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  1. JetNation Fantasy League

    Ooh ooh! Me me me!!
  2. Bowles to Announce Starting QB on Monday

    Oh boy! I hope its Aaron Rodgers!
  3. Bellicheck would wind up turning him into a Pro Bowl Tight End in no time.
  4. Hack doesnt look like he belongs on an NFL field. Ive seen nobodies like Brett Ratliff, Greg McElroy and Brooks Bollinger look like they are more accomplished players. Carr looked liked the real deal day one on a sh*t team. Ridiculous comparison. Flawed logic at best.
  5. Hackett, Schotty, Gailey, and on and on

    Yeah, tell me how its helping him. OK..... **** it. Hacks getting Jetted. Poor bastard. Had no business getting drafyed where he did.... Doesn't matter. 40 years of picking the wrong guy, picking the right guy and ruining him, or picking the right/wrong/whatever guy and getting him hurt is what we do. We'll do the same thing next year to whoever we draft because they'll either draft the wrong guy or pick the right one and then throw him out there behind Beachum and Qvale, throwing to the immortal, "underrated" Robbie frucking Anderson....lol. It is inevitable. It is their destiny.
  6. 22:17 minutes of video of Todd Bowles .....wait for it!
  7. Because its aso apparent it bears noting.
  8. Marcus Maye is better than Adams. Discuss.
  9. Yeah. Glennon would have gotten sacked way more elegantly.
  10. Run, Run, 3rd and long Shotgun. The New York Jets. DESTROYING QBs since 1976.
  11. For all of our out of town fans.....

    Gamepass trial on the PS4