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    Everett Mciver to coach offensive line??
  2. Wild Card Weekend Game Thread

    These games making being a jets fan sting a lil less lol
  3. Wild Card Weekend Game Thread

    That was 4000 times worse than gasteneu in Cleveland 
  4. Wild Card Weekend Game Thread

    If I was a bengals fan, after tonight's game I would switch to being a jets fan.....that's how bad that was
  5. Wild Card Weekend Game Thread

    Joey freaking porter (of all people) drawing a personal foul as a coach is the greatest/most ridiculous thing of all time....
  6. Cro is due

    I thought it said CROS WIFE IS DUE
  7. Biggest game of the year and I have a hankering for some warping.....
  8. Unusually and Exceptionally Nervous

    i would be shocked if we win this game going away
  9. Stay Classy Miami.

    Phone number is tel:305-541-2350 im listening now, she is doubling down and then some tell her how you feel jet nation 
  10. Stay Classy Miami.

    She is on my buddy's radio show right in and tell her how you feel... There is never a wait to get on the air
  11. In defense of Bellichick

    you like JOJO OR Jojo1? This guy is dragging my name thru the mud lol
  12. When I think of the 1998 team

    Yes I'm that guy
  13. In defense of Bellichick

    I just wanted to check in and make sure that no one would confuse me with a guy with a name similar to me starting a thread called "in defense of belicheck".....the real JOJOTOWNSELL would never defend that POS
  14. Jets friendly bars in fish land?

    after careful consideration i change my vote to Packys
  15. Star Wars VII Has Begun Filming

    I bought 2 tickets on fandango at 830 pm yesterday for a 930 pm show at jersey gardens....walked in at 920 to a half empty stayed that way for the whole show....wierd