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  1. I have heard great things about La Barbecue, probably the 3rd place i would have mentioned. Heard both the brisket and sausage are great. I also heard you can email them your order, but don't know how that works. Franklin usually sells out by 2-2:30pm i think.
  2. Well, Franklin BBQ is the center of the beef bbq world these days, and from every well informed bbq nerd I know, his reputation is deserved. You have to get there early, like 7am early. You want brisket, and you want it from the "moist" or "fatty" or if you want to sound like you know what you are talking about ask for it from the "point end." Do not bother with pork there, or really anywhere in texas. The Tipsy Texan sandwich on the menu is a great value too. Louie Mueller BBQ is the other spot to visit. Brisket is also phenomenal here, maybe a hair less so than Franklin. The thing you need to have here is the beef ribs. These are not the sorry beef back ribs you wold get at a sorry chain bbq restaurant, they are short ribs. They are expensive, but you really only need one as it could weigh up to 2lbs. The sausage is also excellent. I would hit up Franklin for some point end brisket and the texan sandwich, and I would hit Louie Mueller for a beef rib and some jalapeno sausage.
  3. ????
  4. No worries, like I said, if i were buying a kamado, it would be the weber. Heck, if i were buying a grill that wasn't going to be a source of revenue or for cooking for 100+ people, I would have this one. It comes in 2 flavors, with and without the stainless steel cart. With the cart the minimum advertised prices is 1,999. The grill without the cart has a minimum advertised price of 1,499. would probably be where I would order from if I couldn't find a local dealer who would beat their price, call them and see, they say they are selling them for the minimum allowed and doing free shipping. It is also a great site for supplies, I buy from them all the time.
  5. Fire control is definitely a skill that takes some practice. It also is usually harder on the cheaper pits, making it even harder for novices learning on beginner pits. I do tell people that is is better to learn fire control first to have the skill before buying gadgets, but there are draft controllers like BBQ Guru which hook up a fan to the smoker and a temp probe and they regulate the temps pretty well, just set a temp on the controller and then every few hours add fuel. But hey, whatever works to get ya out there cookin'!
  6. The kamado cokers are pretty cool, they have a huge following. With this style cooker you pretty much have 3 manufacturers to choose from, Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, and Primo. There are others that are cheap and not as good, or super expensive beautiful works of art for the money-is-no-object crowd. Big Green Egg is the biggest name of the group. They are also more expensive once you add in the accessories you will need. They even charge extra for the legs!!!! I mean, are you going to buy it and lay it on the ground? Quality is first class, but make sure you get one from an authorized dealer. KamadoJoe is a competitor to Big Green Egg and comes in with a cheaper price point, including some stuff that costs extra with the egg. The quality is pretty good and I would prolly go with a Joe over an egg. My friend Fred near Reading PA is a Kamado Joe dealer and does lots of cooking demos and videos online, check out his youtube page. Primo is American made. The other cool thing is the oval shape, allowing easier indirect cooking. If I were buying one of these kamado style cookers, I would prolly go primo due to the shape. Now, a few weeks ago Weber came out with something to take on these high end kamado cookers, and without a doubt it would be what I would buy in this pricerange over one of the clay kamados. It is the Weber Summit Charcoal grill. It is air insulated stainless steel, with a nice big cookin grate for direct and indirect cooking, has a gas charcoal ligher system, heat diffuser included, 2 charcoal grate positions, and really nice air damper design. The bbq community initially balked at the price when it was released, but now that people have gotten their hands on it, everyone is coming around. The biggest benefit of this over the clay kamados is ease of changing gears, going from high heat to low heat. With a clay kamado, if you are smoking low and overshoot temps and find yourself 100+ degrees over your target, it will take forever to get the temps back down do to thermal mass of the pit. With the air insulation of the weber, you can quickly change gears and it will be more forgiving with overshoots. Also, it is ligher and easier to move around and doesn't have the possibility of cracking like the traditional kamados do. There is no doubt that at the price range of the kamados, the weber would be mine. You can't see it at home depot, you have to go to a premium weber dealer. Definitely take a look at it.
  7. Yeah, the only thing that keeps me from using it much more is the amount of oil you have to commit to it, makes small impromptu fry sessions costly. I usually use peanut oil unless I want something non neutral for a particular dish, like using olive oil for riceballs. BTW, peanut oil is not considered an allergen. The allergen in peanuts is not present in highly refined peanut oil, but it is present in fancy cold pressed peanut oil.
  8. I have the same fryer you bought, it works great. A few things I figured out from using it, Don't fill the baskets too much, put in a little less than what you think is the full amount you can. Crank the little gas knob to high just as you are about to drop the basket in, that will keep the oil temp recovery from the cold food going in. Make sure the oil is hot enough before frying, oil that is not hot enough is why food gets grease soaked. Constantly monitor the oil temp once you get to 250, it will spike fast. Don't ever walk away from the fryer while it is lit, I learned this the hard way, lol Know your smoke point for the given oil used, once the oil gets there, and it gets there quick, it will burn and be no good. More importantly, it can cause a flash fire out of nowhere! I use mine for frying up riceballs, and I used it for the Great Hot Dog Cookoff to deep fry large batches of dogs.
  9. When I was at Myron Mixon's house I saw he had a big utility slop sink bolted onto the side of his bbq trailer that was just hooked up to the garden hose. It's easy enough to do, check this out, You could also hook up the camp chef tankless water heater to the hot water hose as well for hot water if you want it.
  10. Yeah, it's been a thought i've had, seeing that shuttle traffic right in front of where I set up my tailgate.
  11. I bought one of these, A BBQ42 from Meadow Creek. Meadow Creek is a Amish company out of PA that makes some very well regarded bbq pits. They are a bit pricey, but the materials, fit, and finish are absolutely top notch. These can cook burgers, steaks, ribs, or whatever, but chicken is really what it is meant for and where it shines. The 42 size can handle a whole 40lb case of chicken at once. For those who didn't watch the video, the chicken is sandwiched between the grates and is spun to flip sides. The distance from the grate to the coals also keeps the chicken from burning from flareups. I am pretty excited to add this to the tailgatejoe arsenal. Cooking chicken within that small window between just done and overdone is tough, doing it for 300 people is much harder. With this, I can put a less skilled helper at the helm and just give him a stip watch and instant read thermometer and pretty much be guaranteed a great finished product. This will let me open up the menu a bit and get some new menu options.
  12. Believe me, i have thought of it. If we had private lots up close to the stadium like some other teams do, I would have a tailgate castle.
  13. That company, Crown Verity, is a TailgateJoe sponsor. They are the top commercial grade propane grill manufacturer there is, bar none. I have their MCB72, MCB48, and 2 of their PCP36 grills. At some point I will hit them up for one of those towables, lol. That website,, even has my review videos up for some of the crown verity line. BTW, if anyone wants one for a sick workhorse grill for their home let me know, I can hook them up with my guy at CV who will extend a nice discount cheaper than anywhere online. They don't have some of the fancy bells and whistles or fancy styling of some of the other premium luxury grills like Viking, Fire Magic, Lynx, etc, but they are 100% stainless to the bolts (except for wheels and knobs), have just as much or more BTUs, heavy duty accessories, and built to last. Here is my lineup,
  14. Hodgkins lymphoma survivor here....i was extremely late stage pretty much full blown. They had to do my bone marrow biopsy awake without anesthesia, they were afraid the huge mass compressing my trachea would close up and not be able to get a tube down there in an emergency. So 6 orderlies held me down, they jammed the spike into my thigh a few times but couldn't break the bone with my muscles pushing it out, finally went into the back of the pelvis, with the doc up on the table for leverage. IT was like someone kept shooting me with a gun, good times!! Anyway, good luck to you my friend, and welcome to the club. You caught it early, that is great. Just enjoy every day, lots of steaks and lapdances!