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  1. Lol asking Morris Claiborne why he chose the Jets...what do you want the guy to say? "Because they offered the most money." Sent from my iPad using JetNation.com mobile app
  2. Is Robbie Anderson Underrated

    Another thing to remember in this weight debate is that the league is entirely different than when even Moss was in his prime. CB's can't beat up WR's anymore on their routes and Safety's and LB's have to think twice about bringing the wood in the off chance that they make contact with a helmet. Right now the only thing Robby has to learn is how to fight through a jam within 5 yards of scrimmage. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  3. Fess up...your hits and misses

    Not a big College FB guy so going a slightly different direction: Hit: Brandon Marshall - I thought that was tremendous trade/value at the time and I think he lived up to what we paid for him. Miss: Doug Jolley - I really thought he was going to be the answer to our TE issues and the Raiders would rue the day they made that trade. Bonus miss: Mike Nugent - thought the kid was the answer to our Kicker woes and would live up to 2nd round pick similar to a Janikowski.
  4. Exactly. It sucks for him but they couldn't have done this before the draft. The Jets had no idea Adams would be there so that cemented Pryor leaving and they were able to turn Pryor into Harris' replacement. Some people just want to crap on Mac any chance they can get.
  5. I think there is some merit to what Jetsbb is pointing out. People quickly forget how scared Sanchez was throwing the ball due to Rex essentially standing over him shouting "NO PICKS!". Now with the benefit of hindsight, we know that Sanchez has been turnover prone his entire career. But many here, myself included, were wondering how much the coaces could have hampered his progress as a young QB afraid to take any risks on the field.
  6. I think you severely overestimate the amount of "education" these top athletes are getting in college. Yes there are the rare exceptions that utilize their time at a Stanford per se to benefit themselves but those players are far and few between. Most are just biding their time hooking up with girls and going to (sleeping through) just enough classes that the University won't get investigated by the NCAA. I worked closely with a bunch of athletes at my alma mater and believe me we were no powerhouse. Sent from my iPad using JetNation.com mobile app
  7. Cromartie and Kids! Coming to a city near you in 2037!
  8. I'm not wishing anything but I do think anytime he has gotten the chance to perform he has done so well. I think what he did the last 4 games of the season should certainly merit him the opportunity to be a featured back this season. Depending on Hackenberg, I also wouldn't mind if the Jets went QB Round 1, RB Round 2 next draft (if the talent warrants the pick). I do know that we should be seeking our next feature back in the next few drafts.
  9. I agree, and this post is more about the fans than the team but even the Jets used him sparingly until they were forced to feature him after Forte's injury. Was that due to Bowles or perhaps Gailey? I guess we will find out this season. I was a big fan of the Forte signing initially because I thought they were going to use him more in the passing game and thought it would be a timeshare with Powell on runs but that isn't how things ended up playing out. I would hope that Powell gets AT LEAST 50% of all carries next year. Possibly less, depending on if McGuire pleasantly surprises.
  10. Good catch, meant Ivory. Will edit.
  11. Serious question because the guy gets no respect! Powell was a 4th round pick who many of the fans around here didn't want the Jets to resign after his rookie deal because he "was a JAG". Two years ago, after Bowles completely overused Chris Ivory, he came in and showed to be a more effective back and people screamed for him to get more reps. Then he was handed a 3 year deal and half of the board still were screaming "bad resigning, he's a JAG". Last year, we all expected him to get a bigger role earlier in the season but, this time Forte got the vast majority of carries. UNTIL WEEK 13, the highest amount of carries he got was 8 and the vast majority of games was 4! All Powell did last year was average 5.5 YPC (2nd in the league for those over 100 carries); average 138 total yards per game the last 4 weeks of the season, ranked 3rd in the league in YPC after contact, ranked 9th in the league in Missed Tackles per Carry and oh, by the way, he's only lost 1 fumble over the course of his career. Our fans thanked him for his effort by screaming that Macc didn't utilize our 2nd round pick on Dalvin Cook or Joe Mixon. Yes, with the roster we have in place right now, with all of the holes we have at hard to fill positions, the team should be investing a high draft pick on RB's with questionable character when we don't even play one of the better RB's (statistically speaking)in the league right now. The dude can't make plays if the team never gives him opportunities. I thought Bowles would have learned that after 2015 but we shall see if he will repeat the same mistakes in 2017.
  12. ^^^The official 2017 NFL Draft Day Thread^^^

    Browns missed out on Trubisky so they are loading up for next year. Smart move Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  13. ^^^The official 2017 NFL Draft Day Thread^^^

    That would have been my first choice too but it's always tough to blame a GM for not trading down when you don't know what other teams were offering for the pick. Honestly, I think it hurt the Jets that there were so many talented picks left. Other than the crazy CHI trade, I think teams want to wait until the guy they want is one of a couple left to see how far down they'll go. Now McCaffery a RB supposedly going late first just went Top 10. Crazy! Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  14. ^^^The official 2017 NFL Draft Day Thread^^^

    I really can't decide between Adams and Howard who I want. I know Adams is considered higher prospect but I think Howard could be best TE in NFL in short order Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  15. You would think out of all fan bases, Jets fans would understand this most given our experience with Pennington.