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  1. OTAs May 25th Tweets

    As opposed to the other team catching them when geno is back there?
  2. That's not really a ringing endorsement of Hackenberg, is it? I hope I'm wrong. The guy has the physical tools but so does Geno Smith....... Let's see if he has it between the ears.
  3. But is Hackenberg really an upgrade on geno? IM a charter member of the geno sucks club but what has Hackenberg done the last couple years?
  4. I'm not happy with the Hackenberg pick. First, I think it was at least a round too early for him. Secondly, we could have used another weapon or another player who can contribute in year 1. Drafting him doesn't change the fact we need Fitz this year. However, we can't carry 4 qbs. So who goes? I don't think we gave petty enough of a shot. I think eh could fit in our offense well.
  5. Is Lynch scared of the rush like Geno?
  6. Sounds like geno smith a few years back
  7. Jets need to draft....Connor Cook

    I watched Cook play a couple games. I won't say I'm an expert. I saw a team that was playing (against Iowa) to have a chance to go to a BCS bowl... 2 minute drill and they were SCARED to pass. That says all you need to know. He looked scared. That's not what I'm looking for. Also, when's the last time the starting QB, a senior, wasn't captain of his team?
  8. Jets need to draft....Connor Cook

    I wouldn't draft Connor Cook 20th in the 4th round.
  9. Bradford deal was totaling 36 for 2. They paid 12, leaving 24 remaining.
  10. that's true I believe plus 4 guaranteed next year too I think... Bradford is better than Fitz but how much better?
  11. if we deal for Bradford, we'd only be on the hook for 24M over 2 years... Eagles pay the signing bonus acceleration I believe,
  12. Do the eagles have any other draft picks left?
  13. Kiper's "Grade A" Jets picks

    I wouldn't take Connor Cook if he was available in Round 4.
  14. Strength of schedule in April is a bunch of crap. You don't know anything about injuries, the draft or anything. The division only plays 2 different games. That's it. The jets get the Chiefs and the colts. The pats get the Broncos and Texans. Seems about the same. Jets schedule looks harder than pats because they play the pats who had more wins and he pats play the jets who have less.
  15. Cowboys trade?

    Waiting is risky for the jets. With Wilkerson on the books their cap is filled. They can't sign a qb. If the qb they want or both of them are gone, they don't make the deal and then it's the end of April with no qb. Risky. At least if they deal now the cap is free. They can sign a qb to compete with the new one because Geno is not that guy. They can make some other small moves