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  1. is fake news
  2. i don't think this is partisan at all, i apologize to the mods if it is deemed Jets fans, I think we will all agree this video is hysterical
  3. I was more of an xfl guy....he hate me
  4. Is he going to take off his baseball hat when he meets the Queen?
  5. although his qualifications for his new post are questionable this can only mean good things for the day to day operations of the Jets this is as close to "firing the owner" you will ever see!!
  6. these beat reporters have been reading this board and literally stealing posts for article ideas for years. To be quite honest, if i was them i would do the same exact thing. If we were smart and organized our thoughts we could push the agenda in the papers lol
  7. IMO the only national pizza chain that does it right.......coming from a certified staten island pizza snob
  8. Just to change the karma the jets should pick whoever the best guy on mel kipers board is when they are on the clock in round 2. Don't even think about it, just run up there with the pick.
  9. Seems like the jets haven't taken a running back high in the draft since Blair Thomas?? Even though he was a bust i would be ok with it
  10. Ding ding ding! Was surprised Everett Mcciver wasn't available to coach the offensive line!
  11. Vance Joseph is their defensive coordinator.....what is he most famous for?
  12. the fact that buffalo moved on from him so quickly while we gave sanchez and geno shot after shot after shot says something about both franchises
  13. Our owner already has the best porn name in sports
  14. Why do the Jets seem to lead the league in trying out NON footballs players?? Tony Meola anyone?