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  1. strange_andy added a post in a topic I had a premonition   

    Tim Tebow denounces his belief in Jesus and is caught smoking a bong on the sideline.
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  2. strange_andy added a post in a topic Want to win a copy of Rex's book? Or an autographed football?   

    Please include me in this contest. Thanks!
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  3. strange_andy added a post in a topic How many states have you been in?   

    U.P. Michigan (believe me, it's like it's own state)
    New Jersey
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  4. strange_andy added a post in a topic Bring Back The Winnipeg Jets!!!!   

    I hope they wouldn't move the Red Wings to the Eastern Conference and lose the matchups with the Blackhawks and Blues.

    It would make more sense to move Columbus or Nashville east and bring Kansas City to the Central Division.
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  5. strange_andy added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    Favre Thought....
    Thought I would point out some stats from Brett Favre in 2007:

    The Packers were ranked 2nd in total passing yards (4,461) and yards per game (278.8), 6th in TDs (30), 1st in 40+ yards (17), and 5fh in 20+ yards (52).
    Also note, he had relatively inexperienced receivers (with the exception of Driver) and a unknown RB, in fact the Jets had slightly better rushing statistics than the Packers.

    I guess my point is, the coaching staff needs to loosen the reigns on Favre. As most of us know, Brett is a gunslinger and should be given the "green light" to play football. I've been able to watch a lot of Packers games during the years (being from the U.P.\Michigan), and if the Jets would simply play to his strengths rather than confide him to a system, the offense would open up.
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  6. strange_andy added a post in a topic The Official NBA Playoff Thread   

    Do what?
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  7. strange_andy added a post in a topic The Official NBA Playoff Thread   

    Great game last night, although there were once again way too many crappy calls on both teams. Kendrick Perkins was the difference, he put the bitch slap on the Pistons. If he continues playing like that, I don't think the Pistons have an answer.
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  8. strange_andy added a post in a topic LA BASKETBALL   

    I would tend to agree with this statement. Though I grew up in Michigan, the only home state team I back is the Pistons (first professional game I attended in '83).

    I essentially backed teams because of players I liked, because of that, I'm all over the map:

    Jets - Mark Gastineau
    Reds - Eric Davis

    I never got into the NHL that much and followed NCAA hockey (NMU Wildcats/Marquette, MI)) WCHA then CCHA. Until 2006 when I started following the Blackhawks, which I'm in Illinois currently.

    It was a lot tougher following teams before internet and cable/satellite, but on the other hand I still remember the excitement I would have when the Jets landed on national TV, or when the Reds would have a series against the Cubs on the old WGN network.
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  9. strange_andy added a post in a topic NBA Eastern Conference Predictions   

    Detroit in 7
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  10. strange_andy added a post in a topic PSL's looking likely   

    I thought the word "VAGINA" was banned from JN. I used "vagina" once and was told, "NO!, ALL PENIS, ALL THE TIME!"
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  11. strange_andy added a post in a topic HOCKEY EAST   

    I'm a big Northern Michigan University fan (CCHA). NMU beat Michigan State, lost a very close series with Michigan, and beat Notre Dame in the consolation game of the CCHA Tournament. I wish they would expand the teams allowed into the DI tournament, I would like to see how Northern would do against the Hockey East. Watch out for NMU in the next few seasons, eh.
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  12. strange_andy added a post in a topic Favorite Actor / Actress ?   

    Thank you! He's got my vote.
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  13. strange_andy added a post in a topic Clinton falls asleep during several speeches   

    An ex-President who fell asleep during some speeches, how is that political?
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  14. strange_andy added a post in a topic What're the coldest continental states?   

    I grew up in the U.P. of Michigan (Marquette), as noted below it's cold!

    Coldest Weather All Year

    The coldest climate year-round in the United States is at Barrow on Alaska's north coast. There the normal daily mean temperature is well below freezing, at 10.4 °F (-12 °C).

    Out of 250 major weather stations in the continental US, these five have an annual mean temperature below 40 °F (4.4 °C):

    Location Daily Mean °F Mt. Washington, New Hampshire 27.2 International Falls, Minnesota 37.4 Marquette, Michigan 38.7 Duluth, Minnesota 39.1 Caribou, Maine 39.2
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  15. strange_andy added a post in a topic heath ledger found dead...   

    I just watched a movie of his yesterday called, "Candy" (2006). It is an Australian indie flick involving a couple living with heroin addiction, also starring Geoffrey Rush. It was by far his best work.

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