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  1. This game is terrible.
  2. Aaron Hernandez had severe CTE

    You have only 180 posts in 2+ years and then come on here calling people that disagree with you names and freaking out and just being a general a$$hole? OK. Maybe your personal connection to someone with a disease within the same field of neurodegenerative disease with similar symptoms but with a completely different cause from the various Taupathies (one of which is the proposed CTE), doesn't allow you to discuss this matter in a dispassionate, objective manner without feeling a need to somehow defend your loved one from imagined attacks, or conflating that person and their condition with a murderer? Go ahead and call me a moron or question my reading comp skills again if it makes you feel better.....
  3. Aaron Hernandez had severe CTE

    You have no idea how many people fall in the bathtub more than once.....lol Anyway....How many hits does it take? Is one really hard hit worse than a lot of smaller ones? What if you were shaken as a baby but didnt exhibit symptoms at the time? What if you were involved in a couple of car accidents prior to turning 18? How about Army Jump School and hitting the ground in a PLF? Do some people have the physical findings of CTE post-mortem but never had any of the symptoms? Have we cut open any Rugby players brains yet? Any racecar drivers? I bet roller derby players and pro bull riders will have a high CTE rate. And on and o
  4. Aaron Hernandez had severe CTE

    Fixed that for you. As I said much earlier, before the holier than thou horsesh*t and name calling started, maybe "CTE" is a side effect that all people who didnt grow up in a bubble are susceptibile to later in life? As to the comprison between "not all cancer patients die" and "not all those suffering from CTE murder people", are you really sticking to that? Really? Whatever. I feel bad for whoever it is in your life suffering from AE, but your emotional, knee jerk attacks are out of place. And bottom line? Regardless of cause or origin, Hernandez was a ruthless psychopath that the world is better a better place without.
  5. Aaron Hernandez had severe CTE

    Well then, why dont you go do that. In the meamtime, Ill be here giving ZERO ****s for Aaron Hernandez.
  6. Aaron Hernandez had severe CTE

    Your post makes zero sense. At all. In any way. But hey, swallow up everything dirtbag lawyer Jose Baez (the guy that defended Casey Anthony among others) has to say, including unsubstantiated and hype filled bullsh*t at a press conference as he tries to rationalize why his former client murderd multiple people.
  7. Aaron Hernandez had severe CTE

    Weird how those other guys with "CTE" managed to not murder anyone despite their disability.....
  8. Aaron Hernandez had severe CTE

    Maybe all humans have "CTE"? LOL Give me a ******* break. He was a dirtbag, and he is represented by the biggest piece of sh*t scumbag lawyer in the world looking to make $$ off of the NFL. By the way, Casey Anthony is still shacked up with an "investigator" from Baez firm and lives in West Palm.....
  9. The guy that just went through a suspension after the offseason where he decided to better himself, sought help for an alcohol problem, lost 20 lbs and got into actual NFL shape meeds or deserves a public "dig" from his head coach? LOL. I honestly doubt that was his intent, but if it was, then hes a real a$$hole. How about, like, taking that public dig at his dogsh*t defense that has been a total sh*tshow?
  10. He doesn't look like his brother. His brother looks like a total pussy, kind of a combo between Woody Allen amd Mr. Magoo. Dude looks like a regular guy. Now lets see if he has any brains.
  11. How the **** does a 24 year old Professional Football Player get "out of shape" in two weeks? LOL. What a sh*tshow
  12. And a bigger problem is that outside a couple of guys on other teams (JJ Watt and.....drawing a blank...) there arent a lot of guys left in the NFL that I give a crap about rooting for. I loved Chrebet. Testaverde. Mo Lewis and Marvin Jones. Loved Victor Green. Vinny. I liked Mangold a lot. Ferguson seemed like a squared away guy. Loved Kris Jenkins for the 10 minutes he was healthy. Favre was a douche but fun to watch. Loved Deion Sanders (FSU!). John Randle was a crazy man but a great guy. Strahan was a Giant but a good dude. Shoot, Charles Tillman is off to join the FBI. Nowadays? I despise 99% of NFL players. Entitled douchebags. So many guys who punch women. Scumbags who disrespect the country I swore to protect and being glorified for it. I cant think of a single current Jet I could give two sh*ts about. Leonard Williams I guess is the closest, just because of when he grabbed Darron Lee and kept HIM from trying to get in a fight at a damn carnival or something. LOL. Im done buying jerseys. The league is overexposed. The game itself kind of sucks for all of the reasons we've covered on this board for the last few years. Patriots fatigue has been a factor for years now. And we "root" for a team that is a laughingstock of the league. NOBODY CARES about those AFC Championship appearances. The Jets to the rest of the country, national media, and other fanbases are nothing more than Draft Blunders, stupid obnoxious fans, BUTTFUMBLE, ******* up the search for a QB for decades, Namath drunk on the field, the Geno Punch, and on and on. SB3 was a million years ago. Its ancient history that nobody cares about anymore aside from the old guy Jets fans that watched that game. I dont care anymore, its just another embarrassment that the Jets shining moment was 50 years ago and some fans still talk about it like it matters. Its a poorly managed organization that in a true free market system would have been sgut down years ago. They keep making the same blunders over and over, regardless of decade or "leadership". What has this team done to EARN my loyalty? Seriously? If it takes the fan base turning its back on the team to fix it, then count me in. I dont even get frustrated or annoyed when they lose anymore, because I dont care enough any longer. As I said in other threads, Ive already told both of my sons (8 & 5) to NOT root for the Jets because its a pointless, joyless, fruitless endeavor. And to be honest, I have yet to watch a minute of NFL Football this season. Thats UNHEARD OF for me. So for me, after 43 years of being a "Jet Fan" (I'm 46), if they sh*t the bed this upcoming offseason, walking wont be too hard. And dont bother with the "well, bye" or the "you're not a real fan" garbage. Ive spent Thousands of dollars buying merchandise, flying to games, buying tickets. I have owned probably over 15 jerseys over the years. I have ruined family getaways because I "had to go watch the Jets game. I have shed actual tears at losses, I have screamed and yelled at the TV, have gotten into fist fights while watching Jets away games at hostile stadiums because I ALWAYS wore a jersey to games. And on and on....and what has it gotten me? LOL. The Buttfumble. Geno. Mockery from everyone from David Letterman to the local yokel Dolphins when I watch a game at the local Sports Bar. Todd Bowles standing and staring at his defense getting run all over with his head cocked like the goddamned RCA dog condused about where the music is coming from. So yeah. If the only way this sh*tshow of a mess can even start to be addressed is if we as a fanbase walk the **** away, then count me in. At this point, I wont miss them a bit.
  13. 3 and 2