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  1. This season is going to be so much fun...
  2. Don't care. Just so you know.
  3. I agree, nobody wants players that will purposefully lose or play poorly. But reacting to to a reporters bait is dumb. And its splashed all over NFLN and ESPN already. Not needed. If it was Williams or Enunwa or the other guys who kept their composure and played hard through last year and demonstrate professionalism as a rule, then yes. But Sheldon (or Wilkerson, etc) that obviously dogged it last year and was an obvious issue off the field, then no. I just don't like Richardson and don't think he's worth the problems. Whatever.
  4. Its my opinion expressed on an internet message board that a poorly spoken, proven idiot with two strikes against him and has been on the trading block for a calendar year should keep a low profile. You disagree. Let freedom ring.
  5. That'll teach me a
  6. Oh stop it. Cry me a river for Sheldon Richardson's feelings. Get back to me when Shelly is a Cowboy or whatever next year and sh*ttalks the Jets all training camp.
  7. You're right. The Star Wars cultural impact is exponentially greater than this sh*tshow of a team will ever be. Next to Luke Skywalker, Sheldon is an anonymous nobody not worth a minute of time. LOL
  8. "I don't tank nothin'." LOL last year it was, "Who cares, where them bitches at?!" The media keeps going to him because every time he speaks its a chance to embarrass the Jets. Hes a moron.
  9. See Sperm Edwards post above. Some things are better left unsaid. Especially by dumbasses like Sheldon.
  10. So by that logic, we should just shut the board down. Because nothing we say here has any effect or influence on what the Jets do, how Disney will continue to frack the dog with Star Wars, or any other non social related conversation..... Wicked smart, brah
  11. Just shut up, bro. You're a stupid a-hole living on overrated press and rep from 3 years ago and one more misstep from a year long suspension. Stop talking.
  12. They aren't going for a Superbowl. Nobody here seems to get that. They're going all out for a perfect season. Bellicheck wants to rub that in Don Shulas face for calling him out in the media several times over the years. He wants to shut up all of those pathetic old guys like Mercury Morris. He wants to end he and Toms Career with the best, most dominant, most successful NFL season ever.
  13. Old school Badass that would be worshipped if he was a Giant or Steeler. Goodbye, Larry Grantham.