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  1. joebabyny added a post in a topic Soliciting in the Parking Lot   

    Agreed. When I decided to do a breast cancer charity for the Jets/Redskins game I looked into which was the best and found the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to be the best with 91% of every dollar spent going to research in the field. I also didn't do any direct asks, people that wanted to join the tailgate automatically donated. We raised $1,910, and with a deal the charity had from an anonymous donor, that amount got doubled.
    Oh, and since I am mentioning this, anyone who wants to donate to a great cancer charity, please check this out.
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  2. joebabyny added a post in a topic Soliciting in the Parking Lot   

    In my experience it is not a good idea to wait until the last minute on parking passes.
    I use ticketexchange, which i feel is the safest way as it is linked to season ticketholder accounts and therefore less likely for someone to pull stupid stuff. The problem is, they guarantee delivery before gametime, they do not guarantee hours before gametime. I had to buy 5 parking passes a few weeks ago. I bought at 8pm the night before. By 5am when I woke up, 2 had not yet come. It was too early to get someone on the phone and I needed to leave in an hour, so I bought 2 more which did come. By the time I got back from the game I saw they had delivered to me an hour and a half before kickoff. They would not refund me because they only promise to deliver before the event starts and it isn't their concern how many hours before the event that I need the tix.
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  3. joebabyny added a post in a topic Back from my first Metlife Experience...   

    A very well known Brooklyn/Staten Island bakery custom bakes them for me. I go to their production kitchen late at night Saturday so they are as fresh as possible for Sunday morning. I am currently working with them to develop a bun that I seriously think is turning out to be the greatest f##king hamburger bun ever created.
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  4. joebabyny added a post in a topic Sat in 135 on Sunday   

    We have 4 season tix in 215 and 4 in 123, I always sit in 123 and my parents take 215 with the grandkids. It is kinda boring up there so I hardly ever go up there other than preseason which is more social and less about football.
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  5. joebabyny added a post in a topic Back from my first Metlife Experience...   

    Thanks for all the kind words Jif, good to finally meet in real life!
    We had a pretty good spread for this game, it was all dishes with an Italian-American influence. Normally I am so busy that I can't get around to taking pics, but I have some great guys join the crew this year so I am able to tackle the more complicated stuff and have a little time to relax and enjoy the party more.
    Here is Sal and George working 1 of the 2 4 burner griddles kicking off the day with the Italian style Taylor ham pork roll. This was served on custom bakery baked italian rolls with homemade fig jam, provolone, and baby arugula,

    Here is half of the food line with the Taylor ham sandwiches, some awesome italian sausage (lafrieda) and peppers, and mom's peas and macaroni with bacon

    And here is the pesto sauce i was making

    Which was then folded in with some Calabro's hand dipped ricotta cheese to make the Jets Pesto burger which was a Lafrieda fresh ground blend of chuck/brisket/short rib on a fresh baked brioche bun

    It was a pretty good spread!
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  6. joebabyny added a post in a topic Back from my first Metlife Experience...   

    I was deep frying them right in the lot

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  7. joebabyny added a post in a topic when did revis dump Geiger?   

    exactly, every "sneakerhead" thinks he's the Marc Jacobs of sneakers because Nike let's you pick your own colors on a website. I did about five years in product design and development in the fashion industry, and probably breathed enough fumes in Chinese pvc factories that my unborn children will probably be born as cyclops, and this guy thinks buying shoes like a woman makes him a designer. That's like max having eaten enough of my pulled pork to declare himself a pitmaster. 
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  8. joebabyny added a post in a topic Jets/Skins... Who is going?   

    Like I said, there is official and unofficial. 
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  9. joebabyny added a post in a topic Jets/Skins... Who is going?   

    officially 1 per 4 for psl and 1 per 2 for clubs. I don't know if nonpsl are 4 or 6. Unofficially, just call and ask for more. 
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  10. joebabyny added a post in a topic Comeback Player of the Year   

    Fitz could definitely be in the running if he continues to lead the team to success and doesn't suffer any injuries.
    If we take the word comeback as literal, Revis did "come back" to his original team and he has been one of the biggest reasons for our success thus far. Just sayin' lol.
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  11. joebabyny added a post in a topic TRADE dept. : Could Jets entertain idea of trading Geno Smith before deadline ? ? ?   

    Yeah, I don't see any reason or way to trade Geno this season. I will say though, if Fitz makes it through the season and has success, Geno is probably a goner and we can look to possibly draft our QB of the future and work on development of Petty. With riches we have on the Dline, I think a trade, including a sign and trade, may be an option to move up to draft that qb. Based on how he has handled matters thus far, I think Mac can figure it out if it is possible while not hurting the team.
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  12. joebabyny added a post in a topic Jets/Skins... Who is going?   

    Well, there is 2 ways to do whole hog, low and slow smoking which can take 15-24 hours, and roasting, usually in one of those caja china boxes. Roasting still takes too long to do beginning to end at the game, so you have to do it at home ahead of time. There is enough thermal mass with the hog that you can finish it with an hour or 2 to spare and then transport it to the game. I would definitely not transport it still cooking in the back of a pickup or trailer. That sounds pretty dangerous to me. The draft caused by the wind would turn the lit charcoal bed into an inferno, and do you want to be driving with a giant fire in the back of your truck? Smoking is the best way to do it, and you don't need to spend a lot of money, you can build temporary cinder block pits for next to nothing. There are plenty of youtube videos on building block pits.
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  13. joebabyny added a post in a topic Jets/Skins... Who is going?   

    to be honest, although the end product of prepping and cooking a whole hog is quite impressive, it isn't the best way to cook the pork, not by a long shot. And I have had some great whole hog, I even smoked one for 24 hours with Myron Mixon. It is also really expensive for what you end up with. If I am going to end up pulling it all anyway, I can get butts at like 1.20lb, and they will all be cooked to the perfect temp for the cut and with a nice mix of moist meat and crunchy bark. 
    Don't get me wrong, doing whole hog is pretty awesome, just not efficient or the best way to put out the best pork. Still cool though and a test for the pitmaster. If I am doing it though, my preferred method is bbq comp style with the hog on its back split open and smoked at 250 low and slow. But that isn't really feasible for most people, especially for a tailgate. 
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  14. joebabyny added a post in a topic Jets/Skins... Who is going?   

    Nice, using a la caja china?
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  15. joebabyny added a post in a topic Jets/Skins... Who is going?   

    TailgateJoe in the house like always! We are doing an Italian/American theme tailgate and raising money for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, doing our part to save the boobies. We have already raised $1,000!
    Going to be serving this for breakfast, and "Italian" version of NJ delicacy Taylor Ham, adding provolone, home made fig jam, baby arugula, and fresh custom baked italian bread rolls. Also will be deep frying rice balls, serving the Jets Pesto Burger, and grilling up Sausage and Peppers. Anyone that wants to join us, we still have availability, get info at

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