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  1. Oh, and I like both Rich Cimini and Peter King. They provide insight and entertainment.
  2. Mangini has been the best Jets HC since Parcells Sanchez is better than Geno and will lead the Jets to at least a .500 season (this year) Led Zeppelin sucks Ulysses sucks worse
  3. Finally. Someone who knows the difference between "corps" and "core".
  4. The Jets have shown themselves entirely capable of drafting and developing passionate leaders. Take the recent examples of Chad and Vilma. The problem is that neither management nor fans fully appreciate the value of leadership, particularly when the player's performance slips from career highs.
  5. Say NO and NYJ were interested in trading with one another, but somewhat far apart in terms of the compensation. If NO wanted Brick, it would make sense for NYJ to have taken him and both teams agreeing to wait to see if whomever would be available at 29 would be someone that NO had their eyes on (say, D. Williams). A trade at that point could be consumated (Bush for Brick, #29 and something lower than NYJ 3rd rounder), with NO getting more certainty as to the value of the 29 pick and NYJ not having to give up the farm. Maybe both teams are playing high stakes chicken at this point.
  6. David Hume Bob Dylan Will Shakespeare Socrates Isaac Newton