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  1. they got it half right then.
  2. Tannehill is a close second but even he isn't as bad as smith.
  3. HAHA is wish that was the only reason. Lol
  4. Is there an analytic stat for looking scared when the rush is coming and locking in on your number one? If so geno leads the league.
  5. merge mine, I posted it 1 minute too late lol
  6. Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet 2m2 minutes ago The #Jets and Mo Wilkerson have a reached an extension that pays him roughly $17M per year, source said. ig Mo. Locked up. We've signed @mowilkerson to a multi-year extension: DETAILS >>
  7. It's possible if they Cut him but as a vested vet his contract is guaranteed if he gets cut once in his career. Assuming he hasn't used that option yet.... Then they can't have him on the roster in week 1
  8. I don't think getting your jaw broken makes you smarter on the football field unfortunately.
  9. Pats suck I guess. Even if your statement is true, it's better he's good against bad teams instead of not being good at all (aka Smith)
  10. And the fact that the D couldn't stop Sammy Watkins at all and they got us in a big hole is still why we lost the game. Fitz was bad. However he's been good a lot too. Geno Smith hasn't experienced the latter.
  11. If geno smith is qb it doesn't make a difference. If option 1 isn't there he checks down or takes the sack. Oh wait, he just forces it to option 1 for the pick 6
  12. Don't forget if you listen to some of the people in this forum our schedule is: 85 bears 72 dolphins Montanas 49ers aikman Emmitt Irvin Cowboys 66 packers 59 colts 16-0 pats etc
  13. With the exception of 2 games we have the same schedule as everyone else in our division. This strength of schedule stuff is so overrated.
  14. Did he stay healthy on the play?
  15. He blew 1997 because he wouldn't guarantee Peyton he'd be the #1 pick and the Jets wouldn't trade it. Dumb.