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  1. Raiders moving to Las Vegas?

    I could see it as the ultimate fan roadtrip game. I would bet the stadium would be packed with visiting team fans every week, no matter the team. The home team would have the worst home field advantage, but the stadium would be packed. Also, every stadium would have luxury boxes for their high rollers.
  2. It happens, I had stage 3 hodgkins lymphoma, over 30 masses, Walked into the doctor on Monday when I noticed the large lump under my armpit, by that Friday I was in a wheelchair and admitted inpatient for my first chemo treatment. Easily had it for over a year, but you explain away the symptoms as something else. Stage 4 isn't neccesarily worse than 3, at least for Hodgkins, it is just the added presence in the bones. My stage 3 was probably worse than a lot of people with stage 4. Good luck to Mort!
  3. Anyone Else Feel Depressed This Past Weekend?

    Yeah, this season was hectic for me, between TGJ on Jets gamedays and then private stuff when the Jets were away, I think all season I may have had 2 weekends where I did nothing. I spent all weekend cleaning my gear and trailer for storage for a few months and it sucked, not having a game to go to, especially with how fun this season was to watch.
  4. Christmas Dinner

    I would put off building my own until I have owned a few, to know what makes a good smoker, what performance should be. As far as recommendations, I can offer advice for sure. You have to figure out a budget and what type you want. A full on offset stick burner can theoretically give the best product, but it is a learning curve to squeeze out that best performance. Lang, Klose, and Yoder make great offsets in that traditional black pipe look. I love those yoder competition cart offsets. Shirley Fabrication is another small time manufacturer that has blown up. Thier web presence sucks but their pits are sweeping across the country and I hear raves about them, great quality and real value for the money. The Weber WSM is my standard recommendation to any starter, but I think you are like me in that you are going to quickly want something a little more substantial. Vertical charcoal cabinets are really popular, and the insulated ones are great, especially if you are up north in a colder climate. Backwoods is probably the most popular, because of price. Spicewine is also another popular one. I was just out visiting and filming in TX with the boys from Pitmaker, and got to tour their fabrication shop and see behind the curtain. Their stuff is literally art pieces, something that your friends and neighbors will be envious of. I love their vault. I hope to have them make me a trailer at some point, maybe I need to start a gofundme campaign to raise funds to upgrade my tailgatejoe jets tailgate rig. I love the Fast Eddys by Cookshack pellet smokers, they are true comercial grade machines. I have 2 FEC120's, but I don't think pellet smokers are right for you, and everyone should learn fire management first anyway.
  5. Christmas Dinner

    So how long until you buy a real smoker?
  6. Christmas Dinner

    Oh I am just happy to find people willing to listen to my bloviating. I am always learning myself. I am locking up details to spend a day or two down in MD and then FL cooking with some top teams, always looking to expand my knowledge.
  7. Christmas Dinner

    Sounds like you are having a lot of fun! A suggestion, you want to figure out the differences between marinades and sauces. I would say generally that marinating in store bought sauces is usually going to be a waste of time and money compared to just glazing the meat the last 15 or 20 minutes of cooking. A great book for learning about the basics of building sauces and marinades and how to expand on that is "Chef Paul Kirk's Championship Barbecue Sauces: 175 Make-Your-Own Sauces, Marinades, Dry Rubs, Wet Rubs, Mops, and Salsas." As far as wood types and pellets, I have found that there isn't really much different within the fruit woods. Of course play with them all, but don't go crazy buying them all at once or sweating over not having one or another type. Hickory is going to be a stronger flavor, and mesquite I think is usually too strong. Chicken thighs are the go to part for 95% of competition bbq teams for chicken categories so that is definitely a great part to play with. For catering gigs that call for chicken, drumsticks are my go to. I like to marinate in big ziplocs with olive oil and my rub blend for 24-48 hours, then dust with more rub right before going into the smoker. A lot of the spices are fat soluble and the oil helps in crisping the skin at the lower temps of the smoker.
  8. Who's going to buffalo?

       BTW, just went on expedia, cheapest flight newark to buffalo is $323, so there is that.
  9. Who's going to buffalo?

    What I would spend to go to that game is a little more involved than that, but yeah it definitely is a cheap game to go to. Does going to that game keep you from going to the wildcard game next weekend though? That is more my point. Besides, like I said, I am going to be in Houston this weekend anyway. Good luck to anyone going this weekend, let the tv crowd hear the Jets chant on tv!!
  10. The Crowd and Atmosphere Yesterday

    I thought the same thing at the stadium yesterday. A week after coming back from Dallas, and observing how they run the crowd there, which is what the AV operator is doing with music and video clips throughout the crowd, I noticed one instance in particular how the guy at Metlife just fell on his face. There was a huge play the Jets made in the beginning of the 3rd qtr, Revis' interception on the 20 in Jets territory, and the crowd went bananas as it was a huge momentum shifting play on Brady. While the crowd was still screaming and going nuts what did they throw up on all 4 video boards? That stupid promo with the children talking about not cursing and giving the number to report people for cursing. If you have been tot he stadium this year you know what video I am talking about, the "cute" one showing clips of kids acting up, etc. This is what they chose to play THE SECOND Revis got the int. The crowd cheers went from pretty deafening to nearly silent pretty quickly as this promo got shoehorned into the tv timeout and just sucked the energy out and left the crowd flat. I assume these promos are scheduled ahead of time, like "at the first possession change of the 3rd qtr" etc, but someone up there should have known better to follow up a huge momentum swinging play like that with something to keep the crowd engaged and not toss up a "hey be quiet and look at these cute little kids telling you know to use bad language" public announcement. But in spite of this, the crowd and atmosphere was pretty good, even in the clubs, and at the end everyone was crazy.
  11. Who's going to buffalo?

    Was considering it but then got word I need to go to Houston this weekend. All for the best. Way I see it, why deal with the snow and cold for 1 of 2 outcomes, first outcome we win in which case I would rather spend the money going to the wildcard game or second outcome we lose and then I dealt with that weather and ride just for a loss.
  12. Pats fans reactions! lmao.

    Yeah, ummm, when your living room furniture consists of a plywood table and a washer/dryer, you have bigger life problems than a regular season football game.
  13. Christmas Dinner

    Cool man, glad it worked out for ya!
  14. AT&T Stadium is awesome. And it isn't just the stadium, but the atmosphere they create. Upon walking into one of the endzone gates you find yourself in a big open space that gives you a feeling of grandeur. Everything is airy and brightly lit, and you can feel the electricity of the crowd wherever you are, even at the concessions, as it is all open. The concessions both in the club and in the main part of the stadium are pretty great. For those that didn't know, Jerry Jones and the Yankees formed a business to develop and run concessions as a better quality alternative to the entrenched companies like aramark and delaware north, the company that handles the Jets. They also make it really easy to drink, as there are concessions eveywhere, from the built in concessions to mobile points of sale to guys with big ice bins full of beers. As far as shopping, there are lots of shops and vendors selling all kinds of gear and memorabilia like framed jerseys and helmets. As far as how they run their in game entertainment, every other stadium should take a lesson. Where you are bombarded with tons of commercials and sponsors shoe horned into content at every time out and free minute at Metlife, at Cowboys stadium you never get any of that. They only do video montages, high production value graphics and video, and other Cowboys crowd motivational digital assets. They will add a logo in the corner of whatever sponsor there is for each of these digital assets, but that is it. When they do a half time giveaway, it isn't Waste Management sponsoring and giving away a free garbage pickup, it is a local car dealership that actually parks a ford F150 pickup in the endzone and a fan winning the truck by tossing footballs into the bed. Say what you will about Jerry Jones, he knows how to give the fans a great atmosphere and how to present and market his team and monetize it with sponsors in the right way.
  15.   Your number is not necessarily accurate. I see 4k and change on ticketexchange, and 5kand change on stubhub, but you can't just add the 2. There is likely significant overlap between the two as most people would take advantage of both marketplaces. I would say the real number is a little above the 5k+ on stubhub.