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  2. They are still employees who are getting a bonus for being better at their job. If you were the best back judge in the league, but on a crew where the ref made a lot of bad calls, would you want to be penalized?
  3. Would you say that the pig is ripe for the slaughter?
  4. Pats fans thought that they were going to break all the records AGAIN in 2008 to make up for the 2007 Super Bowl. Injuries happen.
  5. Carroll won 10, then 9, then 8 games with a Pats team that Parcells built, but GM Bobby Grier slowly destroyed with some terrible drafting and veteran reward contracts (remember that he made Drew Bledsoe the highest paid NFL player ever at one point). Carroll was never an amazing X's and O's coach. The schemes in Seattle are not complex. They just happen to have a lot of very good players that they taught sound fundamentals to on defense. The biggest problem the Jets have is talent at some key positions. Give Bowles another year, jettison some of the troublemakers, and find a new QB.
  6. I think so. Someone reported seeing him in warm-ups.
  7. I haven't spent a lot of time watching Jets games this year, or spending much time on your forum. Hence my question: Do you legitimately think Petty has any chance of being the future for the Jets? What about Hackenberg? Or are the Jets guaranteed to be in the market for a starting QB next year? (either draft or trade or FA)
  8. I don't see the big deal. Even Tebow says he would do it the same if it happened over again. Dude was 3rd string QB, and BB said he'd prefer no distractions. Props to Tim for buying into the Patriots team concept. Tim was unfortunately not an NFL caliber QB, and got cut. Not much else to say.
  9. Falcons got caught for this.
  10. This is why I keep coming back.
  11. They were not going to resign him next year, and they got a 2nd round pick for him.
  12. Pats fan here: I actually kind of like Bowles. I think he probably needs more experience on the offensive side of the ball, as well as a couple years of seasoning, but I think he could turn into a solid HC. I think HCs do need to have some struggles in their first go around before they truly come into their own. Bill needed to go through the Cleveland experience to become the coach he is today. I believe Josh McDaniels will be a good HC some day. Pete Carroll had his adventures with a number of teams, as you well know, before he achieved success in SEA. What does that mean in the short term for Bowles? Absolutely nothing.
  13. Gave up reading the rest of the thread. My only response: basically every reputable scientist who looked at Exponent's report tore it to shreds. Exponent exists solely to manufacture data for businesses who already know the result they want to reach, usually for use in litigation (or propaganda). Even if you never took middle school science classes, and knew nothing about football, knowing the source of the data alone should be concerning.
  14. Edelman is a constant sh*t talker. Obviously I'm biased, but I think it is hilarious when a LB blows him up on a crossing route and he immediately pops up and starts jawing in the face of a big scary dude who is twice his size. If an opposing team's fans wanted to hate on him, I would have expected more hate for his tendency to deliver pretty crushing blocks to defenders who aren't looking at him (the same way Hines Ward got similar hate), regardless of whether the blocks are legal. The little dude throws his body around the field like a mad man. I'm surprised he hasn't gotten more injuries/concussions, given the way he willingly plays.
  15. I'm actually less concerned about Brissett than I am about the second half pass defense.