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  1. My condolences, Brenda. Having also lost my mom to the dreaded Big C in the last year, I wish you the best in dealing with the loss.
  2. If this is true, then Idzik deserves to be fired immediately. I personally don't think the guy can tell a football player from a sausage, but if was intentional.... I bet there are a lot of ticket holders that would want some kind of refund.
  3. McDougle was injured a lot in college, and it looks like he will continue the trend here. I am not impressed with Amaro at all. He has dropped more than he has caught and doesn't block very well. The 18th pick in the draft has to be more than an 'ok' player. Right now Pryor looks more like Kyle Wilson than a solid starter. And in today's NFL, guys who hit hard have two things happen to them: they get penalized and they get concussed. What's long-term? 3 years? 5 years? If they are not very good for 5 years, but continue to play because they have no one better, is that good?
  4. What a crock. I'd be willing to bet that there are no people at Korn Ferry that have any front office experience in a sports franchise. They recommended the guy you would expect from Korn Ferry.... a bean counter who can't tell a football player from a sausage. 50+ years of following this team and I've never felt this low, even in the Kotite years. There are maybe 6 players and a couple of secretaries who can stay. Everyone else needs to be gone. Including the owner.
  5. Peyton threw the ball to Decker because he was OPEN. Brady throws to people who have achieved separation. Yes, they make the occasional tight throw, but they generally throw to open receivers. Has Andrew Luck suddenly turned to crap, or has Reggie Wayne being out changed their offense? You can blame the scheme, sure, but these guys they have out there now either can't, or don't know how to get open. Quite a few times during the last game, CBS showed overhead shots of the patterns being run, and every Jet receiver had a Dolphin on him like a second skin. No QB could complete passes in that situation. I don't know if Geno can be a good QB and neither does anyone else here. Until there are some playmakers on this team, no one will be successful.
  6. Wilson was skipped over by the entire NFL for over 4 rounds. It wasn't just Kiper. Franchise QBs are very rarely evident coming out of college. For every Peyton, there are many more Ryan Leafs or Jamarcus Russels. Not to defend Geno, he has been terrible, but Marino, Elway, or even Manning couldn't do anything with these receivers. There is never any separation, and every one of them can be taken out of the game by the lowliest cornerback. Until we get some playmakers, no QB will be successful here.
  7. It already was ugly
  8. This team is devoid of talent. I don't know if I have 5 more years of rebuilding in me. I think 50 years of BS might be enough.
  9. He would have been toasted for 2 other TDs today if Tannehill could throw an accurate deep ball. This team is devoid of talent except for the d-line. No pass rush, no coverage No offense. 5 more years of rebuilding.
  10. Imagine 50+ years of this. Believe me, except for one magical year, it's been virtually the same thing. This team is a damn laughingstock, and if you don't believe it, try living away from NYC for a few years. I've taken abuse for the last 30 years from fans in whatever city I was living in., but I still kept wearing my Jets stuff. No more. I can't bring myself to root against them or for anyone else, but not one more penny is being spent until they get a real owner and a real gm and show me they are really interested in winning instead of just pocketing our money.
  11. Going to be a very long year. Just went from a 4 win to a 2 win estimate.
  12. I think 4 wins will be pushing it No bar action for me this year
  13. I am back after a long absence. I must disagree Max. When he has a chance to lock up the starter's job (as much as that makes me want to throw up) and he performs like that, he's a loser. I fear another long year for us Jet fans
  14. I learned how to make a noose but resisted the temptation to use it
  15. It's been a 3 year turnaround for the last 40 years. By the time we fill the holes we have, the decent players we have now will be gone. Not to mention the fact that there is no franchise QB on the horizon. The Dolphins did that with the old last place schedule, which isn't in place anymore. When you live in an area where you are outnumbered 1000-1, you have to take it. It is all around you. And, honestly, the Bills have been bad, but they are not the comic opera that we always seem to be.