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  1. How great would it be if we pulled a 10 time pro bowler stud franchise qb right here
  2. I have a feeling we will all be eating crow on this pick...
  3. One safety wasn't enough for Bowles huh?
  4. Which Jets "legend" is going to announce our next second round bust?
  5. We couldn't get anyone to trade with us? Boooo
  6. Im a little gunshy on drafting a safety in first round so soon after drafting Calvin Pryor but I'm cool with it
  7. I've always said that Jets fans behavior at the draft affected out national reputation in a negative way. You could feel the mood of the room change when the jets were on the clock. Whoever was announcing for ESPN or NFL network would reference the "raucous ny jets fans in attendance" and we would get close ups of whatever drunken fool whoopin it up. That became what the rest of the nfls fans knew us for....idiot New Yorkers booing every pick whether right or wrong. We always get lumped in with the Browns as the drek of the NFL....why? We have been to 3 afc championship games in the last 20 years....we have made the playoffs a lot? Perception is reality, jets fans annual display on their home turf during the draft made us low hanging fruit for the media....and it isn't just the NFL, we booed Kristaps unmercifully when the Knicks drafted's a bad look and it didn't help our goodwill around the league that a generation of NFL fans were subjected to it.....that's why are viewed as a joke organization the fact that the NFL is moving the draft every year means no one will be subjected to a single teams fans dominating coverage of the draft like Jets fans did for so long.....and that is probably a great thing for how the Jets and their fans are perceived around the league
  8. These post schedule release prediction threads we get every year are just the worst.....the draft hasn't even happened yet and we are counting wins and losses....just so unnecessary.
  9. Every single year I hear about how all the stud qb's are in "next years draft.... done waiting....funk dat!
  10. Just sayin that our home and away opponents have been known for months....does it really matter when the games are played? Lol
  11. Just like everything else in the world, the internet has taken the mystery and excitement out of life.
  12. Positive or negative impact? #brady