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  1. Browns missed out on Trubisky so they are loading up for next year. Smart move Sent from my iPhone using mobile app
  2. That would have been my first choice too but it's always tough to blame a GM for not trading down when you don't know what other teams were offering for the pick. Honestly, I think it hurt the Jets that there were so many talented picks left. Other than the crazy CHI trade, I think teams want to wait until the guy they want is one of a couple left to see how far down they'll go. Now McCaffery a RB supposedly going late first just went Top 10. Crazy! Sent from my iPhone using mobile app
  3. I really can't decide between Adams and Howard who I want. I know Adams is considered higher prospect but I think Howard could be best TE in NFL in short order Sent from my iPhone using mobile app
  4. You would think out of all fan bases, Jets fans would understand this most given our experience with Pennington.
  5. I'll go against you on this point and say "Mark my words, the 2018 QB draft class will be viewed as much stronger than the 2017 class.
  6. Regardless, I'd much rather screw up a 2nd round pick than a Top 10.
  7. Disagree. I think they're baiting Cle to make a trade. It will be an interesting draft for sure. Sent from my iPad using mobile app
  8. I agree 100%. I'm also a Jets/Yankees supporter. I just thought it was funny for a coach to bring up that same mentality, especially when he coaches for a "little sister" team in the same city. Hence the irony comment Sent from my iPhone using mobile app
  9. Adderall if I remember correctly. Sent from my iPhone using mobile app
  10. To be fair, this happened after the interviews ended, it was kind of like a "hot mic" situation where he was just messing around with the reporter. I just thought the irony was way too strong not to post it here.
  11. Did anyone catch at the end of the presser, one of the reporters asked a question about the Yankees and then started ribbing Bowles on his answer. Bowles suggested the reporter was a Red Sox fan but was corrected that the reporter was a Mets fan. Bowles said, "It's okay to be the little sister". I wonder if the irony was lost on him?
  12. If I could like this post 10x, I would.
  13. As you know, I'm rosier on Macc than you are but I tell you what, while I like the fact that he keeps making short term signings to older vets, I can't deny that it seems he consistently overpays based on talent. It is certainly becoming a point of concern for me.
  14. I think a mentor QB is brought in to provide guidance on how to handle different situations which arise both inside and outside of the field of play. There is a lot that goes into being a QB that takes place outside of the stadium and I think the Vets are brought in to help in those areas even more so than to talk specific coverages, game plans, etc. I agree that Rex and Co. did it better than this current regime but I think that has to do more with who is out there right now. The Jets were lucky that Brunnel was in the stage of his career at that time. Right now all of the older QB's floating around the league just flat out sucked. Nothing you can really do about that.
  15. As of your defined time frame of Week 17 only, no thought given to possibilities for the upcoming season, which you stated after your original post that I replied to? Sure, you are right. Feel better now?