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  1. that folks is how a GM is supposed to negotiate a contract.
  2. is there anything that screams 2008 more than a "chopper?" those things are brutal to look at
  3. how could we not win with this offense........PS Ron artest is the friggin man......i loved him the second i saw him walk into class 10 minutes late stinking like cheech and chong back in St Johns......he just doesn't give a damn lol
  4. i thought the official car of the Jets was a 3 series?
  5. i like the idea of someone doing this every day for all the jets articles....good job
  6. the manilla envelope with the season tickets addressed from hempstead would arrive every summer and we would wonder before we opened it if this was finally the year the 49ers and Jerry Rice were coming to town.......section 228 in the old stadium....turkey sandwiches from A&C Suprette......pop into the Caddy and head over to the stadium to chant "Joe Must Go".......inevitably spill my hot chocolate on the poor guy sitting in front of me almost every week.......leave late 4th quarter (unless it was a good game) and listen to Marty Glickman and Dave Jennnings on the ride home to staten island.....but not before i got my hot pretzel from the shopping cart....good times, thanks dad
  7. one that always stood out for me was Dedric Ward wide right to catch the TD from Vinny up in buffalo to help Jets win AFC east title
  8. bears under texans under titans big over bills big under
  9. i actually have the cowboys winning the NFC east with a healthy Romo......they had a lot of hype coming into last year and the injury killed them
  10. i don't have kids but the thought of spending 800 bucks or so in tix, food, a t shirt, program, parking, popcorn, ect for a family on game day would probably make me stop going to games.....not because i can't afford it, because i would never be able to enjoy it knowing how i got badly i got bent over.....the only thing that would possibly keep me coming is tailgate joe
  11. on the other hand......
  12. i hate his bias towards the Jets but that guy has more sports knowledge in his pinky than anyone else on the radio in NYC has in their whole body......who are the other options?? Beningo? Carton? Schmoozer? Kay?...... a bunch of pretenders edited to add.......yes i know its a huge pinky
  13. Hurdling through the sky in a metal tube on my way to Florida.....the stewardess is hot...... yes stewardess....