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  1. Daredevil Mafia

    I hope you stick around 
  2. Daredevil Mafia

    aaaah why didn't it work?! Freaking mountain wifi. its squaw valley
  3. Daredevil Mafia

    Hey town, I just want to say GFY and thanks for lynching me so early so I can enjoy this beautiful winter day!  One rep to whoever guesses where I am (hint- this hosted the olympics)
  4. Daredevil Mafia

    Does this game have a mod?? Where's nyn?
  5. Daredevil Mafia

    how many local meatball cooking competitions do you typically go to?
  6. Daredevil Mafia

    if you're gonna pop your cherry might as will be with someone that has an avatar like that.
  7. Daredevil Mafia

    I feel like when I used to play Days and Nights were always set times... Like 48 hours per day and 24 hours per night or something like that. The good ole days before Jif ran these sh*tshows.
  8. Daredevil Mafia

    I remember a time when CTM would go to sleep with a boner every night after telling us he was going to create a special mafia website that could automate vote counts, etc.   Freakin hippie probably spent all our money on weed instead.
  9. Daredevil Mafia

    Ape - 3 (80, CTM, LK) Crush - 2 (Leelou, AVM) CTM - 1 (Spoot) LK - 1 (Ape) AVM - 1 (Crush)
  10. Daredevil Mafia

    Ape - 3 (80, CTM, LK) Crush - 2 (Leelou, AVM) CTM - 1 (Spoot) LK - 1 (Ape)
  11. Daredevil Mafia

    Hey if there is a mod for this game do you think they could send me the dead thread? Jesus ******* Christ 
  12. Daredevil Mafia

    I have an appointment at 7 I've been putting off all ******* day. I won't be here. **** this I'm out now, I'm sick of making this a priority  when no one else gives a sh*t. Good luck following ape into the abyss    Unvote vote brett  
  13. Daredevil Mafia

    what do you want me to say? I'm at 3 votes, you want a reveal at L4? The ape was faking that mini meltdown and I can't believe he's getting away with it.
  14. Daredevil Mafia

    Ive missed this. 
  15. Daredevil Mafia

    By the way, my unofficial count is CTM me and Ape all at 2 votes