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  1. in the last 12 months we have lost Yogi Berra, Muhammed Ali, and now Arnold Palmer. Not sure you will find 3 more beloved people in sports and now they are all gone....sad
  2. the cynic in me says the jets saw Amaro have a good game yesterday and panicked and scooped ASJ
  3. they already named an island after him so yes
  4. wally pipp just got drew bledsoe'd
  5. Evert McIver is to Bruce Smith as Cyrus Kouandijo is to _____________????
  6. seriously wtf just sound bitter because your wife was a jersey chaser and "almost" hooked up with one of "dem there football players".......its 2016
  7. this people like to gamble......the advent of high speed wifi led to the proliferation of online fantasy leagues.....and what better way to win money than from one of your friends lol
  8. Thanks terry....
  9. Interesting first post 🙄🤔....welcome to the board...
  10. He is soooo getting laid tonight....
  11. Yes, factoring in age, skill, and Jj watt to old and beat down at this point?? Is there a young, up and coming cornerback you like? Tackle?