple moves thereafter.
  8. Lol and to highlight this notion of selfless, non-individual player worth, he creates a hallway with lifesize pictures of isolated individual players - including 2 on the current roster - and made it known that he's personally hand-picked which individuals have proven worthy of this "medal" even if they were on sucky teams. The effect? Already, Mo's comment was that he selflessly wants to prove himself worthy of having his individual picture on that wall, and he selflessly wants to prove himself worthy of having his individual name/jersey in the Ring of Honor. The big problem with Play Like A Jet was it quickly became an embarrassment and a joke, since the losing upon losing effectively equated playing like a Jet with playing like someone who sucks at football. Meanwhile this hallway of select player pictures is precisely the opposite of team-first: it's nothing short of a showcase of medals for individual recognition/accomplishment, even if such play was on a team that sucked (see the idea of rewarding Q and Leo with this honor, following a huge letdown season for the team).
  9. My guess is he picked 2 based on putting in extra work/effort that had tangible results. Think Q from 2015 and then Q from 2016. Also shows you don't need to be a high pick or even put up gaudy numbers for the team to recognize your improvement. It's not quite a 1st prize trophy, since he didn't even crack 1000 yds or get probowl type honors, but it's not just a participatiuon trophy either. Maybe somewhere in between lol.
  10. They'll want us to change the shade of green again. To avocado, no doubt.
  11. They were handed this rich and wondrous Jets history without having to work for it.
  12. Yeah. He was an easy kid to like from the draft profile back then. I forget what offhand, but his school named a best teammate award after him for the way he handled himself after getting sidelined for almost his entire senior season like a game or two in.
  13. McCown's' last 32 games

    Well I'd allow that, for any of these kids, the way they behave at 19-20 isn't necessarily the way they behave for the next 10+ years. I wasn't always this upbeat and agreeable myself, you know. But then again, on top of the speculation Darnold's staying at USC in 2018, a few days back Mora said he thinks Rosen is staying in school as well. LOS ANGELES – UCLA coach Jim Mora lives down the street from Josh Rosen in Manhattan Beach, compares him to his own son and has remained a staunch defender of the junior quarterback during his various media dustups. The two have a relationship that transcends the typical player and coach, which is what made Mora’s recent prediction on Rosen’s future so intriguing. “My firm belief is that he will not leave,” Mora told Yahoo Sports on Sunday afternoon of Rosen declaring for the NFL draft after this season. “I don’t think he’ll leave.” Mora sensed the skepticism on the other end of the line. Rosen projects as a potential No. 1 pick in the NFL draft and has spoken openly about enrolling early at UCLA to attempt to accommodate a three-year graduation plan. “I want a disclaimer, I have an option to change my opinion,” Mora said. “But as we sit here right now, I can really honestly say I don’t think he’s going to leave.” Obviously a lot can change after this season, but if Darnold does decide to stay, and if that would bump Rosen into clear #1 overall territory, I'd be surprised if he stayed so he could come out with Darnold a year later. The likelihood is, if both are healthy and have the types of seasons expected of each, they'll both declare. But who knows, really. Both could base their decisions on the teams that would take them. Rosen - if he's even the #2 QB in college football this year - would go to one team or another based on Darnold declaring, and that could impact him declaring himself. Could be the #1 pick is us or Cleveland, and the #2 pick is the Chargers (who decide they may as well start over with a new QB when they have the chance, and trade Rivers for even more rebuilding ammo instead of trying to time the drafting of Rivers' successor a year or two later). I'm sure Rosen - either of them, frankly - would love to stay at home in L.A., and that could easily influence coming out vs staying. Given the obvious risk, I doubt both return to school next year (particularly if they're expected to go 1-2 should both declare). But you have to admit it would be pretty Jetsy to have a planned tank, end up with the #1 pick, and have the 2 best prospects decide to stay in school, with the next 2-3 after that having relatively disappointing 2017 seasons (making any/all still fine to draft, but quite unworthy of the #1 overall pick).
  14. Whew! I was getting nervous there for a bit.
  15. Learn From History

    For some it is a steeper learning curve than others. Mariota and Wentz, for example, were each supposed to definitely require a minimum of 1 year holding a clipboard, with the only exception being if Mariota got drafted by Kelly (or that's what I read repeatedly).