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  1. Not only has it happened a number of times in the last decade, it is possible that it could happen for multiple teams this season. The NFC East isn't exactly a bunch of world beaters this season, and Denver could be starting a rookie with an amazing defense to help.
  2. Did you not see the Pats make a near comeback last week? No lead is ever safe. I don't want my offense to stop trying to score until the other team forfeits. Once the Texans stop trying, then the Patriots can stop.
  3. Announcers are hammering both teams... rightly so.
  4. He's been all over every team's forum that the Pats have played so far this season. Generally has been unwelcome in most of those places.
  5. Just look at how high and wide he carries the ball in the gif that was posted.
  6. Funny how their impressive statement wins came against bottom feeder teams, eh?
  7. Real answer: Pats got lucky. They were throwing sh*t at the wall to see what stuck when it came to replacing Vereen. They already has White on the roster. They picked up Cadet and Lewis to kick the tires. Lewis had been out of football last season, and played no football the year before because of a broken leg. Anyone could have signed him and given him a shot. Lewis fit the mold of what the Pats were looking for to replace Vereen, and he performed the best of the bunch.
  8. Just advertised on TNF. Sounds like a Nike marketing gimmick to drive sales of alternate style jerseys. Basically specialty jerseys for the next 4 TNF games.
  9. RE: holding- Basically every team commits holding on every passing play. Rule 12 (Player Conduct), Section 1 (Blocking, Use of Hands and Arms), Article 3 (Illegal Block by an Offensive Player) As written, it should be called on every play, but isn't. That is just the reality of the NFL. Offensive linemen constantly "use [their] hands or arms to materially restrict an opponent". We can't pretend only one team is doing something special that no one else is. edit: rulebook link- http://operations.nfl.com/the-rules/2015-nfl-rulebook/#section-1-blocking,-use-of-hands-and-arms
  10. Spread was 9 on Bovada, but it was -125 if you bet on the Jets, +110 on the Pats.
  11. So I officially made my first sports bet today. I bet 10 dollars on the Jets to cover +9 (-125). I figure either I just paid 10 dollars to enjoy watching my team win a blowout, or I at least get to console myself with an additional 8 dollars in my Bovada account.
  12. http://grantland.com/the-triangle/matthew-slater-special-teams-new-england-patriots/ The guys is one of the absolute BEST at his job. While I understand that "best gunner ever" and "special teams captain" is not held in the same regard as even say "#3 WR" by most fans, the guy is great at what he does. The teams that don't value special teams are the ones constantly bobbling punt returns, giving up long returns, being caught flat footed when the other team runs a fake, etc. I understand why someone would not value special teams as much as offense or defense, but it definitely still has a role to play, and should not be brushed off lightly.
  13. One thing the Jets did under Rex in the past that always worked well was crowding the short routes. The most difficult offensive days that the Pats had against the Jets and Ravens were when they kept insisting on trying to throw short, but the defense only rushed 3 or 4, and just had a lot of bodies in either short zones or jamming receivers. It would not shock me to see Bowles continue what has worked in the past, given the talented DL and corner depth.
  14. Does Harvin have any convictions that could screw with visa issues?
  15. One additional portion which you left out: the original plan (according to a Pat MacAfee interview on local radio) was to trick the opposing team into substituting. The offense bunched up near the sideline to make it look like they were about to come onto the field. The punt team however would not actually substitute, just line up in a swinging gate formation, and the hope was to snap the ball while the opposing special team unit tried to substitute and catch them with 12 men. Then if not 12 men, hope for offsides. Then if not offside, eat the delay of game. But the rest of your post is 100% correct.