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  2. The second round has been a house of horrors for the Jets so I don't mind them swinging for the fences!! we are due
  3. Pennington announcing hackenberg! Love it!!
  4. Did they just have the jets chant piped in over the speakers lol?
  5. Darron Lee- Scouting Report

    i hope so, its been my lucky number ever since i dug thru the box of JV basketball jerseys in high school and pulled out the only on that (sorta) fit me......good ol' #43 lol been waiting for someone of value to wear it so i can buy it lol
  6. Darron Lee- Scouting Report

    i stopped reading right around this part......cant wait to get my #43 Lee jersey
  7. The Florida Circus continues

    dolphins did more harm then good on this one....they were supposed to squash the story today and now they prolonged it lol
  8. Chris Ash (former OSU coordinator and current rutgers coach)was just on with Mike Francessa. Mike asked him a question about Lee's game and Ash said that Lee had the most potential to be great out of any of the OSU first round picks . Basically said he has been playing for only a few years and his physical skills are through the roof. Also said he was most surprised by Eli Apple going #10 to the giants also came across this and found it interesting Lee is not a perfect player because he needs to get stronger, but Istill think he can be an impact player right from the start because of his speed, instincts and ability to make plays from the outside linebacker position. Lee is very good against the runand he is even better against the pass. Lee showed off his speed and athleticism at Ohio State, and running backs and receivers are not going to be able to run away from him at the next level. Outside linebackers with speed are incredibly valuable commodities in the NFL, and Lee has a chance to show off his gold-standard ability. looks like we got a keeper
  9. Passing on Lynch

    I was fine with passing on him.....but not gonna lie, it stung a bit more knowing that elway was cool with trading up for him.....legitimizes Lynch a bit more
  10. For Those Still Crying About Lee

    Listening tofat mike talkto the new Rutgers coach who was the Ohio state defensive coordinator last year. The coach said Lee had the most potential of any of the Ohio state guys drafted in the first round.....I like to hear stuff like that edit.....still listening and he actually used the term "unlimited potential" wow
  11. Wouldn't mind a qb tonight.....
  12. This is what I dont understand.

    People wasn't Lynch because the best 2 guys are taken already in the first 2 picks....duh
  13. can't tell if troll....... we have drafted 2 qb's in the first round since forever (pennington and sanchez).......thats the saddest stat ever....its not like qb has been a need for this team or anything lol
  14. Word Association