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  1. sad but true....most people can't binge watch football from 1pm thru midnight like they did in their teens and 20's
  2. the attacks are ridiculous.....its not as if this board hasn't weathered every other crappy Jets season
  3. Was sitting up in section 238 of the old stadium with my dad the day of the injury, I was 14 years old. I can still remember how eerie it was all the way up there as Dennis lie on the turf. We left the game and listened to the post game show which is where we heard about how Dennis was taken to the hospital. Dad wanted to grab a steak on the way home so we stopped into Old Homestead. As we are talking about the game I see a bunch of huge guys walk in and get sat at the table directly next to us. It was Boomer Esiason and a bunch of other jets who had just left the hospital where they had visited Byrd. I was eavesdropping and they were all shook up but esiason was in particular. It was really cool to be seated next to them but even at a young age I knew it would be disrespectful to approach them and ask for an autograph at such a sad time. Always stuck with me how truly shook up they were and the sadness that permeated that table.
  4. Eric D. Williams ESPN Staff Writer San Diego Chargers backup QB Kellen Clemens out for warm-ups, will take over place holder duties tonight. Kellen Clemens is like a mix of a 40 year old lefty junkballer and Jason Voorhees.....he never dies. i get a kick out of him still being in the league.....the next Tom Brady as i recall
  5. the last coach we hired with previous head coaching experience was Parcells. that was a long time ago
  6. it was so "Jet-sy" for them to be in a 2 TE formation in the first quarter lol
  7. because the fantasy football bubble burst......
  8. great story about the song here....its all derivative
  9. in the last 12 months we have lost Yogi Berra, Muhammed Ali, and now Arnold Palmer. Not sure you will find 3 more beloved people in sports and now they are all gone....sad
  10. the cynic in me says the jets saw Amaro have a good game yesterday and panicked and scooped ASJ
  11. they already named an island after him so yes