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    I was sitting in front of Willy Joe at the Meadowlands when he said to Suzy Kolber " I want to Kiss You". I'm sorry, I know the moral majority was outraged but that was the funniest thing ever. We all want to say something and not give a damn, Joe did. Drunk or not , I said that's pretty damn cool.
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    On the waiting List, when I broke up with my girlfriend 7 years ago, the tickets were her family's.
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    Marino's Fake Spike is second on the list but easily Doug O'Brien missing that field goal to send the Jets into the AFC championship
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    Amateurs. Want to see what cheerleaders should look like in Green, google the BosCeltic cheerleaders
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    In diapers, ****ting myself and excited
  1. Dalvin Cook, despite the the character issues... seems to be the strongest argument there. He is special.
  2. Decker probably wouldn't stay healthy but given his reputation as a great route runner, the young wide receivers might have learned something from him. Likewise Harris is such a solid human being and team player, the team could have used his example on and off the field.
  3. I have to say I thought exactly the same thing, looking at the practices in the last few weeks they realized no more quantative easing for the 2017, it's time for the hair shirt and cold showers.
  4. Yeah, they are both liabilities, deck chairs..titanic.
  5. Demario Davis is a locker room leader who is durable but clearly with his playing time being reduced dramatically in the second half of the season they lost faith in him. Pryor is a former first round pick,they have nothing to loose...a change of scenery might help, a low risk investment for the Browns. Both players will likely be out of the league within a year or two unless as depth players.
  6. A view on the trade from the other side of the fence...from on trade... Demario Davis Pro (for Browns) After the Browns signed Davis as an unrestricted free agent last March, he was expected to not only be a starting linebacker for the Browns, but a veteran leader on a team shedding veterans left and right. He was named a team captain and paired with Christian Kirksey at middle linebacker, then started 15 of 16 games last season, finishing second to Kirksey in tackles (59 solo, 99 total). Davis also had two sacks, including the one below against the Steelers. via GIPHY Veteran leadership can't be discounted on the league's youngest team, which had 18 rookies start games in 2016. And on a defense dealing with injuries throughout the season, Davis stayed healthy. He was one of just 10 Browns to start at least 15 games. That might not seem like much to most NFL fans, but in Cleveland, that means something. Con (for Browns) Davis was at the center of a defense that gave up the second-most rushing yards in the NFL last season. It was also a defense that was last in coverage against tight ends, according to While Davis started 15 games, his snap count declined during the second half of the season. He was on the field for at least 58 snaps each of the first seven weeks, but topped 50 just once the rest of the way. He played just nine snaps in Week 12. His final four weeks looked like this: 28, 54, 22, 31. ranked Davis 59th among linebackers, and 78thvs. the run. He was just 43rd in coverage, and contributed to the Browns' inability to cover tight ends.
  7. I don't have a problem with what any of the players said. You are not going to get an honest opinion from management or the coaches, just tired sound bites. The players are only stating a personal opinion but in a world where everything is filtered through a PR department, it's refreshing. What we learned there is some progress and so far experience has the edge in the QB competition. Not earth shattering but the team seems to be on the same page in the OTAs.
  8. Steve Serby's wrote a short readable piece... it gives you an idea through the eyes of teammates where Christian H. is at with his progress ‘A cannon’: What Hackenberg’s Jets mates say about him By Steve Serby May 30, 2017 | 9:29pm When you ask Sheldon Richardson about the difference in Christian Hackenberg from a year ago, he won’t tell you there are five reasons the locker room is better this season … but he won’t rush to spout any sugarcoated party line either. “Slowly progressing … still got a little ways to go. … He’s getting better every day … that’s pretty much it. Slowly progressing, man,” Richardson said. “He still needs to get past the learning curve. It’s still too fast for him. But other than that, man, he’s still got a cannon. He’s firing it. When he’s on point, he’s on point, but when he’s not, he’s not, so got some growing still.” Coach Todd Bowles, following a 5-11 season, doesn’t have the time to wait for Hackenberg to grow up. It is why Josh McCown, if he still is standing at the end of training camp, will be the starter, and the open quarterback competition initially will be Hackenberg versus Bryce Petty for the No. 2 job. Hackenberg’s throwing motion appears noticeably smoother, but he still has yet to throw a regular-season pass in anger, and it remains true that Rome wasn’t built in a day. “Quicker release,” cornerback Buster Skrine said. “Way quicker. He used to wind up a little bit, but now it’s just out, out.” But for all the accurate throws Hackenberg makes on a cloudy day at the end of May — a beautiful deep ball that Charone Peake could have caught for a touchdown, for example — there are enough that remind you that Hackenberg wasn’t built in a day either. Or rebuilt in a day. “It’s still early,” Richardson said. “Ain’t no telling what he comes back and [does] in training camp, but it’s still early.” Richardson was asked about the difference in Petty, who worked third behind McCown and Hackenberg on Tuesday, from a year ago at this time. “Way better,” he said. “Him and Josh are going at it, they’re competing on every play.” Does Richardson think the quarterback battle is between McCown and Petty? “That’s just how I feel,” Richardson said. “Me personally.” Based on Bryce having more experience than Hackenberg? “Yeah, and actually by showing production on the field,” Richardson said. Except Petty (three touchdowns, seven interceptions, 56.4 completion percentage) hardly distinguished himself at the end of last season once the Ryan Fitzpatrick Era unceremoniously ended, nor did he distinguish himself at Tuesday’s OTA, for what it’s worth on a cloudy day at the end of May. His worst moment was a throw right to linebacker Randell Johnson. Petty’s best moment came when he threw a dime down the seam to rookie tight end Jordan Leggett. It drew a “Good shot!” from offensive coordinator John Morton. “It’s more of a competition mindset of, ‘OK, he made a great throw. I’m gonna make a better throw.’ That kind of thing,” Petty said. There is more invested in Hackenberg, the controversial 2016 second-round pick, than Petty, the 2015 No. 4 pick. Hackenberg likely will be The Chosen One — actually Chosen Two — if he learns the new offense quicker than Petty. “He’s reading things a lot faster,” Skrine said. Teammates can’t help but notice a change in Hackenberg’s body language. Modal Trigger Hackenberg and Bryce Petty (right) talk with the Jets quarterback coaches.Bill Kostroun “He learned from a guy that was really smart in Fitz, and so I think he’s taken that confidence over into this aspect,” receiver Quincy Enunwa said. “He has the ability to get it deep, short …” Hackenberg had a short pass that appeared to be tipped and dropped by rookie safety Jamal Adams, the Jets’ first-round draft pick. “Missed opportunity,” Adams said. “It came out wobbly. I definitely had to make the play.” Adams will be a Day 1 starter. Hackenberg didn’t see the field as a rookie. “Steps forward. … Last year, he probably didn’t know what to expect as a rookie coming in and all that stuff,” running back Matt Forte said, “but mentally, he’s getting better. Josh is a great guy for him to be around because he’s been around a long time and can give him so much wisdom and advice towards the game and towards being a quarterback, on and off the field. So he’s gonna keep growing.” Hackenberg is growing. Just not without the growing pains. “He’s doing a lot better with his decisions and everything,” safety Rontez Miles said. “Looking forward to see how these guys do in the preseason … when it counts.” When we’ll get a better read on whether Hackenberg truly can hack it.
  9. Hate on him all you like, Williams Richardson and Wilkerson combinations all offer different strengths. Richardson has value to the Jets The following ESPN quote on last year's NYJ best Dline combination... " Sheldon Richardon's Value SNAPS YDS/RUSH YDS/PASS ATT CMP% TD/INT Richardson on 763 3.7 7.1 62.0 23/5 Richardson off 262 3.7 8.5 68.0 7/3 This much can't be disputed: They were a better defense with Richardson on the field. Let's have some fun and pick out the best combo in various situations. Such as: Against the run: With Richardson and Wilkerson in the game (no Williams), the Jets yielded only 3.1 yards per carry, significantly better than any other combo. Against the pass: The defense was better in most statistical categories with Richardson and Williams on the field, not Wilkerson -- only 5.3 yards per attempt, with one touchdown and three interceptions. On third down: Surprisingly, the defense was more efficient with Williams on the bench, with Richardson and Wilkerson in the game -- a 33 percent conversion rate. As you can see, it's hard to pinpoint a dominant trend. That would make it easy to assess the value of each player, which would come in handy if they have to pick an odd-man out. It really comes down to the coaching staff being able to find ways to better utilize the three players, especially when they're on the field together."
  10. I was/am a fan of Boomer ever since seeing him live at work during the draft the year Keyshawn was drafted. There is something very real about him in a medium where everything seems fake. A tragedy ... life is so suckily random at times... two seniors who likely never met, die in an instant.
  11. Bizarro twist to story ... Arresting cop had a run in with Vilma in the past ... Cop who arrested Jets' Robby Anderson has checkered past Jets wide receiver Robby Anderson speaks to reporters in the locker room of their training facility in Florham Park, N.J. Anderson has been charged with resisting arrest and obstruction of justice after police say he fought with security officials after being asked to leave a Miami music festival. A Miami Police Department arrest report says 23-year-old Robby Anderson refused an order by a police lieutenant to sit on the ground and pushed the officer and other officials at the Rolling Loud festival Sunday evening, May 7, 2017. (AP Photo | Seth Wenig) PrintEmail By Connor Hughes | NJ Advance Media for Email the author | Follow on Twitter on May 09, 2017 at 11:21 AM, updated May 09, 2017 at 11:55 AM The officer who arrested Jets receiver Robby Anderson at a concert in Miami on Sunday has a bit of a checkered past, according to the Miami New Times. Jets top draft picks Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye work during rookie minicamp Back in March, Lt. Javier Ortiz, who's the police union president, was removed from active duty and stripped of his gun after a judge granted a woman a temporary restraining order against him. According to the report, Ortiz doxxed the woman, and encouraged his Facebook followers to harass her. A county judge later declined to make Ortiz's stay-away ruling permanent. This incident was just the latest on Ortiz's rather troubling resume, the Miami New Times found. In 2009, ex-Jets linebacker Jonathan Vilma filed a complaint against Ortiz where he accused him of going "nuts" at a traffic stop. Vilma said he "waved a gun in his face, screamed at him, and arrested him on false charges that were later dropped." In 2011 at the Ultra Music Festival, 27-year-old Jesse Campodonico was thrown to the ground and tasered by several officers, including Ortiz. Campodonico sued and claimed excessive force. Ultra settled. Here's more from the Miami New Times' findings: The cops on the scene claimed Campodonico was "yelling profanities, and had a strong scent of an alcoholic beverage," and then "took a fighting stance and stated, 'I ain't afraid of you!'" Ortiz wrote the arrest report, as well as a follow-up document called a Response to Resistance Report. He also testified, backing up his claims -- but his fellow cops later provided testimony that conflicted with his own. Then video emerged that someone had shot of the arrest, and the footage proved the events Ortiz depicted in his report could not have happened. A local lawyer later filed a complaint about the alleged act of perjury with the Miami-Dade County State Attorney's Office. The state attorney admitted in writing that Ortiz's documents were full of "inconsistencies," but never prosecuted the union president for wrongdoing. Ortiz was banned from Ultra but later mounted a legal fight for the right to work security at Ultra again. And for back pay for the festivals he'd missed. What Anderson's arrest means for Jets WRs Some thoughts on that. According to the police report obtained by NJ Advance Media, Anderson is accused of "fighting" with security when asked to leave the Rolling Loud Festival. Security asked Anderson to sit on the ground. Anderson refused and "pushed" Ortiz. Security then forced Anderson to the ground where he "continued to fight with police and security." Anderson has been charged with one felony count of resisting arrest with violence, and also obstruction of justice. You can view the complete police report below:
  12. Serious question here. Are there examples in NFL history of college qbs with bad accuracy/ mediocre or uneven college careers who managed to correct their accuracy/ mechanics to the extent that they became outstanding NFL quarterbacks ?
  13. ESPN was a softball interview ... lots of chuckles. MacCagnan sounds like a college freshman his first month on campus... a certain innocent air of optimism. Francesa pushed him a bit more but MacCagnan is boyishly polite and irrepressibly optimistic when recalling "how they let the draft come to them in the second round". Nothing of substance discussed, "open competition this year", "stuck to BAP", explained the poor record last season "we had a Jets franchise record for injuries last year". He detailed the scramble for college free agents at the end of the draft and how it's all worthwhile referring to signing Robbie Anderson last year.
  14. I understand why they did not draft Dalvin Cook, character issues... some purportedly late breaking revelations. We are looking for "character guys" I get it. My issue with that is that Bowles, MacCagnan and Woody are drafting in a bubble set in the 1980's. Kids growing up in this century, who parents actually allow them to play football are growing up in a different world. Not every kid gets to grow up behind a white picket fence. Reading the long profile of Dalvin Cook in SI you get a complete picture of the kid, he's had his issues but my sense is that he is a good kid, tough as nails with elite ball skills.
  15. Scott Frost lives... we are going to convert Davis Webb to safety !