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  1. This is not sustainable. worse than social security. If they have 20 guys go down a year with lifetime benefits they will be bankrupt. If they are bankrupt the kids get nothing.
  2. Luck Luck Luck Luck If he gets an offensive line we will really see what he can do. After Luck I would take Carr
  3. Yes I think doublecross is even smoother but the elit is awesome too. I hate grey goose. For a good everyday try Sobieski
  4. I like doublecross
  5. Hmmm Andy Reid has a killer offense line and a veteran qb that cab tutor the kid. I doubt that Mahoms see many actual snaps this season.
  6. Please identify the "winning" QB there for the taking. Everyone said this class does not even have a 1st round QB. People will take them because they are desperate. We need more pieces now nor a risky 1st rounder. Lets see what the rest of the draft brings, we still need OL, CB and RB. Lets get the OL fixed before we get a 1st year qb killed.
  7. Umm remember Vernon Gholston, the combine warrior. This kid is a football player.
  8. OMFG we grab a great player, maybe the next ed reed and people are whining. If we did not trade own this is who I wanted. Lets see in 3 years when he is the rock of our defense and the receivers are jags.
  9. Totally agree here. If we can go down to 12 - 18 and get a second and a 4th I would do it in a second. Ramczyk for the next 10 years or Peppers and put him at safety would be awesome and give us the returner we have not had since leon. Lots of good CB and RB in the 2nd - 4th this year.
  10. Lets wait and see how this plays out. If he was self medicated, he has no one to blame but himself. If he really has a prescription why did he not call the nfl hot line first and get it cleared. I don't jump to conclusions that he is right or wrong till all the facts come out. Just because you don't like a law it does not mean it is not a law. If you do not like it work to change it do not just ignore it and say fu.
  11. Wow first you viciously attack Goodell then you say I personal attack you. Please show me where. I said why should someone give a poop what you think which is just a question or a statement, then rebutted your position. Wow you are sensitive. You are like my very liberal daughter who takes a stand and when i ask her for statistics to back up her point she reverts to calling me heartless and unfeeling. If you have a position and believe in it please back it up with real facts and not half truths and innuendos spewed by the ESPN hacks. And for the record I am an extremely nice person, often to my own detriment. I rarely comment on anyone unless their triads are especially onerous or annoying. The Pats fans who come and troll here defending an very talented albeit egotistical, super rich, spoiled QB who thinks he is above the rules makes my blood pressure go up.
  12. Wow like Goodell and the owners give 2 poops about what you think. Just what do you think that his job is? It is to increase revenue and he has done that very well. All his decisions are based on that and the reaction of sponsors (most important) and viewer blocks secondarily. The response to the ray rice, AP and Martin case were directly proportional to the amount of nasty PC reaction mostly spurred on by the espn press. We are talking about Gays, womens groups and parenting groups boycotting and protesting and espn splashing it all over the place. Not good for business and the owners gave direction to take a heavier hand. Was it for noble reasons, no it was for dollars and cents. Please tell me who the nfl has really pounded for steroids and HGH. It is like weed, be smart enough not to do it before you get tested for the season and you can do what you want during the season. If you are stupid enough to get caught and embarrass people, you deserve what you get. Yes I include Sheldon in that category. Bounty gate was not a lie and the commissioners office sent letters and the team choose to ignore it. Again do not be stupid enough to get caught. KC knew the rules like all teams. Some get caught and fined. Jets have, Pats have, just be smart and circumspect and you do not have a problem. Bottom line is Goodell has increased revenue every year since he took over increasing the owners cut of league revenues to about 250 million a year per team. That also increases the players revenue as seen in the increase in salary cap. This makes his bosses happy and truth be told players happy as thier piece of the pie gets bigger. His horrible decisions have effected 18 players since he has taken over. I think you need another dead horse to beat.
  13. Thank you maxx
  14. Then you watch the Seattle GB game last night and they mugged Jones on his non catch (a good call as hiss ass hit) and no flag at all. I think Seattle has so many the refs just give up.
  15. Do you even believe the stuff you post here? 1) the Judge did not ask for proof because the Judge was ruling on the process not the infraction. By the way the more likely than not is often used in business as the standard that something is more than 50% probable. From a PWC publication Evolution of “more likely than not” In June 2006, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (“FASB”) released FASB Interpretation No. 48, Accounting for Uncertainty in Income Taxes (“FIN 48” or “the Interpretation”). Under the Interpretation, enterprises are required to assess an income tax position to determine whether the benefit of the position can be recognized in US GAAP financial statements. The benefit recognition threshold requires that the position be more likely than not to be sustained based upon its technical merit under applicable tax laws. This threshold or standard is defined as a likelihood of more than 50 percent. A position meeting the MLTN standard must then be measured to determine the amount that is recorded in the financial statements. The application of FIN 48 requires an assumption that the taxing authority will be aware of all relevant information and perform an appropriate examination of the position. You seem to be the guy who does 100, gets a ticket but gets off because the radar gun wan not calibrated. You were still speeding. Now lets alter the circumstance a little. Say the text involved Brady having a hot date and we needed to get his special package ready. They mention after the last date the girl was a little cold and unresponsive and it better be right this time. Say they said he will be appreciative if the roffie ing material melts the ice and he will sign a jersey. So the girl gets drugged and raped the drug test proves she is drugged and Tom denies everything and she was willing. There is no record of him buying roofies or any link to him and the drug. Based on the texts, he could get fired, go to jail, and certainly be fined and suspended. The crime is different but the circumstances are the same. Are you going to tell me he cant go to jail because he was not aware he could go to jail for date rape? He lied on the interview prior to the super bowl after Bellie thew him under the bus. He said with a straight face that he knew nothing about it when phone records indicate he was on the phone with the equipment guy for over 20 mins covering his ass. He had the self righteous smirk on face and said he could not tell the difference in Balls. Come on now that's like a race driver saying he does not know how hos car handles. He and Manning helped the NFL write the rules to allow teams to doctor balls to the QB's liking before games. (PS see brady after the Ravens game shouting at the ravens staff "Know the Rules") You can sit for 12 hours and say nothing. That is uncooperative Please state where Rodger made sh*t up? Did he deflate the balls, did he take them in the bathroom before the game, Did he call the NFL office and said the pats are cheating, Did he forbid the equipment guys from talking to NFL officials again?, Maybe he destroyed Brady's cell phone. Keep sticking your head in the sand my friend and enjoy the Cheater chants in every stadium the pats visit this year. The sad part of all this is if Brady just said he likes his balls a little softer but never intended them to be under the legal limit and the guys were a little too enthusiastic but it will never happen again, this whole thing would have been over in 10 mins. Mr Smug and Arrogant chose to think he is untouchable and led us to this debacle.