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  1. Good Lord, what a Black Hole of Despair the Jets 2nd Round has been... Hopefully this Mayes kid can break the curse.
  3. Exactly what I thought the moment they drafted him. Apparently his Father was also Drafted and was a DE a million years ago.
  4. Was it the one when they didn't have a drummer? Or the other one? Or the one immediately before or after that one? Or was it...wait, what are we talking about?
  5. You spelled "Patriots" wrong.
  6. So far, still sticking to the same script...
  7. I'm getting more annoyed with the presenters thinking they have to out scream the last presenter...And enough with the ******* "Fly Eagle fly" crap. It's an NFL event, not a goddamned Philly jerkathon. And whoever that idiot was that kept screaming "New York Football World Champion Giants" ? Wow.
  8. Been waiting to hear your take on the Mayes pick. I think the guy will be a good player, but I think you hit it on the head. I think Tabor was overrated and Mayes underrated a bit, but we're reinforcing the safety position with guys of very similar skill sets.
  9. Redskins, pick #114 And darnit! Alabama Safety Eddie Jackson just went to the Bears. Would have filled a huge need.....
  10. I made an observation about a high profile, former Jets QB who has been a source of much discussion and speculation as to what his future holds.... As opposed to making constant, inane, Tourettes-like outbursts. Draft Day! The future is NOW!!
  11. You cared enough to view topic, respond, and apparently get angry. Sore subject? Need a Band-aid?
  12. Geno Smith's roster spot got very, very tenuous last night with the Giants taking Webb in the third.... Discuss.....(?)
  13. Perrine will be long gone by the time the Jets pick today, anyway. Which is why I said "whoever" gets him. But I'm certain there's another SS prospect available to select, so.....