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  1. Need a replacement in Mafia: Please report to Lily.. Looking at you Hess

  2. This thing is worth the $55 Max PMd me to pay

    1. GodWearsAGrayHoodie


      Nah...not a penny over $54.

  3. Happy Birthday faba, Arsis, #90 and brettw4rd

    Thank you for all the birthday wishes! 364 days, 8 hours, 59 minutes until im 21!!!!!!!
  4. How about this?

    Easy to say that the Haka does not look intimidating while watching it on YouTube I've been on the opposite side of the Haka (a real one, not like the videos a few posts up, more closely to Gainzo's) and it was extremely intimidating. Intimidation is not the purpose of it however, it gets the entire side pumped up and ready for the game. Also, if I remember correctly, the whole point of the dance is that those motions stimulate and warm up the muscles and joints that are used for war and fighting. No one can really understand this unless they have played Rugby and realize the physicality of the sport. Football might be more of a contact and smashmouth sport, but in Rugby the lack of padding makes it much more personal. That is what makes the Haka intimidating.
  5. Welcome home Bronco DT Robertson-

    Bitonti sorry to get off topic, but I have a question for you and I rarely see you posting anymore... What do you think of Ramsees Barden, WR from Cal Poly? Hes basically the biggest NFL prospect to come from our school that I can think of, hes a legend around here. I have gone to most of our home football games and he is extremely dominant against lesser competition, do you think he has potential in the NFL?
  6. Stop bashing the fins fans. its not nice.

    DPOTY (Drunk post of the year)
  7. Hot For Words- Football.

    I've seen a few of her videos before, assuming she is not just told what to say every video she is really a very intelligent person. And way hot. And Russian acccent.
  8. Colts- Steelers gamethread

    I don't know what Ecurb is saying.. I want the steelers to win. Let them win their division and push Indy further out of the wildcard (since they can't overtake the titans for the division)
  9. Jets Vs Rams -- Official Game Thread

    The second half has barely started and your already saying he coached it terribly. GTFO, your agenda has run its course.
  10. Jets Vs Rams -- Official Game Thread

    Exactly, O-lineman don't really come out when you rest the starters anyways.
  11. Jets \ Bills - Official Game Thread

    I think Favre audibled into that one...
  12. John Abraham: 7 Sacks So Far This Year...

    Abraham refused to play OLB on the Jets because they do not make as much as a DE... true story.
  13. Any Rugby Players?

    Played all 4 years in high school... 1 year at Cal Poly (top 5 college team in the United States) Played in England, Canada, Argentina, all around the United States.. GREAT sport to be involved in.