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  1. When the oncologist - EDITED

    Hodgkins lymphoma survivor here....i was extremely late stage pretty much full blown. They had to do my bone marrow biopsy awake without anesthesia, they were afraid the huge mass compressing my trachea would close up and not be able to get a tube down there in an emergency. So 6 orderlies held me down, they jammed the spike into my thigh a few times but couldn't break the bone with my muscles pushing it out, finally went into the back of the pelvis, with the doc up on the table for leverage. IT was like someone kept shooting me with a gun, good times!! Anyway, good luck to you my friend, and welcome to the club. You caught it early, that is great. Just enjoy every day, lots of steaks and lapdances!
  2. RV Show at PNC

    They look pretty cool, kinda like shrunken class a rvs. RVTRADER does have some lightly used ones in the low to mid 60s. One of those would look badass with a JN wrap. That front end really could be made to look like a big jets helmet with a good wrap job. It would make a great gameday JN promotional vehicle. There are some interesting tax writeoffswith an Rv. The first is the interest on the loan can be deducted as the irs will classify it as a second home. There may also be deductions for vehicle registration and a portion of the sales tax paid on the vehicle. And speaking to JN, using it as a "gameday promotional vehicle" and you attending games as part of your business dealings running a jets fansite, used to entertain clients and possible business associates, then it gets business expense deductions. Something you may want to look into.
  3. RV Show at PNC

    I really want an RV at some point, for TailgateJoe and then to escape south for a few months. Those Thor Rvs seem pretty nice, they look like a good mid level value. I really like their toy haulers that have the garages at the back. They have class C and A with that. One game a year some liquor company throws a party in the lot next to us and that is a Thor Outlaw class a toy hauler rv he has.
  4. BREAKING NEWS: Prince, 57, dies at Minnesota estate

    I was going to post this if nobody else did. This is considered probably the greatest musical moment in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction history. It is something that a song written by a great songwriter like George Harrison, a solo recorded in studio by Eric Clapton, could be improved upon, and Prince did that by a country mile. Then he throws the f##king guitar up into the air and it disappears like magic, WTF!!!
  5. Are the going to turn it off midway through the first round and kick everyone out like they did last year?
  6. Lol all good BP. I am really looking forward to KC. Speaking with my friend in KC, who is a big guy in the BBQ world, about what we are going to put together is getting me craving some brisket! I had to go buy one this morning to toss in the smoker tonight!
  7. The Spring Kickoff Burger

    Another burger I did using those ramps.... Another day, another burger. While thinking of ways to use the wild ramps someone gave me, I thought about scallions since ramps are a wild grown cousin and where scallions appear in my world as a NYer. Thinking this while at a bagel store kinda helped! Scallion cream cheese yo!! What real New Yorker doesn't identify with bagels with a schmear, and what flavor is better than scallion. Ok, but a cream cheese won't really hold up on its own as a burger topping, the heat will liquefy it. So what is kinda like a cream cheese but better suited to burgers? Then I thought of pimento cheese, "Texas Caviar," and how that was based in part on cream cheese, at least some recipes. Anyway, it was close enough. So combining the two, a NY classic bagel topping and a Texas classic spread, using ramps, and I have this, I just don't know what to call it yet!
  8. The Spring Kickoff Burger

    I don't think so, I am probably going but doubt I am organizing anything.
  9. Hoping to have room for 100-150 Jets fans! It's gonna be a great weekend!
  10. As of right now I have no plans for Cleveland. Of course I have been known to change my mind at the drop of a hat, so who knows, lol! I am really excited for KC though!
  11. KC is a BBQ mecca, we are going to lock down the best of it for Jets fans!
  12. Yup, going to be a great weekend, sorting out details this week
  13. The Spring Kickoff Burger

    It's that time of the year, the beginning of ramp season. I don't know about where you are, but here in NY when ramps start popping up at the green markets the competition to snag some can get fierce. Both foodies and chefs alike go crazy for the wild onions. You will see them popping up on instagram and on seasonal menus of great restaurants. The ramp is the first leafy green vegetable of the season to pop up, growing wild in a forest setting. They are a cross between a scallion and a leek with a pleasantly strong garlicy, onion flavor. For my first batch of ramps, I tossed them in olive oil and sea salt and threw them on a weber kettle, along with some burgers. The burger is a brisket/chuck/short rib blend, topped with smoked gouda, grilled ramps, sweet red pepper cream, and a brioche bun. This was seriously one of the greatest burgers I have ever cooked or eaten anywhere!
  14. Time for some grilling

    HAHA, it is a pretty cool kitchen tool. I think if you buy a real deal smoker you will be using it constantly. We have to get you off the electric smoker! I A/B taste tested some ribs prepped and seasoned the same with one on a full on commercial cookshack electric, there is a huge difference. Did you see that new weber that came out last week, the Summit Charcoal grill? It is a competitor to the Big Green Egg and those ceramic kamados. Lots of sticker shock at first but I am starting to hear some great things about it. If I wasn't spending my money on stuff I can use for my events then I would have one already.
  15. For anyone grilling over coal, sale today

    yeah, can't wait to fire it up, I just need a reason to cook 20-40lbs of chicken!