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  1. Keep geno here for the preseason Next week play Fitz then Petty then let Hack clean up against the Eagles let Hack start play the first half and some of the 3rd and then let Geno clean up I'd keep geno because if a qb gets injured you don't have to rush to sign someone
  2. True and to protect us against injury if one of the qb goes down
  3. IR means he can't practice.
  4. It won't be that interesting. We already know how he reacts under pressure. He folds like a cheap suit.
  5. Need to monitor your winnings. You can then take some risks at the end of the year to get below the threshold or hit it big
  6. The main problem isn't guests seeing the link. The big issue is at 12:30 or so fanduel doesn't think we are going to come close to signing up enough players and they open the league up for everyone. Then the last minute people sign up because the odds are more weighed in the players favor. Players do this all the time with public leagues. If I join the $5 tournament on baseball that pays 22 of 115 but only 90 join, odds are better. its a strategy a lot of the pro players use
  7. I know it was just a few reps at a practice in July, but before the siren went off yesterday for lightning he was by far the worst of the 4. He bounced the ball at TE feet and fumbled a handoff. I know it's one practice but for that 30 minutes he was by far the worst.
  8. There is no way geno beats out Fitz. He may look good on the practice field playing against "air" but as soon as he can be hit, be buckles. He's also easily confused and locks in on 1 guy.
  9. I don't agree. Or maybe more accurately said, if he plays we aren't winning so we may as well get the young guys reps
  10. Cutting geno would make this much easier.
  11. they got it half right then.
  12. Tannehill is a close second but even he isn't as bad as smith.
  13. HAHA is wish that was the only reason. Lol
  14. Is there an analytic stat for looking scared when the rush is coming and locking in on your number one? If so geno leads the league.
  15. merge mine, I posted it 1 minute too late lol