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  1. JOJOTOWNSELL added a post in a topic Semi-Official Concert Review Thread   

    I bought the stream for that one, hell of a show!
    always wanted to do red rocks, kicking misled for not going to see them
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  2. JOJOTOWNSELL added a post in a topic When I think of the 1998 team
    Fitzpatrick Has the Look of Testaverde in ‘98 Testaverde took over the starting job in Week 3 and led the Jets to the AFC Championship   ENLARGE New York Jets quarterback Vinny Testaverde led the Jets to the AFC Championship in the 1998 season. PHOTO: ASSOCIATED PRESS By  MICHAEL SALFINO March 15, 2015 7:12 p.m. ET 2 COMMENTS
    Last week, the Jets made a splash by re-signing cornerbacks Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie and officially acquiring receiver Brandon Marshall. But a key move not to be overlooked amid the flurry of moves is the acquisition of quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.
    Fitzpatrick’s résumé seems uncannily similar to the season-saving quarterback the team acquired nearly 17 years earlier, Vinny Testaverde. Like Fitzpatrick with Geno Smith, Testaverde in 1998 was viewed merely as an insurance policy for the team’s “quarterback of the future,” Glenn Foley.
    That was despite Testaverde being named a Pro Bowl quarterback just two seasons before coming to New York. Fitzpatrick comes off a 2014 season where he ranked ninth among 33 qualifiers in passer rating and fourth in average gain per pass attempt. Even if we expand the sample to the prior two seasons and adjust them for the leaguewide statistics at the time, Fitzpatrick and Testaverde both grade better than average. They even share the same major flaw—an inability to win games. Testaverde’s career winning percentage heading into 1998 was .367. Fitzpatrick’s career rate is only slightly better (.376).
    Testaverde reportedly wowed coaches in practice with the throwing arm that once made him a No. 1 overall draft pick. So even a 400-yard, three-touchdown passing day in the 1998 season opener didn’t keep then-Jets coach Bill Parcells from benching Foley for Testaverde in Week 3. Testaverde proved he wasn’t the reason his teams weren’t winning, reeling off 12 victories in 13 starts to lead the Jets to their first division title since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger.
    Fitzpatrick, though, lacks Testaverde’s arm. And Smith is far more experienced than Foley at the time, with 29 career starts. But in those 29 games, Smith has raised more questions about his ability as a starting quarterback, compiling a 71.5 passer rating that is dead last among 23 passers with at least 20 starts since 2013.
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  3. JOJOTOWNSELL added a post in a topic When I think of the 1998 team
    Admittedly it’s a lazy comparison. Many have already mentioned it, especially at the exact hour Geno Smith was socked in the jawbone.
    The comparisons of Ryan Fitzpatrick and Vinny Testaverde still need to be discussed, lazy or not.
    The Big Tuna knew exactly what he was doing when he left New England following a 1996 campaign that saw him take Drew Bledsoe and the Patriots to their second ever Super Bowl. He knew, because management was squeezing personnel duties from his job description, that taking over football operations for Leon Hess’s New York Jetswas going to be done his way.
    After a successful and surprising 9-7 season in 1997 (improving eight games from Rick Kotite’s 1996 season), Parcells was on the cusp of a contender in just 18-months time.
    The only thing he needed was a quarterback.
    Enter Vinny Testaverde. A disappointment among NFL circles to the upteenth degree. A first overall pick of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1987 out of Miami University who, in universal agreement, was a complete and utter bust of a player.
    He was the man with the golden arm and the two-cent head.
    Thanks to then starter Glen Foley failures and injuries, Vinny was granted new life with the Jets in 1998. All he did was throw for 3,256 yards with 29 touchdowns and just seven interceptions in 13 games started. An NFL Pro-Bowler and a leader of a team who came a half away in Denver from meeting the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl.
    The two quarterbacks couldn’t be less similar in skill-set. Testaverde possesses one of the best arms in NFL history. Fitzpatrick gets by with accuracy and smarter decision making (though that can be argued).

    Testaverde is a giant of a man at 6-5 and 235 lbs. while Fitz comes across as more of an industry standard at 6-2 and 221 lbs.
    Testaverde attended Miami University, the place for which parties and pumping NWA music never die. The Amish Rifle is a Harvard man, far from fever-pitched attitude of The U.
    Still, each time and place, and situation, brings up interesting points to hit on. Could Fitzpatrick be entering a Jets situation in the same exact fashion as Testaverde did 17-years ago?
    Here are some similarities:
    Veteran Guys With New Regimes When Testaverde came over to the Jets, Parcells was on his second year of an immense rebuilding process. He was 35-years old. How Parcells connected with Vinny so well and transformed the turnover machine into such a solid manager we still don’t know.
    Fitzpatrick is currrently 32-years old coming to a brand spanking new regime with Mike Maccagnan and Todd Bowles.
    Both Are Turnover Machines Testaverde threw an obscene 267 interceptions in 214 games started in the NFL. Fitzpatrick is currently stuck on the number of 101 in 89 career game started.
    There’s a reason both quarterbacks have been journeymen their entire careers.
    At the same time, both guys have flashed times of brilliance.
    Take Testaverde’s 1996 season for example. With the Baltimore Ravens (after his forgettable stops in Tampa and Cleveland) Vinny experienced his best NFL season. He went for over 4,000 yards chucking 33 touchdowns and 19 picks.
    Fitzpatrick, playing for Chan Gailey in Buffalo, threw for over 3,000 yards and 20 touchdowns in three straight seasons (2010-12). Playing under Bill O’Brien in Houston a season ago, Fitz put up a sparkling TD-INT ratio of 17-8 in 12 games prior to going down with injury.
    Both turnover machines do show promise from time to time, if in the right position. And both have flashed that brilliance just prior to coming to New York.
    View image | Both Jets Teams On The Uptick Even with the circus-like news surrounding Geno Smith and IK Enemkpali, very few insiders would argue that the Jets are still stuck in their same old ways.
    They’ve witnessed what’s gone on since the hiring of Maccagnan and Bowles. They’ve seen the accepting of such a gift in the 2015 NFL Draft – Leonard Williams – instead of passing him up and making an excuse of positional need (like Jets teams of the past would’ve done).
    They see Maccagnan going out and getting the job done in the free agent/trade market (Darrelle Revis, Antonio Cromartie, Buster Skrine, Brandon Marshall).
    They also see the cool, calm and patient demeanor of Bowles.
    Let’s get one thing straight right now: It takes time for a new regime to come in and fully put their imprints on an organization. If you think for one moment incidents such as Sheldon Richardson proving he’s a maniac and Geno showing the world he’s not a leader falls on the shoulder of the new regime, you’re completely misguided.
    They’ve inherited these players/personalities from the wonderful work of John Idzik.
    It takes time to turn that over and implement new principles.
    Just as Parcells did in 1997, Bowles and Maccagnan are in the midst of right now. Both Testaverde and Fitzpatrick have entered the starting role at the right time.
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  4. JOJOTOWNSELL added a post in a topic When I think of the 1998 team   

    Jets fans treated Vinny when he was signed the same way yankees fans treated Joe Torre when he was signed
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  5. JOJOTOWNSELL added a post in a topic When I think of the 1998 team   

    the expectations of Vinny and Fitz at the beginning of their respective seasons were exactly the same.
    I wish i could find some articles online from the day after we signed wasn't pretty
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  6. JOJOTOWNSELL added a post in a topic When I think of the 1998 team   

    why? because he doesn't have a big arm??
    people had as much faith in Vinny when we signed him as they have in Fitz now.
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  7. JOJOTOWNSELL added a post in a topic When I think of the 1998 team   

    i remember that Vinny was being treated as an afterthought before the season started just like Fitzy is now
    when its all said and done, who will have had a better Jets career??  Geno or Glenn foley??

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  8. JOJOTOWNSELL added a post in a topic Why Your Team Sucks : Buffalo Bills   


    The new owner made his fortune in fracking.

    **** the Bills with a Rob Ford-sized dildo.

    I just got through hating our head coach when he was with the Jets, but have managed to tell myself I was mistaken and he’s really a genius just needing a fair shot.

    The Bills are playing the Jets in week 17. It is all but guaranteed that Rex Ryan and the 9-6 Bills will be playing Chan Gailey, Fitzmagic, and the 3-12 Jets in Buffalo with a win-and-you’re-in scenario and several chances at symbolically expunging past demons. They will lose by 38 points.

    The British burned this city during the War of 1812- I am pissed they haven’t come back to finish the job.

    All 3 QBs have just as much a chance of starting all 16 games as they do getting cut before training camp ends.
    That doesn’t stop Tony in Cheektowaga from thinking we’re going to the Super Bowl this year.

    I’m 20 years old - 21 in November - and literally have no memory of ever watching my favorite team in a playoff game.

    All Bills fans have Stockholm Syndrome. I am honestly convinced that Greg Roman is going to scheme Tyrod Taylor into some hybrid of Colin Kaepernick, Joe Montana and Jesus Christ himself.
    **** JP Losman

    Every year with fresh, ill-fated optimism pumped in by our inept management, I feel like a paraplegic telling all my friends I’m going to climb Everest.

    I’ve never seen more people make complete pigs and asses and fools out of themselves more than at Bills games.  
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  9. JOJOTOWNSELL added a post in a topic Why Your Team Sucks : Buffalo Bills   

    The first game I had ever been to in 2012, I left my seats to use the restroom at halftime. After standing in line for 20 minutes with my bladder about to burst, I finally got into the bathroom, and it was PACKED to the brim. Immediately to my left, I see a young kid washing his hands (his parents, nowhere in sight). Next to this kid, a grown man who was fat and bearded with terrible tattoo’s and a Terrell Owens Bills Jersey was pissing into the very same sink as the child washing his hands. NO ONE SAID ANYTHING TO STOP THIS. The image of that poor kids face is forever burned into my memory. He looked terrified, confused, utterly disgusted and will likely need years of therapy to recover from the psychological damage this scene was causing. Yet, no one in there stopped it from happening.
    So, I yelled at this sh*tty excuse for a human, “Hey, what the **** are you doing, man?! You’re basically pissing on this poor kid!” He looks back drunkenly with one eye half closed, contorting his disgusting physique in my direction and yells; “Hey, Hey, Heyey!” and like a pack of mind warped sheep, the crowd of drunken Buffalonian men reply in unison with their cacophonous chant “LET’S GO BUFFALO!”
    This is my third year as a season ticket holder.
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  10. JOJOTOWNSELL added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    Why Your Team Sucks : Buffalo Bills
    Hysterical read, my fave part are the fan stories at the end

    Why Your Team Sucks 2015: Buffalo Bills
    Some people are fans of the Buffalo Bills. But many, many more people are NOT fans of the Buffalo Bills. This 2015 Deadspin NFL team preview is for those in the latter group. Read all the previews so far here.
    Your team: The Buffalo Bills
    Your 2014 record: 9-7. REACH FOR GLORY!
    As you recall, the most amusing thing about the Bills’ 2014 season was when head coach Doug Marrone exploited a contract loophole that guaranteed him $4 million just to leave the team. And the best part is that Marrone overplayed his hand, took the money, and waited for another head coaching job to come rolling in, only to end up marooned in Jacksonville as a lowly assistant. This is how it works in Buffalo: everyone ends up embarrassed. Only Doug Marrone could find a way to make an extra $4 million and still end up looking like a ******* idiot.
    Anyway, Marrone’s desertion allowed the Bills to fulfill their destiny by hiring this man…
    Your coach: HOW THE **** YOU DOIN’, BOYS?!!!

    “Listen men, I have one goal and one goal only, and that is to LEAD THE LEAGUE IN PUNCHING. No one is EVER out-punching us, you hear me? If they score, you punch them right in the dick. We will cockpunch our way to a ******* title! ARE YOU WITH ME?!”
    Only in Buffalo. Only Buffalo could Rex Ryan be welcomed as a conquering hero after averaging six wins per season over the past three years. I love Rex Ryan as much as the next fan, but a retread is a retread. Rex joins the seemingly endless list of retread coaches employed by the Bills: Wade Phillips, Chan Gailey, Joe Don Baker, etc. He just happens to be more fun than the rest of them. But you’re still only winning six games, man. Losing to New England doesn’t feel any better just because you made Tom Brady’s hand bleed.
    Also: Rex STILL doesn’t know sh*t about offense. It’s 2015, and this man is openly talking about running the ball 50 times a game. WITH LESEAN MCCOY! Does Rex know that’s not how you use LeSean McCoy? LeSean McCoy does his best work in space for a pass-first offense. The poor bastard is gonna get murdered by Week 3 all because Rex mistook him for Earl Campbell. sh*t, McCoy is hurt already! Does Rex even know what the quarterback of a team does? You guys are gonna love Rex and HATE his coaching.
    Your quarterback: Matt Cassel. Matt ******* Cassel. Matt Cassel. You traded for Matt Cassel. All that bold talk from Rex and look at your goddamn QB situation. You are going to miss Kyle Orton so, so badly…
    That’s about as good as it gets in Buffalo, kids. I picture the entire city fighting over a single old hamburger in an alleyway dumpster.
    By the way, Matt Cassel is far from your only option at QB this season. EJ Manuel is still around. Let’s see how EJ is progressing!
    Sounds about right. Bills fans are already talking themselves into Tyrod Taylor. That’s where we are, and it’s only August. Jesus.
    What’s new that sucks: Percy Harvin! IK Enemkpali! Richie Incognito! Aaron Kromer! They’re all here: hazers, punchers, convicts, rustlers, cut throats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, hornswogglers, horse thieves, bull dykes, train robbers, bank robbers, ass-kickers, sh*t-kickers AND METHODISTS!!!!!!! This year, you won’t be able to tell the difference between the Bills fans punching each other in the parking lot and the Bills themselves. It’s gonna be fantastic. If the Bills can’t win, they may as well act like they’re in the second-lamest production ever of Suicide Squad.
    Offensively, McCoy is bound to score more often at his private orgies. Harvin hasn’t been a dangerous receiving threat in over four years. The team drafted Karlos “Mystery Nut Surgery” Williams to fill the hole left by all of C.J. Spiller’s injuries. New tight end Charles Clay will be picked up and dropped by your fantasy team 50 times over eight weeks. And in those rare moments when Buffalo QBs can accurately deliver the ball to Sammy Watkins, he will drop it.
    Also: Kiko Alonso was traded away for McCoy. Do not blow anyone for his jersey if offered.
    Report From Buffalo: Kiko Alonso Jersey Traded For Blowjob Sean from Buffalo claims to have witnessed a very unorthodox transaction before Sunday's game…Read more 
    What has always sucked: As always, the Bills remain the saddest franchise in pro football. Imagine living in an Arctic Circle weather station year round. Now imagine having a random stranger visit you in the middle of winter. You’re elated, right? REAL HUMAN CONTACT. You’re just overjoyed someone finally found you. That’s Buffalo. Take any warm football body—Orton, Rex, whomever. In the regular NFL world, they’re average schmucks. In Buffalo, they are SAVIORS. It’s like they showed up at your igloo door with fresh candles and a barrel full of whale oil.
    People literally die at the Bills stadium. Half the home games need to be relocated during the season due to sudden onset Lake Effect sky avalanches. The new offensive line coach just beat the piss out of a kid over a lawn chair. The backup safety got his DMs doxxed by a porn star. J.J. Watt scores more TDs than their offense. Opposing fans troll them with laser pointers. The collective dignity of this team and this town was sold for a buck off Craigslist years ago…

    Christ. I don’t even know what to say anymore. The Bills are our eternal harvesters of sorrow.
    What might not suck: It’s Rex Ryan. You’ll play defense just well enough to wish you had an offense to go with it.
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  11. JOJOTOWNSELL added a post in a topic Now the Bills are looking to sign Ray Rice   

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  12. JOJOTOWNSELL added a post in a topic Good and Bad   

    I like to pretend that Ira from Staten Island is on this board
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  13. JOJOTOWNSELL added a post in a topic ***** Official NY Jets vs Detroit Lions Game Thread *****   

    is the game on local nyc tv
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  14. JOJOTOWNSELL added a post in a topic ***** Official NY Jets vs Detroit Lions Game Thread *****   

    wouldn't it be a nice surprise to see Bryce Petty have a game that vaults him into the starters competition ala Russell Wilson??
    If any fan base deserves that its the Jets.....we have been looking for our savior since i was wearing Skidz and Cavariccis.....why not us right?
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  15. JOJOTOWNSELL added a post in a topic Geno Smith Punched by IK, out 6-10 weeks. All discussion here (MERGED)
    Earlier today, news broke that Jets quarterback Geno Smith suffered a broken jaw in an altercation with linebacker IK Enemkpali. Smith will miss six to 10 weeks, and Enemkpali has been cut from the team. We gathered some Grantland staffers — some Jets fans, some not — to break down this circus.
    Chris Ryan: Let me start off by saying that if any team were going to take the mantle of most publicly dysfunctional NFL franchise from the Eagles, I’m so, so, so, so glad it could be the Jets. It’s hard to top “Is the coach maybe racist?” But “reserve linebacker breaking onetime franchise quarterback’s jaw with sucker punch” just might do it. On behalf of Chip Kelly, Brandon Boykin, LeSean McCoy’s party planner, and the abandoned mining town that was once the San Francisco 49ers, I’d just like to say thank you for Jetting, Jets.
    Shea Serrano: It feels a lot like No Quarterback At All as a football strategy is only slightly more dire than Geno Smith At Quarterback. Also, the only thing I truly want to know about this is whether it was more painful than when Cameron Wake hit Geno with an 18-wheeler.
    Ryan: The king stays the king.
    Andrew Sharp: I had no idea who IK Enemkpali was, but some quick Googling takes us to, where we find out that this is NOT the dude you want to pick a fight with:

    Ryan: Any guy who wears a face mask that could double as a Fury Roadcostume prop is not someone you want to scuffle with.
    Serrano: This means that Ryan Fitzpatrick is likely the quarterback for the Jets, right? A quick sidebar: When he was with the Texans last season, his kids went to the same school as my sons. The Texans won the first two games of the season. After each of them, Fitzpatrick was there to drop his kids off at school in the morning. They lost the third game and he didn’t show up. I knew right then that I didn’t trust him.
    Mallory Rubin: Forget about Ryan Fitzpatrick! This is your timely reminder that Bryce Petty once played WITH A BROKEN BACK. What do you think he’d say to a man who’s not willing to put a gigantic protective orb over his jaw booboo and hit the field? Like Geno, Petty can throw all of the interceptions that Jets fans are used to seeing. Unlike Geno, he brings one of those intangibles we’re always hearing about: TOUGHNESS! Give him the keys, Todd!
    Ryan O’Hanlon: Spare Petty. SPARE HIM. I like him too much, and literally nothing good has ever come from being a Jets quarterback not named Joe Namath. Who’s the worst person in the world? Whatever the answer, let’s plop this Stonehenge-size, Woody Johnson–shaped millstone around his neck and watch him inevitably become, I don’t know, the first human being to ever get lost in space.
    Sean Fennessey: This is the best news I’ve heard in weeks.
    Let’s set aside, ever so briefly, the inimitable Jetsiness of this story. Things were already going terribly for Johnson’s merry band of ignoble dunderheads. They’ve already endured an offseason that has seen the team’s elite defensive tackle be suspended four games for substance abuse(and later arrested on drag racing charges), the returning hero appear in a boastfully satisfied Sports Illustrated cover story (pure jinx material), the monstrously gifted defensive leader grouse about his contract status, one of its promising young safeties be placed on IR after tearing his Achilles, and its routinely injured young cornerback go out another two months (no surprise given the FIVE surgeries he had while playing at Alabama). Put all of that information in a vacuum-sealed bag and fire it into space. Because Geno Smith is terrible. No good. A pox on all our houses. And he. Is. Gone. Here was my brother’s response to this news:

    That’s right. The spread offense. Chan Gailey pulling the strings. Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker leaping to the heavens. Chris Ivory rumbling like a steam engine. Jace Amaro bullying his way down the seam. Devin Smith turning on the nitrous. And dear, precious Ryan Fitzpatrick, applying that econ degree from Harvard by SPREADING THE WEALTH. There will be no Bryce Petty, at least not yet. It’s FitzMagic. May Geno Smith’s dignity rest forever in peace.
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