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  1. lol saw this reply after I posted mine! Thats the thing, I actually am starting to get behind the Knicks "Euro Process." Phil has found players in the draft, you have to give him that. Phil gives one of his few interviews of the year to try to trade KP?????? Classic Phil Jackson mind games....its what made him the legend he is today, I don't mind him bringing KP down a peg to motivate him 4000 miles away
  2. Phil has hit on these euro kids more often than he has missed so he has that going for him.
  3. I find it fascinating that Adam silver still gets a hearty round of applause
  4. I'm hearing kp to suns for Bledsoe, chriss, and number 4 pick....would literally jump for joy if phil was able to pull this off....the best player in the deal could end up being Chriss down the road
  5. I'm strangely happy he is going to experience a winning culture.
  6. kristaps took a step back this year......I you could parlay him into Fox, Monk (with our pick), and a future first rounder you would have to consider it
  7. I totally disagree......the day that Mo Lewis is enshrined in the Patriots Ring of Honor is the day that David Harris deserves the same honor
  8. The job will be waaaay more attractive when we have the number 1 pick in next years draft and Stoops can have his pick of stud qb's
  9. In my opinion woody gave Mac an ultimatum...get me a franchise qb in next years draft or you are fired. This is the only logical explanation to what is happening right now. Think about it, if Mac gets us a stud qb next year then this whole board will be singing his praises and it will be easy for Woody to extend him. Usually the objective for an owner going into the season is to win a super bowl......this year the number 1 pick is Woodys super bowl
  10. This is some 76ers level tanking going on right here.....Why does it feel like today is the beginning of a bright new chapter in Jets lore? Do we finally get an all pro qb in the draft?
  11. im all in on the purge......"SUCK FOR WHOEVER"
  12. Slow down on killing Lee guys....remember Robbie Anderson I say! side note, no more Jets players at music festivals...Marvin Jones never attended Lollapalooza or Lilith Fair
  13. side note.....our 1st round picks from 2012-2014 2012 - Quinton coples 2013 - Dee Milner 2013 - Sheldon Richardson 2014 - Calvin Pryor Thats really, really bad