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  1. Von Miller

    People really should put <sarcasm> tags around things because not everyone gets it.
  2. Von Miller

    Stopping the run...  ours is better. Rushing the QB......  Denver.
  3. Could you imagine...

    Point is I know what it is like if it happened to the Jets
  4. Could you imagine...

    Week 17 says hello. 
  5. Von Miller

    Von is awesome but it surely helps having Ware on the other side to take some of the OLs attention away 
  6. terrell owens got hosed today

    For all of you that say he being an a&#036;&#036;hole caused him to not get voted in.... what does being an a&#036;&#036;hole have to do with how he played on the field?  The guy belongs in.  We have all sorts of criminals in the HOF but because he didn't make the medias life easy he doesn't get in?   Ridiculous.  It's time for a new voting system. 
  7. Realistic Picks by round

    I wouldn't touch Connor cook in the 4th let alone the first.  Senior starting qb not a captain?  Not a good sign.  Also looked awful against good competition. 
  8. agreed.  The game yesterday was almost identical to jets victory.  NE didn't really score an offensive td until the last minute of the game in both.  Against us they scored defensively.  Against them they got a break and scored from the 15.   We dominated the play and so did Denver.  Both made Brady look scared and human.  The only difference is they needed 2 against Denver because the kicking God missed a xp.  
  9. It's been a long time since we had a coach that cared about offense.  Bowles is a defensive guy, but he at least knows offense is required.
  10. Sadly if we would have drafted him he would have been a bust.  Look at the situation he landed into and compare it to where he would have been with us. 
  11. I think anyone could be Luck's QB coach.  Luck is essentially his own QB coach.  Schottenheimer will do some things to help him, but Luck will pull the strings.
  12. Derrick Henry?

    I'd prefer Elliot over Henry... Henry has a lot of mileage on him already and isn't as dynamic as elliot.
  13. Where is Austin going to play?  Decker played the slot a LOT this year.  Decker is the reason why Kerley didn't see the field much.
  14. The CFL team that signs Geno will be excited he's 10x motivated 
  15. Sheldon trade value

    driving 143 mph under the influence with a minor in the car that is 12 is a serious crime.   At worst, it's a serious lack in judgement.  Those sort of things hurt trade value.