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  1. Vegas ( Bovada ) season win totals

    bears under texans under titans big over bills big under
  2. Vegas ( Bovada ) season win totals

    i actually have the cowboys winning the NFC east with a healthy Romo......they had a lot of hype coming into last year and the injury killed them
  3. i don't have kids but the thought of spending 800 bucks or so in tix, food, a t shirt, program, parking, popcorn, ect for a family on game day would probably make me stop going to games.....not because i can't afford it, because i would never be able to enjoy it knowing how i got badly i got bent over.....the only thing that would possibly keep me coming is tailgate joe
  4. Favorite Movie Lines

    on the other hand......
  5. Favorite Movie Lines

  6. Francessa leaving WFAN after 2017?

    i hate his bias towards the Jets but that guy has more sports knowledge in his pinky than anyone else on the radio in NYC has in their whole body......who are the other options?? Beningo? Carton? Schmoozer? Kay?...... a bunch of pretenders edited to add.......yes i know its a huge pinky
  7. How is your day going?

    Hurdling through the sky in a metal tube on my way to Florida.....the stewardess is hot...... yes stewardess....
  8. love the jenkins pick....its not like we've had bad luck with linebackers from Georgia
  9. a little post draft humor for you guys.....what a buffoon rex is Bills coach Rex Ryan is a big fan of playing mind games with his division rivals and he proved it again on Saturday. After theNFL Draftended, the Bills added undrafted free agent Glenn Gronkowski to their roster. If that last name sounds familiar, it should: Baby Gronk is the youngest brother ofPatriotstight endRob Gronkowski. The former Kansas State fullback seemed pretty excited after agreeing to terms with Buffalo. It's not a complete shock that Baby Gronk ended up signing with the Bills because that's where he grew up. Despite the fact that his brother signed with a division rival, Gronk still seemed pretty excited to see his brother sign an NFL deal. Although Glenn and Rob are related, they're two completely different people on and off the field. Just ask their dad, Gordy Gronkowski, about that. "Goose is sort of quiet, not like Rob, who is out there in front of everybody. He's more laid-back. He was the easiest of the boys," Gordytold Bleacher Reportin early April. "He does the right things all the time. Never gave me any trouble. Never did anything bad. Never got called in to school on him. Rob was that guy who stirred things up." Baby Gronk appeared in 39 games during his KSU career, and made a total of 20 starts. The 23-year-old was named to the All-Big 12 second team in 2015, just one year after being named first-team all-conference in 2014. Bills general manager Doug Whaley is a big fan of the team's newest addition. "He's the new-age fullback," Whaley said last week,via theBuffalo News. "A guy that can play a little H-back, play a little fullback, play a little tight end, so that's game-day versatility. That's a guy at 46 on your 46-man roster during game day that can play three different positions and special teams, so I think a guy like that definitely has a chance." The signing is a vintage Ryan move. Not only is thisthe guy who claimedIK Enemkpaliafter the Jets released him for punchingGeno Smith, but Ryan also madeRichie Incognitoa captain for a recent Billsgame againstthe Dolphins. Be sure to check out Baby Gronk getting choked out by our resident UFC star Rashad Evans from earlier this spring:
  10. sometimes fans sadly know more

    Sounds like a butt hurt psu fan with an axe to grind....
  12. The second round has been a house of horrors for the Jets so I don't mind them swinging for the fences!! we are due
  13. Pennington announcing hackenberg! Love it!!
  14. Did they just have the jets chant piped in over the speakers lol?